It’s a piece of cake! But what’s new???

It’s a piece of cake! But what’s new???

Hi there!
Sunny Sunday here!
Yesterday it rained all afternoon, 
which was such a shame for the all the events, fêtes, fairs and festivals which were on in villages and town all over the country.
Our own Crowborough had their annual festival yesterday.
So much effort, so much planning,
all hinged on the weather.
Especially if you’re planning a bonfire!
Ah well.
We can’t stop the rain, eh.
There’s always next year…..(???)
Anyway, I can’t stop long.
Mum and Dad’s today.
A Wedding Anniversary imminent, so
we’ve got a little surprise trip planned for them, 
which I am excited to tell them about. 
I just hope their passports are valid !!
On the subject of celebrations, 
here’s a little step-by-step project showing off our 

Brilliant for all sorts of celebrations.
You need A4 Parchment.
I went with one of the new Soft tones colours:

You can buy a selection pack of all 6 tones

or you can but large packs of individual colours 
if you are planning a wedding or a party.

No. 1 tool from the Starter Kit to trace out the template.
Make sure you get the inner boxes.
These you can then fill with any number of designs!

I am going with the lacey icing on one of the complimentary Wedding & Cake Decorations borders
Just line up the inner box on the cake slice
and away you go!
It really is a piece of cake!

Add a rose…

…or two….

We do like a polka dot!

And a Dove.
There are so many different elements on these borders.

So now we’ve added hearts and all sorts, 
we really ought to press on.
The Polka Dots need a little whitework.
Working from behind on a soft mat
Use the No. 4 tool to stretch the all little dots.
Then go back over them all again with a smaller No. 3 tool
(Other tools in Starter Kit)

Out with the Groovi Grids.
When you buy the diagonal and the straight together,
we send you the 1-needle and 2-needle piercing tools as a gift.
They are brilliant.
I really like the little white dot embossing effect for backgrounds.
I also like how easy it is.
Call me simple. I can take it.
You don’t use the piercing tools though. You use the No. 2 tool from the Starter Kit. The one at the other ender from the No. 1.
And again I say,
call me simple. I like simple.

So you can fill areas around images,
or you can fill images.
I use the diagonal grid for filling mostly.

Doesn’t this look delightful?!

Very quick too.
And if you are planning on making 50 or 100 or 200 of these
Cake Slices as bonbonnieres/wedding favours,
very quick sounds good.
Add a little colour to the roses with a Distress Marker.
From behind of course. xx

Now let’s cut and assemble.
Large scissors work for me.

Fold in the little tags and the sides, 
I used organza ribbon to keep the end closed.

12 slices make a complete cake,
and what a perfect centre piece that would make 
for an anniversary or a wedding.

All ready to be filled.
With chocolates.
With confetti.
With sweets.
Any other ideas?

On the subject of other ideas,
we are in full production on another Groovi Tem-Plate.
We have the beautiful box with the Christmas decs.
What do you think could be the next Tem-Plate coming your way?
The first person to guess right below I will send the new Tem-Plate and it’s matching Border as a prize! 
Have a great Sunday.
Love & Hugs.

174 thoughts on “It’s a piece of cake! But what’s new???

  1. I reckon it could be a Christmas tree template, or a 3D Angel. I can vouch for these boxes being so easy to create and decorate. I hope those passports are up to date and everyone has a fantastic time. Hope you have not forgotten Poldark tonight. Have a great day. xxx Maggie

  2. I think maybe a hexagon box with everyday items rather than christmas.
    I love the cake slice, I do buy more general items rather than christmas as I get more use out of them.

  3. This template is great , has so many uses , the little baby rattle would be great for a baptism . As for the next template so many guesses already so I'm going for a shoe shape! Wouldn't that be great ! Hope your parents enjoy their surprise x

  4. Hi Barb – most of my ideas have already been chosen, so I will go with a Bell Tem-Plate! Could be used for many occasions, not just Christmas. Have a great day with your Mum and Dad! Hugs Gilly, x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I was just about to catch up on yesterday's blog, when I saw that Barb had already done today's! I hope that all of you are ok, and have a good day with some sunny weather. We have just had a shower of rain, but the sun is now coming out here! Neill and I are having a resting day, ready for the week ahead. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  5. I think a box with border plates for new babies. Actually I think a hexagon is the most feasible but it has already been mentioned . My daughter has already said yes to the square boxes and then the cake slices for her wedding next year but she will want silver and purple so I hope I will be able to buy those colours in A4 in bulk! Enjoy your Sunday. X

  6. Hi Barbara, you've decorated your cake slice beautifully. Thanks for sharing. I'm simple too, definitely a less is more person.

