Friday. we have a lucky winner. And thrice we roll the dice!

Friday. we have a lucky winner. And thrice we roll the dice!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
Remember this beauty?

made by our Linda Spencer,
using a clever combination of Jayne Nestorenko’s 
Stamps and Groovi Plates.
Linda kindly made this art to give to a lucky person,
and we at Clarity would add a £20 Gift Voucher to it.

All you had to do was leave an uplifting, positive comment below –
a poem, a rhyme, anything!
Commenting every day increased your chances of getting picked.
Totally random selection….close eyes, pick a day. Close eyes again and scroll….

And the winner is….drumroll…..


Well done Isobel!
Card and Gift Voucher go to you.
(Tell me your address in an email xx)

Now before the rest of you sigh with disappointment,
and think what’s the point ? I never win….

Let’s roll the dice again!!


This time our lovely and very talented Julie Owens has
donated a superb piece of art , once again showcasing Jayne’s lovely artwork.
It is beautifully executed on wood and mount on card.

A real keeper, as they say.

It’s a proper coaster, with the agapanthus

and the butterfly.

Made with love and talent by

Once again, leave an uplifting comment below,
do that every day to increase the probability of being picked,
and we will add a £20 Gift Voucher to the artwork too.
If you haven’t voted in the International Craft Awards,
here is the link.
We have been nominated for 14 awards!!!!
That’s crazy!! But very, very exciting too.
And did you know, that if you vote there, you go into a draw and may win a Spa break for 2 at Champneys!
Sounds lovely. 
The hall is ready, the Auction rooms 
(or should I say Action Room?) 
at Tennants await you Milady.
Love & Hugs,

175 thoughts on “Friday. we have a lucky winner. And thrice we roll the dice!

  1. Have a great weekend Barbara, I know everyone will enjoy. We'll be flying back to blighty in the morning, just off for our last meal out and just discussing how much weight we will have put on LOL !! Looking forward to seeing the fur babies and giving my two weeks old today great niece another cuddle ! Xx

  2. Stunning art work from Julia Owens well done Isobel enjoy your prize and voucher happy spending have a fantastic time at layburn and crafters companion xxx

    1. Evening dear family of blog friends been thinking of you all sending heartfelt hugs to you all ,
      I've been colouring my groovi art work this afternoon I enjoyed it very much so relaxing,I received my Christmas plates designed by Jayne when I got home from Podiarty wow they are stunning thank you clarity towers will have a groovi weekend thank you Jaynes for designing them hugs xxx

    2. Hello Sheila my lovely – so pleased that you have had a better day today. Fingers crossed it carries on tomorrow. Take care, and get plenty of rest, love and many caring hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila,
      Glad you've had a good day today colouring in your Groovi work. My Christmas plates arrived today as well and they are gorgeous . Hope you enjoy your weekend. Love and hugs Alison xx

    4. Hello my dear blog friends I'm in bed now Im still suffering rhumotiod arthritis pain and swelling in my fingers wrist elbows but cannot have nothing for it till my liver goes back to normal but I cannot see that happening so I'm just groovi-ing and colouring as doing nothing the pain is still there so I might as well groovi or colour my groovi and suffer the pain at least I've achieved something. Life eh I will say goodnight hugs xxx

    5. Goodnight Sheila sleep well, nothing worse than being in pain all the time but doing something like groovi does take your mind off of it for a while, as you said you feel like you've achieved something, that's good for the soul I'm sure. I had more acupuncture on Thursday my Physiotherapist was leaving today so will eventually go on to someone else, in the meantime waiting for an MRI scan, booked to see the Spinal Assessment Therapist 21st November, but no physio in between only the exercises I've been doing for nearly 7 months now. If I haven't had the scan by a week before the appointment I have to cancel the S.A.T. appointment. So hey ho, that's the story so far. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    6. Yay, you've cracked it Sheila. That's how I get through each day in pain with no analgesia. (I know my pains are not quite the same as your rhuematoid arthritis.) I somehow learned not to fear the pain, not to bother so much that doing something was going to cause me pain for sure, that I was going to feel it whether I lay in bed or was up doing something. So I do as much as my CFS muscles will allow, pushing it to the very edge, (and over at times!!!) and stuff the pain. Keep going Sheila, it does get easier to do in time. And you can learn to get less aware of the pain for bits of time if doing something. I've even somehow learned to fall asleep while in a lot of pain, some of my pains get worse the longer I'm lying in bed at night. Yes I still have days where it gets the better of me and I cry because of the pain, but that would happen, and probably more, if I was just lying, or sitting doing nothing. If you be aware of everything you do, and do trials of doing things differently – positions, how you hold something, which joints to spare, that kind of thing, you can probably find ways that causes less pain for some things, and then that lets you have more time and/or suffer less doing the thing. Got to make the most of what we can in our lot in life. That's life's challenge to each of us, no matter what lot we've been given. Take care, and enjoy your crafting tomorrow xx

