Oh Joy!! A special Ink Pad Offer with a free brush!

Oh Joy!! A special Ink Pad Offer with a free brush!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in on Inky Tuesday.
Today is when we take a look at all things inky. 

As you may know, we were at Ally Pally this weekend.
We put together a pack of the new Artistry ink colours which I particularly like, and which to my mind, are a great starting place.
It was very interesting. 
Although all 48 colours were available there,
customers preferred to go with the recommended packs.


Was it because the price was better?
Was it because there was a free Clarity brush in every pack?
Or was it because they just couldn’t decide ???

Here are the 9 colours I put in the set:

Mellow Green
Lime Kiss
Orange Popsicle
Cranberry Crush
Old Parchment
Cotton Candy
Midnight Blue
Aqua Fusion
Morning Dew

So let me take Midnight Blue,
Old Parchment and Aqua Fusion,

and show you how they work together.

This is such a lovely stampset!


In fact, Paul Church will be showcasing it on TV this weekend:
Sunday 25th, HOCHANDA at 5pm.
He has got 3 hours live that day: 11am  /  2pm  /  5pm.

Stamp the Beautiful Clarity JOY stamp onto a small piece of our Stencil Card, using Black Archival ink.

Add the birdhouse in the centre,

and the birds.

Cut out a mask.

Cover up the centre.

Using a blending mat underneath,
start working Midnight Blue into the night Sky.
I am using the little baby inkpads.
My big ink pads are on the van, 
all ready to go to Leyburn Open Day this Saturday!

Blend the Aqua Fusion into the blue.
The combination is excellent –

especially when tied together with Old Parchment.

Remove mask and then decide what’s next…

Mask the outside this time and add a background in the middle.
Mini Moon required….
Here’s where I get mine from!!!
A moon for every occasion!!!

Great colours, but needs zesting up a bit….

Cover up the middle and flick a little bleach at it!
Caution: Not for the faint-hearted, 
the I-craft-on-the-dining-room-table types
 or the posh dressers!

Run a black Sharpie pen around the edges, to tie in the JOY

Mount on white card, and add FOREVER from a word chain.

Time to go baste the lamb.
Sunday roast on Tuesday.
Why not ???

Dave just came skipping into the artroom,
“I’ve got the peas to go with the lamb !!” he chirped.
It’s the little things in life, innit….

Love & hugs,


120 thoughts on “Oh Joy!! A special Ink Pad Offer with a free brush!

  1. Another beautiful card and…. whoopeee… I've got this stamp set (from your 'In the Classroom days on the channel we won't mention!) Bah… not got the inkpads but am coming to Leyburn on Saturday so they may just jump into my shopping basket. Thanks for the inspiration and look forward to seeing you Saturday!

  2. Lovely project. I have the stamp set and I've started my collection of Artistry ink pads but if I flick bleach at the card I'd end up with it in my eye…mmm, I'll maybe stick to flicking water or acrylic paint. Enjoy you lamb – I can smell it from here.

    1. Hi Julia – I hope that today has been good for you. Sorry to hear about the 'not soon enough to be ex'! Do your best not to let it get at you. So good that you have the support of your daughters – take care! Love and supportive hugs, Gilly xxx

  3. Beautiful card today. I already have this set so I'll need to give it a go! Dave so pleased you got the peas to go with your lamb . It wouldn't be the same without peas… Going to have to save some pennies to acquire some inks me thinks . Enjoy your meal x

  4. It is a good thing I am not there with you otherwise you would not have any peas. I would have eaten them all. That is a lovely stamp set which fits all seasons, even the dreaded C word. I am looking forward to seeing what Paul does with it. I must put bleach on my shopping list, although it does scare me a little (a lot, in truth). Enjoy that Sunday roast which you can have any day of the week. When our kids were swimming competitively, we could never have Sunday lunch as it clashed with training. Have a good relaxing evening with that master of the happy smile, Dave. xxx Maggie

  5. As you say Barbara it is the little things in life that mean so much.

    Dee Paramour posted a lovely saying today, it said : 'The most wonderful places to be in the world are:

    In someone’s thoughts. Someone’s prayers. And in Someone’s heart.
    (author unknown)

    I love your post and it made me think of Joy Steels, such as lovely lady. I have only known Joy for a very short time but we just clicked; she exudes such joy so her name is very fitting. Life has not been/is not easy for her but she just makes you feel so good with her wonderful smile and warmth. I met her daughter Katie on Sunday, such a lovely young talented lady.

    Hope you are getting time to recharge your batteries before the next road trip.

