Friends and business don’t mix. Rubbish!

Friends and business don’t mix. Rubbish!

Hi there!
Where has this week gone ?!?
Friday already ??
But also ICBFA !!! (guess….)

Anyway, Friday’s Blog a private peek.
I want to talk about an old adage which is often banded around:

Friends and business don’t mix.

I absolutely understand where this is valid, of course.
And there have been numerous times in my life, where involving friends in my business has come back to bite me in the derrière. 

But sitting here this morning, thinking about it, 
I actually work with a very tight team of friends.
Without them, where would we be?
I think the reason it works so well is because there is reciprocity. 
Give and take.
They help me where they can – I help them where I can. 
Therein lies the crucial balance.

Let’s consider the artstamps we launched this week, 
designed by darling Jayne Nestorenko.

She isn’t well, so as her friends, we have done the best we can possibly do to be as supportive and helpful as we possibly can. 

But then I get caught up being a busy businesswoman,
chasing my tail,
and just don’t have the time to do the actual artstamps justice.
So I call on another dear and talented friend, Dee Paramour.

She sends me a masterpiece, made with love and skill, 
which blows me away.
Far better and more beautiful than anything I could do.
“Will this be okay?” she asks.

Will this be Okay! There’s no answer to that, is there?!

Even the little gift tag is exquisite.

Dee has not only given me a beautiful piece of artwork 
to showcase Jayne’s stamps;
she’s given me hours of her precious time.

And now comes the best part….

She said I could give this artwork away to one of you.

That’s pretty awesome!
But who???
So this is what I’ve come up with.
Leave a comment on every daily Barbie blog 
between now and next Friday.
Leave a flower poem,
leave a ditty,
leave a limerick,
leave it out –
but leave something!
The more days you leave a comment, 
the more likely you are to win Dee’s artwork.
And just for fun, I will add a £20 Clarity voucher. 
And get on over to the Challenge blog, and get involved, too.
I believe that when you take on a challenge,
that task in and of itself makes you focus. 
And that focus will in turn ignite your creativity.
Love and Hugs,

223 thoughts on “Friends and business don’t mix. Rubbish!

  1. Hi Barbara
    Aww what a truly wonderful thing for Dee to do for you, it is just amazing.
    I think you have one of the most talented and lovely teams from the wonderful customer service team to your good self, nothing is to much trouble when you phone, and the groovi plates, stamps etc that you bring us every month are just beautiful and sometimes even mind blowing, it's no wonder clarity got nominated for so many awards you deserve to bring each and every one back to clarity towers.
    Take care and look after yourself and Dave

  2. Hi Barbara
    Aww what a truly wonderful thing for Dee to do for you, it is just amazing.
    I think you have one of the most talented and lovely teams from the wonderful customer service team to your good self, nothing is to much trouble when you phone, and the groovi plates, stamps etc that you bring us every month are just beautiful and sometimes even mind blowing, it's no wonder clarity got nominated for so many awards you deserve to bring each and every one back to clarity towers.
    Take care and look after yourself and Dave

  3. Hi Barbara, sounds like you've got it worked out just right, with working with your friends. Yes things will sometimes go wrong, but things go wrong when working with non friends too. And if it ends up breaking up the friendship, then it must have been meant to be.

    Wow, Dee's artwork is amazing, beautiful. Very generous to offer to give it away to one of us. Thank you Dee. Obviously nae poem, ditty, limerick from me, no can do. Just my words of wisdom, that people seem to like for some reason, as and when there's something to respond to.

    Entering the monthly challenges, mmm, not much chance of that happening from here, sorry.

    Hope you have something nice planned for the weekend
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda, that is what you could leave each day! A few of your wonderful words of wisdom. It could just be one sentence!.. we'll all benefit, and give you the chance of a prize. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Thanks everyone. I'll try to xx
      Sheila, I'm no more deserving than anyone else, honest.
      And being alive, safe from bad people, with a home of my own, enough heating, food etc, Daisy, my garden guy, and the other guy who would also step in as last resort, craft, and Barbara, and this here community of hers, that's prize enough for me in the situatioj I'm in right now.

      Yes it is lovely to win something in life, makes you feel good feelings. But not everyone can, so far more people will feel the other end of the scale of losing, not being chosen, or whatever. Winning is really about achieving the best you can in your own life, whatever that may be, and especially against adversity. And also about making others feel better/good/special. That's really not easy is it, the way our primitive brains were programmed to help us survive as a species. And should life give you any extra freebie wins along the way, then that's a special privilege. That's why I'm a failure and I've totally wasted my life, because I have failed to achieve big time what I could and should have, what I wanted, and needed to, and failed to hold onto what I did achieve.

