Owl lovely is that !?

Owl lovely is that !?

Hi there!
Glad to see you here again.
Saturday’s Blog a new technique, right?
Well, Bank Holiday Monday Dave and I 
went to Herstmonceux Castle, to a Medieval Festival.
It was fascinating, especially the owls!
The guy presenting the birds was a mine of information, 
and it was very enlightening to learn about the many fallacies we have been fed about them. 
Did you know that a group of owls is called a
Parliament, a wisdom, a bazaar or a study?
And baby owls are called Owlets. I love that!
They’ve even named an owl after me!
Yes the Great Gray Owl is one of the largest in the world…
Big Bird…..
Owls’ eyes only point forwards.
They can’t move their eyes in their sockets at all; 
instead, owls can move their heads round 270º .
I must have been an owl in a past life, 
because Grace and Mark always swore I had eyes in the back of my head when they were kids!!
When I was a kid, my Grandad taught me how to draw eyes.
Human eyes, cat’s eyes.
Actually, he taught me how to draw a lot of things! 
Eyes, faces, hands. 
He wasn’t able to go to art college in those days, 
because they couldn’t afford the uniform,
so he was self-taught. But very talented. 
Lefthanded too.
So today I thought I would take a leaf out of our colouring book,
the Owl leaf.
 And focus just on the eyes.
Let’s warm up with the colouring pencils first….

I use these…
Spectrum Noir Colourblend.
(work well on parchment too)
click here to buy

and I use these.
Expensive, but very good.
So let’s put down a light coat, just to warm up and get focussed.

Our darling Mel drew these owls.
The lineart is beautiful, quite stylised.
I want to show you how you can transform this funky style 
into something much more real.
A light grey around the outer rim.

Black in the centre.
But – and this is the key – leave a large white fleck in the top left area. This denotes the light reflection.

Sharpen your black pencil.
It’s time to add the outer colour using light pencil flicks from the inner line.
Add a whisper of orange in the same area.

Step back and check for realism.

Slowly slowly catchee Owlie…

I just went back and forth between light and dark 
until he stared me out!

And thus ends the Owl Eyes colouring session.
If Eye had more time Eye would carry on!

Bet my Grandad would have loved our colouring book. 
I think what I like is that you can colour it in for fun and funky.
But you can also use the exceptional and ultra fine lineart 
to learn and to improve your colouring.

Don’t forget to leave an uplifting comment,
to be in with a chance to win yesterday’s wonderful 
Rose Artwork by Dee.

Love & Hugs,


Know any Owl Jokes?
Q: How do you know that owls are cleverer than chickens?
A: Have you ever heard of Kentucky Fried Owl?

Hahahaha! What a hoot!
Groans, takes a bow and exits stage left…

168 thoughts on “Owl lovely is that !?

  1. Afternoon, love those owls in my book. I have an owl joke for you today,

    What do you call an owl with a sore throat?
    A bird that doesn't give a hoot!

    I hope you are having a good weekend. Xx

  2. Love owls such beautiful owls be getting colouring book when come to ally pally next Sunday cannot wait well Katie cannot nearly hourly asking. So will try this techno is on eyes live to learn more on drawing eyes hope your having a great day and your not getting wet as very wet here's sending hugs xxx

  3. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope you are all well. Great paralympic action last night medals rolling in. I am too tired to be a night owl although I did stay up to watch Jonnie Peacock win in the 100m. Xx

    1. Hi Donna, I agree about the paralympic action, fantastic! Lately I seem to be ready for bed earlier and earlier! So I think I may be on the brink of losing my night owl badge!!! have a good day. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna,
      Paralympics fantastic! When I was teaching I was ready for bed by about 9 pm but now I've retired it's usually about 11pm but I still tend to get up around the same time as I did when working. Mind you, I do sometimes need an afternoon nap!! Love and hugs to you and Phoebe, Alison xx

    3. Calendar challenge done, just need to mount it and then I can send in the picture to Paul. I had an afternoon nap today, couldn't stay awake so I thought why fight it. Phoebe was snoring louder than me though! XX

    4. Hi Donna, must have been a hard week for you, you don't usually have an afternoon nap, it'll do you good though. Well done getting your Challenge done. Congratulation on being in the top five again.xx

    5. Donna it was quite a late night after a long week so we will let you off. I stayed up to watch that race too, good wasn't but, what a lovely chap. Carried on watching in bed but nodded off and woke up in the middle of a very strange dating programme- very channel 4!!!! Haha xx

