Ally Pally Live TV Show and a real Groovi Treat.

Ally Pally Live TV Show and a real Groovi Treat.

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
We’re at Ally Pally today.
And we are streaming a live Clarity TV show from there at 11am.
So fingers crossed it works!
We had such a blast in April when we streamed out live.
It is great working with a live audience!
Here’s the demo I am hoping to show you,
using Jayne Nestorenko’s fantastic Christmas designs,
which complete the Flower Frame Collection.
We held them back for just this auspicious occasion.
The Holly & The Ivy Plates
The Poinsettia Plates
which are also designed to fit into the A4 Alphabet Picture Frame
It’s not a complex design.
I can’t do complex – especially not on Live TV at a Live show!
Start the frame, but leave a corner open.

Slot the plate in on top of the Alphabet and
add a little pine element.

Add the fantastic large pine branch.

Close the frame around the hanging pine.

Add the words top and bottom…

I LOVE this font!!
It really is beautiful.
Well done Jim x

Let’s use some holly from the large central image in the corner….

Next comes the landscape and the moon from the Starter Kit
and the snow from the Diagonal grid.

I am chuckling at myself.
The trick on live selly telly is to be sure to use 
all the things on the counter.
I think I’ve pretty much got EVERYTHING going on here!!!
Oh hang on! 
The black mat.
Yep, let’s use the soft side of the black mat for the whitework.
And let’s use the biggest baddest ball tool in the bag…
No. 6

Time to decorate the side panels of the frame.

Looking good….
What are the chances of completing this in the alloted time 
on telly?

Colour in the border in blue.
We have a special offer on them:
5 tins for the price of 4

Flip over to the back and attach to a piece of copy paper.
Load one of our brushes with a dark blue ink pad.
I’m liking the new Artistry pads.
We stock the full range now. 
So I went with Midnight Blue.

Round and round and round the outside with the brush.

Flip over.

I caught this trick from Maria on the telly .
She used the ink pads as a colour palette.
Not diluted, just pure colour to paint with a paintbrush.
So out with the No 6 Sable hair brush
Very good. Well done Maria!

That works well.

That’ll do.
Now here’s the thing.
Do I use the Light Blue parchment as a layer behind?

Or do I go with the dark ivory in the background?
That totally changes the blue to a teal colour.

Just wanted to show you how a translucent layer of colour in the background can completely change the whole feel.
Blue for TV though.
And Blue for the blog too.

Hope you were able to watch.
Hope you love Jayne’s designs as much as we do.

Once again, she has struck a wonderful festive note 
with these illustrations.
Love & hugs,

137 thoughts on “Ally Pally Live TV Show and a real Groovi Treat.

  1. Barbarba – that is just so VERY beautiful! I missed the live show, and I am just about to watch it on catch up! Hope tomorrow is another great day for you all, hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my blog friends – I hope that you are all well and have had some good weather today! I was very lazy and had a long lie-in, didn't surface until about 11 today! I have managed to get the washing up to date and the ironing too – mind you I only iron what really HAS to be done! I am planning a lazy day for tomorrow, ready for next week's hospital trips!
      Sheila I hope that you have had a good day, watching tv and maybe a little bit of spending too!
      Morag – I am thinking about you and little Penny, and hope that she has had a quiet and calm day!
      Love and hugs to you all, Gilly x

    2. Hi Gilly,
      I'm sure the lie in did you good. Pleased you got the ironing done – a job I hate! Mind you I'm stupid enough to iron EVERYTHING! Enjoy your lazy day tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    3. Evening gilly you deserve to sleep in body needs the rest to face another week with Neil ,I have been in and out of bed myself just cannot stay awake will be curling up to sleep again soon . I've spent my voucher and a little extra when it arrives how could I miss these beautiful jaynes Christmas plates I've got the full set of groovi flowers and large frame the frame is stunning a definite must buy .enjoy a restful Sunday with Neil sending lots of special hugs xxx