    Big hugs Marian x

    1. What a lovely saying, hope it becomes a stamp at some stage. Joy you and Katie were at ally pally last year when we were there and you were both so smiley and happy. I hope the lovely comments have made your day xxx

  6. I have been playing with my artistry ink this afternoon with stencil brushes. first time I have used colour this way on the back of my parchment. After watching Barbara and pail I thought just go for it .wow love it .
    will I use my normal crayons again ,hmmm not so much. This is far easier and fun more control on the amount of colour you use.

  7. Beautiful artwork again Barbara! You always come up with such fresh ideas!
    Mmmmm roast lamb…. Hope you've got the mint sauce to go with it! Mmmmm!
    See you on Saturday…. Looks like it's going to be very busy!!! Xxx

  8. Gorgeous Barbara, will have to treat myself with these ink pads with my birthday money which is on Saturday. I do love this card it is gorgeous and your step by steps are brilliant. Enjoy your roast lamb, we are having chilli tonight 😉
    Linda xxx

  9. Maybe it is because we really trust your judgement on which ink pads are the best shades that they were being bought up. Fab card, flicking bleach I would have to go outside no craft room YET!!. Working on that one. Enjoy your lamb, we are having that on Saturday, some very special friends coming over for a meal. X x

    1. Good idea, Lynne, to go outside to do this. Definitely safer. I would have to shut the dogs inside though for their safety. Does it make the card smell of bleach, though, I wonder. That reminds me, I forgot to add bleach to my shopping order. xxx Maggie

  10. I think I would need overalls with a hood and some goggles to use bleach – I manage to get ink into all sorts of places it shouldn't be!
    I will probably buy individual artistry inks on Saturday so they don't duplicate colours of distress that I have already got. Is there any chance of you selling individuals or packs of 2 or 4 thick stencil brushes please as they are the ones I prefer most of the time? Enjoy the roast and peas xx

  11. Great idea to have an endless supply of moon masks – will need to remember to add them to my next order. Quickly being won over by the Artistry inks, too – I can see my little collection of sixteen growing rapidly in the near future. Meantime playing with my 'Jayne' stamps and plates order which arrived yesterday. ;~}

    1. Hi Sheila, thank you for your concern, you're so thoughtful. Mum's now home but the whole episode has left her even more frail than before and will take a long time to recover from the experience. We've since discovered none of it was necessary! No word re car but the local police have been in contact. Enjoy your Groovi and your Polychromos. Hope your hospital visits resolve your health issues soon. Best wishes. X ;~}

    2. Hi Shelagh pleased your mum is home now no wonder she is more frail as change when your older dosent help with health and when it was not necessary will be more frustrating for you .my polychromos are beautiful to use I coloured my rose in with them crafting hugs xxx

  12. Hi all great to be back. Lovely art work must give bleach a try.

    What a shame just found out today Hochanda is off air on freeview so will b unable to watch or record your shows over weekend.

    Any chance blog some for us Barb?

    Crafty hugs xxx

    1. I need to hook my computer up to the TV. I have a slight problem with the computer as when it came back to me after being sorted out, I have no sound. I think the speaker cables are in the wrong holes and I cannot reach to do it, so I will be watching on my tablet. I do hope they soon get a slot on Virgin which will solve all my problems. xxx Maggie

  13. HI Barbara – this is a great piece of artwork! Not surprised that people were choosing your packs – sometimes when you have so many things to choose between – it's hard to make a decision. Mind you the inclusion of a brush is a great incentive! Enjoy your lovely roast dinner and super fresh garden peas! Hugs to you and Dave, Gilly xx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – another milestone today, we are now half way through Neill's treatment! 19 down and another 18 to go!
      Sheila – I hope that your bloods and Dr's visit went well today. Morag – I hope that little Penny is having an improved time. Jackie – in reply to your question, we have got only 2 machines here in Cornwall. Dot – hope to see you here again tonight. Brenda – I hope that you are ok! Hoping that everyone has had a good day, love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Evening gilly pleased you and Neil are at the halfway point how quickly it has passed for you both ,
      My bloods went fine as I was comming out my dr saw me he said I was just going to ring you I said I'm seeing you at 5pm so he said I will see you now so you don't have to come back how kind that was .he wasn't impressed that I'm not seeing the liver specialist till 3 months time so see what happens now. He has said he has had a letter from the rhumotiod arthritis consultant that I cannot have no meds till my liver bloods go back to normal so just have to struggle with the pain .my diabeties is out but that's due to the steroids so got to see the diabetic nurse for a review .he did say I have so many illnesses that there is no wonder I'm struggling so life eh .
      Hugs dear blog friend life is not easy for you or Neil .did you get Edith mended ? Xxx

