Kentucky Fried Chicken in a Paper bagggggg

Kentucky Fried Chicken in a Paper bagggggg

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
Just got to the hotel after a very full on day.
Went very well, and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

But I haven’t eaten yet, and it’s already gone 10.
Then to add to my chaos,
I had a right blast of blood to the head, when both
Bank cards got rejected at the hotel reception.
Talk about head goes straight to the disaster zone!!!
But it’s fine.
After a lovely chat to a very nice young man from Leicester at the bank,
It turns out it was me entirely.
Combination of expired card and wrong pin.
So now I’m going for KFC.
Blow the diet. 
And blogging on an Ipad is proving way too complicated.
So I will bid you all a good night.
And if KFC has shut, I shall be soooooooo gutted!!!!!!
Love and hugs,
Barb xxx

83 thoughts on “Kentucky Fried Chicken in a Paper bagggggg

    1. Hi Donna,
      Really enjoyed the shows, especially the little gel press plates. I will have to see if i come back from our little holiday with some spare money as i really think they will be an asset to me! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  1. Evening Barbara now 1. I bloody forgot you was on how could i? 2. I do hope KFC is open for ya its horrible when ya fancy something and its either closed or they have sold out of what ya want so my fingers are crossed. Finally 3. Shall be setting alarms for tomorrows shows. Let me know if the KFC went down well Hugs Ali xxx

  2. I hope you find something to eat before settling down to a well deserved night's sleep. I fully empathise with the problem of blogging on a tablet. I gave up when my computer was being sorted out, so you are doing well. Loved the shows today and if hour 3 is an example of winging it, then it was not obvious. I love those petites and my order has already gone into Clarity. The website was very slow so I am sure you will have huge numbers of orders. Meanwhile, I am watching the end of Poldark before heading to bed so that I can get up in time to keep you company in the morning. Night night. xxx Maggie

  3. Hi Barbara
    Loved the groovi show, I have got to have these houses they are so cute! Thank you for the pricking and snipping tips too. I'm going to catch up with the other shows later. It's good to hear they went well and it sounds like you enjoyed them too. It's a good thing they know you at the hotel, thank goodness the bank were able to sort you out. Fingers crossed KFC are stilll open, diet be blowed you need food! Sleep well .
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope you've all enjoyed the shows today and have had your cushions well and truly strapped on, we don't want any bruises as you fall off the wagon do we. I've just realised I'm out for lunch with a friend tomorrow so will have to remember to press record. Sending hugs all round xxxx

  4. My favourite naughty treat, yummy. Hope you enjoyed it. PIN numbers and me don't agree!! πŸ˜‚ Glad all sorted for you. Have fun tomorrow. Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. Nite x

  5. Oh my gosh I bet you could eat two KFCs I so hope they were open otherwise it'll be a 24 hour Mc Donald drive thru!
    I ordered a new fridge for my father online from a large store. The card transaction failed twice so I used a different card. I then got three texts in the wrong order from the bank and an automated phone call. I rang them luckily on an 0800 number and was on hold for 20 minutes. The whole thing took an hour to sort with the anti fraud department because I was too slow replying to the second text which came before the one that said I needed to reply!!
    Great shows today and lovely Gelli plates. I have the round one and now have lots of ideas for using it with more to come tomorrow – thank you xx

    1. I hope everyone has had as good a day as they can. I spent 5 hours in the garden today tidying and planting out pinks and other bits that I have grown from cuttings – I can't resist potting up bits that I dig up or that break off then I have to find a home for them xx

    2. Hi Chris,
      i bet you were fuming after that palaver! The little gelli plates are fab – you were right! Just finished packing and off to bed now – early start tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xx

    3. Barb you were brill! What is it with bank cards today??? Mine was rejected at newsagents this a.m. Turned out dividend payment (don't get excited, way less than a hundred gringots) hasn't gone in. First time failed in 15 years! Hassly phone call to trustee solicitor office tomorrow. Yuk! On plus side, due to so many blogs raving about Poldark, watched it for first time. Blimming good! Hope all fellow bloggees had good day with plenty of campfire goodies and cushions. Thanks to snafu my cyshion is now double stitched to me! Nite nite all xxx

    4. I had a similar issue on Friday when purchasing a laptop for my son. Used platinum card but was declined even though has huge credit limit availability so I then used my regular credit card which went through no bother. Missed the texts from the bank as my phone was in my bag. Then spent 45 mins on phone when I got an auto call about fraud protection checks. I understand they are trying to protect us but really frustrating.