    4. Hello Gilly, your body must have needed the rest so your lie in has done you the world of good. I'm quite strange,I quite enjoy ironing, good murder mystery on tv or crafting ( but that distracts me!) and I'm really happy!!! Xxxx

    5. Evening Gilly, I'm a bit like you I don't iron everything, mind I used too, socks, towels everything, now towels have a little while in the tumble drier to soften them, I do like ironing though as long as it's after breakfast or after tea. Nice to have a lie in you must have needed it.xx

  2. This is a fab project, so effective but simple. I received a clarity parcel (or two) today so now I have the box template and lots of A4 parchment. I had a go at making the calendar challenge today and kept mucking it up. Forgot to add the moon mask, then when I did it peeled the card off as well and then I had too much stuff on my table and used the wrong ink pad…I used the black archival instead of pitch black so now my brayer is black in the middle. What a numpty. I'll have a go another day. I'll watch the Ally Pally show on catch up – something to look forward to. I hope you had a great day.

    1. Hi Julia – sorry to hear that things didn't go as planned today, but as they say tomorrow is another day! Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the box template, that is on my wish list! I am planning to watch Barbara's show soon too! I hope that things are going ok for you at the moment – love and supportive hugs, Gilly xx

    2. Evening Julia hope tomorrow is a better crafting day I have a blue brayer using the wrong ink so your no numpty hugs dear blog friend enjoy your clarity parcel xxx

  3. Unable to watch the live transmission but hope to see it on catch up. I love what you have done with all the different elements – fantastic. I hope you are not too tired. Have a restful evening and good luck tomorrow. xx

  4. Hi Barbara. Great show today! You looked so happy!! In your element! And obviously loved having the audience there! The artwork you have done is just beautiful!
    Rest up tonight and have another great day tomorrow!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  5. Hi Barbara, this is beautiful, thanks for sharing. Jayne's designs are beautiful too. I like the effect of the dark ivory behind. I watched you this morning, you looked so happy, and what a brilliant teacher you are in all ways. I did laugh though, when you spotted someone in the audience and were trying to get their attention!!! You must have felt so at ease at Ally Pally. Hope you had a good and fun day with your customers, and with lots of sell outs, and that tomorrow is even better. Hope you're planning to put your feet up and chill this evening. Love Brenda xx

  6. Hi Barbara. Great show today! You looked so happy!! In your element! And obviously loved having the audience there! The artwork you have done is just beautiful!
    Rest up tonight and have another great day tomorrow!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  7. Loved this on TV and now I see it up close its even better. These plates are on my shopping list. Did you say they would be stamps as well? Hoping so as I would add those to my list too! Xx

  8. Watched the show/demo until it was time to leave for my crafty group meet (it's all recorded so no worries!) Love the gorgeous new Jayne plates – especially The Holly and Ivy – all added to my Leyburn shopping list. Great idea from Maria to use the 'neat' ink for colouring in!

    Had a good afternoon with my crafty friends – lot of laughs, cake, crafting, coffee, cake, chat, cake, hints and tips…. oh did I mention cake – lol! Anyhow, now in my little crafty den trying to get my head around a groovi idea that's been buzzing around for a little while – here goes……!

  9. Pooh, my comment just disappeared, I think……saw your live show this morning and just love this card, think the poinsettia and alphabet plates (at least) may fall into my greedy little hands tomorrow…..can't wait to be there. I've made a list of must have's to get..who thinks I'll stick to just the items on the list??

    1. Hi Donna, are you off to see Bridget Jones? I'm looking forward to seeing it. Just watching the Paralympic Games, it's ntastic isn't it and the last leg is brilliant. Sending hugs xxx

    1. Evening all I'm on the phone this evening as we're sitting outside waiting for the owls to start their evening chorus. I hope you are all as well as can be xx

    2. Hi Chris,
      Bet you had a good time with Maria. Hope the Owls give you a good chorus. Our little owl doesn't start until 10.30 – we can nearly set a clock by it! Love and hugs Alison xx

