Pencil the Stencil! A simple step by step …

Pencil the Stencil! A simple step by step …

Hello there
Monday already! Where is the time flying?
We have so many things in the pipeline,
we are wondering where to start!

First things first though.
How about a little step by step project,
showcasing the lovely Stamp and Stencil of the Month of August?
We run a super sale on special products each month on the website,
and this month it’s these two beauties:



As you can probably deduce, the stamps fit in the stencil.
So let’s have a look…
How about another little Canvas Board? 
I enjoyed yesterday’s so much!
First of all, make sure the stencil is the right way round for the stamps. 
I think we’ll go with a little A6 Canvas Board (Pack of 3) today.
We really do have all the most sensible sizes on the website, you know….
And here’s another copy paper scrap I found somewhere in the pile.

Mod Podge to do the wrap around again.
Just brush the sealant PVA on the front of the canvas board,
Lay the scrap paper in place, 
clip the corners,
then wrap a cool background scrap around the board.
Hey Presto!

Now let’s do something very very simple.
Let’s pencil the stencil!
Just trace the outline, ready to position the stamps.
Mmm….which colour….
testing, testing, 123….

Love these words by Wordsworth.
Borrowed them from our Lily of the Valley Stampset.
He was quite a wordsmith was Wordsworth.
Do you think that was his real name?
Missing stalk. 
Let’s mask the area…
Stamp through the aperture..

Outline with a pencil. Simples.

Stamp the edge of the board with a few of the stamps in Plum.
This will look great mounted.
How about a little drop-shadow with a light blue Promarker…

Then go round again, right near the edge with 
a darker blue Promarker (Denim),
but with a fine nib attachment.

Double-sided adhesive sheet on the back.
Time to attach your art to the next size canvas board; 
in this case an A5.

Sign and be happy.
You like?

I like muchly. 

Before I kick back, there’s one more thing I want to do….
Oooooh that’s hard!
They were all so good!
But there can only be one winner…
Actually, Dave picked this one by Bridget CG:
There once was a woman from Kent,

To the Clarity Workshops she went;

It all took her a while,

But she left with a smile

Thinking, “That was money well spent”

Well done Bridget, and thanks to everybody who joined in.
Have a lovely evening y’all!
Love and Peace,

75 thoughts on “Pencil the Stencil! A simple step by step …

  1. Congratulations Bridget.. beautiful stencil on canvas Barbara . Love the way the petals pop ,don't think I've got these ,check my stash then over to the website lol . Have a good evening x

  2. hi everyone, I'm sat here in long trousers, credit and socks tonight, the rain has set in and it's quite chilly, especially as I was bare legged and sandals this morning !

    Hope Phoebe is bearing up today and a bit more comfortable. Xxx

    1. Yes Jackie I have! Let's just say from having no border plates, I will soon have quite a collection! Did you manage to find one that you haven't already got? Hugs Gilly x

    2. Hi Jackie, we've just squelched in, I went out in sandles because I thought I could just dry my feet off and a few spots of rain wouldn't hurt them haha I didn't anticipate wading through huge puddles!! Xxx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that you have been able to keep dry. It's actually quite warm here & tonight is forecast to be warmer! I have spent today resting up- I seem to have hurt my back. Much improved now thanks to hot shower & heat pad. I put my sale order in last night, you probably heard the crash! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    1. Evening dear family of blog friends sending lots of crafting hugs your way hugs to all on the blog .ive been crafting today doing my blog challenge card for August wow August already I've rested in between each bit of my crafting I'm now in bed legs feel heavy so my CFS is saying enough 😢 But I've had a good day 😊 Xxx
      Wee hugs dear Dorothy xx
      Did you get your sale shop in gilly ?
      Hope pheobe is having a more settled day Donna and you have crafted .xx
      Pam how are you doing missin you on here xxx

    2. Hi Sheila I am pleased to hear that you have been able to do some crafting today. Glad that you are now resting – the heavy legs feeling is horrid. Yes my order has gone in! Ordered some of the storage albums too! Love and restful hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila,
      You are doing really well with your crafting which is brilliant to hear. Glad you're now having a rest. Have a good night, love and hugs Alison xx

