No blog today…what more can I say?

No blog today…what more can I say?

No blog today,
We’re on the motorway,
The road is very long,
Do you recognise this song?
No blog today
The van’s still not halfway,
I’ve really got the nark….
I’m missing my Poldaaaaaark.
Barb xxxx

134 thoughts on “No blog today…what more can I say?

  1. You've done enough,
    You're made of the right stuff,
    The show's all over now,
    It went with such a wow,

    It's now that you can rest
    You know you've done your best,
    So sing a happy song
    As with Dave you rock along.

    Na na na nah
    Na na na nana nah
    Nana na nana nah
    Nana nana nah

    Etc ad infinitum!! Hope this appalling doggerel made you smile. Paul was brill today too. Off to attack lurgy cough bottle and plan next month's budget splurge. Thanks for such super stuff, and super people. Xx

    1. Glad you like it Morag. Delighted you had such a great time yesterday. Take it easy and enjoy recent additions to your crafty stash! Love and hugs, Lynne xxxx.

  2. Sorry to hear you are still travelling the long road home. Can I share a real treat with you? We are currently in Lanzarote on holiday & every night I have walked to check on a night flowering cereus covered in buds. Tonight I have been rewarded as 25 fantastic huge white flowers were waiting for me. Just stunning!
    Google it & see, just beautiful but it will all be gone in the morning as they only last one night. Sweet dreams xxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    I hoped you'd be home by now. I really enjoyed this morning and I don't know why you worry so much, you are such a natural and have people enthralled with your demonstrations. Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to come Oop Norf, I for one really do appreciate it. Hope you get home soon and can have a rest tomorrow. Love and hugs to you both, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      I hope you've had a good day. Sheila I hope you are feeling better today. Morag hope the christening went well. Barbara was excellent at Crafters a Companion today, have had a great Clarity weekend. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

    2. Hi Alison. Never got to the Christening in the end! By the time I'd driven home I knew I'd overdone it. But it was worth every minute. Love and Hugs xxx

  4. You must be absolutely shattered, what a busy weekend you've all had, but from a purely selfish point of view it's been great. The venues for yesterday was amazing and next years date is in my diary. Thank you for coming up north we all really do appreciate it 😀

  5. Take care all of you travelling down the A1(M). Hope you have a smooth journey. It's OK, Poldark kept his clothes on tonight but you can pause i-player tomorrow to stare into those smouldering eyes. Your time, hard work and trouble this weekend will become fond memories for many of us, love and hugs xx

  6. Take care all of you travelling down the A1(M). Hope you have a smooth journey. It's OK, Poldark kept his clothes on tonight but you can pause i-player tomorrow to stare into those smouldering eyes. Your time, hard work and trouble this weekend will become fond memories for many of us, love and hugs xx

  7. Safe journey home. It's a long and winding road! (I know. We did it in reverse travelling back from the retreat but only as far as York where we had a stop-over.) Long lie tomorrow for you all, I hope. ;~}

  8. No ink today, Barbara's gone away,
    The brayer stands forlorn, a symbol of the craft.
    No ink today, it's not a common sight
    But crafters passing by will know the reason why!

    Apologies to Hermans Hermits. Hope the rest of your journey is not too frustrating and that you can rest tomorrow. X

  9. Bless you both, what a long weekend for you. Barbara I don't know where you get your energy from! Those of us oop 'ere rally appreciate you making the trek. Mustn't forget the rest of the team many of whom have also travelled a lot of miles in the last few days I hope you all get home safely including the "Scottish lassies" who stopped off at Crafter's Companion this morning.
    Love to you all and everyone on the blog xx

    1. Hello Chris. I hope you've had another good day. It's so lovely to be able to picture you as I'm writing. As I said to Alison I never managed to get to the Christening. But it was well worth it to meet you all. Love and Hugs xxx

  10. Hello Barbara I hope you're nearly home now. I wonder if you have any real idea of how much happiness you spread around. You truly are one in a million. Love and hugs to you, Dave and all of your wonderful Clarity Team xxx

    1. Hi Morag – great to see the photo of you and Alison! Sorry to hear how shattered you are – but so pleased that you had such a good time at the Open Day! Take care and get plenty of rest, so that you can play with your new goodies! Love and hugs Gilly xxx