  6. Hi Barb,
    I really hope you've managed to get something to eat by now. The shows were great although i have to admit the tudor house is not for me. However, i love the little gel press plates – they are fab! The demos you did with them were lovely especially the agapanthus one. Im hoping to have some money left over from our little trip away and then i can order them otherwise it will have to be payday. I wont be able to watch tomorrow as we will be travelling up to Oban, but ive set the recorder! Good luck ( although you wont need it) and i can see a sell out coming on. Hope you get a good night's sleep. Love and hugs Alison xx

    ps i might not be around this week, it depends if i can get a signal on Mull -last time we couldn't. X

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone has had as good a day as possible. Really enjoyed the shows today especially the last one. Those little gelli plates will find their way to me eventually! Love and hugs Alison xx

    2. Have wonderful time on Mull. Maybe make it to Iona ( 20 min ferry ride)? Well worth t if you haven't been before, stunning white sand beach and real feel of a frontier place, strange atmosphere but beautifully ethereal. Lovely abbey too. Whatever, enjoy!xx

    3. You've obviously not visited our rural pubs then Chris!!!
      Hope you enjoy it up here Alison. True wilderness country. And as Lynne says, do visit Iona if you can, it's beatiful, and serene xx

  7. Just catching up on geli show loving it oops went on clarity ful in basket lived stamp show groovi to catch up on as was out at farm near Peterborough celebrating Jonah's 2nd birthday all had great day chattered just finishing watch 8 pmshow at 10 pm on telly in bed hope you got some food and get good night sleep be watching in morning night xx

  8. Fantastic shows a lovley mixture of everything the 24 hour is wonderful set but cannot get anything else till I start to feel well enough to craft again enjoy you KFC and a restful night looking forward to tomorrow's shows hugs xxx

    1. Sending heartfelt hugs to all my blog friends I'm not well enough to comment on you all but thinking of you all if you want to borrow my cushions your very welcome goodnight hugs xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, glad you managed to watch the shows. Thanks for your kind offer to share cushions! Hope youi'll soon be back in craft room, love and a hug xxx

    3. Afternoon dear blog friends I haven't been up long trying to sleep the pain away I've been reading in bed too when pain keeps me awake .im looking foraward to seeing my rhumotiod arthritis consultant on Thursday morning to get pain relief I hope as no quality of life now . I enjoyed Barbara shows yesterday and just catching up with the 9 am now thank you for your special messages they keep me going hugs xxx

  9. Great shows today, looking forward to tomorrows, recorder set, as boiler and gas fire to be serviced and a new radiator fitted. Ordered a mini set of gelli's from Clarity, with a few other things so I can have a play. Hope KFC still open. Sleep well. xx

  10. Loved your shows today! So thankful that we can do catch-up here in the states.Can't wait to watch tomorrow's shows when I get home from work? Now if I could just figure out how to record them some way so I can remember all the gelli press tips. Maybe I'll try with my iPhone. Hope you found KFC open! Sleep well!

  11. What a long day for you Barbara, you must be exhausted. I only managed to catch the last show but as always you make it look so easy. It looks good for tomorrow. Sleep well

  12. Hope you have found something to eat by now Barbara. If it were me I think I might have been fainting with hunger by then. I did manage to catch the Groovi houses earlier on today but will be out all day tomorrow and will view missed programmes on catchup. Hope it all goes well. x

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends – sorry that I have been awol, not been so well. I hope that you have had some good weather today, it has been amazing here! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  13. Hiya Barbara, don't worry about your diet, if you haven't burnt it off today you will have by the end of tomorrow. Treat yourself to whatever you feel like. I've never had a KFC, what's it like? You must be really shaken after your card problems. Bet you thought you'd be sleeping in your car tonight!

    Loved your shows, really enjoyed watching you, and all the inspiration you've given us. All recorded too. Can't wait to see all tomorrow's. I think I'm about to fall off the wagon big time. Never bought a big bundle of anything before, but your wee gelli plate bundle is so my thing. I can see me really getting into that, might help me to start using my big plate too. There's nae point asking this lot if I should or not, way too incorrigible!!!πŸ˜‰ Been thinking about getting Jayne's flower stamps bundle too! Haven't had a proper treat for ages, and obviously nae holidays or anything. Maybe I'm in need of a nice big crafty treat with everything that's been going on.

    I got a wee bit craft done this afternoon. Then decided to do some stuff on my laptop instead before the mess gets even bigger. Got loads done, hitting no problems. All my backed up stuff is now up to date again, which should help me a lot in my head. Everything else is on, just my fonts to work out, and copy all my own stuff over onto it. Microsoft must read your blog Barbara, the big issue was all sorted and working when I switched on todayπŸ˜‰. So good day for me.

    I think I've chased the mouse away, Daisy has stopped being on floor watch, and is currently in the huff with me! That's all the thanks I get for our big play session at lunchtime! Now I need to remember to keep topping up the peppermint oil until winter so it doesn't come back. That's the hard bit!!!

