A Lucky Winner! And we roll the dice again…

A Lucky Winner! And we roll the dice again…

Hi there!
Friday already?!?
Where did that week go???
Zipping up to London today, to Ally Pally for the set-up.
So just thought I’d chat to you with the first cuppa of the day,
at the crack of sparrows.
I like this time of day, don’t you?
No traffic.
The world’s just yawning, stretching and waking up.
So who’s the lucky winner of the Rose masterpiece by Dee?
Well, it was a completely random choice,
and hand on heart, I closed my eyes, scrolled the mouse and let it land.
Dee’s art in the special box with the £20 Gift Voucher
goes to……
She who had a birthday yesterday !!!!
So now we have found a good home for that lovely artwork,
let’s showcase another masterpiece.
Isn’t this wonderful too??!!
This time Linda Spencer, 
another cherished member of the Clarity team,
has taken Jayne’s Fuchsia Stamp collection, and created
something very lovely.

Linda has combined stamps and Groovi,
which is awesome.

Doesn’t the Groovi parchment in the background look superb?

Thank you dear Linda for generously sending in this art .

We shall add a £20 gift voucher to it and roll the dice again!
Leave an uplifting and pleasant comment below every day 
and as often as you can, and just maybe you will win this time!

On a personal note,

I do love this little bloggy community here.
I get so caught up in the BS of work some days,
that I forget how lucky I am to be part of this wonderful circle. 
Thank you for coming along here every day.
Whether you comment or not.
My Dad reads this blog every day, don’t you Dad?
Mark and Grace do.
Ken does.
Mel does.
Heather does.
And yesterday I received a wonderful letter from a lady called Sue,
so I know Sue does too. 
They don’t comment, and that’s fine.
It’s not mandatory!
But how cool that you care enough to pop in every day.

Love & Hugs,

242 thoughts on “A Lucky Winner! And we roll the dice again…

  1. Well done Sheila. Enjoy your prize. Barbara, you really do have a very talented design team. Ido love Jayne's designs. I have ordered the complete set of her groovi plates and I think the stamps will be on my list for Port Sunlight. Fantastic to be able to use a combination of groovi and stamps, a marriage made in heaven. I am sure you will have a fantastic time at Ally Pally. I will get there one of these days. I was at a class with the fabulous Maria yesterday. Had a fantastic day. How does she keep coming up with these ideas? See you soon, mind you, you will be too busy to chat.

  2. Hi Barb. I don't comment every day but wouldn't miss a day reading your blog with its helpful tutorials, wise words, and I love your sense of humour too – right on my wavelength! Enjoy Ally Pally and try not to work too hard – wish I could be there but we are off on our hols today xx

  3. Hello Barbara

    You will all have a busy day today so all take care. Linda's card is beautiful and is my favourite type of 'mixed media'.

    Congratulations to Sheila and what a lovely birthday present.


  4. Barbara, I read every day, even if I don't comment! I have to tell you, I knew a lovely man called Bill, though his real name was Percy, who was a grower and shower of prize fuchsias. He and his wife Eileen were friends of my Nan back when they were young mums, in fact my Nan delivered one of their children, and when my Nan died, his wife "adopted" my Mum as another daughter, even though my Mum was in her sixties by then. We went with them to a fuschia show, absolutely stunning displays. Bill has passed away now, and even though it's been more than 10 years since my Nan passed away, Eileen still calls my Mum on Mothers' Day to say she's thinking of her, and writes her cards and letters to "my adopted daughter". Lovely Bill and Eileen.

  5. What a beautiful card! I love reading your blog but don't always comment! I just love the way you write as though we are in your den, just chatting about life oh and arty things too!! Have a good day everyone!

  6. Congratulations Sheila what a lovely surprise well I'm sitting watching Peter pig with my youngest grandchild Jonah he is rather addicted to pepper after a visit to paper pig world during summer. Oh well so on YouTube watching some craft technics and think about shopping at ally pally and my wants and needs is there a difference think time for a coffee then hopefully get Jonah to play or do something more than sitting watching pepper pig two days of it is to much may be play I garden before rain starts bit chilly though. Hope set up goes well at ally pally not long know till we come to see you there nice early start to miss the traffic as don't like London driving by for know hugs everyone xxx

