Make a splash – with 2 new ink pads!

Make a splash – with 2 new ink pads!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
How’s it going? 
Been following the swimming?
Well done to Adam Peaty and Team GB. 
I do enjoy the pool events.
Definitely better at swimming than trampolining!
When I was a student,
I used to be a life guard, you know!
Down the Black Lion in Gillingham.
Pretty much lived down there every break we got.
Loved it. Best job ever for a student!

We have a fab set of Diver’s Stamps.
Really retro and classy….

Here’s some fab artwork from our Design Team friends:

Art by Linda Spencer

Art by Elaine Milner
Art by Diane Whitehouse

These stamps were in the Member’s Half Price Sale last month, 
and to celebrate our Gold winners,
let’s extend that sale to the general public for the duration of the Olympics! 


Today’s the day we get into the new world of those new Artistry ink pads people are raving about.
I thought I’d play with the Diver stamps,
and test a couple of colours….

If we are looking for a Union Jack Blue and Red,
these are the two I think work well together:

The first thing I notice is that ALL the ink pads – whether from the min sets or the large ones – are very juicy.
Which is good down the road, because they will obviously last longer,
but let’s inject a few tips on how to use them well from the outset, when they’re a bit very juicy!
from the mini Golden Turmeric Collection


from the mini Old Parchment Collection

If you look at the top card by Linda Spencer,
I want to show you how to get the diver wearing a Team GB costume.

Very easy and all about masking.

Ready? Steady? 
Stamp the divers onto a sheet of copy paper and cut out the cozzies.

Stamp the diver onto a piece of Theuva Card.
I used the new permanent black one from the Indian range,
called Blackout.
Just like the Black Archival from Ranger.

One thing I have figured out when stamping with a brand new ink pad, (this works with ALL new ink pads)
is that if you dust the card with talc first, 
the stamped impression is smoother, less blotchy,
as is mostly the case with new over-juicy pads.
Try it and check the difference.

Overlay the mask over the stamped image,
ink up the red element of your Union Jack stamp
(which we showcased last week – 
is also half-price for the duration of the Olympics))
and simply stamp through the hole.
Again, if you are working with a brand new ink pad, 
we know that it often helps to stamp from the blending mat.
Until the ink pad is older and has dried out a bit. 
Or ink, blot, plot – but the ink will then be much lighter. 


Use pencils to add the cap and fill if there are any white gaps between the ink and the lineart.

Just a quick techy how to.

• How to mask off the cozzy,
• How to use a juicy new ink pad
and which ink pads works best together.
As we discussed last week, should you decide to start building your
Artistry Collection of larger ink pads, then the Tuesday Blog is the way forward.
Every Tuesday, when I showcase a couple of ink pads which work well together here in Bloggyland,
we will bundle them up at a special price.
So if you decide to get both Blaze AND Blue Chase
instead of £4.50 each, let’s make them 4.00 each
(Offer ends next Tuesday, 
when we look at another pair of ink pads)  

Got to go.
Important meeting at work.
Need my wits about me for this one….
Until tomorrow xxxx

Love & Hugs,


90 thoughts on “Make a splash – with 2 new ink pads!

  1. I love the swimming events!! And didn't Adam do so well….not only a gold medal but a world record too!!! All from a lad who hated water!
    A swimming pool would be welcome if next week's weather forecast is correct!
    Fabulous artwork and I really need to check out those new black ink pads!!! I need a new permanent black pad!!!
    Love and hugs!! Xxx

  2. He's certainly put the work in and a well deserved gold. Good Luck to all our GB team and you Barbara and all your team certainly put the work in thinking up all these fantastic projects for us. Love the art work.

  3. Hello Barb. More lovely artwork and a clever technique – another for me to make a note of in my special arty book. Had to look up the Black Lion, it sounds more like a pub than a pool, I had visions of you reviving those who had one too many drinks!!
    Hope the meeting goes the way you want xx

    1. I hope you are all well today. I have been out with a friend to a place called Newby Hall. They have lovely gardens which we spent a couple of hours wandering round. The grandchildren love the adventure playground and playing hide and seek in all the little nooks and crannies in the gardens but we're usually so busy watching them that we don't get a proper look round ourselves. Had a nice sandwich lunch in the café and a good natter – what more could anyone want!

  4. Hi Barbara – really enjoyed reading today's blog, always keen to learn more about inks and stamping in general – great room for improvement in my case! Hope that your meeting goes well – Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that you have all had a happy and fulfilling day. If not – I hope that tomorrow will be better for those of you!
      I have had a VERY restful day, and spent this afternoon lying down on the bed in Edith – so that I could rest my back, and also put up my legs and feet, as the painkillers gave me very swollen feet and ankles yesterday. I have changed to different painkillers today, and having spent so many hours with my feet up (reading a good book) – almost all of the swelling has gone down, and the back feels a lot easier. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Evening gilly pleased your resting in your lovley Edith and your pain is more controlled and your enjoying a good read special healing hugs xxx

    3. Hi Gilly, hope you are feeling a little better tonight. Try and rest tonight if possible I hope you will feel a lot better tomorrow.
      Hugs Lynn xx 💖

  5. Hi Barbara, yes I've been watching the swimming, and so much else!!! 😉 The Black Lion, sounds like the name of a pub, what, were saving people from drowning in their pint glasses!!!!!!

