Putting in the Action.

Putting in the Action.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
Wednesday’s blog is the one where we get mindful,
look at what we’re doing, 
how we’re doing it, 
and why we’re doing it!

Well, I can tell you I am spending today with my parents;
I shall take them for lunch to the nice farm shop they like.
Why? Because they will enjoy it, because I can, 
and because I love them.
There aren’t many people in this world who love me unconditionally, as they do. 

And don’t we go back a long way together ?!?!

Speaking of going back a long way together,
I just had a phone call from my lad Mark, 
all the way from San Francisco.

And just as we hung up, guess who else texted me?!?
Yep, lovely Gracie in New York.

Would you believe it?!?
They were my little models back then,
when I launched my phonic Rhymechart Alphabet!

Maybe we should bring Barbie’s Victorian Alphabet out of the Clarity library, and turn it into a colouring project too…

Sometimes I get very sad that both kids live so very far away.
But hey. They are only doing what I taught them!
It’s not as though I stuck close to home when I was younger!
The kids’ birthplaces tell you everything: Grace was born in Nürnberg, Germany, and Mark was born in Monterey, California!
And one thing is irrefutable: I was definitely there!

They may be a million miles away, but as Grace always says, there’s an invisible elastic band that just pings them straight back to me.

So yeah.
That’s why I’m off to see my Mum and Dad. I can. 
Also, I want a day away from Clarity. 
A day of normal life. 

At the weekend we launched our new 
Artist quality Colouring Book.

It was well received.
It didn’t blow the doors off, we didn’t sell thousands overnight, 
but that’s ok!
We know it is a beautiful thing, 
and we are working on the next one already!

The Postcards and Bookmarks are a real treat too, 
if you want to tackle smaller pieces.

I believe that we have to put in the action. 
We should do the absolute best that we possibly can.
That’s why the book took so long. 
We wanted it to be excellent. 
We wanted to make the line art perfect.
The right grey. The exact thin line. 
The perfect cardstock. 
Perhaps it took longer than it should have. 
Maybe if we had pushed it through, 
pounded the mindful drum louder, 
we could have caught the Colouring Book mania last year. 
Coulda shoulda woulda!
But we put in the action to the best of our ability,
and maintained our authenticity. 

Once we have done that, regardless of the project, 
then we have to hand it over to the universe. Let it go.
Because we cannot control the outcome.

It’s like the athletes in Rio.
They can train to the absolute best of their capability;
they can become physically supreme.
They’ve put in the action, 
and certainly increased their chance of doing well by doing so.
But ultimately, they cannot control the outcome.
There is no guarantee whatsoever that they will win.
So many variables, so many influences on the outcome!

And so it is with anything you care to consider. 
Therefore I have to keep it simple.
I think that if I do the best that I can do, in all matters,
then I have increased the probability of a successful outcome. 
But that’s all. 

And do we give up when we stumble at the first hurdle? Hell no!!
When I first started making Claritystamps in the early 90’s,
I worked day and night for years for next to no return. 
In fact, I couldn’t give them away in the beginning!
But they were as perfect then as they are now. 
They were made the same handmade way, by myself.
I even used to hand stamp the boxes I sold the individual stamps in, because I didn’t have a colour printer!
But boy am I glad I kept going!
(Did I ever have a choice? Always).

So that’s it for now.
I have an important date with two very important people.

Wow! Stop the bus!
Today’s message in the daily diary is ironic:

“Taking Action means I care”
I promise you, I wrote the above before I read that.

Nothing like a bit of validation, is there.

Love & Peace,


142 thoughts on “Putting in the Action.