  4. Thanks for the tutorial, eyes are the window to the soul so it's important you get them right. Right? I love colouring , have done since I was a wee girl.think it's wonderful we can now buy adult colouring books. Don't need to pinch the grandchildrens now. Lol x

  5. I love the way you have coloured the owl Barbara and the eyes seem to follow you around. Owls really appeal to me as I am somewhat of a night owl myself and tend to work better at night. I do wish I was an early bird but it's never going to happen..lol. when we were on holiday in Northumberland we couldn't believe it as we saw a tawny owl sitting on a post near the side of the road. Hubby tried to take a photo but it flew away before he could..drat!!.. clutching something in it's talons…obviously wished to dine alone. x

  6. Hello Barbara. I used to spend hours when I was very young drawing dogs faces, putting the eyes and nose in first using a very similar technique. Only I can't remember who I learnt it from.
    Your owl's eyes are brilliant. The really do follow you. Love and Hugs xxx

    In yesterday’s ditty I forgot the flower
    So for number two,
    I’ll offer a few,
    The rose is my favourite, lavender too
    The pansy, the poppy any will do.

    1. Hi Morag – thanks for your positive thoughts last night! Greatly appreciated! I am all sorted – in my mind again – today! Back to focusing on everything good and positive! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Morag, hope you are ok today. We have had rain right up to around. Four o'clock and is now fine.
      The husband gone to see football, so have got a couple of hours to get on with my Groovi cards.
      have a good night.
      Hugs to all.
      Lynn xx

  7. we have an owl sanctuary not to far away from us. the kids are amazed by how far the owl can turn his head all the way around. its so funny when a kid shouts " I can do that" and nearly falls over trying so hard to turn his head all the way round. then when others start to join in its hilarious. i love the eyes. love to all.

  8. Fab tutorial – thanks Barb! Treated myself to the beautiful colouring book at the Retreat but so far just open it, look at the fab imagery then put it away again as just don't know which page to begin with (strange creatures us – buy lovely things 'cos we 'need' them, then can't bring ourselves to actually use them!?!?!?) Enjoy your weekend off and your 'date' on Sunday rofl!

    Oh yes…

    What do you get if you cross an owl with a skunk?

    A bird that smells but doesn't give a hoot!

  9. I have a pair of barn owls living in the trees next to my garden. I also get bunnies munching on my grass. I feel very honoured when I see them from my bedroom window. Love wild life.
    Love n hugs

  10. Hi Barbara – thank you for a brilliant owl tutorial! I for one, need to learn how to colour and blend. Greatly appreciated! Those eyes look SO real!

    My owl joke is: What did the grape say when the Owl trod on it?
    Nothing, it just let out a little wine!

    Even hubby likes this one!
    Have a wonderful day with Dave, Barbara! Hugs, Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my blog friends – thank you all for your lovely comments last night, just read them today! I am feeling heaps better this morning, my cousin phoned last night to see how I was, and I was telling her about the lady I had met and her story. She helped me a lot, with sharing her experiences with people, where she is a hospital volunteer. She serves lunch and drinks, where patients are having their chemotherapy, and told me how many people want to talk about their journey, but others don't want to talk at all. She is the perfect person to be doing this, she is such a kind person and always helps me so much – unlike my sister who hasn't been in touch for a little while now. It's strange how my cousin and I are so close, more like sisters really! I hope that your weather is fine and sunny today – like it is here in Cornwall – love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, glad you have been feeling better today, lovely that you have a cousin who you can talk to. Some people are good listeners, like to think that I am. My friends say I am which is nice. Have a relaxing weekend, love to you and Neil.xx

    3. Hi Gilly good to hear you are brighter today and the chat with your cousin helped. Could you send some sunshine along the coast tomorrow please, we've had a wet and gloomy day here all day! Xxx

  11. Hi Barbara, perfect, they look so real. I never tire of seeing your colouring in, always amazes me, and gives me that good feeling. Thank you for the step by step. Dread to think what my attempts could look like, but I'll be having a go, once I've got the basics in my head properly.

    What do Scottish owls sing
    Owld lang syne

    Hope you are having a good day
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda – it's great to see a step-by-step colouring by Barbara, I really need all the help that I can get with getting to grips with this! Love your 'Scottish' owl joke! Hope that you are having a reasonably good day! Hugs to you and Daisy!

