What a load of Rollocks!

What a load of Rollocks!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Back home again, and back at it.
Just sat with Dave at the kitchen table and figured out a strategy.
Apparently, it has gone mad at work.
That little TV stint I did a week ago,
with the Petite Printing Plates and our new Petite Stencils,
has evidently hit a chord !
Thank you for your custom and your loyalty.
Where would we be without you?!
It’s a funny old world, isn’t it?
This time last week I was just unpacking from the TV shows.
This time yesterday, we were on a boat in Central Park.
Today New York is already a million miles away it seems…
but yesterday, the skies were beautiful blue…
The skyscrapers scraped the sky…

Empire State Building
No clouds…

Chrysler Building

Grand Central Station
Those huge windows are actually glass walkways!
We walked miles along 5th Avenue, 
following the Columbus Day Parade.

Very loud and uplifting.

Every now and then we would dip into a side street, 
to catch our breath.
Fabulous old churches tucked in amid the high rises.

We bumped into Abe Lincoln and his wife. 
Well, I think it was them!
Didn’t like to ask and make an arse of myself.
errr, excuse me, who are you?
New York is such a TALL CITY!!!
It was quite fresh in the shade of the buildings,
so we headed for an open space –

Found Columbus himself in Central Park 
(obviously had the same idea)

And then the games began.
Boating on the Lake at Central Park
with Paul, Grace and her lovely fella Nick,
who offered to do the rowing.

So we let him!
He was struggling with his rollocks though….

But here’s the spooky thing:
Two years ago to the day, 
guess what Grace and I were doing in New York?
Isn’t that strange…

Love and Hugs till tomorrow,

111 thoughts on “What a load of Rollocks!

  1. Glad you're back home safe. You and Paul sure packed a lot in! I've only just watched the gel plate shows – wow, amazing. I need to win the lottery! Feeling very low as my back is still very painful and I can't do any craft 😨 Got even more drugs to start taking tomorrow. Let's hope they work. Tske csre everyone x

  2. Welcome home Barbara& Paul. It looks as if you had a wonderful few days in The Big Apple.
    My baby gel press kit has arrived. I have not done any h *****ork just played. I just love it!
    Hugs from Chris X

  3. Glad you had such a fab time. I loved the shows with the mini plates, just waiting for mine to arrive. I just love the idea of them and what can be achieved! Certainly hit my spot! Xx

  4. Well you look as though you had the most wonderful time. Glad you made it back home safe and sound!
    Grace must have been so happy to spend time with you!
    So now time to reflect and put all those memories into your head.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  5. What a wonderful time but sure your sad for leaving Grace behind but what fantastic photos and mercies to help you through till you next see each other betDavs pleased to have you home. Not surprised the shows were a hit thought they was fantastic got my pack arrived Saturday not had time to play as Bob not been well but lot better know. Looks like be weekend before I can play cannot wait. Have a lovely evening and hope work isn't to busy xxx

  6. Hi Barbara, great pics and what a lovely time you've all had ! My plates etc. arrived yesterday in the big box which the cats enjoyed too! Just got to get my head around what to do with them. I will follow a blog to start me off. Have you blogged one yet – must look back ! Wish I had a memory at the moment ! Try and relax a bit …. xx

  7. Hi everyone, good day today at the tip with the carpet and charity shop with two more bags of hubby's no fit clothes! I had to take him in with me to show them that he hadn't popped his clogs in case they thought that was the reason they were getting some really good stuff !! They did laugh !! Next two days will be funerals so hope it stays fine.

    Gilly, how are you and hubby getting on? x

    Morag, I'm still so pleased for you with your news – I know it's the right thing to do xx

    Thanks everyone for your kind and supportive comments over the last few days. x x

    p.s. if I see any clowns they will be for it – always been wary of them since being little and the current news of them is putting me on edge. So much so I will be bothered about going anywhere on my own after dark – not that I go anywhere really on my own – just Slimming World and it's only 5 mins up the road walk or car!

