A Blue Agapanthus

A Blue Agapanthus

Hi there!
Good of you to pop in this sunny day!
Thursday’s blog is always BLUE,
so what better step-by-step project to look at
 than the beautiful Groovi Agapanthus, 
designed by Jayne Nestorenko.
We launched Jayne’s Flowers Collection on HOCHANDA 
on Sunday and Monday.
If you missed the shows, you can watch them, you know!
You can go to the TV website and watch the shows on Catch Up.
If you are reading this, you have the capability.
Just go to their website 
Then go to the top scrolling bar and click CATCH UP.
Then find the date and the hour of the show(s) you want to watch.
Then just click on the screen and let it stream in.
All shows are recorded and kept in this Catch Up place for 7 days.
Anyway, let’s make Groovi art!!!
Here’s all I have used…
The light blue parchment from the A4 Soft Tones Collection is fab.
We have put together a sample pack, of 5 of each colour (30 x A4), which is ideal.

First comes the Box Frame, the window, the picture frame – whatever you choose it to be.
All these elements are individually on our website too.


Use the No. 1 Tool, the stylus without the ball on the end,
to trace the frame.
Then look for the beautiful garlands in one of the Agapanthus Plates. They fit into the frame.

Back to the Universal Box frame, with the alphabet.
Working from behind on the parchment,
trace out Wishing you. Not Both this time. Add a. 
Look for Very….

There it is. On the other side.

Now for the wonderful large Agapanthus in the centre.
This is quick and easy, but oh so beautiful. 

Time to add the blue, the wonderful agapanthus blue.
They come in white too, but that lilac blue is what I love.

We work from behind. From the back of the parchment, 
and on a hard surface.
Light blue pencil first, working for the tip of the petal.

Purple Blue pencil next, working from the base of the flower and lightly flicking out to the middle

Add white highlights with a pencil. 
One done.

Now do the rest!
If you use pencils, 
be they Polychromos or Spectrum Noir Blending pencils,
the Crafters blending solution applied lightly with a paper stump will smooth out any gritty, grainy look of the colouring.
That’s on ANY surface – not just parchment. 
Check out the blend from the front once the blending solution has been applied at the back.
A quick and neat way to colour in the frame 
is to run the pencil along a ruler.
Again, from the back.

The cool thing is that, by colouring in the frame with pencils, you have created a perfect strip to conceal the adhesive.
And this Crafters Adhesive pen is brilliant for parchment. 
I found a nice piece of Designer paper to mount it on,
which adds, doesn’t detract.

Let’s look closely at the flower….

I think this is such a beautiful design.

In fact, we turned them all into stamps too.
Just because we can, and they needed to be.
Also available individually.
So there we have it.
A beautiful blue flower.
Blue symbolizes Sincerity.

That knowledges makes this artwork all the more appropriate.
Have a great day, and thanks again for saying hi.
Love and Gratitude,

123 thoughts on “A Blue Agapanthus

  1. You are an early bird today, Barbara. Those Groovis and stamps are just stunning and I am really looking forward to mine arriving. I love flowers anyway and these are just very special. They will make up for my new car problems (the alarm is going off randomly) which will eat into my craft money for next month, and my DVD recorder which appears to have given up totally. I wonder what the third techie problem to head my way. In the meantime, I will concentrate on the positives in my life and look forward to Maria's class on Saturday for one thing. Have a good positive day. xxx Maggie

    1. Got to wait a bit before I invest in these but they are on my wish list. Looking forward to Maria's class as well, straight on to a BBQ afterwards so hope she does not tire us too much. Hope you get car sorted see you Saturday.xx

    2. The car is booked in on Monday. The computer says the fault is due to a faulty door lock which has been ordered in ready. See you on Saturday, Lynne. I wonder if Maria has her whip out or whether she is being gentle with us. xxx Maggie

  2. I really love Agapanthus flowers and this design by Jane is beautiful and I love the extra images that come with the flower to make a gorgeous finished card. You have made a wonderful job of both the stamps and the Groovi versions Barbara which pleases me as a stamper but will help parchers to make wonderful cards too. Hope your day is going well. x

  3. Wow a stunning piece of art work I'm waiting for the full set of groovi to arrive so I can play .just deciding if to order some Faber castell polychrome colouring pencils .ive got all the crafters companion 5 tins off spectrum noir ones so just don't know what to do .what do you think Barbara ? Xxx