    I really struggle to think outside the box. Ha, ha. The only different box shape I can think of is a pillow box.

    Hope you have a good day with your parents. And they get excited about their surprise.
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda. Are you enjoying the Paralympics? I've never quite got the hang of 'less is more'. Sometimes I have difficulty knowing when to stop!! Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Thanks everyone xx

      A wee bit sun on and off here, you can tell summer is over, cold wind. Sunday's chore is a big one, but been managing a wee bit craft after while watching the paralympics

  7. Hi Barbara , I agree about the rain every Saturday it such a shame. We have a good car boot here on a Saturday and I have been trying for weeks to do it to raise some money to spend with you at ally pally, but every week they forecast rain and I would be out in the middle of a field. Oh well too late now. Now for the next template I believe it will be a Christmas one, maybe tree decks , or a traditional scene, but I do know what ever it is it will be stunning once you're self and your team get to work with it.

  8. Hi Barbara, A box template that can be in various sizes to use for presents. Have a fabulous day with your lovely parents. Enjoy! Looks like a good day weather wise. Big hugs Marian X

  9. Beautiful Barbara thank you for giving us another lovely offer and am chance to win a template have a wonderful day with your parents Sunday hugs xxx
    A winter scene template ( trees robins snowman ect )

    1. Hi Sheila, enjoy your crafty day. I managed to get my challenge card done yesterday and can you believe it, I used the scrap from last months entry and it turned out better than I expected. Need to do the calendar card next. I don't feel good after a load of nonsense last night, I just feel like packing a suitcase and leaving but that is not the answer…crafting might be the answer today.

    2. Bless you Julia crafting will help you through but you don't need the nonsense as its hard enough to go through as it is sending you a special hug to keep with you xxx

  10. Hi Barbara, well very beautiful love the cake box but everything you bring us is amazing.
    Well I think all the ideas have been said, would love a Christmas cracker, it still could be used as a gift package.
    just can't wait.
    Have a wonderful day with your family, very important.
    Lynn xx

    1. Hi Morag, thank you for your kind thoughts.
      The weather today is good. So have been in the garden trying to get a few jobs done.
      But I am know doing my Groovi cards, just doing the tracing out then will go back in later to do the colouring.
      Waiting for my new pencils to arrive then I can see how good they are.
      Lots of hugs xxx

  11. What about a little house shaped box…it could be a gingerbread house for Christmas, or a spooky house for Halloween. Whatever it's going to be, I'm sure it will be beautiful.

  12. I suspect that the winning answer is above, but just in case it hasn't I'll go with a birdhouse/nesting box. It'd go with all the bird Groovi plates, and could be used to hang on Christmas trees, with numbers to make into a hanging advent calendar….

  13. My cake boards arrived just as we came away! Like my great niece ! Sorry I'll stop talking about her soon !! Can't wait to have a go with them so this will be a useful blog when I get back.

    Why did the students eat theiir homework? Because it was a piece of cake !

    Hope everyone is well. Been for a swim this morning will no doubt have to go in again as it's hot hot hot! Hope everyone is well. It's hard for me to read all the posts so please forgive me. Love to all X.

  14. Beuatiful as always. I had a craft day in Edinburgh yesterday and it was lovely and sunny outside! Hubbie took advantage of the weather and and had a day with our daughter walking around Edinburgh. She is now settled into her new flat and has enjoyed a week of fresher's celebration as a rep. I am so proud of her taking on lots of responsibilities.

    1. Hi Fiona it's good to know they are settled in safely isn't it. We haven't seen Emma's new place yet, Internet isn't connected until the end of the month then we will get the Skype tour ( as will granny and auntie!). Sending hugs xxx

  15. I luv these boxes and all the new groovi designs, my bank balance isnt so keen though 🙂
    Thinking into next year,the new templates maybe Valentine or Easter themed?
    Looking forward to Leyburn x

  16. Mmmmm……I think it may be a beautiful Christmas star. For putting a little pressie, choices or sweets in. And they would look so pretty in different colours hanging on the tree, or on a garland. Hope you have a lovely day with your mum and dad, mine are both gone now, I miss them so much xx

  17. Ha ha, I think you are just looking for ideas for new templates Barbara. I think the new template could be a pillow box.

    I would like to say thank you to Paul. Yesterday most of my day was a 10 but in the evening things went bad between me and soon to be ex husband (not soon enough) so I took my laptop into another room and watched Paul grooving on catch up. I know everyone says it but it really is therapeutic watching someone else groovi.

