Oh Joy!!

Oh Joy!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in today.
Oh Joy??
Oh boy!!
Am I pooped today!
Tried to have a day off and couldn’t even rustle up the energy to buy anything at John Lewis!
(You KNOW it’s bad when I leave JLs empty handed! ).
On Sunday, whilst we were having fun at Crafters Companion flagship store in Newton Aycliffe, 
Paul was having fun on Hochanda.

(If you missed any of the shows, you can watch again on catchup via the Hochanda website. Paul was on at 11am, 2pm & 5pm)
Didn’t he do well?!? 

This is one of the demos he did during the 5pm show, using the 
Let’s go through it, shall we?

Take a piece of A5 Theuva Card and dust with some talcum powder
(this will stop the embossing powder sticking where it shouldn’t!)
Stamp with Black Archival ink and sprinkle Clear Embossing Powder over the image. 
Tap off the excess powder and then using a heat gun, heat from underneath on a slow setting until the embossing powder melts.

Stamp out the Joy stamp onto a sheet of copy paper, 
and then cut out the centre of the “O”.

When cutting, make sure that you cut into part of the “O”
By doing this, it means that if you do not line it up perfectly, 
you won’t get a shadow.
Now take a selection of the Artistry Ink Pads.
Paul went with Golden Turmeric, Blushing Rose and Blaze.
Lay the mask you have created over the stamped image and tape it into place.  Position a tiny moon/sun mask inside the “O”
Load up a stencil brush with blaze and sweep the colour backwards
 and forwards in the top half of the “O”. 
Repeat with the Blushing Rose in the bottom half of the “O”
This will give you a base coat.
Take a makeup sponge and the Golden Turmeric and blend the Blaze and Blushing Rose.
Remove the moon/sun mask and use the brush with the Blaze. Gently sweep over it to take away the whiteness.
Now let’s create a little scene using some of the smaller stamps in the set.
Once you are happy with your design, 
remove the mask and trim the card down.
Take a ruler and Micron pen and draw 3 lines.
The C-Thru ruler makes it very easy to do this as the lines on the ruler are a perfect guide.
Using the low-tack masking tape, mask off the first border.
Take a make up sponge and Blaze ink pad and apply the colour, repeat with the Golden Turmeric to tone down the red to create the same tone within your image.
Repeat with the second border, this time using the Blushing Rose and then the Golden Turmeric.
Before mounting onto a 6×6 or 8×8 card blank, 
use the ink that is still on your brushes 
to apply shade and colour to the background.
All ties in nicely. 

Time to have a little siesta….
in readiness for Poldaaaark tonight!
(recorded, so don’t spill the beans!!)

I reckon George is just about to get his comeuppance.
The servant (T’aint fair, t’aint friendly), who was killed, but then miraculously came back to life, is SURELY going to sober up long enough to identify his would-be murderer!!
Don’t tell me!! I am livin’ it!!!

Love & hugs,

171 thoughts on “Oh Joy!!

  1. i expect you are pooped after a journey, I have taken many times. Paul was brilliant and so calm. I have spent this afternoon "parching" doesn't time fly when you are in the groove. No housework or anything else done today.
    Looking forward to a bloggy week. Best wishes to everyone
    Love Anne (Reading)

  2. Fab demo, unfortunately I missed Paul this time so am glad you have put this on here Barb. Hope you can chill out tonight whilst watching Poldark. Maybe you can have a day off tomorrow instead? Take care. xxx

  3. Mmmmm Poldark!! I watched on the telly in our room in the guest house in Whitby. We went for a couple of days and came back today. So I'm just catching up with the blog, and I also need to catch Paul's shows from yesterday. I'm really stiff and sore from all the walking in the last couple of days, and we called at Robin Hoods Bay before we set off for home. Never been before so didn't know it was on the side of a hill, haha. Hobbled down to the beach, and hobbled back up again. But the shops and cottages were so quaint. I probably won't be able to move tomorrow. Hope you're having a eell earned restful day Barb, John Lewis awaits you another day xx

