We have a tie!! Two winners!!!!

We have a tie!! Two winners!!!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
The start of a new week, but alas 
– the end of the Olympics.
Well, at least until the paralympics, which are just as amazing.

So let’s wrap up our Blogathon too.
It has been fun.
I have to say, I think the trampoline was definitely my forté.

Roll on Tokyo!
I’m ready!

Right at the beginning of our Blogathon, we had a little wager,
and I challenged you to make a tribute card to TEAM GB
using our Clarity Flagstamps, remember?

If you do have the flag stamps,
then I challenge you to use it to make a cool 
Team GB Olympic Card.
Email me a copy and we will pick a winner.

Thank you so much if you joined in!
We had some really lovely entries –

I have picked these 2 fab cards.
Aren’t they super??
To keep it simple, 
why don’t we just send a £20 Gift Voucher to both

Donna Brooks

Penny Hewitt!

I have got a lot still to do today, so I won’t stay long.
Just wanted to announce the winners!

Ah yes!
There is something exciting I want to share with you!
Speaking of winners,
we have been nominated by your good selves 
for some International Craft Awards;
in fact, we’ve been shortlisted in  – wait for it –
14 categories!!!!
That’s crazy! I didn’t even know there were that many categories !!
We can’t quite believe it here at Clarity.
Voting commences online on 13th September
at http://www.craftsbeautiful.com/awards/

Unprecedented apparently, 
for one company to be nominated for so many categories. 
Team Clarity Rocks !!

Thank you for nominating us.
I know it was you guys !!!

Love & Gratitude,


98 thoughts on “We have a tie!! Two winners!!!!

  1. Well done to Donna and Penny. Wonderful cards. Going to miss watching Olympics just hope the paralympics gets sorted. How wonderful to be nominated in all those categories, reckon we will all be ready to vote as well. Clarity is just amazing in all ways, products, service, friendliness and quality to name a few. Am I a fan, you bet I am. Good luck. xx

  2. Hi Barb, worthy winners for the 2 cards. As for Team Clarity with Captain Barb, worthy nominees. I don't care what the categories are, I think Clarity fits them all in one way or another. Bx

  3. Well done Donna and Penny! Fantastic cards! I think you will be fine for Tokyo Barbara! I'm thinking about the cycling as hubby has out his bike on a stand in the garage – I need a step to get on and off it but once on I can cycle to my hearts content ! However a softer saddle would be good! Xx

  4. Two excellent winners, congratulations each. I'd love to have seen them all. Congratulation team Clarity – 14 categories, brilliant! I'll be voting.
    Tonbridge Sue

  5. Hi everyone, had a shock today and if I had anything to put in perspective it would he been today. We went for,lunch with the 'prostate' men. I could see one of them Had lost weight and was very pale and after letting us have lunch his wife broke the new that last week he'd been diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer. I don't think I need say anymore. they were a breath of fresh air in how they're dealing with it but it brought back a lot of memories of our dear friend and neighbor who had pancreatic and now of source our friend who has liver c. Talk about it being all around. we just count ourselves lucky.

    Hugs to,all that need them. Sorry for bad new but it helps,to talk,about it. Xx

    1. Jackie,
      That is very sad news. I know how you feel – 5 of the people I played netball with( out of 9) have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I had to go for mammogram last week and when the envelope came through the letterbox this morning I was really scared about opening it, but fortunately it was good news! Feel free to talk about it on here and we will all try to help you out. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Hi Jackie,such sad news but last week one of my neighbours came to see me and told she has early stages of breast cancer so fit and always on the go. So I can see how you feel. But all though we sometimes don't know how to.react it is still good to talk. Hugs Lynn xx

    3. I left you a message above before I read this so apologies ,Such sad news Jackie it seems that so many people suffer cancer around us now it's always good to share hugs xxx

    4. I'm so sorry to hear your news Jackie, it is indeed a terrible disease. But the recovery rate is getting better and better each year. I totally understand how scary this news will have been for you, but please remember to think positive….Don't spoil today for yourselves by worrying about tomorrow! Love and Hugs xxx

    5. Jackie I'm sorry to hear your sad news, you will all be there for your friend and will support each other, that's what your lunches are for. You know you are always welcome to chat on the blog and share your worries, that's what we are here for. Sending hugs to you both xxx

  6. Hi Barbara! And congratulations to Donna and Penny! They are fabulous cards!

    And a big congratulations to you Barbara and the Clarity team to get all those nominations! 14!!!!! Fingers crossed!!
    Love and hugs xxx

  7. Well done to the two winners. Wow, 14 categories how fabulous. Although I do think they are all very well deserved nominations! I shall be keeping my fingers crossed for you all. Go Team Clarity. xxx

  8. Oooooo how exciting on a Monday to win a challenge! Thank you Barbara. Am I right in thinking I need to send it to you so you can send it on?
    Congratulations on your nominations, all well deserved and I'm certain you will have an arm full of awards once they are announced. Xx
    Well done Penny. Xx

  9. Congratulations to Donna and Penny, lovely cards.
    Congratulations to Team Clarity on your record number of nominations. Reckon that deserves a Gold medal too! Love & hugs to all xxx