  18. Love the ideas of the templates have got the cake slice but not used it yet I think the new one has already been guessed a hand bag .so to add another mix maybe something to do with transport cars ,lorries x

  19. Love the effect of using the diagonal 'dots' plate. Yet another thing I want to try with my shiny new Groovi stash! My guess re new template is a cracker maybe? Meanwhile, continuing with the daily comment challenge though crafting's had to finish early.

    The lass from Dundee is now happy
    Though she started the day feeling crappy.
    The house is a mess
    But she couldn't care less,
    'Cos her Groovies are getting less scrappy!
    (and she loves the mindfulness approach)

  20. I really love the cake box and the square box templates, have just ordered mine can't wait for them to arrive – lots of ideas spring to mind on how they can be used. As for the new template – I think it could be a handbag, however, would also love to see a hexagon box template or a pyramid box the latter would be good to hang on a tree for Christmas and could also be used to put a small gift in it. I am intrigued to find out what it will be !!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your day and really pleased the sun is shining…
    Moya xx

  21. Ooh, I do love a competition! So, even though most of my ideas have been taken, I'm going to guess that the next tem-plate will be another box, but it would have a border plate that features various ribbons and bows to go around the outside of the box, making it look like a little wrapped present. It would be perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or any present-giving occasion, with room inside for a gift card or small gift. I'm sure one of the previous commenters has already come up with the correct answer, but I quite like this idea so I'll be crossing my fingers that it's a possibility! 😀 Thanks for another lovely post Barbara, always a joy to read.
    Madeline x

  22. I would say a Christmas Cracker too Barbara. Your demo is gorgeous, as you so rightly say it would be perfect for anyone having a special celebration coming up. Enjoy your time with your parents. I'm sure they'll love your surprise. Hugs xxx
    Here's todays little ditty!

    Three is simple….it rhymes with Dee
    The talented lady who I hope you’ll agree
    Created this rose masterpiece……..
    Just for me!!????!!

  23. Hello my dear friends. Penny not having a good day today, which means no crafting for me as she just wants to be cuddled. We're just praying that she doesn't start her pacing and trying to hide, as it goes on for hours until she's exhausted. I so wish that we'd waited until she was 12 weeks old before letting her have her 2nd vaccine. It may well have prevented this. But isn't hindsight just wonderful!!!
    Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

    1. Just saw what you've said about little Penny. Hope she'll soon be better, what a worry for you. I can remember one of our puppies having a bad reaction like that but I think it was either the worming or the flea treatment that caused it.xx

    2. Oh thank you so much for your suggestion Maggie. I will try anything, it is heartbreaking to watch her. I'll go now and have a google. Love and Hugs xxx

  24. Absolutely stunning this box.
    I would guess that the next box would be a pyramid, triangle type box, with a flap to open and insert treats and surprises.
    Could be decorated to look like a Xmas tree too!

  25. Thank you for the step by step for the cake box, it looks beautiful. Have a lovely afternoon with your parents, they're bound to love their surprise.

    I expect the new groovy template has already been guessed, but I'd go for the cracker or the pillow shape gift box personally.

  26. Hello Barbara on this sunny Sunday afternoon.
    The cake slice box is stunning, I have this on my wish list but I did buy the box plate and its borders.
    Hope you have a lovely afternoon with your parents and that they enjoy your surprise you have for them.
    As to what your next Tem Plate could be……. I think it's to make handbags and purses.
    I hope I'm right as I would love to own one of those as I think they to would make lovely gifts. Xx

  27. Hi to my lovely blog friends, hope you're enjoying all this beautiful sunshine and making the most of it. Been busy all morning, yesterday and today helping to move a rockery further along in the front garden, to make space for a small car. Pete did all the heavy work, I just gave the orders and put the plants in. We're both aching now so it's definitely rest time in the sunshine for us. Love,and hugs to you

    1. Hi Pam, that sounds like me – when hedge cutting or leaf clearing I am always reminding my hubby not to step on this or that. I have been known to put canes in to signal where small plants are hiding xx

  28. Would love to make a groovi bauble, not sure how a template would work, or a groovi waterfall card. Not even sure these things would be feasible which is why I am not a designer lol

  29. Hope you have a lovely time with your mum and dad and that their passports are still in date!! Love the box you have created, such beautiful patterns and a lovely delicate colour too. I think the next template will either be a bag or a Christmas Cracker. Have a lovely Sunday. xxx

  30. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful box, I wonder if the tickets for the treat will fit inside it! There have been so many guesses so I'm sure it's gone already, my thought would be little match boxes that could be used as advent boxes or hung from the Christmas tree. I'm sure it's a pillow box or cracker. Happy anniversary to your mum and dad, they must be celebrating many happy years together. I hope they enjoy their suprise. Have a lovely family day.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, looks like we've all got sunshine today, lovely isn't it. We've been doing some chopping back in the garden this morning – just heading out there again with my book – what a treat. Sending hugs all round xxx

  31. It has to be New Year surely. Love how you make it look so easy. Practice, practice and some more practice, just change the pattern from time to time to avoid the squiggly eyes. What a shame we couldn't have this weather yesterday. Never mind, we go with the flow. Happy Sunday xx

  32. I am trying to think outside the box (groan!) and I think it will be a pram with baby bootees, a matinee jacket, rattle etc.
    A Grandmother is a babysitter who watches the kids instead of the television – unknown – if she is anything like me with two lively boys it's like a hawk especially in playgrounds!