    1. Afternoon dear blog friends thinking of you all heartfelt hugs to all on the blog I've just got back from Podiarty so resting now then I going to put together a card I've part got ready then rest again sending lots of hugs and cuddles to all who needs them xxx

    2. Hello Sheila, with regard to the crayons it probably depends how you get on with the others. I have the old spectrum noirs and they kept breaking so I bought polychromos which are much better but I think the new crafter's companion ones have been improved. If you are not happy with your colouring it may be worth the investment but you'll have to spend a lot to get the range of colours you have. A few to try may be a good idea xx

    3. Hi Sheila, I have the set of 60 polychromos, a very cheap set of 72 oil based pencils I bought from Amazon and a set of 36 W H Smith pencils which get great reviews but I still often think about buying the spectrum noirs. I think you can have all the pencils in the world but I'm beginning to realise that there is technique to using them – not pressing to hard, building up colour, blending. One day I'll eventually look online for more tips on techniques.

    4. Hi Sheila,
      I bought a set of 60 Faber Castell polychromos which I love. I got them on line from Newcastle University art shop. I also had the Spectrum Noir Blendable pencils which kept breaking and have also now got the full set of the Spectrum Noir ColourBlend ( the new ones). I do like these better than the original ones as the leads are thicker. I keep my Faber Castell for special projects! Hope you are feeling better today and that you manage to get some crafting in this afternoon. Love and hugs Alison xx

    5. I am waiting to get some Faber Castell polychromos as was not very happy with Spectrum Noir ones I have. The leads keep breaking could be me of course pressing too hard. I would like the oil pastells as well after using some at my parchment class. x

    6. Thank you for your help My spectrum noir keep breaking too and that's frustrating when I colour .plus the lid on one set has come apart.so thought I would treat myself to the Faber castell. Xxx

    7. Hi Sheila – I'm lucky enough to have both Polychromos and Spectrum Noirs (original). I'd say that as you already have the SN's stick with them to master the techniques for blending and such like as they are decent quality for the cost, work beautifully and in a very similar way to PC's. We all have tendency to oversharpen and press too hard etc whilst learning so using what's already to hand makes sense to me (as Maria says "use what you've got to see how you get on"), you can always 'upgrade' to PC's at a future date should you feel the need.

      Oh yes – re 'breakages' great tip from Sara (Crafters Companion) is to fill a hot water bottle (hot water obviously – lol!), wrap with a towel/cloth then place pencils on top covered with a warm towel and leave for an hour or so which will help the waxy cores to rebond then allow to cool completely. Tried it and it worked for me – same would apply to PC's etc as even they do occasionally have broken 'leads'. HTH!

    8. Hi Sheila. I have to say that my FC's are still my favourite to work with. I'm sure your card has turned out beautifully in between your rests. Love and Hugs xxx

    9. Hi Sheila, I hope you are walking on air now after your trip out. You sound brighter today so I hope you get some crafting done. I'm like you and have the spectrum noir pencils but find they break ( Su that's a great tip thank you, I'm going to give it a try). One day I will treat myself to the expensive ones, but meanwhile I've got the blending solution so will give that a go. Xxx

    10. Hi Sheila, I am lucky enough to have spectrum noir and Polychromos and personally I prefer the Polychromos as they give me a great blend and do not break as often as the spectrum noir. Lol Lynne m xxx

    11. Hi Sheila – it's sounds as though today has been a much better day for you, I am so pleased to hear that you have been able to do a little crafting. Make sure to keep resting too! Sounds like I won't need to do any pruning tonight then! Thank you for your hugs and cuddles earlier today, bless you! Much love and supportive hugs, Gilly xxx

  4. Well, I just popped by to catch up with yesterday's post and here you are already!! I am hoping to get these at Leyburn. I shall probably fill my basket then tot up the total and have to put some items back – what a dilemma!