    1. I think clowns are scary too, and this latest has made me more fearful of even looking out my windows, that one of these bad people pretending to be one might be around here xx

    2. Hi Jackie – thinking of you and what you have to do this week, thanks for your helpful comment yesterday. I will put on mine – how I am – love and hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Jackie just had a talk about this clown craze the other day with my grandsons who thought it was funny and put them straight to how
      dangerous it could be to people like me and themselves..xx

  8. My gelli plates arrived yesterday and I've had a play however I need a bit more practice before I show anyone 😋, really good to hear you've enjoyed your trip, welcome home….

  9. I bet you can't stop thinking about that trip and smiling to yourself when you think about all the fun you had. I hope that your mini vacation has given you a real dose of revitalisation, and that you won't have too many problems in the intray at the office when you return xx

    1. Hi Judy, the in-tray is fine, its the out-tray thats a little behind ! With luck we should have caught up with ourselves by tomorrow…….. Just in time for Maria's show !!

  10. Great to have you home ! x It really is spooky, that 2 years ago to the day, you were in the same park, the same lake, the same restaurant and with Grace…You really couldn't have written it..But its true ! x

  11. What a wonderful time you have shown us all, and how spooky that you were doing the same thing again with Grace. My Petites arrived on Saturday and I am dying to snatch a little time to get inky with them. Must find myself some lace to play with. Hope you are not too jetlagged. xxx Maggie

  12. Good to know you're back safe 'n sound…hope Dave had a big hug waiting for you. Great pics to bring a smile when you look back on the fab trip you've had and thanks for sharing it all with us too! Looking forward to seeing Maria on our screens tomorrow – no doubt the bank balance will suffer – lol!

  13. Hi Barbara, glad you're home safe and sound. Sorry to hear you had to hit the ground running. I know it doesn't really help you out, but I don't mind waiting longer for my baby gelli order. Wow, those windows must be huge. And yes very spooky re your boating on the lake. It's a real shame you didn't find Mary either time you were in the park. Grace's chap looks lovely, get a good feeling from him, even though it's just photos. And Grace looks happy and healthy, that's the main thing.

    🤗🤗🤗 Guess what, got to speak to the blue badge lady today. Claims she never gotany of my messages on her answer machine! She said the letter is wrong, the form online is wrong, she keeps telling them that. You can't actually renew blue badges online, the form the letter tells you to do is for new claimants, despite the front page saying it's for renewing too! So she said she's sending out the right form today, the same as I normally get, she's filling in most of it for me from her records first. I just need to sign it, and send it back with the photo, DLA letter, and cheque. And we're still ok for time before mine expires. My garden guy is fine to pop out to collect it for posting once I've got it ready, he'll need to to get the bins out anyway, so can time it for that. Too much ongoing stress since Thursday, bit of an upset stomach today to add to the eczema flare up, CFS not good, and a garden visit to get through tomorrow, which I've tonnes of stuff I must get done that can't wait another month. And all that stress for nothing, if the council would stop sending out wrong information in the letters! At least it's sorted, and no certified birth certificate needed.

    The other worry the past few days, Daisy has stopped drinking, drinks practically nothing. I was hoping it was a wee blip, but it's getting worse not better. Seems it's been the stress of going to the vet last week. It's a nightmare that I thought we were over for good. She's not been this bad for at least a couple of years. I've probably done the wrong thing, but was desperate that she drink something, so I gave her the spring water drained from a tin of tuna, she gets some tinned tuna as a very occasional treat, it's the only fish, moist food, she'll eat. She drank it all, and had a wee soon after, so must have had a little to drink earlier today which is better than nothing. I'm hoping the tuna water kick starts her drinking again. I'll try giving her wee bits of tuna instead of her treats, see if that makes her want to drink too. No salt added to the tins, but tuna is a salt water fish, so might, but if not, it's putting extra salt in her system which isn't good so I just hope I'm not doing the wrong thing. Last resort is taking her food away, then when she asks for it, putting a little water on a few bits of the dried food, and hoping she drinks it as she eats, and repeat that over and over. The only problem is she refuses the wet food, especially when it starts to soften, so it's a huge battle of wills, and me very distressed. Nothing else worked though, and I literally tried everything. So obviously this hasn't been helping my stress levels any.

