Let the Games begin….

Let the Games begin….

Hello there!
Welcome to the start of our 
The Rio Olympics kick off today until Sunday August 21st,

So for the next fortnight, 
here in Bloggylimpicksland,
we shall be celebrating some phenomenal human feats of endurance, strength and ability. 

These young people are living their dream,
and in these distressing, violent times, 
that can only be something to celebrate.

If I could run, I’d be there too!


What is your favourite discipline?

I love most of it, but GYMNASTICS has my heart.

I used to love gymnastics as a kid too.
I belonged to a gym club, 
and I still remember marching round the hall, head held high,
 to the Radetzky March.

And the trampoline!
Oh Boy!!! But we’ll save that one for another day –
Wait till I show you my moves!

We have a very beautiful set of stamps designed by our Melanie,
which blow me away every time I look at the artwork.
She has wrapped dancers and gymnasts around words, 
entangled them in what they represent.
To me they encapsulate goodness.

Beauty & Charm

Do we remember Olga Korbut?
What a phenomenon !
She threw away the rule book somehow. 
She injected an impish joy into what was previously
a very regimented discipline.
Changed the way we perceived Gymnastics, didn’t she?
Some would say she changed the way we perceived Russians too.
Still a very beautiful woman …
So yes.
We are about to embark on two weeks of

Art by Dee Paramour

Art by Julie Owens

Amazing Grace

Art by Linda Spencer

and CHARM in massive abundance.

Art by Kirsty Goodwill

But I shall never ever forget this little 17 year old Russian kid
back in the 1972 Munich Olympics.
When it went wrong for her on the asymmetric bars,
I wept. 
But her comeback was something you can never forget. 
If you were around, you can’t have forgotten.
Watch this trip down Memory Lane…

So to the BLOGATHON.
Let’s have a Bloggy Special Offer on these wonderful stamps.
They have been in our member’s sale, 
which ends at midnight today.

So let’s open them up to the general public at half price 
during the Olympics….

for Elegance & Grace

for Beauty & Charm

I’m off to jog round the garden.
Limber up.
Stretching exercises and all that…
Love & Peace,

137 thoughts on “Let the Games begin….

  1. Morning Barbara olga Korbut was fantastic thank you for a walk down memory lane .beautiful stamp sets and inspiration from your brilliant design team xxx

    1. Morning dear blog family of friends wow first to blog sending you all heartfelt hugs crafting hugs to all on this wonderful blog xxx
      A extra wee hug for you Dorothy xx
      Gilly hope your pain is not as bad as yesterday and your resting xx
      Morag hope your resting too after yesterday xxx

    2. Evening just popped on to hochanda to see if they new products are on display oh yes the colouring book /post cards / bookmarks are my favourites might have to fluff up my cushions zebadee springs ready ☺️

    3. Good evening Sheila – pleased to hear that you have been able to do a little crafting and some resting too! Have you seen the new Groovi plates? I have just had a little look! My sale order has arrived, but not opened it yet, been asleep this afternoon. Take special care my lovely, love and hugs Gilly xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, glad you were well enough to do a bit of crafting
      today. I'm looking forward to seeing the new products on Hochanda too. Take care love and hugs,Pam xx

  2. Limbering up here to, only a few hours to go. Watching the Olympics always fills me with admiration for all the different skills on display. Such a unifying event, just what the world needs at the moment. Xx

  3. Limbering up here to, only a few hours to go. Watching the Olympics always fills me with admiration for all the different skills on display. Such a unifying event, just what the world needs at the moment. Xx

  4. Yes Barbara, I remember Olga Korbut, even though I wasn't allowed to watch my sports as a kid, because no one else liked them. So I wouldn't have seen much of her at all, and don't remember this, poor wee soul.