  4. Well flippin heck Barb! I bet JL wonder what's happened!
    I'm not surprised you're pooped…. You've been on the go all weekend and that's on top of the long journeys you've had too!
    Paul's shows were fab but even he looked tired…not surprising either!!! But things could be a lot worse!
    I myself have had a very creative two days after an inspirational day on Saturday which I thank you for!
    Enjoy your catch up with Poldark… I don't follow it at all but can see the attraction! Haha!
    Anyway off to finishing parcelling my artwork up.
    Love and hugs as always!!! Xxx

  5. Hi Barbara, try to get well deserved rest you have earned it. Paul done great yesterday so much so that I bought both the set of groovi plates and one of the stamps, just could not resist x

  6. Oh yipee, some stamps etc that I have, will make do and mend with the other things.
    Always laugh at my craft materials, baby powder, shaving foam, make up brushes and sponges, not forgetting baby wipes, essential as I tend to be a mucky crafter!

  7. I have all the Poldark books, which can be a slight disadvantage as I do keep muttering that they have changed the story. I still prefer the original version, especially with Angharad Rees, who played Demelza as the naughty child as she was in the books. George is not as devious as in the books.
    Glad you are at least trying to have a break today. It sounds as though it was a great weekend for Clarity, and certainly, I loved Paul's shows and this particular demo. Are the "O's" all the same size on this and the other stamps? If so, how about a Clarity mask, perfectly cut to save us wimps who detest fussy cutting (that is definitely me). That would give us the inny and the outy – perfect. Any chance, Barbara? Please, pretty please. xxx

  8. What a busy girl you are!!! We don't have John Lewis here in N.Ireland, but I can empathise with you… shopping without buying??? Whoever heard of such a thing!?!? 🙂 I had a very busy Sunday, but I did manage to see (and record) Paul's 2pm show. I do believe some Christmas Groovi plates may be winging their way to me as we speak! I am going to teach my 13 year old granddaughter to parch. She loves to craft, and I am delighted!!!! Enjoy Poldark…. I'm a Victoria girl, myself…..still have last night's episode to watch. Jo.

  9. What a busy girl you are!!! We don't have John Lewis here in N.Ireland, but I can empathise with you… shopping without buying??? Whoever heard of such a thing!?!? 🙂 I had a very busy Sunday, but I did manage to see (and record) Paul's 2pm show. I do believe some Christmas Groovi plates may be winging their way to me as we speak! I am going to teach my 13 year old granddaughter to parch. She loves to craft, and I am delighted!!!! Enjoy Poldark…. I'm a Victoria girl, myself…..still have last night's episode to watch. Jo.

  10. I'm pleased you got home safe and sound. Fancy not spending any money – you must have been tired!! Try to do straightforward demos on the Hochanda shows to give yourself a little bit of breathing space xx

    1. Hello all. I've been houseworking today – boo – and putting Saturday's purchases away – ray – . Why wasn't I convinced how good the artistry inks are! I tried painting a piece of scrap parchment with the two I bought and compared them with the inks I already have – no contest – I have just put in an order for a few more!
      Nice to see you here Ruthie Roo, glad you all got home safely Fiona, I hope you are enjoying your few days in Yorkshire Pam. Love yo you all xx

    2. Hi Chris good to hear you had a wonderful time. Oh don't tell me that about the ink pads, I'm trying to be good and use the ones I've got already!! Haha. Have fun playing with them xxx

    3. Hi Chris, here's another one who was trying to convince myself that I don't need the new inks!! Get thee behind me!!!….at least til after Christmas!!! hahaha! I've only just recently finished collecting 'the other' ones!
      I've been houseworking too today, but started some Groovi before tea.
      Love and hugs xxx

