Get out yer gel-printing plate! It’s time to get painty!!!

Get out yer gel-printing plate! It’s time to get painty!!!

Hi there.
Good of you to pop in.
Thursday’s blog is always blue, right?
Got home after reworking all the artboards with lovely Lisa, 
and decided I needed a paint fix.
Every so often, I just need to switch off and get arty.
So here’s a simple step-by-step…
So out with my trusted Gelpress Plate
and my favourite stencil – Leafy Swirl.
Spread a little blue paint on the plate.
China and Lake Wanaka.

Spread it over the plate with a brayer.

Place the stencil on the wet paint.

Blot with a piece of punchinella and 

Paper towel.

The key to a good print is waiting for the paint to dry

around the outside of the stencil,

and then quickly whipping the stencil off 
and getting the copy paper down asap.

That way, you can get a fab blotted print for another day….

Now let‘s get the design on the plate transferred to card.
With more of the same paint!

Spread it out lightly with a brayer, and get rid of the excess paint until you can see the design peeping through.

I used another splatty piece of copy paper, 
although it got completely covered up, and to be honest
a white piece of copypaper probably would have done the same trick!

Trim the edges,

of both prints.

Spray mount on card. 
Now if only I could get it straight…
still love the print though.

Stamp a cool message – Clean out
 onto a piece of the same Stencil card,
Colour in and edge.

Stop the clock.

Clean out a corner of your mind,
just like I did 
and creativity will instantly fill it…

Got to go.
Ally Pally set-up tomorrow….
And we must find a winner for the wonderful 
Dee-artwork and £20 Gift Voucher tomorrow.
So be sure to leave an uplifting comment below,
and then tune in tomorrow to see if you won….
Love and hugs,

176 thoughts on “Get out yer gel-printing plate! It’s time to get painty!!!

  1. I will get my gel plate out after the weekend, after I have done my parchment homework for Sunday. I am looking forward to getting inky again. You have used one of my favourite stencils. Mine is irretrievably blue so it will work well for this project. I hope you are feeling better today and you don't have to work too hard tomorrow. Have a good show at Ally Pally. xxx

    1. Brenda my dear blog friend a big thank you for making my day so special your beautiful card brought tears as your so thoughtful thinking of me and taking the time to make a parchment card and sending it to clarity to send to me thank you clarity towers for sending it on to me big hugs and cuddles for you and daisy xxx

    2. Hello my dear family of blog friends heartfelt hugs to you all .my day has been a restful one been spoilt by Tom (he bought me a tin of 120 fable castell polychromos colouring pencils and a Beatrix potter colouring book ) I got lots of flowers and cards from my friends my granddaughter is calling later when her mum gets home from work then it will be bed as got a very early start for my hospital appointment to see the liver specialist in the morning looking forward to colouring my parchment jaynes frame and roses over the weekend using my new colouring pencils .xxx

    3. Happy birthday Sheila. Aren't you a lucky girl, Tom has definately got into the good books with the lovely pencils, have a lovely evening with your granddaughter and a good nights sleep. Sending hugs xxx

    4. Happy big birthday Sheila, that's a cracker of a present from Tom. I think there is a few of us on here that could do with a Tom. I hope you had a lovely day and that everything goes well for you tomorrow. Love & hugs.

    5. Happy birthday Sheila, sorry I am so late. How thoughtful of Tom to buy you the perfect gift! Hope all goes well tomorrow – I will be thinking of you. Lots of birthday hugs, love Gilly xxx

    6. Belated Happy Birthday wishes Sheila, I didn't read the comments last night as was very tired. Glad you had a lovely day and that you were spoiled. Wonderful pressy from your

  2. Thanks for metaphorically jogging my elbow to get out the gelli plate again. I've been experimenting with colour mixing at art club and now I feel brave enough to try this out with gelli printing. Thanks Barbara, for another inspired blogpost.

  3. Hello Barbara, for todays ditty I had pencilled in for it to honour your wonderful Clarity Team. But I'm afraid my brain won't work properly today. I hope you are feeling better today, and that your "It too shall pass" will work here! Hugs xx

  4. I wish my gelli prints worked out as well as yours do Barbara. I love this design, using one of my fave stencils too, and such fab colours. Thank for sharing. Xxx