    1. Hello blog pals. It's that time of year when I want to make the most of the lovely weather. We are planning to sit outside or in the conservatory this evening and watch the stars appear xx

  33. I do love how you have decorated this cake box Barbara. Really pretty.
    I think the next template could be an envelope template. That would be really cool. Xx
    Amanda xx

  34. As we saw a colored owl in your blog, why not an owl box for Christmas cut in a colored parchment paper which can be closed to be used as a box or open at the bottom to be used with a led light ???

  35. I am late getting on here today and all the thing I would have said have already been mentioned, but I think I would put my money on a cracker template. I love what you have done with the cake slice box Barbara, just so pretty! I'm sorry your local event was a bit of a wash out yesterday, such a shame when things have been planned for months ahead. Your Mum and Dad were thrilled by the surprise you have for their anniversary I'm sure. It obviously entails some travelling abroad which sounds exciting! x

  36. A Christmas cracker template !!! Happy anniversary to your Dad And. Mum sounds like they are in for a great surprise we have a big one coming up December 40 year wow don't know we're that time went . Lots love hugs xxx

  37. Love your cake box, reckon you're whisking mum and dad off to Paris as an anniversary treat – wherever you take them have fun! Just finished my first cube box – 'chuffed to bits' with it and have an idea for my cake template to try next!

    The new template… hmmmn…how about a little basket with lacy handle to run ribbon thro'? Ooh … or could it be a hat? Those are my guesses so now to wait and see!

    Enjoy Poldark… got it recording while we watch Victoria xx

  38. It is amazing how many ideas you and the Clarity team keep coming up with. The little cake box is beautiful. We've had a lovely day here in the Staffordshire Moorlands. Hope the trip goes well and congrats to your Mum and Dad.

  39. I'm loving all the ideas everyone is coming up with. I'm gonna say, a template for an advent calendar?
    Whatever it is, I know it'll be great and we'll all want one! Have a great time with your ma & pa and hope you all enjoy the anniversary celebrations. Xxx

  40. Hi Barbara
    Congratulations on the new templates. The samples made by the Design Team and yourself for the TV show were beautiful.
    I rather fancy a template in the shape of a house. With Christmas looming it could be used for treats/ presents on the tree or as an Advent calendar. It could also be used to make a birdhouse any time of the year.
    I hope your Mum and Dad enjoy their surprise trip.
    Love Shirley G

  41. Love the cake box. I would love a template for crackers – different sizes so you could do some little ones for the Christmas tree or place settings. However a hexagonal box sounds good too, again perhaps in different sizes – again I am thinking place settings with one choc in the box.

  42. Morning Barbara, I hope you had a lovely time with your Mum and Dad, and Happy Anniversary to them, I bet they love your surprise !!
    Thank you for the step by step of this gorgeous cake slice box.
    I think your next template will be a bell or bauble or Christmas ornament, but whatever it is – we will all be waiting in eager anticipation !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  43. Morning Barbara, I hope you had a lovely time with your Mum and Dad, and Happy Anniversary to them, I bet they love your surprise !!
    Thank you for the step by step of this gorgeous cake slice box.
    I think your next template will be a bell or bauble or Christmas ornament, but whatever it is – we will all be waiting in eager anticipation !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  44. Hello Barb, love this step by step, it is amazing what can be produced with the Groovi plates and parchment. Mmmm, I am thinking the next template is for Easter, perhaps an Easter basket. Looking forward to seeing it revealed. Happy Anniversary to your Mum and Dad. Bx

  45. A little octagonal box maybe. Ideal for small xmas gifts. Hope your mum and dad were pleased with their surprise trip. Just been catching up on your blogs we have had such a frantic weekend not had time to read. Brilliant though as we were with all our nieces and nephews and our own children as well. xx

  46. This is a wonderful step by step, thanks. I think the next template will be a heart shaped box, that would be wonderful for valentines day, gifts of jewellery or chocolates.
    I was in Crowborough for the carnival at the weekend and was so disappointed it was raining.

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