  1. I love your blogs so really and true hope you have a great day with your Dad and mum sometimes wish could have a day with mine but been gone since I was teenager have lost if family but they are in my heart close by I'm me my family who I love spending time with give your mum And dad a hugs from me Joy xxx

  2. Good morning Barbara. Hope you ate well, have a marvellous day with your parent's…..it is so special to still have that love around you.
    I know how you feel about the kids…..I have my eldest at home for a while, but every time I look at him there is something missing…..his two sisters by his side…..they were the terrible trio, in the best possible way. George being older by quite a bit was always getting thinking of ways to entertain his sisters….and me! He has at one point had them both in sallopettes with the cylinder hoover strapped to their backs playing ghost busters……even got them to sing the song…..will never forget seeing a two year old doing that!!
    Carrie is still over the other side of the country and Leanna is still in Bournemouth, hoping that they will be here for a visit soon as they will be aunties any day now, birth of first grandchild imminent!!!
    Have a wonderful day.
    Love n hugs
    Emma xx

    1. Wow Emma, granny Emma, brilliant news. You must be so excited. Chuffed for you. All those baby cuddles you'll be getting! Hope it all goes really well with the birth xx

    2. Grandchildren are a wonderful gift, tiring but gorgeous. We have ours today, they are older now so do not want to be taken to play parks etc but hey my boys have not started on children yet. So could be doing it all again . x

  3. Have a lovely day Barbara! You must revisit the colouring books nearer to Christmas – they will make ideal pressies! It's also summer and people are on their holibobs! I shall get one even though birds are not my fave subject I know the quality will be good and I want to compare with the other book I have and haven't coloured a millimetre yet – I had it when I retired over a year ago now ! I just look at it and know it's there which I do with a lot of my craft stash. It's a good feeling. xxx

    1. Hi everyone, John's about to go fishing and I'm going to make some scones ready for my afternoon tea with friends (only 2 thankfully!). My Pimms cake is ready to decorate too. Hope it takes as good as it looks, although there are things I will do differently next time, like double the amount of buttercream the recipe says ! It's a bit cooler and cloudy today though but there's always the conservatory to sit in (better go and muck that out too!). Both our kids are about to go off on their hols so have dished out the euros this morning to one lot and sending some out to Spain with their mum (who will be going for a few days) for the other lot. The other son has just been on the phone. So that's me for the day. Hope everyone has a good one and aches and pains are not too bad today. I think myself lucky, touch wood, that I don't have any except for the general ones here and there! xxx

    2. Hi Jackie, isn't afternoon tea wonderful, a great way to relax with friends, have a laugh and catch up on news. The Pimms cake sounds interesting, might google that. Hope you had fun xxx

  4. Hi Barbara, hope you have a great time with your parents, proper good quality time. Unconditional love is so special to have. You're so blessed to have that in your life. So is everyone who has had that experience in their life even if only for part of it. I'm sure your colouring products will really take off once the summer is over, and people have more time, and some pennies in their pocket. I don't see any reason why not, they are top quality, good value for money, can be used as art work when completed, and you're giving us lots of ideas and help on how to achieve a good end result and make the most of them.

    My discipline today, hurdles, over Daisy's play tunnel!!!

    Enjoy your day off with your parents
    Love Brenda xx
    Hope everyone has a good day
    Hi Dot, are you coming to say hi, please, miss you xx
    Left you a wee message on yesterday's blog Sheila xx

    p.s. who's been peeing in the diving pool!!!!!!

    1. Afternoon Brenda thank you for your message dr rang bloods have come down a little he wants them checked each week now till my liver scan it is sept 3rd urgent yep that's urgent I should be seeing the rhumotiod arthritis consultant in September but they running behind too I'm having to stop one of my cholesterol tablets for a few weeks as they can put up your liver bloods too I'm in between a rock and a hard place but can only go with what they tell me to see if it helps .your so thoughtful thinking of me hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. Hi Brenda – I hope that you have been enjoying your Olympic viewing – I know just what you mean about that pool, not a pretty sight! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Brenda,
      Hope your hurdling went well. I bet Daisy wanted to join in too. The diving pool looks awful doesn't it? I don't think I'd want to be diving into that! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    4. Hi Brenda. I can just see you hurdling over Daisy's tunnel!! Maybe we should have a relay race with a Clarity Brush baton. It could be passed around all our blog friends. It would be interesting to see how many miles it travelled!
      Sending hugs xxx

