Thanks for popping in.

Welcome to the Blogathon!
Have we won any gold medals yet?

So while we’re jumping around up in Peterborough 
today and tomorrow at the studios,
let’s have some fun here…

Been looking at the list of activities.
Although I quite fancy myself as an Artistic Gymnast, 
I think I’ll sign up for the trampoline this year. 
We have one in the garden, so it will be easy to train.

Paul’s ready with the camera, 
I’ve emptied my bladder, so now I
just need a bunk up…

Come on Dave! Be serious!

How hard can this part be??

Oi! Steady. We said Trampoline, not catapault!

Come on Gray.
You’ll never make Team GB larking about like this!!

Point your toes!

Ready for a flip???

Oh Paul!! You missed it!!
I’m not doing that again!

Ok . Now for a roll over.

Tuck your head in!!

Did you see that??!?!?!
Oops. Hang on.
That’s the one thing about trampolining…

 It’s all bouncy wouncy and pissy wissy.

I’m going to attempt a double flip exit –
Catch me Dave!


Hope you enjoyed that.
We certainly did.
Did anybody catch what it says on my T-Shirt?
It certainly does, doesn’t it!

Love and Fun


100 thoughts on “TRAMPOLINE GOLD

  1. Hi everyone, looking forward to today's shows, even hubby's interested in the content when I told him ! Mmm I remember going on the grandkids' trampoline and thinking I need tena ladies for this !! You're right about the tshirt !

    Have great shows – you will as always.

    Hope everyone's having a good day today, it's sunny here but seems to be blowing a gale too! Thanks for the anniversary wishes yesterday. xxx

    1. Emma just had to say how stunning your parchment is your baby rattle card is amazing so much love has gone into your creations wow crafting hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon to all my family of blog friends here on this wonderful blog sending heartfelt hugs to all that need them hugs to all on the blog .im going to be groovi-ing later when it cools down between the hochanda shows xxx
      Wee Dorothy a special hug xxx

    2. Hi Sheila,
      Hope you enjoy your Groovi session. Pleased that you've got a nice day too – it's very windy here and chilly. My poor hanging baskets are getting bashed to bits. Love and hugs Alison cx

    3. Hi Sheila – hope your Groovi goes well, later today! I have watched all of the shows so far and loved them all. It was really nice to see Barbara do a simpler card in the last show! Take care my lovely, love and hugs Gilly xxx

    4. Hi Sheila – Just wondering (after seeing your comment on mine) whether your cushions will be coming out!? If/when I go for the colouring things, I think that it will be the bookmarks for me – but not going there yet. Still waiting – not too patiently really – to start to play with my borders and border plate mate. I did get the new Groovi Guard whilst I was ordering, as I think that will help me a lot. Enjoy your Groovi time, special hugs and love Gilly xxx

  2. That's hilarious Barbara, got me laughing loads. Shame Paul couldn't keep up with the camera, you were doing your moves too quick for him!!!! I've been limbering up for taking part in the hockey with my hoover and duster!!! I'd like a shot of your trampoline, I think it would be a good stress release/calming for people like me. I'd need to wear my motion sickness bands though!!!

    Nope, no medals yet, but hopefuls today.

    I've got it sussed, your going on my laptop with the sound up, and the Olympics on my tablet with the sound off, turning it up when there's a good bit.

    See you in a bit, hope your shows go well
    Love Brenda xx

    Sheila, pan pastels should work better, as they are just posh soft pastels You'd get a better blend and colour more easily with pan pastels. You should give them a go, may be easier on your arm xx

    1. Thanks everyone xx
      The treat ball is better, doesn't get sooked up by the hoover like pompoms do, and it lets me practise my aim at goal better too.

    2. Hi Brenda – it sounds as though you've got your viewing well sorted, which is good. Well done for being able to play 'Hoover hockey'! Did I imagine it, or do you know how to turn off predictive text on phones? Neill has just had a Samsung Galaxy J5, and it's driving him mad. Take care and enjoy your viewing – love and hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Daisy is an excellent goalie for my practise. She's been excelling at that since discovering pompoms as a kitten! Aye Chris, I surprised myself at being able to handle both at the same time, so much so that I'm now honing my newly found skill switching between 3+ different Olympics channels!!!