  7. Good morning Barbara! Hope the set up goes to plan!
    Well done and happy birthday 🎂 to Sheila. How wonderful that you get Dee's artwork!
    Linda's fuchsia picture is fabulous too!
    Obviously don't include me in the draw Barbara!!!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  8. I'm like Beryl – never miss a day reading your blog but may not always comment. Sometimes I read it at work (naughty but necessary!) and then forget to go back and comment. Sometimes I am so blown away by the artwork I can't find words good enough to express how I feel. Sometimes I comment because I just have too. But I always always read every word you write and 90% of the time I read all the comments too – and there are days when those comments make me laugh out loud and some days some of them make me mad and some days they even make me cry. I love the Clarity family and am so happy to be a part of it. Stay calm and keep on blogging our Barb. Xxx

  9. Good morning. I may not comment every day day but I do read your blog daily and find the artwork inspirational. I'm thinking of getting out my Gelli plate today. After Maria's brilliant workshop last weekend I feel I could give it a go!
    Fuchsias are one of my favourite flowers so I love today's masterpiece a lot.

  10. Well done Sheila and happy birthday for yesterday.
    I too don't always leave a message but I always enjoy ready your blog Barbara. I'm feeling very lonely at the moment after sending my son to university so I'm distracting myself with anything. Xx

    1. Sending you a big hug, know the feeling, my daughter went 3 weeks ago. If you can FaceTime/Skype it's so much better because you can see they are ok rather than just hearing them say so. Emma hasn't got internet in their flat yet so we have little snippets here and there so I can't wait until we can have a proper chat. Don't forget it will soon be Christmas and the washing and muddle will be home again for a while. Xxx

  11. Good morning, Barb. Hope your 'set up' trip goes well. I too was up with the sparrows, didn't get much sleep last night – what a night of flashes and rumblings, was lovely to hear the rain though, my garden is very happy 😊 Going to pick my lovely car up today, as I said yesterday, she's not been very well, so, when I've picked her up and paid the extortionate bill, I'm taking her on a trip to the seaside! We're off to sunny Dartmouth! Thank you for your kind comments yesterday, cheered me up no end. I've got face ache now, I can't stop smiling! Ha! 😀 The Fuchsia is lovely and beautifully presented. I'm loving these Groovi plates, haven't had a chance to use mine yet, perhaps I'll take them with me to Dartmouth. Hope everyone has a fab weekend xxxx

  12. Good Morning Barbara – isn't it wonderful how sometimes in life things work out just perfectly! For the random choice to be Sheila, is just PERFECT! Even better that it was her birthday yesterday, and to top it all – when she gets back from her hospital appointment today, she will find out that she has won!! Just wonderful!
    Good luck with the setting up today, and have a fabulous weekend at Ally Pally! Jayne's new plates look fantastic – so no doubt you will be having sell-outs! Safe journey – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I was VERY late commenting last night, as we had been out for a meal to meet up with some friends, who are down on holiday. This worked out perfectly too, as Neill has got a day off from his treatment today – the machine is being serviced. So we had a lovely lie-in today! Neill helped a man yesterday at the hospital, he was just beginning his treatment and had lots of things that he wanted to know, so Neill was the man for that.
      The sun is shining here, so I shall be able to get the washing dry. I hope that you all have a good day, whatever you are doing.
      Sheila, I hope that all goes well for you today, I am thinking of you. Have fun spending your Clarity voucher and enjoy looking at that wonderful piece of Dee's artwork! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hello Gilly dear. Thank you so much for your good wishes. The end of another week for you both! It is great when you reach the stage when you can help 'newbies'. Sending you both love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hello Gilly hope you've both enjoyed your day off and the sun has shone for you. It's lovely that Neil was able to help the new chap, I'm sure when he gets into his treatment he will think of Neil and help another new chap starting too. Sending hugs to you both xxx

    4. Hi Gilly,
      So glad that you had a lovely day yesterday – how lovely to meet up after all that time. Hope you've enjoyed your day off too! It was really nice that Neil could offer advice to the newbie too – I wish someone could have told my aunt what was going to happen as she was a nervous wreck and I couldn't help her much as I didn't know what was happening either! Love and hugs to you both, Alison xxx

  13. I am the same as so many of your followers, I really look forward to reading your blog every day although I rarely comment. I love the down to earth way you write never being afraid to own up to being down in the dumps or swamped by the dreaded worka and hollies. Also the high points too with your lovely family popping in and of course not forgetting all the inspiration you share with us. A bright spot on a dreary wet Friday morning. Thank you Barbara xc

  14. Hi Barbara
    Two lovely examples of what can be done with these new Groovy plates, which I must admit I am getting rather fond of. Wasn't quite sure that groovy craft was for me, but with the more simple designs, you never know!
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Margaret xx

  15. Hello Barb, another gorgeous piece of art, love the colours, and fuchsias are one of my favourite flowers. Well done Sheila on winning Dee's beautiful art and a £20 gift voucher. Have a great day all, and stay safe with this rainy weather. Bx

  16. Thank you to you for giving us a great blog to visit. I don't comment everyday but yours is the first site I visit to set me up for whatever might come throughout the day. Maybe a crafty idea or an uplifting word or two. Keep them coming, please!

