Oh Dee we do like to be beside the seaside!!!

Oh Dee we do like to be beside the seaside!!!

Hi there
Thanks for popping in.
Just got in from a day with my mate Dee.
It was just what the doctor ordered.
A morning of crafting together – now THAT’S something we haven’t done for a while!
It was so enjoyable, working together, chatting away,
catching up.
She’s a good egg. And a very astute one, too.
It was good to run some stuff by her and get her honest opinion.
She’s a straight shooter; says it as it is. 

Then after lunch with a view, it was time to take Sam for a walk.

What a glorious beach!

And what a lovely little pal Sam is.

He’s a Jack Russell – Chihuahua cross.
Smashing little dog.

Far from the madding crowd…

Just us, Sam and a pebble beach.

Sam. aka Frisbee nut.

So I’ve come home tired but happy.
And thinking about our dogs, Dutchie and Duke.
Our two black labs. 
Miss them greatly since they went off to Rainbow Bridge, 
and often say to Dave how good it would be to have a dog again. Or two. 
But he’s right. With the lifestyle we lead, the run around,
it wouldn’t be fair on the animals.
And Romeo the old cat 
would have a fit if dogs suddenly pitched up!
But down the road a little perhaps…..
Time to stop and sit in the garden.
Enjoy this glorious weather.
Don’t forget to leave an uplifting comment below,
to be in with a chance to win that fabulous artwork from Dee, 
with the £20 gift voucher inside!
She even made a special envelope for it….
Love and hugs 
Have you been and voted yet?
Please do, if you think we’re worth it!!
If you don’t know what I am talking about,
go to yesterday’s blog – it’s all there, plus the links 

123 thoughts on “Oh Dee we do like to be beside the seaside!!!

  1. Pebble beaches are hard work for walking but so beautiful. So pleased you and Dee had time together. Dee's handiwork is beautiful, something to aspire to. What a lovely day today and the evening has been pretty good. Enjoy what is left of the evening. x

  2. Sounds a lovely day dogs are great companions it's been so hot to day are pup milo had his paddling pool out that dog loves a splash cooled him right down running around like a looney he is such a tonic we keep talking about a second dog but it is the being tied Down with two. Will 8 pm still hot but dark have strange enjoy your evening xxx

  3. How lovely to make the time to craft along with a good friend – a real luxury. Glad you both had such a perfect day and the chance to blow away the cobwebs too. I did manage to get my votes in last night. Wouldn't it be fab if you won them all? You and the team deserve them. Have a great week. xxx Maggie

    1. Hi Donna,
      Very hot here today, but cooler now. Would you be.ieve we have a weather warning for heavy rain, thunderstorms and large hail! Glad you got some crafting in. Love and hugs Alison xx

  4. Looks like you had a great time shared with excellent company in fantastic sunshine – can't think of anything better!

    Well, something being celebrated here too…my younger son's birthday, scrummy food finished off with 'Clyde the Caterpillar' birthday cake, nearly forgot to mention, and here's the bit to make you smile…he's 36! Bit of a tradition in our family is a 'Clyde' cake rofl!

    Have cast my votes, now just have to wait for the results – good luck!

  5. Hi Barbara, Yes, I voted this morning !!
    What a fabulous day you and Dee seem to have had and Sam too, ohhhhhh it looks so lovely on that beach, oh to be beside the seaside with all that fresh air to blow away the cobwebs. I would love to have been there with you both !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. Looks positively idyllic. Good job you had some good company, otherwise it would have been a little lonesome. Just thought I'd mention the paralympics. Not sure if any of you are watching, but all the competitors are amazing. G.B. are doing magnificently and the feelings of pride towards them is quite overwhelming at times. If you haven't caught any of the coverage, go on spoil yourselves and see what's going on. Xxx

  7. Voted this morning , very easy to do as you and all at Clarity towers deserve every award going . Very hot had to stay in but made a special Christmas card for friends and did a few remade cards for the local hospital , my bit for a good charity , going towards a new scanner.x

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends – thank you for your kind comments yesterday! I am feeling much better today, and so far have managed to keep Merv and Ernie away today! I shall be having an early night, so love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, glad to here you got rid of your little beasties. You made me think yesterday…perhaps I should give my husband a nick name, besides the bad words that usually go through my mind!

  8. I tried to vote , but it insisted I vote for things I don't use like beads and sewing machine etc and I wasn't up to just guessing. Don't remember that last time . I may try again .
    Our weather here in Virginia has cooled a wee bit and the humidity is way down which made for a delightful 3 mile walk this am with my daughter who live close and before she set out for teaching . Hope I win . Janice

  9. What a lovely day for a walk down by the sea with a friend called Dee and her dog makes three.
    Glad you were able to sort a few things out with your "say it straght friend" but while you were away I've nipped off and did some voting for the clarity dream team.
    As for the dogs! We went 14 years before we were in a position to be able to have them again, we now have two and a nine year old cat who has to run the gortlet every now and then, get they all get on in their own way.