    1. Hello all. I posted some replies on Tuesday then couldn't do any more. The plumbing works were finished yesterday and I had intended to comment last night but didn't get round to it. We were putting a neighbour's chickens to bed for her and haven't had contact with chickens before. After 20 minutes chasing and a huge amount of fearful clucking and crowing we gave up. We went back about 40 minutes later and they had taken themselves in and we just had to close the hatch. We then realised we had forgotten to ask how many she had! It was off to another neighbour to find out and thankfully all were present!!
      I hope you are having a good get together Morag and Alison xx

    2. Hi Chris,
      I think you were very brave even going near the chickens! Yes, Morag and I had a lovely meet up over coffee, hot chocolate and cake! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    3. Hi Chris, Alison and I had a lovely couple of hours. We were actually wondering if perhaps in future, rather than us meeting up in Durham, we may be able to come nearer your way, which may make it easier for you to join us! Anywhere is good as look as they do cake!!
      I had to laugh about your 'Chicken Run' It reminded me of a time when I took part in a charity football match…dressed as a chicken…a spring one of course hahaha! Love and Hugs xxx

    4. Hi Chris I'm sorry I had to laugh at the thought of you chasing the blessed chickens around. I don't think I would have gone near them either but you were good to help your neibours out. Will they let you have some eggs in exchange? Sending hugs xxx

  5. Hi Barbara, beautiful, beautiful lineart from Jayne, and beautiful colouring in from you. Match made in heaven. Thank you so much for sharing and for the step by step. Helps me a lot, with my stupid brain not able to think laterally! So now I have 2 colouring methods☺. Still not been able to translate it to leaves though!!!!

    My day not so good so far, even taking out the CFS and eczema flare ups. Nae water! Well that's not strictly true, I have water but it's very brown. Had nothing to drink since this morning, and I drink a lot. And can't make my food, and getting very jittery now. I did manage to phone Scottish Water, they are doing work on a hydrant at the corner. I knew there was something going on there the last few days, could hear the drilling and stuff, just can't see from here. Anyway she said it should be finished by 1.45pm, but can take 2 hours for the water to clear. I don't have anything else to drink. Thankfully Daisy has a bowl of fresh water, so she's ok. Food I can raid the freezer for frozen veg that can go in the micro without water, and soup I've gradually been stocking it up with for the winter. But might make me more thirsty, even though I don't use salt. The ironic thing is my Tesco shop is about to arrive!!! But there was no way of adding bottled water to it today, the cut off is last night. The lady has registered me with their special needs, don't know if that means I would get prior warning of work in the future, so I could fill some bowls or something for drinking water. Obviously it's not going to kill me or anything to go without fluid for these hours, so not a huge issue, just one of them things that gives me a bigger reality of just how vulnerable and isolated I am. And the not knowing when, and the change, issues for my Asperger's.

    Very dull and rainy here this morning, but the sun is trying to peek out now.

    Off to find something easy to occupy myself with.

    Hope your day doesn't drop below a 10
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Oh dear Brenda things do seem to happen to you. Maybe you could add a bottle of water to your next Tesco order to stop you worrying about the same thing happening another time xx

    2. Hi Brenda,
      I'm so sorry to hear of your dilemma. As Chris said, it does seem to happen to you. I do think it would be a good idea to have a bottle of water for future use. It will keep for a long time, so you know that you've got some in. Hope you've got water by now anyway. It always seems that when you can't make a drink, the more you want one too. Love and hugs to you and Daisy, Alison xx

    3. Thanks everyone xx
      Aye, it never took new support people long to be commenting on how much random, outwith my control, things happen/go wrong, even those most sceptical about there being people who just have an unfair share of bad luck!!!

      The water is going between being really brown and a brown tinge. Do you think it would be ok to drink the water when it's a brown tinge? I can't get ill, my CFS wouldn't cope with that, the way it is just now.

    4. I think the water is ok now. Too late if it isn't!!! That was much longer than the lady said it would take. The road signs outside are still there so not sure if they are coming back to do more. I'll fill a couple of bowls with water at bedtime just in case.

    5. Hello Brenda, I hope by now your water is now drinkable! It might be worth just using it for making hot drinks for now, to make sure it has a good boil. That way you won't be taking chances with your health. Do you have a filter jug? Love and Hugs xxx

    6. Thanks Morag, I didn't boil it, but will do for a wee while. I put a washing on too, that should help clear anything that is left. I don't have a filter, as you'll know, good water up here, so I never felt the need. But I'll buy some bottled water, if I can remember! xx

    7. Don't you get poorly Brenda when our water went off water board brought us bottled water with me been classed as vulnerable they should have done that for you you should have to ask but get in touch so they can fetch you soon now hugs xxx