    Olga Korbut is my other name, did you know that?!!! The guy that gives me garden visits nicknamed that several years ago. Because I lose my balance a lot, and more so when I'm outside, the ground isn't flat like inside, and I live on a slope, which my brain struggles to handle too. Anyway, I rarely ever fall to the ground, because I do all these moves and runs and stuff to save myself (I'm really quite flexible), which causes great hilarity, after he's got over his initial concern that I'm about to fall and hurt myself. He says my moves look like Olga's. Didn't know there was a gymnast in me!!! I do have good spacial awareness, I picked up windsurfing balance really quick. I would say windsurfing was my most favourite sport to do, I was quite good at it too, despite needing to use a smaller sail than others, because I'm just a wee thing. I already had all the sailing skills, so that combined with my natural balance skills. I loved it so much, I felt free, that was rare for me, and the other sports I did didn't do it for me as much as windsurfing did. It's something I've always so craved to do again. Just my luck that it's something that requires such strength and stamina, nae chance with my CFS. The discipline I like to watch most is athletics, especially long distance and then middle distance running. Go Mo,! But I watch most of them, not boxing or football or basketball or volleyball. I got to see gymnastics live at the Commonwealth Games, wow, the telly doesn't do them justice. Amazing! Gymnastics has always fascinated, how people can get their bodies to do all these moves and jump so high etc. Our first chance of a medal is on Saturday, the woman's road race. Sorry for waffling so mucxx Your limbering up will be good for your neck Barbara 😉 Love Brenda xx

    1. I watch so many sports I wouldn't normally watch, the one I remember really getting into in 2012 was volley ball. I love the athletics most though, can't wait for them to begin. One question that I know you will be able to answer for me, is golf new this year? I'm sure its not been in the Olympics before. Xx

    2. Yes it is new, and sadly another sport had to be removed so it could be added in. Sadly, because so many top golfers have snubbed it, refused to take part, and openly said it's not as important as any of their other tournaments (that they earn loads of money from)! Enjoy your sunny garden, it's just popped out to say hello here, but not for long, we've got gales on their way! Even up here that's unheard of in the summer. My happy post came today, my member's sale order 🙂 xx

    3. Thanks, I knew you'd know. Shame the top golfers are snubbing it I would be pleased to be playing in the first competition if it was me. Enjoy the sun when it arrives. Glad your parcel has arrived, lots of new goodies…….any canvases in your box?😀 xx

    4. Thanks Sheila. I guess no appointment came today! How long do you wait before getting your GP to chase it up? Xx

      No canvases in it. Already got a pile of those sat in a box, better not add to my collection, unless I ever start using them of course!!! Tennis can be a wee bit like this golf situation, but not usually as bad. The upside is it let's lower ranked athletes excel, but usually their thinking is without the top athletes it lessens it.

    5. No no appointment I rang Drs yesterday as wanted to know when my next bloods to be taken I get them done on Tuesday so if haven't got anything by then or when the blood results come back I will be chasing it up .your so kind thinking of me xxx

    6. I care about you, you care about me, that's how it is here in our wee Clarity bloggy family, that's what makes here special for so many of us. Hopefully there will be an improvement in your liver function this time and you won't need the scan. I'll be keeping everything crossed for that and sending you psychic positive energy xx

    7. Hi Brenda, wow we learn something new about you every day. I always fancied doing wind surfing, lived by the sea, never got the chance so I'm very envious of you and very impressed too. Love watching people wind surfing, they look so beautiful soaring away. Your gymnastic skills sound good too. Enjoy playing with your sale goodies. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    8. Windsurfing!!! That must feel amazing! Even though you can no longer do it Brenda. You will always have the memory of how it feels. I'm sure if you close your eyes, relax, and concentrate you will be able to bring it back and enjoy it all over again. Love and Hugs xxx

    9. Thanks everyone 🙂 xx
      I loved rock climbing too, gave me a great sense of achievement, and the abseiling down was great fun, once I'd overcome my initial fears!!! Hill walking, orienteering, highland dancing, fencing for a few years, a wee bit caving and skiing – that one I really wanted to learn a lot more of, sadly never got the chance before getting sick. I enjoyed going out for runs on my bike too. Once I left school it got so much harder for me, with my undiagnosed Asperger's, and lack of friends, so sadly didn't manage that much, and then I got CFS. xx

    10. You want to be so proud of what you have achieved and as morag say close your eyes and remember the special times .it must be difficult with Aspergers ,as I know how the CFS feels .but you still achieve here on this blog helping others hugs xxx

    11. Gosh Brenda – what a lot of things you have done in your life! As others have already said, it must be amazing to have those wonderful memories and if you can close you eyes and relive it all, that must be wonderful. It's lovely to keep learning about you and from you. Bless you Brenda, for enriching our lives too – love and hugs Gilly xx

