Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
It’s Friday, the sun is shining,
Team GB is having a blast over in Rio,
so it’s time to get our Team Clarity involved, and have a 


First of all, let’s get the Dutch involved!
Let’s have a 25% sale on ALL Pergamano Tools.

If you’re really getting into your Groovi Parchment Art,
now is a perfect opportunity to invest in a few of the top quality 
Pergamano tools and scissors.

By the way,

There’s over a £100 savings if you go for it 
and get all the tools in the sale *******
And we’ll give you the bag FREE to store them all in!

Did you know we stock the entire tool range?

Oh yes we do!
And while we’re at it,
I’ve gone downstairs and picked out 
some of my favourite International Groovi Plates 
and coloured parchment
to add some flavour to the party!

The Lace Borders, which are oh so French.

The Oriental plates, Bamboo & Fan,

Japanese Geisha and Waterhouse

The Indian Henna Borders

There are loads of other Groovi Plates and Borders in the 
25% Groovi Weekend Fiesta Sale too!

Check out Facebook all weekend for lots of beautiful Groovi Inspiration…

Feel the burn –

It’s going to get hot!

Click HERE to go to the sale!

Sale ends Midnight Monday.

Love & Peace,



  1. What a wonderful offer Barbara, I was going to pick up some more tools at the retreat but I would be very silly to miss your offer here. So an early order it will be, Thank-you. Would it help to suggest I collect my order at retreat to save you some postage costs. xx

  2. Wow Barbara wonderful offers I've just got one problem I've got the bamboo but not the fan can we order in ones or does it have to be the pair as its a fantastic sale offer . Xxx

    1. Hello dear family of blog friends sending heartfelt hugs to you all hugs to all on the blog .
      I'm having a rest day today as been feeling very well . Xxx
      Pam left you a message this morning on yesterday's blog don't know if it will help you .
      Sending a wee hug Dorothy thinking of you xxx
      Thank you all for your lovley messages you left me yesterday your all so thoughtful 💐 Xxx

    2. Hello there Sheila, my lovely! Sorry to hear that today is not a good day for you, just keep resting and watch some tv and have a look at the new sale goodies! It says at the top of the page that if you just want to order one of the plates – to phone the office on Monday, so you will be able to just get the fan. Continue to rest and take care of yourself – gentle healing hugs and love, Gilly xxx

    3. Sorry to hear you've taken another step back Sheila. make sure you get a really good rest today. Sending gentle hugs and lots of love. xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, sorry to hear you are not to good today.
      it is easy to say but you do have to rest and look after yourself.
      We are all thinking of you
      Lynn xx

    5. Hello Sheila what a shame you are feeling unwell today, I hope tomorrow is a better day after a rest day . It's such a shame when you had a lovely day yesterday. Sending you a gentle hug xxx

    6. Evening Sheila, expect you get this in the morning as I'm very late again. Read your message to me this morning, thank you Sheila you are so considerate. My neck has been easier today, thank goodness, but will bear in mind about the cream you mentioned, sounds wonderful. What are we like, one day up one day down, Sorry to hear you're feeling unwell today, hope after a rest today and a good night's sleep you'll feel better tomorrow. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    7. Evening pam no I'm still awake in bed since 8pm with my I pad I'm in quite a lot off pain so just resting up I think my illnesses are fighting against each other and the meds too I'm going to try to sleep again now hope you have a more restful night goodnight hugs dear blog friend xxx

    8. Good morning Sheila! I hope that you managed to get some sleep in the end, last night! Take care and rest up again, my lovely! I tell you what – lets keep each other company, and have a look at the latest Groovi sale things! I KNOW that I really shouldn't buy anything else, as I haven't touched my latest order yet! Mind you I did really want 2 of those Cameo ladies! Hmm we shall see, love and extra healing hugs, Gilly xxx

  3. Well, well. What does one do when housebound with a gammy, poisoned let. Answer retail Clarity therapy – pergamano tools earlier this week! Next sit and watch great re-runs of Barbara, Paul and Maria. I have managed a bit of groovi today, certainly an improvement and a life saver.
    Happy week-end to one and all
    Love Anne (Reading)