    3. I'm sorry, remember I said I really struggle to cope with competition. I really really struggle big time, the feelings it generates in me are big and bad and scary. It's a me, in my head problem, nothing to do with Barbara or you guys at all. I know this isn't a cometition, it's meant to be some happy fun, and a random winner at the end. But for some reason it's triggered of these feelings, and some memories. Anyway, I'm trying hard to fight it, but losing the battle at the minute, if I bolt to my safe place inside for this next week, that's why. Just so no one worries.

    4. No-one is ever a failure Brenda, when they try. Being in your position and managing a home of your own, plus having the other blessings you mentioned, is an achievement in itself. xxx

    5. Dear Brenda – please don't think of yourself as a failure, because you certainly are not! I had a really good career, before illness struck and I was diagnosed with CFS/ME eventually! Not my fault, it was a combination of many things which caused it, most of which were out of my control. In the same way, you have been dealt even worse illness problems – again, out of your control. Despite this, you are able to be here, for so many of us, to help us on our way through troubles in our lives. Pleased DON'T think of yourself as a failure – you are a treasure. Love and thankful hugs to you and Daisy, Gilly xx

    6. My dear Brenda you are not a failure, you come in here with your words of wisdom you make us laugh with your antics with us laughing with you definately not at you. You are our computer guru and we all care for you very much. Sending you a big hug and one for Daisy too xxx

    7. Arrr Brenda, sending you a warm hug and one for Daisy too. Try and think of it as a give away. Jayne gave Barbara her stamp designs so she could share them with us, Dee gave her time to make something beautiful so Barbara could make someone happy by giving them a beautiful piece of artwork.

      Now, open up my glitter box…..get ready for something nice…….here it comes……..You are SPECIAL, you are my FRIEND, and you are most definitely NOT a failure. XX

    8. Thanks everyone. But please, I didn't say any of that so anyone would say good things to/about me, honestly, that's not who I am to do that. I was just being truthful. I'll try and change pathways to it being the giveaway one instead, see if that helps get the stuff back locked up in their boxes, thanks Donna. xx

    9. Dear Brenda don't bolt please I need you here your my dear blog friend put them fears into a box let daisy sit on it what would we do without your wisdom of words you share with us extra hugs to keep you feeling safe and cuddles for daisy xxx

    10. Hi Brenda,
      You are definitely not a failure. I for one think you are one of the most caring, intuitive, brave people I have come across. You cope in adversity, you offer help and advice to any of us that need it , you are funny at times and extremely sensitive at other times. You are an inspiration to many of us. Take care my friend and love and hugs to you and Daisy, Alison xxxc

    11. Thank you Sheila and Alison xx
      Thank you all for the amazing things you've said.
      I think I've got it sorted in my head now, I shut up the negatives with a positive.

  4. OMG, TGIF indeed! You're right re good friends Barb, I don't run a business and only have a couple of really good friends (the ones you may not have seen for a while but treat you as tho' it were just yesterday!) always there to lend a hand or a 'shoulder to cry on' during the bad times and there to celebrate during the good, sadly lost one of these earlier this year and still coming to terms with it. Anyhow they say time helps to heal so will think of all the lovely times we spent together that were filled with lots of laughter, that will help. She loved her flowers and would have adored this gorgeous piece of art, which is what brought her to mind, sorry for being a little 'down' – having a bad day for lots of reasons.

    Jayne's lovely artwork displayed in such a fantastic way by Dee has really helped to brighten my day, the colours Dee's used are superb and the background to the border simply wonderful, adding to and not overpowering the roses and buds. Love the way you see something more each time you look! Thank you for sharing this with us all!

  5. Oh Barbara! Dee's work is just beautiful! Lucky person who receives this!
    I hope you snap out of your ICBFA mood soon…your weekend off should do the trick!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  6. Oh my word – how stunning is this? What a very talented lady Dee is. The colours are gorgeous and the tag is divine. If friends were flowers I'd pick you, and Dee and Maria and Amanda and Jane and all the other wonderful clarity family – what a beautiful garden I would have. 😀😀

  7. Wow, what a fantastic piece of work by Dee. No wonder you were blown away Barbara. It's so true that in order to have good friends you have to be one, and you are certainly that. Hugs xxx

  8. What a beautiful piece of artwork and what a generous offer from Dee. We have had some bad news recently and I must say it is then when you get to realise how much you rely on your good friends.

