Jersey Girl!

Jersey Girl!

Hi there!
Greetings from lovely Jersey.
Bit of a mission getting here, but we did.
We have good days and growing days,
and today has been and still is a growing day!
Mum and Dad are fine and next door.
The hotel is fab, 
right next to the marina, overlooking Elizabeth Castle.
Just watched the sun go down.
Before we all meet for our evening meal, 
I thought I would just take myself off to check in with you.
The other little issue I am having here is a diabolical signal.
Uploading photos is a PAIN,
and I am getting my knickers in a twist.
(not a pretty sight!)
So sometimes you just have to accept that time is too precious to waste it like this when we should be enjoying our holiday.
SO I have just accepted it!
Mmmmm No pics…
Letโ€™s play with words instead.
We love a limerick donโ€™t we….
There was an old girl on a plane
who thought she was going insane;
copy -paste the first two lines of the limerick below,
and finish it for us.
We will pick a winner next week when we are back home, and send that poet a ยฃ20 Gift Voucher.
Come on!
Get your thinking caps on!
Love and Hugs,

120 thoughts on “Jersey Girl!

  1. Evening Barbara, glad that you have all arrived safely. No worries about photographs. Will get my thinking cap on to finish off the limerick. Enjoy your evening.
    Linda xxx

  2. Aw so sorry to hear your holiday has started badly. But only one way to go now, and that's up ๐Ÿ˜‰ Don't worry about photos, we're happy with words, and you giving your time to your family and enjoying yourself instead. You can show us when you get home.

    Great to see Bob Dylan is being awarded the Nobel prize for literature ๐Ÿค—

    Hope you have a great time with no more bad stuff.
    Love Brenda xx

    As for limericks, you know by now no can do, but if it cheers you up, makes your bad day feel less bad than my attempt at a limerick more like ….

    There was an old girl on a plane
    who thought she was going insane;
    "I'm a celebrity crafter, get me out of heeeeeeeeeeeere"
    (And, no I wasn't even going to attempt to rhyme!!!)

    1. Here's another one

      There was an old girl on a plane
      who thought she was going insane;
      'Bedrock Airways'
      I'm running as fast as I can…….

      Ok,sorry, I'll stop now and go back to being a spectator๐Ÿ˜‰ Clearly I'm in a mischievous mood today…..๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. They are both great Limericks Brenda. Far better than anything I can come up with at the moment. Keeping my fingers crossed to that Daisy will start drinking normally very soon. Perhaps she's just waiting for the tuna liquid??? Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Brenda,
      Wow, two attempts at the Limerick – well done! Much better than anything I can come up with. Hope Daisy will be back to drinking soon. Love and hugs & cuddles for Daisy, Alison xx

  3. There was an old girl on a plane
    who thought she was going insane;
    Couldn't upload her photos,
    Apples, Samsungs or Motos,
    So requested examples inane!
    Hope you have a great break.

    1. Hi to all of my blog friends – sorry I have been AWOL for the last couple of days! Merv and Ernie (and their friends) seem to want to stay around and party! Had sleep this afternoon when we got home – so both of us are feeling better than we have been. Today has been the most challenging day for Neill so far – but he got there in the end, thankfully! Last one tomorrow, yay!! Then we have to go back on Monday , but just for an appointment with the Oncologist. Then it will be time for lots of lie ins and walks on the beach – well wrapped up! Stunning weather again today, although chilly! Lots of love to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. My dear blog friend you both want to be so proud getting through these last few weeks I hope you can have a restful weekend together and Monday gives you the answers you need thinking of you both sending caring hugs for you both xxx

    3. Only tomorrow to go, as you say. I hope it doesn't cause any problems like today. It will be good to see the oncolgist on Monday and get the anwers you need. I am envious of the walks on the beach. Seeing the sea makes me feel so good but we are an hour and a quarter away so don't get there very often. Take care. xx