  17. I also read your fabulous blog every day and find it very inspirational. I love the mix of projects interspersed with little peaks into your life at Clarity and the little pep talks to yourself about being positive! I've only just learned how to comment as I could never set it up properly, but although I don't comment very often, I do love your blog. Keep the ideas coming and I will keep reading. Thank you Barbara.

  18. Popped in early(ish) today to wish you and the team a splendid time at Ally Pally this weekend. Jayne's flower designs are so beautiful (Agapanthus and Fuchsia are my favourites if I HAD to choose). They look like a great size to work with and just the right amount of line work within the design. Some flower stamps have too much in the way of pre-determined 'shading'.
    Tonbridge Sue

  19. Well done Sheila !

    Another lovely design too. I;m definitely going to be getting the stamps and plates of these beautiful flowers. My voucher should be waiting when I get home ! Already ordered a stencil and another Brayer this morning. It's amazing what you can do from another country ! Don't tell hubby though !! I;be already bought two tops this morning let alone the baby bits I got yesterday !! Hope all is well.

    Morag, thinking of you and Penny today X x

  20. Love early mornings. Although it all went bit wrong this morning….so took your advice and started day again. 👍 Hope you have a great time at Ally Pally. Hope to get there one time. Thinking of you today Barb, my husband is sharpening saw bench blade and my teeth are not happy 😖 Hope you are feeling better. Take care x

  21. Hi Barbara, hope the setting up is going smoothly. I used to love early mornings, before CFS took over!!! My way now of enjoying an early morning, is when I'm not able to lie down to try to sleep, and I get the day breaking before getting to sleep. There is a stillness, peacefulness about that time of the day, especially in the summer, that you don't feel at any other time. Like a gift from God if you're getting up that early, or not managing to sleep.

    Thank you for another very generous and lovely gift for one of us.

    Yes, this wee, and expanding, bloggy community is the best. I feel safe coming here and being me. And that's unheard of for me. And it's far from the norm that people are as understanding and patient with someone like me with Asperger's. A huge thank you Barbara for being you, and for creating and nurturing this safe haven. And always being here with us, for us, and enhancing and enlightening each of our lives every day. Love you xxxxxxxx

    Congratulations Sheila, hope it makes your day. Hope your appt went positively too xx

    Dot. Good to see you back here. If you don't have the smiley faces key, could be first key left of the space bar, I think we need to change the keyboard option. What symbol is on that key? And I think you need to turn off predictive text too. Let me know the make and model of your tablet, so I can tailor my step by step instructions for you xx

    1. Welcome to all the new people. Sorry, I would normally say it each of you individually but there's quite a lot of new people so thought this way would be best. Feel free to join in our wee chats if you want.

    2. Hello Brenda. I am totally with you regarding early mornings. It's my favourite time of the day. I have always loved getting up an hour before everyone else for that exact reason.
      It's wonderful that you have found this safe place, and also wonderful that I've found it too. Love and Hugs my friend. xxx

    3. Thanks Morag and Sheila xx
      Pam, (I think I'm going to regret this!!!!) Ok, you're on. I've got stuff going on just now, but how about we set a day after mid week next week for us both to crack open our gelli plates? I bet I've had mine, unused, unopened longer than you!!!! xx

    4. Brenda you are so kind and thoughtful so much of the time and help others here when you can so we don't get cross if you misunderstand something or get upset by things. Hope your day has been ok xx

    5. Hello Brenda – we treasure you being here with us, and it's very good to hear you say that you feel safe here. That is what we want for you. You are always helping one of us, with advice and information regarding a wide range of things. Sending you and Daisy hugs, Gilly xx

    6. Hello Sheila it's made my day hearing you say you feel safe here and yes the new people joining in today are a lovely lot aren't they. Hope the sun has shone for you today. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    7. Hi Brenda,
      I'm pleased to hear that you feel safe here – we would certainly miss you if you weren't here. I love the mornings too especially if there's a gorgeous sunrise. We have a fantastic view over to the Cleveland Hills from our front bedroom windows and it's beautiful at dawn. Glad as well that you've had some sun today. It took a while to show itself here but really nice at the moment. Love and hugs to you and Daisy, love Alison xxx