    8. It's ok Sheila, it looks totally fine now, and I'm boiling it and letting ut cool before I drink it just now. I've only just registered with them while on the phone today, something my support was to do since moving here. It was hard to answer some of the questions so I just told her I have Asperger's and CFS, and she helped answer them from what I was saying. Hopefully I'll be like you if it happens again, and get warning or some water from them. Thank you for thinking about me. How are you today? It's got fresher and cooler here over the day and heading south, so hopefully you'll feel the benefit of it soon xx

    9. Hello Brenda sorry to hear you've had one of those days. I hope the water is sorted now, boiling it should help if there was anything nasty and running the washing machine should help draw clean water through. Hopefully now you are on their list they will pop a note through your door to tell you what's happening and supply you with water if there's a problem. I hope you managed to craft to take your mind off it, the agapanthus is just beautiful isn't it. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    10. Bless you Brenda be proud of what you achieved today even talking on the phone to that lady .
      I'm feeling brighter today my Podiarty went well and I've mannaged to put my cards together my granddaughter messaged me and my friend messaged me also and how difficult it is for you and many others on the blog I have to look to how many good things I have gilly left me a message this morning that brought tears to my eyes and helped me through today hugs dear blog friend xxx

    11. Dear Brenda – so very sorry to hear what you have had to go through today, life is very often so unfair. However, you sound as though you did really well, and you should be very proud of what you have achieved. So hopefully, if there are problems with the water supply in the future – they should look after you. Sending you and Daisy, very special hugs, Gilly xx

    12. Thanks Diane and Gilly xx
      Sheila, yes you should try to focus on whatever good bits you can find in your life, but not because somehow you feel others have more/worse problems than you. But because you/each of us has to try to make the most out of the lot in life God has given us, as best we can. There's no hierarchy of problems, no comparing, nothing at all like that, not here anyway. Lots of us have our own set of problems, we try to get through how we can, and help each other through, when struggling, when one of us lose the way and start to get pulled down more. Please, you come here, tell us what you are feeling and thinking, no one is going to judge, we'll soon chase them off if anyone does!!! We will help to boost you up, keep you going, that's what friends do, be there for the bad as well the good times. So please, do your best to focus on the good bits, anything, no matter how small, and if you can suceed great. If not, nae worries, I'm always here to be cheeky and pull your leg, to give you a wee smile, as can others in their own way. Share the good and bad with us, even if all you have to share is the bad.
      Thank you for what you've said to me, and glad to hear today was a wee bit better for you.
      I see you've decided to go for some posher posh pencils. Somehow didn't think you could resist long, that's oor Sheila!!! 😉

    13. Aaw, Brenda. I know you were writing to Sheila up above, but it struck such a chord with me! You really do know how to put things into perspective for us. Thank you so much, just for being you. xxxx

  6. Oh Barbara. What wonderful plates and stamps. Jane must be thrilled with all of them. Such a clever artist. I am trying to decide which to have. Not had much time to use the ones I already have, spending so much time in the garden which is hard when your on your own. Will have plenty if time when the weather changes, hopefully. Still trying to find a way to Leyburn X Josie.

  7. It's pretty wet up here today so I've just finished watching the gell printing show on catch up. This is me, I love the gelli plate and acrylics. I fact earlier this year I made a batch of backgrounds which are very similar to what was done on the show. I now have the motivation to start doing the inky bits in the middle. I can't wait to watch the one day special show but for now I must go and clean the en suite before I go to work.

    1. Hi Julia – all of the shows were amazing! I haven't tried the Geli plate yet – at the moment Groovi is my only option to do, but that is not a problem to me. I just need a little more time and energy to do some more -that time will come. Meanwhile, I hope that you are coping ok – sending you supportive hugs, love Gilly xxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    You have chosen my favourite of the flowers to use today. I fell in love with this agapanthus as soon as I saw it! Thank you for doing the step by step too, always good to see how you for your colouring. I am slowly getting better! Really looking forward to Leyburn – getting closer now, yeah! Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Just got back from meeting up with Morag which was lovely. Had a good old natter! The dreaded wind is back here again although the sun is shining now – couple of hours ago it was pouring down. Going to attempt to do some card making now. I'll guarantee that I'll just sit down to start and Dave will ring asking for a lift home! Not sure where he is mind you as he'd gone out by the time I got back from meeting Morag! Hooe you all have a good day (& that the water is back on Brenda) love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

    2. I'm on countdown now but have three to count – Maria's class as well as Leyburn AND CC – yippee. Hoping to go to CC next Wednesday provided all is well at home. Hubby has to collect new specs from Northallerton in the morning so he will come with me to help with directions xx

