A world apart

A world apart

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in today.
Been going like the clappers here since very early,
pushing things through before I go off on our next little jolly.

She’s off again?? What’s going on??
Well, it’s a little Anniversary treat for Mum and Dad.
And it’s Mum’s birthday on Friday!
So Dave and I are taking them to Jersey.

New York – Jersey.
Now there’s a contrast!

N E W   Y O R K
Noisy, dirty and crazy.

But brilliant and beautiful too.

Crowded, aggressive and exhausting.

But magical and phenomenal at the same time.
It’s all a question of perspective.
If I get up in New York and am fearful,
then New York can be a petrifying place.
If I walk along the streets looking for a fight,
I am sure to find one. 
If I focus on the poverty and homelessness in the city,
then I will be convinced it is a savage jungle within 3 blocks. 
But if I get away from Times Square, 
(which really is a bustle zoo, but such fun too!)
if I head for the park, any park,
if I smile at people in the street,
if I walk with consideration for others,
and do not hurry or hustle,
then my day is instantly more pleasant, 
and New York is not frightening at all at all.
I think you could say that of ANYWHERE.
Village or City.
The first time I went to New York, I was pregnant with Grace.
I remember being very frightened and didn’t enjoy it at all, even though I was staying with New Yorkers, hanging out with locals.
Went back 5 years later, and loved it. 
So what changed? New York or my attitude ?!
Methinks twas I !!!
Mind you, now I am a lot older, 
I really do appreciate coming home to the tranquility and quiet
of our own four walls and garden. 

Logs piled high ready for the cold snap.

Log fire: good for the soul.
Nothing like it for calming the mind.
So tomorrow we fly to Jersey for a few days.
Mum and Dad have been often;
Dave and I have never been. 
Really excited to see the little island.
Orchids are on the menu.
Any other recommendations?
Love & hugs,

126 thoughts on “A world apart

  1. I have never been to Jersey, Fred really wants to go and as long he stays as well as he is at the moment maybe next year. Look forward to seeing your photos and hearing what you think of it. Enjoy your trip with Mum and Dad.xx

  2. Never mind the orchids, the freesias and carnations are the wonderful flowers on Jersey and Guernsey. You can also get the tiny plantlets to grow on for yourself to fill the house with perfume. Jersey is a beautiful island, especially if you get away from St Helier out into the countryside. I loved it, almost as much as the Scillies. Have a lovely peaceful time there. Lots of beauty to draw or photograph. xxx Maggie

  3. Hi Barb,
    I've never been to Jersey or any of the Channel Islands. Dave and I are thinking of going possibly next year sometime, so I'll be interested in your opinion of your little trip. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time and it will be good to spend some peaceful quality time with your Mum and Dad and of course Dave. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you. It's been another miserable day up here. I've had a great day today – spent it crafting. I managed to make 20 Christmas cards and 6 spare birthday cards so really chuffed with myself. It was totally different from doing my Groovi cards – I'd have been lucky to get 1 finished! I now feel as though I've got to grips with hot foiling ( at least I know the settings to use!) Still got about 130 more cards to make though!! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx
      Ps Morag & Chris , I can do any day next week if you want xxxx

    2. Hi Alison, I know Chris said Wednesday and Friday will be no good. I can't do Tuesday so that leaves either MONDAY or THURSDAY. Shall we leave it up to Chris to choose??? xxx

    3. Hi Alison and Morag. Monday would be best for me as I think I will need to do a bit of housework before we go away (boo). If you think it will be a bit much for you Morag with your new baby we could leave it until early November as we will be back on 31st October xx

    4. Well done for for completing so many cards. I can't believe you've still got so many to go. You put me to shame. I really ought to get started. Perhaps this is the inspiration I need.xx

