Cor!!! Tropical Macaws!

Cor!!! Tropical Macaws!

Hi there!!
Thanks for popping in.
Just got back from a long two days at HOCHANDA.
Paul is just finishing up the Colouring Book Launch,
which went pretty well for a Monday in August !

Here’s the Colouring Book

There are postcards (very cool)
And there are the Bookmarks, complete with protective sheath!
(If you were watching the end of the 1pm show, you will have seen my face when Charlie called the bookmark sleeve a protective sheath! Well stone the crows!!!)

I did a demo this morning, using the Macaws Bookmark.

It was the closest I could get to a 
tropical rainforest connection with the Olympics today!

So here is the step by step, just in case you missed it
and the protective sheath moment…

Use the perforation to isolate the Macaw element.

Use the belending tool  
(belending??? Brabra!! What is going on here?!?!
What is this Belending tool you speak of???)

Ahhh. Blending tool.
More decorum Gray!
to cover the bookmark in ink.

I really like the Artistry Inksets.
Trouble is, we are selling out, 
and they take an age to get back in!
So the dilemma is this:
do I shout about them until they’re gone, 
and then wait 3 months before they land again?
Or do I just let them trickle through, peu a peu, in the hope that they will stay in stock until the next shipment arrives?

They’re Brilliant!!
Great colours.
Excellent labelling.
Neat storage.
Very good for stamping.
Great for lifting with water.
 There are four little sets in total,
like this one:
Each of the 48 colours comes in an excellent larger inkpad.
Also very intelligent case (lid stays attached)
and labelling.
I looked up the colour and name of the huge exotic plant in the background.
It’s called a 
Giant Lobster Claw.
I have seen these in Hawaii.
Now where are my photos?
Same but different.
The ones in Hawaii were hanging down…

once I had filled the Bookmark with ink,
I proceeded to lift ink OUT of the images 
with a very good paintbrush and water.
I know it was early this morning at the first technical meeting of the day, but I curled up when the producer said he hadn’t noticed a hairbrush on the counter.

So where were we?
Ah yes.
Lift ink with water and sable hair brush…

Go back in with colouring pencils to highlight and add detail.
The new and improved Spectrum Noir Pencils are very good.
Essentials Tin is a good starting place.

Mount on a bright cheerful colour card or paper,
and dig around for a meaningful sentiment stamp.

Love this one:

So there you have it.
A really easy, arty adaptation of one of our new Bookmarks.

I want to try this on one of the large leaves out of the colouring book, and frame it.
Perhaps the new funky birds or the toucans.
time to kick back and go watch Paul!!!
Thanks for supporting and backing us.
It is greatly appreciated always x
Love & Hugs

108 thoughts on “Cor!!! Tropical Macaws!

  1. Fabulous shows Barbara! I caught up with yesterday's too so feeling inspired now!
    Love the colouring book and postcards!
    Off to do some secret stuff as I finish watching Paul!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  2. Fabulous shows Barbara! I caught up with yesterday's too so feeling inspired now!
    Love the colouring book and postcards!
    Off to do some secret stuff as I finish watching Paul!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  3. Hello Barbara

    Beautiful work. Due to having four years old grandson yesterday and taking my friend shopping etc today I am going to play catch up with all the recordings.


  4. Hello Barbara

    Beautiful work. Due to having four years old grandson yesterday and taking my friend shopping etc today I am going to play catch up with all the recordings.


  5. Great show with great tips, as usual – but I was disappointed I couldn't make out most of the pages inside the colouring book. Maybe they were too pale for the camera to pick up? Maybe my tv wasn't right? Not sure why. But I loved the book marks and postcards. Fab idea.

    1. Thanks, Chris M – I'll go online and see how it is there. Couldn't make out any of them on my tv screen. Of course, there's always the possibility I need new glasses! 🙂

  6. Beautiful! Watched some of the shows and have recorded them all. I will catch up with them later when I have peace and quiet. That will probably be next Monday! Can't wait for the school to start back next week so we can get back into routine of getting up early after seven weeks of being lazy! Then I will have plenty of time to craft and use the lovely stamps that arrived today from my sale purchases.