    3. Hi Chris, CC really easy to get to. If you are coming on motorway, come off at the Newton Aycliffe junction, turn left from the slip road, go straight across next roundabout, through Aycliffe Village, turn left at traffic lights into trading estate, follow the road and you will see a blue bridge, at the junction before the bridge turn left ( Horndale Avenue), CC is about 200 yds on the right. I would've come to see you, but going out with friends for lunch that day to sort out our London Trip itinerary. Love and hugs Alison xx

    4. Hi Alison, It was so lovely to see you again and have a good catch up! Not forgetting the chocolate Mousse cake!!!
      See you at Leyburn. Love and Hugs xxx

  9. Such a pretty design and I have friend who this would be perfect for. Just need to wait til I can purchase. Beginning to think about the Christmas presents so got to spread the cash. Still I have a Birthday approaching. Sunny here too today but very breezy. I still need to catch up on some shows, maybe later. xx

  10. Gorgeous card, thanks for the step by step… off to give it a try ( may even be brave enough to show my results if all goes well). So pleased that I got the complete set, even tho' may be eating beans on toast for the rest of the month – lol! It's so difficult to pick a favourite plate… think I'd have to say Fuchsias if I really was forced to but they're all stunning so another big 'Thank You' to Jane for the artwork and also the Clarity Team for the fab plates (and stamps – on my wishlist!) X

  11. Hello Barbara Beautiful artwork from Jayne, watched the shows, very inspiring, so difficult to pick a favorite plate, I love all the detail in the Agapanthus, so could be that one to begin with. Mary x

  12. Hello Barbara Beautiful artwork from Jayne, watched the shows, very inspiring, so difficult to pick a favorite plate, I love all the detail in the Agapanthus, so could be that one to begin with. Mary x

  13. I absolutely adore this whole set Barbara, and this step by step is so inspiring. Only 15 days before I actually meet you in the flesh. I am so excited! It must be so strange for you to be accosted by folk who really feel that they already know you personally, when you won't recognise them from Adam! Hahaha! Love and Hugs xxx

  14. Hello all my lovely blog friends. I've just had a lovely catch up with Alison in Durham. In my favourite tearooms. (Valerie's) Mind, we talked so much I can hardly remember eating my cake haha!
    I hope you are all having as good a day as possible. Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

    1. I thought the same last year after I had asked Dave how he was and had the doctor's made any progress with a diagnosis. Afterwards I thought how impertinent of me because I did not actually know him although I felt I did. I shall apologise this year !!
      Glad you enjoyed meeting Alison and looking forward to meeting you both xx

    2. Hello again I've been reading the blog from the bottom up!!
      A venue halfway might be good, thanks for thinking of me, we can discuss at Leyburn – that is provided we get on together. I am sure we will it sounds like we have a lot in common, including chickens xx

    3. Hello Diane, you obviously have good taste in cakes!!!
      Chris, I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever about us getting on….I've never found a crafter yet, or anyone really, that I haven't got on with… and Alison is lovely! xxx

    4. Hi Morag – so pleased that you and Alison had another good time today! I love the sound of that chocolate mousse cake, never seen that for sale here in Cornwall! Looks as though Neill and I will have to take a trip up north next year! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Welcome to our wee Clarity community Chris.
      In answer to your question, the starter kit has everything you need to get going and have a play. I would suggest you see how you get on with that, and then just choose whatever plates you liked most. There are no easier or harder ones, they are as easy or hard as you choose to make them, by simply stopping at the basic lineart, or taking it further with parchment techniques as far as you choose to go. Barbara also has a Groovi club, if you check out her website for the details and advantages of joining any/all of the clubs. £5 a month, you'll get a baby plate mate as the first issue, and then a new baby plate each month and 2 full colour step by step demos using it. But you would still need a mat, blue or black, some parchment, and the set of 2 ball tools if you chose this route to try it out. Hope that helps xx (be warned, it is addictive!!!!!)