    7. Thank you Brenda for your wisdom special blog friend we don't ask for much do we just one easy day I'm looking round at all my flowers and potted flowers my winning plates I bought with my voucher the stunning art work from Dee and my birthday cards I'm blessed really just the pain is too much and the tears are near so it's time to say goodnight xxx
      Your card to me was beautiful I think you should enter a blog challenge but wouldn't like You to fear doing it when your ready please do crafting hugs xxx

    8. Thanks Sheila, you're very kind. I imagine your pain level most days is like my worst days, which aren't too often just now with not having support. It must be so hard for you, arthritis pain isn't an 'easy' one, especially when you can't have any of the medication for it. I do hope your liver problem gets sorted so you can have some relief from your arthritis. I'm going to see if I can manage some Groovi colouring in tomorrow too.

      I've been sick for 23 years solid now. Imagine if we could have just one day with no ill and no pain, and no Aspergers too. What would you do? I don't even need to think, I'd spend my day windsurfing, feeling that free feeling for the first time in many years. And we'd need to squeeze in a wee visit with Barbara too, before we turned back into Cinders at midnight. Night night xx

    9. Brenda and Sheila, you make me feel very humble. I don't know either of you but reading your posts I can feel your strength and resilience. I admire both of you and anyone else who has daily battles to overcome.


  3. Evening Barbara!
    Well done Isobel…one lucky lady!
    Julies art work is beautiful! That would grace anyone's wall! Leave my name out of the draw Barbara! I'd love it of course but I'm part of your team so it wouldn't be right if I got it!!
    Really looking forward to seeing you and the team tomorrow. I'm setting off nice and early so that I get a nice long time there!! Love and hugs! Xxx

  4. Well done Isobel.Hope everyone has a safe journey and a fantastic time, I will be thinking of you. As I can't attend I have finally managed to open my Clarity Word Chain Alphabet, which I bought weeks ago, and am going to treat myself to a play day,cos my Diamond club parcel has arrived too. yay!!!

  5. I hope you weren't too late getting to Heather's and that you are pleased with the venue. Your design team are so talented and generous as are you. Well done Isobel xx

    1. Hello blog friends. Brenda I hope you are feeling a bit more in control today and that everyone else is ok.
      Plastic's polished, list and ticket at the ready.
      Looking forward to meeting everyone, Pam I have your picture stuck to my shopping list xx

    2. Hi Chris,
      Looking forward to finally putting a face to a name! Really looking forward to tomorrow. Will be wearing green, trousers and top ( I think!). See you soon. Have safe journeys everyone, love and hugs Alison xxx

    3. Hi Chris, getting excited, looking forward to meeting you and all those on the blog that will be there. Only hope,we manage it, as,at Crowborough there were so many people. I was looking out for Jackie and Lynne to no avail. Until Barbara printed the photo on the blog, Jackie was at the front and I was at the back. That's really funny I'm on your shopping

  6. Well done Isobel, lucky lady a piece to treasure. Another roll of the dice as well, I shall be keeping my fingers crossed, I would say toes as well but they are just far too painful. We have spent the afternoon in Burton hospital while Fred had an iron infusion, hoping he is going to have some more energy for a while. Hope your show goes well. xx

  7. Hi Barbara, glad you've got all set up, and can now enjoy your evening with your friends, I hope.

    I think I'm being thick here, to do with this month's Diamond club. (All are extra lovely this month.) I'm not allowed to say what things are because it upsets some people, so I'll try. It's the Groovi project titled aunt and uncle, the wee design you put in each corner, where do I get that? I really want it, but it's not on the club plate, and it's not in the new section on your website, and there's no mention of it in the shopping list that I can see anyway. Your step by step reads and looks, to me, like it's on the club plate, which obviously it isn't, so I know I've gone wrong somewhere in my interpretation. Got myself all confused now. Can you make the light bulb go on in my head please?!!!