    12. Gosh Brenda haven't you done some wonderful things, makes me look real boring, I don't like the water at all but did learn to swim when I was 40, but still don't like the water. My daughter is in California with her hubby and children on holiday, they are doing the works learning windsurfing, kayaking, they do climbing when they're at home, definitely don't follow me I'm not at all sporty, follows her Dad he did it all in the army, so does our Son he's doing the Gloucester marathon on Sunday. Will watch some of the Olympics though especially the gymnastics. Love and hugs, Pam xx

    13. Thank you everyone. It was me desperately trying to fill a hole inside me, and find some happiness. As well as trying to deal with my undiagnosed Asperger issues and other major issues in my life as I was growing up. Why I miss it so much and get so upset that I'll never have any of it again, because I still have all that, and worse. You've got your family and probably loads more if you thought about it Pam, as your achievements in life. You're not boring. And to go and learn to swim at the age of 40, that took an awful lot of courage xx

    14. Hi Brenda whoa yiv got a lot o stuff ti think back oan mare than av ever done must have taking a lot off strength ti dae those things before yi knew yir wee issues di yi think black bun flingin wid get me a gold medal I think aboot yi awe the time here's a big cuddle ..Love Dot..xxx

    15. Great to see you here Dot. Aye it does, black bun flinging across the Forth, probably weighs aboot the same as a shot put!! I think about you every day too. Hope you're managing. Big cuddles back xx

    1. Hi Donna, can you hear the creaking as I'm sat here limbering up my legs, following your example. I'll leave the top half for another couple of days. hahaha! Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna, hope you enjoyed the garden while you had the chance, give Pheobe a cuddle from me, nothing better than sitting in the sunshine reading a good book. Love and hugs Pam xx

    3. Hi Donna a need a wee bit lumbering up me maybe yi can do a crafty/fit wee DVD…I'll start yi off ready noo SINK PLOT FLOP..wonder how a came up wi that one Eh!! hugs ti you and wee cheeky face Pheobe…Oh p.s. if yi could get yi get the Swedish guy in oan it…wid be braw… lol.. Love Dot..xx

  5. Oh my word that bought back so many memories Barbara, thank you for sharing that. I remember watching her and wishing I could be that good – I went to gym club too but I was never really very good at it. I loved trampolining too but just couldn't get the balance thing right. Hey ho such is life. I still laugh every time I see your running stance in the garden – really makes me giggle. xxxx

  6. Yes I remember seems only like yesterday, will be watching tonight. I could do gymnastics in my early youth…got problems now even balancing on one foot…sign of the times ???

    Was feeling poorly yesterday – think due to stress with Mum. She has another fall "off the loo" in the middle of the night.Do not think it was another small stroke, but I am not a Dr. She said she feel asleep while on the loo.?? She sounds brighter this morning. And I am feeling better too.

    Just made some runner bean chutney picked over a kilo of them and in the freezer is 1.5 kilo.

    Now to do a bit of crafting….. order is in for those lovely stamps. 🙂

    Big hugs and love to all xxx

    1. I'm so glad you're feeling better today Pen. Congratulations on getting into the top 5. I'll go and have a look when I've finished here. Runner bean chutney!!! That's a new one on me, it sounds very interesting!. Love and Hugs xxx

  7. Oh yes indeed I remember Olga, what an amazing gymnast and as you say still beautiful today. I think my favourite is the athletics. I used to do a fair bit of running in my younger years. Your cards are gorgeous, love the backgrounds. The little kitty at the end stretching is just gorgeous. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Linda xxx

  8. Olga Korbut was absolutely breathtaking I remember it so clearly. I have never been naturally flexible but horse riding was my passion. My daughter and I were lucky enough to share a horse of our own for 14 years. Sadly we lost him and I could never ride another though we have some lovely memories.
    Keep limbering up xx

    1. Hello all, we had to take the car to the garage today for a diagnostic and an airbag is faulty. It took 2 hours for them to check it and then it goes in next week for 2-3 hours for a new bag to be fitted. Luckily it's under warranty.
      I hope you are all having a good day xx