    4. I'm trying desperately to resist the gorgeous colours in the inkpads too; worse still I was lucky enough to try them at the Retreat, which makes it even harder as I know jus how good they are! Rofl xx

    5. Hi Chris, you succumbed to the new inkpads then, I was so tempted and still am. Have loads of Adirondaks and Distress inks so must resist, don't know how long I can hold off for though. Ha!ha. Lovely to meet you on Saturday. Weather's changed a bit hasn't it. Did a round robin today, Thirsk, Northallerton, Bedale, Masham, Ripon and back to Ripley.xx

    6. Hi to all my fellow temptees! Just started paper crafting again after many years break so had to buy ink pads as didn't have any. Was only going to buy 1 set of mini artistry and the basic parching set. And that would be all!! Yes, well. 2 weeks on and am a Diamond Club member, have bought 2 stencils, 2 groovi plates, toadstool and hares stamps, and 2 perforating plates! As if that's not bad enough I totted up my wish list today. Eek, nearly £100, eek!! Still, as Dundee doesn't have a John Lewis ….. O, the ink pads are, um, fantastic. Sorry.

    7. Hi Chris,
      Know what you mean about the Artistry ink pads! I painted the dahlia with some of the ones I bought at Leyburn and I love them!! Have to say they are better than the Distress inks. The only problem now is , I WANT them all!!! Mind you one of the little green ones was so juicy I got it everywhere! Great to meet you Saturday and Sunday, love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. Just watched the third of Clarity on Hochander (I taped them all) and saw Paul do this…..will save it….not too sure about his first program most seemed a bit of a waste…probably not for you lot as the tills would be chinging but I prefer demos.. Don't order from hochander always order direct from clarity and think Paul has sold Joy + holly/ivy to me

  12. Oh Barbara, things must be bad, leaving JL empty handed! They have a very good online service you know, delivered straight to your door too!!!! Well, needs must when you can't get to the shop!!! Bet Dave is relieved, he's not now coming home to beans on toast rations!!! But by the sound of it it's self service on the menu tonight!!!

    Me too, I've still got my date with iplayer. And catch up for Paul's shows. Once in my head settles down enough for me to sit still long enough to watch!!! Not surprised you're that exhausted, pleeeeease take it easy for a while, work can be delegated, or can wait, your health is too important.

    Lovely demo Paul, love the colours and 2 tone borders. Thanks for sharing Barbara.

    Which one is George, I think I know who you maybe mean. My Asperger's means I don't remember faces too well, if at all, so it makes it hard for me to distinguish between characters that, to me, look very similar. I need to see a face a lot before I can recognise it again. And no much use with names too!!! Aye, I'm no much use, can't intrepet non verbal, so miss a lot of the story, and often struggle with the characters, by the time I think I've worked out who someone is, half the programme is over!!! Nae worries with Ross though, I know who he is!!!

    Hope you enjoy your chill evening
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Oh Brenda you can't miss Ross can you!! We didn't watch the first series – can't work out why because we are enjoying this one so we are making up reasons why they argue as we go along. Enjoy watching it when you can. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    2. Hi Brenda, thank you for your message. I hope you and Daisy are well. Please tell Daisy not to worry – Korky accepts Daisy is the Olympic champion – she is now training for the winter games. She is enjoying curling. I hope Daisy will have her own open top bus parade. Best wishes, Sue

    3. Hi Brenda and Diane – I didn't watch the first series either! I am also enjoying watching it too! Mind you I remember watching the original in the 70's – and thoroughly enjoyed that. Oops – showing my age here! Brenda, I have still got to watch last night's Poldark and also Paul's shows too! Hugs to you and Daisy! Love Gilly xx

    4. Hello Brenda, I haven't watched last nights Poldark either yet. But we did watch Victoria this afternoon. Another great series! I hope you manage to settle enough to be able to watch Paul comfortably. His shows are definitely worth waiting for. Love and Hugs xxx

