Chantilly Lace and not just a Pretty Face!

Chantilly Lace and not just a Pretty Face!

Hi there,
Thanks for joining me in the Green Room,
just for five minutes before I trundle home.
Did you enjoy the TV shows if you watched?
I had a blast.  
Struggling to get the internet here,
So am going to call on my buddy Paul,
Just to post this.
What I wanted to say was that Hayley really hit the nail on the head when she suggested using lace with the new Petite printing plates.
What a sublime idea!!!!

I have been humming Chantilly Lace all afternoon!!!!!
But now I shall hit the road,
And leave it to Paul to sort out xxxx
Love and hugs

On the TV I went with the Hexagon Petite Gel Press but you can go with any of the Petite Shapes.
I also chose 2 colours from the Artistry Ink Pad range – Dark Garnet (from the Old Parchment set) and Tenacious Teal (from the Golden Turmeric Set)
(You can find the Artistry Ink Pads HERE)
Dab the Dark Garnet in the middle of the hexagon and the Tenacious Teal around the edges.
Next, use the brayer to spread out the colours.
Place your piece of lace (or net curtain!) onto some 7×7 Stencil Card or Theuva Card and then take your inked up Petite Gel Press and squidge into the lace.
Lift off the Gel Press Petite and remove the lace.
How superb is that!
It is brilliant that the Gel Press picks up so much detail!
Time to add some words, I have used Wedding from Word Chain Set 4 and stamped out with black Archival.
Take Birthday from Word Chain set 3 and cover up “Birth” with a post-it note and ink up with black Archival.
Remove the post-it note and stamp the word “Day” into place.
If you missed any of the shows, you can visit and go to the Catchup section and watch the shows for the next 7 days.
The above demo was done during the 4pm show.
Check out the Clarity website for all of the above products by clicking HERE

94 thoughts on “Chantilly Lace and not just a Pretty Face!

  1. Hi Barbara – wonderful shows! The lace idea is amazing! I have got to watch some of the shows on catch-up, so I haven't seen them all yet. Safe journey home and hopefully you will have a lie in tomorrow. Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – Neill and I have had a really good day today, and we had to wave goodbye to our new friend 'My Star Baker' – she finished her treatment today, but we will be keeping in touch. Our little group seems to be getting bigger by the week and we had lots of fun and laughter in the waiting area today. Sheila – I hope that your pain has been more manageable today! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Glad you were feeling better today Gilly. It's sad but good to see someone finishing treatment isn't it and then another person comes along who needs a bit of support and info on the procedures. Xx

    3. Hi Gilly, so glad you and Neill had a good day. Hope it continues for the rest of the week. Good to be keeping in touch with new friend as you have lots to share. xx

    4. Hi Gilly it's good to hear you have both gad a good day today. It must be mixed emotions as people leave the group, you are pleased their treatment is over but sad you won't see them every day. It will soon be you and Neil leaving the treatment group, it's coming round quickly. Sending hugs xxx

    5. Hi gilly so pleased you have had a good day and going to keep in touch with your new friends thank you for thinking of me I'm not having good days with the pain am in bed more and more now sending you lots of caring hugs hope today goes well for you and Neil xxx

  2. Hi all I managed to watch two shows and will catch up the others. What lovely affects you can get from these , I will have to have a go a some point. Barb well done once again but hunny you looked shattered I hope you get some rest tomorrow x

  3. Great shows at 4pm and 7pm. I will watch my recorded hours and I'm sure I will be impressed by your demos. Hope you managed to get your chicken last night. Safe journey home. Xx

    1. Hi Donna I watched the early show but missed the rest, will be playing catch up tomorrow. Have you found the rewind section on the website, you can catch up with shows from the last few months, brilliant. Sending hugs to you and Phoebe xxx

  4. What brilliant shows and well done Haley fantastic looked brilliant looks like everyone wil be looking out there old netcurtains made me think sky is limit on geli. Safe drive home and hopefully not to late. Just had thought will try then share if can find it !! Xxx

  5. Watched all the shows and loved all the ideas. Obviously had to get the special offer stencils and gel plates. Clarity has a great design team. You all inspire me . Can't wait to play with the new goodies. Well done Barbara x