    2. Glad you are managing to get the airbag renewed under warranty, it's all the inconvenience though isn't it. It's a good job it was spotted. Hope you've had a good day apart from that hiccup. Hugs,Pam xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    These stamps are beautiful and really resemble the ribbons the dancers use. Gosh I remember Olga although I was quite young I remember watching her on tv then tried jumping around in our hall trying to look like her but resembling a fairy elephant! We like to watch the rowing, we've sat watching it in the early hours of the morning urging the team on and watching through fingers as other teams looked like they would catch them, but didn't! Looking forward to watching all the different events.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, how are you all today? Hope the weathers good with you all. Sheila small pieces of lemon drizzle cake are waiting for you and a piece of tiffin for Donna. Brenda I forgot to say one of the women golfers is local to this area, she's quite young so we will be watching and cheering her on. Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. Hello Diane. The weather isn't very good here, but today, to me, it's wonderful!! I thought I might pop in to the campfire tonight, just on the offchance that there's a wee bit of lemon Drizzle going spare..mmmmhh! one of my favourites. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Looking forward to my bits off lemon drizzle cake I will share it with morag and Chris too see you at the camp fire xxx
      I cannot make any now so Tom sometimes fetches me a marks spencer one in as a treat hugs xxx

    4. No you can't dunk it in Nutella Donna! It's crushed up digestives, melted chocolate, raisins, and melted butter/spread, all mixed together and pressed into a baking tray.

    5. Hi Diane – our weather has been beautiful today. Do you think that there might be a tiny piece of lemon drizzle cake going spare? Tis my favourite! Hugs Gilly xx

    6. Hi Diane, mmm Tiffin sounds good to me, have that sometimes in Costa. Good weather here today, did a little cutting back again in the garden and washed all the nets and voiles while hubby cleaned the windows. All pressed and put back up in a couple of hours. So had,another job out the way. Enjoy the Olympics tonight. Love and hugs,Pam xx

  10. The Munich Olympics brings back some lovely memories for me. I was living in Germany at the time, so extra special! Poor Olga, I remember it vividly.
    Lovely card examples today Barbara and another great offer. Hugs xxx

  11. Beautiful Stamps, I remember Olga Korbut but at the time I was a runner and followed all the distance running, especially David Bedford, so I guess I'll choose athletics as my favourite, with the cycling a close second

  12. Hello all my lovely blog friends. Thank you all so much for your good wishes. Sheila, Brenda's Psychic Positive Energy, really does work a treat! I hope you're all having a good day. Love and Hugs xxx

    1. Love to you Morag and apologies – I re read yesterday's posts and saw that I'd somehow sent the messages twice! I will get the hang of the new phone but am on the PC at the moment xx

    2. Hi Morag – I left you a message this morning, not sure if you will have seen it. I was so very pleased to read your good news, the power of all of the positive vibes on this fantastic blog is wonderful! Take care of yourself, much love and hugs Gilly xxx

  13. Hi Barbara, well you do supprise us where do your talents stop. !!!.
    I have these stamps a good all rounder I use them with my stencils.
    Well I called Clarity today to change my email address, well that through the cat among the pigeons. But will get sorted later poor Jeanne Sorry. !!

    Hi ladies, hope you are all well. For each and everone of you rest craft and look after yourself.
    Morag I have made some cards with my Christmas plates must say do look good.
    Have a good weekend all. Hugs to all.
    Lynn xx 💖

  14. I remember Olga Korbut well as she was a breath of fresh air when she came into the spotlight as she seemed to enjoy it all so much. I am looking forward to the opening ceremony this evening, and although I'm not one for watching that much sport normally I do like the big events like the Olympic Games. Thank you for the lovely offer on those beautiful ladies too Barbara. x

  15. I quite like the athletics, for a few years both our sons were members of an athletics club and we spent most Sundays in the summer at a stadium while they competed. They were never going to be top sportsmen but it kept them occupied during those early teen years. In the winter they did cross country so that was freezing cold muddy fields. I do remember Olga Korbut such a dainty little girl and so talented. Beautiful stamps and a wonderful offer. Thank-you. xx

  16. Love your idea for an Olympic blogathon Barbara. I remember Olga Korbut too and like you enjoy the gymnastics – the gymnasts still have the ability to scare the wits out of me with some of their moves though. Thanks fur the special offers too. Hugs xx

  17. Hi Barbara – thank you for taking us all on a trip down memory lane, with Olga Korbut. An amazing young lady! Looking forward to seeing your shows Barbara – having had a little sneak preview on the Hochanda website. Hugs Gilly x