  4. Jersey- how lovely. Having spent years in the Far East, Jersey was our honeymoon choice, albeit thirty years ago. Only returned once since but there's the old bunker where you can get freshly harvested and 'shucked in front of you' oysters and the seafood restaurant where a platter can feed four to name only two. The long and winding roads of the countryside are delightful but probably not in an open top at this time of year. Whatever you do and see, enjoy. Oh! and I loved the shops, too. Bought a number of Mulberry items on my last visit!!! ;~}

  5. Sounds lovely Barbara, we've never been but those we know who have have loved it. I'm sure you'll have a good time, a gentler time than New York ! Enjoy all of you! X

  6. What a wonderful surprise for your parents. Jersey sounds fabulous, the nearest I'll get is a virtual tour via your good self!!! I hope you all have a great time. Aaah log fires!!! Those were the days. I really miss ours, but no go once we became a 'smokeless zone'!!! Love and Hugs xxx

  7. Hi everyone, well that's my first funeral of the week over, although it was nice that the family had been to the crematorium this morning so we attended the memorial service which included some Cliff Richard music! I worked with Alison for years and we talked about everything as we had adjoining offices with door always open. I then took her job after she retired a little early because of medical reasons. She packed everything into her life and was never still, always away with caravan club at weekends and her and her husband even managed 6 weeks in Spain earlier this year with their camper van. It was after she returned she went into hospital. I lost it during Jerusalem and Cliff singing We're all going on a summer holiday and then managed to pull myself together as she would have told me off ! We went back afterwards and talked to her family which was lovely. Quiet night now, finish the ironing and Bake Off. Hope everyone is ok. Xx

  8. Hello all my lovely friends. I'm full of busy trying to get all my charity Christmas cards finished before the weekend. Hubby says I'll be too exhausted to even collect Bonnie by the time Saturday gets here hahaha! But the house is all snug anyway!! I'd best get on, cos once I stop I don't want to start again, and I'm determined to stick to my agenda. Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

    1. Hi Morag I've done quite a lot so far, it always seems a long way off when I start but the time goes. We take a load with us at half term to give out as we save a fair bit on postage. Left a message under Alison's post xx

  9. Can't remember, was 18 when I went – seems like a lifetime ago – all girls together, out on the pull most nights!! Days on the beach………aahh, takes me back to when I could wear a bikini, lol x ps Am sure you guys will enjoy it xx

  10. Hi Barbs, lovely prezzie for ma and pa! Had week on St Helier 36 yr ago as a teenager staying with aunt so no recent recommendations but I loved it. One thing for shopping bag though – Guernsey sweater! Mine was beautiful and lasted yonks. Aunt introduced me to brandy and ginger too, but I bet that's not too typical a Jersey drink. Parents weren't too impressed, on soooo many levels, but I sure was! Enjoy your trip xxx

    1. Love and hugs to you too Morag. I trust all is nearly ready for your new little furry pal, cosy place and lots of toys and treats to welcome home – I bet it is! Not long to wait now. Full details to be blogged soonest please! Xx

  11. Never been myself but my Nan loved it. I am sure you will have a lovely time because no matter where you go it is the people you share it with that make it enjoyable. Have fun. Xx

  12. Good evening Barbara and to all, first time I have posted, felt I had something to add tonight.
    We took my Mum and Dad to Jersey once back in the late sixties early seventies they loved it, as did we. They went on y own for several years until Dad's health put a stop. Lots of lovely memories.
    I don't know if the pottery is still there but if it is very well worth a visit. The gardens were also lovely but that was in June.
    Thank you for all your wonderful products, I, like all on here appreciate you very much and all the wonderful people who are part of Clarity.
    Hope you have a lovely time.

    1. Hi Joan, you should stick around now you've said hello. Saying hi and thank you is enough for Barbara (hope you don't mind me speaking for you Barbara) and us. Feel free to join in our banter if you want too xx

  13. Sounds perfect Barbara. Didn't know you needed a passport to go there though. There's lots of very interesting and thought provoking war history there, if that's their/your thing. Not that I've ever been, just seen it on the telly. Bet it's warmer too!!!

