Calling all Canny Crafters!!

Calling all Canny Crafters!!

Hello there.
Thanks for popping in.
You like a little challenge, don’t you?
Well, let’s see whether you can figure out how I made the card below, with the tree….

Not that easy, eh.
If you watched the Petites Gel printing shows on Hochanda yesterday, you should be able to decipher it how the green landed in the sky.
If you didn’t but you wish you had, 
then go to HOCHANDA, click on Catch Up,
click yesterday. 9am. 12 noon. 4pm or 7pm shows 
and you can watch them all.
Even the day before’s launch at 8pm.
How about I give you a little piece of supplementary material,
to help you piece the crafty sequence together?

So how did she get the white behind the tree?
And where did she get the grassy tufts from?

There’s a £20 Gift Voucher prize in it 
for the person who emails me the best step by step instructions.
So email me your answer as soon as you can!
Then I will take your winning words, 
and add them to the staged pics later in the week.
And do I want the names of the colours? Oh yes?
And do I want the kind of ink or paint? Yes please!
And where did I get the tree from?
Yes, yes, the more information you can give us, the better!
Time to go.
Time to catch up on some sleep !!
Love & Hugs,

96 thoughts on “Calling all Canny Crafters!!

  1. Hi Barbara, amazing artwork. Thank you for sharing. Sorry, not up to joining in your challenge just now, maybe next time. Hope you have happy dreams, love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda, thanks for missing me recently. None of you scared me off. I love, love the madness. I look forward to it every day. All is well but next week and the week after are my last infusions of chemotherapy for my 5th regime of it in 4 years. I think it might be catching up with me and making me a little tired. Still by 21st Oct it will be finished. Your post is not as long as usual. I hope you have got rid of those gremlins and are ok.xx

    2. Hi Brenda – I also hope that you will put your order in. You sounded so full of hope – I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will be able to do it. Hugs to you and Daisy xx

    3. Evening Brenda hope your no struggling wi yer techy stuff noo
      wee bit at a time and you'll get there got normal spotty jammies
      on the night swithered wither to put sponge bob ones on the line
      but I did lol…xx cuddle fir you..Dot xx

    4. Thanks everyone xx
      Ach you all know me too well, can't get away with hiding any more. Aye, not good news from social services. Can't talk about it just now. Heating still working fine, laptop not been on since but need to tomorrow. Not made that order yet, too upset this evening. Xx

      Glad we haven't chased you off Susan. So sorry to hear what you're going through. That's so so tough, and scary. You must be made of very strong stuff to get through it all. I hope the treatment helps give you a better quality of life. Maybe we need to celebrate after the 21st, once you've recovered enough, by cracking open our gelli plates? Did you fall off the wagon at the weekend? I'm still hanging on the edge! Just pop in when you can, take care xx

      Aye that sounds like you Dot, cheer the neighbours up at your own expense!!! Cuddle back xx

  2. Hello Barbara
    What a beautiful piece of artwork. You've completely thrown me but I've got an appointment with the ironing and catch up tomorrow so I may be in touch! I hope you have been taking it easy today and gave caught up on some sleep.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, certainly felt very autumnal today down south. I've finished my groovi whitework and have coloured some flowers in today. I must say taking my time and letting it rest really does work so much better. Donna in my head I hear Barbara saying long stroke short stroke long stroke short stroke! Sheila I hope you are taking it easy, i hope the consultant can find something to help you with the awful pain. Sending hugs all round. Xxxx

    2. Yes autumnal up North too. I've started my Christmas cards using Jayne's poinsettia plate and painting them with ink like Maria demonstrated at the open day. Quite pleased with them xx

    3. Hi Diane, the plates are so lovely, I did some of the lineart on some Christmas ones while away but not started the white work yet, but just the lineart looks impressive doesn't it. Made a card using the new design club stamp for Hubby's Birthday next week, really pleased with it.xx

    4. Oh Dot Emma was telling me tonight how cold it is up there, hope you are keeping warm. I'm meeting friends in Carlisle next week and think I'd better find my winter woolies xxx

    1. Evening my dear blog friends I'm in bed now so wishing you goodnight hugs thinking of you all xxx
      Thank you Susan and Shelagh for your wishes 💐

    2. Night night Sheila, sweet dreams. Do hope you'll get a bit of respite from your pain, you so deserve to. Hope the doctor can help with it when you go. In the meantime just know we're thinking if you. Sending you lots of gentle

    3. Morning dear blog friends thank you for all your lovley messages I'm at the diabetic nurse this afternoon for my diabetic review so resting now catching up with the blog hugs xxx

  3. Hmm I think I could work out how you got the print but am at a loss over the colours as I mainly only have distress inks and a few andirondaks with 4 artistry pads. Looking forward to seeing the winner's instructions xx

    1. Hello everyone. Morag how are you?
      I have had an appointment through for the consultant on 19th October to see if I can have a hip replacement. I am pleased as it was originally for 2nd November then was postponed three times due to doctor strikes and was for 14th December. If they will do it I would like it to be over the winter months.

