A step by step using a stencil on parchment….

A step by step using a stencil on parchment….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
What a grand result Team GB had on the water and in the Velodrome yesterday!
All very exciting. 
I was jumping up and down and shouting at the telly 
when Bradley Wiggins and his crew 
were up against Australia for the Gold. 
My word it came close !!!
Local girl, Jessica Ennis-Hill, is set to get gold in the Heptathlon
(oh I do hope so. I do like her);
and on the water, the rowers were brilliant as usual.
So I thought I would celebrate by making a cool card for them,
the water babies.
Since we are having a Groovi Pergamano Parchment Party Sale 
this weekend,
I thought I would use parchment, 
(25% parchment sale + your member’s discount on top)
but combine it with stamps and stencils.

By the way, the single Groovi Plates and Borders are now loaded onto the Sale too, not just the bundles.

Love this stampset:

Here’s a stencil which goes perfectly with the stamp above….

Rope Knot Stencil
It’s really cool stamping on parchment; 
and it’s also very effective using ink through a stencil.

Attach the stencil to a piece of plain A5 parchment.
Dry brush a little yellow as an undercoat.

Load a Clarity Brush with a cool blue.
Ocean Reef Artistry is good.
Swirl the Brush through the knot, always in one direction.

Yellow underneath yields a green tinge.

Using the No. 6 Balltool – the largest one –
(Linda Williams always tells me he’s my best friend!)
add highlights with a soft mat underneath.
You have to work from the same side the ink is on.

A dark blue pencil for the lowlights….
we now stock the new Spectrum Noir Colour Blends,
which work a treat on parchment. 

So far so good…

Now to the stamp….
Stamp using Black Archival on the light teal parchment. 
Cor. It does stamp up beautifully.

Colour in from behind using Distress Markers.

Add a little highlight to the to the sails and boat, and cut out.
I used the No. 6 ball tool (my best friend)
and the No. 3. to get in the tight bits (his best friend)

I decided to use the Crafters Companion Glue runner .
It is brilliant for attaching parchment.
Does it show through?

A perfect paper scrap for the background in my stash….

Glue pen really is my other new best friend!!!
See it?
At the back, yes.

At the front?

So that’s it for today.

Got to go help Paul downstairs, 
getting ready for the Clarity Retreats next week!
Really looking forward to welcoming the ladies on Monday.
I do enjoy the workshops.
It’s our passion, it’s our sport, isn’t it?
Love & Peace,

97 thoughts on “A step by step using a stencil on parchment….

  1. What lovely colours and a good card for a man too, let alone the Olympians! It's all very exciting and, as I couldn't seem to drop off last night, I was also listening to it on the radio. I agree the cycling is really exciting ! I've got to decide what to get in the Pergamon sale ….. Have a good day x x

  2. Hi everyone, hope it's good where you are, it's warm but a bit overcast here with sun trying it's hardest to break through. John's gone fishing with a mate and it's the first time in 16 month since I retired that I'm home alone ! Want to get some groovi done this afternoon. Would help if I could find a couple of plates I haven't seen since they arrived a couple of months ago ! Now where did I put them ….. xxx

    1. Hi Jackie – how lovely that John is now able to go fishing with his friend again! Now! What was it you said not so long ago about sorting out your Groovi plates!? Happy hunting and then happy Groovi-ing! Hugs Gilly xx

    2. Nowhere to be seen and I've had a really tidy up and looked in all the places they could have been ! I've even looked at my order history to make sure I ordered them and I did together with the ribbon plate. Grrr! x

    3. Oh dear Jacqui – I do that sort of thing all the time! The last stamps and stencils that I couldn't find ended up still being in the delivery box under my desk x

    4. Hi Jackie, I'm another who is always 'putting things in a safe place for now' then it takes forever to find. I usually only find things when I'm not looking for them. So good luck!!! Hugs xxx

    5. Thanks ladies. John enjoyed his day although nothing was biting, apparently the fish were all at the top and could be seen and the bait was at the bottom ……He didn't get back till just after 6 so it was a long day for him as he went off about 7.30 ! I managed a quick card in the end for someone tomorrow but spent most of the day searching ! xx

    6. Evening Jackie pleased John enjoyed his day even though the fish didn't bite and pleased you made your card happy hunting for your groovi plates xxx

    7. Hi Jackie,
      I'm another one who puts things down or away and then can't find them. I am sure there's someone playing silly Devils with me! I usually find things that are right under my nose. Love and hugs Alison xx

  3. Well Mrs, if there was a gold medal for craft inspiration you would win it hands down! This is just so lovely. The team GB efforts at the Olympics have been so inspiring, and I was so delighted and touched by how overwhelmed the medal winners were, especially the rowers and the trampolening girl – bet she picked up some of her moves from you the other day LOL x

  4. Fabulous work Barbara and rowing, sailing and cycling are definitely something us Brits excel at. I love the stamp which is perfect with the rope stencil. I don't do parchment work but it does work well here. x