    1. Hello Morag. A good day here thanks. Been to the gym this morning which is a necessary chore but it was nice and quiet today then a bit of gardening and now a bit of Clarity xx

    2. Hi Morag , well a busy say just doing house work etc.
      but a little Groovi to night to slow me down.
      Waiting for my new pencils to give them a try if.ok will buy some more

      Hi ladies, hope you are all ok and well.
      The artwork by See was outstanding just shows what you can achieve.
      Have a good weekend all. Hugs Lynn xx

    3. Hi Morag – great little ditty! I have put a trip up north, on my 'want to do list' – a tea and cake meet up with you 3! As Neill used to work in Newcastle (before I met him) and still has friends there – we could combine a visit to his see his friends too. Hopefully next year, but we shall have to wait and see, we have learnt that we can't put a time to things. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    4. Hi Morag, lovely day here. Watching the Paralympics, hoping our runner gets reinstated, such a sad thing to see an athlete train for so long and not be able to complete the journey. Planning on crafting this weekend. XX

    5. Hi Morag,
      Been a housework morning, then a visit to our favourite pub up in Frosterley this afternoon. Hope Penny is better today bless her. I don't know about you, but I was ever so full yesterday after my strawberry Mille Feuille! Mind you it was as delicious as ever! Love and hugs Alison xx

  9. Dee has done an outstanding piece filled with a little love for all who see it. Wishing Jayne all the best 1- for giving us a piece of her love in the stamps/plates + 2-for herself + hoping she has improvement in her health. Thanks for all the blogs you write although I don't often reply or comment I just thought you should know I really enjoy and learn lots from your tips – thats you giving all of us a wee bitty love every day xx

  10. ICBFA…I can't be f***ing arsed! Dee's working is amazing. When you have such good friends you can mix them in with your work and that is when you realise who your friends really are. The saying I always remember when it comes to friends is 'those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter' – how true. I might get my challenge card done this weekend but if the weather is good then the garden comes first.

    1. Well Julia (and Barbara too) – that's what I thought it meant too!
      Julia I was pleased to read that you have been to see a solicitor, you didn't have any choice really, and will be much better for you. Keep strong, we are here for you, love and hugs Gilly xxx

  11. Well Barbara when you are the boss (or hope you are) of your own company I guess it can be Friday anyday.
    What a talented and generous lady Dee is. You must be a good boss and a good friend for your team to work such magic for you.
    You often leave us quotes or sayings so I will leave you one every day which you may get to appreciate in the future.
    From a book for grandparents given to me by a dear friend. Maturing like a fine wine – "People are like wine: some turn to vinegar but the best improve with age" Pope John XX111.

  12. What a fabulous card Dee has made Barbara. The paper she stamped on to for the frame works fantastically as it doesn't overshadow the two roses, and then the background with that quite vintage feel with the rosebud and text, again nice soft colouring, and beautiful colouring throughout in those pretty burnt orange tones. I love the added texture with the lace and the ribbon, and then of course that sweet little tag which coordinates perfectly. I would love to win that gorgeous card! x

  13. Wow a stunning work of art .clarity family is second to none you deserve all the awards .to give us a chance to win Dee's work is amazing all I can say is thank you for the chance .
    I wish Jane some good days hugs xxx

    1. Hello dear family of blog friends heartfelt hugs to all thinking of you all I've been resting this morning and groovi-ing this afternoon crafting helps me through xxx
      Dorothy a wee extra hug xxx
      Gilly hope your enjoying your fish & chips xxx

    2. Hello Sheila dear, it is such a joy for me to have found crafting so I understand totally how it helps you through each day. Even if you haven't got the energy to do it, the planning can be just as therapeutic. Especially when it involves a bit of retail therapy too!!! Love and Hugs to you xxx

    3. Hello Sheila, my lovely – so pleased to hear that you have been able to have a good and enjoyable day! No need for me to do any pruning again tonight then! Yes, we did enjoy our Friday fish and chips – reward day, thank you! Lots of love and caring hugs, Gilly xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, on the matter of groovi, have you bought either the box or cake template. I fancy the box template for making Christmas tealight holders. I have to be honest in that I have got lots of groovi stuff but hardly used it. The templates looks so easy to do.