    4. I'm so pleased for you both Gilly, that Neil will have finally finished his RT totmorrow. You will be able to rest easier this weekend knowing that apart from Monday, the week will be your own. I'm praying for good news for you both when you see the oncologist. Love and Hugs xxx

    5. Hi Gilly,
      Sorry today has been so challenging but at least the end is so very close now. Hope tomorrow goes well for you both, especially Neill. Have a good night's rest. Love and hugs Alison xx

  4. There was an old girl on a plane
    Who thought she was going insane
    Landing in Jersey was not a pain
    But what to do while writing uploading her blog
    She just had to go boo hoo and drink egg nog

    Enjoy Jersey x

  5. Hi Barbara, glad you arrived safely.
    I love Jersey, we went years ago and the weather was so hot it was a.magical time. .
    have a. Lovley time with your Mum and Dad and not forgetting Dave .
    Don't worry about the pictures just have lots of quality time.
    Lynn xx

    1. Hi Morag and ladies, hope you are all keeping well. It has been such a busy time I know it sounds so silly but would love it to be not so good weather so I can stay in and get some crafting done. Between looking after the grandchildren and taking a very good neighbour to the hospital and then having good friends to stay I feel bushed.
      some would say stupid ha ho you just have to heal were you can.
      I have read Morag you have not been to good I hope you are a little better now .
      Have a good weekend all and let's hope we do get a good one. !!!.
      Hope you all loved the shows with Maria on Wednesday, they were brilliant I just love the things she comes up with and I have tried to use my stencils need a bit more practice but it is great to be able to use different things gs with our Groovi kit.
      Lots of hugs to you all.
      Lynn xx ๐Ÿ’–

  6. More important to spend time with mum, dad and Dave than spending precious time uploading photos. I appreciate the time spent trying and the words you posted. Have a lovely break.xx

  7. Evening Barbara just enjoy your time away with Dave and your mum and dad in jersey making so many lovely memories we can see pictures when you arrive home xxx

    1. Evening dear blog friends sending heartfelt hugs to you all always in my thoughts.ive had a brighter day today Podiarty went well still got a lot of pain in my fingers wrist elbow but managed to do some groovi-ing this afternoon so now resting up watching tv with tom hugs xxx

    2. The was an old girl on a plane
      Who thought she was going insane
      As the plane flew to jersey
      But couldn't land as planned
      As the pilot needed a hand
      As he could not see where to land

    3. Sorry you still have pains but great for doing some Groovi. I actually find it quite hard to do. It really makes my hands ache. I think I might press to hard but if I don't my white lines are a little pale. I obviously need to practice more. I'm doing the same as you, resting and watching tv with Eric.xx

    4. Hi Sheila, glad you've managed some groovi, can't have been easy with painful fingers, elbow and wrist, well done you for persevering. It's bound to give you a boost though to know you have managed it. Don't forget to pace yourself have a good rest as well. Sending you a gentle

    5. Glad you've had a better day. Himself has just informed me that whilst he was out in the car this evening a plastic barrel fell off a truck going in the opposite direction and hit our car. It looks like the bumper is all bashed in. I'll have to check the damage in the morning. What a nuisance.

    6. Hi Sheila,
      Glad that you've been able to do some Groovi today. Make sure you take it steady and don't shatter yourself. Great that you've had a better day. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  8. There was an old girl on a plane
    who thought she was going insane
    her day started badly
    and she giggled quite madly
    when her luggage landed in Spain!