    5. Hello Brenda, oh you hav made me laugh with your comment about the diving pool. We've just watched our divers win gold ( now fantastic) and we were saying how horrible the water looks, hubby recons it's reacting with the chemicals from the divers spray tans!! Hope you enjoyed the hurdles today, I like te idea of the clarity brush relay. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    6. Thank you everyone xx
      Great that your liver function has improved a little Sheila. Just a suggestion, could you possibly alter your diet while off your cholesterol meds to stop your levels rising any. It would help stop you worrying about it. And you never know, might reduce your cholestrol level enough that you won't need to go back on them. If it helps any, I was referred for a community psychiatric nurse a year ago, when my service was ending. My social worker got that increased to a proper assessment by a doctor. I'm still waiting! Last I know was my social worker was going to chase it up in January. xx

      Hurdling Daisy's play tunnel is a good day, normally I'm tripping/falling over it!!!

    7. Evening Brenda I wish it was that easy if I tried to explain on here why I would have to go through my life and that's not a good idea for a crafting blog but thank you for your thoughts in helping me .im fighting so many health issues that they fight against each other even the steroids damage your liver and cause problems for my diabeties but the steroids are better than the pain but I'm comming down on the dose each week till they can assess my liver to put me on a tablet for my rhumotiod arthritis I take each day now .
      I think the social worker failed you miserably and the team that should have been there for you failed you too I'm just so pleased that you have the wonderful garden man that helps you far more than the social workers ,sending hugs for you and daisy xxx

    8. I'm sorry for suggesting it Sheila. I do understand, I've been fighting an eating disorder since my teens. Hope I didn't upset you. Hope you have a good day and manage to craft xx

    9. Dear Brenda you would never upset me your not that kind of person you are only trying to be helpful .how you mannage each day with all you have to battle alone I don't know so do not stop been helpful.ive been out today with Tom as the car had to go in for its free health check just got back home so no crafting today just resting now sending hugs for you and daisy .hope your enjoying the Olympics xxx

    10. Thank you Sheila for all those lovely words. Must have been good to get out for a wee bit, even though it wasn't anything exciting. Yes I'm enjoying the Olympics very much, lots of sports I enjoy watching, so making it a bit hard to choose which to watch right through and which to watch just the highlights!!! I've managed a wee bit craft before my shopping came. Hope to do a bit more now I've eaten. Was getting very jittery, but had to do the cooking before I could eat today, and couldn't start that until after the shopping had come. That would have been too much multi-tasking for my brain to handle!!! Hugs back, and hope you can craft tomorrow xx

  5. Morning Barbara and all my fellow friends. Have a great day with your parents Barb. I smiled at the words today on the pad – very good "Taking action means I care". This I seem to be doing on a daily basic with Mum – Things are getting difficult again and it is dragging me down. However although this morning she asked if I was ok, of course I said yes I am fine. I can not let her know that she is causing me stress – can I ?

    Well on a good note been out for a walk this morning and now about to do some crafting.

    Take care everyone and nearly time to watch the Olympics 🙂


    1. Dear pen pleased you managed a walk and can loose yourself in your craft .
      I know what you mean about saying your ok to your mum my mum use to ring me up to 20 times on some days when she was terminal I'll with cancer and she always asked if she was a bother to me I always said no even though I was crumbling with it all at my side sending thoughtful hugs xxx

    2. Hi Pen – good to hear that you have been for a walk and planning on doing some crafting! This will take you to a better place! I also went through the same with my Mum – the telephone calls at one point were so difficult to get through! But we do, even though we often sit down and have a good cry afterwards! I hope that things will improve for both your Mum, and with your sister's attitude! Keep smiling and crafting – we are right there with you – love and hugs Gilly xx

    3. Hi Pen,
      At least you have managed a walk which is good. It is always difficult looking after your parents and very tiring. I know exactly how you feel, I was exactly the same with my Mam. Mind you I would pay anything to have Mam and Dad back with me again. Treasure every minute as hard as it is. Love and very caring hugs, Alison xxx