    Positive thinking/believing, a work in progress for me, but trying hard.

    How is your acer bright red? Mine has turned very dark. I've only had it since June, a birthday present, I hope I'm not doing anything wrong? Mind you your trees are still green, up here it's all the autumn colours and leaves starting to fall. I love your patio bit, love the stone.

    I do envy you your log fire, sadly not practical for me in my situation.

    Huge spider just ran across in front of me, be back the now
    Got it, back out the window to live another day

    Hope you all have a great quality time, with lots of new special memories for you all to cherish. Love Brenda xx
    Happy birthday for Friday, Barbara's mum xx

    Where's Sharon? Haven't had enough of us already have you?!!! 😉

    1. P.s. Maria, it was the antennae of that butterfly hiding in the antlers you were referring to, wasn't it. No need for you to say sorry to us at all, we all do it ourselves 😊 xx

    2. Different types of acers change colour at different times. My two red ones haven't changed yet but my green on is starting. I have two in pots and I use ericaceous compost. I feed them fortnightly until the end of August. The one in the ground gets a feed every 5 or 6 weeks until the end of August xx

    3. Hope Daisy is drinking more today and that you are ok. As I am so far south my acers are still in full leaf and red. The trouble is once the leaves start dropping Alfie (my dog) runs through them bringing them all indoors!xx

    4. Hi Brenda I hope Daisy is feeling better today and drinking more. You need photo ID now to fly even just staying in this country which is great if your passport has expired, and driving licence is too old! I got a citizens card before I needed to renew my passport as it was very cheap compared to a passport. Sending hugs to you both xxx

    5. Thanks everyone xx
      Thanks for the acer advice Chris. We put bonemeal in when it was potted so I'll start feeding it in spring. I've just googled the name of mine, the missing bit is it's not gone bright red in autumn, did the bright pinky red, turning darker over the summer, and stayed like that. Maybe it's still to go bright red, a different variety to Barbara's. Oh didn't know I had that to come from it 🤗

      Daisy must be drinking again, need to wait and see if it continues once the tuna is finished. Fingers crossed

      I didn't know that about the photo ID Diane. Well that scuppers my plan to jump on a plane to go visit Barbara, unless they'll accept my blue badge as photo ID!!!!!! 😉

  14. Have a fabulous time in Jersey making memories with Dave and your Mum and Dad! My Mum and Dad loved Jersey. I hope to visit Jersey one day. Love reading your blog and looking at the photos. Enjoy. Big hugs Marian X

  15. HI Barbara, we went for the first time to Jersey on 20 September this year. Went for a week, had lovely weather. Stayed at St Helier, nice and central to everywhere. Really enjoyed it and I think so will you.
    Regards Joy xx

  16. I hope you all have a lovely time, you deserve some time off and it will be good to spend quality family time together. I've put in two orders recently and they both came within a week, thank you Clarity team xx

  17. A truly beautiful island, The market at St Helier – where you can marvel at the historic buildings, St Brelades Bay is wonderful, along the way wonderful places to eat with gorgeous food, and of course immerse yourself in the history of Jersey itself where you cannot fail to be moved by the hardships endured by the islanders through the war years – where they made soap out of seaweed as such things were scarce, and should you venture in to the tunnels and read the moving historic information – you learn about the Jersey Bags – a wonderful island full of beautiful coves and friendly people.

  18. Think you're quite right re the New York 'fears' (for want of a better word) – could definitely apply anywhere, should you let it! As for your mum and dad's treat, it sounds a perfect way to celebrate so hope you all have a fab time. Xx

  19. Hello all. I read yesterday's comments late this afternoon as we had friends round for the evening yesterday and it was late when the went and we had cleared away. I hope you day has been as good as possible xx

  20. Hi, Barb. I've been to Jersey once on my honeymoon, unfortunately the marriage didn't last. But I'm really glad that it didn't, as my life changed for the better once I'd dumped that one! It is a lovely island, gorgeous beaches. I do remember it has a short runway, so landing is a lot of fun!
    Wishing you all a very happy trip. Love your wood pile. Xxx