      Here are the instructions I wrote the other day Gilly. It's a tablet I have, but I'm guessing it should still be the same.
      1. Tap on "apps", then tap on "settings" app
      2. Scroll down the list to the "system" section (it's at the bottom on mine)
      3. Tap on "language and input" (may be worded differently on yours)
      4. You'll see "keyboards and input methods" in the list that comes up (again it may be worded differently on yours)
      5. Tap on your (tablet's make) keyboard – for mine it says "Samsung keyboard" (Not on "default keyboard" but don't worry if you do, just go back a step)
      6. Tap on "smart typing" and in the list that comes up should be "predictive text" and you can switch it on and off here.

    4. Just been on the news live from Rio the lady cyclists is in a ambulance talking but no update on her injuries hope your less distressed now hugs for you and daisy xxx

    5. Hi Brenda – try not to worry about the cyclist. I have just looked it up on line and it says that she is ok, but no more details than that at present. Thanks for the information on removing the predictive text, I will pass that on to Neill. I will let you know if I see anything else about the cyclist. She is Dutch apparently, and her team mate took gold. Take care, hugs Gilly xxx

    6. Hi Brenda wow Hoover hockey, I must try that! Sounds like you and Daisy had fun. Good multitasking too with your watching. I hadn't heard about the lady cyclist, the men were falling off yesterday, im sure she will be ok. Sending hugs xxx

  3. Oh my word that has hurt my sides laughing at your antics. The funniest bit was Dave trying to get you on the blimmin trampoline. Looking forward to today's shows and especially the colouring goodies. Xxx

  4. That is so funny! I went on a trampoline and it wasn't so much pissy wissy as farty warty!! I couldn't breathe from laughing so much. Watching the shows and loving the new plates. Xx

  5. priceless what fun …. think a trampoline has to be on my wish list now. great fun. working on a canvas today watching the Olympics. Made Marrow and ginger jam this morning…marrows from the garden.

    Mum has a different carer for the next few weeks, so fingers crossed she will be OK, I am sure she will be, more to the point hope Mum likes her.

    We are off to see Mum next month, and its just typical the dates we are going we have been now invited to 3 different parties, which obviously we have had to cancel.

    Got the recorder going for the shows. xx

    1. Hi Pen – sounds like you have been very busy. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, that all will go smoothly with your Mum, and that your sister behaves herself! Hugs Gilly xx

  6. What fun Barbara! I can see you have the right physique for it especially as you said you did gymnastics when young…anno domini does make some moves a bit more difficult though, and I would be useless due to the …hhmmm..pissy wissy as you call I am watching you on the telly as we speak and enjoying every minute. x

  7. We have just been reading your blog me and Katie. Katie looks bit confused laughing as well turns around and say Barbsra you need bit more practice so come on Barbara you can do it Katie says she can do you need her to coach you say the word and will come and help also Katie keeps sitting laughing while watching show knickers and Bra's she loved them see you soon love Joy and Katie xxxx

  8. You are soooo funny made me giggle reading the blog today. Got back from my parchment class in time today to watch your programme, just what are you doing to my bank balance. Hope rest of shows go well, looking forward to seeing the colouring book. xx

  9. Hi Barb,
    You are so funny! I'd offer to come and give you trampolining lessons if you lived closer. I used to enjoy teaching it although to do it is very tiring. I broke my nose and my toe on the trampoline at college( not at the same time I hasten to add!) Brilliant show this afternoon – I didn't realise how big the Ooh La La plates were. I did order the cover and the piercing border plates so looking forward to playing with them. I like the idea of a book with the piercing patterns in, that would be brilliant. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi everyone,
      Watched Brabras show this afternoon- brilliant as ever. Sat watching the women's gymnastics at the moment and looking forward to the cycling too. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  10. Well, that did give me a laugh. We're just putting our feet up for a bit before heading out to dinner and the Edinburgh Festivals again this evening. We went to the Tattoo yesterday evening and I have a photo of the red arrows fly past that reminded me of your somersault photos – just have the tip of one wing, and a bit of white and red smoke in the picture! I'll catch up with your shows when I get home tomorrow x