    4. Hello Sheila, you are doing well with your crafting, you seem to have found the right mix of rest and craft. Have your wee animals arrived yet? Sending hugs xxx

    5. Hi gilly yes they are behaving today I know I did too much crafting yesterday I had to go to sleep at 9.30 pm as head went all fuzzy so that's my CFS symptoms so today is total rest . How is your day today ? Sending lots of hugs xxx

    6. Hi Sheila – not sure if you will see this post now. I can understand totally that you did too much craft yesterday, keep enjoying the thought of it today. I know just what you mean by the heavy legs and fuzzy head – you just have to sleep then. I had to put in a call to the GP today, as my back is really painful today, didn't sleep much last night. He has done a prescription, which Neill is picking up for me, and I will be on strong painkillers and muscle relaxants. So I am keeping you company resting today. Do take care, I am thinking of you resting with me – love and special hugs Gilly xxx

    7. Bless you gilly hope the percription pain meds and muscle relaxers help nothing like pain to drag you down .
      (A cheeky thought to make you smile no laughing as will hurt your back its lifting that clarity sale basket with all your new clarity goodies in 😊 ) Hugs dear blog friend xxx

  3. Love the edge stamping. So effective. Today I organised clayvmodeling for 60 kids at church holiday club. Tomorrow brings painting stones. To relax after prepping for this I am going to get out my stencils and have some me time. I think I shall try using the last club stencil and see what I can create.

  4. Love the edge stamping. So effective. Today I organised clayvmodeling for 60 kids at church holiday club. Tomorrow brings painting stones. To relax after prepping for this I am going to get out my stencils and have some me time. I think I shall try using the last club stencil and see what I can create.

  5. What an amazing print on the copy paper, this looks amazing, think I need to invest in some of your lovely sentiment stamps, beautiful artwork xx

    1. Yes to both, Barb but I think it's the quantity – either too little and then I add more or too much and end up scraping it off; never seem to get a 'happy medium.' (Sorry for the pun!) ;~}

  6. Hi Barbara, very muchly like. Thank you for sharing. Now I definitely do have a pile of spritzed pages, they didn't go in the chucking out pile. And I've had a thought/picture in my head of what I could do. Hopefully I'll remember my idea for after I've finished what I'm doing.

    You know how we were talking about the Pokémon Go thing. Well it's having an immensely positive effect on people who are autistic :-). It's getting them out the house, wanting to go out, enjoying going out, and startint to socialise in their communities, with no signs of their normal anxieties or fears. So Pokémon Go gets a huge tick from me 🙂

    Hope you're having a good evening
    love Brenda xx

    How are you doing Dot? Big cuddle xx
    And where's Pam, she seems to be AWOL too. Hope it's for a good reason xx

    1. Evening Brenda write your idea down so you will keep it , it's surprising how somethings can help autism that no one thinks it will hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. Thanks Sheila, I'll do that right now. I know, I didn't even see that coming! But I can see why it works now I've thought about it. Hope you have a good day tomorrow, hugs back xx

    3. Hi Brenda, have you written it down yet? Yes I've heard that too about Pokemon go too, good isn't it. One of my daughters friends put on Facebook that it had got him out of his student flat and meeting people who lived near him that he didn't know before so yes it has a positive side. Hope you and Daisy are ok. Sending hugs xxx

    4. Total rest today as I did too much crafting yesterday so CFS had me going to sleep at 9.30 pm head was fuzzy legs heavy so listen too my body today .
      I will be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing it all goes well and you feel safe xxx

    5. Thanks Sheila :-). I'll let you know. I'm having a bad day CFS wise too, so you're not alone!!!! I can't sit and do nothing though, Asperger's, so I do a bit of craft that involves the least movement and effort. That's what is good about doing so many different crafts, there's usually always something I can find to suit whatever my body and in my head is like. Take care, hope you can craft again tomorrow xx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Well you've done it again – another brilliant little canvas. Love the stencil and petal stamps – so useful. Mind you it does help if you make sure you have the stencil the right way round! How does she know this?!!! Love and hugs,Alison xxx
    Ps congratulations to Bridget xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all ok. Weather has been ok up here today, so it was window cleaning for me this morning. Gardening this afternoon, just tidying up the flower beds and watering all the pots baskets etc which are now looking beautiful. Have a good night everyone, love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison, have you got one of those window vax things? My friends swear by them for ease and quickness. Do you know I would be the one to have the stencil round the wrong way too! Xxx