  7. Yes I did see your face after Charlie's comment, I don't know how you held it together!!Brilliant shows this weekend and fabulous colouring products. I think you should call them something else as thet are far more than a coluring book. Definitely worth the wait. Congratulations to you and the Clarity team.
    Take care

  8. Barbara excellent shows excellent products lots of insperation loved where you embossed the owl so brilliant haven't watched paul yet catch up tomorrow as on record or later on catch up xxx

    1. Evening family of blog friends sending you lots of hugs ,hugs to all on the blog .ive been resting today as had a bad night then spent a couple of hours in bed this afternoon just one of them days/nights I think bloods tests tomorrow morning at Drs so see what that shows up .xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – sorry to hear about your difficult night, but you did exactly the right thing, resting in bed today. Hope all goes well at the Drs tomorrow – rest up again tomorrow after your Drs visit. Love and extra hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Oh dear Sheila, sorry to hear you haven't been so good. Hope you have a better night tonight and a better day tomorrow. Good luck with your blood tests. I've been very tired today and back not good, too much standing and walking yesterday. Physio tomorrow fir me. Take care and rest Sheila, love and hugs Pam xxx

  9. I have not seen today's shows but yesterdays were great. These bookmarks look fab and I bet the book is amazing. I feel my wish list growing. I saw a weather forecast earlier for next week and it is possibly going to be hot again so reckon those paints will be back in the fridge. Right I am off to see if I can take over Tv for the last half hour of Paul's show. xx

  10. Hi Barbara, sorry haven't managed to watch your colouring shows yet, but I've recorded them all. Love the look of all the colouring in things you've produced. But I'll need to start small, and maybe work up to the big book. Poor Charlie!!!

    It was grass cutting day today. So I was adding the finishing touches to my floor routine and vault disciplines today!!!

    Sorry don't feel like fun today, can't get the pictures of the poor girl crashing yesterday out my head, the downside of watching something live I guess. And near the end of my garden visit I found a young blackbird dead in one of my shrubs :-(. It's one who was fully fledged and was good yesterday, 2 of them were at my feeder. I heard a big commotion of crows screeching away later on but by the time I got through to check on my wee birds, I've baby sparrows too, there was no sign of the crows. So I guess it was the crows, and it either escaped injured or they dropped it in the front garden off the roof or something. The guy that gives me garden visits buried it under my big berberis for me. I'm really upset by it. I know it's nature, but they didn't even eat it after killing it, and the poor wee thing must have suffered. I hate death so much. I'm so hoping there's not a third thing to come, but scared there will be.

    And Andy and Jamie didn't win their first round match, so that's them out. That got me down watching that in bed during the night, couldn't sleep for ages after.

    Hope you have a well earned rest now Barbara
    love Brenda xx

    1. Oh dear Brenda how sad for you. Have you ever tried making a list of good things in the no matter how small such as you saw alovely cloud or a new flower in bloom? I know it helps some people who get overwhelmed by the sad things xx

    2. Hello Brenda dear. What a good idea from Chris. You would be surprised what a difference it would make to you. It's a bit like someone pretending to smile, after a while that person finds they're smiling for real. Sending lots of love and hugs xxx

    3. Hi Brenda,
      So sorry that you feel so sad. I know nature can be very cruel at times. The good thing about the poor cyclist was that at least she was able to comment on Twitter- I feared the worst when I saw the crash I think Chris' idea to focus on the positives is an excellent idea for you – we have won at least 4 medals today so that is good. Sending lots of love and hugs to you, Alison xxx

    4. Sending caring hugs for you and Daisy, I know it must be hard for you but try to think of nice things to take your mind off the sadness, get out your colouring books it might help.