  11. You are a lady of many talents! You move so fast on the trampoline the camera can't catch you!
    Have watched bits of both shows and learned some new tips – thank you. I wonder how many of us were shouting "wrong groove" when you were doing that border!
    By the way I loved your outfits xx

    1. Hell all. We went out for lunch with friends to celebrate her birthday which was lovely. Had to have the district nurse out to dad this afternoon, he has a long term catheter and seems he may have a urine infection so I have to take samples to the Doctor's tomorrow. It's going to be very hard to persuade him to take antibiotics of he needs them as he's convinced they upset him so we'll see..
      Hugs to you al xx

    2. Hi Chris sorry to hear about your dad, he must be really uncomfortable poor man. Can you disguise the antibiotics in a blob of jam or something so he takes them without knowing? Bit mean really but if it helps him to take them and get better it's worth a try. Sending hugs xxx

  12. Hi Brabra – the shows were amazing! Thank you so much for inspiring and teaching us all. I greatly admired those new plates – but I'm not ready for those yet! Thank you for doing some simpler things in your last show, which was great for me, being new to Groovi. Mind you, I now own a lot of Border Plates (& Border Plate Mate), to practise with! Totally impressed with your trampoline skills! Such a shame Paul wasn't able to catch those amazing moves – never mind, perhaps another day!? Hugs Gilly x
    By the way, you looked so relaxed today, and as Chris says your outfits were beautiful! Looks like you have lost weight too, very jealous there! xx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that you all managed to watch the shows, they were fantastic! I am now looking forward to the 8.00 pm show, and just hope that I can stay awake, I think it's the painkillers that are making me sleepy. Had a mostly resting day, except that Neill helped me to have a shower and wash and dry my hair – bless him! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Bless you gilly lovley that Neil is helping you like you would help him too I'm just watching the 8pm show wow the colouring books postcards and book are fabulous I'm trying not to use my cushions 😂 Hugs dear blog friend xxx

  13. Oh Barbara haven't laughed so much in ages , where do you get your energy ? couldn't read your t – shirt , what did it say ? Not into Groovy but did watch your show beautiful work you really are an expert in teaching ,looking forward to seeing the colouring book and your talents in colouring x

    1. Oh Barb you are so funny, had to have a giggle at your antics on the trampoline. Our Jon finished the marathon in 4 hrs 27 mins, so proud of him. Found it a hard day after an early start and with all the standing but it was well worth it. Glad we were there to see the start and finish. Must catch up now on some of your shows. Xxx

  14. Hi to all you blog friends, thank you so much for your good luck messages yesterday for Jon. As you will see from my comment to Barbara he finished and for his 1st and probably last full marathon he was pleased with his time. We had a great day out and lunched out afterwards. Very tired after being stood most of the day hope you'll forgive me if I read all your comments tomorrow. Hope you have all had a good day

  15. Hi Barbara
    Yet another good laugh, you Dave and Paul have such a great time together. Perhaps Paul should video you next time to get the moves in ! I watched the bra and pants show, brilliant, you and Alex had a wonderful time. So many hints and tips and stunning samples, amazing. I'm going to catch up with the other shows tomorrow. Sleep well tonight and have fun tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

  16. You would need a very fast film to catch Barb's 'moves' on said trampolene, Its been around for years,and years,in fact I think it was purchased when Grace and Mark were kids, some 15/18 years ago. I tried to leave it when we moved here but Barb said , " I might start using it to keep fit" ! So its been buried in the undergrowth for the last couple of years, but then….The Olympics started and then rest as the say,is history….p.s. The dismount was every bit as funny as the launch ! xx

  17. Loved saturdays blog , loved saturdays blog – yes took me ages to get my head ariound 2 saturday blogs but loved them both – as do i love both groovi underwear and colouring book jx

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