    Another generous offer of a lovely piece of art and a voucher for a lucky person. You're so good to us. It's like you're a magnet for talented crafter's/artists, in my opinion, your DT samples are always beyond any other companies I see on the telly. Love your wee animal pictures too. I must have been looking like that dog when trying to work out this Groovi club confusion I've got myself in!!!! Congratulations to Isobel.

    Hope you have a fun day tomorrow, and loads of sales too, and your neck survives too.
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda. This might be way off , but I was wondering if the heart could have come from the Wedding Decorations Groovi Border, and the inset from the Wedding Line Sentiments (The entwined rings)!! Just a thought.
      Love and Hugs to you and Daisy. xxx

    2. Hello Brenda, mine came today, I'm off to have a closer look and see if I can help you. I thought you were going to say the stamp, it's got one name on the stamp and another on the project, i had a chuckle, doesn't worry me,it's a beautiful stamp anyway. Hope you have had a better day today. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    3. Sorry I can't help you with this Brenda, as I don't do Groovi. On the back of the other monthly club projects there is always a list of what Barbara has used, so I don't know if that's the same with the baby plates. Hope someone else can help to turn the light on for you x

    4. Hi Brenda – glad to know that we're not the only ones looking for this! Dawn & I were trying the project last night and Dawn thought that those little corner designs must be on another groovi plate – but, looking again at the photos on the project sheet, you can see that they should have been on the NDC plate – just look at the photo for Step 1 of the "Dad" project. So I guess the question is, have some people got a plate with the central design and 4 corner elements and did we get incomplete plates, or was the design of the plate changed after Barbara had done the projects?
      Hope you can solve this puzzle, Barbara?
      Margaret xx

    5. Just checked Morag, nope, it's not that, but thanks for trying. Hope you manage to enjoy tomorrow, I think you'll need to prepare yourself for loads of cuddles!!! xx

      It's not meant to be on the club plate Margaret because the picture on the front of the project sheet doesn't have it on xx

      Thanks everyone for thinking of me. Still struggling bad, but put that energy into doing an extra chore today. Not good for my CFS, but it's a wee thing within my control ticked off, and my worse CFS might mean I get more sleep tonight! Method in my madness!!!

      Just had to be brave and switch the heating on, couldn't bear the cold any longer. Lets see if the 4 days of workmen in and out at it have sorted all the problems. So scared of a boiler, that about sums up my life, quality of life these days!!!

    6. Brenda I think the corner design is on the baby inset plate which goes in the big plate mate. Us design club members have a baby Groovi plate mate which doesn't have it on. I think Barbara has been so busy she didn't realise but you could do a little loop in each corner using the outside of the new plate xx

    7. Evening Brenda – pleased to hear that you have been able to achieve something, and 'ticked it off' – but sorry to hear that you are having to pay the price with your CFS being worse. It's so like you to look for the positive – that you will sleep better. Sending you and Daisy hugs, love Gilly xx

    8. Hi Brenda,
      I wondered that myself. When I looked at the " ingredients" on the back, the Art Deco border plate is mentioned, so it might be on there – I haven't checked mind you. I'm glad you are a bit better today and hope that the boiler behaves itself! Sendin you and Daisy lots of love and hugs, Alison xxx

    9. Hello Brenda I did all what you did I wondered if it's going to be released on Paul church groovi shows or Barbara shows hope Barbara can help us out hugs for you and daisy xxx

    10. Ah, thanks Sue. How's your mum doing? XX

      It's not on the art deco border or the baby plate inset. I think Sue has the answer.

