Ally Pally – meet some friends…..

Ally Pally – meet some friends…..

Hi there.
Thanks for joining me on my day off.
Not working out that way, I’m afraid.
Already 3pm. So much for that.
For those of you who didn’t come to Allexandra Palace,
you might enjoy seeing what was actually going on….
The stand looked great.
The Stamp section carried our newest stamps and 
what has been trending, plus our new range of Artistry ink pads.
Should we have brought more stamps?
Would we have sold more stamps?
Well, the website carries the entire range,
and we have a very competent mail order system.
So if you didn’t find what you were looking for, 
there’s always that option. 

The Groovi section certainly spread out more, 
but then that’s what most people were coming for.

The Clarity Crew having a brew before the do…..

Paul, Debbie, Lisa, Dave and Jayne.
And look who showed up first thing Sunday.
Joy and Katie. 
That was great.
I got to spend some quality time with these two lovely people.
I also want to thank the TV guys for working so hard to make the live production from AP such a success.
Here are the girls aka marketing team from Hochanda.
Check out the shoes!

And here are the boys aka production team.

An OP (Outside production) is a completely different ballgame,
but they pulled it off magnificently.  
I got some stick for talking too loudly.
Just trying to ensure that the live audience could hear, 
and assuming that folks at home had a volume control. 
Just can’t seem to get it right for getting it wrong nowadays. 
And here are two other friends you will be interested to meet!
You know how we all chat every day?
But I’m about the only one you’d recognise in person?
Well, here at long last you can put faces to names!
Introducing Diane Green in blue,
and Pam Kershaw in white!

And here’s a smashing bloke who needs no introduction.
He just holds everything together,
never flaps, and always smiles.
What a difference a Dave makes.
I’m a very lucky woman, and I know it. 

Have a great evening.
I will do arty tomorrow.
Today I have had enough!
Love & hugs.

185 thoughts on “Ally Pally – meet some friends…..

  1. Am I the only one who looks at all the Ally Pally pics that people post to see if I can see myself in the background anywhere? Lol. Poor Dave…… when I was there Saturday you were yelling at him to hurry up serving 🙂 The stand was very busy! See you all again in April 🙂 C xx

  2. Go and out your feet up with a cuppa ! Lovely to put faces to the names! Sounds like a great time. We've had a trip up to Mijas today been years since I've been there. Glad to see the horses and donkeys all look happier now, plenty of shade and water and being hosed down too. It's such a pretty place so clean and no crowds either !

    Enjoy the rest of your day xx

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Sounds like you're having a lovely time. I love donkeys – it all stems from when we went to Scarborough for our holidays when I was very little until I would be about 10. Every year my sister and I used to help out the donkey ride man for hours, just so we could get free rides!! My favourite was called Wendy and I loved her! Enjoy the rest of your holidays. Love and hugs Alison xx

    2. Hi Jackie – so pleased to hear that you are having such a good time! I went to Mijas years ago – such a stunning place and peaceful too! The Devon Donkey Sanctuary stepped in to help the donkeys some years ago, and although it took a lot of time they were able to get it all sorted. They provided care for the donkeys and managed to get the authorities to give them the power to stop donkeys from being used, if they were in bad health. Enjoy the rest of your holiday in the sun – love and hugs Gilly xx

  3. Hugs from oop Norf. Very much looking forward to seeing you and the Clarity team at Leyburn on Saturday. I very much enjoyed watching you on the telly. Chin up and smile that will annoy the nay-sayers xx

  4. Hi bloggy friends, hope you had fun if you went to Ally Pally at the weekend and you have recovered. Diane I hope you managed to stay upright this time, not falling at Barbara's feet! Xx

    1. Hi Donna when I got to the top of the steps this tear and saw the rough bit of pavement that I tripped over last year (still a rough bit of pavement!), I went cold and walked very carefully! Barbara and I were laughing about it this year though – that's one way to make her remember me turning up with a fat lip covered in blood!! Hope you get your school work finished soon so you can play! Xxx

  5. Sit back, deep breath and push those two little voices out of your head Barb. A cuppa and some cake usually do it for me (or a large glass of wine if I'm honest). Would love to make it to Ally Pally one of these days but for now must be content to watch your live show and hear about the Clarity antics on here – sounds like fun so please keep on sharing your blog never fails to make me smile. xx

  6. Know what you mean about 3pm already… having one of those days too! Nowt to worry about speaking loudly so folks can hear you – like you say volume control on TV sorts it out and those who didn't like it… well tough, you have to do what you have to do when situations demand it! Loved the demo you did and especially 'mum and dad's card' – good to know it's not just me who does things like that – lol!