    4. Hi Pen. I was brought up in care but I can understand how difficult it is for you, having worked in that field for a short while many years ago. Just try and treasure every lovely memory you have. I wish your sister could be more of a support for you. Thinking of you with love. xxx

    5. Hope things improve for you, it must be hard for you and very draining, but you'll be so glad that you did all you could to help her. Pity your sister isn't helping more, but she may regret that, but that's no consolation to you is it. Glad you're having some time for yourself too, you need to, it'll help you to cope. Thinking of you Pen sending a hug xxx

    6. Hope things improve for you, it must be hard for you and very draining, but you'll be so glad that you did all you could to help her. Pity your sister isn't helping more, but she may regret that, but that's no consolation to you is it. Glad you're having some time for yourself too, you need to, it'll help you to cope. Thinking of you Pen sending a hug xxx

    7. Hello Pen, sending you a big hug, it's so difficult for you. You are good, smiling and telling mum you are ok, what more can you do. I hope you had a lovely crafty afternoon. Xxx

    8. Once again many thanks for your very kind and supportive words.

      My sister is still refusing to talk to me and is dragging Mum down too with her actions.

      But I know that you are all right in what you say, I am trying my best for Mum, being there on the end of a phone and listening.

      Going "down" to see her next month for a couple of days which will be nice, although the journey will be long.

      Once again dear friends. God bless xx

  6. Your colouring book looks fabulous can't wait for mine to arrive. You go and enjoy your time with your mum and dad. I lost my dad in October 2014 and then mum in June 2015. I miss them both so very much. Hold on to them and treasure them hugsxxx

  7. Hi Barbara

    I know where you're coming from. That 'elastic band' will always be there with you and your children. I hope you and your parents have a great day together, you have to make the most of times you can spend together

    June x

  8. If you bring your children up right, and help them to become confident independent people with love, then they will always come back happily. It is obvious that you have done so well with Grace and Mark. That is why their elastic bands are so strong. I am glad you make time to enjoy time spent with your parents. Have a great day with them. It will do you good as well as giving you all pleasure. xxx Maggie

  9. The colouring book is fabulous and I will treat myself to one when I know I have enough spare time to really enjoy doing it. It is superb quality which is what is the norm for your products Barbara. Have a lovely time with your Mum and Dad and treasure every moment. I lost my Dad 25 years ago and my Mum 19 years ago when I was 46 but I still miss them lots and our son is in Australia so I know how you feel about Mark and Grace, but when you know they are doing what they want with their lives you are happy for them. x

  10. So pleased you can spend some time with your parents today. I'm still lucky enough to have both parents, and just spoke to them this morning. Can't wait for them to come and visit in September, and think I'll get my dad your bookmarks and postcards for his birthday, as he loves colouring, and it keeps him out of trouble (he'll be 86!!!) x

  11. Have a lovely day. The book and postcards and bookmarks are fab. I bought the bloomin lot. They will be MY 'because I can' moments. After years of doing things for others living a life that wasn't mine I'm in a position to please myself and every now and then I indulge myself too xx

  12. Barbara have a lovely day with your parents we all know how special our parents are I lost my dad 27 years ago My mum 23 years ago don't know where the years go but we keep our memories.
    Mark and grace are very well grounded and know your always there like they are for you .
    Maybe your colouring books haven't been a smash at the moment but if you look to how your groovi has taken off and given us a new way of crafting and helped us through our mindless times.sometimes we have to choose between your products as you fetch us so much and give us so many brilliant offers so don't be sad just enjoy your day away from clarity hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon dear family of blog friends sending heartfelt hugs to you all hugs to all on the blog I've been crafting this afternoon started my September calendar challenge pleased with how it looks so far I know I'm early but don't know how each day I will be with me been poorly so go with my good days the months are passing so fast arnt they xxx