    1. Hello Anne what a shame you are having to force yourself to watch tv and shop at clarity 😀, you could get used to this enjoying yourself at home lark!! Sending you hugs and hope your leg improves soon xxx

  4. Have you just been practising a hammer throw in the garden?
    This is a super offer, however we have a holiday and some central heating work on the horizon so I will have to pass on this one xx

  5. Hell folks. Isn't the sale tempting? I was a bit extravagant yesterday. We have a lovely department store in Northallerton and I bought a new Radley handbag in their sale. I have looked at it in different places for a couple of years but yesterday it was £169 down to £76 so I couldn't resist it and I know it will last at least 5 years in regular use so that's not much per year. Hubby was there and managed to keep his composure too! Just means I am capped spending wise until Leyburn.
    Hugs to you all xx

    1. Hello Chris! I don't blame you for buying such a lovely quality handbag, at such an amazing price! You sound just like me, breaking the prices down into cost per year – exactly what I do! Hugs Gilly xx

    2. Hello Chris you need a new handbag to keep your savings in for layburn .i bought a Cambridge batchel in the salea while ago because it was in pink and black to match my pale pink jacket but haven't used it yet like a lot off my clarity cannot beat quality enjoy your new purchase hugs xxx

    3. Hi Chris, your hubby should have been very proud of you today! After all you've saved a whole £93!!! Will I get to see it at Leyburn? Hugs xxx

    4. What a bargain Chris, you couldn't leave that one behind could you. I do like a radley bag, hubby used the pink draw string bag to keep his crampons in when he climbed Kilimanjaro a few years ago, they fitted in there perfectly!!! Xxx

  6. Hi Barbara – there you go again, upping the temptation stakes! Having just splashed out on a rather large members sale order – here I am tempted once again! No doubt I shall be mulling this over, during the weekend! Hope that you enjoyed your day in London! Have a good weekend – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that you have been enjoying your day, whatever you have been up to! Neill and I went out to do a little bit of shopping today – my first day out since Monday! Tired now, but really enjoyed it! I have now learned that Helen Glover (from Cornwall) and Heather Stanning won the gold at Rio, brilliant! No doubt it will be a rest day for me tomorrow! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hello dear gilly you rest up pleased you mannage to get out to shop with Neil enjoy looking over what you haven't got in this weekends sale happy shopping hugs xxx

    3. Hello Gilly. It will have done you good to have a change of scenery after your rotten week. Make sure you rest up tomorrow. Love and Hugs xxx

    4. Hi Gilly, we went to Newbury races today. Beautiful weather and all 4 of us had winners – not to make a profit on our day though. glad you managed a trip out too. I'm being naughty in these sales and need the cushions! X

  7. Hi Barbara, sun, what's that?!!!! With your clear skies, have you seen the meteor shower?

    Another very generous sale, I don't need any Groovi stuff just now, but thank you still for being so generous. My Zebedee springs can stay rusting in the cupboard!!! For now….

    Is there a way those of us not on Facebook can view the inspiration you are putting on there please? I'm not allowed to sign up to Facebook, or similar, to keep me safe.

    It was wiggly worm ribbon gymnastics today. I got a DNF! Daisy kept sabotaging my routine!!!

    Hope you have a good weekend
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Evening Brenda I don't do face book either so would be lovley to see them on the blog if Barbara could do that for us .can I swop our sun for your rain please .have you watched the dressage they have got silver just came up on sky, sending hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. Hello Brenda I think Daisy was sabotaging your gold, was she jealous?!! I bet it took you ages to rewind the gibbon afterwards! We're just watching the cycling yeah another world record broken!. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxxx

    3. Thanks Morag and Sheila xx
      I don't mind the rain, and it means I don't have to do the scary watering from the windows. But I'll swap you my wind and cold for your sun!!! I got all up for watching the dancing horses to music, and it wasn't on, it was normal dressage! I should have listened to myself last week when I said don't pay attention to the presenters, they are getting it wrong!!! I googled it and it's Monday afternoon so at least I haven't missed it. Did you see we got a silver in the trampoline? Barbara's coaching last weekend must have given our girl the edge!!! I'm really enjoying all the sports.