  10. Hi Barbara, glad you had a good day and talking with Dee helped. Beautiful beach. It's been a couple of years since I last got to one of ours. No sun here, just that damp muggy stuff, and rain this evening, with warnings of torrential rain, flash floods, strong winds, thunder and lightening, and hail stones to come. No snow though, guess they thought that enough to cover their backs!!! I've not voted yet, got confused about the link as it said it was for nominations on the front page. But I will, if it's the right thing. Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda,
      We have the same weather warnings here too. I don't mind if the mugginess goes and I can sleep! Just click on the first link from Barbara's and it's very straight forward, you just tick the ones you want to vote for in each category. Love and hugs Alison xx

    2. I need help with the voting please. It won't let you not tick sections, and there's quite a lot with no Barbara, Clarity, or Hochanda. What do I do? I can't tick for something I don't know, that would be wrong. Thanks

    3. Hi Brenda I know what you mean, would be easier if you could just vote for the ones you want to. I went with names I knew for the ones where Clarity isn't involved. When you get to the shop section if you click on other then put n/a in the box you can bypass that section. I hope this helps in some way. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    4. Thank you for the help everyone. It doesn't feel right voting for something I don't want to, or don't know who's best, but I'll try again tomorrow, see if I can manage to. It feels like lying. Xx

  11. Sounds like you had a lovely day with your friend Dee. By the sea would have been wonderful on a day like today. Hugs xxx

    Here's my ditty for the day.

    When Jayne’s stamps arrive,
    I hope I’ll contrive to bring them alive
    To honour this wonderful artist
    At number five, I hope not to crash dive
    As I sure am not the smartest.

  12. Hello dear friends. Just a quick in and out today. Penny had a couple of hours sleep this afternoon, following her Scullcap and Valarien. I am praying that it works for her. Love and Hugs to you all xxx

    1. Hi Morag,
      I hope Penny gets some relief soon – it will certainly be easier for you. Hope you managed to get out in the late very weather for a bit. Actually it was a bit hot for me! Get a good nights rest, love and hugs Alison xxx

  13. I miss my Max too, a little Yorkie. Maybe when we retire we will get another. 3 years on I still miss him but on a positive he gave me so much joy and he was days away from 17. 💖

  14. Voting done😄 My nephew has a jackachuahua called Jago, they are cracking little dogs! He got Jago on the last day of 12 gruelling months of chemo, pretty tough thing for 14 year old go through but Jago adores him, they are great pals xx

  15. Oh that sounds like a perfect day!

    There was a lady called Dee
    Who lived not far from the sea
    Barbara visited for the day
    For a craft and to play
    With Sam the dog and his Frisby.

    Don't include me in the draw Barbara… Even though I'd love Dee's card!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  16. I can remember when I first watched you on create and craft and you showed some samples and i was absolutely blown away by Dees – and I have not yet seen any of her work that has not been fabulous – I think it is the wide range of different pieces she produces that has just made my admiration of her talent grow – I am not naturally effusive but do say things as i see them ( sometimes getting me in trouble ) – my daughter tells me I have no filter !?

  17. Glad you had such a great day. My best friend came over to craft with me today. We have decided to try and do this every Tuesday as that's the one day a week that we have off together. It's also less depressing than watching our football team being thrashed as we did last Saturday!

  18. Glad you had a good day. I caught up with a crafty pal but it was so pleasant we simply sat outside in the sun over a cup of Earl Grey and planned our visit to Leyburn on 24th

  19. Hi Barbara
    So pleased you enjoyed your day with Dee. You need some me time. I love a pebble beach and seeing a dear little dog playing with a frisbee. My votes are cast and they are for you and Clarity of course. You are an inspiration to us all.
    Hugs from Chris X

  20. Hi Barb
    Well it certainly seems as though you and Dee had a lovely day and I bet that little Sam had a whale of a time with the pair of you. I used to love going to the beach with our dog – a border collie, rough collie cross- years ago. She used to love it too. Once we were on a beach in Pembrokeshire and there was a flock of seagulls. Bonnie saw them and chased after them. When she almost got to them the whole flock took off and flew in the opposite direction and landed on the beach again. Bonnie chased after them and they repeated the take off and landing. Honestly, it was hilarious to watch! In the end she just lay on the beach and gave a great big Woof! She was shattered!! Love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Been very hot here today, although the forecast rain has just started. I managed to get the grass at Mam's and my sisters cut so that was good. Hope I manage to get some sleep tonight as with any luck it won't be as hot. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  21. Hi, What a wonderful day to meet up with a good friend and be by the sea! A great combination. Hope you sleep well after all that sea air, crafting and catching up with Dee. Big hugs Marian xxx