    1. Good evening to all of my lovely blog friends – it's been a beautiful sunny day here in Cornwall, although I did miss quite a chunk of it this afternoon, when I went for a lie-down and quite a big snooze! I have managed to stop taking the muscle relaxants today, and only needed a few of the strong painkillers. As soon as I get up, I do put on Neill's body belt though – which keeps everything in place. My sale order has arrived! It is definitely the biggest box that I have ever had from Clarity, oops! I will also now own up to having ordered 14 Border Plates, together with the Border Plate Mate and some storage folders, and some other bits and pieces! Yes, I am a Clarity Addict – but also I know that I am in the midst of others here! Ha ha! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, you certainly are. Must admit though haven't bought much in the sale this time as I got a lot of the border plates in a previous sale, but looking forward to seeing what is on Hochanda this weekend. Glad your back is a little better today, do you good to sleep. Take care, Love and hugs, Pam xx

    3. You deserve a big sale treat enjoy them all when your up to playing with your groovi pleased you mannaged a good rest in bed . Sending lots of night time hugs xxx

    4. Oh you're going to have so much fun with your new borders. I hope your pain improves enough for you to have some gentle play. Love and Hugs. xxx

    5. Hi Gilly go for it girl you come from the most beautiful places in Britain {well apart from Scotland} I have ever been and to our Barbara and Dave get the caravan out] hed to Cornwall …Beautiful …Love Dot..xxx

  18. If you are jogging around the garden Barb, you might as well be hanging onto the lawn mower at same time…xx Nice straight lines and stripes though ! It would save me a job !
    Personally I would make strimming an Olympic event….what do you think ?

    1. nice straight lines and stripes – boring, get arty with the mower Barbara, and then you can come up here and cut mine!!!!
      Somehow I don't think strimming would attract many viewers Dave!!!! Mind you it would be more interesting than watching golf!!! Controversial, I'm running for the hills as I speak!!!! xx

  19. Hi Barbara, you brought back so many memories today, thanks for that. Loved watching Olga Korbut in the early 70's, she was fantastic, a breath of fresh air to gymnastics. Your garden looks amazing by the way. Xxx

  20. Hi to all you bloggy friends, hope you've all enjoyed a good day today, it been lovely here, a little bit of breeze was nice as it kept it cooler. Hi Dot hope you're doing ok, miss you. Hi Alison hope you're ok too. Love and hugs to you all out there. Hope you enjoy the opening night of the Olympics.xx

    1. Hi Pam. I hope you've had a good day. Our little Penny is settling in great. It feels like we've had her forever. She is so cute, but what a character!! Love and Hugs xxc

    2. Dot, you just coming here and saying hi makes us all happy. Talk to us, it might help you. We share the good and the bad times here, that's what friends do. We want to help you any way we can, even if it's just a listening ear. Here's another big cuddle xx

  21. Hi Barbara if ever one person needed a laugh or a wee chuckle ti keep them going then Yesterday's blog was it for me sorry I've been a bit AWOL but don't ever change or give this up its a bit off a lifeline for me here and these lovely people.thankyou God Bless you and Dave…Love Dot….xxx

    1. Hello Dear Dot. You have been very much missed here. It is so lovely to see you. If your goal in life is to make people happy and smile, then you achieve it every time you visit. Only you could come up with SINK, PLOT,FLOP! Hahaha!
      You have been in my thoughts, and will stay there. Take care of yourself cos you're very precious. Love and Big Hugs xxx

  22. Soooo good to watch the video. Really loved gymnastics as a child, always doing hand springs, and floor work. Also the horse and beam work. No one in family interested so it wasn't pursued sadly when I was voted top of the school for Gymnastics. My twin sister also enjoyed it as we like Olga were slim and supple and strong through constantly practising. Fields, playground, mum's lounge, every where we could think of. My daughter was born in 1972 and is now 44 yesterday, but how I remember so clearly Olga's fabulous gym work.
    Thanks so much for the memory revisited when times were so happy then
    The stamps are great and really good offer too. Thanks Barb xxxx

  23. I don't remember the 1972 but I loved watching that! I do remember Olga from later on and I was always entranced watching her and once again I was entranced watching this, thank you Barbara!

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