  5. I nearly didn't make it tonight. Awake since 3.45 a.m. and up working since 5 a.m. Definitely worth it when a lesson goes well. I shall be having an early night and marking books in the morning! Love the print though. I'll have to try this as I have the stencil. I don't think that I can be letting the paint dry properly when I try it. Something to have a go at at the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love this technique, we did it at the retreat, I did it for the first time and loved the result!
    Had a bit of a bummer of a day, my car went into have something fairly routine fixed and unfortunately, it's snowballed into something more serious – always the way! Anyway, it's going to cost a bit to be fixed and I was feeling a bit fed up about it (that's putting it mildly) and then I thought of yesterday's blog. I was just sitting in the little car that the garage had leant me and I just smiled and like magic all the blues just drifted away! It really worked. Thanks Barb xxxx

    1. Oh dear ! I've left my car at home with one side of the front suspension gone – we think that's it so that will be first job when we get back to get that sorted. AT least you could smile X x

  7. Hi Barbara
    I'm another one that needs to get my gelli plate out again, I need to get messy as I haven't used it for ages. That's my favourite stencil too, fits all occasions doesn't it. Good luck with the set up tomorrow, some biscuits and a bucketful of fun and laughter and you should be ok. Safe journey, mind out for the thunderstorms the weather lady has just said we are due. As you say, this too will pass but I think it may be with a flash and a bang and quite a bit of rain!!!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, just read Morag's post, so sad isn't it, little penny is so tiny. Sending you all a hug tonight. Sheila I hope it goes well for you tomorrow xxxx

  8. Yesterday when I said about Penny improving, it turned out to be the calm before the storm. Her behaviour deteriorated so much yesterday afternoon, she was admitted at the vets. She has had tests today and we have found that she has a liver shunt. Because of her size and severe neurological symptoms, surgery isn't recommended. We've brought her home with medication which will decrease the amount of toxins in her intestines. The vet has only given us a weeks supply and an appointment for next week. If she has improved this will be continued, but if not, or if she deteriorates in the meantime. The only option now is to have her euthanized. I'm absolutely distraught at the thought of this. I'm sorry to be burdening you all with this, but I'm sure you'll all understand why I need to offload. Love and Hugs to you allxxx

    Special thoughts to Sheila, Gilly and Brenda xxx

    1. Morag I'm so sorry, what an awful diagnosis. Poor little penny, I really hope she responds to the medication, I've got my fingers crossed. Sending you the biggest hug in the world, I hope it helps in some way. Xxxx

    2. Morag, I know how painful it is to have bad news with a pet. I hope the treatment brings relief. enjoy her company and do whatever is best by her. Thinking of you xx

    3. Our fur-babies make our lives so much better but at the end it is so, so hard. Time to make some more memories with Penny this next week, Morag, in case the worst has to happen. Love and hugs, Mxx

    4. My heart goes out to you Morag, All fingers and toes crossed that Penny responds well to the medication. It's so difficult having to watch and wait to see how things will go. With love and a big hug, Lynne xx

    5. Hi Morag,
      Oh I am so sorry to hear this awful news.i was really hopeful yesterday and I know you were too. All we can do now is pray that she does respond to this medication, I'm sure she's a little fighter. I have got everything crossed that things go the right way. You know we are all here for you and don't think that you are burdening us – that's what friends are for. Sending lots of love and hugs to you and very gentle cuddles for Penny, Alison xxx

    6. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for better news, heart breaking to contemplate making a decision like this. We know we are only granted them for such a short period of time, but they hold such a special place in our hearts. Much love and hugs. Karen xxx

    7. Hello Morag, I am so sorry to read about Penny. I lost one of my cats last March. Lung cancer, I made the decision because he wasn't enjoying his life and it was tne kindest thing I could do for him. Wish we could do it for people too when they are no longer enjoying their time.

      Sending hugs, love Roz.x

    8. Bless you Morag – for thinking of me, when you are going through such a horrific time. I will be thinking of you and little Penny and keeping everything crossed that she responds to the medication. Sending you love and positive hugs, Gilly xxx

    9. So sorry Morag, sending love and support as I was in your position 6 months ago, sadly we had to say goodnight to our lovely Trevor. Wishing Penny lots of love in her battle xx

    10. Hard to know what to say Morag, was shocked when I just read about little Penny as you were so positive on Tuesday. Really hope that the medication will work for her. Thinking of you and sending a massive hug to help you

    1. Go on Jan – once you've done it the first time you'll be wondering why you were so scared! My gelliplate sat in its box for about 6 months unused, and now I'm thinking I really need a new one!!! x

  9. Well it always amazes me how the geli plate works but it's so relaxing and enjoyable . I have to tell you when I first put in geli plate it came up helicopter plate! Good job I checked or you might think I was mad. ��

  10. I just love the effects you get with the Gelli plate. We are using them at Maria's class and if I get on better than last time I may buy one. I'm taking that stencil too it's my favourite also.
    An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have – the older she gets the more interested he is in her(don't know the author).
    Hope Ally Pally goes well xx

