What have Andy Murray and tomorrow’s Groovi Plates got in common?

What have Andy Murray and tomorrow’s Groovi Plates got in common?

(Portuguese for Hello!)

Thanks for dropping in.
What a beautiful sunny day it is here in the South-east!
Did you watch the Opening Ceremony in Rio?
It was one to remember…
From poignant visual statements about climate change,

to hosting the first team of no land, of world refugees,
who – if you take the time to read their stories –
deserve a gold medal just for getting there.
Very humbling.
And with a wonderful, uplifting crescendo, 
the games are now off to a brilliant start!
I’m ready – are you??
On your marks, get set, GO!!!!
This is what Jim gets up to when I’m away from the office!!! Hahahaha xx
We have a brilliant Stampset just perfect for 
several aspects of SPORT.
A Huge O Framer with Wee athletes and sportsmen.

Art by Dee Paramour
As  you can see from Dee’s card,
there are a load of balls in another wee stampset too…
So I think today’s Blogathon Offer is that if you 
buy the Sportsmen, we’ll send you the balls for FREE!
Here at base, I am not quite ready 
for the 8 hours of live Clarity TV
which start tomorrow at 2pm on HOCHANDA !!
The first 3 hours are all Groovi.
I shall be launching a brilliant pair of Ooh-la-la plates
designed by Linda Williams her good self, 
complete with inspiration ideas and templates.
Brand new Groovi Plate format:  The new larger, A4 square size.
The variations and elements are astounding!
The samples and the artwork are so fun and cool!
I am frilled to be able to show you them.
art by Amanda Branston
If I get time, before your very eyes, 
I shall attempt to turn a pair of knickers into a handbag.
The mind boggles…
Easy for some maybe –
Not easy for me, I can tell you!
Art by Gail Sydenham
But I shan’t get my knickers in a twist.
(Or Gail’s!)
He’s come a long way too, bless him…
Have a great weekend!
Don’t forget to tune in to HOCHANDA tomorrow,
for 3 hours of Groovi frills,
2-4pm 5-6pm
and then a marathon 5 hours of Clarity Colouring 
with Paul and myself.
8pm sees the One Day Special TV Launch 
of our lovely Colouring Book, Postcards and Bookmarks.
I shall be passing the baton to Paul after lunchtime the next day,
and he will run the last leg.
Teamwork makes the dream work!
Love, Laughter & Peace,

84 thoughts on “What have Andy Murray and tomorrow’s Groovi Plates got in common?

  1. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, can't wait to see the colouring books as I am a fan of this relaxing pastime, it's such good therapy I find along with all things Groovi of course xx

  2. Well I'm sure the shows will be brailliant, not pants at all. I wonder how many puns you will get into the show! Looking forward to the Groovi and colouring shows. Xx

    1. Hi Donna, that's ok as long as you're relaxing, what a beautiful day, glad of the breeze though. Hope Pheobe is getting better. Like the look of the new groovy plates, Love Pam xx

    2. Afternoon Donna good for you. We've been hedge cutting today5 40 litre compost sacks full of clippings and we're about half done. It's good though because you can see where you've been xx

  3. Oh – I want the postcards…………. and not seen 'em yet! Lol. A lot less daunting than a big page, more easily portable and perfect for toppers too. Will you have them at Ally Pally Barbara?
    C xx

    1. Hi Carol….The Postcards are fab. and we should have them at Ally Pally.
      We're hoping that some might even get sent as Postcards !
      ( It's probably best to seal them with some crafty fixative before posting )x

  4. I'm out for most of the day visiting lovely local Consall Hall Gardens but hope to catch the evening show. Hope everything goes well for you after all your hard work (and every one at Clarity) preparing for it and all the work that goes before.