  21. The German Hospital….. it was built as storage tunnels for ammunition etc but when they thought the Allies were going to "invade" Jersey and take control back, the Germans converted it to a hospital in anticipation. But it was never actually used as one. Corbiere Lighthouse is wonderful, Jersey Zoo if you like zoos, St Brelades Church which has a fascinating history, The Shell Garden, The Devil's Hole (although check it's suitable as I recall it being a pretty steep path to get to it). There is loads more to do there too. Ooh, I love Jersey. Enjoy.

  22. Evening Barbara, I hope you all have a lovely time in Jersey and Happy Birthday to your Mum for Friday.
    I know what you mean about a log fire, we have a multi-fuel stove which we leave on all the time in the Winter, and it is really cosy and warm, and our Cat (Lizzie) loves it !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  23. Evening Barbara, I hope you all have a lovely time in Jersey and Happy Birthday to your Mum for Friday.
    I know what you mean about a log fire, we have a multi-fuel stove which we leave on all the time in the Winter, and it is really cosy and warm, and our Cat (Lizzie) loves it !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  24. Hi Barbara. I'm sure you will love Jersey. It is a beautiful island with stunning coastal scenery. Have not been for a few years but would love to go again. have a great time with Dave and mum and dad.
    Gayle x

  25. As a child I had a holiday in Guernsey and I remember it was very pretty with some rocky coastline and some beautiful sandy beaches, but remember it best because we flew and lost a large suitcase with most of our clothes in which we never got back and had to spend our two weeks holiday with two or three outfits each. Luckily a second case which we didn't lose had our beach things and shoes, but I'm sure you won't need to be worrying about that as this was in the 60s..lol. I have never been to Jersey but always hear good things of it so have a wonderful time with Dave and your Mum and Dad. x

  26. Evening Barbara jersey is beautiful I went on my own a long time ago just for a 3 day break beautiful memories then tom took me for my 50 birthday it was amazing to share more memories with him .enjoy your time with your mum and dad they will share special memories with you and Dave happy birthday wishes to your mum xxx

    1. Evening dear family of blog friends heartfelt hugs thinking of you all I'm in bed resting as I'm feeling so fatigued today I'm at Podiarty in the morning so an early start so a early nights sleep goodnight hugs xxx

  27. Sounds wonderful – I've never been so can't recommend anything – looking forward to you sharing your trip.
    Have a wonderful time with your Mum & Dad.
    Take care all of you, Carole xxx

  28. What a wonderful pressy for your parents, bet they'll love it, especially as you and Dave are going with them. Happy Birthday to your Mum. Would love to go to Jersey one day. Have a wonderful break, I expect you need it after New York, you've hardly had time to get over your jetlag yet. Make beautiful memories and have fun. Will look forward to your blogs only if you have time.xxx

  29. Just an extra comment. Have a new book by a talented mixed media textile artist called Maggie Grey. Oohing and ahing through the pages, I noticed the stencil she was using looked very familiar on a panel of art she was making….and yes, turning to the supplies page, there it was…clarity stencil, "a good selection of stencils". Stunning. Xx

  30. Hope you have a lovely trip. We have been to Jersy a couple of times. I really enjoyed going to Jersey Pearl and choosing an oyster shell then having the pearl inside mounted on a lovely silver necklace. Birthday present form my other half a few years ago. Sadly you'll be too late to see the floats from the Jersy flower parade, they are just awesome. Need to go in August for that though.
    There is so much to see, hope the weather is kind to you all