    Hope you manage to calm down enough to get a good sleep tonight. See you at 9am, love Brenda xx

  14. Hi Barbara,

    Hope you have had something to eat now and have your feet up. Fantastic day watching you on Hochanda, not good for the bank balance though! It always makes my Sunday when you are on. Thanks for all the techniques, inspiration and products.

    Sleep well. Look forward to watching you tomorrow.

    Big hugs Marian

  15. Doesn't the hotel do food? Probably not if you've got to go out to KFC. I hope you weren't too late. Only managed to watch the 5pm show, will watch tomorrow though, and catch up with today's other 2 xx

  16. Fabulous shows today Barbara. I watched them all on catch up as live in Canada. So looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us tomorrow. Very inspirational shows. Enjoy you KFC and hope you can get some sleep. Well deserved.

  17. Omg I can't believe you have KFC in the U.K. . We have one not far from us. Not good for the digestion or the heart , but wha t the heck go for it and enjoy . Loved watching you this am Joy now Janice

  18. Hi great shows! Love the petit's, am so inspired by the demos and the artwort from the DT, what a talented bunch! So relieved you the got card sorted, i didn't fancy ringing card numbers through so late on a Sunday night. :o)). Thanks for Sharing and looking forward to todays shows bix set to record! Lots of love Jillyx

  19. Hello Barb, loved the shows, really brilliant items, demos, tips and techniques. The new groovi house template is fantastic. Hope you managed to get your KFC and a restful nights sleep. Looking forward to todays shows. Take care. Bx

  20. Oh my, I absolutely love the teenie geli.had to have them. I'd been thinking about cutting a big one up to get smaller geli s myself….then there you were, in geli heaven showing me lots of petite geli bites, in lots of small shapes. Couldn't resist. Hope you are recovered from the shock of the cards being rejected. You can have the same number for all your cards, makes remembering the code easier.i have to, I've had the blind panic of having my card eaten by the nasty machine when I can't remember the code. Oh well…must watch your shows later, as long as you don't sell out too quickly, cos sell out you will.xx

  21. I was working when all the shows were on yesterday so I can't wait to watch on catch up. I had a pretty rough weekend but at least I can relax watching you craft.

  22. Had a small win at poker on Saturday and thought, that'll be handy for Christmas, then I watched you on Sunday. Needless to say the mini jellies, which I have coveted for a while but could only find for sale in USA, the Tudor house and the two border plates are ordered. Well, they will be handy for Christmas too xx

  23. Hope you enjoyed your KFC – as for bank card palaver, I tried a combination of my mam's card and my own pin while trying to pay for mam's groceries the other week… wondered why it didn't work! Luckily spotted my mistake just prior to entering PIN for third time and locking my card… phew! What I didn't realise is that next time you use your card it still counts as the third attempt… thankfully got it right… double phew!

    Have treated myself to the new Groovi plates as not quite got my head around the mini Gelli's… sure I'll be convinced before the day is over!!

  24. Had job, or my better haft did, retuning TV yesterday but got it done in the end. Haven't watched everything yet but at least it is recorded. The Christmas demonstrations were great, as usual, would expect nothing less. Looking forward to seeing the rest.
    Hope you enjoyed your KVC and had a good nights sleep.

  25. Hi Barb

    Awful feeling for you when your cards were rejected! I hope KFC was still open of you?

    I've yet to watch yesterday's shows, hopefully that will be rectified very shortly!

    June x

  26. Oooh – mini gellis! Just about to catch your 4pm show now I've worked out that channel 85 was in the hidden channels on our TV. A little over excited, as I love geliprinting. Hope the KFC was delish x

  27. Fab, Fab, FAB!!! Watched (and recorded) all Sunday's shows and will do the same for Monday's. Amazing samples from your designers and your demonstrations were uber brilliant. I'm in love with the mini gelli plates and stencils. Where do I start? Hope you got your dinner – bit late for Poldaaark though πŸ™‚
    Tonbridge Sue

  28. Hello Barbara

    What a thing to happen when you are tired and hungry. So glad you got it sorted.

    Loved the shows today. Ended up placing two orders, and still more stuff I need/want.


  29. Hello Barbara

    What a thing to happen when you are tired and hungry. So glad you got it sorted.

    Loved the shows today. Ended up placing two orders, and still more stuff I need/want.


  30. Hello Barb,
    Your mini Jelli's are a brilliant idea. Your shows yesterday we fab and I'm going to watch them again and today's on catch up. I'm a glutton for punishment.
    Hope you got your Kentucky fried Chicken.
    Maureen xx

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