    Anyway, I'm still making the ATCs for tomorrow, colouring borders, no shading just coloured in, usually a mindfulness thing but when on a tight deadline, and time running out…. 29 done 7 to go…… But I'm determined not to miss a month, and my garden guy would be disappointed not to go away with a restock. 2 episodes of Poldark helped it be less monotonous this afternoon 😉 I've got it sussed, save them up and watch 2 at a time, the sad bad one followed by the next more uplifting one, so I'm not left feeling the bad feelings 😊 I think if it was Poldark who was your partner, you could let him off buying you stockings for your Christmas present eh!!!!!😉

    Hope you can have a lovely evening with Dave
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Dear Brenda I'm so pleased you have got sorted with your blu badge why do they have to make it so hard and stressful as if life isn't difficult enough be proud of yourself at what you have achieved i do hope daisy starts to pick up and feels brighter soon sending hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. So glad you were able to get through to the 'blue badge lady' and get some sense from her. Sorry to her Daisy isn't drinking. I hope you are able to tempt her to drink a bit more tonight. A good idea to watch Poldark whilst doing your ATC's. That is a huge amount you have done. xx

    3. That's a bit of a worry about Daisy. I don' think there is an issue with tinned tuna in spring water for cats as long as it is in moderation. My cat can tell the noise of a tuna can and is in the kitchen meowing before the can has been opened…and then it's a bit for the humans and a bit for Kirri. Been doing that for years, she is about 12 or 13 years old and like a teenagers she behave like a spoiled toddler!

    4. Glad to hear that you have got your blue badge sorted now. What a helpful lady you spoke to. Be proud of what you have achieved Brenda. Do hope that Daisy will start drinking more, these pets are a worry to us when they get ill. You are doing the best you can by encouraging her to drink different things. Hopefully she'll be ok in a few days and you'll wonder why you worried so much. At least it's not hot now so she shouldn't get dehydrated. When my little dog wasn't drinking I had a little dropper bottle or syringe with water in and used to wrap a towel around her so as it was just her head sticking out then put the dropper in the side of her mouth and squeezed it in. Maybe a bit harder with a cat though as they tend to scratch. As regards you worrying about your ATCs and the jobs in the garden, don't forget small bites Brenda. Hugs to you and Daisy.xxx

    5. One huge relief for you, blue badge sorted. Why they haven't done anything about the wrong information is beyond me! Especially when they must know the stress and upset it causes people. Tick that one off.

      Sorry to hear Daisy is having problems. Does she have water from the tap? Some animals can taste if the water companies add something to the water supply. Fingers crossed she starts drinking soon. Xx

    6. Thanks everyone xx
      Thanks for the reassurance about the tuna Julia. I'll give it a try, I'm really not mentally strong enough to be doing the water on food last resort just now, but I will make myself if I have to.
      I did think about a dropper Pam, she licks the odd drip from my fingers. She's not your normal cat, I doubt very much she'd scratch me. I'll keep it in mind for if I get desperate. And thanks for the one bite at a time reminder, I lose sight of that one way too easily.
      I would taste a difference in tne water Donna, and she's stopped drinking her wee bit oat milk too (my dairy free milk but it's fine for cats to have too), so it's unlikely to be the water.
      I've lost all my cats except one to old age renal failure at the age of 13-14. So it's always been a huge worry to me that it might take Daisy even sooner, with her not drinking properly when young, and now.
      All my ATCs done and written.

