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  1. Hi Barbara, glad it was such a success for you, and all your team, and your customers. And a good time was had by all. Hope tomorrow is as succesful, and there's less setting up and packing up involved for you. Have a good sleep if you can. Love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda. It really was wonderful yesterday. You were there in my thoughts. I hope you will be able to see Paul's shows okay today. Not long before 1st October when you'll have 24 hour freeview. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Thanks everyone. Wish I could've seen through your eyes Morag! Thank ypu for thinking about me. Aye, one more week, managing my withdrawal symtoms. Not really, but a bit like a headless chicken just now, so I guess I wouldn't have been able to watch much anyway. Nah Dot, you never got downgraded, so still got your owl badge!!! Hugs to you Diane, and Morag, cuddle for Dot xx

  2. It was a brilliant day catching up with bloggy friends and puting faces to names. It was good to make new friends too.
    The design team were amazing with their demos and sharing their skills.
    It seems weird to see my picture on your blog! It was lovely to spend time with you again. Thank you for making my weekend wonderful.

    1. Hi Morag, it was good to put a name to the face.it looks like you all had a wonderful time. Was there money spent! !!!! What a stupid question.
      I must try to get to one of these open days at some point.

      Hi Barbara , another success just don't know how you do it.
      you have such charm and grace!!! So please do not doubt yourself ever.
      have a great day at Crafters Companion today.
      Will be watching Paul today and again you have new Groovi plates another must have have now got to see which is most important to buy and let the family know what I would like for Christmas.
      Have a great day.
      Lynn x

  3. Hi Barbara
    Looks like you had a wonderful day with many more friends coming to see you. Great to see Morag and Alison and fabulous Fiona to put faces to names. Safe journey tomorrow to you and Dave and to Paul too. Have you put in a bid for the chairs or are they being held for you until your return journey? Your toadstool artwork is magical.
    Love Diane xxx

  4. Love to put faces to the names we know well xxx. Had a good trip home, a cuddle with great niece and now, as I'm still on Spanish time, I must go to sleep. Looking forward to picking up fur babies tomorrow and the clarity shows too ! Xxx

  5. Glad you had a great day Barbara and hope you have a good day at Newton Aycliffe tomorrow, and that Paul has a good three hours of tv on Hochanda. Busy or what. x

  6. Thank you Barbara for a fabulous day as always with all the awesome talented Clarity team who generously share tips and techniques. Loved the venue, can we book for next year? Wallet is once again lighter and I couldnt resist a sheep painting by Lucy Pittaway on my way out either. Looking forward to Crafters Companion tomorrow, those mini ink pads are calling me 🙂

  7. Oh Barbara it was a fabulous day! Thank you for making it so extra special by making me so welcome. It was wonderful too to meet Pam, Chris M, Fiona (Yes I've ordered Outlander!!), Su and Ruthie. Not forgetting our Alison.
    and Barbara…..I still think that a Baby, baby platemate would be a good idea…haha! Love and Hugs xxx

  8. Hi Morag, glad you had such a brilliant day. Great to be able to put a face to the name – looks like there could be a case for something like regional blogger get togethers. Meanwhile have a good night's sleep, and hopefully some clarity goodies to play with tomorrow. All the best, Lynne

  9. Hi Barb, thanks for doing your blog especially in the middle of such a packed weekend. Lovely to see the pics of the team and some bloggers, and boy do those cards on the stand look good! Best wishes for a good day tomortow …. And for those armchairs to find a way into the van!

  10. Great weather, beautiful venue, all topped off with the warmest of welcomes from the brilliant Clarity 'Dream' Team headed by Barbara. It was so lovely to put faces to names and I learnt so much watching and talking to Paul, Jo, Tina, Sam, Maria and Emma during their fab demos – each one taking the time to answer any questions. Thank you one and all!

    Emma and Tina…I've been practising my cutting since I got home and am definitely on the right track now…Whoopee and thanks for the help!

    Off to bed now as am 'stalking' Barbara and Dave to C Comp HQ tomorrow!

    It's great being part of the lovely Clarity 'family' xx

  11. Barb, I forgot to say I love the light and shade on the moon on your Magical card. Beautiful! Have spent some time today practisung owl eyes – more work required. Feathers tomortow probably. The how to blogs are proving incredibly useful, ta!