    3. Hi Gilly, that's great that Neil's half way through his treatment, it has seemed to go quickly, not for you though I expect. My lovely friend hasn't long started chemo, has to go every three weeks for a whole day. Just lost her hair, but luckily she is being so positive.xx

  14. Lovely stamp this! I've just finished making a birthday card with Jayne's Agapanthus Groovi plate! It looks so professional, I can't believe it! I also used the 'Box Frame' I just love the font on there. Enjoy your lamb Barbara & Dave, sounds yummy! xx

  15. Love them ,just ordered .. shall be in real trouble now!! i have the birdhouse and one of the sitting birds has flown away as he disaperd after i did the calendar challenge with him xxx

  16. I love your framer stamps. The collection of ink pads looks just perfect and is on my wish list for next month when my pension goes into the bank. I am all spent up at the moment.
    Enjoy your lamb.
    Hugs from Chris X

  17. Beautiful stamp set Barbara I have this set its so versatile you enjoy your lamb Tuesday or Sunday why does it matter for a wonderful cooked meal with Dave .rest up tonight xxx

    1. Evening dear family of blog friends been thinking of you all today heartfelt hugs xxx
      I received my winning gift this morning stunning is the art work from Dee all boxed up too I'm going to frame it I've spent my voucher too and a little extra so I got all the new jaynes Christmas plates just couldn't resist them all a big thank you Dee and a big thank you Barbara for the voucher too .
      The nurse and the Drs went well just waiting for the shopping been delivered then bed a groovi day tomorrow I think if I'm not to fatigued xxxx

    2. Hello Sheila my lovely – I have seen your reply to me above! So pleased that the Dr saw you earlier than planned, so that it saved you another visit. I really feel for you, not being able to have anything for your pain yet! Life is very hard sometimes and you seem to have more than your share of illnesses to cope with. I wish I could help you with it all, I can only send you lots of caring and supporting hugs to help you through – you're always in my thoughts, love Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, let's hope your Dr. can get you a quicker appointment for the liver specialist, he sounds really nice letting you see him earlier instead of you having to make another journey. So hope you dont feel too fatigued tomorrow, then you'll be able to groovi. Must be so frustrating for you. Love and hugs,Pam xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, I also read what you wrote to Gilly. I can't imagine what you are going through with all your illnesses. It puts my life into perspective as I keep good health and the nonsense I am going through at the moment is just a temporary blip. I like to read about what my friends on the blog are up to as it gives me a little insight into their lives and makes you more real. I am an open person and I hope that what I write doesn't come over as being selfish but gives you an insight into my life and takes your mind off your pains for a few seconds. On an other matter, I am going for his pensions which is what is holding up things at the moment as it can take up to six weeks to get the valuations. We managed to have a 'conversation' without too much aggression tonight. We both told each other what we wanted with regards to the house and the girls. We both want the house but he wants to live in it on his own and I want to live in it with the girls. Their could be some tough negotiating ahead!

    5. Hello Sheila what a lovely doctor, I'm sure he will get you sorted as soon as possible. You are always so upbeat when you are struggling with all your conditions and in constant pain. You are such a superstar and I'm so pleased you've got the beautiful Dee artwork to keep you going. Sending hugs xxx

    6. Morning Julia your not selfish it's lovley to share how each day goes and will help you cope too ,you should get the house as you have the girls and if he has any thoughts for his girls he wouldn't want to make their lives more difficult with moving .it looks like your solicitor is on the ball .have you planned anything for your daughter who is 18 in October? how is your other daughter enjoying her job at the Chinese? Thinking of you hugs to help you through today xxx

  18. Hi Barbara bet you and Paul had a great day playing and chatting could think of anything better to do enjoy your evening. Wish was coming this weekend did talk about going as bob was of but arranged something else know so will come next year to one of your retreats or something. Hugs from us both Joy and Katie xxx

  19. Super stamp set and brilliant card Barbara. Hooray I've got this set. Thought it'd be useful for a C card too, better not say the word. Hope you have had a better day today, have a relaxing evening with your lovely Dave.xx

  20. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you've all had a good day. My physio was called off today but have one booked for Thurs. Off to Yorkshire on Friday ready for the open day, staying on a caravan site about an hour from Leyburn. Making a little holiday out of it again. Trying to get the calendar challenge made tonight, feelubgvnguiltycthat I've not had a go fora while, so far on my 4th attempt, too much rushing I think. If it goes wrong again will have to give up as lots to get done before the holiday. Love and hugs to you all. Read all the comments later.xxx

