Keep your scraps! A step by step xx

Keep your scraps! A step by step xx

Hi there!
Sunday and all is well.
“We’ll go for our walk at 12.30” said Dave,
“and we can go for lunch to the Boarshead.”

“Lovely,” said she, “Just an hour to do my blog then…”

So whilst he took the van back to work,
laden with workshop stock,
she skipped upstairs to her art-room, and wondered what she could do in the holy mess that was her creative space….

She looked at the pile of stuff in front of her,
that had been accumulating over the past fortnight, 
as she had been trundling back and forth to the workshops…
Then she saw something that had real potential!
A scrap of copy paper ,
where she had been rolling paint off the brayer for some other artwork.
So she set to work.
Found a little square canvas board – the smallest 4″ x 4″.
Perfect size for a mini piece.
When she turned the scrap over, she found another print.
“Whatever,”she thought, “let’s keep going….”

So she cut the scrap to size,

brushed Mod Podge over the front of the board.

Stuck down the scrap,

Snipped the corner and used Mod Podge to seal the wrap around.

Perfect little base for something.
She liked that the blue houses from the back were peeping through too, and decided to log that thought for another day…

 She went to her stash of sentiments and dug out one of her favourites by her shero, Maya Angelou.
People will forget.

She decided she needed something delicate,
so looked in her flowerstamp stash for her Poppies set.

A white pencil to highlight the flowers.

And then to finish, she attached the little canvas board

to the next size up, 6″ x 6″

Signed it for good measure, with a black biro

and was happy with the result.

Just in time for a walk through the woods to the pub for lunch.
Love & Peace,

136 thoughts on “Keep your scraps! A step by step xx

  1. Hello Barbara (and Dave),

    I hope you enjoyed your walk and lunch. My grandson (Isaac aged 4) and I are off to the pub shortly.

    Today's project is lovely ahd shows just what you can do with the 'rubbish' lol.


  2. Beautiful, I totally love this piece. Enjoy your walk and your lunch. I've just been making white chocolate and orange cheesecake for after dinner . X

  3. That is simply beautiful Barb! I too, love that sentiment! Enjoy your walk, your lunch and the rest of the day – with Dave! Richly deserved – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – hope that you are all enjoying some of this beautiful sunshine! Donna, I hope that Phoebe has had a good night, please give her a gentle hug from me! Morag, I hope that your 'new baby' allowed you to get some sleep!
      Thanks to all of you for your Border Plate suggestions! So far, my list reads – Plates 1 & 2, Banners, Occasions, Funky Henna, Henna. I am considering Lace 1 & Lace Corners – but wonder if they are too intricate for me at this stage. I also like Rosie! Just off now to do my list! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. I meant to add about Phoebe on my comment and pressed the send button. I read that she'd had to have another op. I do hope she is recovering. Such a shame for her and you. Glad you're deciding on the border plates Gilly, nothing is too intricate just jump right in ! xxx

    3. Hi Gilly,
      Well you've decided on some real beauties there! I don't think the lace ones will be too intricate for you. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    4. Hi Gilly. Penny still has me shattered, it's more the long days now that is the problem. Staying up til 10pm for me is definitely not what I'm used to . But it will probably do me good in the long run.
      A great choice for your borders. there's no such thing as too intricate with the Groovi. Some just take a little longer to do than others. The lace ones really do look stunning, and it's amazing how versatile they are. xxx

    5. Morning everyone – thanks for your advice and suggestions, I think! I put my order in last night – no doubt at all, that you must have heard the crash. I have ordered 'a lot' of the Sale Border Plates, as I thought that it would be rude/silly not to! I am not quite ready to admit the total number, but it is HIGH! Also got a few other 'essentials' whilst I was at it! Oh dear – I admit it, I AM a total 'Clarity Addict'.
      Morag, I hope you feel less shattered soon and Sheila, yes I am planning to do some bookmarks – I ordered some of the sleeves ready! I am confined to resting up today, as I have now hurt my back, so I am sitting with my feet up – with a heat pad on my back – listening to the rain! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  4. That's beautiful! I've just used a leftover from the Calendar Challenge to do the other challenge and then had to use the 'less is more' saying – even hubby reminded me of that ! 'You know what Barbara says' – he said. Have a lovely lunch! xx