    5. Thanks everyone xx

      That's funny Sue. She can have a hurl in her cardboard box on open top bus day!!! Daisy can't quite master the theory of curling, she still thinks it's pouncing on the brush and seeing how long she can get away with chewing it!!! But she does really enjoy speed skating, when the floors are wet, her going round the bends at top speed are so hilarious!!!! xx

    6. Hi Brenda, Been watching Victoria, not Poldark. I also miss a lot of things when watching tv, Pete says I'm not observant enough, trouble is he sees all what I've missed then misses bits because I'm interupting him by asking questions. Oh well. Bet Daisy is so funny to watch when she's pouncing on the brush and skating on the floor. Love to you and Daisy

    7. Thanks everyone xx
      I used to do that Pam when I lived at home, doesn't go down well does it!!!
      Glad you're feeling better Donna and Sheila. Hope there's nothing that will be saying buy me in the shows!!! It'll be those pesky blogger gremlins hungry again Donna, they ate a whole blog post yesterday!!! xx

    8. Hi Brenda,
      George is the rich baddie. Not a nice man! I'm really enjoying the series although I did enjoy the original series and Angharad Rees was fabulous as Demelza. I'm also enjoying Victoria. Hope you're ok. Love and hugs to you and Daisy, Alison xxx

    9. I was going to say the one who nearly shot himself, but I think he's the husband of the woman who really fancies Ross eh. Is he a cousin of Ross, I think. So it's the one who looks like him then, or to me they do, who is trying to get rid of Ross. Told you I'm useless at this, even though I've watched each episode twice to try to keep up!!! xx

    10. Aw thanks Sheila. That's made my day, that you and your friend think my card that good. I'm lucky if it even gets a mention when I send my brother and his wife cards!!! How are you doing today? Guess you're resting after you date with dracula this morning!!! How was your levels last week, any signs of improvement yet? I hope your GP can get you a quicker appointment with the specialist, I did think 3 months was a long time to wait, especially when you're not yet getting any treatment. I even thought you maybe meant 3 weeks, until you confirmed it was 3 months! Maybe with the strikes being called off it will free up some earlier appointments for you. You must be so worried, which isn't going to help your CFS and rheumatoid arthritis. xx

    11. Bless you Brenda just got back in from nurse she commented how swollen my wrist and fingers where she said my bloods was ok from last week but something up and something down so no further on really got my blood she used a butterfly it's what they used for babies.im seeing dr next Friday so hope to get something sorted or I might get the reception to send him a task as he is working today as saw him .its getting me down is the pain .you take care and daisy too xxx

    12. Aw, Sheila, I'm so sorry things are so bad for you. Your rhuematoid pains sound horrendous. It's amazing you still manage to do your bits of craft. Well done you for fighting on. I know how it's all getting you so down. The only thing you can do, is to keep fighting, give yourself a pat on the back for getting through another day, and an even bigger pat on the back when you've managed to find a wee bit pleasure out of your day and/or achieve something, no matter how small. It's really all we can do when being battered down by so much from life. I try to view my life as my challenge from God, why such a big one, who knows. I try to think I win just by getting myself through another day, getting a problem sorted, some housework, some craft or whatever done, that I'm still here and still me despite everything and all the bad people. That I'm still fighting on for my chance of a quality of life. It's really hard to do, but any days you do manage it it makes it a bit easier. From the sound of things you've had a very hard life too, try it, like we're beating the system by still being here, still battling on, not giving in xx

  13. Hope you are managing to have a rest today. I did so want to come to Leyburn, but when I looked up how to get there by train, it would have taken a long time, then not much time at the show. I did manage to see Maria at the craft show in Manchester. Have just been using the box plate that I bought there, still not very good at groovie yet. Enjoyed watching Paul this afternoon on my I pad. Loved the cards he made. Well done Paul.