    Looking forward to Leyburn (first time for Anne and I!) shopping list is at the ready – mind you it's still growing!

  7. Afternoon Barbara! I am being very indulgent today and just doing what I want…when I want…because I can! Some may say I have done nothing much…but I have read and relaxed and even had breakfast in bed!
    Loved seeing the photos of Ally Pally…maybe one day I will get there! Joy and Katie looked like they were on form and would have brought a big smile to your face. I know what a soft spot you have for that lovely sweet girl.
    I am really looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday at Leyburn and will be there as soon as I can get!
    Positive thoughts coming your way …love and hugs as always xxxx

    1. Afternoon dear family of blog friends thinking of you all sending heartfelt hugs to everyone who needs them I had a bad night again and so fatigued today but I did mannaged to colour in my parchment the beautiful rose Tom backed it up for me I would never mannaged without my Tom .im at the nurse tomorrow morning for bloods then back in the evening to see the dr I do hope he can help with what I'm going through now I can only hope .hugs xxx

    2. Fingers crossed the Dr will have something up his sleeve to help you out. I bet your rose looks beautiful, what a treasure Tom is helping you with your crafting. Sending you hugs my friend. Xx

    3. Hi Sheila,
      Sorry you had a dreadful night, but really glad that you got your rose done – I'm sure you made a lovely job of it. Your Tom is really good and as Donna says a treasure. Hope the doctor can sort something out for you, I'll be thinking of you, love and hugs Alison xxx

    4. Hello my lovely Sheila I'm so sorry to hear you are having such a rotten time at the moment. I hope the doctor can sort something out for you tomorrow and the nurse is gentle with you. Tom is such a sweetie helping you out with your craft, isn't he lovely. Sending hugs to you both xxx

    5. Hello Sheila my lovely – so pleased to hear that you managed to do your colouring, but so sad to hear how unwell you are feeling, I wish I could help you! Lets hope that the bloods go well and that your Dr can provide you with something to help you cope with how you are feeling at the moment! Sending you many supportive and caring hugs, Gilly xxx

    6. Oh dear Sheila, I hope the doctor will help you tomorrow. Did you colour in with your polychromos? I had a pretty rough day today when my solicitor sent me the letter my husband wrote her, it really got me down. This evening however Jen took me to the pictures to see Bridget Jone's Baby. Well, I drove and she paid with her wages from her new job. It was a brilliant film and Jen was so thoughtful and now I feel much better.

  8. Just in from a weekend away seeing my Mum ….. just driven up from Kent a total of 260 miles, M20, M26, M25, M3, 303 to M5 and home to North Devon. Terrible weather going bad weather coming home. But all good and about to have a cuppa.

    Will catch up with all that has been going on probably tomorrow.

    Mum is very frail, however so very glad to have gone to see her.


    1. Hi Pen
      Glad you had a safe journey there and back, it's not very nice driving in bad weather is it! Sorry to hear your mum is so frail, but I bet it meant the world to her to see you. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Hi Pen glad you are home safe and sound, your mum must have been so pleased to see you so it made the awful journey worth while. You will better for seeing her too. Have a good rest tomorrow, you will probably be exhausted. Xx

    3. Hi Pen – pleased to hear that your visit to your Mum went well. The driving conditions and route sound horrendous, but you must be happy that it all went so well! Rest up over the next few days – hugs Gilly xx

    4. Gosh Pen, that was a long drive, sorry to hear you found your your Mum looking frail. Bet she really appreciated your visit and was all the better for seeing you. I expect you feel relieved that you'd visited her

  9. Get the kettle on and have a nice cuppa. Everything else can wait. Get those feet up and have a rest, you deserve it. Dont worry we have enough arty blogs of yours we can look back on for inspiration. Rest up. Love and hugs Pam xx

    1. Thank you everyone, it was brilliant at Ally Pally, tiring and a long day, too long sat down travelling, but well worth it. Got lots of goodies. Hope we'll see all your photos on here so we can recognise each other at the shows. Did the earlier comments on my phone don't know why it's put my name in full. Please still calls me

  10. Well Barbara I'm not surprised you have had enough! I'm just happy that you blog each day whether it's a demo or a thought or whatever. It's good to see the photos and put faces to names xx

  11. Hello Barbara

    Ignore the odd one or two who like to snipe. Judging by the vast majority you must be doing things right.

