A FREE Moment of Clarity….and an Inky project.

A FREE Moment of Clarity….and an Inky project.

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Very happy on several counts today,
not least the fact that Jim has finally fixed the Photo import 
on this ‘ere blog.
Google decided to retire my old technique using Picasa, 
so for the last month or so, 
every blog has been a mission and a longwinded 
pain in the proverbial.
But no more !! Well done Jim.
Tuesdays we take a look at colour.
We see which colours go together.
We showcase the new Artistry Ink Pad range.
And we put on a special price for a week,
until the following Tuesday.
Last week, we looked at 

Cotton Candy

Ocean Reef 

Morning Dew

Today I want to try out a few bright colours 
and go a little grungier….
Wild Bilberry
Rosy Cheeks
Orange Popsicle

How about a neat little stencil, which means a lot.
Attach it to a piece of Theuva Card.
I found spray mounting it at one end really helped!
Mask off the area around the stencil with masking tape

Here are the 3 colours on the Blending mat
all ready to make a mess with!
3 colours – 3 sponges.

and let’s dab dab dab, instead of smearing.
Use all 3 colours. And don’t panic if it looks a mess.
It’s not finished yet!

Keep going until the card is completely loaded with ink.

Now remove the stencil and trim the piece right back to the colour.
Nice and bright!

Now replace the stencil.
It will stick again.
Load one of our Clarity Brushes with the Bilberry, 
the darkest colour,
and sweep upwards in one direction of the stencil,
to create a shadow.
This will not only create a 3-D effect; 
it will also grunge up the colours and tone them right down. 

Mount on white card, and you’re done.
Doesn’t it look as if you could pick the letters off the page?!

We did something similar in the retreats with a stencil 
Really easy trick 
So the deal is this,
the new ink pads I have used are £4.50 each, 
or £12 for all 3.
If you decide to get all 3, I will make sure you receive 
the little Moment of Clarity Tag Stencil 
as a FREE gift. 
Love and Hugs,

46 thoughts on “A FREE Moment of Clarity….and an Inky project.

  1. Barbara Wow how beautiful this looks I have the little bit of clarity stencil both the large and small size they are so cute I couldn't resist when you brought them out I must give this a try I just wish I could find my clarity apron that Has been put somewhere safe and now you don't stock them .happy crafting tuesday xxx

    1. Evening dear blog friends sending lots of heartfelt hugs to you all thinking of you all xxx
      I went for my bloods again today 4 attempts later and some bruising yay got it using a butterfly needle so I'm in bed resting no crafting today .xxx
      Sending a wee extra hug Dorothy xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, sorry you're a bit bruised and battered today. You're story reminds me of a regular check up/blood test a few years ago where the nurse had three goes on each arm and then when successful, apologised profusely as she'd used the wrong needle – one from a bad batch!!!! Returned the next day and a different nurse was successful first time out! Hope you have a good rest. ;~}

    3. Hi shelagh / Diane at least I've got a week till next week but will make sure She uses the butterfly first time 😊I think it's time to sleep so will wish you all a goodnight 😴💤

  2. Hi Barbara, what a great technique to get a drop shawdow, so effective, yet so simple to do. Thanks for sharing. The end result looks amazing. I'll need to see if I've got a suitable stencil to try it out with.

    Hope you weren't as busy today
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Evening Brenda I got my blood results from last week when I saw the nurse today for my bloods again they have come right down so good news if they keep going that way sending hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. That's great Sheila, you must be so happy and relieved. You'll now be able to start whatever new drug the consultant suggests next month. And won't have to go for your liver scan. The delayed scan was meant to be, so you wouldn't have to have something you don't need xx

    3. No Brenda still got to have liver scan and my consultant won't put me on anything else till liver scan and blood levels come down to the level they was at since the methotrexate with me comming off the colestorol meds that could have fetched it down but at least it's comming down . Hugs xxx

    4. Hello Brenda hope you've had a good day, I hope ou are wearing all your Olympic medals and joining in all the celebrations. It was lovely to see them all enjoying themselves on the journey home and the celebrations when they arrived home. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

  3. Evening Barbara! Loving those colours together! I don't have that stencil but know that this will work with any of the Claritystamp stencils!
    Loving those colours together really rich colours! And the blends you get are so rich!
    Love and hugs to all! Xxx

  4. Evening Barbara! Loving those colours together! I don't have that stencil but know that this will work with any of the Claritystamp stencils!
    Loving those colours together really rich colours! And the blends you get are so rich!
    Love and hugs to all! Xxx

  5. At the start of the blog when you showed the three colours I didn't think the pink and the orange popsicle which actually on the outside of the casing doesn't really look orange it seems more of a yellow to my eyes, but when you mixed them all together they look great on the finished piece which certainly proved me wrong, and the Bilberry took the edge off the colours beautifully. x

  6. Gorgeous effect, have to practise a bit at getting it to look that three dimensional. Great tip about toning down and grunging up brighter colours – and you get more from your ink colours that way too.

    Wish I had a Jim, loading photos for the blog is always a chore!

    Hope it's been a good day for you x

  7. Hi Barbara
    These colours are lovely and go so well together when you mix them. Love the effect of the billberry , yes it really looks 3D – amazing! I remember you introducing these stencils, great aren't they. Thank heavens for Jim, he's saved you so much time!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, it's been another warm day today, quite a suprise after the wet weekend. We've enjoyed watching the return of team GB and hearing their stories, it's quite emotional seeing them with their families. They have all done so well. Sending hugs all round xxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Think I'll go ahead and invest in these inks. Sorted my different collections out today and realised many of them are coming to the end of their life expectancy. Realised I missed out on some G plates so they will be added too. ;~}

  9. Ooo…I could do with a Jim but it sounds like you are going to share him with us tomorrow so I'll settle for that. A great technique today, I love the depth and shadow it creates.

  10. Hi blofgy friends, spent the day trying to keep cool. Now I'm in bed and my room feels like a sauna so I'm not expecting to have a great nights sleep! Hoping the storms are on their way. Xx

  11. Hi everyone, thanks for your kind comments and support yesterday. Had a more cheerful lunch today with ex work friends. Hubby went fishing but didn't catch a thing. Too many people at the river today. Now in bed and I think it must be the warmest night of the year ! Phew ! Hugs to everyone xx

  12. Just got in from a good evening with friends, having put the world to rights, as you do. Not too hot in the bedroom so far, so I might get some sleep. I am trying to get back to a normal sleep pattern now the Olympics are over. Now that the retreats are over, I shall get my new stencil out and try different colours through it to get that very effective drop shadow. I am really enjoying playing with the different colour blends with these new Artistry ink pads, love them all. I looked at the waning moon tonight as I came up my road and it was really beautiful, quite a misty pink colour. That would be an interesting colour to try to replicate. Hope everyone gets plenty of sleep tonight despite the heat. xxx Maggie

  13. Morning what a very effective way to get a shadow and boy it works. Love these new colours.

    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about Donna and my win with the Team GB cards. Made my day


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