    5. Hi Sheila,
      You sound perkier today I think. Pleased that you're able to do some crafting at last. I'm hoping to get some done over the weekend, probably Groovi, as I've got 6 birthday cards to get done. Take care my friend, love and hugs Alison xxx

    6. Hi Julia no I haven't bought cake or box template as I wouldn't make good use of them .like you I've got lots of groovi that I haven't used yet but I have my favourites in my groovi plates that I use often
      My favourite is the elephants and henna boarder I even bought the wee set to make the elephant background that came in the groovi diamond inspiration club . I'm doing the club groovi at present for nothing particularly just to play with my groovi as it's helped me with my depression.if you think the box one will help you cope with things now go for it dear blog friend xxx

  14. What a truly awe inspiring combination – Jayne and Dee. The whole work is so breath taking. You , your team and friends are the salt of the earth. Hope you have some time out this weekend Barbara. xx

  15. Amazing piece of work from Dee, so so talented. How kind of her to let you give such a masterpiece away. There will be many people keeping their fingers crossed. Friends are very important in our lives, my very special friend lives opposite to me and our children have grown up together. We used to help each other with childcare. Not been the best of Fridays for us, hospital appointment for hubby. Still we have two lovely family get togethers over the weekend so some time to enjoy. My challenge card is in the making so will get that finished next week. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  16. I finally got to actually meet the lovely Dee when I ventured down to the Open Days and was blown away by her talent, watching her, apparently effortlessly, manipulating ink to create so many different effects. This stunning piece of art is so beautiful, as is he generosity in allowing it to be given away. Every tiny bit of it works perfectly. It looks like a beautiful piece of ceramics. Whoever wins it will truly love all the effort that had gone into creating it, from the original drawing by Jayne, through all the people who have created the stamps and stencils, to the art of Dee. It is a true symbol of friendship, part of what makes Clarity more than just a stamp company. Have a good weekend with Dave. xxx Maggie

  17. Dee, that is sensational. A real treasure for one of us to keep. It gives me hope seeing how you all get on together. Having a hard time with in laws at moment, so being on the edge of the Clarity family makes me feel good x

  18. What a lovely blog and fabulous artwork by Dee !

    I'll try to comment every day, we're off to the airport at 3 a.m. to fly to Spain at 7 a.m. tomorrow ! In the meantime my niece has just taken herself off to hospital (after showering, washing and straightening her hair – getting the priorities right!) as she's had backache since 4 a.m. and I think baby might be on the move. I'm not going to get to see her before I go so this is going to be a Face Time great-niece introduction. At least when I get back the novelty will have worn off a bit so I'll get a look in then !

    Thanks for a lovely blog as always xx

  19. Hi everyone, if you have read the above post you'll know my niece has gone off to hospital – could be a false alarm though. She's so laid back about it I hope she'll be ok. It's my sister's wedding anniversary tomorrow, so a baby grand daughter after midnight would be a nice present for them! Hope everyone is ok. We're just off to Spain in the morning so hopefully, the next time I reply to the blog I'll be doing it from my sunbed as a great aunt, but we wont hold our breath about the latter bit ! xxx

    1. Have a wonderful holiday Jackie. I like your nieces priorities haha. I hope the baby comes tomorrow so your sister can have an extra special anniversary. Sending hugs xxx

  20. Exquisite, truly sums up Dee's artwork. What an artist. Just blown away and again ending the working day on a 10 because of the blog.
    Not sure I can blog til next Friday as I am having a holiday! Whoopee no more MOJ nonsense for a few days.
    Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and a good time at Ally Pally – really sorry that I won't be there to get my hugs.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  21. I thought I'd add a lymerick – it made me laugh when I first heard it and I hope it brings a smile.

    There was a young man from Westfalia
    Who painted his bum like a dahlia
    The petals were fine
    The colours sublime
    But the smell was a bit of a failure!

    Fabulous artwork.