    7. Awe brilliant news about the blue badge Brenda well done for persevering on that one hope Daisy is ok soon just been watching
      the Scotland game to see if could spot my son but nae luck nae luck
      wi the score either but hey ho were used to that and gives him a chance ti see the world…cuddle fir you and Daisy xx

    8. Hi Brenda, now give yourself a pat on the back for sorting that blue badge out yourself, well done. And well done getting all those arcs made too, you are a star. I hope Daisy starts to drink again soon, what a worry. Do you think she's worried about you? The tuna is a good idea. Sending hugs xxx

    9. Hi Brenda,
      Brilliant news about your blue badge. At least that's one thing less for you to worry about. Well done for getting your ATCs done as well. Hope Daisy starts drinking soon too. I don't think the spring water from the tuna will do her any harm, at least it's some liquid for her. Scamp doesn't like wet food either but loves her biscuits. I won't let her have any biscuits though until she's eaten some wet food as her tummy started to go bald years ago and the vet told me she had to have wet food too. The only thing she ever craves is grass! Every other cat I've ever had would kill for prawns but not Scamp! She adores grass! They are funny creatures, but we love them don't we? Love and hugs Alison xxx

    10. Thanks everyone xx
      Aye Dot we're a resilient, ever hopeful species us Scots eh!!!! Cuddle back xx
      Her going to the vet has definitely got something to do with it, but maybe me being so stressed after, and then my brother has 2 cats, and Daisy always spits and growls at him when he first comes in, must smell his cats, and then a local was determined to get in today, spitting and growling at Daisy, I didn't ket her but she sat on thw windowsill for a while, which upset both me and Daisy in different ways – I felt bad for not letting her in, I did give her a lot of food, and she upset Daisy by everything. So she has been through quite a bit since the vet's last Thursday. And I inadvertantly upset our local wee pal cat by feeding this one, he was so dejected looking, wouldn't come near, and then I realised why, this one bullies our wee pal. Hopefully he'll come over when I'm in the garden tomorrow.

      Grace, you're a beautiful young lady, inside and out. Barbara, you must be so proud of both your children. You should be proud of yourself to, for ensuring they both have the best chance in life that you could possibly give them xx

  14. A lovely video at the end, what a lovely daughter you have. You must be rather tired after all that walking. I had one wonderful day in NY about 15 years ago with my grandson. A wonderful city. Glad you did well with your small pads and stencil.. Looking forward to watching Maria tomorrow. Xxxxx

  15. Evening Barbara/Paul so pleased you had a brilliant time with your daughter and friend now home with Dave lots of memories but back to work too I'm sure Dave has kept it going while you where away having fun bless him xxx

    1. Evening dear blog family of dear friends sending you all heartfelt hugs always in my thoughts.
      I went to give my bloods today don't have to go weekly no more as now under hospital.i go for a thyroid blood check on 25 oct so that's good I came home not feeling well with pain so went to bed and slept I'm still in bed now so will wish you all a goodnight and catch up with you all tomorrow xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, sorry to hear you are a little under the weather today.
      Hope with rest tonight you will feel a lot better in the morning.
      Lots of hugs. Lynn xx 😴

  16. Welcome home Barbara and Paul. Thanks for the journey around New York. I felt I was there. Grace is so photogenic. What a lovely young lady. I think it is good work is so hectic isn't it? I knew your shows would be a great success. Hope the jetlag isn't too bad.xx

    1. Hi my lovely blog friends – thank you so much for your lovely kind and helpful comments, they really do help. Today has been a much better day for Neill thankfully and one of his radiologists is going to arrange an appointment for him to see the Oncologist next Monday in his clinic. We should get confirmation of the time tomorrow. We both saw our GP today, and he always makes us feel good. He has given me some new painkillers to try, as my pain and tiredness has increased today. Can't use them until next week, as he has warned that they will make me feel dopey! I am just off to bed now, to get some more sleep. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, I am so glad you and Neill had a better day today and it's great that he has an oncologist appointment on Monday. Doesn't it make a difference when you have a GP who is on the same wave length as you. It gives you more confidence in them. I hope the new painkillers he has given you work quickly. Night night. xx

    3. Hi Gilly,
      Glad that you and Neill have had a better day today. Good news about the oncologist appointment on Monday too. Have a good night's sleep, love and hugs Alison xxx

  17. Not surprised to hear that it's gone mad for the new petites printing plates and stencils, they are gorgeous, a must have as soon as I can afford them. Wow the photos of New York are amazing, the nearest I'll get to seeing it, thank you so much for giving us an insight. Hope your flight back was good. Glad you're home safely, bet Dave's happy to have you back.xxx