    3. Hi Chris, looks like you have and a good day with Maria. Where does she have her demo days is it near Nottingham? ?.
      I except you have learned such a lot.
      Have a good night.
      Hugs Lynn xx

  10. I love the Christmas card design, it's brilliant! Great to have the unusual landscape and the moon for a Crimbo card. And the font is gorgeous! May fall into my shopping bag next month methinks. Am waiting for my cohabiting brother to b***er off to Studio 1 ( his model railway shed) so that I can watch the recorded alky pally show. Can't complain as I have the cosy, if minute, box room as the Art Studio (aka Studio 2). Siunds very grand but it is tiny, still v lucky bunnies to have separate space for our hibbies. Who said hobbies?? Like all crafter/artists they're our Life's Work!!

    Love and hugs to Sheila and Morag, and a special stroke for Penny. Xxx

  11. Hi Barbara, thank you thank you for such a lovely day. I was watching you live at ally pally with theses lovely plates, and of course I set the recorder going before I left at eight this morning so I could watch it again now at home. It was wonderful to see you Dave and other team members again but I think I better take out a mortgage before I come again as I seem to spend more and more each time. Can't wait to get going with all my new goodies so thank you and long may you reign as the queen of GROOVIE. XXXXX

  12. Dear Barbara I watched your show live you looked so at ease waving to catch someone's eye or someone you new personally I love the way you did the boo boo with the landscape on your mum and dads Christmas card and knew they would be watching you they would love it just the same as it came made from you .ive spent my voucher and a little extra as I want the jaynes new Christmas plates stunning have a wonderful day tomorrow will be thinking of you crafting hugs xxx

    1. Dear family of blog friends heartfelt hugs to you all I've been in and out of bed today sleeping just cannot seem to stay awake so bed is best place I will say goodnight to you all catch up tomorrow 😴💤💤💤 xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – so pleased to hear that you have ordered Jayne's new plates! I just knew that you would! Enjoy them all and keep sleeping when you need to! I am keeping you company doing that, as I am about to go to bed and watch Barbara's show on Hochanda catch up! Sending you comforting hugs, love Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, it was,a fantastic day today, Barbara may have waved to me, as I came in late, think she mouthed Pam too. Hope you get a nice long rest tonight so that you'll feel better tomorrow. Love and hugs,Pam xx

  13. Hi Barbara, I saw you creating this 'beauty' on the tv, and I had to chuckle towards the end when you produced the 'one you had done earlier'.
    I love,love,love, this, it is gorgeous.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  14. Hi Barbara, I saw you creating this 'beauty' on the tv, and I had to chuckle towards the end when you produced the 'one you had done earlier'.
    I love,love,love, this, it is gorgeous.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. Hello All, loving the new plates, Jayne is Soooooo talented! The show was great Barb you covered the nerves well even with the side-ways hills lol. Have a lovely day tomorrow before heading back to the ranch, safe journey. xx

  16. Wonderful, I did manage to see most of your demo in between lots of interruptions from family. While I was watching I muttered I need these plates and Fred heard (thought he was deaf) anyway told me to treat myself. Did not argue. Order placed. They are beautiful hope I can do them justice. Hope you get another good day tomorrow. xx

    1. Placed my order last night, Lynne and have also started my collection of Artistry ink pads – have to think of all the C cards for Mum, sister, mother-in-law before I get to ours. Hope you're both well. We've just had a little trip to The Hague – our home from home – and over 30* every day. Now that's a place where the living is easy! ;~}