  5. Wow Barbara stunning samples and another great offer but I'm so looking forward to the colouring books /postcards/ bookmarks happy crafting xxx

    1. Afternoon dear family of blog friends sending you all heartfelt hugs I've mannaged a little crafting today then resting then chatting to a very dear crafting friend on the phone might do a little groovi -ing later on with more resting .
      Extra Wee hugs to you Dorothy xxx
      Got some lemon drizzle cake Tom brought from marks spencer if you want to meet at the camp fire all welcome xxx

    2. That's the idea Sheila, crafting then rest. Better to not overdo things. Looking forward to the postcards etc and the groovi plates, have to record the shows as off to Gloucester to support our son Jon in his marathon., Early start for us. Love Pam xx

    3. Hi Sheila – it sounds as though your day has been good, and I am very pleased for you. May I come and join you for the lemon drizzle cake please, as it's my favourite! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    4. Hello Sheila good to hear today has been a positive one. Sorry Tom that you had to go on a lemon drizzle hunt, was it my fault? I've got some coffee cake looking for a home too, decaf coffee of course 😀. See you at the campfire xxx

  6. Can't wait for the shows. I managed the opening ceremony until just after midnight them fell asleep listening to the rest on the radio! Think I might just to have the sport stamp now. Enjoy Hochanda – I'm going to! Xx

  7. Hi everyone, I'm sat in the garden enjoying the warmth! Had a surprise visit this morning from eldest boy so that was good as I was beginning to think he'd left the country! think the youngest has left the country! Well, 33 years married today and it was as sunny then as it is today. No idea where the time has gone ! hugs to all xx

    1. Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary Jackie. Hope you're doing something nice tonight to celebrate. Lovely that your son visited you this morning, a nice surprise for you. Don't think we'd see ours much if we didn't go to them, what are they like. It's beautiful here too. It'll be ours in 18 days time, 48 years, can't believe it either where does the time go. We had a glorious sunny day as well. Love Pam xx

  8. Oh you are a giggle. Loved Jim's new Olympic banner. What a fine athletic body you have, Ms Gray!! And then you offer us sportsman's balls for free. How could One resist such temptations? Looking forward to your launch of the one day special. I know the quality is fantastic and the design is ingenious. I also can't wait for you to get your knickers in a twist and turn them into a handbag. Spectacular viewing! Safe journeys to you and Paul. Love and hugs xx

  9. Ola Barbara, yes it was those bits that got to me too in the opening ceremony. And a huge smile and pride seeing Andy stride out arm held out straight carrying our flag one handed, and grateful to see he'd been wise enough to use his left arm!!! I'll try and find the stories of the refugees taking part to read. Human beings can be really resourceful and strong when they need to be. I watched the opening ceremony until I fell asleep during the president's speech. Why was he being jeered? I was wondering where you were going with you comparison to Andy, I'd forgotten that one!!! Go Andy! I've got the wee sports people and balls, the balls come in very useful for guys cards.

    Clearly it's the men's road race not the ladies today, that's the last time I'll pay attention to the people on the telly!!! I'm actually struggling quite bad with the Olympics viewing, getting really agitated. Normally I would have the precise schedule of what sport is on what channel and what time, from the Radio Times. I couldn't get one this time because last week wasn't a Tesco shop week , and obviously I had no one to ask to get me one. I'm really struggling to find somewhere online that would give me this kind of detail and be easy for me to use, I do struggle with the online tv guides at the best of times, and the BBC page doesn't have what I'm looking for. I've just been sticking to BBC1, and now I'm on the laptop swapping to the road race when it's something I don't want to watch. I must be missing stuff I would normally watch though. it would make it an awful lot easier if all the good sports weren't going on at the same time!!!

    Been getting inky this afternoon, making some backgrounds. I didn't realise messy crafting referred to the mess I would end up in – multi-coloured fingers, mustard seed on my sleeve, on the front of my hoody, evergreen bough on the carpet, very nearly fired brick paw prints everywhere as I just caught Daisy in time when she had her leg raised over the inkpad ready to join in!!! All cleaned up now, and sticking with something clean for this evening!!! Sheena's glycerin trick really does make it a lot easier, hadn't tried that before, well I had but I discovered I wasn't doing it right. Makes it a lot easier on my CFS arms 🙂

