A leafy stampy stencilly bloggy offer ….

A leafy stampy stencilly bloggy offer ….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
The sun is pouring through the windows here.
Absolutely glorious.
And the colours of the leaves on the trees!
I think this is my favourite time of year.
How about you?
We have a very old ginkgo tree in our back garden.
It is the last tree to get its dainty green dress on in the springtime;
then at this time of year – almost overnight –
 its bright green coat turns a light yellow,
 and then drops to the ground, like a soft carpet. 
Then you see its ancient, twisted branches, all naked and delicate. 
A wonderful thing.
And how lucky are we to see this seasonal ritual 
 right outside our kitchen window!
On the subject of leaves, we have a collection of 
four little stamp & stencil sets, which are very cool.
Perfect for ANY time of year.
And if you just invested in the little Petite Printing Plates, 
these will be a superb addition. 
How about a little bloggy offer?
Below you will find not one but four little stamp & stencil sets,
designed by our lovely Mel. The large stamp sits beautifully inside its respective stencil, but of course, each can be used independently.
LEAF 1 click here
Lynne Hammond
Paul Church
LEAF 2 click here
Lynne Hammond
Linda Spencer

LEAF 3 click here
Emma Williams
LEAF 4 click here
Emma Williams

Let’s celebrate the end of the Clarity show season, 
and the changing of the season with all its beautiful, fantastic autumnal colours, which so define our little island here,
with a half price sale on these 4 stamp/stencil sets.
Offer ends midnight Sunday. 
I think I’ll do some artwork with these this week;
I fancy that…
Love & best wishes,

59 thoughts on “A leafy stampy stencilly bloggy offer ….

  1. Good Morning Barbara! It's very cold and we had a proper icy frost this morning…time to get the extra layers out I think!
    How lovely to see the samples from the team to showcase these stamps and stencils and as you say perfect for this time of the year.
    Hope you are getting over your busy weekend!
    Love and hugs xxx

  2. Beautiful artwork from the team – as always. I love the colours of autumn which seem particularly vibrant this year. I have these gorgeous sets and you may just have inspired me to use them again. Xx

  3. We have a wood at the bottom of our garden, and the colours are glorious at the moment, which is compensation for the summer months when they block out lots of sunlight.

  4. Hi Barbara, it's certainly frosty this morning and some of the plants have had a shock! The leaves are lovely when they are changing colour and there are carpets of leaves around here on the pavements ! These designs looks lovely and so much to make with them ! Have a lovely day. X x

  5. Good morning, Barbara and everyone else. Most of our leaves came down last week. My lawn was a glorious carpet of reds and holds and purples from the liquidamber, which is stunning in Autumn. I went to visit my sister-in-law yesterday down at Tewkesbury, and got caught up in slow/stationary traffic due to yet another lot of roadworks. Could have been annoying, but I actually had my camera close at hand and took the chance of snapping trees against the gloriously blue sky, looking at its complex structure. It certainly passed the time more happily than moaning about the hold up. Since I have been following you and your inspirational art, I find myself looking at everything around me, cloud formations, the folds of the hills, shapes of trees etc. Thank you for making my journeys more interesting (does not quite work when surrounded by hgv's round Heathrow on the M25). I hope you and Dave can find time to get out into the sun for a walk through the woods, kicking up the piles of leaves. xxx Maggie

  6. I love this time of year too with the ever changing colours of the trees around me. We had so much fun on Sunday raking the leaves together as a family. Happy memory time! I could be really tempted with this offer and use the stencils and stamps to create the scrapbook page I want to do of the photos I took.

  7. I adore Autumn, it has always been my favourite season. The colours are glorious, nature puts on her finest mantle. We must make the most of it, it's all too brief. Thank you for this fab offer, a must have for me. Enjoy your day everybody xx

  8. Bestest time ever! Love autumn… the colours are just amazing! I adore being out with my camera too! Fantastic offer, thank you! You just can't have too many stamps and stencils, especially these… go on capture the moment in ink! Love to you all xxx

  9. Hi Barbara, just read your reply from last night, that's so funny, thanks for cheering me up today!!!

    Thank you for another bloggy sale, such generosity, and for the samples. I have one of the leaf stencils, just the stencil, for making wee pictures in the aperture, aye yet another thing I never got to doing. I think I'll take advantage of your generous offer and get a different one with the stamps this time. Thank you. And I look forward to seeing what you do with them when you get the time.

    As for the glorious autumn weather… Dull, very nippy, and waiting on the snow forecast for later today… But hope you manage to enjoy your sunny day, sneak out for a wee walk in the leaves at some point, it'll do you good to have a wee break in the fresh air during your busy day.

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Afternoon dear blog friends thinking of you all sending heartfelt hugs to all, I'm at hospital late this afternoon cannot eat for six hours I'm there again tomorrow afternoon no food for six hours good for weight loss 😊 Toms going to treat me to a clarity hamper for Christmas the one with the new petite gelli plates braver etc so the bloggy offer for today is looking very tempting might just have to get out my cushions xxx

    2. Hi Sheila I hope all goes well at the hospital, not nice not being able to eat for several hours especially in this chilly weather. Isn't your Tom a sweetie buying you the hamper for Christmas, what a lovely man. Sending hugs xxxx