  11. Yes I do recognise the song, can't remember the name though, was it something to do with milk, or am I way off the mark!!! No something something today, da da da da!!! Aye I'm useless!!! Don't stress about the blog, you just have blogged, and a wee poem of yours is always welcome, and gives a smile. Sorry you're not home yet, and missing Poldark, I have too, so we'll just have to watch on catch up together tomorrow!! Hope you can have a long lie and chill day tomorrow, you must be exhausted and your bodies screaming at you to stop. Hope you have clear roads and a safe journey home, Take care. Love Brenda xx

    Sorry Paul, I didn't get a chance to watch your shows on my tablet, too much going on here. I think it would have been buffering too much anyway with the extra volume of freeview watchers on the website. But I will watch you on catch up during the week. promise 😉 hope you haven't done any demos I want to record, cos nae can do until freeview is back on!!! xx

    I'm writing this on my laptop, my laptop that gave up last week, that now has a new hard drive in it and windows 10 installed, and all by myself :-). That's all that's on it though, literally, and it looks like my back up restore won't work, or may but not sure which parts to restore. So I've been starting from scratch getting the basics installed until I can find out. All my personal stuff is safe though as I manually back that up always so that's easy to copy over if all else fails. one huge bad scary thing ticked off today.

    I need my Clarity emails sorted now please, because I've got no access to my old email any more. I did update it, tried several times, in my Clarity account, even unticking, logging out, logging back in and ticking again, but nothing has changed them to come to the proper email. Paul, can I send you a wee email for you to sort it out for me please? I know Barbara is way too busy.

    1. Awe well done Brenda wi the hard drive and windows ten bet that wasn't an easy job.. I was in a wee panic earlier cause Saturdays blog disappeared and a thought it was me that had deleted it off my computer
      but Barb came on yesterdays and she couldn't see it either phew what a
      doughnut I am….xx
      Night hen here's yir cuddle mind the fleecy jammies got mine on.. love Dot .xx

    2. Hi Brenda well done getting that sorted, you are good at his teqnical stuff. I hope you get your emails sorted soon. Dot iwas wondering where yesterday's blog had gone, thought it was our internet as it's been playing up. Sending hugs to you both .xxxx

    3. Hello Brenda. Getting your laptop sorted is a huge task out of the way. I'm so glad that you now have it sorted. I'm sure Paul will be able to help with your e-mails.
      You're perfectly right with the song:
      'No milk today, your love has gone away'by Herman's Hermits.
      Take care. Love and Hugs xxx

    4. Thanks you two. You shouldn't worry, you can't delete something off the internet, someones website, or anything, honest. Only your own comments. If something disappears, or doesn't work it's to do with the provider or administrator, or person whose website it is. The only things you can delete or damage is the software on your device, and nothing you do on the internet, as far as I know, could do that, unless you got a virus. But I'm assuming you all have a good antivirus. If not I'll give you a really good free one to download. Hugs and cuddles back. Aye winter jammies on Dot xx

      I'm no as stupid as I thought I was then Morag. I was sure it had something to do with milk, but thought it crazy a song could have milk in it! Should learn to trust myself a wee bit more eh!!!! Glad you enjoyed the Open Day. Next time it will be easier for you to go xx

    5. Oh I know what a wally I am thinking I had deleted the internet wish I had known you had a good freeby antivirus Ive got Norton and their download is getting dearer every year but you get it for 5 computers so the family are chuffed aye gran done again

  12. Oh you poor things. We did that journey many times to see my mother – we had three babies in the back! Fog, snow, rain and sleet back we trundled. Now mother has gone and the babies, well so called adults". Paul kept the ship afloat and was excellent. Cannot remember the song, we have tried and tried. Could you enlighten us. Safe journed to two lovely people.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  13. How tedious the journey must be after a long weekend. Shame you cannot just close your eyes and whisk yourselves home. I hope you are there now. I don't suppose you will get to take it easy tomorrow. I have enjoyed the ditties, I just don't have that talent. Pleasant dreams all xx

  14. I thought earlier 'I wonder if Barbara has set the recorder for Poldark'. I know how much you look forward to it. As much as I look forward to your blog never worry if you miss a day. I really appreciate every one you are able to write.How you manage to write one every day I'll never know, especially as you never seem to stop. Your energy seems to know no bounds. I hope you are home soon.