  31. Hi to all my lovely friends, hope you have enjoyed your day. Sorry if we have hogged the sunshine these last few days. Getting our share of vitamin D I hope. Flu injections for us today, getting ready for winter, what a thought. Hope you aren't having so much pain Sheila. Been using my Tens machine today, think the acupuncture must be wearing off. Hope Daisy has started drinking more Brenda. Recorded Maria's shows to watch later next week, as taking the car in to get a new starter motor fitted in the morning, meeting a friend for coffee in the afternoon, going up my Daughters by coach to pick up my (new to me) car on Friday and spending the weekend up there. Busy few days. Keep off the roads as I haven't driven for three and a half years. Only joking Hubby will be driving us back.xxx

  32. Hi Barbara. I follow your blog daily. Loved seeing the pictures from NYC. Was there this summer and this time I felt much safer than before. Mindset or the visible presence of NYPD everywhere . The 9/11 memorial so apt. We were on top of the twin towers in85. So found the serenity there and the community / family participation very humbling.NYCorganised a street event for the summer Greenwich village to Central Park on Saturdays for pedestrians cyclists dogs walkers . Magic! Did a Zumba class on the street. My girls mortified. Really good fun. Felt the safest I've ever done in New York. Maybe a mindset or maybe the visible presence of the NYPD. Went to mass in st Patrick Cathedral on Sunday. Very traditional even spiritual. Joined the procession for communion and found the priest flanked by 2 fully armed NYPD. Strange auld world! Hope your mum has a lovely birthday , my mams on Friday too. enjoy Jersey. Mariax

  33. New Jersey is a long way to go , hahah
    Oh yes indeed Barbara , it's all in the way you perceive the world and look out from inside yourself and gaze upon everyone deeply knowing that they also are spiritual beings having a human experience .
    I smile at everyone in NYC and anywhere I am ,as long as I catch their gaze and believe me ,almost always I see another kindred spirit smiling back . Enjoy your time with your marvelous parents . Jan

  34. Hi Barb, Jersey is beautiful – very quiet and relaxing. I'd recommend a walk out to Elizabeth castle if the tide permits, the Orchid Foundation is a real treat (just a pity that you can't buy any of their wonderful plants), Durrell Wildlife Park is great even for non-zoo lovers, the German war hospital and tunnels are worth a look too. There is a very nice garden centre just north of St Helier(can't remember the name) which had some unusual orchids for sale last year. There's a very unassuming wartime museum which is housed inside a German pillbox and is opposite the Jersey Pearl Centre – very interesting and worth a visit. Also loads of wonderful coastal walks and stunning scenery. I'm very envious and hope you all have an enjoyable trip xx

  35. Rest and relaxation altogether making memories…so important to have! Take lots of photos too so we can all share the wonder that Jersey has to offer,
    Love and hugs xxx

  36. I know exactly what you mean, when me and Paul first got to New York we had a feeling if Dred, but we decided to sit in a restaurant / pub and people watch till we got our bearings – didn't help that the Taxi driver decided NOT to take us on the tourist route to our hotel which we descovered was actually a lot closer to the Airport than he made out!!! Anyway – once we watched people coming to and fro and filling up the bars on their way home from work it felt like a totally different place. We were just round the corner fronds Times Square too – you could see the Cars theatre from our Hotel window. We loved it there but stayed in a safe distance to our Hotel at night and didn't stay out after 10 !! Enjoy you time in Jersey – and happy Birthday to your Mam and Happy Anniversary to Your Mam and Dad. Xxxx

  37. Oh Jersey is beautiful, not too small but small enough to get the little buses from St Helier and get all around. it. st Brelades bay is a lovely beach area with palm trees, then there's the lavender farm and all the beautiful relaxing smelling products. Go to Jersey pottery at Gorey and see the castle whilst there. Relax in Liberation Square in St Helier go in the cafe on the corner near the Pomme D'Or hotel, wander through Howard Davis park and the little war graves cemetery at the far end……..oh I could go on for ages been several times, had my honeymoon there many years ago but would still go back given the chance. X