    5. Evening Brenda – so sorry to hear about your blackbird, but my Dad (bless him) was brought up in the country, and was always telling me that you can't fight nature! Mind you, that doesn't make it any easier when these sad things happen. The cyclist is in Intensive Care, as it is important that she keeps completely still, in order to recover, but I do believe that she is out of danger, so that is a good thing.
      I think that what Chris has suggested is a good idea, if you can do that, but we are all here to listen to you and try to help, in any way we can. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    6. Hello my lovely Brenda I'm sorry you've gad an upsetting day, I know what you mean about the birds, you feel so responsible for them when they have been born and bought up in your garden. I like What Chris gas suggested too. Hopefully you've been watching the diving, we've just won a bronze medal there. Sending hugs for you and Daisy xxx

  11. Hi Barbara, have not yet caught up with yesterdaysome shows but watched the ones this morning andnd this afternoon. Love love love the colouring book, postcards and bookmarks!!! Beautiful! They'very gone straight onto my wishlist for the Ally Pally. Will have to wait till then, I'm afraid! Must get back to the show (Paul'Smith on for the last hour). Have a relaxing evending xx

  12. I fell for those delicious little Artistry ink pads and they did fall into my basket at the Retreat. I have been using them ever since and really love them. The colours are beautiful, and they blend so well. I have been using them through one of the new flower stencils today (the stencil Jo Rice was demoing with at the Open Days) and they are perfect. They stamp crisply too. So I have been shouting about them since. I loved all the shows, although I did miss the first half of the first one, due to the idiocy of road planners who thought it would be a good idea to create cone city at the meeting of the M42, the M6 north and south, and the M6 toll road, all at a time when thousands of holiday makers were trying to navigate the mess. Still, I did get home in one piece. Just seen your nuthatch picture and I would be so proud if I could achieve that beauty. Take time now to go for a walk with Dave and relax. xxx Maggie

    1. I second that Maggie, lots to learn and some bad habits to break. It is a wonderful craft though and suits me as I love to be precise and neat. Always good to try the messy techniques as well. xx

  13. Hi Barbara, I watched you demo this stunning bookmark card today, genius how you put all the lovely colours on and then used the sable brush to create lighter areas and then used the pencils to create dimension and detail. It was stunning to watch a 'perfectionist' at work.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  14. Hi Barbara, I watched you demo this stunning bookmark card today, genius how you put all the lovely colours on and then used the sable brush to create lighter areas and then used the pencils to create dimension and detail. It was stunning to watch a 'perfectionist' at work.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. Oh I shall definitely watch the 1.00 show very closely! What are you like???!!! Can't stop laughing.
    Mirth aside I haven't caught all the shows yet but wow, amazing and wow again. Colouring books on a whole new level. If the surgeon agrees to replace my hip it will definitely help me keep my sanity as I recover.
    Loved your demos, loved the products, loved you, in fact loved everything xx

    1. Hello everyone Dad seems a bit better again today – it's a real roller coaster. I have been practising a technique we learned at Maria's class using spare overhead transparency sheets. I am so glad I hoarded mine. I was at the class on her birthday when her lovely man – now her fiancée – arrived to whisk her away, it was so lovely to see her reaction and he hadn't even proposed then !!

    2. Just told my hubby about the 1.00 show – he said that what with bras pants and sheaths we'll soon have to enter our pin number to prove we're adults before watching the recordings on DVD !!

    3. Hello Chris. I hope your Dad is able to get started on the correct antibiotics as soon as possible. UTI's cause so many problems. It's good to hear that he;s a little better today. Sending you love and hugs xxx

    4. Hi Chris,
      Really pleased your Dad is a bit better today, that must be a relief for you. Love your hubby's comment, that made me chuckle. Have a good night, love and ve and hugs Alison xx

    5. Hi Chris that's good new that your Dad is feeling a little better today, hope it continues as water infections need dealing with as soon as possible before they get a hold. Sending you a big hug.xx

    6. Hi Chris that's good news about your Dad, hope it's not too much of a struggle to get him to take the antibiotics. Has a laugh at your husbands comment, X rated Clarity, who would have thought!!! Xxx

  16. I must say the colours of the Artistry inks are fabulous on the bookmark and the bleaching out works well too. I watched some of the of the programmes and thoroughly enjoyed them and love the colouring book, postcard and bookmark, such good quality. x

  17. Hi Barbara, great shows the knickers and bras excellent those shows gave a lot to think about.
    Such a brilliant idea with regard to the Groovi border pattens I will need the beginner's book first have got to start somewhere. At the moment I am making patterns up as I go along.
    The colouring book , bookmarks , and post cards brilliant have to wait till end of month before I place an order.
    now please don't get cross it would be a lovley idea to do some bookmarks and post cards with some of your existing stamps.!!!!! Told you a stupid idea.
    thank you for all your hard work and a wonderful demos and Paul for insperation in colouring.
    Lynn xx💖