  12. Hi Barbara, Great to hear that you had such wonderful positive day. Hearing that gave me a boost too. Enjoy your day at crafters companion and have a safe journey home. I will watch Paul tomorrow too. Hope everyone got to where they needed to be safely. Big hugs Marian x

  13. Looks like a lovely day, maybe next year….at least those of us who couldn't make it can catch up with HOCHANDA, just looking forward to it being back on Freeview soon….. It's not the same on the computer…

  14. Glad you all had a good time. Nice to put faces to names. Will get to one once we've conquered the camper van 🚐👍. Will watch Paul later. X

  15. Good morning,
    o what a great day for you. I hope you have a lot of fun, but I think so.
    Today I'm looking the 3 shows with Paul … I'm looking forward to the shows.
    Have a great Sunday and Sunny-Greetings from Germany.

  16. Hi Barb,
    Thank you so much for yesterday, it was absolutely fantastic. Tennants is such a lovely venue for the Open Day and the date for next year is already in my diary! It was wonderful to see Team Clarity in action and all of the happy faces of the crowd. Great to finally meet Chris M, Pam, Sue, Ruthie and to catch up with Fabulous Fiona and of course Morag. The Design Team were brilliant and their demos ( not demons!) so clever. Maria showed us how to use the new inks to colour directly onto the parchment – and that poinsettia was stunning, Lovely Emma gave Chris and I a lesson in shading and snipping, Tina again snipping and using the grids. I really think we need a book of those patterns from each little pattern on the border plates ( when you have a spare few days of course!!), Sam getting very inky, Jo doing wonderful things with stencils and Paul being very patient demo- ing Groovi, and of course Barb herself doing wonderful things with her brayer! Had some great moments ( not a Mormon in sight!) , spent too much but do I care – nope! Loved every minute so once again thank you Barb. Great to see Dave looking so well too. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Will catch up with you all later, hope you have a lovely day. I will – off to see Barb again at 10am at Crafters Companion – hope she doesn't think I'm stalking her!! Love and hugs Alison xx

  17. I'm glad that everyone had a great day and the T ennants venue went well. Perhaps next time you'll book some time off to have a look around the area as its stunning, lots of history and peaceful walks as a break from all the hard work getting there.

  18. Hi Barbara, it was a great day at Tennants, so good to meet lovely bloggers & familiar faces from last year. Thanks for all your hard work & your amazing team, not forgetting Dave & Len! Xxxx

  19. Hi Barbara. Huge thank you to you and the Clarity team for a most enjoyable day yesterday. Tennents was an amazing venue – I fell in love with a medieval baby's manger but resisted the urge to bid. It was great to see all my Clarity friends again – Clarity Open days are a bit like "The gathering of the Clans" for an annual face-to-face catch up and making new acquaintances. I met Fabulous Fiona, Hazel and a then few other ladies that hope to move to my neck of the woods so hopefully I'll have some Clarity buddies on my doorstep to craft with soon. Enjoy your day with Linda at CC today. Safe journey home. Love and hugs Jeanette xxx

  20. Thank you for a lovely day yesterday Barbara it was so nice to meet everyone. Just arrived at crafter's companion for Barbara's demo day. Enjoy the christening Morag xx

  21. Thank you for a lovely day yesterday Barbara it was so nice to meet everyone. Just arrived at crafter's companion for Barbara's demo day. Enjoy the christening Morag xx

  22. Sad not to have been part of yesterday but the photos capture what a wonderful atmosphere there was. I love it when you incorporate the word chains into your artwork. I have them all and the alphabet. Have a safe journey home.

