Stand C10 NEC to Ground Control! We have lift off!

Stand C10 NEC to Ground Control! We have lift off!

Hi there!
Well here we are at the NEC.
Boxes agogo..

Certainly the longest stand we’ve ever had!!

It’s crazy!!!
Mostly because we are running FREE Groovi Make & Takes
at one end, so be sure to come and sign up.
30 minutes and you will leave with something nice….
Maria will see to that!

I shall be up the other end pedalling away.

Yep. I shall be at  the stampy inky end.

The girl has Lace too!
8 hours later, and the stand looks amazing.
All 14.5 metres of it!

Excited and looking forward to tomorrow,
and what a smashing team to be working with.
Not forgetting Len, Steve and Dave of course!
Heather’s Len and Big Steve headed off home 
after helping us all day,
and Dave is still here somewhere, in the back of the van….

I love these people.
They turn what is really hard work into fun.
Off to bed!
Who’s here tomorrow?
Love & Hugs,

66 thoughts on “Stand C10 NEC to Ground Control! We have lift off!

  1. The stand looks amazing. Wish I could be there but I live in Canada. Just know it will be a great success. I have never seen a stand that big before. Groovi is now available in Canada and they are holding classes. Unfortunately, it is too far away for me to attend the classes. However, I still buy directly from Clarity and watch all the shows on Hochanda. Need my Barbara fix. You did a great job last weekend. I enjoyed all the shows. Learned some new tips, as always. Thanks so much.

  2. Well done, the stand looks amazing, what fantastic teamwork. Have a good nights rest and have a wonderful time. Hope you do well for sales, pretty sure you will. Make sure you all have some breaks for refreshments, know what you're like. Love,and hugs,Pam xx

  3. Sorry won't be their may be one year bring katie up surprise her, do live your team just lovely people so jolly chattie sendie our love and hugs to them all love seeing them all at Ally pally have a good night sleep sure busy day ahead xxx

  4. Hi to all you lovely bloggy friends, hope you're all well and have had an enjoyable day. Been doing a bit of groovy tonight, will finish off the card tomorrow with a bit of luck. Love and hugs to all, Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam, a fellow groovi-er here too. Just finished house 8. Another 32 to go! Aim is 40 for a car boot sale on 20th Nov. Only 2 a day which sounded a piece of cake, but they take a long time to do. Hey ho. Good luck with card tomorrow xx

  5. Sadly not this year but I hope to get myself organised for next time. Have a super show, the stand looks great and yes you and your team are amazing, special Hello to our Heather xx

  6. wow Barbara, you've gone up in the world, with a stand that size!!! Bet you still don't have enough space for all of your customers;-). Shows/retreats/open days are always a double edged sword for me, happy for you and your Clarity team, happy for everyone who has the ability to go, or have done, if they want to enough, but very sad that I can never meet you, have some time with you, and be a part of it all too. But hope you have a fab day, loads of sell outs, and loads of fun. Love Brenda xx

  7. Hi Barbara
    Oh my goodness that's one amazing stand! I hope you all have a good laugh a wonderful time and a very successful show. The make and take are a brilliant idea, I made groovi bookmarks for friends and from that two friends started groovi and one of those friends introduced it to someone else so it's amazing how it spreads once people try it. Hope you have a good nights sleep and don't forget to ear tomorrow!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Morning Diane, not done any knitting for years, used to do a lot. Melanie bought me a crochet kit for a lamb last christmas, need to have a go at that, but only know the basic stitch so keep putting it off, as you do. Hugs Pam xxx

  8. Glad to hear you from David that you are working away at a big exhibition in Birmingham….and want to see you new update on facebook,but the computer doenst work until over the wall software helps me today,very exciting ……..congratulations ….

  9. Looking amazing. I am sure you will all have a fantastic four days and will send a lot of groovi and non groovi fans home very happy. Can't make it this year unfortunately but will be thinking of you all. Xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Wow, your stand looks absolutely fantastic – and so big! Your lovely band of helpers have done a wonderful job. I'm sure everyone will enjoy the makes and takes and that you will have many more Groovi converts. Hope everything goes well and is successful. Take care of your neck. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. Heroic efforts by one and all – hoping you all had a good night's sleep after all that unpacking, sorting and hanging up! Have a great show, the make'n'takes will be fab so enjoy. Would have loved to be there but can't make it this time around, fingers crossed for next year! xx

  12. Wow Barbara, that's one large stand! I did suggest to my husband that we had a weekend in Birmingham and I could come to the show but we could have a look round the city as well, but he says the NEC is a long way out of the city so that wouldn't really work, so sadly no go I'm afraid. I would have loved to meet you, Dave and the team, but hopefully I will get a chance one day. The stand looks fabulous and I'm sure everyone that comes will have a great time, with lots of Groovi make and takes too. x

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