    I'm definitely recording your shows Barbara, and I'll try and watch you while watching the Olympics, one on my tablet, one on my laptop!!! Probably end up with system overload in my head, but never mind! I hope your shows go really well, and you have some sell outs. Really looking forward to your colouring demos

    Do you think we'll get our first medal this evening? Fingers crossed

    love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda, do hope you find a good schedule that enables you to plan what you want to watch, it'll be a shame if you are missing all the things you love. Keep my fingers crossed for you. Love Pam xx

    2. Thanks everyone xx
      I may just try that Chris when I need backgrounds for animal cards. My big plastic sheet down, and put around the edge wee puddles of watered down food colouring, card in the middle, and let Daisy have a play!!!

      I've given up looking for today Pam, I'll have another go tomorrow!!!

      Glad you've managed to craft today too Sheila. Have you tried using Sheena's glycerin trick? I think it would help you xx

      Guess what I just saw advertised? When we've got the post Olympics blues, to pick us up, Poldark is back at the beginning of September 🙂

    3. Hi Brenda,
      I would love to see Daisy's attempts! Glad you've been getting messy and enjoying yourself. I do hope you manage to get a schedule for the Olympics. Like ve and hugs Alison xx

    4. Evening Brenda, I do hope that you can sort out your Olympic viewing tomorrow. I have also seen that Poldark is set to return on 4th September. Some of it is filmed very near to where we live, we are very lucky! I was thinking of you Brenda when I saw Andy carrying the flag, and knew just how proud you would have been feeling! Love and hugs Gilly xx

    5. Thanks Alison and Gilly xx

      It would be so funny to let Daisy play in food colouring, she'd have so much fun. But it would be totally irresponsible of me, and who knows, maybe even harmful for her if she licked her feet before I got them cleaned for her.

      I've got it sorted! Got something that is suitable for helping me with my Olympics viewing. I missed dressage today, I like to see the horses dance, especially when it's the one to music, and they do seem to really enjoy themselves doing it. I don't like the jumping, I think it's wrong forcing animals to do anything. And I don't like to see them get hurt too. But there's more dressage tomorrow so if I can't find it on catch up I'll still get to see some. That's the only thing I've missed today though, so that's ok.

      Can someone please tell me if I can use soft pastels to tint the back of parchment? I would use cotton wool to put it on. The Groovi outlines are already coloured in with fineliners and normal colouring pencils. I don't want to try it and risk messing up the pieces I've spent so much time on. Thank you

    6. Hello Brenda
      Sounds like you've had a fun day. We were watching some things on catchup and I think they are being shown on I player if that helps. If you used food colouring I would think Daisy would be OK, blue might make her hyperactive, you could google it to check first. I remember seeing something years ago with pastels being used on parchment, possibly with a dab of white spirit butive not tried it so I can't help. I'm sure our experienced parchers will help you out. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    7. Haven't used soft pastels Brenda I use distress inks with clarity brushes also bought the mixed pack of parchment and used as backing for the plain parchment don't know if that's helpful xxx

    8. Hi Brenda,
      I know you can use oil pastels that you blend out with white spirit- the demo I saw was using a paper towel that was folded to a point and dabbed in white spirit. I suppose you could use it with blending fluid and a paper stump. Why not experiment on some waste parchment before trying it on your real pieces. Hope this helps, love Alison xxx

    9. Thanks everyone xx
      I wasn't going to use oil pastels, I imagine that would lift/smudge the water based pen ink. It's soft pastels, like chalk, they don't need anything for blending. Just didn't know if they would smudge the ink, or do anything to the parchment that would mess it up. I could scribble some pen on scrap and try it though, don't know why I didn't think of that!