    I am so glad you had a good two days at Ally Pally. Perhaps I can make it next time. Was coming this time until number 2 son broke his ankle, and he lives at home!

    Every woman needs a Dave. Perhaps you could bottle him?


  12. Hello all – which is what it should have said yesterday though perhaps writing hell was more apt. I have read the blog from yesterday just now. Gilly I am so glad you had a good day and I hope all is well with Neil. Morag I hope Penny is ok.
    I went for my annual check up at the asthma clinic this afternoon, all was well and I got my flu jab at the same time which was a bonus and the first time that's happened. I'm really on countdown for Saturday now, Barbara will you have Jayne's new Christmas stamps there, to match the lovely Groovi designs?

    1. Hi Chris,
      Glad everything went well at your asthma review – mine is playing up a bit at the moment, I think it's the weather. Really looking forward to Saturday(& Sunday) and finally meeting you! Love and hugs Alison xx

    2. Hi Chris good to hear all was ok at the asthma clinic. It must be the day for flu jabs, Julian went to see the doctor this morning about his foot and was the first patient to receive a flu jab this year! She must have been keen! Sending hugs xxx

    3. Hi Chris – thanks, we really had a great time yesterday. Pleased to hear that all went well for you at the asthma clinic – have you finished your list for Saturday!? Hugs, Gilly xx

  13. Hi Barbara, thank you so much for sharing photographs of your stand at Ally Pally. I haven't been there and hoping to make the trip there one day. Enjoy the rest of your day!
    Linda xxx

  14. First, belated birthday wishes to Jayne, didn't read the blog yesterday, busy in the garden again. Did watch your programme last night on by our my iPad, still not got my free view sorted. Need my son, but he is in San Francisco. Love the beautiful flower stamps etc, but now I want the Christmas ones. Would love to get to one of the shows. Perhaps make it to port sunlight again, this time with a ticket. I met you last year when they let us in for the last hour!!! Lovely to see faces to the names on the blog. Well done Barbara xxx

  15. yes we all have sound control I watched and turned my sound up .It was delightful and more interacting which was so naturel and nice.
    I thought the photos were also a lovely touch for us not able to make it .
    loved it x

  16. Belated birthday wishes, Jayne. Having a few problems with my router at he moment so couldn't hook up yesterday. Got a computer man coming tomorrow to hopefully sort it – more expense!!! Spending today making Groovi cake boxes for my friends charity coffee morning on Friday. What am I doing wrong – I can't get the lids to stay down. Once I've filled them with sweets I'll tape them down with invisible removable tape. I've bought Jayne's first set which are really great. Now there is a Christmas set – can't cope, can't keep up, not enough hours in the day not to mention the bank account!!! Barb, you really do have a lot to answer for – but seriously, Groovi gives me so much pleasure. This stuff is all so good, I can't resist it. Hope everybody is well. Rachel x

    1. What a lovely idea Rachel I'm sure they will help raise lots of money. The Christmas plates are beautiful and are quite naughty too because they jumped off the holders straight into my basket! Xxx

  17. Ally Pally looks like such fun! I would love to visit such an iconic location. Maybe next year when I have retired and will have nothing to do but craft and visit craft shows? Ha ha! Enjoy the rest of your day. X

    1. Hi Gill it's green when we see it but pink when you see it so don't worry you aren't different. I think it's so you can see where your post is. You will love Ally Pally, both the show and the building. It's such a beautiful building, lovely artwork and the Rose window and organ are gorgeous. It always feels such a special place, you can feel the history and the ghosts of the first tv broadcast from there all those years ago. One of my favourite buildings .