    2. Hello Sheila my lovely! I have read your comment on Brenda's and see that you have got your urgent liver scan on 3th September (which was my Nan's birthday!). Hmm I suppose that shows how the NHS struggles to cope! Anyway, you take care and make sure to look after yourself, drinking lots of water seems to help everything in our bodies, so that's always a good thing to do. Glad to hear that you are doing a little craft, and getting ahead – that will make you feel good! Sending you love and precious hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila,
      Glad you've managed to get a little crafting in today and well impressed that you've started September 's challenge so early. Hope you manage to keep going pain free for a lot longer yet. Love and hugs Alison xx

    4. It is good news dear Sheila, that there is a little improvement in your blood results. As Gilly says the NHS is so stretched these days. It will seem an interminable wait for you, but it will fly by, as is the rest of the year. It's unbelievable how quickly this year has vanished. Take care and enjoy your crafting , but don't forget to get plenty of rest in between. Hugs xxx

    5. Hello Sheila good to hear your blood results were heading the right way but sorry to hear they will be using you as a pin cushion over the next few weeks. Well at least you have got a date now and as the others say the time will fly. You are good getting ahead with your challenge work, do a little bit every day while you can. Sending hugs xxx

  13. Hi Barbara, even though i have seen you on TV for quite a few yrs it is only in the last couple of weeks I have became a convert to Clarity, sorry its taken me so long. But, think you have got me for good now lol.
    Your blog is about the best one I have ever read, so inspiring, funny and sometimes brings a tear to my eyes. Even though I dont comment all the time I read it every day and it makes me feel better, always. keep it up. Hugs Janet xxx

  14. Precious time with parents,was thinking about my dad earlier as I watched a family of birds in the bird bath in our garden. It used to belong to him. I am lucky all my kids live close by and frequently drop in, grandchildren call ours their second home. Have not bought colouring book yet I am waiting for the retreat but I am sure it is as wonderful as all your other products.

    1. My bird bath belonged to mum and dad too and I look at it and think of them. My daughter used to float fallen camellia flowers in it when she was little to make it pretty for grandad. He told me he didn't take them out for a few days because they made him chuckle and he was sure the birds didn't mind. Xx

  15. Hope you enjoyed your day with your mum and dad.
    Make the most of the time you have. You deserve to have a day away too.
    My mum sadly died last week, and although she had been ill with Alzheimer's for a few years, it is still hard to think of her not being here anymore. I think of dozens of things each day that I used to talk and laugh with her about when she was still 'my mum'.

    1. Hello Jane – it is a very difficult time in your life, at present. Your memories of your Mum are very precious, and it will help you to think of those times, and if you have someone to talk to, who knew your Mum then – that will help you a lot. My cousin's Mum had dementia, and I remember her saying that she had lost her Mum, years before she actually died. We often sit and talk about my Aunt. Sending you some healing hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. A loved one never truly leaves us because they live on in all our memories. It is especially hard when a loved one has dementia as the grieving has been a long process. My heart goes out to you and you will be in my thoughts x

    3. Jane sending you a special hug and my sympathy. Such a difficult time for you, you will gave lots of memories and there will be tears and laughter over the next few weeks. Be gentle with yourself xxx

  16. Wish I had my Mum and Dad still to take to lunch. You enjoy Barb X. Looking forward to colouring book etc. Like to idea of the alphabet. We are getting a camper van next week, hope to be able to get to a workshop 😀 Xx

  17. Hello Barb, I so hope and pray you had a lovely time with your Mum and Dad. Thank you for all you do. I ordered all the colouring items (well the paper ones) today, and cannot wait for them to arrive, because I have leave next week. Take care and thank you for this blog post, it is very thought provoking. Bx

  18. I love your mindful Wednesday posts Barb…wise words. Enjoy your "Me" time with your dear parents. I doing the same tomorrow with mine…aren't we lucky. Hugs xx

  19. Hi Barbara – I hope that you have had a wonderful day with your parents, making more precious memories. A day away from Clarity will do you the world of good, especially time with such very special people. Hugs, Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that today has been a good one for all of you! I have had another total rest day, just like yesterday. An afternoon of reading my book, whilst lying down in Edith – then just maybe, I did have a little snooze. Down to just Ibruprofen now, so not feeling constantly sleepy! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hello Dear Gilly. Keep resting as long as necessary. I hope your strength starts to return soon. You have a lot of new Groovi waiting for you to play nice. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Morag and Sheila – thank you for your caring comments! I am trying to be patient, and it seems to be paying off, obviously very slowly. Love and hugs to you both, Gilly xxx