  22. What an amazing piece by Dee, using the beautiful stamps that I WILL order! Just need to get home in time….next week. I made a promise to myself to join in the Clarity challenge and calendar challenge every month this year. Havent missed one yet, and you are right that having a focus is a great way to get creative. Have a good weekend. Xx

  23. Hi bloggy friends, TGI Friday! Feels like I have been back at work for weeks. Planning on sleeping and crafting and a bit more sleeping this weekend! Hope everyone is well today. Sending hugs. Xx

    1. Hi Donna, you'll need a nice rest over the weekend. Maybe call in at the campfire, it might need a bit of a blow to get it away! and I'll fetch a nice Nutella chocolate cake, and something healthy for our Brenda. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna,
      That's exactly what I used to say after going back! Make sure you do get some sleep and craft in o ear the weekend, and give Phoebe lots of cuddles too! Love and hugs to you both, Alison xxx

  24. Dee! Blooming heck they are just delightful! Barbara, always the generously giving person xxx. Love you guys! (Count me out of the draw and save it for one of your wonderful customers!) xxxx

  25. Hiya Barb so sorry to hear your friend is unwell, I have just joined your new Groovi design club,but have never used a Groovi plate.So have joined club and placed an order with your selves for a choose your own plates starter kit. Cannot wait for it to arrive
    All my love
    Ali Glover xxx

  26. Hi Barbara – what a totally stunning piece of artwork! I would say that you and your friends have got it all worked out perfectly! Jayne can't fail to be very pleased with what you and your team have achieved with her stunning artwork. As others have already said – it depends on the business and on the friends, to make it work! Barbara, Clarity and These Friends work!!!! Hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – well today we have reached a milestone! Neill is a third of the way through his treatment! 13 down and 24 to go! It has gone very quickly, we are both amazed by this. I have almost completed the back of my jumper, so that is more or less on track – need to step it up a gear if I can though! I didn't get very much done today, as a lady started to talk to me. She told me that she has got pancreatic cancer, and the doctors had told her that she had only 6 months to live – over a year ago! It was hard to come back with a reply to that one, but I managed it. I have to admit that I did feel rather strange afterwards, and just couldn't really explain why – but after having my snooze this afternoon, I am feeling heaps better. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. That's lucky 13 Gilly, it is going quickly isn't it. You will have a lovely jumper to wear soon too. Just having you go talk to was probably all the lady needed. You are doing RAK without thinking about it. Hope your fish and chips were tasty. Sending hugs to you both xxx

    3. Gilly enjoy the weekend resting with Neil (no pruning my tree )dear blog friend thank you for your wonderful words this week they helped me more than you know .just like your words and surport you have given them people at the hospital hugs xxx

    4. Hi Gilly,
      Gosh, time certainly does fly by doesn't it? Glad the jumper is coming along – I really must get on with Dave's ! I bet talking to you, made that lady feel really good. Take care, love and hugs to you and Neill, Alison xx

    5. Hello Gilly, Diane wrote exactly what I was thinking as I read your words. I know that it is so hard to listen to the stories of others that you meet at the hospital when it feel so close to home. Even harder to convince yourself that Neil's situation is very different. I remember feeling terrified when I was having my own treatment and listening to other peoples situations. But it is something that will pass, and you will soon get your positivity back my friend. You both have a trip 'oop north' to look forward to!!
      Have a great weekend both of you. Sending lots of positive thoughts. love and hugs xxx

  27. Gorgeous artwork with gorgeous images. Just beautiful. I am business partners with my husband who happens to be my best friend too – pass the sick bucket I hear you say!! We have differences in business as in life but we just get on with it and everything comes together (eventually!).

  28. Dear Barbara, well I read your blog daily but have to admit am not one to comment daily (whether you realise or not),however, I will make the effort to make a comment daily in the next week. Dee your card is beautiful, a rose by any other name!!!! and thank you to Jayne for designing such a wonderful collection of stamps and ultimately Groovi plates. I have to say being off work for 3 weeks and trying to get back to some normality is quite hard,but will see what I can do…. I sometimes think how much more can I pack in to my life, I work, run a home, am a parent governor, attend regular parchment workshops and make my own cards for me and others. Would I change anything – the answer is NO… so tomorrow will be a poem…..

  29. It is impossible to sum up in words, how stunningly beautiful the card is. Well done Dee! The stamps look sensational and I'm already trying to work out which set I will get first.

  30. Wow …. I too am utterly blown away by this card. It must have been so exciting when you first saw it. Jayne's stamps are just the loveliest things and Dee's card …. phew! A mixture of bowled over and I could never achieve such a beautiful card as this …. but tons of inspiration here too. Thank you SO much for sharing this Barb and thanks to Dee for such a gorgeous card. Love to Jayne too …. not nice to be unwell and I hope she's better soon! x

  31. As others have mentioned we follow your blog everyday, but don't comment….probably unfair for you as you have taken the time to write for us, if not made a wonderful work of art and we don't comment on it – for me I often don't know what to say, it's fab, it's brilliant just doesn't seem enough more often than not so I don't say anything, so wrong of me so bad for you……….I will try to comment more for your sake more than mine …just so you know we all love your work and witty comments. I do love your blog and your work and all the others that contribute to Clarity…thank you all xx

  32. Absolutely breathtaking. Yes…. where would we be without good, true friends??? Thank you to everyone at Clarity and to you, our Barbara. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I'm really looking forward to seeing you st the Ally Pally…. both days!!!!