    1. Hello Lynn. I haven't used my cushions yet either. Buying two little pups recently has put a huge hole in my bank balance. Saving now for Leyburn. I hope you're well. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Morag, I can just imagine but the pups are worth it. they will bring lots of love and pleasure for you.
      My neighbours daughter has bought a pup and she is big she is not 12 months old and is about up to her hip. Lots of hair and when she looks at you with her big eyes so soft. So I know what you mean.
      Have a good time at Leyburn .
      Hugs Lynn xx

  18. Hi ladies, hope you are all well ok how many are still on those cushions after the shows! !!.
    I had a great day watched all the shows yesterday, the husband watching football. BLISS.

    Have a good evening all.
    Lynn hugs to all xxx

    1. Hi Lynn, just refilling mine with a bit more padding, think the postcards might come this way as a present for my daughter when she goes back to university. A nice bit of stress relief for her in between studying and something she can send home too! Xx

  19. Hello Barbara. I've got all the programmes taped so now just need to find time to watch them. I know fine well they will be worth waiting for. I hope you're having a well deserved rest now, after competing in the Olympics AND doing a telly Marathon. Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Morag,
      Hope you're feeling better and the soreness has gone and that you are having a lovely time with Penny, Bet she is dead cute! Have a good night, love and hugs Alison xxx

  20. Love the colours in the bookmark and how you've made it into a card with these added verse. Have to check if I have to check if I have the verse and reindeer stamps. Barbara dare I ask, by much improved Spectrum Noir pencils do you mean the leads won't keep breaking? As although I love them very much, I've had a fair few that on sharpening constantly break until some are now quite short. Should I get in touch with the makers, I know this isn't your fault. Haven't had time to watch all the shows yet but watched part of one of the groovy ones, fabulous. Xxx

    1. Hi Pam, I think the new leads are thicker and less likely to break. I would suggest as a matter of habit, that you turn the sharpener, not the pencils, and don't over-sharpen the pencils to a real point. Use the sandpaper block for the sharp tip stage. Pencils will last a lot longer xx

    2. Hi Pam,
      That is exactly what I was wondering too. Thanks for explaining Barbara. Are they different to the Faber Castell Polychromos? Have a good night Pam, love and hugs Alison xx

    3. Hi Pam I'm glad you asked that question as I've had a lot of my leads break too and having invested in the full set I was a bit disappointed. Thanks for the tip Barbara I've got the sandpaper I will try that ( my dad used to sharpen his pencils thus way so you would think I would know!!). Hope your back improves soon xxx

    4. Evening pam you take it easy with your back hope physio helps tomorrow as I know your struggle after your physio for a few days .hugs xxx
      I have the full set 5tins of the colouring pencils and mine has been breaking too but will try your tips Barbara xx

  21. Lovely shows with inspirational demonstrations & design team projects as always. Brabra you should wear turquoise more often it really suits you & I love the Glastonbury jewellery! Many congratulations on another successful launch, sleep soundly xxx

  22. Hi Barbara – I really enjoyed all of the shows yesterday, fantastic! I have recorded all of today's shows, and look forward to watching them, as my colouring skills leave a lot to be desired! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that you have all enjoyed the programmes. We needed to go out today, so I have recorded them to watch later. Must finish now, as I am struggling to keep awake again, will be glad when I can reduce the dose of what I am taking. Take care, love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, overdone the standing and and walking yesterday so back worse today, been resting a bit, physio tomorrow so hope it'll help. Hope you'll soon be feeling better with your back too. Doesn't it get you down? Thanks for asking and your praises last night for Jon. Very proud of him, he raised £500 for Linc a charity for leukaemia in children. Hug to you xxx