  8. These backgrounds from pieces of waste you have been putting on canvasses have all been great Barbara and this one is no exception and the leaves with the stencil work together to make a great finished design with the stamping round the edge. x

  9. Hi Barbara
    This is wonderful, I'm glad you chose the plum ink it was my favourite. I like the stamping around the edges too, very smart. Yes Wordsworth wrote some lovely words, studied his poems for A level many moons ago, our teacher advised us to read his sisters diary, made us all chuckle when she wrote he got piles sitting on a damp rock to write one of his poems!!! We were young and easily amused! I hope this one is going up on the wall too. Congratulations to Bridget, enjoy spending your voucher, loved the Limerick. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, I hope everyone is ok today and Donna I hope Phoebe is more comfortable today. We went to see finding Dory tonight, it's a lovely film, can recommend it. Weather is dreadful tonight though so driving home on the motorway wasn't very nice. Sending hugs all round .xxxx

  10. Lovely canvas – I already have the stencil, so now it would be wrong not invest in the stamps to go with it while they're up for grabs. Who doesn't like a crafty bargain?
    Congratulations to Bridget for her winning limerick.
    Crafty hugs to all, Carole xxx

  11. Congrats to Bridget, and completely agree with her limerick!

    Now this is the genius/devil of Clarity – I looked at the stamp and stencil of the month and thought "no, I won't get those, not my thing, save a few pennies", then I see them used and love them! But as problems go, it's a very nice one to have 🙂 As I haven't tackled a canvas outside a workshop yet, despite having a whole bag of them upstairs waiting, maybe do that first.

  12. I am really liking this idea of covering a board and then mounting on another. I also like the edge being stamped. When I get my mojo back after these new tablets have kicked in I am going to have to give it a go. I really am going to have to start a little note book of all these ideas. Much love Jayne

  13. I love how this has turned out.
    I do have a question though, i went to get the 3 monthly items (after seeimg this how could i refuse) however the groovi plate is at its normal price, the home page banner however said it should be £5.99. Just wondering if this is an over site and it should be reduced or if the banner is wrong.

  14. I love how this has turned out.
    I do have a question though, i went to get the 3 monthly items (after seeimg this how could i refuse) however the groovi plate is at its normal price, the home page banner however said it should be £5.99. Just wondering if this is an over site and it should be reduced or if the banner is wrong.

  15. Morning Barbara, Yes I love this 100% !! your copy paper backgrounds are fabulous, and your finished, mounted canvas is stunning.
    Congratulations to the limerick Winner.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  16. Sorry not been posting over the last few days, been feeling rather down and lost so to speak.

    I know that there is nothing I can do apart from listen, but it is getting me down. Mum has had another stroke and my sister is creating so many problems that it is stressing Mum out and me too.

    My sister is 53 years old and has thrown her rattle out the pram….

    I am now having Mum phone me 2 or 3 times a day just to talk things through and the latest is that she went to the Dr, (good thing) and the Dr has suggested my Sister is "abusing" Mum emotionally and Mum needs counselling.

    Well there it is …. so much to think about but i am powerless….

    God bless and thanks for listening

    x x

    1. Oh pen your mum needs a social worker to do a care assement then they can take over if she is been bullied by your sister as she is a vulnerable adult .step back think of your own health I know it takes a lot of doing I feel for you sending heartfelt hugs xxx

    2. So sorry to hear how things are for you at present Pen. Everything that Sheila has said is right – take it from one who didn't take such good advice – my own health suffered greatly, due to Mum's health problems and a difficult older sister. You cannot solve this, please look after you! Hugs Gilly xx

  17. Hello Barb, what a lovely piece of artwork, and what a lovely surprise after being away for work to come back, and find I won the Limerick competition. That has really made my day, as I did not have time to check the blogs while I was away. Thank you so much. Bx

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