  33. This is my first comment on your blog Barbara, but I wanted to say that I have been an admirer of Jayne's artwork for a while now and this set of groovi plates and stamps is amazing, what a talent. I love to watch you demo Barbs I learn such a lot and finally this card is totally Dee-lightful. Sending my warmest wishes to all of you, Pauline.

  34. Hi Barbara,
    Absolutely stunning art work Dee has made & the tag is exquisite. Jayne's stamps are truly outstanding. It is great to have true friends who see you through thick & thin.xx

  35. Hi Barbara,
    Absolutely stunning art work Dee has made & the tag is exquisite. Jayne's stamps are truly outstanding. It is great to have true friends who see you through thick & thin.xx

  36. Beautiful artwork by Dee.if only I had the wonderful imagination of all the design team truly amazing .love these flowers will have to get them. torn between the stamps and groovi plates .x

  37. Well that sure has done it , just look at all the comments .,it's like at church , if you say there will be free food everyone turns up .
    I never miss a day of your blogs , just love them . I may not always comment , but I'm always here .
    Your blog is the best , there is no doubt. Joy now jab

  38. Hi Barbara, well what can a mira crafter like myself say about this creation that Dee has done!
    Her work is just out standing and unique and each and everyone of your team are so talented and with you at the head of the family you must be so proud of them all. Unlike some of your followers I couldn't do a poem or say anything witty but if each and everyone of your team were a flower……..then I could sit and watch you all grow.
    Thank you to Jayne for all what she has bought to clarity. For you and your crew for poring the stamps and etching the Groovi plates and last but not least yourself and your design team for all the marvellous inspirations Xx

  39. Hi Barbara
    Wish I'd been a fly on the wall when you unpacked this beautiful creation from Dee ( as long as you are kind to flies and don't swat them!!!). Dee your artwork is stunning, you are very talented. Barbara the stamps and groovi are beautiful, I need them all! You are very talented too and Jayne your drawings are amazing you are very talented too – what a perfect combination. I've got some lovely friends, the kind who stand by you. Some are crafty friends, others are friends from school days and work but I treasure them all. I met Jayne many years ago at the NEC, she was happily sat colouring, it had been unbelievably busy and I don't think any of you had stopped. She had her pens in one hand and a chip in the other. I looked at her and smiled and she said this is the perfect way to craft. We did have a laugh, such a lovely lady. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope everyone is having a good day. What an amazing offer from Barbara. My new washing machine arrives tomorrow (yeah!) so I've been sorting out the cupboard under the sink so they can get to the pipes. One cupboard led to another though as it does. Typical it's going to rain tomorrow so I will be playing washing catch up over the weekend. Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. How lovely, Diane, for you to have the memory of meeting Jayne. Something to treasure! Playing washing catch up doesn't sound exciting, but it will be lovely for you to get it all sorted. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Evening Diana like you I have friends from school friends from work friends I've collected along the way in life crafting friends and now the wonderful clarity blog friends and they have been through the good times tough times and always there .how fortunate to have them there how special that you have met Jayne memories to keep .
      Enjoy your new washer xxx

    4. Hi Diane,
      How lovely to have met Jayne. I hope the washing machine arrives on time and that you can start with the washing catch up. Try to make some time for a bit of crafting though. Love and hugs Alison xx

  40. Oh wow this is really lovely. Not only is the art work as a basic lovely but then the shading and balance of the finished product also so wonderful . A true friend is very similar, not only are they good on the surface but also all the way through.