  18. Hi Barbara & Paul you certainly have had a fantastic time in NY.
    The photos are amazing. It sometimes seems when you go away the time goes so quickly and once you you are home, you look back and say well we were there yesterday.
    But we are all glad you are both back safe and sound.
    Thanks for your lovley blog tonight.
    Looking forward to Marias shows tomorrow.
    Lynn xx

  19. How strange that you were on the same lake, on the same day 2 years ago. I'm sure it was no less fun the second time around! Those mini plates are on my list for Santa, but I still have other goodies I need to play with and use up first to make some storage room for them. Welcome back to Blighty x

  20. Hi to all my lovely friends, hope you have all had a good day, getting chilly now isn't it, but after a misty morning the sun did come out here. We went to Portishead and walked along the front and around the boating lake just to get our daily dose of vitamin D, and watched the car transporters coming up the estuary to Avonmouth. Hope you are in less pain Sheila and that you have managed a little crafting. Gilly hoping you and Neil are ok and that he hasn't had anymore side effects making him feel poorly. Live and hugs to you all xxx

    1. Hi Pam I'm up in the chilly north for a couple of days meeting up with some crafty friends. It was very cloudy on my flight into Newcastle but hasn't been too bad today. Sending hugs xxx

  21. Hi ladies, hope you are all keeping well.
    I have not blogged for a few days had friends to stay and the took a neighbour to the hospital for tests.
    I have at last got some Faber Castell polychrome pencils and I agree the do make such a difference, so will be investing in some more.
    Thank you all for your advice.
    I hope you are all looking forward to Marias shows tomorrow, it will be cracker! !!!! Speak on the flip side tomorrow.
    Hugs to all.
    Lynn xx nighty nighty 😴

  22. Love your photos and video. I caught up with the gel plate shows last week and they were on my christmas present list for me to give to me. However, soon to be ex husband made a derogatory comment about my craft stuff so I thought stuff him and ordered the petite bundle anyway. I've just caught up with the stamp show with the christmas tree, stocking and bauble and guess what – I want them!

  23. Hi Barbara
    Glad you arrived home safe and sound loved following all your exploits in NY and watching Grace rowing the boat in the video from last year made me LOL. Her comments about the other people on the lake were so funny. Especially when she said sorry so many times followed by. Not.
    Have a good evening with those you love xxx

  24. What a great few days and I'm sure Paul will have enjoyed it all too. How spooky to have been on the lake on exactly the same day two years ago, what are the odds on that! Hope that you are not missing Grace too much and that you can slide back into work without too many hassles. x

  25. Welcome home Barbara what a great time you had thanks for the tour along
    with you around New York have really enjoyed your pics and wee laughs along
    the way Grace looks great beautiful girl and hey her fella's not bad either
    shame about his rollock's lol..take care love Dot…xx

  26. Hi Barbara
    What a great set of photos again today, I enjoyed your walk. What a coincidence you were in the same place on the same day, Grace is sooo funny. What a lovely lad Nick is, offering to row. Now ease yourself back in gently, no going about it 19 to the dozen!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope all is well. I'm spending a couple of days with a lovely group of crafty ladies, we haven't stopped laughing all day. They loved their groovi book marks so I think you may have a couple of orders. I was up at 5 to catch my flight. So I'm going to bed now! Sending hugs all round xxx ( Barbara (Saba) if you are reading this blooming well comment 😀😀😀xx).

  27. Hi Barb,
    Looks like you had a fantastic time in New York – thanks for the photos. How strange that you were on the boating lake exactly two years to the day. Grace looks so happy too, her fella must be doing her good. Hope you aren't too inundated at work. Bet Dave is really pleased you're back. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Been a miserable day up here today so decided to do some crafting. Thought I'd start my Christmas cards so I got my TODO out and did some hot foiling and was really pleased with how they turned out. Went through to Crafters Companion to get some small card blanks and just happened to see the petites and stencils. One set of petites and the leaf stencils just jumped into my basket ( naughty things!) and it would've been rude to take them out. Going to have a go with them tomorrow – can't wait. Anyway, shattered now do off to bed, love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

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