    8. Evening Brenda,
      Thank you my friend so glad to be back and it's thank's to you and this safe place that I'm here it's been a few stressful couple of months for me but I think I'm coming out the other end now, that holiday with my daughter and the kids was just what I needed, life goes on as the saying goes.. and I did it my friend so happy that I have been able to make more memories for my grandchildren especially wee Amy to remember me with.
      When I packed I took their late Grandads shorts and sandles with me which I have always kept so he could join us from heaven that made me feel secure silly I know but it helped.
      Anyway my tablet is a Lenova TAB2 A10-30 not an expensive one just a startup one my son said just incase I don't get on with it and yes there is a smiley face key next to the space bar thingy.
      All my Love here's yir cuddle ..Dot…xx

    9. Thank you everyone, for saying such good things to and about me xx
      Glad you've found the pathway out the other side Dot. You should be proud of yourself, your husband will be. It's not silly, actual things help us connect to someone or something. Give me a few days, then I'll see if can find info re your tablet. If not we'll still be able to work it out as they can't be that different, it would just make it easier for you if I know exactly where to find things on yours. xx

    10. In case you've not realised, just tap the smiley face key and you'll see all the one's available, there may be more than one page. Try swiping from right go left across the page of faces. And there may be a wee bar across the nottom of that page too, if you tap on those symbols it will change to different categories of pictures to use.

    11. And suddenly they're all here again!
      right TO left, not go
      And bottom, not nottom
      And now I better find something else to do, that doesn't require thought and coordination!

  22. What a lovely surprise Birthday present for Sheila, she really deserved to win with all she has gone through lately, she will be over the moon. Love Linda's card today beautiful. Just hope I can turn out something half as good with my new plates. Busy day for you Barbara, try to get some rest and relaxation in tonight before Ally Pally.xxx

  23. Sheila you lucky lady, enjoy your fab prize and Many Happy Returns for yesterday. Glorious artwork today using my favourite Fuchsias; got these stamps on my shopping list for Leyburn… only a week to wait now. Anne and I are really looking forward to it…we've not been to an open day so can only imagine the 'buzz' there'll be!

    Hope Ally Pally goes well – on the 'to do' list next year.

    Happy Friday one and all!

    1. I've decided I'll wear a cerise/dark pink top with a cerise/blue/black floaty scarf. I will have my constant companion, my sparkly walking stick. So I hope that will help to make me recognisable!!! I would love to meet as many of you as possible. xxx

    2. I shall be there as near to 9am as possible flashing my new pale green sale bargain Radley handbag with a shoulder strap as well as short handles. Barbara mentioned on the blog after Catterick last year about us having name badges, I shall know Alison from her photo on the challenge blog when she won.

    3. Ooh, I really wish I could be there with you all! Never mind, one day maybe!? Love the idea of your sparkly walking stick Morag! Sounds like you need to decide on your outfit Pam – so they can recognise you too! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    4. Ok I'll let you know nearer the time as well. Hoping to go up early on Thursday and stay at Ripley, about an hours drive to the venue. Making a bit of a holiday out of it like we did at Crowborough, making the most of the caravan.xx

  24. What a beautiful card, some people have so much talent, whilst others just hope.
    Not able to go to Ally Pally this time, but am sure that you will have a great time.
    Was able to see you last time and know you will bring some wonderful things to Hochanda.

    1. Christine, everyone has talent. We are all different so our talents are different. After being put down at school and told I was rubbish at art, I hate to hear anyone putting themselves down. Just enjoy whatever you do. xxx Maggie

  25. Well done Sheila and happy birthday for yesterday. Like a lot of the ladies above I read the blog everyday, wouldn't miss, but don't often comment but do like to read others comments . It really is a nice bloggy comunity to belong to . Thank you Barbara for thinking of us every day much appreciated x

  26. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, thinking of you Sheila this morning. Praying for good news on little Penny, Morag. Lovely to see you back Dot, hope you enjoyed your holiday with the family. Hope everyone has a good day, sending lots of love and hugs Pam xx

  27. I read your blog every day and enjoy your words of wisdom. I enjoy looking at the art work and aspire to be more creative as a result.
    I love reading what my bloggy friends write, and I am looking forward to meeting some in the flesh at Leyburn next week (super excited about it!).
    I know that some days are not good days for some, but I think this blog gives support to each and every one of us in different ways, and we celebrate the goods times too.