      Thank you everyone xx

      Sorry Barbara, it was maybe wrong of me to ask. Normally I wouldn't have, just put it down to my Asperger's, but I do really want the design, that's why I asked. Sorry if I've caused any problems xxxxxxx

    11. Hi Me again Brenda, I've had a look and I'm stuck too but it's ok, I'm wondering if I can work a heart out from the knot (beautiful isn't it). I hope your boiler is working ok, by the sounds of it that's been one of the causes of your upset this week, but I hope it's sorted now, all fixed and you can be safe and warm this winter. Xxx

    12. Hello Brenda. Mum is getting worse unfortunately. She is still at home, with me caring for her. She now can't remember the lay out of her own house and keeps getting lost and not able to find the bathroom or toilet on her own. It is really strange how the mind works, she now thinks she lives underground and has to cross a road to get to the bathroom. I hope you and Daisy are well. I really enjoyed reading about your exploits during the Olympics. My cat Korky recognised a lot of the events Daisy entered! Best wishes, Sue

    13. Thanks Diane. Aye, that's one of the things. They can't even say for definite its sorted, just hoping so, because 2 of the 3 problems they've not seen for themselves. So it's a wait and see just now. But I still managed my day out this week, remember my garden guy (he thinks it funny you all call him that!!!) was giving me a day out. It had to be planned at short notice but that's ok, and it gave me a wee break from everything, which helped. I thought the same thing about working something out from the knot. Should be a doddle for my Asperger's brain eh!!! I do like celtic knots/designs too xx

      I'm sorry to hear that Sue, it must be so heart breaking for you to see your mum like this. Are you getting some help now? You can't do this all on your own 24/7 you'll burn out. We're always here for if you need to get stuff out/share it. I'm glad my Olympics cheered you up. I had a lot of fun coming up with events, it wasn't hard though, just normal everyday stuff in the Brenda/Daisy household!!! Shh don't be telling Daisy she's got competition, she'll demand a rematch, to increase her medal tally!!!! Please remember to look after you too, take care xx

    14. Evening Brenda I got ma wee diamond parcel the day to and just love the wee groovi plate had to have a wee look just then thought the corners had been made from the design itself but cant figure that out so maybe no Anyway Barbara wont mind you saying as it just shows you like her design. I love the whole 3 this month going to have a wee play with the stencil at the weekend.
      Hope the boiler is working ok and you and Daisy are nice and cosy think its time for fleecy jammies tae.
      Here's yir Dot..xx

    15. Brenda, I'm sure there's no reason for you to apologise for asking about those little designs – when you look closely at the photos on the project sheet, it's quite clear that they were all on the NDC groovi plate that Barbara was using, so it must just be a minor glitch between design and mass production – but Barbara knows that she has a very supportive and loyal fan-base/Clarity community in the New Design Club and we're not going to get uppity about it – you weren't complaining, merely asking a very valid question to seek clarification, and I'm sure you won't have upset her by that.
      Best wishes

  8. Congratulations Isobel, enjoy your lovely prize!

    Julies 'coaster' is fab and there's a place in my craft room to show it off, hope the lucky recipient has a similar spot for it! In the words of Dale Winton… "you've gotta be in it to win it" – lol.

    I'm all sorted for early start to Leyburn tomorrow, so treated myself to a Groovi afternoon.

  9. Hi Barb,
    Glad you've managed to get set up and that you can have a restful night. Really looking forward to seeing you and the team and of course people from the blog. Congratulations to Isobel. Another beautiful piece by Julie too. Thank you for the opportunity to win this – you and the team are very generous. My Jayne's Christmas plates arrived this morning and they are stunning, can't wait to use them. See you tomorrow, love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well the day is nearly upon us!! Can't wait! Brenda, I hope things have settled down for you today and that you are feeling more settled. Donna, pleased Phoebe is almost fully fit. You never know, she might get back yo catching her frisbee! I hope everyone going to Leyburn has a safe journey and I hope to meet you all. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. Congratulations to Isobel, I am sure she will love the card and great prize too. Another stunning creation and what a superb idea on putting the design on a coaster. I will be playing with my Groovi plates this evening. Wishing you a fabulous weekend.
    Linda xxx

  11. Well done Isobel – I'm sure you'll treasure your card. Another beautiful gift from Julie too, so talented! Enjoy your day tomorrow and hope you have a fun evening tonight now that all the set up is done x