  12. Beautiful colouring Barbara I've started colouring my bookmark owl only done the middle one and leaves at present .hope your Saturday is a good one crafting hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon Sheila my lovely – I hope that you are having a good day, with maybe a little crafting too! If not, just look at your Groovi plates and enjoy them, and maybe do a little card planning too! Lots of love and special caring hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, hope you are feeling better today. I've had a lazy day, just did the shopping after lunch. Thanks for your most welcome advice telling me to just look through my stash and it might inspire me, anyway I spent a bit of time doing just that after our shopping trip. Saw my embossing folders and got cracking on a few easy Xmas cards that I'm really happy with. Caring hugs to you.xxx

    3. Hi pam so pleased it helped and got your inspiration back hugs xx
      Donna Looking forward to seeing your calendar challenge hugs xxx
      No crafting today just a resting day not feeling my best Xxx

  13. Have a wonderful weekend Barbara. I love wildlife full stop, lol, and I especially love owls. I wondered if my love of owls was something new because they are 'trendy' but my mum reminded me that I used to drag her and my dad to a bird sanctuary every time we visited Cornwall and my lovely OH reminded me how much I used to rave about them and collect little bits and bobs twenty years ago so at least I can say I was an owl and wildlife lover before they became trendy lol! Karen xx

  14. Why do owls never go courting in the rain?
    Because it's too wet to woo!

    I love owls, I have a couple of owl pendants with are often worn. As Susan White will know we have owl rescue people who spent most Saturday's in the High Street in Inverness looking for donations. They are there so often that most people just walk past. They have owls in a tent thingy on perches. I always stop as they are so beautiful and their head turning always amuses me.

    Last night I opened a bottle of wine and had a mooch on the Clarity website. Can you tell what happened next…yes, I did put an order in. I ordered the groovi box template, A4 parchment and the fuchsia groovi set. I love fuchsias, I used to do silk ribbon embroidery and loved doing fuchsias but it was the wee bee on the plate that made me but them.

    1. Hi Julia – great owl joke! Glad to hear the you had a 'Wine and Clarity Evening' – sounds good to me! I love that box template, and look forward to hearing how you get on with making your tea-light holders. It's such a great idea to be able to make a Groovi gift too! Love and supportive hugs, as always – Gilly xxx

    2. Afternoon Julia pleased you have put in your order for the box plate enjoy crafting when you get your clarity parcel I'm waiting patiently for my full set of groovi plates just loved them all hugs dear blog friend xxx

    3. Hi Julia,
      Glad you ordered the box plate and I hope you enjoy making your tea light holders. You know what they say – a little of what you fancy does you good! Love and hugs Alison xx

    4. I couldn't resist the flower plates either Julia, ended up with the full set as I couldn't choose between them. The Bee and the Ladybird are so sweet aren't they? Ordered the box plate too, thought it'd be good for little Christmas gifts or vouchers. Meant to wait for Ally Pally or Leyburn but what if they sold out.xx

    5. Hi Julia, wine and clarity what a perfect combination! Enjoy playing when they arrive. Emma sent us a picture last year of her holding an owl during freshers week at Aberdeen university, wonder if it's the same sanctuary. Her comment was look mum I'm at hogwarts! Sending hugs xxx

    6. Hi Julia – I love those owls in the High Street. The other funny owly news in Inverness was the kilt maker issuing hard hats to his staff because they were being attacked by an eagle owl last year! x

  15. Hi Barb,
    I love owls! We have a little owl in the field behind us and barn owls too. When we went up to Holy Island during the week there was a bloke with 6 different owls they were gorgeous, but apart from a barn owl and little owl the others were " foreigners". Your colouring step by step is fantastic, thank you for that. My Jaynes Groovi Plates came today and they are stunning. Going to try the agapanthus this afternoon. My owl joke is – : Q: What do you call an owl magician? A: Hoooooo-dini. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today is good for you in all respects. As I said above, my Groovi plates came this morning and they are beautiful. I'm going to attempt to do an agapanthus picture for my sister's birthday. I'll be following Barbara's step by step and hoping that it will come out ok! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. This was a fantastic blog today's, so much to see and I learnt so much , your owl eyes are so real looking . More coloring lessons would be greatly appreciated by moi . . Joy now jann

    3. Ooooo jealous. I need to wait for pay day before I can get the Groovi plates, and an early day home from work till I can get the stamps. Have fun playing with your new goodies. XX