  6. I may be biased, but, I thought all the shows were brilliant…You did a great job Barb….
    Drive carefully….ie: Don't get a ticket…
    The kettle will be on ! xx

  7. I enjoy all the Clarity shows, but these latest ones have really hit the mark for me. I am definitely ordering this lot. Well done Barbara and Clarity, my poor bank balance though! Xx

  8. Great shows. You asked for ideas of things to use around the house with the gelli plates. I have used doilies as stencils, and this week I bought a mesh sheet from one of the cheapest shops on the high street -which is supposed to be put on a tray if you are cooking pizza etc, but I bought it for impressing patterns in clay – am thinking it would be good with a jelli plate too.

  9. Great shows Barbara, managed to see three of the shows and will catch up with the others. The petite gelli plates are great and I love the new stencils. I hope you have a safe trip home. Hugs xx

  10. Your shows were just brilliant! It was quite clear that you were having 'a blast'. The lace effect was just fantastic. I guess those little gelli plates are even more versatile than they seem. Safe journey.
    Tonbridge Sue

  11. I managed to catch the live show this morning and placed an order for the plates – I like to make a Hochanda order occasionally! But I'll be ordering the stamps tomorrow from Clarity. Love the Christmas ones – not that I really need any more of course ! Have a safe trip home x x

    P.s. The design team are so talented ! X

  12. Watched the show in my classroom after the children had gone home. The Chantilly lace design was so beautiful and delicate. Sooooooo enjoyed the show.especially the very ladt star print you took from the stencil onto the double sidef sheet. Pure breath-holding moment. I plan to save my money up to get these gorgeous petite Gelli plates and the new stencils to match. Hope you've had a safe journey home. Love and hugs Jeanette xxx

  13. Love the effect of the lace with the gelli plate. It is really pretty and delicate. Think I might ask for the wee gelli plates for my birthday at the end of the month.
    Hope that you have a safe journey home and have some time to your self.
    I have been doing lots of groovi today and using my Clarity light box and I am amazed at how much better I am doing.

    1. Hi Fiona. I spent my birthday (in December) and Christmas money at Leyburn and am going to have to wait awhile for these goodies. I have a small round plate so may just manage the mini stencils though. I love my light box too, I think it will be really good in the winter when it is dark earlier xx

  14. HI everyone, funny old day, watched some Barbara, picked up my new glasses, got my car mended, helped hubby put some staging together for my greenhouse (definitely not a one man job!) and then heard of another death – someone i went to school with died suddenly, haven't seen her since school but remember he well. She was a local landlady as well so there was a piece in the local paper about her. I didn't cotton on at first that it was her. Only 56 …

    Just been out for a meal tonight with friends and I'm so full as I've been eating a bit less for the last few days in the hope that I might lose a pound or two before Thursday's weigh in. Hope everyone is ok and enjoyed some sun today. Xxx

    1. Oh dear not another one Jackie. It's strange how it often happens like that.
      It's been really warm here so I took out all the runner beam plants and canes and sorted a few pots out and watched Barbara in between xx

  15. Mrs Gray you have got me thinking this just might be for me I always thought the bigger Gelli plates scared me but these are just my size Love them . I did get to see most of the shows today and dint have to set an alarm ( getting good ) Safe drive home Hugs Ali xxx

  16. Who says size doesn't matter! These wee gelli plates look fab. And the lace idea was inspired. Well done, Hayley, and Barbara too for the lovely demos. All fab. Can't wait to try the new petite gelli plates out when I can afford to put them in my basket! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. What a brilliant idea! I'm loving the small plates. That print looks like real lace! I loved the square print you did with the sage green ink. Stunning! Hubby is getting the impression (get it?) that I am liking these. Mmmm, wonder what I'll get for my birthday? Se you at the NEC xx

  18. Couldn't find blog on Facebook, so checked on website. Was bit worried so glad all ok. Haven't watched shows yet, have been in so much pain. Not sure if sciatica or flare up of arthritis but not much helping. Love the idea of using lace. Will I dare to use the lace I've made? ….think I might……think….mmmm….take my mind of pain, thanks Barbara ๐Ÿ‘

  19. Oh, my goodness, this is amazingly beautiful. Trying to think if I have any lace around anywhere…. have two wedding cards to make! Still making my way through the shows from Sunday and today, very excited about gel plates being on! Hope you had a good trip home and get a bit of a rest to catch up after some busy days!