  12. Congrats Isobel – enjoy your artwork. And wow what a fabulous piece of artwork Julie has created there. Gorgeous colours. Have a great day at Leyburn and at Crafter's Companion on Sunday. Xxx

  13. Hi Barbara
    Well done Isobel. The artwork is beautiful and enjoy your prize too. Lots of lovely things to tempt you in the Clarity shop. Have a good day Barbara. The guests at your open day will have a wonderful time.
    Hugs from Chris x

  14. A fabulous piece of artwork Barbara. Together you all make a wonderful dream team. Have a good evening before we all descend on you tomorrow. Love and Hugs xxx

  15. Hi Barbara and co. All these lovely ladies are so excited about meeting up at your do's. Feeling miserable that I can't be with you as I would love to meet you all. Hoping to do a Crowborough away day next year. Hope there will be a space for me. Love to all. Rachel X

  16. Hello dear friends. I'm all ready for tomorrow. Will be wearing dark pink jumper, obligatory scarf(can't do with humping a 2lb prosthesis around haha) and sparkling walking stick. Please, please introduce yourselves! you will all make my day. I have a picture of Pam in my head now thanks to Barbara's photo, I will be looking out for a pale green Radley bag and of courses I know dear Alison very well.
    I do so wish you were all able to be there, but for those who aren't, you will be in my thoughts.
    I'm off for a soak and an early night as sleep still wouldn't come to me last night!!
    Love and Hugs to you all xxx

  17. Hello Barbara
    Hope you gave a lovely evening with your friends, a good laugh and a catch up and an early night ready for the fun and games tomorrow. Wow oh wow what a fabulous piece of artwork from Julia, such a talented lady. Well done Isobel, enjoy your voucher. Thank you Barbara you are very kind to us all.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope all is well. Been a lovely sunny day here today and I'm afraid I've been lazy reading my book. We went out for lunch which was a treat and a bonus as Julian was working from home. Safe journey to everyone travelling to leyburn, I'm sure we will hear your laughter down south. Take care everyone. Sending hugs all round xxxx

  18. Glad you're all set up for tomorrow, You'll all be able to relax now this evening. Congratulations to Isobel, thank you for setting up another prize and a beautiful card which Julie Owens has kindly donated. We got on site, set up, had a cuppa then put all my bits on the shelf in the bathroom and realised no hair brush, panic on, had to go into Ripley to get another one. Was Pete pleased? Look forward to seeing you

    1. Hi Pam – sorry to hear that you forgot your hairbrush. Enjoy meeting up with everyone tomorrow, and also the rest of your little holiday. I was sorry to hear about your friend, having to go through chemotherapy – no doubt you will be helping her. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Thanks Gilly, do what we can which really is only visiting at the moment as they dont live near. Hoping to go away in October with them in our own vans, providing she is up to it. Trouble with chemo is you get to feel worse the further along with it. So will wait and

  19. Wishing you a very successful event tomorrow. You have a great team with you so do take time to breath. Always a pleasure to see what you have posted. Been a particulary traumatic day today but I am going to put on my positive face. Hope you make lots of sales tomorrow. Sending positive vibes and big hugs. Marian x

  20. Hi Barbara, Congratulations to Isobel, enjoy your goodies !! Wow, another 'work of Art' that we all have the chance of winning, it looks fabulous.
    So glad you are all sorted ready for tomorrow, I wish I was there.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  21. Well done to Isobel. You are so generous Barbara. Wow the Agapantus and coaster is stunning. Such a beautiful and inspiring piece. Love it. I think this is another favourite flower of mine now.
    Have a super weekend, sounds like a very busy one for you all. I'm sure it'll be just fine and you'll all enjoy it.
    Life can be so tough and demanding to each and everyone of us in different ways but we cope and move onto the next day. All we can do is hope and encourage each other, crafting is the perfect coping mechanism to us all. Keep crafting everyone. Big hugs X X X

  22. Hi Barbara – glad to hear that you are all sorted for tomorrow. Thank you for giving us all another chance to win a Clarity voucher and Julie's stunning artwork too! Well done to Isobel! I hope that everyone has a wonderful day with you and your team tomorrow, Barbara – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – those of you lucky enough to be joining Barbara tomorrow, enjoy the whole experience! Enjoy choosing what to buy!! My new friend was really pleased with my Groovi card! Neill is already in bed, as Friday evenings really hit him hard! On the whole, he is coping really well though, and only 15 more sessions to go now! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Bless him bed is the best place to rest the treatment does take it out of your energy.i knew your new friend would love your card how thoughtful of you she will treasure it ,enjoy your weekend rest up goodnight hugs xxx