    4. I can't blame her Diane, it's her wiggly worm I'd 'borrowed', maybe if I'd asked her permission first!!! Have I ever told you, anyone who wants to use the loo has to ask Daisy's permission first!!! If they do she's fine, if they don't she sits outside the bathroom door and gives them a look when they come out, before going in to check round! No one believes it until they witness it for themselves. It's so funny. Poor wee soul, when my brother learned of it he took great pleasure in winding her up with it! But it was funny!!!!

    5. Dear Brenda that made me smile she must be so cute to watch thank you I needed something to make me smile it's a bad night so thank you again xxx

    6. Evening Brenda – it's been another good day for the medals, hasn't it!? I have to admit that I was particularly pleased that Helen Glover )of Cornwall) & Heather Stanning won! What sport have you got planned for tomorrow? Or does Daisy get to choose? Hugs to you and Daisy, Gilly xx

  8. What a really fantastic offer. I haven't started on the Groovi plates yet cos I know if I do I will never get round to using all my stamping/stencil/geli plate stuff but what a good time to start. I do think it looks really lovely and I would love to have a go.

    1. Anne groovi-ing is another wonderful crafting art once you give it ago you just get to love it it's so rewarding if you join the groovi club you will be rewarded hugs xxx

  9. hello my lovely blog friends. I'm just off to bed and leaving hubby to watch over little Penny for a few more hours. I'm a bit shattered today. Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

  10. Hi Barbara, hope you're day in London yesterday was fruitful and you had time for some down time.
    Thank you for the sale , I invested in a bigger ball tool it is brilliant so I think I may place an order for another one do get a better result.
    May have a look an others in the sale.
    Many thanks for this.
    have a good weekend.
    Lynn xx

  11. Hey Barbara, get that trampoline out again, silver for team GB, Byrony Page (excuse the spelling if wrong). Must be your inspiration earlier in the week, she was obviously watching your moves. Much hugs Karen xxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Well it would be rude not to have a little peep at the sale wouldn't it!! What a generous offer thank you. I'm another one that doesn't do Facebook so it would be nice if we could see too. Hope you've had a good day after your busy day in London sending hugs xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, hope it's been a good day. I know it's been cold in Scotland but it's been another scorcher down south. I'm just waiting to see if the GB team win a medal in the cycling with Bradley Wiggins, eyes keep closing but in determined to stay awake! Xxxxx

    2. Evening Diane – enjoy looking at the Sale goodies! I hope that you can stay awake to see Bradley Wiggins – I am just about to give in now and go to bed. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  13. Hi Barbara, hope you enjoyed your day out in London yesterday. What a brilliant and very generous sale offer today. Will look over the weekend to see what I haven't got as I've gone mad on Groovi and have got most of those plates, the tools I've had for years but will probably find a few I've not got, thrilled you put the parchment paper in the sale too, I've messed up quite a few sheets recently so now I can stock back up, thank you so much. Xxx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends, late again so will read all the blog tomorrow and catch up with you tomorrow night. Really tired so time for bed. Fantastic sale isn't it. Hope you are all ok and have had a good day. Love Pam xxx

    2. Good morning Pam – I see from your comment to Sheila that your neck has improved, I am so pleased for you – being in constant pain does really drag you down so much. Take care, love and hugs Gilly xxx

  14. Hi bloggy friends, late tonight busy watching all the medals rolling in! I think I should have got a ticket to Brazil and gone to watch some Olympic events. Didn't have a hope in 2012 to get tickets, but there seems to be a few spaces left this time! Xx

    1. Hi Donna – no, you didn't miss what Barbara did – she hasn't told us yet! It was fantastic that Team GB won so many medals yesterday – I was particularly pleased with Helen Glover (of Cornwall) and Heather Stanning! There is a rumour that this will be their last time. You are right, there are plenty of empty seats at this year's Olympics! Hugs to you and Phoebe, Gilly xx

  15. Ok everyone – can you tell me where my new baby plates are – I'd better get a card on the go for my niece whose baby girl is due on 3 Sept but where are those plates ?!!

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