  41. Hi Barb,
    You have some lovely friends, wonderful people at Clarity Towers and a lovely blog family too. It is such a shame that Jayne isn't well but I bet she's so chuffed to bits with what Clarity has done with her designs. Please give her my best wishes if you speak to her. Dee's artwork is absolutely stunning and beautiful. She is one very talented lady. I was another who was mesmerised by her at Catterick a couple of years ago. Very kind of her to say that you could give it away to one of your blog family as well, and very kind of you to add the voucher. I have made some lovely virtual friends on this blog, a new friend in Morag and another one coming up in Chris, so thank you for bringing us all together, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had as good a day as possible. Turned a bit chilly tonight , so Scamp and I are in front of the fire! Hoping to get some crating done over the weekend, must make some birthday cards and want to start my Christmas cards too. Really looking forward to my new plates arriving as I would like to make my sister's card from them ( probably the agapanthus). Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison, I treasure this blog too, not least for the wonderful set of friends I've made, you most definitely included!!
      Penny is much nearer to her old, or should I say young, self today. Thank goodness. I've been waiting for you to reach the bottom with your post to say hello. Now I can get away to my bed. Love and Hugs xxx

  42. Beautiful artwork – who wouldn't be over the moon to receive that!

    I can't leave a poem, but how about a puzzle? – trouble is, I don't know the answer! – here goes, anyway – can anyone tell me who Stuart Holloway is? He's there, in the sidebar at the right, where it says "I'm pretty easy going. But I guess that depends who you speak to …" – right underneath, there's Barbara's Google-Plus link, and below her there's Stuart Holloway – is this random, does everyone see him, is he one of the Clarity elves? I'm intrigued!

    1. I've just googled him, he appears to be a running graphic designer, who moonlights as a driving instructor. As well, of course, as being a clarity elf. xx

  43. Hi Barbara
    All your Clarity Team are your friends too. The flowers by lovely Jayne just make me feel happy. I have chatted to Jayne at shows and she is so kind and patient. A wonderful gentle lady who has inspired so many crafters.
    Dee has done a fantastic job and it would be an honour to own that beautiful card.
    Hugs from Chris X

  44. Update – our great niece was born at 5.40 p.m. after a very quick labour (under 2 hours in hospital!) and we were able to see her this evening before we go off on our hols ! xx

  45. Wow! Love Dee's artwork, she is so talented! Barbara you have a very special way with people that is why you have so many friends that you work with and support. Have a great weekend. Big hugs Marian Costello xxx

  46. Hi Barb. Gorgeous stamps gorgeous artwork and a fantastic giveaway too. Short and sweet fromask me as I have I
    Virtually no battery left on my phone and it's bedtime. Night! X

  47. Hi Barb. Gorgeous stamps gorgeous artwork and a fantastic giveaway too. Short and sweet fromask me as I have I
    Virtually no battery left on my phone and it's bedtime. Night! X

  48. roses are orange
    agapanthus are blue
    without Barb
    what would we do

    ICBFA…putting it politely…I Can't Blimming Find Anything (on my desk)

    beautiful artwork from Dee and so generous.


  49. Stunning artwork by Dee, wonderful designs by Jayne, bought to us by Clarity in 2 formats, my wish list gets longer by the day.The following is something from my school days, one of those things that sticks in the mind, and bursts forth from time to time.
    A rose lay on the road,
    A rose so sweet and tender,
    A lady bent to pick it up,
    And bang went her suspender!

    Happy weekend to everyone

    Janine x

  50. I marvel at all the stunning artwork you and your team put out to give us inspiration. I particularly love the Groovi, you could go as far as saying I am hooked.
    Thanks to you all Sue x

  51. What you do when you can't sleep, you look at Barbara's blog to cheer you up. I always read it but not commented lately as been feeling down in the dumps, but today I made a decision to cheer myself up and get on with it. I've ordered the set of flower groovy plates and frame amongst a few other things and tickets for Leyburn. So looking forward to it and Ally Pally too. Brilliant card by Dee, who's generosity in giving it away as a prize for your blog is amazing, as she has certainly done Jayne's stamp design proud and must have spent a lot of time on it. Thank you for your generosity too Barbara in giving away yet another voucher to add to the prize. Just have to be in it to win it as you say. Just have to say I spoke to Janine today with my order I wanted the bookmark holders for the parchment bookmarks and couldn't find them on the website. She very kindly went to look and managed to find me the last pack which I wanted for my Grandson. Will you be getting anymore Barbara??? xxx

    1. Hello pam I'm just going to bed to try to sleep again 3rd time lucky ive watched some tv I've done some colouring hope your pain isn't getting you down goodnight hugs xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, so sorry you too not being able to sleep. Pain seems never ending at night doesn't it? I cope in the day with it but so tired by the evening and then can't sleep. Not going to let it win, hence my decision to cheer myself up. Thanks so much for your support, what would we do without our Barb's blog. Lots of hugs, Sheila.