  22. Evening Barbara lovley to read you had a special day with Dee and made wonderful memories yes a dog needs time and your time is taken up with clarity maybe when you retire 😊 Do you think you will do that ?
    I don't know if you read my message from yesterday I asked if you could do a parchment size for jaynes new plate as it would save me having to cut it or would it not be feasible xxx

    1. Evening dear blog friends thank you for all your good wishes i will take them all with me on Friday.I did leave you message today after been to the nurse for my bloods I've been in bed since 8pm I've got a rest day tomorrow might do a little groovi good night hugs to all thinking of you all xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – thank you so much for your comments, they help me so much. I hope that you are resting and being able to do some crafting today. I am writing this at the hospital Neill is just about to go in for his appointment. Love and special hugs, Gilly xxx

  23. What a fabulous way to spend a day, great weather, great views and great company. So jealous of where you live, much better than a town. So much nicer to be able to get to the sea and smell that bracing sea air. Glad you had fun. Xxx

  24. Your trip to the seaside with Dee and Sam really cheered me up as it's been hot, muggy, grey and wet up here.Now we're having a thunder and lightening storm There's not much that's better than a stroll along the beach with man's best friend, especially when the beach is as beautiful as Dee's. Glad you managed to have a crafty catch up too. Dee is such a talented crafter and designer that one can not help but admire her work. Off now to vote for my favourite craft family. Love to all, Jeanette xxxx

  25. 'Oh what a perfect day' I'm glad you spent it with Dee. 'Oh what a perfect day' frolicking about down by the sea. Playing frisbee with Sam, did you have scones and jam, washed down with a nice cuppa tea!
    Put my vote in – all for Clarity of course! Glad you had a lovely day off, it looks lovely. Xx

  26. Sounds a beautiful day, I love Dee's work. I'm looking forward to a crafty morning with my chum French Liz when she returns from travelling. O, I've voted too. Really enjoying this blog and getting to recognise bloggers. All the best to those of you who are ill or worried, and to puppy Penny. Thanks Barbara and Morag for your encouragement. So, today's poetic update:

    The lass from Tayside's had a day
    Filled with stamping and all sorts of play,
    With hares leaping madly
    O'er toadstools coloured badly,
    Thus all grotty thoughts kept at bay.

  27. It's great to spend time with good friends when we can, especially when we know we will always get wisdom and truth from them. Throw a dog into the mix for a bit of fun and it can't fail to be a good day. Be happy Pauline xx.

  28. I voted first thing this morning but I'm not going to tell you who I voted for, lol. Looks like you had a great day with Dee. I live in a seaside town and it is one of those things, when you live there you hardly go to the beach. When the girls were wee we used to be able to see the sea from the back garden, bouncing on the trampoline.

    1. Susan I had a smile to myself, when we were still at home with mum and dad one of our neibours went down to the beach to swim every day of the year. Our mum used to say'they e always got a cold!' Xx
      Julia your beeches are lovely, go and have a lovely blow along them tomorrow xxxx

    2. Susan, that's a truly Scottish thing to do – go swimming in the sea pretending it's lovely! Diane, yes I try and go to the gym twice a week (which is down by the beach) and am thinking about changing that to going for an hour walk at least twice a week along one of the beaches. It's good exercise and it's also good for the sole.

  29. Yeah my votes are in, guess who for, no prizes as far too easy to guess. Love Dee's work, stunning. Great to spend time with a friend, reminds you what you do it all for. My greyhound Star keeps me sane in this mad world, I do manage to juggle job and dog, I'm lucky that some days each week I work from home and I have a great dog walker. The juggling is more than made up by that welcome I get when I walk through the door, bad days just melt away. Woof Woof I say. Karen

  30. Well, I was dressed for autumn today – rain, and a distinct chill in the air! I'm slightly envious of a sunny day at the beach and a chat and catch up with a crafty friend, but I'm so pleased for you and Dee that you had such a wonderful time together with little Sam. My votes are all cast, and now watching a little of the paralympics – it's just so inspiring x

  31. Yes I have voted. Lovely that you had that time with Dee such a talented lady. I love her little dog, I too would love to have another but know I would struggle with the walks. We have not managed a trip to the sea this year sadly. Nothing like a wander on the beach and listening to the waves. xx

  32. HI Barb. Sounds like you and the lovely Dee had a good day together – maybe just what you both needed. I live near a beach and wish I had the time today to go down there as it was so hot here, but tasks had to be done and time ran out!!! Maybe tomorrow. X

  33. There is a girl in Benalmadena
    Reading of good weather in England
    While playing in the pool
    She's keeping herself cool
    And wondering what she's doing here! (As it rained in Spain this afternoon!)