    3. Hope it all goes well at the hospital Sheila, will be thinking of you. You'll need to have a some special edible treats when you get home. In fact take something nice to snack on when you get out. I bought one set of petites at the NEC, not got them out yet as haven't had time, but that's lovely of Tom getting you the hamper for Christmas. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it. Love and hugs, Pam xxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Well now it makes sense! Brilliant offer so thank you. I already have 2 or 3 of the sets ( will have to check) and will be ordering those I haven't got. Great for the petites as you said. Yes, Autumn is my favourite season too, the colours are just stunning. We got married in October years ago and the photos were taken by the River Wear just outside of Durham and the colours of the leaves are just beautiful. Glad Dave seems to have had a good birthday and hope you aren't too run off your feet at work. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all wrapped up and keeping warm. Seen first snow of the year on the hills of Weardale today and we are forecast for it tonight and tomorrow. I hope it doesn't start until I'm back from a meal with friends! Done a couple more Holly and Ivy cards today (groovi) and am really pleased with how they've turned out. Getting through family cards now and then just the one for my sister and Daves and that will be me finished for this year ( yeah!) . Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

    2. Hello Alison, hope the snow isn't too bad, it's lovely to look at but not good to drive in. Emma is quite excited it's been forecast although being near the coast it doesn't always get to them. I'm sure I will get an excited text the second she spots a snowflake! Sending hugs xxx

    3. Hi Alison, you are doing well with your cards, I won't be far behind I hope, got the grandchildren's still to do and Hubby's and a few close friends. Hope you don't get a lot of snow and hope you have a lovely evening with your friends. Love and hugs, Pam xx

  11. Hi Barbara, ladies, what beautiful artwork. My favorite time of the year with the gorgeous colours mother nature is showing us. Spoilt for choice on where to look up here in Scotland. Hope everyone has a great week ahead. Hugs to all xx

    1. Hi Emma, good to see you here. Yes it does seem an extra special autumn show up here this year. I can only see the wee corner of trees and bushes across the back lane but they do seem a lot more beautiful than I remember from previous years. Have you had the snow yet, meant to hit your side first? Hope you are doing ok. Love Brenda xx

  12. Autumn is my favourite season too…right from childhood as I was always fascinated how the leaves turned into the most glorious rich reds, golds and burgundy etc. My dad used to tell me the fairies and elves painted them as we'd travel up to see my great uncle and aunt in Kelso for our last visit before winter set in.

  13. Good Evening Barbara, it sure has been a very cold day here up north. Love the tree and it wonderful leaves. I have a thing for trees and leaves especially in the autumn. Fabulous samples by the very talented design team. Enjoy your evening.
    Linda xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    What a great offer, I've got a couple of the stencils which I haven't used yet but I might just have a little peep, well it would be rude not to! My build a wreath plates arrived today, aren't they beautiful. I've also got some of jaynes plates for my sisters Christmas present so I've stroked them and hidden them away, I hope someone else is doing the same foe me beacause they are on my list too! The leaf samples are beautiful, you do have such a talented team. I do like autumn, beautiful colours, scrunchy leaves chill in the air but have to say spring is very close too with the new growth and just the promise of the warm weather. Hope today hasn't been too fraught at the office. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane and ladies, well was it cold or not this morning had to scrap the car this morning due to an early appointment.
      This is the weather where we stop indoors if possible and do a little crafting (Groovi ) .bought a lovley border plates at the show an
      art nouveau one this is lovley
      so must to get some of the same .
      ALL Keep warm .
      Lynn xx

    2. Hi Lynn, The Bro and I are having a disagreement over your comment. I say you intended it to read scrape the car, he maintains some (i.e me!) would scrap the car to avoid the dentist. Yes, well. xx

  15. I love trees. I have most of the stamps and stencils already. We don't have a ginkgo tree, but we do have a twisted hazelnut, this is stunning when the leaves have fallen. It stands proud with its branches corkscrewing in all directions, I love it's eccentricity. The squirrels benefit from its nuts earlier, I've been a little slow to harvest more than a couple, but they don't go to waste. Xx

  16. When my best friend came to stay a couple of weeks ago I did a lot of driving around our local area and the colours were fantastic. One day we went over to the Black Isle, it's just like going back in time when you go round to Cromarty and so lovely at this time of year. I've got the day off tomorrow so I'm planning the afternoon crafting.

  17. Wonderful stamps and stencils Barbara, and great inspiration from the Design Team. Thanks for the offer too. The Autumn has been beautiful and I love this time of year because of all the pretty colours. I hope you are recovering after your busy time at the NEC. x

  18. It really is a beautiful autumn this year. Love the samples from the design team and an excellent and generous offer from you. Hope you and Dave have had a bit of time to yourselves to relax. Love and hugs, Pam xx

  19. Hi to all you lovely bloggy friends, the wind has dropped today but still very cold. Hope you are all well and keeping warm. Haven't got around to any crafting but hoping I can have a play with the petites tomorrow. Love and hugs to you all, Pam xx

  20. Samples from design team are stunning. I love the autumnal colours of the leaves, I am a big kid at heart & enjoy running through a pile of leaves & scattering them everywhere. Yvonne xx

  21. Samples from design team are stunning. I love the autumnal colours of the leaves, I am a big kid at heart & enjoy running through a pile of leaves & scattering them everywhere. Yvonne xx

  22. Hi Barb and bloggy pals. Love the stencils and stamps but cat sat on cushion today so I put in a more-than-I-really-should order to clarity towers. No snow but cold and had lovely scooshy time through leaves yesterday. Soup cauldron at the ready for carrot and parsnip soup cookoff tomorrow. Dead easy and very moreish. Stay warm and as well as poss, love and hugs xxx.

  23. Hello Barb, thanks for such a great offer, love the beautiful examples of what can be done with the stamps and stencils. Looking forward to what you blog. Take care. Bx

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