  23. Hi Barbara,
    You really do have a fab team of art Angels,
    Gosh didn't I have to scroll down a long way to read all those comments. Good luck everyone and enjoy your gorgeous prize Isobel.
    Linda x

  24. Absolutely fantastic artwork. Wow would I like to win that. Exhausting day at work but all forgotten after reading the best blog in the world. Also done my voting.
    Have a great weekend in my birthplace.
    Love to all the bloggers
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Dot, just as well there is no one in the house as I'm laughing really loudly. I've just wikipediaed him and he's just the right age for me – I'm 49, he's 52 and he also knows where I live, well the town anyway. Tilda Swinton lives in our town and 2 or 3 years ago when Brad Pitt was making a film in Glasgow he came to Nairn to visit Tilda. They went out for a meal in one of the bars/restaurants in the town which was closed for them. Julia Pitt…mmm, I'm not sure if it has a ring to it or not.

  25. Hello Barbara

    Congratulations to Isobel and the next giveaway, from Julie, is beautiful. Hope Julie's hands recover soon.

    Good luck to you all for a very busy weekend, not that you need it. It will all go swimmingly as usual.

    It is my birthday today and I have some money to spend! I will wait until after Sunday before I send in my order.


  26. Hello Barbara, been thinking of you today having to set up after an arduous journey yesterday and a full on weekend. You are in my favourite part of the country. Have fun tomorrow and look after your neck. I know you and your team will have a wonderful day passing on your knowledge to all your Clarity friends.xx

  27. Have a safe journey to Leyburn tomorrow, everyone who is lucky enough to be going. I hope you all manage to meet up and have fun together. Look forward to hearing about it on the blog.x

  28. Evening Barbara glad you got there safe eventually and are all set up ready
    for all the lucky people and especially our bloggy friends wouldn't it be great if we could all be there and have one big bloggy hug..xx
    Take care and enjoy Ive done the voting thingy it wouldn't let me do it twice though Dot..xx

  29. Congratulations to Isobel. Wow, lovely prize from Julie – so many talented ladies – and men of course! I keep looking hoping some if it will rub off 😀 Looking forward to today, need to make a card so a day of Groovi ing lays ahead 😀 Have fun at the open day x

  30. Hello Barb, I am sure Isobel is over the moon with her win. There I obviously talent aplenty out there. Julie's offering is beautiful, another super chance to win. Have a great couple of days up north. Travel safely. Bx

  31. Have a lovely day at Tennants. I used to go past it but now I live at the other side of the county so boo hoo, can't get there. I love Julie's coaster, it's nice to see different ways of using Clarity goodies.

  32. Came back from lovely relaxing holiday abroad with an awful (and I mean AWFUL) tummy bug… but there on the mat was my Clarity monthly pack of three beautiful designs, stamp, stencil and Groovi. Cheered me up no end – the only thing to put a smile on my face in three days! Every design made me sigh with longing to get back into the craft room. Thank you, Barbara!

  33. Been having a break from blogging for various reasons , but tuned in to see this simply stunning piece of artwork, and had to comment!
    Thank you Barbara for showcasing this most beautiful piece .
    This stamp is on my hit list and when I do get it I will be inspired by this loveliness by Julie.
    Thank you again for your blog Barbara and all the inspiration,

  34. A beautiful piece of art work – just shows what you can do with wonderful stamp and wonderful ideas.

    I love it – lots of inspirations Julie

    thank you Barbara for sharing it with everyone.

    Best wishes
    Moya xx

  35. What a lovely way to spend Sunday morning at Crafters Companion shop in Newton Aycliffe watching Barbara demonstrate stamping,using masks, applying colour and the new Jayne Nestorenko Groovi plates and stamps. I bought the Agapanthus plate plus lots of other goodies well there was a voucher to make use of it would have been rude not to!
    Thanks Barbara for an entertaining and informative morning.

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