    10. Morning Brenda we all don't think of things we need that little reminder or help from someone else .ive got some pan pastels I wonder if they would work might try them on a scrap piece ? Hugs for you and daisy xxx

  10. What a nice selection of balls Brabra! I shall be recording tomorrow's shows but hope to catch you on the home straight on Monday and see Paul take up the baton xx

  11. Looking forward to your shows much more than the olympics I can say, that bores the pants off me. But your pants look much more interesting if you know what I mean! x

  12. Another great offer, got the Sports set but not the balls. Looking forward to your shows will be recording them as off to support Jon on his Marathon in Gloucester. The Groovi plates look great and the colouring books, postcards etc will order straight from Clarity what I want. Our weather is gorgeous too, good luck for the shows, hope you have a sell out. Safe travelling for you and Paul, love Pam xxx

  13. Hello to all my bloggy friends, hope you've had a lovely day, also that your weather has been as lovely as it's been here. Have fun watching Barbara tomorrow and don't forget your cushions. Mine will be our next week. Been having a sort out in the garden and taken lots of rubbish and pots to the tip, so been busy bees. Love to you all, Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam – pleased to hear that you have had a good day in the garden. Our weather has been strange, we have had some fine, but steady drizzle. Safe journey tomorrow, and I hope that Jon does well – love and hugs Gilly xxx

  14. Love the picture of you running blogathon very funny have used the sports stamps quiet a lot for cards looking forward to seeing the colouring book etc living the sneak ie picks xx

  15. Hi Barb,
    The bits of the Opening Ceremony that I've seen looked fantastic. I could've cried when the refugee team came on to that wonderful cheer. Been some brilliant action already and some good results for GB including World Record for Peatty in the swimming. I'm just glued to the men's gymnastics at the moment. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, recorder is set. Products look fab and I know that the light panel cover will be in my basket from Clarity straight away as well as the new Groovi piercing grids and that's before I see the colouring goodies!!! Get some rest tonight before your marathon tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friend,
      Hope you've all had a good day with lots of gorgeous sunshine. Morag, hope you're ok. I can tell straight away that I'm not going to get much work or anything done over the next few weeks! Just love the Olympics and I get so excited if we do well! Just like a big kid! Get ready with the cushions tomorrow. Love and hugs to you all, Alison ccx

    2. Hi Alison – yes, I've had a good day thanks, we seemed to be doing our comments at about the same time! I know just what you mean about the next 2 weeks! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  16. Hi Barbara – looking forward to your shows, over the next couple of days. Totally different Groovi plates for us to admire. Really looking forward to picking up some tips on colouring, and I love the idea of bookmarks and postcards – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that you have all had an enjoyable day, whether it be crafting, Olympic watching, gardening or something totally different! Neill and I have had a very lazy day, and watched some rowing and the road race – we have both really enjoyed it. Neill had planned to go out to do a little bit of shopping, but after listening to our local radio – decided against it, as all of our roads were gridlocked with traffic. Every route into Cornwall had queues too, due to high volume of traffic and various road works! We have had some strange weather today, warm and light, but steady drizzle. Hope it clears up tomorrow for all of the visitors to the county – enjoy the coming shows – love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly I hope the roads clear so you can get to the shops soon, our motorway was gridlocked this morning, all on their way down south. Sending hugs to you and Neil xxx

  17. Hi Barbara
    I seem to remember you saying something about the gym and how much your one visit had cost you in the year some time ago. Well looking at that body it was obviously worth every penny!!! ( or Jim is!). Haha. Fabulous offer again today and beautiful artwork. Looking forward to seeing you transform your pants tomorrow – what are you like! Try and relax tonight, you will be fine.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, hope you are all enjoying the olympics. We've been dipping in and out, cycling, rowing gymnastics, all very exciting. Spent some time in the garden too, it's been a super day. Hope everyone is ok. Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. Evening Diana I've been groovi-ing tonight just getting results via Sky news from Rio the boy from Beverley has got through in the tennis which is great hugs xxx

  18. Opening ceremony was brilliant! We should all be so much more aware of what and how we are damaging our planet and I hope peeps will become more aware and more careful in future. Now I have to admit that photo of you above just had me in hysterics lol, thanks for that Karen x

  19. Hello Barb, I watched part of the opening ceremony due to work, it was lovely, very evocative. Loved the picture from Jim. Have just caught up with the shows from today (again due to work). They were fabulous. Take care. Bx

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