    Thank you for the talc tip, must try that. I also heard someone on Hochanda say that if you’re stamping with a distress ink pad, ink the stamp up with versamark first, then the distress one. Not tried it yet. I keep forgetting to ink up on the blending mat instead too. I’m useless!

    Thanks for the how to's, always useful reminders for us oldies at stamping, especially those of us, me, whose only just getting myself back into it!

    Me, my discipline today was the Tag Relay.

    Hope you get the outcome you want from your meeting, and without to much effort.

    Love Brenda xx

    Thank you for everyone's replies yesterday. What Chris suggested is what I do anyway to get me through my life, would be an even harder/worse one if I didn't!!! It doesn't help with bad/sad things though, because my Asperger's brain doesn't have the ability to cancel one out with the other, they are all separate. And it's whichever emotion that's the biggest/most powerful that goes to the top of the heap. But thanks for thinking of me xx

    1. Evening Brenda sending hugs for you and daisy to keep you safe your not useless CFS makes us forget things as our brains do not retain like others do so your not alone at forgetting things xxx

    2. Hi Brenda – totally agree with Sheila's comment! CFS depletes the ability to remember things, and obviously so many more things. You have the addition of Asperger's to cope with too. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Brenda, I've heard that about versamark too, never tried it though. I have been watching the Rugby 7s, and the equestrian events. I saw that the rider involved in that crash the other day has tweeted that she is recovering and thanked everyone for their well wishes. Glad she is OK. Xx

    4. Thanks everyone.
      I'm super good at retaining information, always have been, head is a mine of useless information!
      Glad to hear Phoebe's recovery is going well Donna xx

    5. Hello Brenda. I'd never heard that tip regarding Versamark. I will probably give it a go. I do hope that a positive emotion is top for you today. love and Hugs xxx

    6. Thanks Morag and Sheila xx
      Hope you have a good day. And Sheila, I hope it's good news re your liver function. Please let us know, if you can. Glad to hear your new GP is a good one, I know you worried about having to change GP. xx

  6. My favourite sports are the swimming and the equestrian events. I used to ride until the costs became prohibitive, ending several of my summer holidays in the show jumping world, staying with Pat Smythe and travelling to the shows in the back of the horse box with the horses. The swimming became our life when both children were competitive swimmers up to national level. So I will be watching both those sports, plus the rowing and sailing (had a go at those, too). I had not realised there was a new black ink pad to look at. That might just go on my wish list – paying the repair bill on my car comes first, sadly. Looking forward to learning more about those beautiful new inks. Hope your meeting went really well. xxx Maggie

    1. I remember Pat Smythe and all the others of her generation and their horses. Do you remember Dundrum such a little horse with such a big jump! What a lovely time you must have had XX

    2. I remember Pat Smythe too, used to love watching show jumping on tv when I was a child. They used to do fun events at Christmas where they dressed up too. Those were the days xx

    3. I always watched the Christmas shows Harvey smith ect I use to love going to the great Yorkshire show and watch the show jumping lovely memories xxx

    4. Chris, I do remember Tommy Wade and Dundrum, and also Marian Coakes and her pony Stroller, another tiny horse with a huge jump. It was exciting to go to the shows and meet others like David Broome, and to have the chance to actually ride Flanagan and Scorchin bareback from field to stable. xxx Maggie

    5. Those were the days Maggie when there used to be more of it on TV too. I remember Stroller ! I don't think I'd be brave enough for horse riding. My mum's cousin has had horses all her life and there is a pic of me when I was about 4 sitting up on a giant of a horse called Troy, luckily he was a gentle giant! Sorry to hear about your car repair bill…. xxx

    6. What wonderful memories for you Maggie. I too remember those days of Pat Smythe. I absolutely loved all the 'pony' books from the library too in my early teens. I was in seventh heaven when I was allowed to help at a local riding stables, not being in a position to have riding lessons. Thank you for evoking some lovely memories for me too. Hugs xxx

  7. It is always on too late for me to watch but I do watch the highlights. So pleased for Adam Peaty and the other medal winners. Felt so sad for Lewis Smith. Did you all see the gymnast who snapped his leg?? Oooooh awful – poor chap. Love the artwork with this stamp especially the top one. Hope your meeting goes well. Xx

  8. Evening Barbara hope your meeting goes well .i was looking at the inks yesterday to add to my basket with my colouring post cards / bookmarks so might just be tempted to these two . xxx