  20. Missed the lace show, but, O Barb are you one brave lady! I got to watch the final 8 x 10 print you pulled, and it was GOOORGGGEEEEEOOOOUUUUUSDSSSS!!! I love the advice about keeping on going when a project doesn't look like it's working too. Did you expect that print to be quite so stunning? Having decided to have a Clarity fast for a few weeks, i'm now coveting the gel plates etc. Hey ho. So thank you muchly, sort of. Xxx

  21. Hi Morag, not heard from you for a little bit. Hope you're ok and have managed to enjoy Barb's latest magnificent shows. Take care, love and hugs xxx

  22. I saw the fist show this morning but will have to catch up with tbe others Barbara. Glad you had a great day and love the print using the lace, the detail is fabulous! imust try doing something similar using my gelli plate. x

  23. Hi Barbara, watched all your shows (7pm one buffering too much to see and hear much though but it's recorded for later). Loved them, you were in your element, the ideas just flowing out of you. Brilliant, everything you did was brilliant. Great to see you allowed to go with the flow. We learn, and are inspired, so much more when you aren't being restricted/dictated to. They were all happy hours for me, my smile getting bigger and bigger with each hour. Great design team cards. Dee's artwork is brilliant too.

    My initial suggestions are, the netting from oranges, kiwis etc., garden netting that you use to protect plants. And what about organza, or is that still too finely woven.

    I've not ordered anything yet, my army of yernogoodenuf gremlins came out in force to mock me for thinking I could be arty enough to do my own thing with the baby gelli bundle!

    You must be absolutely exhausted, but buzzing too. I was hoping you would stay the night there, but kind of knew you wouldn't. Please drive safely, safe journey home. And even if you didn't plan to take tomorrow off, you must do so please, to recharge a bit, you've been soooo busy the last wee while. I really don't want you getting sick.

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Afternoon Brenda kick them gremlins out you deserve some crafting things and you will make some beautiful art work I know because I have one here from you sending hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. Thanks Sheila ๐Ÿ˜Š I might just make that order later. I'll fall off the wagon for us both, until you can take your rightful place again at head of the queue to jump. I've chucked a big blanket over the gremlins, so now their mumbling at me from under it ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Are you managing any quality time at all, even sharing a special moment/memory with Tom? In 2 days time, hopefully you'll have had your steroid injections and be counting down the time until they start to take effect and you can feel a bit happier, and craft again. Take care xx

  24. Hi Bsrbara
    I saw your first show today and loved how you turned it into a phone cover (had to chuckle when your phone rung though). What a brilliant idea. I'm going to be playing catch up tomottow. This art workis brilliant – well done Hayley for the idea. Safe journey home.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, hope you are all ok. Jackie having problems responding to your comment, such sad news she was only young. Sheila I hope your appointment comes through quickly. Xxx
      Sending hugs all round. Xxx

    2. Afternoon Diane I've just rang for my endoscopy appointment it's 9th Nov as it's a routine one but it's only a month away now .ive got appointments Wednesday Thursday Friday this week .sending you hugs xxx

  25. Hi Barbara, Hope you are home safely and tucked up in bed. Thank you for the wonderful shows and products, we are so lucky to have so much choice and you to guide us with so many techniques! Sweet dreams. Big hugs Marian X

  26. Hey Barbara, I think you need to start selling lace, haha! It looks fabulous though, Hayley was inspired. You looked like you were having a great time today, very relaxed, it was good to see. Got to catch up on one or two shows, will do tomorrow x

  27. Hi Barb (and Paul), the shows were fantastic, love the petite gel plates, and all the demos as usual were superb. Hope you get a chance to have a bit of a rest and put your feet up. Take care. Bx