    1. Hello bloggy people. We were going out for fish and chips on Leyburn market square but it was foggy this morning then the weather took Barbara's advice from yesterday and started again as really hot. Enjoyed the garden instead xx

  11. I love my gel plate. Would never had tried one if not for you. Had a lovely day out with my friend then came home and watched recording of you showing Jaynes Groovi plates. Perfect x

  12. Hi Barbara great art work love the senterment had a great sat afternoon on a workshop with Paul at colemans me and my mum got in the Grove with the grovii have a great weekend at Ally pally see you all at leyburn good job I get payed the day before best wishes to all.Helen

  13. I hope your mouth is more comfortable today Barbara. Looking after grandchildren this weekend so can't make it to Ally Pally. Hope it all goes well and you have a good crowd. I am a little confused about getting the print onto the card and using copy paper, perhaps a step by step practice will reveal all. Have a great weekend and don't get too tired.xx

  14. Got this stencil on my shopping list for Leyburn – need to pop to pick up my Clarity parcel from the sorting office tomorrow as it's got my small Gelli plate in it!

    I'm having a bit of a clear out too – it's not not yet cleared a space in my mind but I live in hope. Anyhoo…on the 'up'side I'll have more space to be creative in! So that's gotta be good.

    Hope Ally Pally is wonderful; hoping to make it along there next year!

  15. Now then barbara gray!!!!!! You got my brain going round in circles!!!! I am addicted to the groovi plates… even fetched em on my hols so I can do em while my other half lounges like a lizard in the sun!! .. and now ur inspiring me to get my gelli plate out… as soon as I get home!!!! Honestly… talk about too many tabs open in my brain… aaaarrrrgggghhhhh. Xx

  16. Now then barbara gray!!!!!! You got my brain going round in circles!!!! I am addicted to the groovi plates… even fetched em on my hols so I can do em while my other half lounges like a lizard in the sun!! .. and now ur inspiring me to get my gelli plate out… as soon as I get home!!!! Honestly… talk about too many tabs open in my brain… aaaarrrrgggghhhhh. Xx

  17. Now then barbara gray!!!!!! You got my brain going round in circles!!!! I am addicted to the groovi plates… even fetched em on my hols so I can do em while my other half lounges like a lizard in the sun!! .. and now ur inspiring me to get my gelli plate out… as soon as I get home!!!! Honestly… talk about too many tabs open in my brain… aaaarrrrgggghhhhh…. but thank you for the yummy inspiration. Xx

  18. Now then barbara gray!!!!!! You got my brain going round in circles!!!! I am addicted to the groovi plates… even fetched em on my hols so I can do em while my other half lounges like a lizard in the sun!! .. and now ur inspiring me to get my gelli plate out… as soon as I get home!!!! Honestly… talk about too many tabs open in my brain… aaaarrrrgggghhhhh…. but thank you for the yummy inspiration. Xx

  19. Now then barbara gray!!!!!! You got my brain going round in circles!!!! I am addicted to the groovi plates… even fetched em on my hols so I can do em while my other half lounges like a lizard in the sun!! .. and now ur inspiring me to get my gelli plate out… as soon as I get home!!!! Honestly… talk about too many tabs open in my brain… aaaarrrrgggghhhhh…. but thank you for the yummy inspiration. Xx

  20. joy steels15 September 2016 at 20:22
    Hi Barbara living your geli plate print need to get mine out and play have a set of the small ones need to test out so red a day paint and geli play think will be next week as Grandchildren to little boys tomorrow and Saturday lot to do then it's Ally pally Sunday so exciting looking forward to coming see you there lots love xxx

  21. Hi what fantastic meaningful words on the art work. Yes fill our time with crafting. This helps me and it is so great to have found something that has been inspired by YOU and your team. So a big thank you . xxxx

  22. Having been frightened of my gelli plate for quite some time, I love using it now! So, for those who are like I was, all I can say is… go for it!! Right from the start, the results may not have been as good as Barbara's but they were brill!! I have a box to keep all my 'tries' in. They may not get used immediately but they get used eventually when inspiration hits me 🙂
    Love the colours of today's project, Barbara. (Hoping you will have the paints at Leyburn) Mxx

  23. Hi Barb. What a cracking tutorial. IVe got all the necessary ingredients to try this out but will have to wait till I get back from holiday. We are currently in Southampton all ready to set off tomorrow for a cruise to the Canary Islands – woot woot!! Sorry to miss Ally Pally though – I didn't plan that too well! Hope all goes well and you sell loads to your many adoring crafty Fans. Xx