  20. The mantra that was instilled in me by my parents was to always do the best you can in everything you do. It hasn't done my wrong over these long years. I can honestly say I have tried my best at everything – not to be the best and full of pride, as humility was also another value instilled – but to know I have given all I can. I used to be a perfectionist but I have tried over the years to try at times to accept that which is not always perfect in my eyes as there are different opinions and there is no black and white with everything only varying degrees of grey. So if I go to my grave tomorrow at least I can be content with my heart that I have always tried to be humble and true. I have a lot of regrets but with this at least I have peace which is a big thing in this world as its surely what we strive for in life at the end of the day. As I always say – quality will always win the day – I know before I even see your colouring book they will be quality. That is why I value Clarity as a company as your values reflect my own and you are true to yourself no matter what. I hope you have a lovely time with your parents. Much love Jayne

  21. Hello Barbara Hope you had a lovely time with your parents today, a well deserved break. I read your blog every day and don't always make a comment, so hello bloggers, again I enjoy reading your comments.

    Barbara your colouring in book are first class, not just your standard colouring in book but a work of art! In my mind what sold it not the books which stand alone, but you and Paul's imput, which brought the images to life. All your planning and preparation was evident, what also made them pop was the mounts. Don't know who does your marketing, again the finished works displayed on the shelves brought the illustrations to life, excellent work. Mary

  22. Hi Barbara, please do not beat yourself up about things, as quality always sells .it may be a Little slow but as with Groovi look where you are now a great product like all you produce.
    Have good times with your family.
    Lynn xx.

  23. Hello Barbara, wait til folks are buying their Christmas Gifts. Your books will then fly off the shelves as they just exude quality. Treasure every precious moment with your family. They don't need to be by your side to be 'with you'. Hugs xxx

    1. Evening Morag – I hope that your little bundle of joy is allowing you to get some more sleep! It must have been a difficult start in your life – but I am sure that your family now, more than make up for it! Love and special hugs, Gilly xxx

  24. Super photos of your parents and your children today Barbara. So lovely that you spend quality time together. I'm sure they appreciate it as much as you do. Hope you all had an enjoyable lunch. Been catching up on some of your shows, brilliant. Had a Groovi card from our Grandson the other day thanking us SO SO SO much for his AWESOME Birthday present which was of course all Groovi items. So do you think he liked it??? Love Pam xxx

    1. Evening pam brilliant that your grandson loves his groovi and sending you a thank you card made with it too hope your having a better day than yesterday hugs xxx

    2. Hello there Pam – it certainly sounds as though your Grandson is enjoying his present very much! How lovely for you to receive a Groovi card from him too, bless him! I hope that your back is easing a little now – take care of yourself! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  25. Hope today was brilliant for you all. For myself, still laid up with this poisoned leg, well I got out my groovi and played about. Mentally, I feel so much better.
    Thank you for all the lovely products Barbara, not to mention your inspirational teaching and always constructive comments.
    Anne (Reading)

  26. Hi bloggy friends, hope you have all been watching the GB medals rolling in today. I have been crafting with the Olympics on in the background. I have managed to finish my Olympic card, August calendar challenge and my Clarity challenge is just drying. Lots of action all around! XX

    1. Wow Donna cannot wait to see your calendar challenge and clarity challenge too great that you have been crafting away in your holidays sending hugs and cuddles for pheobe xxx

    2. Hi Donna you gave been busy, at least Phoebe is letting you craft now and it's probably doing you the world of good just relaxing in your summer holidays. Sending hugs xxx

  27. Hi Barbara

    I'm sure that by now you have had a lovely and relaxing time with your Mum and Dad today.