  28. Oh dear Barbara I've just got in from my hospital appointment this morning and had to go for my 2nd daily clarity fix wow I cannot believe I have won Dee's art work and that I get a £20 clarity voucher too I cannot find the words to say how I feel it's amazing after my birthday yesterday and hospital today wow how special you have made today .the clarity blog is a lifeline to me and it's wonderful how each and everyone on here surport each other each day I bet you didn't realise when you started this blog Barbara that you would bring together all these wonderful caring people so a big thank you for choosing me for Dee's art work and a big thank you Dee for giving away your stunning art work which I shall always treasure clarity hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon my dear family of blog friends heartfelt hugs to you all thinking of you all .wow how amazing I have won Dee's art work and the clarity £20 voucher .i left comments this morning before I went to hospital and came home to look on the blog and wow my name was there what a lovley gift to come home too .
      I've got to go for the camera down my throat yuk they took some more bloods my other blood bruise has gone into a little heart shape I've got to go back in 3 months for the results the registrar was so kind she explained things but now wants to wait for results.so not long to wait now thank you for all your support I couldn't have done it without you all xxx
      Morag thinking of you and penny cuddles and hugs xxx
      Hugs to all xxx

    2. I can't begin to tell you Sheila dear how thrilled I am that you've won this lovely gift. It couldn't have come at a better time for you. You are in my thoughts, and thank you so much for your good wishes for Penny. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Congratulations, Sheila and belated birthday greetings to you. Haven't been 'iPadding' due Ayrshire visit and a trip to The Hague. You'll have fun not only spending your voucher but also admiring Dee's beautiful work. Well deserved! ;~}

    4. Hi Sheila, my lovely! I just knew that here would be the first place that you would head to after your appointment today – I couldn't be more pleased that you have won the Clarity voucher and Dee's wonderful artwork! Now you just have to decided where to display it, where you will see it the most. Mind you – nothing to stop you from moving it around. Pleased that your appointment went ok, sorry to hear about needing to have the camera, we will try to support you with that. Take care and rest up, lots of caring and supportive hugs, love Gilly xxx

    5. Hello my lovely Sheila oh I am so pleased you won Dees beautiful artwork and a voucher, what a great birthday you are having. Sorry to hear you've got to have a camera down your throat, we will be here for you. Did you tell the nurse she was all heart giving you the heart shaped bruise?! Sending you a big squishy but gentle hug, you will love having this beautiful artwork to look at when you are lying in bed. Xxx

    6. Hi Sheila,
      I'm so pleased that you have won the voucher and Dee's picture – couldn't have gone to a better person – lovely birthday present for you. Glad that your appointment went well, although sorry you've got to have the camera. Been thinking about you today. Love and hugs Alison xx

    7. Hi Sheila, what a smashing boost for you! Delighted you won the beautiful artwork, i bet you've already got plans for the voucher! Hopefully with the 3 week wait for your results you can relax a bit meantime. Have a lovely weekend xx

    8. Hi Sheila – so delighted for you. I'm sure you'll love Dee's card, and I bet you've already spent that voucher with your wishlist! Enjoy, and hope you get some rest after your hospital appointment x

  29. Hi Barbara and team, hope all going well with the set up. I live to pop in everyday for a catch up and wonderful inspiration. Beautiful card from Linda Simpson x

  30. Hello Barbara, another wonderful gift in the offing! What a kind team you have. The roses couldn't have gone to a more deserving winner.
    Thank you for your good wishes for Penny yesterday, they were very much appreciated. Love and Hugs xxx

  31. Hi everybody. I am quite new to this blogging lark so forgive me if I get it a bit wrong! Well done Sheila – a nice surprise after your hospital trip. Hope all goes well. I love Barbara's blog and read it every day. A lady truly on my wave length. One of those people you look on as a friend you have never met. I don't know if I should be asking but does anybody agree with me that a square piercing plate of circles would be useful? One we could use in conjunction with the nested circles is what I had in mind. Happy crafting. Rachel x

    1. Thanks Morag. I use Groovi all the time and love working with the circles. Groovi/parchment is what I call a clean craft so I can do it in the sitting room rather than my tiny craft room. Shutting myself away upstairs is a bit unsociable. I have a Lapdog craft tray which is brilliant for 'Grooving' the sitting room. Thoroughly recommend. X

    2. Hi Rachel
      Great idea! Don't worry if you get things wrong! I sometimes look at what I've typed and think what a load of rubbish – especially when the predictive text kicks in! Love Alison xx