    4. Hi Alison, we visited Holy Island years ago and bumped into the actor Jerry Booth who played next to Alf Garnett in Til Death Do Us Part who was married to Pat Pheonix. We were eating ice creams and he wanted to know where we got them. Funny part about it I had only seen him on Tele on a morning programme a couple of weeks before. A lovely place to visit it is a shame as you say that it's getting too commercialized now. Have fun with your goodies, mine will be a while yet I expect.xx

  16. Your Grandad must have been very proud of you. Fabulous eyes. I had a barn owl, died earlier this year. Stunning bird – Mist. Miss him. Just hope can remember where this lesson is when I come to colour in the owls. Have a huge collection of anything owls as well 😀

  17. Well…I'm hopeless at telling jokes, but here's a couple of one liners;

    Whoooooo loves ya baby?

    It's not how you look – it's whooooo.. you are!

    Owl you need is love.

    Love to you twoooooo

    Maggie (Yorkite)
    PS – to exit stage left is akin to going to hell, it being the sinister side in the theatre. Just thought I'd throw that in.

  18. Love the owles in the book Barbara my dear friend Wynn and I were sat in her kitchen when a pure white owl landed on the bush out side her window it's beauty was breathtaking that was 50years ago I'll never forget it thank you Barbara love June Horrocks xxxxxxxxxx

  19. Hi, Must have know you where doing Owls today. I have my Owl scarf on which always cheers me up.
    Your colouring is as beautiful as the birds. MFMxx

  20. Just started looking at your blog and will definitely continue. It's lovely. I do lots of crafts but I'm not very creative with my colouring. This was really helpful. I haven't got your colouring books but will now get them and chill out with colouring. Thank you for all your inspiration.
    Eileen C

  21. We went to a falconry display earlier this year. We were sat at a picnic bench waiting for it to start when all of a sudden a huge eagle owl landed on the table in front of us. To say we jumped is an understatement! Such a beautiful creature though and a thoroughly enjoyable display.
    Love your owl colouring.

  22. Another great art lesson! I always enjoy it when you give us tips on how to be more artistic – like the way you draw the little bird on the wire, or the boat in the water; or using a marker pen to add a thin border to the page. Looking forward to more tips and tricks!

  23. Oddly enough there was an Owl in the garden last night. It's the first time I have heard him for months. We have a couple of ancient Yew trees, right next to Barb's studio, and thats where they like to hang out…..especially in the shortening days. "Owl's about that then !" xx

  24. Two owls were playing pool. One owl said ” Two Hits”.
    The other owl said “Two hits to who?” 😛

    I have always loved colouring but try as I might I can never get the light in the right place but thanks for the lesson, I shall keep trying xx

    1. Hello all. I've just come in from gardening so am a bit weary. I have just read yesterday evenings posts that I missed. Congratulations Jackie and enjoy Spain. Pam it will be good to see you at Leyburn once we have managed to find each other – I think there's going to be a bit of a party!
      I will read all today's posts once I,ve had a sit down and some tea xx

    2. Hi Chris, really hope we can all find each other at Leyburn. Think we'd better wear badges. Do you live near or are you staying somewhere? We thought we may take the caravan and stay at Ripley to make a little holiday of it. Which is what we did for Catterick last year.xx

  25. Hi Barbara
    I have just rec'd my Groovi order. Lots of beautiful soft tones parchment and some of Jayne's beautiful flowers and the frame. I am having a Groovi evening. Must feed hubby before I start as I get so engrossed I might forget if I don't do it first! Wonderful colouring of the owl's eyes.
    Hugs from Chris X

  26. Hi Barbara, what a miserable day it is, I've just got in from shopping and sat down with a cuppa to read your blog. What a difference in my mood by reading your blog and trying to take in all that you are teaching us. I'm so willing to learn and so want to be able to do some (just a little like yours) yet what I see and what I read I can't get the two to marry up bu I will keep on trying as long as you keep showing us all.
    Your book is beautiful and watching what you have done is simply marvellous, thank you for your inspiration day after day. X

  27. I love owls, there is something so fascinating about them. Thank you for the tips Barbara. Dog sitting this weekend, two wet walks today. I hope it is drier tomorrow. Heritage weekend, so many wonderful places to see. xx

  28. Hi, I really love the owls. The colouring book is on my wish list – so inspiring… and here is my poem for today:-

    With flower designs so new so rare
    is wonderful for Jayne to kindly share
    and clarity stamp to re-create
    a beautiful stamp or groovi plate
    to create a wonderful piece of art
    ideas to inspire and knowledge to impart

    Thank you to Dee, Jayne and Barbara for the wonderful designs and ideas….