    2. Hi Chris
      I bought the basic border plates and the square round and oval framers to begin with and I would suggest birds or flowers – just one of each and you can start on male and female cards by changing colours, backgrounds and borders then see how you go xx

    3. Hi Chris welcome to the blog. You will really enjoy groovi, there are so many lovely plates, choose one or two you like and then eat beans on toast for the next month so you can afford to buy more!! The groovi club is very good and good value at £5. Xx

    4. Hi Chris, welcome from me too. You've already been given the advice I would have given! i.e. Starter kit, Square and round frames and basic borders. I totally agree that it is addictive. xx

    5. Welcome Chris to the groovi train it would be good to join the club as you get the baby plates and inspiration from Barbara starter kit is key then you can choose the things you like Diana says she has beans on toast I just have toast 😂 Hugs xxx

    6. Hi Chris – totally agree with everything that has already been said! I am fairly new to the World of Groovi, but I have very quickly become an addict! The last member's only sale was VERY expensive for me, but SO many new half-price plates! Gilly xx

  15. Simply beautiful, beautiful artwork. What a lovely way to end a 0 day with a 10.
    Thank you its made me take a deep sign and say I feel chilled.
    Lots of love to everyone
    Anne (Reading)

  16. Hello Barb, what a beautiful piece of art, I love Agapanthus, also know as the African lily I believe. The stamps and groovi plates from Jaynes art are incredible. Have a great day all. Bx

    1. Hi Barbara, just love these plates .I saw you do the colouring on Monday you were amazing
      ladies just look on catch up this gave me such inspiration.
      Thank you once again.
      Lynn xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    I have to say this is my favourite, well I'm sure it is, haha. It's great to see it close up and get the hints and tips too. I've got the blending solution but not been brave enough to try it- how mad am I! Hope you have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, it's been very warm and sunny here today so food shop done, grass cut and hopefully a groovi evening watching the Paralympics – yeah go Team GB. These plates are definately going on my Christmas list, a little stamp might fall in my basket if I'm good before then but I've told myself I must try and cut back on the spending. Ho hum. Sending you all a big hug. Xxxx

    2. That sounds like my intentions for the rest of the evening too Diane. I'm certainly with you on the 'must cut back on spending' too. So I'm hoping I get some 'willpower' for my birthday!! Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hello Diane – sounds as though you have had a very busy day, enjoy your Groovi and watching the Paralympics! I love the Agapanthus plates best of all, they are on my wish list! I have got so many to try from the sales and feel that I need to buy some decent crayons next! Love and hugs Gilly xxx

  18. Hi Barbara – what wonderful plates, the Agapanthus plates are my favourite! Thank you for showing us how to do the colouring in, I for one, am very grateful, as I have so much to learn. I need to get some decent crayons before I buy any more plates – then I can try out your shading techniques! Jayne N. must be really pleased with what you have done with the Groovi plates and the stamps! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – sorry that I didn't comment last night, but tiredness took over I'm afraid. I had a snooze when we got home from the hospital today, Neill's orders! I have to admit that I needed it and feel much better now. It will still be an early night for me though, as I think that tomorrow's appointment is a little earlier. Mind you, it's Friday – so it's fish and chips for lunch, yippee!! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Fish and chips Friday…for us too!!! Gilly, dear, if you and Neil ever do come up this way for a holiday, it would be fabulous to meet up with you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for next year!!! Love and Hugs xxx

  19. Hi Gilly, hope Neil is doing ok now. I didn't reply yesterday either, can't remember why, just getting ready to go on holiday I think and getting the house back after the staircase people finished caught up with me! I hate these few days before we go away as I know I'm subconsciously thinking about the cats going on their hols! Tomorrow morning we have to get them in their carry cases – eek – the worst part of the holiday and take them to the pussery. Once they're there I'm fine and as it's a friend that runs it I know they are perfectly fine too! Enjoy your fish and chips tomorrow! We had lunch at the local garden Centre today – not planned so that was even better! Xxxx

  20. Hi Barbara, I think these plates will be falling into my basket some time soon, thanks for the coloring in tip re the line which I picked up when you did it on the Telly! Also how you placed that butterfly – just must remember it now! I really need to do a workshop and hope there one will be nearby one day ! Xx

  21. Hi bloggy friends, nearly Friday! Off to bed so will probably be asleep before I manage to post to you all so just in case I hope you all had a great day, are feeling better and have all had time to craft today. I am planning to do my challenges at the weekend. Xx

  22. Thank your Barb for this step-by-step. Just waiting for my package to arrive, oh, the suspense, can't wait. I have a friend's birthday at the end of September and this Agapanthus will be perfect for her. She has a huge one in her garden. I would love the stamps too, but will have to do a bit more gardening to earn some pennies, but I'm gonna get them! The designs are stunning I love Jayne's artwork, very talented lady. Xx

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