  10. Hi Barbara, sorry you're so busy. Happy for you that you got nominated for so many categories. I sat for ages trying to get my useless Asperger brain to deviate from the logical/think outside the box, to see how many categories I could put you down for 😉

    Congratulations Donna and Penny

    love Brenda xx

    1. Brenda, stop saying your brain is useless. Reading your posts proves that your brain is far from useless, it just works slightly differently than others. Your posts are so thoughtful and enjoyable to read, and you have done so much to help the rest of us to understand a little of the problems you face so bravely each day. Be proud of your achievements. xxx Maggie

    2. I couldn't put my thoughts any better than Maggie has done. My sentiments exactly Brenda!
      You'll be shattered now after your daily Olympic events hahaha! You too deserve a well earned rest my friend. Love and Hugs xxx

  11. Hi bloggy friends, hope you have all had a good day. What a lovely surprise to see my name as a winner! I have had a crafty afternoon finishing off my sisters birthday card. I am already having withdrawals from watching the Olympics! Fingers crossed the Paralympics go ahead. Xx

  12. Congratulations to Donna and Penny and how great to be nominated for that many categories of award! Good luck, I'm sure you won't need it. x

  13. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations on being nominated for 14 award categories – that is brilliant news and can I say, well deserved. Been strange today with no Olympics to watch. Still can't believe how well we did.
    Congratulations to Donna and Penny, lovely cards – enjoy spending the vouchers. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all as well as possible and that you've had a good day. Well the sun finally came out this afternoon which was lovely. Had a very lazy day today and fortunately feel a bit better today and not coughing quite as much. Gilly, I promise I will go the doctors if I get worse( I didn't think you were nagging honestly!) love and hugs to all of you, Alison xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    WOW WELL DONE just goes to show what a brilliant company clarity are.
    Everyone of team clarity are award winning from the ever helpful and polite customer services to your good self.
    Fingers crossed now that you win all of those 14 nominated categories.
    Again well done team clarity

  15. Hi Barbara
    WOW WELL DONE just goes to show what a brilliant company clarity are.
    Everyone of team clarity are award winning from the ever helpful and polite customer services to your good self.
    Fingers crossed now that you win all of those 14 nominated categories.
    Again well done team clarity

  16. Wow thank you so much what a wonderful surprise to see I am a joint winner – gold for us both Well done Donna and thank all for your lovely comments.

    Well done Barbara for all those nominations I will be voting.

    Crafty hugs xxxx

  17. Hi Barbara & ladies sorry for not blogging have been so busy have just caught up with you all.

    Well done to you Barbara hope you win all 14 nominations you so deserve them for all you give to us, a brilliant team.

    Hi ladies, well done to the winners great job.
    hope you are all keeping well and are having good weather. Getting on with my cutting but trying to get the right back grounds for putting my finished project on but will get there.
    Have a good night to all.
    Nighty nighty. Hugs Lynn xx 😪

    1. Hi Lynn. Life often just gets in the way of the computer, I find it happens quite often. Well done with persevering with your cutting. I bet it's coming on beautifully. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Barbara what fabulous cards today and two well deserved winners . How fantastic you are nominated for all these awards, we will al be voting for you!
      Love Diane xxx

  18. Congratulations all round – to Penny and Donna for their fabulous cards, and to all at Team Clarity. Now wouldn't it be wonderful if you won all those nominated catergories! I'll be voting, for sure x

  19. Congratulations to Donna & penny well deserved
    Your nominations are so well deserved and yes did put you forward and yes will be voting you for all 14 clarity deserves all go Barbara grey xxx

    1. Evening dear family of blog friends heartfelt hugs to you all hugs to all on the blog .
      I've mannaged to paint my canvas sunflowers today enjoyed even though it was only a little .
      Thinking of you all extra wee hug Dorothy in my thoughts xxx

  20. It's absolutely no surprise at all that you've been nominated for so many categories Barbara. I've got the 13th September marked on my calender..Clarity one of course!!! Hugs xxx

  21. Hello dear blog friends. We've got a poorly little puppy who just wants to be nursed. So not getting much done in the way of crafting. She had her 2nd Vaccination last Wednesday and has become increasingly poorly since then. Had her back to the Vet's today so she's now on a little cocktail of meds. I'm just hoping to goodness that she is going to be ok, as she seems to have been in our home and hearts forever. Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

  22. Well done Donna and Penny they are both fantastic cards. This Country certainly has amazingly talented Athletes well done Team GB. And congratulations Barbara znd all at Clarity for the nominations I will keep my fingers and everything crossed in anticipation of the results. Xxx

  23. Great cards ladies, congratulations and enjoy your prizes!

    Will watch out for when voting begins Barbara – good luck, you and your team deserve all the accolades for your hard work. xx

  24. Hello lovely blog friends, I'm late again, been catching up with friends and celebrating her daughters brilliant exam results. I hope everyone is ok. Sending hugs xxx

  25. The Team GB Card Winners – great cards, well done to the both of you. Nominations – made me wonder what categories Clarity was not nominated in.

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