  24. I really need to unpack my geli plate & brayer & take the plunge. After all its only a piece of paper & a bit of paint & only me to see the results !!!
    Hope you all have a good time at Ally Pally,

  25. Great print and fab colours. I don't think I'm patient enough with letting the paint dry on my plate, so maybe I need to get a second one or have a bit of colouring ready to go to pass the time. Today I've been busy making mini crochet sheep with coloured jumpers (don't ask!!) whilst watching the paralympics – it's just so inspiring and everyone looks like they're having so much fun. x

  26. Gelli plate will have to wait till next month, but still grooving along happily. Best of luck to Barbs and Clan Clarity at ally pally. I wish I could be there,but it's a bit of a trek from Dundee. Meanwhile, this evening's offering:

    The blog from the Scots lass is done,
    'Twas surprisingly muchly fun.
    Thanks go to Ms Gray
    For inspiring each day,
    I can't leave such talent (and wisdom) unsung!

    (Thanks to all too for showing me that being part of a blogging community can be so much more than an anonymous virtual experience. I'm loving it!)

  27. Hello Barb,
    I love the gelli plate and the effects I can get with it. Best of all, since I've had one cataract removed I can see the proper colours of the paints. Mind you, I close one eye to look because the other eye still has to be done!! I've made a lot of new friends this way as men seem to think I'm winking at them ha ha.
    love Maureen xx

  28. Hi hope you are feeling better today. Also hope Ally Pally goes well for you. Wish I could come but things are a bit tight at the moment . I do have a gell plate must look it out and have a go. Great prints.x

  29. That's it, I'm gonna dive in my craft cupboard tomorrow and find my Gelli plate stuff – it's in there somewhere behind all my clarity stamps, plates stencils etc – lets get messy x

  30. Hi Barb,
    Glad that you seem to be having a better day than yesterday and hope your poor mouth is better. Love your Gell press piece, must get mine out and have a play. You have used one of my favourite stencils and my favourite paints. Hope everything goes well with the setting up tomorrow and then the actual show over the weekend. Hope your neck won't give you any trouble. Really enjoyed Maria's shows – just got caught up with them and the new border plates were lovely. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well I had a horrible journey up to Newcastle Airport last night. My sister phoned to say that their plane was going to be delayed 40 minutes so I didn't set off from home until 10 pm. It was so foggy it was dreadful. Then I was in a panic because there were signs saying the motorway was closed between certain junctions but I didn't know where these were. I was dreading having to come off cos I wouldn't have a clue where I was going. Anyway, when I got to said junctions , there wasn't a problem and the motorway was open! Why did they have to panic me! Finally got back about midnight so was shattered this morning. Hope you've all had as good a day as possible. I feel so sorry for poor Morag, I know how much little Penny means to her. Off to bed now, so will say night night and see you all tomorrow. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Glad you got back safely, fog is awful and even worse in the dark. I bought some basics at CC that I used to buy from another CC. It's about an hour's drive so wouldn't go too often but it will be worth it to see Barbara there/ We get so fond of our pets so quickly, we were so upset when we lost our dog at 9 years old we said we could never have another xx

  31. All the best for Ally Pally – and a huge thank you for Groovi – had such a stressful few weeks, but as soon as I was asked for a special commission piece, it gave me the "excuse" to just got lost in design once more. Love how Groovi slows me down and clears the mental clutter. You and the design team are all so inspirational – thank you all x

  32. I remember this from the retreat, waiting for that right moment when the paint was dry enough and whipping off the stencil, slapping down the paper and pulling one print, laying on the final background colour and pulling the final print. Oh the joy when it worked. Loved it, loved this, great. Karen xxx

  33. I love today's project and it's my favourite stencil too. I keep meaning to get the Christmas prints out that I did earlier this year to finish off. Yes, I know, I said the C word.

  34. It's gelli today hurray!
    The designs are so great
    They just appear on the plate
    Without a plate mate and
    Hardly any delay !

    Not a great effort but it has been a busy day in Benalmadena, meeting up with friends, walking around the port, swimming in the pool, I know it's hard but someone has to do it.

    Hugs and love Jackie x

    1. Hi Jackie, amazing you're in Benalmadena as I spent all my holidays from 18 months to 16 yrs (1957 +) in a small village on the coast between Torremolinos and Fuengirola called Carvajal. It's just outside Los Boliches. We used to go to a feria in oOld Benalmadena every year. Thanks for bringing back so many happy memories. Sitting here going green now!