    1. Evening dear family of blog friends sending you all heartfelt hugs hugs to all on the blog xxx
      I went to the nurse today for my bloods my GP rang me tonight as I haven't had my liver scan yet even though he ask for an urgent one so he is going to ring me tomorrow morning after he has chased it up and got my blood results too. Cannot falt him so hopefully it will get sorted . Xxx

    2. Hello Sheila. I hope your Doc is able to get the scan sorted for you ASAP. He certainly sounds like someone you can put your faith into. Hugs xxx

  9. I love watching the Olympics as we get to see a wider range of interesting (& less highly sponsored!!) sports that we don't normally see. Stayed up til 1am to watch Adam Peake's race but them fell asleep so was delighted to see that he'd won the gold; also felt the highs and lows of the women's rugby and men's team gymnastics. Lovely to see the design team's work again. The masking technique works a treat for the swimming costumes and the new colours are perfect for the union jack stamp.
    Good luck with your important meeting.
    Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  10. Great blog as ever. I haven't been watching the Olympics. Instead all the recorded Clarity programmes. Makes the day go quicker as I am just about unable to walk with this bacteria infection – dratted allotment. Weeds will just have to grow and the bunnies will have a feast. Greetings to everyone out there, enjoy the summer.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  11. Great DT samples with the new colours. My internet was playing round yesterday so I didn't get the chance to say great Hochanda shows and all the ideas for colouring the book, postcards and bookmarks were brilliant. My order is in, can't wait to start. Xx

    1. Evening Donna pleased pheobe is comming on well .ive just put in my order too didn't need the inks but couldn't resist today's offer to put with my other colouring bits .cushions away again hugs xxx

  12. Thanks for all the tips Barbara and a good way to start collecting the ink pads. I love the swimming stamps too. Not a great swimmer myself but did watch the diving last evening and also watched a repeat of Adam Peaty's record breaking swim. The chap that got the medal for the shooting lives about 15 minutes from here. x

  13. Hi Barbara
    What a great blog today with so many useful hints and tips, thank you for that. I like the new colours and hadn't realised there was a black. The price per pad is good too ( even better with the deal), certainly worth looking at when I need new ink pads. Really enjoyed the swimming and diving last night, looking forward to what's on offer tonight ( currently white water canoe!). Brilliant artwork again today. Have a lovely evening once the meeting is over.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends I hope everyone is ok and enjoying watching the Olympics. Had a lovely day catching up with a good friend, we both love crafting so it was nice spending time chatting. Take care everyone. Sending hugs xxx

  14. Amazing samples from the Design team and brilliant tips from you. Do love the colours of the new inkpads but can't get anymore until my distress and Adirondacks start drying out. Something to look forward to. Hope your meeting went well. xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, thanks for asking, didn't say earlier as was a bit cheesed off. Got phone call this morning to say therapist sick, so they made me a later appointment, which turned out to be more of an assessment, just a talk. Asked me to show her my exercises and gave me a few more, so have to wait now until next Thursday. Not very happy as it was a time waster.xx

    2. Hi Sheila, thanks for asking, didn't say earlier as was a bit cheesed off. Got phone call this morning to say therapist sick, so they made me a later appointment, which turned out to be more of an assessment, just a talk. Asked me to show her my exercises and gave me a few more, so have to wait now until next Thursday. Not very happy as it was a time waster.xx

    3. Dear pam just seen your message back to me as went to sleep early no wonder your cheesed off its bad enough been in pain without sending you to see someone who dosent help you the other physio cannot help been ill but you could have rested at home they have no sense some people hope you can rest today thinking of you xxx

  15. Brabra Gray you'll be the ruin of me! I'm finding it hard to resist your offers this week, mainly because they're stamps I haven't got and will actually be useful ! My granddaughter does a lot of swimming/life saving. I'm not sure she's done any diving though! Lovely samples too. Hope the meeting went well. x x

    1. Hi everyone, I've been busy having a tidy and making a cake – a Pimms cake from the Co-op free mag this month. It nearly looks like the finished article but have to dress it with fruit tomorrow. I've got a couple of school friends coming for afternoon tea ! Don't think I'm bothering with sandwiches as I'm doing some scones as well plus a chocolate refrigerator cake with maltesers – dread to think of the calories ! We wont fit sarnies in ! Also a good excuse to do some tidying up !!
      Hope everyone is ok and hugs to anyone that needs them. xx

    2. Please put another chair out Jackie….I'm coming to tea!!!!!
      That is my type of meal…Cake for starters, Scones for main course and Cake for pud!!
      Enjoy your time with your friends. Hugs xxx

  16. Hi Barb, wow, great tips on doing the divers. Love these stamps, and the ink pads, but have to prioritise the purchases at the moment. Looking forward to next weeks colour blog. Thank you for my voucher and the lovely card, off to choose what I want. Take care. Bx

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