  14. Loved this when watched Paul, he was fab, so great to see it made again, hopefully sink in! Hope you catch up with yourself soon 😀 Haven't watched Poldark at all yet, saving them up for a cold, wet Sunday 😀 X

    1. Susan, now I have visions of the cat sitting with paws poised, setting the recorder haha! Dave, you'll just have to do a 'Ross' impression and whip your own shirt off!!!

    2. Quick, set up iplayer, she'll never know the difference 😉

      Susan you're not far off the mark, Daisy has worked out how to open the DVD drawer on my recorder, trouble is she hasn't worked out how to close it, and that's the bit she loves!!! xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Well I wondered why JL shares had taken a dip 😀! You must be completely exhausted after the busy weekend and the travelling. I hope you can manage an easier week although you are probably on tvnext weekend? Do look after yourself, we don't want you being ill. Put those feet up, easy dinner and snuggle up with Dave and Poldark! Today's artwork is beautiful, I've still got Paul's 5pm show to catch up on, looks like it will be a treat. The boarders are great, what a neat trick.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, hope you are all ok Donna are you looking after yourself? Ironing and housework done today so might have a little groovi play tomorrow. My pricking and snipping is leaving a lot to be desired – I think nibbling it with my teeth might look better but I will persevere! Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. Hi Diane – that is SO funny! I have got this image of you with a piece of parchment between your teeth Enjoy your Groovi tomorrow – looking forward to hearing how you get on! Hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Diane, your cooment re pricking and snipping echoes my experience exactly! Thinking of giving the results to Miss Pix (fluffy mog in my pic) to tidy up. Will persevere tho.

    4. Hi Diane, I need lots of practice too on my pricking and snipping. Bought it with me to do some on an evening while I'm here in Yorkshire. Oh no housework, not much to do this week in the van.ha ha.xx

    5. Hi Diane,
      I know what you mean about snipping – I bought some of the new ring lock scissors at Leyburn and they do seem to make it easier for me. Definitely not perfect, but if we keep practising, I'm sure we'll get there in the end! Love and hugs Alison xx

  16. You're letting the side down Barb, leaving JL empty handed! Whatever next? lol

    Enjoyed seeing Paul on Hochanda

    I was so sorry I couldn't make Crafters Companion yesterday 🙁

    Enjoy Poldark, isn't he just divine? x

  17. Hi Barbara – enjoy watching Poldark (hopefully) this evening, that's what I shall be doing too! I have also got Paul's shows recorded to watch later! Very worried about you, being unable to buy anything at all from John Lewis – my diagnosis is exhaustion! You must rest and recharge, hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I have caught up with your comments over the last 2 blogs. It sounds as though you all had such a great time both at Leyburn and Crafter's Companion too! Great to be able to see photos of more of you! I have been cheering people up at the hospital, by wearing my lovely Seasalt raincoat today! One lovely man even told me that I had done just that! Met up with my lovely Star Baker friend too, and she told me that everyone loves my card! Wow! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Of course everyone would love your card Gilly. There must be so many people benefitting from you accompanying Neil each day. It is so lovely to hear that you are putting smiles on faces. Get plenty of rest in between your travelling dear. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Ooo cake Gilly. Had some nice cake in a Tearooms in Thirsk today, we shared two different ones, naughty but nice. Your card must have been lovely for them all to comment on it. Did Neil get on ok today? Really nice that everyone was cheered up by your Sea salt raincoat. xxx

    4. Thanks everyone! I think that the rain coat will be in use lots of days this week, after looking at the forecast! Neill and I had scones, jam & clotted cram today – Neill made the scones yesterday! Bless him! Today went well for Neill, thanks Sheila! xxxxx

    5. Hi Gilly,
      I'm not surprised that you cheered people up in your coat, it's lovely and cheerful. I'm glad that they liked your card as well – knew they would. Hope Neill is ok. Love and hugs Alison xx