  23. Looks fantastic so disappointed to have missed it,checked diary and am due to be in California on that date next year, will have to get a plan B.
    Hope you enjoy your day in Newton Ayecliffe,drove past the shop in August and went to the new one near Chesterfield last Monday shortly before the car accident. Very nice.
    Now to set recorder for Paul

  24. Wonderful Day yesterday, enjoyed seeing you, Dave and your amazing Team, also Heather and Len, brilliant demos by you and all the team, lots of tips and advise too. Lovely putting even more faces to names from your blog. Great to meet Morag, Alison, Chris M, Su, Ruthie and Fabulous Fiona. Thank you for making it all possible and arranging we all meet at the table outside the hall. So funny when you sat on that seat and nearly disappeared (sorry have that sort of sense of humour). Hope today goes spivingly for you, I'm sure it will. Safe journey home, then try to have some chill out time. Love Pam Xxx

  25. Good morning Barbara everyone looks so happy thank you for sharing the lovley photos have fun at crafters companion looking forward to watching Paul on hochanda xxx

    1. Morning dear family of blog friends heartfelt hugs to you all ,apologies for not commenting on all your names today as had a few very bad days and nights you was thinking of you all so pleased everyone met up and had a fabulous time sending big hugs to you all xxxx

    2. I've been worrying about you being AWOL, knew something must be up. Sorry you've not been too good. Hope it settles down for you asap. Not too ill to fall off the wagon 🚜 (nearest I could find!!!), I hope, can't be letting us down on that one eh!!!! 😉 I'm just off go have a look, see what's new xx

    3. Hello Sheila dear. I was just writing to you when the blog went off. I was panicking in case I'd done something to it!
      I'm so sorry that you've been poorly the last few days. I do hope you're starting to feel better. Sending you lots of love and extra gentle hugs. xxx

  26. Just caught up with the blog, been away in Yorkshire for a couple of days. Tiring journey especially home but it was worth the visit. Love the Agapanthus coaster, the colours are sublime. Hope all is well at Crafters Companion. Happy Sunday

  27. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, it was wonderful getting to meet some of you at last. What an amazing day, hope you enjoy it at Crafters Companion those of you that are going. Hope you are all ok and enjoying your weekend, Donna hope you're feeling better, you too Sheila, hope your pain is less, Diane, Dot, Brenda, Jackie enjoy your furry cuddles, Julia, Lynn, Pen, you were all in my thoughts yesterday when we were having such a good time. Would have been so good to meet you all too, but we can't have it all can we. (Well not all at once anyway). Have a wonderful day today all of you, and to everyone on this blog. Love and hugs,Pam xxx

    1. Ah thanks for that Morag, I thought exactly the same about you, absolutely lovely meeting you, didn't get to say bye, May have been having a cuppa. I've been panicking as well, thought it was my device that had gone wrong. Kept switching it off to reboot it. Panic over it wasn't me.xx

  28. Hello Barbara

    And a good time was had by all. Marvellous! Thought I might make it next year but will have to stick to the open day 'darn sarf' as the 23rd will be my 70th birthday and, possibly, the family might decide to do something. It will also be my number one grandson's 18th on the same day!

    Watched Paul on the computer as Freeview off air. It kept freezing so will be glad to watch on the television next week.

    Safe journey home.


  29. Well what can I say that has not been said ….. Absolutely fantastic day wonderful venue and a team that could not have done more to make it special . Everyone was so helpful and friendly and nothing was to much trouble a big thank you to you all xx
    Barbara thank you for your time and inspiration when showing me how to use the brayer you make it look so easy and I WILL have a go and the first one I do I will send to you but be kind when you eventually get it lol
    You did make my laugh when you told the story of the water on the plane that will be my memory of the day I think and if course your brilliant art work .
    Have a Blessed Sunday And a safe journey home
    Theresa xx

  30. I bet everyone had a fab time, looks a lovely room. Wish I could have been there and maybe next year I can arrange a mini break in Yorkshire at the right time. Just need to keep Fred well. Hope your day at Crafter's Companion goes well and also Paul's shows, which I am about to catch up on now. We have had a busy weekend and now I am crashed into my armchair. Not a wingback, my son wants one of those in his new house. xx

  31. Thank you so much, Barb, had a fabulous day! Loved every minute, spent a fortune but …. ! So good to meet Fabulous Fiona, Alimecca, Morag, Chris M, Pam, and so many more lovely, friendly people! What a support team you have, Barbara!!!! Xx

  32. What a fab day yesterday, great to meet some of the bloggers. Already looking forward to next year! Thanks to all the Clarity team for the demonstrations and explanations. X

  33. Lovely to put some faces to names from the blog. Glad everyone had a great day and hope you're not all too pooped today. Watched Paul earlier on the computer, but will need to catch up with other shows later. Happy Sunday everyone x

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