    2. Gill the view at Ally pally is amazing can see all over London well worth a visit show is amazing need a bank loan though so much craft must haves and cause are Amazing Barbara Dave and clarity team such lovely friendly people more like are clarity family hope to meet you there next year xx

  18. Hi Barb,
    I think you, Dave, Paul & the Clarity gang all deserve a rest after the weekend you've had. I bet you were run off your feet! I just hope you have plenty of stock left for us folk Oop North for Saturday. Really looking forward to it and the Demo a Day at Crafters Companion too. Thank you for posting the pictures, great to put faces to names. Have a lovely restful evening, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy pals,
      Hope today has been good to you. I traced my dahlia out today and also another agapanthus, so they're now both ready to be coloured in. September and October are really busy months for me birthday wise, plus our anniversary in October and then 4 male cards to do in November and that's before I start my Christmas ones!! Really looking forward to tomorrow – off to London with a couple of friends to see the Queen ( well Buckingham Palace anyway!) , The only downfall is that I'm being picked up at 6.15. I think I'll need matchsticks for my eyes. Going to attempt to colour in one of my postcards on the train, but then again might just natter all the way there! Have a good evening everyone, love and hugs Alison xxxx

    2. Hello Alison sounds like a fun day planned for tomorrow. I think you will be too busy chatting to colour in on the train but if you see the queen she might like one of Barbara's pistcards to colour. Hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy Buckingham palace xxx

  19. Dave's G-R-E-A-T – Hope he's there on Saturday to say hello to him – I never expect YOU to have time to chat – you busy girl you. So many things I'd like to ask (like what watercolour paper you use; who looks after Romeo when you are away from home? how did you and Dave meet etc) – this will suffice though!
    Maggie (Yorkite)
    PS it's really weird that you did a bookmark yesterday, I did a 'sending you sunshine' one, with your ears of wheat/corn on Friday. Have a good day off.

  20. I hope you are getting some rest today, all of you, after working so hard. It looked like a lot of fun and I loved catching up on the live show. You must be shattered, after the set up and pull down as well as the actual show itself. I was shattered after the concentration of a full days workshop, so I can only guess how tiring it is for you, and you have to smile all day and interact with everyone. Give that neck a good rest this week. xxx Maggie

  21. It sounds as though you are tired Barbara, quite understandably. Try again tomorrow for a chillax day. Love seeing the photos from Ally Pally. The stands look fabulous. I thought the Clarity show was great. I understood why you were talking more loudly and turned the volume down a bit. I think some folks spend their time being destructive and actually DO very little. Take no notice. You have hundreds and hundreds of people who love what you do and are very grateful you do it.

  22. I think it is fantastic that you have Dave to keep everything calm when you need it. I missed the show as was later home from Mum and Dad's than I had planned and didn't record it. Will look for it on catch up as I don't want to miss out!
    It is now only four more sleeps until we leave to go to Leyburn. I am really looking forward to spending time away from home and being inspired by you and your team as well as emptying my bank account!!
    Don't listen to any negatives! There are many more who love what you do.

  23. Hello Barbara
    I hope you've got your feet up now and you are relaxing. We forget the show doesn't stop when we go home, you have to pack up, drive home, sort the van, stock take unpack and put everything away then sort out your demo boxes too. It must take you ages to get straight again. The show was fabulous, the stall was easy to get round, the people helping were lovely and knew where things were straight away,directed you to the website if something wasn't there and all in all made the shopping experience lovely. I wonder if the moaners complained about the stalls that were too tight to get into too! It's lovely to see you with Joy and Katie, she's such a sweetie it must have made your day. Have a lovely relaxing evening and a chill out with Dave (if he's not working the night shift!).
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, now you all know I'm the mad one in blue! Hope everyone is ok today. It's been one of those days but in a nice way. Spent 5 minutes in the front garden tidying, spoke to 4 people and had a friend drop in with her new baby which was lovely. I haven't managed to craft but have had a lovely day in other ways. Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. Hi Diane (a.k.a. the mad one in blue!)- great to see the photo of you and Pam with Barbara, you all looked so happy! It sounds like today has been a lovely one for you, hugs Gilly xxx