    Best wishes

  29. Wow just love the way you've coloured those eyes Barbar, amazing. Thank you for the tutorial so detailed. Have,a relaxing weekend with your Dave.xx

    What do you get when you give an owl muesli, Owlpen of course. Well I tried. Ha,ha.

  30. I love the eye effect. I had a busy crafting retreat day making a recipie box from chip board and covering bit with papers. Quite exhausted now so just chilling and waiting on dinner being made by hubbie as we have an empty tonight as both kids are away. So quiet! Lots of crafting peace and quiet.

  31. Love the owl, and chuckling at the joke. Meanwhile, update from Tayside:

    There Is a young lass from Scotland
    Who today had her Groovi in hand.
    Saturday's gone,
    Full of parching and song,
    Though the art didn't work quite as planned!

    (Always tomorrow for a bit more practice. And, er, I''m not young really).

  32. Wow Barb! What a super blog – tutorial and giving lots of interesting owl info. I too bought the book etc at Retreat but haven't had the courage to start – am taking it all on holiday when I hope to have time to have a go….. I love owls and have collected quite a few over the years, made in porcelain, pottery, glass, brass et al…..they all sit on a shelf together in a little "Parliament"!

  33. I think the concept of the adult colouring book really quite strange, though absolutely obvious. As a child I used to spend hours colouring in things, but as I grew older it was not expected (or even accepted) as a legitimate adult pastime. However the recent advent of adult colouring backs had now legitimised this pursuit for non kids! I have not got one yet, but it is only a matter of time!! Thank you for creating something so beautiful.

  34. Yet another work of art! There is just something about an owl??? Don't know what it is, theyr'e just magical creatures. Well the weather has enabled me to get in the 'groove' this afternoon. Been practising all things Groovi! Even got the pergamano scissors out! You make it look so easy, think I need a bit more practice. Xx

  35. Fabulous eyes on the owl! Your grandad taught you so well!

    What sits in a tree and says “Hoots mon, hoots mon?”
    A Scottish owl.

    Love and hugs xxxx

  36. Hello Barbara
    Wow those eyes are fantastic and just a few strokes of the pencils and the all important white blob! Amazing! I bought Julian an owl experience at a local country hotel and he had the most wonderful time. He got to fly the owls and call them to him. We did laugh though because they use the Owls in wedding ceremonies to fly the wedding rings to the groom. One little owl had been naughty the weekend before and flew up into the rafters of the barn rather than delivering them! It took about an hour to persaud him to come down! The falconer was so embarrassed that the owl kept ignoring him! Hope you and Dave hav a hoot of a weekend.

    What did the owl playing cricket say?

    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello dear blog friends, sat here singing along to the proms, would love to go one day. New washing machine delivered today, it's been pouring with rain so will have to wait until tomorrow to work out which buttons to press! I've been groovying this afternoon, decided to use my light box ( at last) as the light wasn't good and oh boy was it good – why haven't I used it before instead of just stroking it! Will be using it all the time in future – it didn't get hot at all and is amazingly light. Sending hugs all round xxx

  37. Beautiful colouring, and a great demo, great inspiration. Love the colouring book, postcards and bookmarks, but can't make my mind up what to do first!
    A belated thank you to Debbie and Janine, who I spoke to on Monday, as my light panel didn't want to light. Today, my new plug arrived, Janine kindly sent it out 1st class, but it arrived when I was out, so it was delivered today. So, now I have light again – still managed to do 2 lots of hello backwards,on 2 different pieces, even though I did it right on a scrap to start with. Did manage to get it right this evening, third time lucky!
    Janine x

  38. I did not know that about owls' eyes not moving – my new fact for the day! I love owls and on one memorable caravan holiday in Norfolk, we were able to watch the barn owl hunting across our field each evening, really beautiful. Now I can lie in bed and listen to the local tawny owls calling. I think this is the week when I finally start on those beautiful Clarity postcards, thanks to your inspiration and seeing the lovely work of Mandy Branston as well. Thank you for giving us such beautiful designs to work with. xxx Maggie

  39. Thank you for the owl eyes' lesson, love the design of this owl. Colouring is so calming and therapeutic. When I run craft sessions in the local neurological centre – colouring is an activity which has been wonderful for patients who come out of themselves. Also it's an activity that men and women both like to join in. I have seen the tremendous reaction of a women who had had five strokes in her early forties and who is registered blind find great pleasure from; now she is back home and working part time but still comes in to join the Wednesday morning group and join in colouring! Thanks for your inspiration Barbara! Enjoy the weekend. Mx

  40. Well owled be done it worked, I can now comment on the Gray Wise "Old" Owl. The eyes are amazing, focused just like all of us soaking up every scrap of wisdom and ideas from a great teacher. Thank you Barbara.