    We all know that you will only put the Clarity Stamp logo on something when it is perfect in everyway. It may have taken a long time but you have so much on and of course all things Groovi came on the scene too BUT you've developed something new and something gorgeous that is going to give lots of people pleasure – thank you

  28. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, really sorry but dont know what's happening tonight as I have been on here over an hour and put on several other comments and have somehow lost them all. So giving up for this evening. Hope you have all had an enjoyable day. My thoughts are with you both Pen and Jane. Love and hugs to everyone xxx

  29. Hello Barbara
    Hope you had a lovely day with mum and dad, they are so precious so make memories when you can. Would dearly love to have my parents around still but the 20 years since I lost mum and 15 for dad seem to have flown by. You have bought Mark and Grace up to be independent young people who are confident and loving and yes that elastic band may get stretched as they live so far away but they do ping back home and love you very much.
    Oh Barbara I used to love looking at your stamps in the early days, I didn't appreciate paying for quality when I started out so thought they were out of my price range, but we always stopped, always watched you and aspired to buy them. Emma used to look through your mini stamps for dogs and musical instrument , yes we've still got them. Look how far you've come. The colouring books will sell themselves when people see them in the flesh, clarity means quality and the artwork on tv this week showed them off beautifully. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends hope you've all had a good day. I had a play with some of my sale groovi plates today, Emma was quite interested but hasn't had a play yet, I'm sure that will come soon! Olympics are quite exciting tonight with a gold in the diving and kayak and exciting things happening in the gymnastics. Take card everyone xxx

  30. Hi Barb,
    Lovely blog today. I'm sure that the colouring books etc will go on to be a massive success. You converted me, I was adamant that I wasn't going to buy them as I have others, but once I saw what you, Paul and the DT had done I couldn't resist. Hope you've had a fabulous day with your Mum and Dad – treasure the time you have with them. I miss my Mam and Dad so much and would love to have them around still. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my lovely bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had as good a day as possible. Mine has been very mixed to say the least. Got a phone call to say my new bike was ready so was really excited. We set the bike rack up on the car and went down to pick it up. Set up the new computer on it and then to make sure it was working, I thought I would take a little ride down the cul de sac ( about 59 yards) . Well set off, everything working well. Went to change gear and completely messed that up ( gears are different to what I'm used to) and in my panic, I fell off!! Got up and started off again to come back home, and fell off again! One of our neighbours saw and came running to help me. I landed on my false knee again, ouch!, my hip, double ouch!!, and my hand! Got some lovely bruises and am very stiff and sore. Don't think at 61 that you're supposed to do silly things like this. It's all because the bike is a bit bigger, wider handlebars, suspension and different gears. I'm thinking of going up to the school I taught at and practice there around the fields – at least grass is softer to land on than Tarmac!!im sure I'll get the hang of it eventually. Off to bed now to recuperate, night night to you all, Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    2. Alison I hope you are ok when you wake up this morning. Grass is a better idea to fall on but I seem to remember it's harder to ride on although here the ground is very hard and dry at the moment. I think you should go out with a few Clarity cushions strapped on to break your fall!! Happy cycling xxx

    3. On no Alison I hope your not too sore today all them bruises will look like all the colours in the distress inks I remember Diana naming all her bruised colours when she fell at the craft fair .i think you should give the bike away and stick to the crafting bless you you take things easy till the bruises come out sending soft healing hugs xxx

  31. Just caught up with this posting. Hope you had a lovely day with your parents.

    I had a special day yesterday too (albeit a very long exhausting one). My daughter and family took me to Bletchley Park – absolutely fascinating place. We met up with a load of her Maths teacher friends – so there were about 20 of us all together. We also had a bit of VIP treatment and had a private lesson with the Enigma machine, and got to play with it! my only regret is that my husband wasn't alive to come with us, as his grandfather and great grandfather came from Bletchley.

    We then attempted to find some of the places the ancestors lived,as I have ancestors that lived in nearby villages too. Funny how things going circles when you start delving into family history.

    All in all one of those memorable days, albeit very exhausting having been out of the house for 14 hours! – but worth every minute!

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