  18. You really must be worn out after your busy weekend, a wonder you had the energy to go in John Lewis. I'm feeling shattered today and only had some of the travelling to do, no loading, unloading organising or demonstrating, just watching. Hope you get a day off to chill. Super step by step today, great colours too. Enjoy your Poldark then have a rest.xx

    1. Hi Donna, Sheila and Morag, have got some groovi with me to do Donna along with my new plates, haven't had time yet. Are you over that bug you had. I had it last week felt really weak for a day or two. Morag, not much to do in the van workwise, mostly sat in the car Pete driving today. Tomorrow going up near Morpeth to see our friends, so really resting, thanks. Lovely meeting you in Saturday. Sheila hope you are resting too, also that your pain is less, can you have any more injections or steroids to help? Really feel for you, I know what I feel like with my back, but for you in all your joints it must be awful. Sending lots of love and hugs to you all.xxx

    2. Hi Pam – good to hear that you had such a good time on Saturday and that you are both enjoying a mini holiday and catching up with friends. Take care – love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Pam,
      Hope you feel a bit more rested now after the busy weekend. It was lovely to meet you. Hope you get some Groovi done and try out your new plates. Enjoy Morpeth, lovely town – in fact I just like Northumberland! Love and hugs A.ison xx

    4. Morning pam I'm going to see my GP next week on Friday and going to get him to write to my consultant as was surpose to have an appointment Aug sept to get an appointment to give me a steroid injection as the pain is making me feel very low .cannot have no more steroid tablets .
      Enjoy Morpeth it's a lovley place and meeting up with your friends have you got your appointment for your MRI scan ? Caring hugs xxx

  19. Lovely card today, and the colours are really cheery. Will watch Paul's last shows back on catch up tomorrow. I've never come out of John Lewis without a purchase – hope you're not coming down with something Barbara? Hope you are able to unwind a bit this evening x

  20. You must be chattered Barbara two busy weekends and all prep before two think you Dave and Paul could all do with a week of relaxing and in winding but don't surprise you will must take some time to relax thoughsounds like was another great weekend sending hugs and hope you enjoy poldark xxx

  21. Hello Barbara. I hope you will be able to wind down a little now after your busy busy weekend…. one that I won't be able to forget. Hubby wishes I could forget one thing though……I can't stop singing Herman's Hermits hahaha!
    I hope you get the chance to enjoy Poldark..or a version of it anyway!! Love and Hugs xxx

  22. Hello my lovely friends. I think I've just about came back down to earth now. Started some Groovi before tea, using my new rose plates. They're fabulous and intricate enough to really hold my attention.
    I hope you've all had a good day. special thoughts to Donna. I do hope you're improving now. Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

    1. Hello Morag – so pleased that you had such a lovely time on Saturday, you really do deserve it. Great to see your photo with Alison! Enjoy playing with your new goodies, love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hello Morag, I'm glad you've recovered from Saturday. I am leaving the flowers until January as I got Jayne's Groovi Poinsettia so am about to start that sort of card xx

  23. Early night for you tonight then Barbara. Lovely project, I have the stamps and I have some of the new ink pads. I used to work in John Lewis in Glasgow in their furnishing fabrics department. It was a lovely place to work but I would spend all my wages there. I do miss it.

    1. Hi Julia – how wonderful to work in J L's furnishing fabrics department! No wonder you could have spent all your money there – constant temptation, rather like Clarity really! Sending you hugs, Gilly xx

    2. Gilly, I was in heaven amongst all the curtain fabric. It's a small world as I now work with a girl that I used to work with in John Lewis. We used to sit next to each other helping people with bespoke curtain quotes. We now both work in the same department albeit 150 miles away from Glasgow.