  41. Owls are such beautiful creatures. I love drawing and painting them, although I don't think I've come close to capturing that 'look'. Fantastic colouring AND natural history lesson – two of my fave subjects. Thank you!
    Tonbridge Sue

  42. Lovely day so far. Sunday crosswords & codewords to do with a nice cup of tea to help me think. I may even get time to spend on crafting before my daughter brings over my grandson to say goodbye before he goes back home to Atlanta.

  43. Hello Barb, love your joke about the owl being wise. I love my colouring book, post cards and bookmarks. Have just been away for a work trip, and passed time on the train with my postcards and pencils, was going to start with the owls, but decided on the lovebirds. Your lesson in coloring the owls eyes is brilliant, as are the facinating facts. Hopefully get some time today to do some more. Take care. Bx

  44. Morning all, I love owls and think they are great to draw – back in the day I drew one for my exam piece at school – I then turned it into a collage which was fun – wish I'd kept it all. But its definitely all about the eyes, as with tigers, I love their eyes too!

  45. Hi Barbara, thank you so much for all your tips on colouring in. I have always been absolutely rubbish at doing this but last night I sat and made a card using one of your baby garden birds plates and I am thrilled with it. I am sure it is not up to your standard but for once It does actually look what it's suppose to be, so keep these tips coming and I am so excited because I am coming to ally pally next Saturday to get some more plates.

  46. I haven't see any owls yet in Spain but we do have a horse and a cockerel in the field next to the villa. The cockerel looks like the cock a doodle do stamp. I must get a pic as he's lovely colours. Thankfully he can't come into our garden as I wouldn't be happy about that !! Being afraid of birds. Lovely colouring today Barbara !

    It's lovely here in Benalmadena. We started off with a very dark sky this morning but sun is shining well, the pool is lovely and the horse has a trained already to fill his water bucket and give him an hourly snack!!

    Cats were playing in the field over the road last night and then I heard them wailing so a bit like home too ! We'd been up 24 hours yesterday so after a good sleep last night feel more with it today. Just going to have a beer now.

    Why did the chicken cross the road is my only bird joke of the day – my brain is on holiday later. If I think of another I'll pop back !

    Hope everyone is well X X X. Did I tell you my great niece was born the day before we flew (on Friday) and I was able to pop up the hospital that evening to have a cuddle. Emily Caroline Louise Sydney – what a handful that is ! I'm having a daily picture sent ! She was 6lb 9 oz and born within 2 hours of Laura getting to hospital – no pain killers just a paracetamol early in the day when she had backache. X X X

  47. Your colouring is beautiful Barbara. Your owl really is starting to come to life. Your tips and encouragement in this tutorial are great. I would also like to add, if I may;
    To all those who don't think they are artistic, to those who say "I can't!"…
    I believe every one, with time, practice, patience, and careful observation can produce something beyond "just colouring". I'm a self taught artist too, doodling, drawing, & colouring, were my favourite pastime, from as soon as I could hold a pencil. Since I was a very young girl I've always loved art. I took art at High school, but I have learned more through books and tutorials from artists I admire since leaving school and I feel my art work has evolved and improved over a lot of years since. I believe, with perseverance, practice does make perfect.
    Go for it! Don't doubt yourself.
    ART…I love it! Thanks for a great blog Barbara.
    Alexandra xx

  48. How wonderful to have those memories of time with your grandad, and he taught you well! Love this step by step – I've copied the link for my dad who has just gone back to Essex with his colouring pencils, postcards and bookmarks in his bag, and some stamped jigsaw puzzles for him to colour in for his great grand-children. That should keep him out of trouble for a while (he's 86 but keeps getting up ladders and doing "little jobs" that should be left for one of us to help with – such a worry that he's still 25 in his head! x

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