    1. Sorry your appointment was canceled. Its annoying when that happens as you get yourself syched up for them. Fingers crossed its rearranged soon. I bet when you look at your challenge work tomorrow its better than you think! Xx

    2. Hello Pam, I hope the physiology is gentle with you on Thursday and doesn't spoil your lovely weekend away. I know how much you are looking forward to it. It will be beans on toast next week but you will have lots of lovely craft goodies! Xxx

  21. Hi Barbara….Sssoooooo tempted by this offer, but feel guilty as I have quite a few distress inkpads that I've barely used..
    Do try and take a bit of a break, the shows are such hard work and this weekend is hot on the heels of Ally Pally, you need to look after yourself and the team…..

  22. Oh story of my life, I am too blimming late for an invite for roast lamb, hope you enjoyed it. Lovely demo by the way, there is only one thing, I don't know what to do next with all this inspiration, I think I need 36 hrs in a day to fit it all in best wishes as always x

  23. Hi Barb,
    Lovely finished piece today and great step by steps. Fabulous offer on the inks too – I can feel a purchase coming on! Hope you really enjoy your roast dinner – I can almost smell it from here! Love and hugs Alison xx

  24. Hi bloggy friends,
    Just got back from London and I'm absolutely shattered! So please forgive me for not commenting to each of you tonight. I was picked up at 6.20 this morning and train was on time. We had love,y seats in the quiet coach and everything was going fine until we were pulling in to Doncaster and we were told the train was terminating and we'll had to disembark! Something to do with overhead power cables at Retford. We were the. Told that we had 3 minutes to get to another platform to get on another train,, which when it arrived was really full, before everyone from our train got on. Had to stand until Grantham and then got some seats, only to be told that the train couldn't move as the brakes had seized on one of the carriages. We eventually got to London Kings Cross 1 hr and 15 minutes late. Got tube to Green Park to walk to Buckingham Oalace – fine we thought! Wrong! Flaming Changing of the Guard was taking place and it was just manic! So many people blocking the paths all with selfie sticks. The mounted police were getting annoyed with people. We got to the entrance with 2 minutes to spare for our allotted time. Palace beautiful inside but again very busy. Had more hassle on train coming back – put on wrong train, then had to get off that go to another platform and were 15 minutes late setting off which eventually led to us being 28 minutes late back into Durham. So all in all quite frustrating, but good day in London, just shattered, so I'll say goodnight to you all and see you tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  25. I love these colours of Artistry Inks and the beautiful card you made with them, also that set you have chosen, and a free brush with them as well. If I didn't already have lots of Distress Inks I would definitely be buying them. Hope you enjoyed your lamb for dinner, nothing like a nice piece of roast lamb..yum yum. Hope you manage to get a bit of rest this week before heading off for another busy weekend. x

  26. Lovely card, the bleach effect looks great, though I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try it just yet, will stick to water for now. I haven't got Joy, but have the other stamps. Hope you had a lovely evening. xx

  27. Love the card and have the mini inks which are gooorrrgeeeous! Major dilemna now though. Should next month's budget go on the fabulous stencil brushes ( currently using make up sponges) or the large size, brill colour combination art pads and free brush?? Or can I justify an extra splurge due to having the lurgy? I'm sure I'll find a way! Love and a hug to any other late night bloggers xx

  28. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful little set, your big o's are some of my favourite stamps. (I sound like the 2 Ronnie -o's not 'ose! ). I think I need to confess that I stroked a few of the new ink pads on Saturday, they were so pretty but they didn't come home with me, it was the groovy stamps and stencils turn instead! Oh I know I'm mad!! Hope your roast lamb was yummy, peas too, my favourite.😀
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends it's very late, we've been to see Bridget Jones and laughed so much. Barbara it's got a festival in it like Glastonbury, I thought of you with the wellies and mud! Hope you are all ok – Brenda I hope you are ok and I've just missed you.sending hugs all round. Night night xxx

  29. Hello Barb, what a great offer, brilliant colour combination. Love your little piece of art. Hope you enjoyed the lamb and peas, and you are right, who says you cannot have a roast on a weekday. Take care. Bx

  30. Brilliant card I have been crafting for 13 years and believe it or not have only just bought a brayer ( I know i know where the bloody hell have i been ) Do you know what love it that much if you stand still long enough im gonna brayer you lol xxx

  31. Morning to all morag I do hope penny is ok missing you on here hugs cuddles for you both xxx
    Brenda hope your doing ok missing you too hugs for you and daisy xxx
    Dorothy a wee extra hug xxx

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