  17. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant show from Ally a Pally, you looked so happy and relaxed ( even though you said you were nervous). These new plates are absolutely beautiful and the samples were stunning – I think Hayley was well impressed – I know I certainly was. The plates just happened to fall into my Clarity basket! This card is fabulous, loved the demo and had a chuckle when you'd put the words in the wrong place! Just the sort of thing I would have done mind you. Hope tomorrow goes well for you and that you then get a rest until next weekend – yeah, can't wait! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been good for you. I got a phone call at 10am to say my glasses frames had come in so I went to the opticians and got the lenses put in so that was brilliant. I was well impressed that they came today. Watched Barb's show from Ally Pally and was awe struck with the design team samples. Finished off my Groovi Fuchsia piece and am really pleased with it, just got to decided what colour to mount it on now. Morag, hope little Penny is making some progress. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison – glad to hear that you have got your glasses sorted! They should be covered on your house insurance under accidental damage, I should think – well worth a try anyway! Not surprised that those new plates fell into your basket! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  18. Hi Barbara, caught the show this morning. You looked amazing and the demo on Jaynes Groovi plates were brilliant another set to add to my lists.
    I have so many I want but I am waiting for my birthday, but may not be able to wait.
    Have a great night and a fab day tomorrow.
    Kind thoughts.
    Lynn xx

  19. Enjoyed the live show Katie was cheering when you came good job we weren't there today well would made everyone laugh her shout yeh Barbara Gray the besthehe , we will be early again in as soon as let us in if you don't see us coming you will here Katie shouting she is so excited about seeing you. Hop you have a nice rest tonight ready for tomorrow night night sleep well see you in morning hugs xxx

  20. Hi ladies, hope you're day has been good. Weather was quite cooler today.and late afternoon our heating kicked in! !!! The husband thought I had put it on not yet so it must have gone cooler.
    Hope Penny has had a good day and you are resting a little.
    Do love the new plates from Jayne, so lovely for Christmas and other times.
    To those who went to Alley Palley hope you have had a good day and not spent too much, that's a daft statement! !!!!
    Have a good night
    night nighty all
    Lynn xx 😪

    1. Hi Lynn would love to say I only looked but didn't buy but you know that would be a lie! There was so much calling out my name today. I have a budget then I have Barbara money!! Xxx

  21. not able to watch. but the blog pics took my breath away absolutely awesome. enjoy ally pally tomorrow. i think see you next year unless you decide to walk heacham beach in december! love to everyone out there in the ether
    love anne over seas

  22. Must watch the show on catch up tomorrow. I have some Jayne stamps from you that are just like those pine fronds, so will have to order the frame set with the rose stamp, as I love the balance of this card. Might have this year's Christmas card design susses now – thanks! x

  23. Hi Barbara, your show from the Palace was great and loved the inked parchment background, wonderful for a quick finish as I'm planning all the C cards I make for family to dish out. Plates ordered and awaited in anticipation. Have fun tomorrow. ;~}

  24. Evening, Barbara. Really enjoyed watching your show from today once I got home from Matthew Palmer's workshop. To sit down and watch you enjoying yourself so much with naive audience just completed a lovely day. Jayne's designs are stunning and I love the way you used them, especially the colouring behind (nit to mention the deliberate mistake). Enjoy day 2, and I hope you meet loads of friends. xxx Maggie

  25. Hello Barbara
    Home safe and sound. The new plates are beautiful, really please I got them. The card is stunning and looks amazing in the flesh. It was lovely chatting with you today and meeting Pam and Angela too. Your scissor lesson has given me confidence, guess what I'm doing tomorrow (after the ironing of course!) haha. Hope you gave a good nights sleep and a wonderful day again tomorrow. Love to you and Dave and all the hardworking clarity team.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends. Well there I was being good, not intending to go to Ally Pally when my lovely husband said come on let's go! Had a wonderful day, watched Barbara on tv live, wandered round looking at all the lovely things then enjoyed spending some pennies at the Clarity stand and chatting to Barbara. It was great to meet Pam and her husband too, what a lovely day. Hope everyone is ok, sending hugs xxx

    2. Evening Diane, lovely meeting you and Julian today, so glad you came after all, lovely to put a face to a name. Splendid day wasn't it. I've got to laugh as I seem to say a lot of lovelies, hope it's a good habit.xx

    3. Hi Diane and Pam – how lovely that you got to meet up at Ally Pally and were in the audience watching Barbara live on tv!! How wonderful to meet her and have a scissor lesson too! Enjoy doing that today Diane, love and hugs Gilly xxx

  26. Completely missed this today! I'll have to see if it's on catch up on Hochanda. Lovely, lovely card, and plates – I've been hoping for a poinsettia. Another one for the wishlist! Jayne's designs are so beautiful, they're all on the list!