  38. Some of the best meals we have ever eaten have been on Jersey. We honeymooned there in 1983 and returned for our 1st, 5th, 10th 15th and 20th wedding anniversaries. Sometimes it was just four 24 hours so that we could eat in Victoria's which was a restaurant attached to The Grand Hotel. In 2003, when Victoria's closed down the week before we arrived we had to find somewhere else to eat! So disappointed although we had an excellent meal in Gorey and we haven't been back since but we were only saying the other day that we should. Wonderful food, beautiful beaches and a slower pace of life makes Jersey unforgettable. Enjoy your trip and Happy Birthday to your mum. X

  39. Hi, I'm fairly new to blogging but would also like to thank Barbara for all she does and wish them all a lovely time on Jersey. I've never been but my partner says it is lovely. I am nagging him to take me sometime. Love Rachel xx

  40. I actually used to live on Jersey from the ages of 21-23 when I worked in a bank, the major industries of Jersey being finance and tourism. I've never really associated orchids with Jersey, carnations – yes. At the age I was I was more interested in the pubs and clubs and I can still remember where they were but not all of their names. There was a fabulous little restaurant called Isola Bella in St Aubins (my mouth is watering thinking about it). Mind you I don't remember ever having a bad meal in Jersey. My advice is to get out and about in a car. The island is only 36 square miles so you can't go far wrong. The Germans occupied the island as it was said that it was one of Hilters favourite places but Britain decided not to retake the island so there was never any fighting on the island. The Germans did built defences but most well known is the underground hospital. The biggest problem during the war for the islanders was rationing which caused a lot of deaths. Local people from Jersey are known as Jersey beans and locals from Guernsey are called Guernsey donkeys – I have no idea why. Take some warm clothes with you to layer up. Because it is a little island the wind can be fierce in the winter months.

  41. Enjoy your trip to Jersey. Went there years ago and had a lovely time. You should definitely visit the underground hospital. I remember watching the battle of the flowers on a scorching hot day. Scenery was beautiful too. Xx

    1. Ooo just remembered a beautiful church with glass angels and screens made by Lalique. Can't remember where it is exactly but it was called the glass church. I think you will like that, very beautiful. Xx

    1. Hi Donna I'm even later – we've been sat chatting for hours, crafty friends are great fun, and to think that this time last year we hadn't met, just talked on a blog! We now say it's like we've known eachother for years. I remember going to the glass church, beautiful isn't it, again many years since I've been. Sending hugs xxx

  42. Hi Barbara
    Aww taking your mum and dad away how lovely
    It's years since I went to Jersey I was escorting a group of disabled adults my memories are of a wonderful island I and the group had a brilliant time as I am sure you will.
    Safe travels to you all. Txx

  43. Oh yes Barb – Donna is absolutely right. The 'glass church' is beautiful and worth a visit. It's just off the main road between St Helier and St Aubins (Millbrook) and here are the opening times: Visitors are welcome at the Church Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. The Church is closed on Saturdays. Regular services are held on Sunday at 11:00 AM and visitors are welcome to attend.

    I guess you'll be picking a hire car up at the airport and driving around – it's easy to whizz past the church (within the low MPH allowed on the island) so if you do go then keep your eyes peeled' It's a white building 🙂 Have a lovely time!

    Di xx

  44. Hi Barbara
    I hope you all have a wonderful time in jersey, it's a beautiful island and a lot of the places to visit have been mentioned – how funny we were only talking about jersey pearl today! I've got friends who live out there, Julie and Jayne, identicle twins, beautiful ginger hair, appeared in Bergerac, if you see them say hello. Happy birthday to your mum for Friday.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, had a lovely day nattering and shopping, even encouraged a lady who served us in a shoe shop who was just starting her card making journey to check out this blog – we like to lead others astray! Hope everyone is ok. Sending hugs all round xxx

  45. I haven't been to Jersey but believe it to be a wonderful place. I hope you and Dave have a fabulous time and looking forward to seeing the photographs. Wedding anniversary wishes to your parents and wishing your mum a Happy Birthday too. I love freesias, they are my favourite flower and were in my wedding bouquet. Orchids are stunners too.
    Linda xxx

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