    3. Morning Julia how are you doing ? One of my friends we have worked together at four different jobs from me been 16 it makes lovley memories sending hugs for today xxx

  24. You really must be worn out after your busy weekend, a wonder you had the energy to go in John Lewis. I'm feeling shattered today and only had some of the travelling to do, no loading, unloading organising or demonstrating, just watching. Hope you get a day off to chill. Super step by step today, great colours too. Enjoy your Poldark then have a rest.xx

  25. Not crafted as had to take mum for hospital appt which has taken up most of the day – no treatment but back for further check up in eight weeks. Anyhow double whammy of Victoria then Poldark for afters as recorded them last night – OH was watching darts- couldn't really refuse after my fab Clarity weekend! Have a restful evening Barbara, JL will still be there next week, we have a lovely large store up here in Newcastle next time you're 'oop Norf' xx

    1. Hi Su, when did they start putting darts in tv, I used to love watching it years ago, Bobby George, Eric Bristow era, oh and John Lowe, Nicky Wilson etc that shows my age. Lovely to meet you Su, hope your Mum will be okay.xx

  26. Hello Barbara

    You are in for a treat! Have you read Winston Graham's Poldark books. The television is sticking very close to them I am pleased to say. Can't bear it if the story is changed.

    Hope you find some time this week to relax, but I expect that will be impossible with more Hochanda shows this weekend.


  27. Evening, hope you enjoy your Poldark. I have been watching Victoria and recording Poldark, haven't watched any of this series yet. I will be catching up with Paul, I have this stamp set and love this demo so will be good to see it live. Xx

  28. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. My tummy has settled a bit so I am eating more than toast today! Glad to hear you all had fun if you made it to the open day or the shop demo. Xx

  29. Hubby's wondering why he's whistling and singing 'no milk today' !! I've been humming it since last night and I'm not telling him why LOL

    Lovely project this evening. Good start this morning with sleep clinic for hubby this morning – all fine. One year on and it's done him the power of good.

    Get home and the sink's blocked – ok sorted it after two lots of stuff down the sink followed by hot water and a plunger (not sure it was the sink as it came out over the washing machine overflow). One towel ruined. Our home phone not working properly – can make calls but not receive them – that's being sorted tomorrow. Washed red pool towel on it's own then did a white wash which is now pink …. will try with that remover stuff tomorrow. Then Found front door bell not working when one of the men from the 'prostate' club called to tell us that the man who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (I think I told you) had died on Thursday. He'd been trying to phone but we'd been on hols and then phone wasn't working. Once I saw him at the door I knew what he was going to say. It was good of him to come and tell us though. All those silly things put into perspective in one foul swoop. It wasn't a big shock as I realised we wouldn't see him again but it certainly took him quickly. Sorry not to be uplifting this even xxx

    ps I have 3 Poldarks to catch up with – that will be lovely. Load of other stuff too ! xx

    1. 'Sorry not to be uplifting'? You've no idea how helpful hearing your day's story is! Puts my grot stuff into perspective, encourages me to be thankful, to appreciate all the good stuff in my life (including my lovely brother drowning out the tv with his coughing and orange eating slurpy noises!). All in all you, and other clarity clan bloggers struggling with some big stuff, uplift me every day. For which, thank you sincerely. (Sorry if I made you sound like a Playtex bra!)

    2. Hi Jackie,
      Oh dear, it sounds like you've had the day from hell! Sorry to hear about the sad news but as you said it puts other things into perspective. I hope tomorrow is better for you. Love and hugs Alison xx

    3. Oh Jackie, what a return from your holiday for you. Sorry to hear of the your sad news, but it does put all the little things in perspectives as you say. I do think we tend to spend a lot of our time worrying about the little things…I know I do. Sending you a hug,get your grooving or colouring out Jackie and get absorbed in your mindfulness. Love Pam xxx

    1. Evening blog friends heartfelt hugs to you all hugs to all on the blog thinking of you all in bed now as had my hair done today and go see the nurse tomorrow so fatigued goodnight hugs xxx