  15. The song was Hermans Hermit's "No Milk Today" I believe. Safe journey home Barb & Dave, you've made a lot of people very happy this weekend. Thanks again for all the work you do to put on these fantastic days, thanks also to all your team they do a superb job as

    1. Hi Pam hope you had a good time yesterday and met up with lots of blog friends. Hermens hermits were a favourite of mine when I was little. My grandad called me his 'sunshine girl'. Sending hugs xxx

  16. I can just hear Herman's Hermits now! Too tired to invent a reciprocal ditty. You can catch up with Poldaaark on BBC iplayer – it'll be worth it she says helpfully.
    Tonbridge Sue

  17. You're narked? Not as narked as me! I bought my ticket for Tennants on Saturday months ago and my missus booked our cockerpoo puppy in to get her "bits" removed on Friday. Missus was working all day Saturday so muggins had to stay home and look after said puppy wearing a purple baby grow.

    Wife working today as well so couldn't get to Bishop Auckland either. Oh well, never mind. Better luck next year. Xx

    1. Well we had a pack of 3 and the other 2 were dirty. She had no dressing on her op scar so the babygrow was the best way to stop her licking and nibbling it. Either that or one of those "lampshade" collars. Mind you, our other puppy, a Lhasa Apso was giving her some funny looks and you could see she was wondering when it was going to be her turn :-/

    2. O John you will so regret that comment about the purple babygrow! Too much information by half!! Bet Missus chortling along with the rest of us. Or phoning a helpline urgently! Thanks so much for the laugh. Hope pup's feeling better and not too bewildered over rearrangement!

  18. Oh what a long drive for you Barbara! Hope you can relax tomorrow, though I don't think relaxing is part of you at all!!!! Thanks again for a wonderful day yesterday, and thanks to Paul, fabulous demos today. Spent a couple of hours at my new light panel, trying out my new plates and trying to remember everything I learned yesterday, great fun! Then I remembered the ironing… Such is life! Xx

    1. Thanks ladies! Fiona, I looked on Jo's blog for a way to contact her but couldn't find anything, short of leaving a request on her main blog which I thought might not be the right thing to do, so thank you so much for doing that for me! Looking forward to the 8th!!! X

  19. Dear Barbara hope you have arrived home safely and had a cuppa and now snuggled up in bed please give yourself a day off to rejuvenate sending restful hugs xxx

    1. Evening family of blog friends sending heartfelt hugs to you all your always in my thoughts .i had a visit this afternoon from a very dear crafting friend was lovely to catch up she is so thoughtful.then I rested so just thought I would pop on here to say hi and goodnight xxxx

    2. Hi Sheila my lovely – so pleased to hear that you are feeling better today. Although I haven't been here for a couple of days I have still been thinking of you! Take care and keep resting and doing a little crafting when you can! Lots of love and caring hugs Gilly xxx

  20. Hope you get home safe and sound. We have safely dropped Emma back home and are back home ourselves now. We have had an amazing weekend and thank you and your team for all they did to make it such a success at Tennants yesterday. It was good to see you at Crafters Companion today and to see lots of blog friends again.
    We stopped of in Carlisle at Houghton Hall to visit another craft shop before stopping for a yummy dinner to finish off the weekend.
    Looking forward to playing with all my new products tomorrow once I am more awake!!

  21. Hi Barbara and Dave hopefully you've arrived home safe and sound but a wee bit shattered but just read all the weekends comments I'm sure they will cheer you up lots off happy people here down to you.
    Take care and have a lie in tomorrow..Love Dot..xx

  22. Hello Barbara
    Hope you are home very soon and can have a bit of chill out time. You and Dave must be shattered. I'm sure the van is flying along because it's so much lighter ( unless those chairs went in instead!). Safe journey if you are still travellling, take care
    Love Diane xxx

  23. Sunday is the Sabbath and you should rest , not just today but every Sunday unless you are Jewish and then I think it would be Saturday'. Hallululi, rejoice and have fun , relax , deep breath , and —- joy , go blow some bubbles . Jann

  24. Hope you arrived home safely and not too tired after your busy weekend. I think the song goes 'No milk today, my love has gone away, the bottles stand forlorn, a sybol of the dawn' the old ones are always the best! Like your shows on Hochanda you can watch Poldaaaark tomorrow on Catch Up, which is what I will be doing with both Paul and Poldark, both very interesting programmes in their different ways…lol. x

  25. Great day yesterday, extra treat today at CC HQ – really appreciate all the hard work you do to keep your Clarity clan happy! Hi to all the 'bloggy' friends I met yesterday; it was good to see so many of you again today and good to know you've arrived home safe and sound.