  23. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations on your brilliant shows and same to Paul too. I wasn't going to get the colouring book, but on seeing them and the postcards, I was so impressed with the DT samples and your demos too that I just had to order them! Much better than the usual colouring books and great that we can use them as toppers, framed pictures etc ( if we don't mess them up that is!!!) . Please pass on my admiration to the DT will you? I loved you nut hatch picture, it was so muted and beautiful. Will you be doing the Mandarin Ducks and Eagles as stamps? Thanks again, love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Loved the shows today and have to say that even though I wasn't going to go for the colouring books etc, I did succumb when I actually saw them, and the samples were just awesome. Well the horrible winds are finally dying down now. One of my beautiful hanging baskets fell down during the night and landed upside down. I was gutted this morning when I saw it with the geraniums and begonias broken off. It pulled the bracket off the wall! I've taken them all down now until the winds stop. My only worry is that now the blinking slugs and snails get into them! I've put pellets all round them so hope that that keeps them away. Just watched the diving, great to win a medal and now watching the men's gymnastics in awe. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hello Alison what a shame about your baskets, I heard the winds were really bad up north. We are watching the gymnastics too and were on the edge of our seats for the diving, great isn't it. Sending hugs xxx

    3. What a shame about your hanging baskets Alison. Hope you manage to save them, pesky snails and slugs, they are a nightmare here too, I put geraniums and begonias in as they haven't touched them other years but this year they seem to have taken a liking to them.xx

    4. Evening Alison hope you can put your hanging baskets back soon our weather is so unpredictable hope the snails and slugs keep away hugs xxx

    5. Instead of slug pellets which are dangerous to pets and other animals like our vanishing hedgehogs, surround plants with sharp gravel and broken egg shells, which the slugs and snacks cannot cross. You can also put slug traps out away from your precious plants, something like beer in a container that other animals cannot get into. Much safer and kinder to the environment than slug pellets. xxx Maggie

  24. Hi to all my blog friends, hope you are all ok and have enjoyed your day. Thank you for all your good wishes to my Son Jon yesterday, all passed on. Very proud of him. He's got very painful legs today as he expected but went to work as usual. He raised £500 for the charity Linc, Leukemia in children. Love and hugs to you

  25. Hello Barbara
    I managed to catch one of the colouring shows today, yep the one with that comment, I was in fits of laughter. You have had a good laugh this weekend, it always seems like everyone is so relaxed and enjoying themselves at HOCHANDA , makes great tv too. Love the colouring books post cards and book marks, think I might be investing soon. Hope you have a relaxing evening, mind you if you're watching the Olympics it's edge of your seat stuff tonight!!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends hope you've all had your cushions down if you've been spending today! What great colouring items and shows today, loved the embossed owl, he was stunning. Hope everyone is ok. Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. I was impressed too Diana at the embossed owl especially on a colouring book haven't used my cushions yet but my basket has got some in hugs xxx

  26. I was so thankful for the beautiful, wonderful programmes today. Have already ordered from Clarity. Afraid I am laid up with a strep infection in my leg. It is very painful and the doc said just got to him in time before it spreads. Whoopee – off work – sorry! I can groovi and take time to consider how I will use the new colouring book etc. Many congratualtions to all the Clarity team who have produced a state of the art book, none can compete with. Big cheers for Clarity – always the best. I relaxed watching Paul this evening. Love to you all and all the lovely bloggers.
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Hi Anne,
      Sorry to hear about your leg and glad that you got to the doctors in time. Hope it clears up soon. Just think of all the Groovi you're going to be doing! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Hope your leg recovers quickly. I am glad you got to see your doctor early enough to contain the infection. Meanwhile, take lots and lots of time to recover totally, and really enjoy your bonus crafting time. xxx Maggie

  27. Hello Barb, the colouring shows were amazing, I know what I am going to spend my winning limerick voucher on now. This was one of my favourite demos, along with the Owl. Well done, a fabulous launch of super products. Bx

  28. Hi Barb. Great shows on SUnday – the colouring books look superb. will they be available at the end of Aug Retreat please? Now to settle down and watch My copied Monday shows!!!!!

  29. I love the watercolour/crayon combination, beautiful results and quite dreamy too! Must have a go! So much to do, decisions, decisions! Crayons, watercolour, wax, ink…. I know, some of each! Fantastic pack Barbara. xxxx

  30. These products look fab – I'll try to watch your shows on catch up from today, if I can prise myself away from the Olympics. Hope you get to rest up a bit today after all those TV shows x

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