  5. Hi everyone, Just been to see Mum, made hubby a sandwich and this afternoon might be giving the dogs next door a new hairdo! That should be fun! Had a lovely evening last night with John's ex-wife and her hubby and Lima from next door, we managed a bbq and sat out until just after 9 before deciding we'd better move in. Managed to stay until all the garden lights had come on.Can you remember the evenings when you used to be able to sit out until midnight or longer, think there might have been one or two of them this summer but that's all. Hope everyone is ok. xx

    1. Hi Jackie – glad that the weather was good to you. Yes, I can remember those evenings being able to sit outside very late. I think that we had a couple earlier this year when we had our 3 weeks of brilliant weather! xx

    2. Hi Jackie, thanks for your comment above about Phoebe. She was doing well, but then she started limping again and I knew she had done something! Vet has now inserted a stronger cord so fingers crossed. Xx

    3. Hi Jackie,
      Sounds like you had a lovely evening. I can remember those days, not sure we've had them this year! We have the cool/cold wind back again. Love Alison xx

    4. Hi Jackie. Those certainly were the days…or rather nights!! Few and far between now though. I'm pleased you had such a lovely evening. xxx

    5. Hi Jackie oh yes I remember those days, we haven't sat outside late much this year, I'm the one likely to get bitten so hubby trundles me indoors! We did go to an outside theatre a few weeks ago and that was lovely when it got dark. Xxx

    1. Hi Pen. I love it when my dresser top is full of nicely filled jars too. We must just be squirrels at heart lol! Storing up for winter!!! xxx

    1. Hi Morag, well the jam making is getting in the way at the moment, but must get on and get more Christmas cards done as it will creap up on us very soon.
      Hope you are ok reading lots of blogs the book marks sound great.
      Well must place an order for more border plates.
      looking forward to the shows on Sunday.
      Lynn xx

  6. That was lovely , if that had been me I would have put that in the bin , wish I had got a better eye to see things like you ,,,,. Enjoy your dinner and walk ,,,,,xx

  7. Oooo I love your left overs! I did a canvas for a friend with the paper overlay and it worked really well, much easier to stamp on the paper as stamping on the canvas can be a bit hit and miss. Enjoy lunch with Dave xx

    1. Afternoon dear blog friends hope your day is a good one whatever your doing I've just done a inky background ready for my wee animals comming in the post .now resting again sending everyone lots of crafting hugs xxx

    2. Hi Sheila. Those little animals are on my 'Leyburn List'. I hope you don't have to wait too long for them to arrive. Have a good rest. Love and hugs xxx

    3. Evening I've had a good day crafting inking this morning and resting then bits of stamping /colouring and resting in between had a chat to a very dear crafting friend now in bed resting. My wee animals I've only just ordered so will wait patiently for my clarity parcel popping through my door good night hugs to all xxx

    4. Morning Sheila – so pleased to hear that you had a good day crafting yesterday! I hope that your wee animals arrive very soon, so that you can play! Take care my lovely – love and special hugs, Gilly xxx

  8. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Thank you for all your hugs for Phoebe, I passed them all on which she enjoyed. Her leg is uncomfortable today but she is managing to find a good sleeping position. Glad I got both my challenge cards done, so I'm still on track……. till the new ones are announced tomorrow! Xx

    1. Afternoon Donna hugs for pheobe today poor little one suffering so glad you got your challenges in .as you say new ones tomorrow yippi xxx

    2. Sorry Phoebe is feeling pain. Poor wee thing, It's horrible to watch our wee furry friends not well, in pain, and be unable to do anything about it. Hope you are managing to distract yourself a bit? A bit of craft retail therapy on Hochanda maybe? 😉 I hope you're getting some sleep too? Been thinking about you both. love Brenda xx

    3. Hi Donna,
      Hope you haven't spent too much!! Poor Phoebe. It's horrible when the fur babies are poorly as they look so pitiful and you know they are hurting but there's nothing you can do. I know Scamp used to look at me as if to say " Mam can you not sort this out for me?" and my heart just used to melt! I'm sure Phoebe will come through this well though and will be running about as if nothing had happened. Love and hugs to you both, Alison xx