    Hope by now you're all safely home and tucked up in nice warm beds, having a well-earned snooze. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be a fairly restful day with time for you and Dave to 'simply be'… hope you know what I mean.

    Hugs to you both and thanks again for a smashing weekend it's done me a power of good (been struggling a bit with life in general – nuff said!) but feel I'm now back on 'the up' albeit slowly!

    Date in diary for next year – hubbies already informed we (Anne and I) will be out that day – lol! xxx

  26. Nice but of Hermans Hermits, hope you got home safely after such a long weekend.

    I loved Paul's show yesterday but had a really naughty fit of giggles when he was stamping and said " find the f in family" and didn't miss a beat.Must be me.

  27. Oh ! No! Blow! blow!
    How come you are so slow
    I hope you got home safe
    Poor old Poldark will have to wait!

    For this time in the morning that's my best effort. A 9 a.m. Sleep clinic appointment – that's a bit rich, we should be still asleep!

    Would that bit fit the tune ?!!!

    Anyway I shall be coming back home to look at the website to decide what to spend my voucher on – I know really but I expect I'll have to spend a bit more !

    Hope everyone has a good day! Xxx

    1. Hi Jackie – I think that I can guarantee that you will have to spend just a little bit more! Enjoy looking! Neill is having his 23rd session now – 14 more to go! Love and hugs Gilly xxx

  28. Hope you got home ok. In my youth I was going to see Herman & Hermits, but bumped into Peter Noone in little newsagents in Oxford and he wouldn't even say good morning to shop owner, so I didn't go! 😂😂. Ah to be young and innocent again 🤔 …..perhaps not!

    1. And to think I used to fancy him! Speaking of which, as a student with leg in plaster I came across Seb Coe in local Sheffield pub. He very haughtily refused to sign my cast. It's taken me 32 years to get over! Could be he was just having a bad day, but I suspect I needed to learn to move on a bit quicker!!

  29. Hi Barbara & ladies, well it looks like you all had a great weekend.
    I caught up with pauls shows the new Groovi plates are lovley I keep saying I must make a list of all the things I want but will wait till.the new Hochanda channel arrives at the weekend.
    Just wonder what Barbara has in store for us. !!!!!.

    Hope you're journey home was not to bad , but I think I can say it all was a success.
    Have a good rest if you can .
    Lynn x x 😴

  30. Morning Barbara, I hope your journey went well !!
    Yes, I recognise the song haha.
    I hope your journey is uneventful this weekend at Port Sunlight and the van behaves, I'm really looking forward to it, I have already got a list a mile long hahaha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

    1. Morning dear blog friends I'm feeling brighter today my hairdresser is comming later sending lots of crafting hugs to you all catch up later thinking of you all it was lovley to read how much you all enjoyed layburn and you all met up brilliant that Barbara put out a blog table for you to meet up and it was a success xxx

    1. Hi Barbara – very understandable that there was no blog last night! I hope that you got home safe and sound! It sounds as though you and your fabulous team have made a lot of people very happy this last weekend! I hope that you are resting today, hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi to all my lovely blog friends – I hope that you all had a good weekend. It was great to see the photos of some of you – not at all surprised that you all had such a wonderful time, love and hugs Gilly xxx

  31. Hi Barbara. Thanks so much for the demos yesterday. Brilliant as always. I learned lots. Hope your journey home wasn't too bad. Please take a rest, you worked so hard yesterday
    Really appreciate you coming all this way. Thanks

  32. That song was on one of the first LPs I ever bought – Herman's Hermits Greatest Hits. I played it to death – drove my mum and dad mad it did!! Lol.
    Hope you got home safely and have had a day of rest today. xx

  33. Well, I seem to be late to the party! Hope you're home by now, and have had a long lie in. Herman's Hermits eh – a name I remember from my childhood. Mind, they were telling me on the radio last week that a Spandau Ballet song was 35 years old, and that made me feel ancient!!! Take care, Susan x

  34. Love the alternate song words! When I was in an amateur dramatics group, I was always the one who rewrote song lyrics for our annual pantomimes – your song brought back happy memories! xxx

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