It’s a Groovi gingerbread house!

It’s a Groovi gingerbread house!

Hi There.
Thanks for popping in.
We fully intended to swing by the TV Studios 
en route to Harrogate yesterday,
and pick up the House Tem-Plate Art Samples 
to display at the Harrogate Show today.
But traffic was dire, and so we had to give it up.
So I thought,
why don’t I just blog a little sample of how it works,
 and then show you a few of the beauties which were made by our very talented Design Team.
So here goes.
I used the  Groovi Tudor Cottage Tem-Plate to get the shape…
Our Jim designed this one. Really brilliant.
And so is the plate actually.

You need A4 parchment to do our tem-plates.
I went with an ivory colour here. 

So once you have the shape, then you can either go with the Tudor house, exactly as Jim designed it on the large Tem-Plate…

…or you can get out the additional Gingerbread House or Swiss Cottage Border Plates, and create your very own Grand Designs!

Look! And no planning permission required!!!

You can add your finishing touches;
whitework on the little hearts,
Spot the gingerbread man in the doorway!
A little drop shadow on the roof tiles.

Do all your decorating and embellishing.
Then cut out, fold and assemble. 
Or cut it out first – whichever feels right for you.
It really is a piece of cake.
You can make it as simple or intricate as your time and skills will permit!

Mine is as simple as it gets really.
But it will be perfect as a little table decoration on Christmas Eve.
I just need a couple more to make a wee gingerbread hamlet!
Oh! Hang on!! We have a LOAD of them!!
I bet our lovely Design Team friends won’t mind us borrowing a few for one night !!
Let’s check them out….

Linda Page

Susan Moran


Emma Burns

Susan Moran
Emma Burns

Jane Telford

Julie Owens

Good enough to eat or move into!!
Have a great evening,
and think of us glamorous folks,
trundling back down the M11 in our white stretch limo.
Love & Hugs,

61 thoughts on “It’s a Groovi gingerbread house!

  1. Hope the M11 is still as clear as it was earlier today. We're staying in Cambridge and have popped on and off the M11 twice today. Will be thinking of you driving past us. Safe journey home. X

  2. Hi Barbara, hope you had a great show. I'm sure folks didn't mind that you missed getting your samples, you and your team demoing would more than make up for it. And it means we all get to see your demo, and check out your and everyone elses wee houses. Aye, I see him peaking out round the doorway. What a great idea for your christmas table. I don't have any use for the templates but it doesn't stop me enjoying and learning from your demos and finished samples. Thank you for taking the time today and for sharing. Much appreciated. Hope you have a safe journey home and the roads are kind to you. Love Brenda xx

  3. Hi Barbara
    So so lovely to finally meet you and the clarity team, just had to have a hug with Tina, she would of told me off otherwise lol but she is lovely just like all of the team there today.
    Please will you thank the lady in the pink top that got all the groovi plates and stencils I wanted, I really appreciated her help, sorry can't remember her name.
    Have a safe journey home.

  4. I had a good day at Harrogate.I would like to say a huge thank you to Tina Cox for giving me a one to one on the picot edging I've been practicing all afternoon. Have a good journey home xx

  5. What a fab day , so much stunning parchment art and it goes without saying that it was lovely to catch up with the Clarity team. When you get bored of that gorgeous new top Barbara, I'll take that off your hands lol. Safe journey home xx

  6. I had a good day at Harrogate.I would like to say a huge thank you to Tina Cox for giving me a one to one on the picot edging I've been practicing all afternoon. Have a good journey home xx

  7. I love your little house even if you do think it simple. The Tem-Plate is so versatile. I particularly like the gingerbread house. I hope you have a trouble free journey home and have a chilled day planned for tomorrow.xx

  8. Hope you had a good day at the show and that the traffic is not too awful coming home. I'm sure no one will have worried about the samples they will have just been so happy to see you and the team and get all their Groovi goodies. x

  9. Hope you had fantastic sales today. Just love your step by step gingerbread house, the colour you've chosen is lovely too. The design team have excelled once again brilliant. Love to have been there, Pete did offer to take me but much too far for a day. Safe journey home to you all, rest and relax

  10. Oh my, these little houses are absolutely gorgeous. I love the one with the little garden. Hope you had a great day Barb in Harrogate and you may have been stuck on the M11, but look who were stuck with, two gorgeous guys – can't be bad! Hope you've made it home safely. Looking forward to seeing you on Hochanda next week.
    Received my October members packet today, I love everything in it. Thank you, can't wait to do something with each piece. Xx

  11. Hi to all my lovely bloggy friends, hope you are all ok and have had an enjoyable day. Thinking of you Sheila and Dot and all our little clan. Love and hugs to you all.