  24. The stand looks fabulous Barbara (as always) pretty soon you will need the whole of Ally Pally to be a Clarity show all on its own. You have an ace team too and to top it off a wonderful man to share it all with. Ally Pally is a bit far for me unfortunately and I am currently on a spending ban – but hey it will soon be Christmas. Wink wink. Make sure you take time for you too though – no use having a great engine without its driver eh?? Big hugs xxxx

  25. Hi Barbara thanks for a wonderful time loved spending time with you yesterday thank you so much for Katie's gift she has showed everyone followed by Barbara Gray is THE BEST LOVE HER. So don't let any sad jealous people get you down there life's are so empty that's why they do it don't know what's happened love you if could would give you a hug and one from Katie she is on count down for next year. Shame we cannot make this weekend so have a good one sure going to be another busy week prep work try get some you time I haven't got a Dave but have an amazingBob instead love Koy and Katie xxx

  26. Thanks Barbara, enjoyed looking at photos and putting faces to names. I loved the live show and never thought you were shouting! Was fun. Hope to make it to A.P one year, looks amazing. You deserve a day off. Thanks for everything you do x

    1. It did not bother me either, Pat. I don't understand why some people find it necessary to gripe and moan. It cannot be easy talking to camera and to a live audience at the same time, especially as you cannot predict what questions are going to fly at you, with nowhere to hide. xxx Maggie

  27. Some great photos there.
    Not a good day here, managed to have an accident in the car this afternoon, everyone is OK which is good but car may be a write off. Checked trains etc but looks like Leyburn is really best served by car so probably no trip to the open day for me. Seems like my destiny is not Clarity this year

    1. At least you are still in one piece that is the main thing. Leyburn is really best by car, the only other option is a train to Northallerton then a bus but it is quite a journey xx

    2. Thanks everyone, up at daft o'clock stuff ticking over in my mind so after about an hour's sleep got up and watching the Ally Pally shows I recorded. Looked at the train but a bit convoluted with three changes I think so maybe not this time.
      You are all right we are all ok and the car stuff can be sorted.
      Thanks for your replies, I think I was a bit dazed or dozy when I posted earlier.

  28. Glad Ally Pally was good. The show was great did not mind you being a little louder I could hear over the rest of them in the house. Lovely photos of the show and all the wonderful people involved. You have a great team, I did leave a post on Clarity FB page today praising your wonderful customer service. A young man called Pete sorted out my problem in a friendly and patient way when I rang the office today. Excellent. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Chill tonight with Dave as you say always smiling. xx

  29. Oh that was great vicarious fun and hello to Diane and Pam . I think I would love living in the Uk and
    attending all the craft fairs except for your weather , no offense made after all in my many years I've learned , nothing is perfect . Have joy now ladies and gents . Jan

  30. I have never been to a craft show not bring able to walk to far as been a problem but next year im coming gonna borrow a chair so if needed at some point (which it will ) its there waiting for be to plonk my behind in xxxxxx

    1. I use a mobility scooter for the shows, Alison, and apart from making the show much easier to get around, but also provides a stress free way of carrying your purchases. Certainly, at the NEC you can book and hire a mobility scooter. Go for it and enjoy yourself. xxx Maggie

  31. What a smart outfit and a lovely bunch of people. Sorry you didn't get your day off Barbara, are you just too close to the workplace? have a quiet evening and a restful night. xx

  32. You must be exhausted Barbara after such a busy weekend. Hope you get some time to yourself to relax at some point. Love the photos, and having the chance to put faces to two of our bloggy friends – Katie looks so happy to see you too. x

  33. So sorry not to have been able to go to Ally Pally, not enough money, time or good health to make the trip. Maybe next year! Have indulged on the website Groovi plates beforehand though. 🙂 to make up for it….