    Off to bed now, up early for Angela's Clarity Berkshire workshop tomorrow!

  27. Stunning! Loved the show. Every time I promise myself I'll curb my spending you bring out more beautiful plates that I simply have to have, (sigh).I'd already promised myself the piercing grids as ive been making do with the border ones. I'm totally addicted to the groovi system, it should carry a health warning lol. Your blog is simply the best 😊

  28. Hi Barbara, really had an enjoyable day today, watching your live show, although I missed the first half hour, but the icing on the cake had to be talking to you, Dave and Diane and Julian, also lovely meeting Angela. Your team are great and so helpful. Hope tomorrow goes as well for you and that you have a well earned rest afterwards. Love Pam xxx

    1. Hello Pam wasn't yesterday lovely ( I know, I use it a lot too!). I really enjoyed meeting you both and spending time chatting to Barbara. Enjoy playing with your goodies today. Xxxx

    2. Good morning Pam – so pleased to hear that you had such a lovely time yesterday at Ally Pally! It must have been great to have been in the audience watching Barbara do her live tv show. Meeting up with Diane and her husband and having a lesson and a chat with Barbara – wonderful! It will have done you the world of good, not to mention the retail therapy too! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  29. Well, I was with Sheila today, was so tired, I couldn't get myself out of bed. It was gone 3pm before I surfaced. I feel better for it though. Missed Barb's live Ally Pally show, but will watch on catch up. The first thing I did (after a cuppa), was order the new plates. Aren't they just stunning? Can't wait to get them. Your card is so beautiful, anyone would be chuffed to receive such a fabulous card Barbara. Will see you soon at Port Sunlight xx

  30. Absolutely love these new plates. Saw you do the demo on Hochanda a couple of weeks ago and ordered the 9 plate package, paid the half flexi pay and am still waiting for the plates. Had an op on my ankle a week and a half ago and would love to have some plates to work on, as I'm unable to move much at all and am getting really frustrated.

  31. I saw your hour and think the Christmas plates are wonderful, but see from your answer to Theresa that they will be available in stamp form too which is great. Jane's designs are so pretty, she is a superb designer. You didn't look nervous and you came over so well and that card you demonstrated is beautiful with that fabulous inking leaving that pretty light area in the centre. Have a good day tomorrow. x

  32. All I can say is —– Whew!!!!! — I totally exhausted . You deserve a chest full of medals and a title like The Admiral . Beautiful for sure . Take a breath and relax .joy now Jan

  33. Beautiful artwork, these new plates look amazing. I was at a Groovi workshop with the lovely Susan Moran, fab day so I set my sky box up to record. Sadly it failed to record your show Barbara, as aaggh, thank goodness for catch up tho so I can watch it this morning, phew x

  34. Oh, these plates are gorgeous! Will you just STOP! Now, bringing out such lovely stuff! I'm skint because of Clarity! Only joking, but I'm getting there, just got to have these with old Crimble just around the corner. That demo just sold it for me. I too was unable to watch you on the telly Barb, sorry. But I will be watching on catchup, it's so handy that catchup. Bet you look better live though! Ha! I'm in sunny Dartmouth at the moment and it really is sunny, can't believe I'm looking at a Christmas card as I'm sitting up in bed with my cuppa tea!
    Right better head off now and put my order in! Love ya! Xxx

  35. Hello Barb, wow, this is just beautiful, Jayne's designs are so stunning. I have not caught up with the show yet, but hope to do so today. Have a great day today too. Bx

  36. Hiya Barbara I watch you and it was lovely not only because you was on the telly but i got to watch you on my own with no one else in the house pure bliss ( not that i dont love them pf course ) just every now and again its nice to be able to watch a bit of craft without someone saying " well whats that for" xxxxxxx

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