    Have a great time!
    Gayle x

  9. Hello bloggy friends, I have started posting earlier today whilst I am still awake. An emotional but strangely satisfying day. My son and his wife (as in baby due in Dec) came with me to look around the hospice that I will be going into when the time comes. I go there every Thursday for physio excercise so they were able to meet everyone. Something else that I can tick off my 'to do list'. My daughter came a few weeks ago. I wanted to reassure them what a nice place it is. xx

    1. Oh Susan, you are the bravest person I know. I'm getting upset and scared for you just reading what you are facing and going through. Life can be so cruel. Big cuddles from me xx

    2. Susan – you are one very brave lady, and I admire you greatly. I am pleased that you found it to be a satisfying day, but understandably very emotional for you all too. Take care – sending you lots of supportive hugs, love Gilly xxx

    3. What an inspiration you are Susan. You are going through so much, yet you take the time to be so supportive and upbeat with everyone. I am so pleased that you have joined this lovely group so that I am able to count you as a dear friend. Sending love and lots of hugs xxx

    4. I am also emotional reading this and it puts my problems into perspective. I guess being prepared must help you and your children know what is ahead of you all. Love and hugs to you. x

    5. Thank you all so much for all your lovely comments. I am very positive and it helps enormously to be able to read all of the postings on Barbara's blog and have a glimpse into your lives. It is also great to be able to add my own comments. With Barbara sharing all her crafting knowledge and her great sense of humour it is certainly uplifting being part of this caring group.xx

    6. Susan I have some tubes on my groovi tools I got of Amazon they make them easy to hold think they was 4 in a set different colours don't know if they will help you .xxx

    7. Hi Susan,
      How very brave of you and thoughtful too. It will have been a great comfort to your family to see how lovely the hospice is – it will put their minds at peace. I know this from personal experience as my aunt did the same for my sister, cousin and me. Take it steady, one day at a time as Barbara says. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. Hi Barbara, it wouldn't hurt to give your blog rest for a day or two. We don't want you stressing out and getting frustrated with the internet when you should be enjoying your holiday with Dave and your parents. We'll still be here waiting on your return to see all your lovely

  11. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you've had a good day with nice weather even though a bit chilly out of the sun. Enjoy your weekend everyone. Love and hugs, Pam xxx

  12. Your priority Barbara, is your Mam, Dad and Dave this weekend. Please wish your Mam a Happy Birthday from me for tomorrow. Enjoy every moment spent with them. Love and hugs xxx

  13. Hello my lovely friends. Only two more sleeps before we get little Bonnie. I'm getting very excited and nervous now! about meeting up 12.30pm on Monday?? Alison dear, I sent a text earlier, but you mustn't have received it!
    Have got all the Charity Christmas cards ready, and the makings for 15 Halloween cards cut out and ready for class on Tuesday. So it feels like for the first time in a couple of months, I have finally caught up with myself….I'd better not speak too soon hahaha!
    I hope you are all as well as can be. I'm off to bed now to get some sleep while I can!! Love and lots of hugs to you all. xxx

    1. Hello Morag. 12.30 sounds great I shall look forward to it. Will check in here Early Monday if anything happens with Dad and I can't make it and will let you know at the bottom of your Sunday post. Hogs xx

    2. Hi Morag,
      Sorry I never heard my phone – I'd left it upstairs! 12.30 is great, really looking forward to it. I think I'll make my own way there though as Dave is going to do a walk and I'll meet him either in Barnard Castle or Richmond later. He hasn't decided which walk he's going to do yet! I hope that's ok with you. Love and hugs Alison xx

  14. Glad you all arrived safely.
    There was an old girl on a plane
    Who thought she was going insane
    She looked out the window
    Nudged her fella with her elbow
    And said we should have gone on the train

  15. Hi Barb Hope night out goes well

    There was an old girl on a plane
    Who thought she was going insane
    The passengers went garrity
    But she see with Clarity
    No need to be gloomy
    She'd make something Groovi

    1. Hi Donna,
      Left a coment earlier but it seems to have vanished into the ether! Great that you've managed to get your challenge done – I'll pop over to the blog to have a look, I'm sure it will be good. Love and hugs Alison xx