  12. I may well have to invest in this one it's so cute – would look lovely with a couple of tea-lights in it displayed for Christmas in the window…..I have a feeling someone may have done that already from the DT….. 😉
    Safe trip home Barbara….tomorrow is relaxation time xxx

  13. I hope that your return journey is going well for you all! I love these little houses, and thanks for both the step by step and for showing us all of those beautiful samples! I am sure that lots of people have had a wonderful day with you all. Hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – really missing our chats. Sheila and Dot – I hope that you are both ok. Feeling rather sad at the moment – but thinking of you all, love and many hugs, Gilly xxx

  14. Hi Barbara, it looks like you have had a good day. The design team houses amazing.
    I to received my monthly pack everything is great, I was so glad to hear you will be coming to the Nec in November I know it is always a busy show but so looking forward to seeing you and buying the things I need hope you have arrived home safe and sound.
    Lots of thanks for all you do for us.
    Lynn xx

  15. Lovely to see you all at Harrogate today, so much stunning parchment art everywhere, difficult to choose where to begin looking! Treated myself to the lovely Cracker Tem-plate, that's the Christmas table decoration sorted (or at least it will be when crackers are made!) and added another 'background' design to my collection too. Loved the make 'n take bookmark, will finish it off as my 'homework'. Had a few more little treats too, but for once the bank manager won't be upset – lol!

    Hope you all have a safe journey home, with a restful evening followed by a good night's sleep after your very early start and busy day. Xxx

  16. Ah these are gorgeous! Love the idea above of putting battery tealights in them, could have a little village along the window sill…. Thank you so much for the stamp club pack today, the stamp is lovely! Playing with it now, in fact! xx

    1. Ruth, you will need to share what you have done with this month's stamp. I love the stamp as I have been wanting one for ages. I am looking forward to playing with it once I have finished my Christmas cards.

  17. Hi Barb,
    Hope you weren't too shattered today and that everything has gone well at the show. Thank you for doing this step by step. Whilst the template is not for me, I can still admire all of the work that has gone into your piece and as usual the design team's samples are stunning – they really do you proud. I hope that you are having/ have had a good journey home. My New Designs Club envelope arrived today and I love everything, especially the stencil – I think that will be particularly useful. Thank you for the extra baby , baby plate! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  18. Hi Barbara
    I do love this fabulous template and the gingerbread addition but I'm trying so hard to be good and resist! It would look beautiful on the table at Christmas though. Oh what a dilemma! The samples are stunning. Hope you are all on your way home now, safe journey. I hope the show was a good one, sorry to hear Linda was unable to join you, get well soon Linda. Xxx try and have an easy day tomorrow before you ramp it up a gear to get ready for HOCHANDA. Love the design club offerings.
    Love Diane xxxxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends hope you sre all ok. I've been to a charity craft day today , raised nearly £100 for research into childhood diabetes. Sending hugs akk round xxxx X.

    2. Hi Diane, what a great cause. A good friend of mine as a son who was diagnosed with type 1 when he was only 10. It would be great to have you on fb. I'm slowly beginning to get the hang of it and as long as I'm careful to keep stuff private I should be ok.

    3. Hi Diane = congratulations for doing so well at the craft fair, that's a wonderful achievement! Good luck with resisting buying anything at the moment! – sending hugs, Gilly xxx

  19. These samples are just lovely. I also received my envelope this morning, lovely stuff. I got some of my toys out today, aka, the petite gel plates. Oh, how I had fun and made a mess but I did manage to get the circles/squares challenge card done. I have a confession to make. I love the gel plate/acrylic paints and stamps/inks and that is probably where my passion is. I have quite a lot of groovi stuff but I have hardly touched any of it. Either I'm not into groovi or I go through phases where I prefer one thing over the other but at the moment it isn't groovi.

  20. You're on you way back
    With nothing to pack
    Cos hopefully you sold it all!
    Hope the traffic is better
    The weather not wetter
    And you're tucked up in Clarity hall !

    Love the samples! I haven't got that plate…..yet …..cracker came today though along with the NDC envelope – all fantastic as usual! Xx

  21. Hello Barb, what lovely samples of a superb design. I am sure many of the Groovi people out there will be making these for Christmas and various occasions. Hope you got home safely. Take care. Bx

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