    2. Lol Barbara – I've been called worse (well nearly!).

      Lynne, we went to the port on the bus yesterday and got off a stop to far as I noticed Torremolinos on the bridge above us, I'd just spotted a landmark that told us we we'd missed the correct stop – it was only 5 mins walk back thankfully and on the shady side of the road! Oddly enough two women got off the bus and said they wanted Caravajal ! We think they'd got off a stop to soon! I haven't been to Caravjal but certainly heard of it. We've spent many a year on Mijas Golf and love this area. I'm glad it's bought back memories for you. Xx

      Chris and Gilly – someone has to do it! Gilly, that's another week over – more than half way now? Xx

  35. Hi Barbara, love the colours used in this beautiful piece of art. On holiday in Cheddar, Somerset and wifi signal is very 'iffy' so I hope this will post! Trying to catch up on your blog bit by bit when it connects and doing a bit of Zentangle (only craft stuff I have with me ☹️but absorbing anyway). Love Dee's card. I used to be a follower of Jayne's amazing talent in the early days of Create and Craft when she used to demonstrate beautiful cards made with intricate mandala stamps. I love these new stamps and they are at the top of my wish list! Good luck at Ally Pally x

  36. Received my parcel of goodies today, so very very smiley such good service. Great blog today, lovely to have a reminder of using the gel plate. Thank you Barbara, looking forward to Saturday very much.xx

  37. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you've had a good day. Good luck for tomorrow Sheila. Been to Cardiff today with some friends, a lot of walking so back very stiff and sore now. Rest tomorrow ready for Saturday's Ally Pally. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  38. Hi Barbara, lovely artwork, thanks for sharing and giving me another wee push towards getting mine out the packet. Hopefully I'll get there soon!!! Is it ok to say I think your scrap piece is beautiful. Hope you've had a better day, and your set up tomorrow goes smoothly. Love Brenda xx

    You're very welcome Sheila, glad it gave you a wee extra smile xx
    Morag, I'm so sorry to hear that about wee Penny. I hope so much the medication helps and the toxins haven't caused too much damage. Her behaviour makes sense now eh, poor wee mite. Thinking about you xx

  39. I love your gelli print Barbara and I must get mine out for an airing as I haven't done anything with it for ages.
    Thanks for the hints,
    Of how to make the best prints,
    You always inspire
    Your creativity on fire,
    Mine tends to be a damp squibb!!
    Hope all goes well with the set up at Ally Pally. x

  40. Hello Barbara

    Love the artwork. Must remember to use the paint sparingly and only dab with the paper. Note to self – Do not remove all the pattern before pulling a print! (As I did on the retreat).


  41. Hello Barbara

    Love the artwork. Must remember to use the paint sparingly and only dab with the paper. Note to self – Do not remove all the pattern before pulling a print! (As I did on the retreat).


  42. Hi Barbara
    The leafy swirl is my favourite stencil too. Thank you for reminding me about letting your paint dry. I get a bit excited and can't wait to pull my print! I will get to Ally Pally one day. I am sure it will be wonderful. The NEC is my nearest craft show.
    Hugs from Chris X

  43. I never tire of watching you do your magic with the gelli plate, mine has been packed away since my last workshop with power Sam a couple of months ago. Hope all goes well at Ally Pally, I shall be getting my Groovi on with Susan in Scarborough, can't wait xx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends – I am very late tonight as we have been out to meet some friends for a meal. They are down here on holiday – not seen them for about 15 years! Had a great time, just what we needed! Neill has got a day off from RT tomorrow as they are servicing the machine, so we can have a lie in. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

  44. Thanks for the great ideas and helpful hints. Still trying to figure out how dry to let the first paint to get. Will keep experimenting thanks for the inspiration

  45. Great piece, I have missed your hello plate creations. Up at daft o'clock because our dog Alfie woke us at 5am because of the lightening, so reading this with 35kg of mad and frightened golden retriever on my knee, think he likes the artwork too xx

  46. Morning Barbara been catching up on the blog and so happy Hochanda still had
    the shows I missed on catchup might try a wee gelli plate that I think you
    mentioned on one of the shows that are coming up take care.
    Love Dot xx

    1. Morning dear Dorothy so lovley to see you here lots of wee hugs xxx
      On the bottom of your key board next to the 123 should be a smiley face just click on that and it will bring them up if not there then you need Brenda's help hugs xxx

  47. Hi Barbara! Have a great time at Ally Pally. Hope it all goes well!
    Loving the gellpress print. It's always magic when you do this! I can feel a painty session coming over me!
    Love and hugs xxxxx

  48. Hello Barb, I love what you do with the Gelli plate, and this is a lovely bright piece, just what we need on a rainy day. Hope the Ally pally setup goes well. Wish I could go this year. Take care. Bx

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