  5. Its good to see all these people getting to live their dream isn't it. I can't wait for the paralympics as to see the adversity that people can overcome its just inspiring. Lovely card too Barb. I am into nautical at the moment. Got my man back today as he returns from his season of music festival jobs. Well for a little while as he still has two more to complete. Much love Jayne

  6. Lovely, love the colours in this, and a beautiful, perfect background too. I'm not into the athletics, but I do like the gymnastics, tennis and swimming, and I'm so proud that we are doing so well.
    Bit overcast here, perfect for a bit of Groovi. I need my hubby to get my old parchment craft box down off the top of my shelves. I think I should have most of the Pergamano tools, but mine are years old, they're the blue handles. I want to see if I'm missing any, and then I can get them in the sale xx

  7. Lovely artwork. Like you I was shouting instructions at the GB cyclists, ( like I know anything about it, I havent been on a bike for…..well, ages) it really was a thrilling and tense final. Well done sir Wiggo and the rest of the fab team.looking forward to rest of today for the athletics, and like you, I really like Jess Ennis, what a fabulous athlete, and such a lovely woman. Wishing the Brits all the luck possible for the rest of Rio. Xx

  8. Hi Barbara I have this set its beautiful to use might give it a go on parchment brilliant inspiration thank you for putting the groovi plates separate I'm just going to put my order in they are sitting in my basket xxx

    1. Afternoon my dear family of blog friends thinking of you all sending lots of hugs your way hugs to all on this wonderful blog .ive got my cushions out as I've got to put my order through that's in my basket I got a lovley clarity parcel today I've got another one to come that I ordered a few days ago so will be looking forward to that comming next week with today's order too always happy to get a clarity parcel .im feeling brighter today than yesterday but still going to rest up .thank you for all your lovley comments they keep me going each day .xxx
      Wee extra hug Dorothy xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – pleased to hear that you are feeling brighter than you did yesterday, also glad that you are keeping me company with the resting, and with the choosing in the sale! I left you a message this morning on yesterday's blog, but not sure if you will have seen it! Lots of love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, glad you're feeling brighter today and still resting. It's great getting clarity parcels. I'll be looking tomorrow to see what I have to have. Ha ha. I also left you a message late last night. My neck is a lot better today thank you, amazing. Wish my back was too but hopefully I'll get there. Love and hugs to you xxx

    4. Hi Sheila good to hear you are feeling brighter today. Enjoy a little spend, it's so exciting getting an order through isn't it and the packaging is just right. Sending hugs xxx

    5. Hi Sheila,
      I'm so glad that you feeling brighter today, that's really good news. I love getting Clarity parcels too – I've got two to come from last weekend and am about to put in another order for some Groovi stuff. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Lovely, love the colours in this, and a beautiful, perfect background too. I'm not into the athletics, but I do like the gymnastics, tennis and swimming, and I'm so proud that we are doing so well.
    Bit overcast here, perfect for a bit of Groovi. I need my hubby to get my old parchment craft box down off the top of my shelves. I think I should have most of the Pergamano tools, but mine are years old, they're the blue handles. I want to see if I'm missing any, and then I can get them in the sale xx

  10. Hi Barbara, lovely artwork, Thanks for sharing. And for finding a glue that doesn't show through.

    I've been watching all day and most of the night. Yes, I was jumping about in bed and shouted out too after they won, Daisy got scared though, oops. So I'll need to contain myself tonight when Mo goes for gold!!! We won a silver in the windsurfing yesterday too, even though the event isn't finished.

    It was Shower Slalom for me today, penalties every time you touch the wall to steady yourself!!!

    Hope you manage some chill time after you finish setting up.

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda. I would have to cheat with the shower slalom, as I can only shower sitting down. I'd probably do better in the winter Olympics..on the bobshower!
      It's so good to hear that you're getting some pleasure from watching the games. Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Brenda like the idea of the shower slalom , might give that a go. I gad to do the 100 meter dash tonight, forgot to get the coconut milk for the green Thai curry so quick run up the road to tesco express to get some. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    3. Hi Brenda,
      I love your alternate Olympics – I'd love to see you doing your events! I have a little chuckle every day imagining you. Poor Daisy – I bet she wondered what was going on. Anyway so pleased that you are enjoying the Olympics so much. Love and hugs Alison xx

  11. Hi Barbara – great piece of artwork, the colours are super! Thanks for putting the plates on the website in singles – but I have a problem, I can't see the Butterfly Wreath on it's own, which I would really love! Good luck with all of the preparation – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – well we have had some rain this morning, which has now cleared away and we have some stunning weather! Hope that you are all as fortunate today! After my busy day yesterday, I am resting up totally and the hardest thing that I am doing, is to decide what I should indulge in, in the Groovi sale! Not too sure what hubby will think, as I haven't been able to touch that last (rather large) order yet! Oops! Maybe I shall have to waylay the postman! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Afternoon gilly just read your message from yesterday thank you for those extra hugs I've gone for the blossom one and the fan and the mapping pen and sticky stuff and a large ball tool I should stop getting more crafting things till I start to feel better as I cannot Craft at present what are we like sending lots of resting hugs xxx