    Glad you had a good day Barbara, lovely pics and your decision about dogs is spot on for the time being xx

  34. Glad that you enjoyed your day with Dee by the sea, also that you managed some crafting, chatting and catching up, what could be better than that. I really miss my dogs too, I say one day, but as age is catching up on me and we're retired we have to make the most of our freedom while we can. Did vote this morning but seemed to be for the nominations and not the last vote. As it said the last day for voting was a date in July etc. Did leave a message on yesterday's blog near the end.

  35. How lovely to catch up with a good friend and do some crafting together too I love Maria's class not only for her teaching and ideas but for the chance to get together with other crafter's. My votes are in xx

    1. Excuse me for not commenting individually but we've had a good but busy day. It's been hot and we sat outside to listen to the owls as it got dark and then spent until 9.30 watching the most amazing lightning show. Going to 8.30 am pilates tomorrow then off to find crafter's companion so I'm off to bed now xx

  36. Voting done, pleased you had a good day with Dee and Sam. After losing both my lovely mum and dad within 5 months, I have rehomed a westie called Meg. I've had her about six weeks now, and the joy she gives me is priceless. xx

  37. So pleased you had a good day, you deserved it. We had lots of rain and thunder. Ela, our Scottish Deerhound was out in rain barking at lightening – not scared just telling it off! Made a start at clearing dining room to make it into craft room number 2. Exciting thought. Voted.

  38. Well Barbara I am uplifted by you. I am so excited to be coming to ally pally on Saturday to see all your lovely products again and of course to meet you, Dave and Paul and any of your team. You are all such an inspiration and I just can't wait.

  39. Hi there, know what you mean about taking time out – we've been to Skeggy today with Mum & H (86 and 85 respectively) we had such a fun time – took half the 2p's we've been saving and had a good old spend up in the Amusement arcade – won 3 cars for our Grandson (3 years old) could have bought them for less, probably but, we had so much fun – great to see the wrinklies happy and well…….nearly forgot to mention the fab fish and chips as well ……. good to get out, you should do it more often xxx

  40. Hi there, know what you mean about taking time out – we've been to Skeggy today with Mum & H (86 and 85 respectively) we had such a fun time – took half the 2p's we've been saving and had a good old spend up in the Amusement arcade – won 3 cars for our Grandson (3 years old) could have bought them for less, probably but, we had so much fun – great to see the wrinklies happy and well…….nearly forgot to mention the fab fish and chips as well ……. good to get out, you should do it more often xxx

  41. I am so glad you had such a lovely, fun, crafty, relaxing day! Fabulous photos! I have been resting a lot today and planning what crafting I am going to try and do tomorrow! xxx

  42. Hi Barbara,

    I read your brilliant blog every night but its usually very late so don't comment. To make up for that I have just voted for you in all groups as a big thank you.

    Much love,

    Shirley T. xxx

  43. I love walking along pebble beaches and hearing the crunch of the stones beneath my feet. It is good for the soul!
    It is always nice to craft along with friends. You share ideas and learn so much while setting the world to rights!
    Glad you had a good day with Dee.

  44. My favourite chill out sessions are with my dog on the beach in Yorkshire – sorts my head out!!! I voted last night and wish you well with the nominations and voting…

  45. Have done my vote and good luck to you all at Clarity not as luck comes into it when you have a good team and a good product. I like your phrase rainbow bridge I haven't heard that before. We have had quite a few pets that have crossed that rainbow bridge. How nice that sounds.

  46. Oh I do love to be beside the seaside I do love to be by the sea especially with a good icecream and friends.
    Remember going to a well know Oyster Restaurant in Whitstable with my best friend and the meal for "fish and chips" for 4 cost over £100 but great time was had by all.

    God bless xx

  47. Aww, you can't beat anything with Jack Russell in! I have a Jack Russell terrier, she is the most loyal little dog I have ever had. Seen me through some bad times always a waggy tail and a doggy smile!

  48. One of the best things I did was to get myself a lovely adodorable little bichon cross puppy. He is now five and such a lovely companion. He follows me everywhere and loves his runs across our local golf course on a lovely sunny evening.

  49. I love the idea of having a dog but it's such a commitment so later down the track when I'm z grandma maybe, for now I have my cats the rabbits and the hamster along with kids and husband – enough for now. I just love pictures of peables they just want you todo something with them, or is that just me x

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