  16. Glad you got there safely ! Will have a look at limerick later.

    Been a busy day with lot of visitors this afternoon for my birthday. I went to the second funeral today and how odd that Cliff Richard got a mention at today's as well as yesterday's ! Had a nice day with lots of lovely cards, presses and flowers/plants. Need to go to Slimming World in the morning – not going to be good I fear! Never mind. Xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Glad you've arrived safely but sorry things not going entirely as planned. A poor connection is a pain – I know from last week in Mull! Don't you be fretting about us, your Mum and Dad ,Dave and yourself are more important. Obviously it is lovely of you to think of us but you need to enjoy your holiday and you can tell us & show us when you get back. We can just chat amongst ourselves and keep ourselves amused. Wish your Mum a very happy birthday from me tomorrow – I hope she has a lovely day. Love and hugs to you all Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Another miserable day weather wise, but a good day playing wise. Been having a play with my new petite plates today and I've really enjoyed it. Only used ink on them, couldn't be bothered to get my paints out, but made Dave an anniversary card and some more prints that I'll use as birthday cards. Need the other set and some more stencils now!!! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  18. There once was an old girl on a plane
    Who thought she was going insane
    She said when they come round with the drinks
    Tell them I'll have something pink
    And make sure it doesn't cause any disdain!

    Not sure that makes a lot of sense but it's late !! X

  19. There was an old girl on a plane
    Who thought she was going insane;
    Just back from New York. to Jersey did trot
    Anniversary surprise for dear Mum and Dad
    The hotel is fab but wifi is bad And can't share her holiday snaps
    So she challenged us all a poem to recal to fill the gap in her blog
    So I tried my best to champion this quest your reading my effort right now
    So joking apart with clarity of heart I can vouch she's not mad in the slightest
    She's just a work a holic in need of a tonic with ice and a splash of gin xxx

    Have a fantastic break all of you xxxx

  20. Deep night and sweet dream, Barbara, glad that you have all arrived safely,emailed you and David,but he said you will have holiday until Sunday,you are always on the go and hard working ,it should be have a good rest…..enjoy your time and please give my best regards to your Mum and Dad.

    ——from a Chinese friend

  21. There was an old girl on a plane
    who thought she was going insane;
    Donald Trump was sat next to her
    Being such a letch to her,
    That man really is such a pain!

  22. There was an old girl on a plane
    Who thought she was going insane
    With only a brayer in hand
    The plane did land
    So no cards could she paint or stain

    Have a great time xx

  23. There was an old girl on a plane
    who thought she was gong insane;
    She sucked on her Gelli
    Crying 'this is not cherry'
    So Groovi'd again and again

    Sorry, I should have read the instructions as I have already sent this by e-mail. I'm such a twit!!

  24. So glad you are having a lovely time with your Mum and Dad, and Dave. Enjoy the break.
    So here is my limerick:
    There was an old girl on a plane
    Who thought she was going insane
    But her parents were with her
    Dave bought in a pitcher
    So they all sat drinking champagne.

  25. There was an old girl on a plane
    Who thought she was going insane
    Now she's on Jersey's ground
    With Dave and her parents around
    All celebrating with glasses of champagne

    Hope you all have a lovely break xx

  26. There was an old girl on a plane
    Who thought she was going insane.
    She was groovin' and stamp in' all over the shop
    Waving brayers and inkpads crying "Please God make me stop.
    I'm on holiday. Bring me champagne!"

    Have a great trip. Mary Gillespie

  27. We've been having internet problems too, so you have my sympathies – have been on the phone a few times with BT, but it will have to wait now until I come back from my holiday to Budapest to get finally resolved.

    There was an old girl on a plane
    who thought she was going insane;
    She got in flap
    When she looked at the map
    And realised her hotel was in Maine!

  28. My first attempt at a limerick, hope you like it! ๏ฟฝ๏ฟฝ

    There was an old girl on a plane
    who thought she was going insane;
    The flight was a nightmare,
    now we're here, so I don't care
    Let's start the trip with Champagne

    Kerri x

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