  28. Hi Barbara,
    came home from a trip to Wiesbaden, watched the show and it was absolutely fantastic!
    Very well done Hayley!
    Iยดll try this with my old Gelli Plate.
    Rolf xxx

  29. Hi Barbara , you smatch it . Although I love my Groovi, as you say it takes as long as it takes it gives me time out to relax.
    But you gave us the ones that love stamping a lovley demo . For me the stamps are quite a lot quicker but then the stencils enhance your design.
    just love to see all your new things and you never fail to come up with brilliant things.
    you had great shows and as I said , I told you it would be fine.
    Thank you once again for all your hard work for giving us all wonderful things.
    hope you had a good journey home.
    Lynn xx

  30. Absolutely loved all your shows Barbara, the gelli plates are brilliant. Loved Hayley's Chantilly Lace idea, it looked fab, also when you did it in the corner of the card, very elegant. That is also my favourite song of that era and now,I can't stop singing it either. Got it in a CD in the car and always sing long with The Big Bopper. Well done you, you're just amazing. See what did we tell you, you had no worries your good at your winging

  31. That's so pretty and so simple. We'll all be going over to ebay now to look for scraps of lace to buy.

    Sheila, I really hope you are feeling a bit better today, hugs. I still felt awful yesterday morning, I just feel tearful all the time. I took myself out for a walk down the river and along the path at the top of the beach and by the time I got home I had put the world to right and felt a lot better.

    1. Oh Julia, so sorry you are going through all that. Well done for getting out and walking, gives you a whole new outlook. He's not worth making yourself I'll over. Sending you hugs to keep you going. Love Pam xxx

  32. Hi everyone, sorry not been on here, catching up on all the 2 day shows. Amazing weren't they. Hope you are all ok. Did you have the lively sunshine yesterday, wasn't it beautiful. Sorry Jacqui to hear your sad news again. Not nice to hear one after the other like that. Hope you are feeling at least a little better Sheila. I had an appointment come for my MRI scan but unfortunately it's in the middle of our 5 day break in London. Staying at Crystal Palace site as had tickets to see Matilda and tea at Harrods for my Birthday. So have to wait for another appointment now or cancellation. Always the way isn't it. Love and hugs to you all. Try to catch up with you all

  33. Hi all, Barbara commented that the small strip of lace was too thick, but if you impress it onto the inked plate, then remove, you can use it like she used the little tree stamp. So I reckon you could use your die cuts the same way

  34. Hello Barb,
    Fabulous shows, wonderful equipment and you. What more could anyone want. Now let me look in my stocking tops for any loose cash as I don't want to give the Bank Manager too much of a shock!!!
    Maureen xx

  35. Hi Barbara, Fantastic shows !! Well done Hayley, lace is a brilliant idea, and what a beautiful card you have produced with the lace, how effective is this !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  36. Barbara all the shows where amazing I personally think it's the best shows you have done you where outstanding and the products where stunning hope you now rest up crafting hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon dear blog friends sending heartfelt hugs to you all I've been thinking of you all .im struggling so much with pain and I'm struggling with my depression too so if I don't come here to comment I'm still following you all just finding it difficult right now .xxx

  37. Caught a couple of your live shows yesterday, and really loved both the pattern building with the mini gellis and the lace effect with the ink. My mind is buzzing with ideas now, but I'll have to wait until Christmas to buy more goodies! Just ordered a whole lot of yarn to make a blanket for my friend who is adopting a baby in just under a month, so my evenings and spare time are all booked up for the meantime getting the blanket done for my first visit with her. Hope you get some R&R today Barbara – you looked like you really enjoyed those shows yesterday x

  38. Only managed to catch one show which was really good and I will catch up with the rest hopefully. I love the small shaped gelli plates so useful and the lace has come through lovely . I would not have thought it would have picked out so much detail. I will be looking at lace in a totally different light now.

  39. Just caught up with all the shows and loved them all. I have had all these mini plat s for some months now and not done ANYTHING with them. Well, that is all about to change!
    And I just have to say FEATHERS FEATHERS FEATHERS. If you haven't tried putting feathers in your gel plates, you don't know what you are missing. The ghost prints are the best ones.

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