    2. Hi Chris, so glad you have an appointment soon about your hip. My neighbour had hers done recently and was up and about really quickly. Best thing she did. Hope it's the same for you. Take care.xx

    3. Hi Chris – good news about your earlier appointment. A friend of mine has had both of her hips done and she is SO much better and out of pain now. Hugs Gilly xx

    1. Well that's very fortunate really Julia! Sorry that you have been having a tough time – you certainly did the right thing in getting out for a walk and a look at the sea. I always find that helps so much. Keep strong, love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Thank you girls. I saw your message yesterday Pam, thanks. I'm doing lots of overtime this week at work and I'm also doing some decorating so I'm trying to keep myself busy and focused. He has hinted that he might be making a decision soon and that he might be moving out but he could well be playing mind games. I'll try my best to be patient and positive.

    3. Morning Julia just seen you have made top 5 in the clarity blog challenge well deserved sending hugs for today keep strong dear friend I do hope he moves out its best for you all when is your daughters 18th I know you said she was born premature in oct xxx

  4. Hello Barbara, I did watch the show where you did this piece of artwork and at the time thought it was something I could manage, but as for writing instructions…ugh! I'll have to watch it again tomorrow. No great hardship though as it is really energising watching you with all that enthusiasm you have.xx

    1. Hi Susan – enjoy watching Barbara's shows again! So sorry to read your post on Brenda's thread. I hope that it all goes very well for you, and bless you for thinking of Neill and myself whilst you are going through so much. We will be thinking of you – take care! Lots of hugs, Gilly xx

  5. Hello Barbara and all my lovely friends. I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to catch up with anything the last few days, as I've been totally knocked off my feet with a virus. I just wanted to come on to say that I haven't forgotten about anyone, and send you all Love and Hugs. xxx
    Special hugs to Sheila, Gilly & Neil, and Susan for being such an inspiration. It may be another couple of days before I can manage to catch up with everything…..still vomiting!!!! too much information!!!! hahaha! xxx

    1. Oh Morag – so sorry to hear about you going through such a horrid time! I hope that things improve for you very soon – take care of yourself, you have been through such a lot recently. Thank you for thinking of Neill and myself, whilst you are feeling poorly. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Oh dear that's horrid for you. My hubby had a bad bout many years ago and the third doctor he saw said no animal fats, no green veg, no fruit no hot or very cold drinks. He survived on boiled potatoes, steamed white fish and toast and honey for several days and it seemed to work as he recovered after being ill for two weeks xx

    3. Missed you. Glad the virus is working it's way out, sounds pretty ghastly! Hopefully uos the immune system once you're over it. Meanwhile maybe you're able to parch or gell relatively happily. Xx

  6. Hi Barbara – a great piece of artwork! Not sure if I will be able to enter this, but I look forward to seeing the winner's instructions. Glad to read that you were planning on getting some much needed sleep. Hugs, Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – it was a very strange day at the hospital today, without our lovely friend. Still I am so pleased that she has finished her treatment. Neill suffering again this evening, but not as bad as the other day. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. It's always hard when a new friend finishes their treatment and moves on. On the one hand you are pleased for them but know you still have to carry on. I expect there will be some newbies joining you soon who will need your positivity and support. xx

  7. Loved all the show's Barbara great demo's you looked like you were
    enjoying them to got an idea how your arty piece was done but not
    that great writing instructions so will look forward to reading the
    winners…Take care…Dot xx

    1. Hi Dot my friend, hope you've had a good day. Same here Dot was going to try but know I'll get it in the wrong order when I'm typing it. Silly person me, started to write it on here then reread and it was supposed to he can email. Hugs for you Dot we seem to be like ships that pass in the night.xx

  8. Hi Barb, really enjoyed the 2 shows i've seen so far. Trying to encourage bro into his man-cave (model railway 'studio') so I can watch the rest. Like the sound of your challenge as it will make me watch your demos more carefully – I tend to get the gist but miss the really fine detail e.g lifting the brayer. Gell plates and dinky stencils added to ever growing wish list, lovely! Ta for encouragement and inspiration, rest up ..Lynne xx

  9. Hi Barbara, Did get to watch all your programmes, a few on catchup, brilliant. You looked so relaxed and happy. Great sales for you too, so pleased you did so well but nit at all surprised. Great products, all on my wish list with Christmas on its way.xx

  10. Hi, I'll give it a go. First put down masks on geli where you want them, moon top, tree off centre.choose colours of paint ( I think it's acrylic you have used), put them on letting them day before the next one, possibly use a white or buff over the top. Pull the print. The masked areas leave gaps. Stamp tree in tree shaped gap. Think that's how you did it, we'll it's how I would. Loved the geli shows, and yes, I'm waiting for my plates. Xx

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