    4. Hi Donna sending hugs for you and Phoebe, poor little soul, I hope she feels more comfortable soon. I'm sure spending money will help you feel better too 🙂 xxx

  9. Hi Barbara, Stunning !! Whoever wpuld have thought that this was a piece of scrap copy paper that you had used for the residue from your brayer, then stamping added and mounted and signed – Stunning !!
    I hope you have had a lovely lunch and walk.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. And so you should be happy with the result Barbara. I love it. And I love that stamp set too, don't know how I missed that one! Now added to my want/need list.

    It's a bit ironic, I keep everything, anything that has ink/paint/shaving foam on it, unless it's turned into a horrible messy muddy brown or something. And I think I'll be holding onto those now!!! But when I had my ruthless (in relative terms!!!) clear out not that long ago, I think I chucked out pages! I'm hoping they were one of the things that got moved from the chucking out pile back to the keeping pile! Oh aye, an awful lot of that went on in my 'ruthless' craft room clear out!!!!

    I was thinking of having a try at gluing copy paper scrap to thick card instead of using a canvas board, see if it works without warping the card. I know I won't get the texture, but it would save wasting good canvasses when it all goes wrong/I mess it up/can't work out what to do with them!

    Hope you enjoyed your walk and pub lunch. Kind of defeats the purpose, unless you had a salad!!! 😉 But I'll let you off ;-), you deserve to have a lovely treat filled day today. And it's not like you need to lose any weight or anything anyway (just in case I need to be digging myself out a hole here!!!!!!!) 😉

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda. Crafters companion Stick and Stay spray works very well on paper to card. Just spray in an old box so that the adhesive doesn't get everywhere and have a window open to let out the fumes xx

    2. I would encourage you to hang on to the things you think you have messed up. If you can bear to do that, you may be surprised to find you will suddenly get an idea of what to do. With canvasses or canvas boards, you can always paint over the whole thing and start again as a last resort. Have fun with them. xxx Maggie

    3. Thanks Chris and Maggie xx
      would it work painting over the canvas to start again if it had copy paper glued onto it? I was thinking the glue would make it not porous enough? I would need to use watered down pva, as modge podge is very high in VOCs which I am trying to avoid because of being super sensitive to so many things. Thanks xx

    4. Hi Brenda. If you used watered down PVA, which I always use anyway as an alternative to mod podge, do you think perhaps really lightly sanding with fine sandpaper would do the trick to make it porous again?
      It may be worth a try if it became necessary. Love and Hugs xxx

    5. Hi Brenda I hope you find your scrap pile, sticking them onto board sounds like a good idea but you know what Donna will say, it's the posh pencils all over again! Yes if it doesn't work just paint over it and start again. My daughter found some canvasses yesterday that had outlines printed on them, she gave them to me to play with so I will have to be brave too. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    6. Thanks everyone xx
      Not sure sanding would work Morag, my feeling is the sandpaper may very quickly become smooth from the dried pva. But that could be tested out on scrap first, so worth a try. Thank you. xx
      I'd forgotten about Donna, should have kept my mouth shut eh!!! xx
      Glad you've had a good day crafting Sheila. Much more crafting than I've managed the last few days! When do you get your scan results? xx

    7. Morning Brenda I haven't got my appointment yet to go for it thank you so much for thinking of me dear blog friend hugs for you and daisy xxx

    8. I thought needing an urgent scan would mean that day or the next, I didn't realise there was a waiting list for urgent things. You poor soul, waiting must be awful for you and your family and friends. Hope your appointment comes in really soon. take care xx

    9. That's the NHS Brenda like you say urgent to us is the next day or day after but to them no hope your having a good day are you maybe doing a little crafting xxx

    10. Pleased your doing a wee bit I've mannaged to craft today and resting in between started doing this months blog challange bit at a time xxx