    2. Hi Sheila my lovely – sorry to have missed you the last couple of nights, I put a reply to you on yesterday's blog – this morning whilst I was at the hospital. Glad that you have had your hair done and hope the visit to the nurse goes well tomorrow. Take care and get some sleep – sending you special hugs. Night night, God bless, love Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, missed your morning comment'til now. Getting rid of more teaching resources again – that's what comes of thirty odd years of teaching and classes from Nursery to Yr6! Car issue fixed – traffic warden at fault by writing wrong letter!!!! Should've gone to Specsavers! You're hairdo will have given you a little uplift. Rest well. ;~}

  30. Hi Sheila and Morag, comment I made as a reply to Jackicou a few minutes ago applies equally to you as well. Have a gentle, warm and lovely evening. Love and hugs, Xxxx

  31. Hi Barbara, This technique produces a fabulous card, I love it !!
    I hope you manage a lovely evening with Poldaaaaark, I recorded it as I watch Victoria and record Poldark, so that I can watch it by myself hahaha, I was so glad when Ross went to see Francis, and the Servant 'came back to life' last week.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  32. Hi Barbara, This technique produces a fabulous card, I love it !!
    I hope you manage a lovely evening with Poldaaaaark, I recorded it as I watch Victoria and record Poldark, so that I can watch it by myself hahaha, I was so glad when Ross went to see Francis, and the Servant 'came back to life' last week.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  33. This is brilliant . Loving it .i will have to wait until this season shows up on Netflex , don't know if you get it in the UK . I'm afraid I have trouble following the accent and need subtitles . Hope no one is offended . Joy now . Jan Love that word JOY

  34. I have just caught up with all the blogs from the middle of August and I am really enervated and uplifted! All the beautiful artwork, the insightful words from Barbara, and the incredible feeling of camaraderie and support from all the people who comment on these blogs. What an amazing place this is!

  35. Hi Barb,
    I'm nor surprised that you're shattered. I was tired on Saturday and I wasn't doing anything ( other than spending and watching you and the team creating) . I'm seriously worried though if you couldn't find anything to buy in John Lewis – you must be coming down with something! Hope by now you've watched Poldark and enjoyed it. Fabulous demo and step by step today. Lovely colours used too. Really love the new Artistry inks as well. Oh dear I can feel another spend coming on! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Had a lazy day today apart from doing the ironing. Did try out some of my goodies and those inks are beautiful. Going to make some inserts for the cards I did last week now I've succumbed to the stamps to match! Sheila and Donna glad to hear you feel a little better today. Hope everyone is ok. Was great to meet a lot of you at the weekend. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  36. Hi Barbara
    I watch Victoria and record Poldaaark. Both are lovely. The costumes are fabulous in both. Paul was great as usual. My beautiful colouring book has arrived. I have not unwrapped it yet as I know that once I do everything else will be neglected. Nothing important of course. Only ho******rk, ir***ng, and other trivial tasks!!!! Have a nice ralaxing evening.
    Hugs from Chris X

  37. Have still to catch up with both Poldark and Paul as have just got back to Dorset from five day down your way, went to Hever Castle, Chartwell, Scotney Castle and Ightham Mote. Drove through Crowborough today on way home via Sheffield Park what a lovely part of the country you live in we had a lovely time. love Sandy

  38. Hope you're able to rest up a bit, Barbara. You do push yourself. Paul was really great on Sunday. His modesty over his skills was charming but belied by the super demos, and he's a really good advocate for Clarity. What a top team you have. Carol x

  39. Hi, Hope you enjoyed poldark and feel more rested. You always amaze me with your pace of life; you are entitled to feel pooped. Hope you have a fabulous week. Big hugs Marian X

  40. Hi Barbar. This is beautiful and such great colours which suit the season, and I am looking forward to watching Paul on catch up. I have a Poldark to catch up on too which I will probably watch tomorrow. x

  41. Good morning,
    what a wonderful work and the coloring is so beautiful.
    I wish you and your team joy and hapiness for this day (and of course also for the other days).
    Greetings from Sabine:-)

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