  32. Hello my dear friends. Thank you all so much for your kind words yesterday. Today Penny has slept most of the time, we have been on tenterhooks looking at the clock, as she usually starts pacing from about 10.00 ish. But it's now well after two and she's still asleep!!!! It's a definite change to her awful routine, so we're just praying that it's a good sign.
    Love and Hugs to you all xxx

    1. Brilliant news Morag, fingers crossed. Have they given her a low protein food to reduce the toxins going in? If not, it's worth asking your vet, any reduction in the workload for her liver would surely help. Thinking off you xx

    2. Dear Morag – I am keeping everything crossed for little Penny, and you both are in my thoughts. Try to keep positive, and lets hope that she will respond well to this medication. Sending you lots of supportive hugs, love Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Morag,
      I'm so pleased that little Penny has had a calmer day, I'm sure the sleep will do her good, she must be so tired bless her. Let's hope that this medication does the trick – I'm certainly keeping everything crossed and saying little prayers too. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    4. Thank you my friends. Brenda, I did ask the vet about diet but she said she didn't want to make any changes until she sees the effect of the medication, as it could cause her further stress. She is still sleeping now. She just wakes up to eat and toilet. She has a lot of sleep to get I up on. Love and Hugs to you all xxx

    5. Hi Morag, been thinking of you and Penny all day. Glad she's been able to get a good rest, and maybe you too! Thanks for keeping us updated. Meantime, I'm still keeping everything crossed for continued improvements. So a hug to you and a gentle stroke for Penny xxx

  33. Hello Barbara, I never miss your blog, and although I seldom add anything it makes me feel part of the blog 'family'. Well done to Sheila for her win. The Fuschia has always been one of my favourite flowers, it reminds me of a tiny ballerina! I hope my comment doesn't vanish, as sometimes happens, as I'd love to know where it goes! xx

  34. This arrived on my page in Facebook and thought that it could be an uplifting thought for the day. I rather like it.

    Never regret a day in your life:
    Good days give happiness,
    Bad days give experience,
    Worst days give lessons,
    and best days give memories.

    A little thought for today. Happy crafting everyone.

  35. I too don't always comment but love Barbara's blog. This is absolutely beautiful artwork and very inspirational. Hope Ally Pally goes well and looking forward to the Yorkshire Open day. Will be very tempted with the new floral stamps the only difficulty being which to choose.

  36. Well done Sheila, lucky lady. I always read blog as well and most times manage to leave a comment. Seems only fair when you have taken the trouble to share your time. Beautiful artwork from Linda, very clever lady. I have a parchment class on Sunday looking forward to it very much, been a hectic week so some calm time will be good. Hope Ally Pally goes well, going to be a busy weekend for you. xx

  37. Good afternoon Barbara I love the fuchsia card that Linda has made.Hope you have a good journey up too Ally Pally and that the set up goes smoothly.Ive written out my order but will be watching and recording in case there is something else that iv'e missed xx

  38. Hi Barbara, what a lovely piece of artwork combining stamps and Groovi.
    I did catch up on ho Hochanda last night with Maria learned such a lot from Maria with regard to colouring in on parchment, what a wonderful result she got with your new inks. Will be trying this tomorrow when I have finished my jobs.
    have a great show at Alley Palley I am sure you will have a sell out on most things.
    you and your team give us so much to achieve brilliant.
    Have a good weekend.
    Lynn xx

  39. Hi Morag and ladies, hope you are all well and trying to get some crafting done.
    Hope Penny is a little better today give her lots of hugs from me.
    if any of you are going to alley Palley have a great time and don't spend too !!!!!!
    have a good weekend.
    Lots of hugs
    Lynn xx

  40. What a fabulous piece of artwork from Linda, what a talented team you have and it works so well with the stamped central piece which has been beautifully coloured and the parchment borders, and all the pretty layers too. Hope your set up is going well at Ally Pally. x

  41. Congratulations to Sheila, and belated Happy Birthday xx
    This is so pretty, love the wonderful coloured discuss, can't make Ally Pally this year but looking forward to our trip to Leyburn next week. Have a great weekend

  42. Another beautiful piece of artwork generously given, how lucky will someone be!

    Well Barbara – I think Leyburn is going to be quite noisy! Did you ever play the party game as a child where you were all given animals names written on a piece of paper and you had to go around making the animal noise until you found all the people that matched your animal? Well I don't think we'll be making animal noises but a lot of us will certainly be going round finding one another xx

    1. Hi Chris – I think that we all started off on here in that way, but it gets even better when you start to join in and make such wonderful, kind and supportive friends! Hugs Gilly xx