    3. Hi Morag, hope we do manage to find each other at Leyburn, be lovely to meet you, Alison and Chris. You are all so supportive on this blog along with our other friends. Must admit when at Crowborough there were so many people there and didn't get to meet JacquiCou or Lynn Bishop, but hopefully better luck next time. Jacqui was on the same photo as me, I was at the back of the hall and Jacqui was sat at the front. Asked several people with a Jacqui badge, but sadly not her. Must wear badges. Ha ha. Did meet a lovely lady from Coventry though, Diane Stephens who reads the blog but doesn't comment, but I am ashamed to say I've not been in touch as yet. I will though. Hope you read this Diane.xx

    4. Hi Morag, hope we do manage to find each other at Leyburn, be lovely to meet you, Alison and Chris. You are all so supportive on this blog along with our other friends. Must admit when at Crowborough there were so many people there and didn't get to meet JacquiCou or Lynn Bishop, but hopefully better luck next time. Jacqui was on the same photo as me, I was at the back of the hall and Jacqui was sat at the front. Asked several people with a Jacqui badge, but sadly not her. Must wear badges. Ha ha. Did meet a lovely lady from Coventry though, Diane Stephens who reads the blog but doesn't comment, but I am ashamed to say I've not been in touch as yet. I will though. Hope you read this Diane.xx

    5. Hi Sheila, so sorry you too not being able to sleep. Pain seems never ending at night doesn't it? I cope in the day with it but so tired by the evening and then can't sleep. Not going to let it win, hence my decision to cheer myself up. Thanks so much for your support, what would we do without our Barb's blog. Lots of hugs, Sheila.

    6. Perhaps better than a badge Pam. I'll decide what colour top I'll be wearing and let you all know. Hopefully it will make it easier to pick me out. Or you could just look out for the beached whale using a sparkly walking stick hahaha! xxx

  52. There once was a lass from Dundee,
    Who watched Barbara's shows avidly.
    Till resisting bo longer
    She put in THAT order,
    And now she's succumbed to Groovi…And stamps … And a stencil!

  53. Would love to know how she got the gold lines so crisp on the frame, is it "just" detail embossing powder?
    Fabulous card….
    I have quite a few of Jayne's stamps from years ago….they're lovely.

  54. Dear Barbara and friends,

    yes you are right – we need friends to work with and we all need real friends in life. I read you blog nearly every day and it makes me happy nearly every day. These new stamps are lovely and thank you very much for this example. It makes me dream of another better world. Please continue with your work – you make us all a little happier every day.

    have a nice weekend

  55. Hope this works … First time trying to comment! Have been following the blog for over a year now while recovering from major spinal surgery ending up being 4" taller and constructed using metal rods and screws amazing. Barbara you have kept me going with your lovely designs, wit and general get up and go, thank you. I love this beautiful card, the stamp design is stunning. Well here goes ….

  56. Hi Barb, Dee is indeed a very talented and creative lady, this card and tag are just incredible. Jayne must love the fact that her designs can be used to such great effect.I don't think there is a single crafter out there that wouldn't want to own it. It is good to have supportive friends, ones who show up in the storm, and in the sunshine. So good luck everyone. Take care and stay safe in the rain. Bx

  57. Amazing artwork Dee and so generous of you to give it away. Thanks Barbara for supporting Jane and bringing these gorgeous designs to us as stamps and Groovi plates – and for the wonderful offer of the voucher xx

  58. This is such a beautiful, stunning piece of art! You know this belongs in Tecxas,don't you? The Yellow Rose of Texas! I would give it a lovely place of honor (or, honour, if you prefer!) Katie Wilson

  59. Hi, It's stunning and just when I think I am improving you show a piece of art work that blows me away.
    I have lots of Jayne's stamps from ages ago. I made myself a Christmas picture in a frame of her beautiful little girl with the deer and the signpost and every time it comes out I think of her and what a lovely talented lady she is. You are lucky to know her so well and I wish her all the very best. Margaret x

  60. Wow, firstly the stamps are beautiful – I best get my derrière in gear and earn more wonga so I can add them to my ever growing clarity collection. Dee that card n tag is a masterpiece – it blows me away the detail and time – I wish I had the talent to produce such amazing pieces. Ju x

  61. What a beautiful card, and such a generous gesture to offer it as a give-away. I'm sure it will be treasured by who-ever is lucky enough to win. It's made my mind up that the rose stamp is definitely the one for me, just love Jayne's work and have an old DVD by her demonstrating her talents, so will be watching that again soon. x

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