  11. Everyone is telling us to keep scraps today. Love what you have done with yours – it looks a million dollars. Lynne Bishop and I have just been to our parchment class with Pat White and have been given a use for those tiny pieces of parchment that we might throw away, using any punches we might have to punch out tiny flowers that could be embossed and added to projects in the future, or even butterflies. Waste not, want not! Hope you had a nice walk and a good lunch. xxx Maggie

    1. It is a fabulous use for all those bits, I am just clearing all the dinner stuff then going to play with some punches. Lots of practice needed with my embossing as well after class this morning. Lovely to see you Maggie glad you home safely. xx

    2. Lynne, I did get home safely, but the motorway was almost as bad as the M25. Major roadworks at peak holiday time. Clever idea – NOT!!! Still, I was not really in a hurry anyway. We had a good morning, didn't we? xxx Maggie

    3. Thanks Maggie. Now I know something else I can use my leftover bits of parchment for. I also sometimes them for peeloff flowers and Christmas ones, and emboss through them. they make canny embellishments too. Hugs xxx

    4. Does that actually make any sense at all!! hahaha. Not even to me when I read it back!!! It can be a 'make your own tip' perhaps!!! xxx

  12. How lovely , have put off using canvases , but after seeing this think I will have to try , don't know if I can see what you see in scraps but you make it look so easy Barbara. Inspiring as always x

  13. Love what you do with a scrap of paper looks great been going through a dry time craft wise need to pull me finger out pain has been taking over took me mojo so need to sort me self out get going again did do card for me grandaughter today so can do it so will have a go tomorrow or may be later hope you enjoyed your dinner out lots love and hugs Joy xxx

  14. Great use of a scrap piece, I need to get better at using these pieces. I do not throw them away but getting rather a lot. Hope you enjoyed your walk and lunch. Just over two weeks and my turn for retreat not that I am counting the days. xx

  15. Hi Barb,
    I love this little canvas, it is gorgeous. Like Brenda, I love the poppy set of stamps too and don't know how I've missed them I know what I'll be ordering soon!! Hope you had a lovely walk and lunch. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've had a good day and that the weather has been kind to you. Been quite nice here although bit of a cool wind. Still it was quite nice when I was on my turbo trainer on the patio, managed 40 minutes today so really pleased with myself! Watching the women's golf on tv and about to have dinner so must dash to get the pork out of oven! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison
      I went back and read your post about the turbo trainer. It sounds good but I don't have the space for one inside and as hubby won't put anything in the loft the garage is full too! I will just carry on going to the gym xx

    3. Hi Alison, I've missed those stamps too, they are lovely aren't they. You are doing well with your turbo trainer, what a good idea doing it outside so you get fresh air and vitamin d too. Xxx

  16. I really don't know how you see the potential in a scrap – it's lovely. I have only recently started mopping up with copy paper and saving brayered bits so tend to use mine for backing paper. I hope you had a good lunch xx

    1. Hello everyone. I'm writing as fast as possible, the internet has been better recently but had a blip a few minutes ago.
      I've been making a few Groovi bookmarks this afternoon, I did some gardening this morning but it was quite windy so enough was enough xx

  17. Well just finished a roast dinner with my family and parents. My children kindly washed up for me which meant I didn't have to do it today – lovely weather. So loved this idea with using leftovers (other than cooking) a wonderful way to create something new… The canvas turned out wonderful Barbara. Again lots of inspiration.

    Moya xxx

  18. Beautiful artwork, you stun me with what potential you see.
    Just arrived in Glasgow, had a lovely day at the wedding in Gretna yesterday, but tired out so berries for supper after such rich food yesterday and early to bed I think

  19. Hello Barbara
    What a lovely creation from scrap paper and ink, the sentiment and poppies really lift the background. Hope you had a lovely walk and lunch and gave had a lazy afternoon.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, I hope everyone is ok. It's been another beautiful day, grass cut, edges trimmed and patio swept had a little playtime this afternoon before cooking dinner, roast chicken with all the trimmings and gooseberry crumble for desert, yummy. Sending hugs xxxx

    2. Oooh! Do you know, I can't remember the last time I had gooseberries. We used to have a bush in the garden about thirty years ago. But it somehow vanished! I just might have to look out for some. Thank you for the reminder. Love and Hugs xxx

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