Rule book? What rule book?

Rule book? What rule book?

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in. 
Thought I would share a little moment of Clarity with you today…
Many of you will have watched the TV shows this weekend.
Did you see the One Day Special, 
where we launched that amazing compendium of Groovi Plates designed by Linda Williams? 

The Build-a-wreath Collection
(also available individually)

If so, you will have also seen me change the traditional white Groovi  lines to black….
And so so simply too.
Basically, all I did was emboss the Groovi lineart as we usually do, using the No. 1 stylus from the Starter Kit,

then go back over it with a fine black Micron pen,

Staying in the groove was easiest when I placed the whitework back over the elements on the Groovi plates when I went back in with black.

Then I just did the usual whitework from behind on a soft embossing mat, leaving the black work on the front.
It really stands out against the black lineart.

The red hearts were another little idea. 
If you colour in the whole heart from behind,
then flip to the front and colour in only half the heart with the same red Distress marker, you get a really cool shading effect.
Easy to colour in from the front because of the black lineart instead of white!

That simple. 
I know that over time, 
we will need the grooves less and less to stay in our black track.
But starting out, this is an excellent way forward.

And it really really throws a whole new spin 
on ALL our Groovi plates!
You really need to try it!
It is SO cool!
Got to go.
Van to load.
Love & hugs,

3 thoughts on “Rule book? What rule book?

  1. Gorgeous Barbara and the black micron pen really does make the whitework stand out, and I adore the touch of red, and the shading shows up really well too. Another busy weekend ahead by the sound of things. It's a pity that van can't load itself … lol. x

  2. I did comment but it appears to have disappeared into the ether. Absolutely stunning blog – you are a true artist and so, so creative.
    I have been trying to do this all afternoon and ended up with a smudgy mess. Do you use the micron pen on the same side as the "grooved" side i.e. on the back, or turn it over and put the pen on the front? Sorry for my ignorance.
    Bit challenged now with a stiff neck and blurred vision but I have achieved better white work this afternoon.
    Big thank you for all your hard work and inspiration. It certainly keeps me sane and able to retreat into my own little funny world.
    Lots of love to everyone
    Anne (Reading)

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