  34. Hi Barbara – great photos! Thanks for sharing them with us all – you all must be exhausted, but pleased with how it all went! I watched your live show on catch-up and it was great, you were so bubbly and happy and didn't look nervous at all! Rest up with Dave – who looks a really lovely man! Hugs to you both, Gilly xx

    1. Hi my lovely blog friends – I hope that you are all as well as can be expected. Morag – I am thinking about you and little Penny and keeping positive! Dot – it's great to see you back here with your wonderful comments! The hospital appointment went well today – our lovely new friend brought us a really yummy homemade ginger cake, she is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met and I treasure her friendship! We also saw some friends there – who we haven't seen for a number of years now. She was there having RT after an operation for breast cancer – a really beautiful young lady! Her husband was keen to talk to me about it all, when she went in for treatment and he is still getting his head around it all. It's strange but we all loved meeting up and we will be seeing them again tomorrow – she even went in for treatment just before Neill and when she came out, she joked with him about having kept it warm for him! As I've said before – this is just such an incredible journey that we are on! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Evening my dear blog friend pleased Neil's treatment went well today and your sharing your experience with others as its a tough road for you all goodnight hugs xxx

    3. Hi Gilly, the man who used to go before hubby used to say hec warmed it up for him. How many machines do you have? There are 6 at our hospital. Mits like everyone helps each other isn't it. Xx

  35. It's great to put faces to names. Hi Joy and Katie, Hi Diane, Hi Pam. I'm just home from seeing Bridget Jone's Baby. It was brilliant, just what I needed today. Now I'm going to read what everyone else is saying.

    1. Hi Julia, that film sounds really good, hope we get to see it. You keep your chin up, don't let the b—-r get you down. Lovely that you have the support of your Daughter. As Sheila says, stay strong.xx

    2. Morning Julia yes I did colour with my polychromos they are beautiful the rose from jaynes groovi plates looked stunning cannot wait to groovi another flower just need a good day .
      Don't let your husband drag you down I know that's easy said than done stand tall your a good person glad Jen took you to the cinema and it helped you cope I'm always here to share and all your dear blog friends will be too you got two wonderful daughters he is just been bitter as he knows it will get too you (don't forget to take him for his works pensions kick him where it hurts his money ) big hugs to help get you through today thinking of you xxx

  36. The ally pally stand looks great in the pics, and lovely for some of the bloggers to actually meet. Does Clarity come to the big Glasgow SEC hobbies show, in March I think? If so it'd be brill to meet some of you folk. And I'd better start saving! Laid up with bad cough and an absolutely stunning rash of spots – no idea re cause but had it once before and ok after a couple of days. Hey ho. Meanwhile love to all xxx

  37. Evening Barbara glad your having a wee sort of day off with your smashing bloke Dave and that Ally Pally went well glad to that our bloggy friends got a chance to meet you et they were so chuffed.
    Like I said to Lynne above it would be great if you could come to Glasgow SECC it would just be fantastic us Scots would give you the most friendly welcome…xx
    Take care…Dot..xx

    1. Hi Dot it's great to have you back, I did miss you. I left a comment the other night but it somehow disappeared. I loved your joke!. I had also mentioned how I had been thinking of you a few days previous. I had been in the house on my own and I was pretty lonely and I thought of you. One day a retreat would be great, I'm sure we could create some mischief! Many years ago Barbara used to come to the SECC. I remember seeing her doing her landscape with a rubber band wrapped around her brayer. It is a hell of a long way for her to come.

  38. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for sharing your photos. The stand looks fabulous as always and I am sure that is due to your attention to detail. Try to get time to chill out if you can.
    A big HUG from Chris X

  39. Great photos of Dave, the gang and Hochanda team and some of the bloggie visitors too Barbara. So pleased it was a great success and I really enjoyed your hour on Saturday. I didn't think you were shouting just speaking very clearly. Hope you have managed to have a little 'you' time today as you deserve it after such a busy weekend. x

  40. Hi Barbara, Hope you have managed to get some rest and that you had some of the good weather we had in north London today. Charlotte and I loved our day at ally pally, it was so good to see you, Dave, the clarity team and so many of our crafting buddies too! Take care. Big hugs Marian X

  41. Hello Barb, this is such a lovely heartfelt blog post, fab photos of great people. Hope you get a chance to rest up a bit. Don't worry about the talking too loud, I think it is an age thing 🙂 I find myself doing it more lately. Take care. Bx

  42. For all that didn't attend ally pally it was a great day out, barb and her crew there is the highlight such lovely products and fantastic people can't praise barb and her team enough. Get a well earned rest barb and Dave and look forward to see you again in March/April when we do it all over again

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