  43. yes have to get my blog fix' missed a day thought it was thursday! On holiday and wanting time travel ti Ally Pally. The artwork is supermo! Managed to buy on line – quite a miracle from here. I am sure ally pally will be wonderful anxxd maybe the dice will roll my way. Groovi is the way forward for me
    Love to everyone
    Anne over the sea

  44. yes have to get my blog fix' missed a day thought it was thursday! On holiday and wanting time travel ti Ally Pally. The artwork is supermo! Managed to buy on line – quite a miracle from here. I am sure ally pally will be wonderful anxxd maybe the dice will roll my way. Groovi is the way forward for me
    Love to everyone
    Anne over the sea

  45. Beautiful Fuschia card from Linda. Lovely that Sheila won the rose card and voucher. I read your blog every day, and all of the messages too. It's kept me sane at times when life bites back. I've not been commenting too often, but have decided I should try to leave a comment most days, even if it's just a "hello". Barbara your blog is like being a part of Clarity family and friends, and feels like home. It's like opening a present every day, whether there is a wonderful demo to give us ideas and inspiration, or a insight into your day. Thank you.

    Janine xx

  46. Hello Barbara
    Isn't fate a wonderful thing, it's really fitting Sheila has won Dees beautiful artwork and the voucher – hope she's got her cushions on!! Today's artwork is stunning too, you have a fabulous team, so talented. I hadn't thouht of mixing stamping and groovi like this must give it a try. Hope the set up is going well, may get to see you, I was being good but Julian's just said he fancies a trip out – will try very hard not to say hello to the pavement this year!!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, I'm in a rush, going out for dinner with friends I haven't seen for ages – it's a kids back at uni get together. Sending hugs all round, hope the weather has been kind to you all today xxx

  47. congratulations Sheila..love the way Linda mixes groovi with stamps not had a chance to do any crafting this week .hopefully I can do some sunday around the airport run .payday Friday will have to invest in some of the stamps and plates ..have a great time at ally pallyx

  48. Hi Barb,
    I'm so pleased that you picked Sheila , couldn't have gone to a better person. Linda's fuchsia card is stunning too and very generous of you both to be donating it to someone. It was really strange, but I had just done almost the exact design onto parchment before I read your blog! The only difference was that my Happy a Birthday was at the top of the frame. How strange is that! I love your blog and feel as though I have made a lot of new friends through it ,so thank you very much. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again at Leyburn next week. Hope you've had a safe journey up to Ally Pally and that everything goes well. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been good for you and that the storms weren't too bad where you are. Had a lovely crafty morning – did two Groovi pieces – just the actual line art – one the fuchsia's and the other the Rose . Will start to colour them tomorrow. Really pleased with them so far.Had to go into Darlington this afternoon to the opticians as I stood on my glasses last night and they were well and truly out of shape! Outcome was, I've had to order another pair of frames for the lenses to go into and hopefully they'll be here tomorrow or Monday. Could really have done without spending nearly £200 again when I've only had them about 3 months!! Might have to look at the house insurance! One thing is certain – I'll never be rich! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  49. How beautiful are the fuchsia's. Jealous as not coming to ally ploy this year, but got the northern open day to look forward to next week.

    Hello Barbara's dad :). You raised a cracker 😉

  50. Hi Barbara
    I hope all goes well at Ally Pally. I bet lots of the lucky people who are going will pop by to say hi. The fuchsias are so lovely and the card combining Groovi and stamping is a great idea.
    Hugs from Chris X

    1. Evening Donna it's amazing winning Dee's art work and the clarity voucher too especially the day after my birthday and made a tough day today end well hugs for you and pheobe happy Friday xxx

  51. I love this artwork. Summer wouldn't be the same without fuchsias! I was watching Maria on catch up this morning (for some reason it won't record). I was blown away by her use of stencils with Groovi. I realised we'd had the elephant stencil through the club so I had a go straight away.. Made me realise again how Groovi has made parchment work accessible as my lines on led over the place despite the stencil and I pierced it twice.

    Saw this quote in the Daily Mail this morning. I expect you've seen it before but I hadn't: "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. Maya Angelou.

    Have a good weekend at the palace! Xx

  52. Hello Barb,
    Of course you have such a lot of followers, even if we don't post every day for one reason or another. Your super projects keep us following you, a bit like the Pied Piper!!!
    Congratulations to Sheila.
    Alimecca Alison, don't worry about misspelling your name to Diane, she'll never realise! Shame about your specs, I've claimed for mine before on the household contents insurance.
    Maureen xxx

  53. Late on parade today been spending the day with our lovely eldest granddaughter Skye and her boyfriend Ben. Visited their flat in Edinburgh then as Ben is from London we took him to the Wallace Monument andvtheynwitbmynhubby climbed the 246 steps to the top. Hence I a just reading the blog now but I do read it every day and enjoy it x

    1. Hi Julia have been catching up on the blog and been reading about what's happening in your world and my heart goes out to you stay strong my lovely if I can jump on a plane now and be ok maybe me and you can manage a retreat what do you say…xx
      Here is a wee ditty I hope makes you smile..

      What do you call a woman without an arsehole
      hope that made you smile…love Dot..xxx

    2. Dot, I didn't smile, I laughed, you wee rascal. I'm so glad you are back, I have missed you. I was thinking about you a couple of days ago when there was no one in the house and I was feeling very lonely. A retreat would be just the job…I'm sure we could create some mischief!

  54. Evening Barbara had a lot of wee catching up to do but I'm nearly there now so happy for our Sheila winning that beautiful card by Dee could'nt have went to a more deserving person you will have made a lovely person so happy and I thank your random finger for that.
    Good Luck at Ally Pally your our star….Love Dot..xx
    P.S.Evening Barbara's Dad you must be so proud she is just a beautiful human being your daughter…xx

    1. Evening Dorothy just read your comment to Brenda you want to be so proud of what you have achieved these past few weeks and months lovley that you took the shorts and sandals with you bless you dear friend anything that helps you cope is good to do wee extra hugs xxx
      Your wee ditty to Julia made me smile too xxx

  55. Hi Barbara, thanks for showcasing another lovely piece of artwork, and rolling out another comp! All good wishes for a fun time at Ally Pally, I'll be hooked into Hochanda. I love the early mornings too, for 17 years I lived in a flat with a kids playground outside. Horrendous noise as I worked from home, so I napped with earplugs in the afternoon then worked late at night and from about 5 a.m. Now moved, no noise, but can I break the nap habit? Can I heck! So still treasure the silent times. As a hermit friend put it, it's just the time for long, stretchy thoughts. Love it!

  56. I may not comment everyday, but I do pop on here everyday. Sometimes I just like to ruminate on what's been written.
    Hope Ally Pally goes well, looking forward to Leyburn next week. X

  57. Many thanks to Linda Spencer for the beautiful artwork, and the inspiration to look out stamps and combine with the parching! Bang goes the housework, again!

  58. I would like to say a big thank you to all on the blog for all your lovley comments on me winning Dee's stunning art work and the £20 voucher your all so very thoughtful special hugs to you all xxx
    It's time for bed now so goodnight hugs xxx

  59. Congratulations Sheila, well deserved and a nice birthday present. Can't always comment every day but do try and read comments most days, although takes longer and longer each day. Never miss reading the blog, off on holiday for couple of weeks but will still be reading each day. Much hugs Karen xxx

  60. I read your blog here in Spain more days than not too depends on the internet, very spasmodic here.I love this card fuchsias were of my dads favorite so it is a happy memory of him.Thank you

  61. Hi Barbara
    I haven't commented on the blog for a while as I've been busy getting married to my partner after 26 year but read the blog every day even my wedding day so keep it up Barbara ( I LOVE THIS BLOG) xxx
    Well done Sheila

  62. Well done to Sheila for your win. We know that everyone here would treasure a piece of work from any one of the talented Clarity team. I have a couple of demo pieces inclusive to me at the Open Days and they are very special to me, and have given me lots of inspiration. Have a great show at Ally Pally. I will have to watch on catch up as I am off for my second watercolour workshop with Matthew Palmer. xxx

  63. Hi Jacqui (?) Cou, amazing coincidence re bus, ladies and Carvajal! Thanks for telling me of it. Now to relish memories of getting the local bus there up to Mijas. Continue enjoying your hols! Xx

  64. Hello Barb and everyone here on the blog. A fabulous piece of art Linda, thank you for sharing it with us. Congratulations Sheila – a beautiful prize the only problem now is having to decide which of the great Clarity items to spend your voucher on lol. Have a good weekend everyone x

  65. I'm so late to the party – you must be all set up and half way through the exhibition by now. Got a bit distracted yesterday, and even had to buy two cards from the shop which is so, so bad. Next year I will be more organised! Love this piece of artwork by Linda – you have such a talented and generous design team Barbara. Hope Ally Pally is going well, and have fun everyone who is able to go x

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