    3. Hi Gilly, glad you've had lovely weather today and resting after your busy day yesterday. I must admit I feel guilty ordering again when I have so much that I've not used yet. Then I think to myself why not, don't smoke, don't drink, get it while I can afford it. There again at my age will I get around to using it all, blinking better had. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    4. Hi Gilly, even if you haven't got the energy to use your new clarity goodies yet, at least you'll have the pleasure of stroking them!! Then designing lovely cards in your head. Take care .Hugs xxx

    5. Hi Gilly,
      Glad to hear that you're treating yourself – my kind of thinking too! Pleased you're having a rest day too, that will do you good. Love and hugs Alison xx

  12. I love it when you try things first for us Barbara. I shall have a go at stencil and parchment now to combine with my stamping and parchment. I was thinking about getting a tape runner but think they are extravagant on cards as they don't last me long, however I will definitely get one for parchment. Hope you and Paul are sorted soon xx

    1. I have been making beetroot chutney today. We only have a small raised bed but it is quite productive. We share produce and swap jams and chutneys with a couple of neighbours. I pulled a kilo of beetroot today as we hope to go away for 10 days on Wednesday and there will still be some for our "garden waterers" xx

    2. Hi Chris, our beetroot is still in the ground waiting to be pulled and bottled. Everything seems to be coming together this year! so I've spent the day peeling tomatoes, cutting onions and peppers. So now I've got a big batch of pasta sauce cooling. So I can get it double bagged and put into the freezer. It's a great idea to swap with neighbours. Hubby is the only one who grows anything in our cul-de-sac, so we only give things away! Looking forward to seeing your new Radley bag at Leyburn. You too of course!!! haha! xxx

    3. Hi Chris,
      Sounds like you've been busy! Not a fan of beetroot but Dave loves it. I have to go out when he cooks it, because the smell really makes me feel ill! What a lovely idea to swap things with your neighbours too. Glad to hear you got your Radley bag ( love them but very expensive) and will now know ( hopefully) how to recognise you at Leyburn! Love and hugs Alison xx

  13. WOW this is fabulous Barbara, I love the gorgeous colours and design. I have to agree Team GB are doing us proud in Rio. Treated myself to a couple new Pergamano tools I haven't got too! Thank you!
    Linda xxx

  14. I cannot find words to describe such a wonderful piece of artwork. Astounding – not enough words in my vocabulary. Still struggling with my white work, especially leaves. Managed 1 hour down the plot before a bee stung me. That was it off home and I am staying away until winter!!
    Off to do some groovi
    Have great retreats. I certainly enjoyed every minute of mine.
    Love to everyone out there.
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Oh dear Anne, I didn't think bees usually stung as I believe they usually die afterwards, how unfortunate for you. Enjoy your Groovi. I tend to press a bit too hard with the white work, can't get the picot edging either, more practise needed.xxx

  15. Hi Barbara! That's wonderful! And so appropriate with the medals won again today on the water! Also it's the mix of all the different techniques that makes it so special!
    Wish I was coming again to the retreat! You'll have a fabbie time.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  16. Hi Barbara! That's wonderful! And so appropriate with the medals won again today on the water! Also it's the mix of all the different techniques that makes it so special!
    Wish I was coming again to the retreat! You'll have a fabbie time.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  17. Hello Barb, this is really a lovely stamp and stencil. Love what you have produced. The Olympics is pretty good, wonder if they will make their medal target. Take care. Bx

  18. Hi Barbara, This is fabulous, I love the colours, I love the stamp and I love the stencil, I love everything about this !!
    Enjoy your workshops, lucky people.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  19. Lovely card today, colours great too. Used this stamp and stencil a lot for men's cards but not stamped on parchment as yet. Must give it a try in the near future. Have a great weekend Barbara.xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, commented further up on yours. Pain a bit better as the days gone on, dreadful night again, can't wait to get up in the mornings. I think the new extra exercises have made it worse again, I mentioned that similar ones had made it worse before but was to try them again and if they did, stop them which I now have.xxx

    2. Hi Pam,
      Sorry to hear you're still hanging pain and that the new physio exercises aren't working too well. It's awful when you're in pain at night I think worse than during the day as you feel so lonely.Hooe something can be sorted for you soon. Sending love and caring hugs Alison xxx

  20. Oh Barbara, this is stunning. I love the mix of different techniques. I'm really trying hard to save for Leyburn. But there's a few Groovi boards I just 'need'. So can't resist this great offer any longer. I hope you have a wonderful time at the retreats. Hugs xxx

  21. Hello my lovely blog friends. I hope you've all had as good a day as possible. I'm up every morning between 5.30 and 6.00am with our little Penny, so I'm always totally exhausted by this time! So again off to bed!!
    Special thoughts to Dot and love and hugs to you all. xxx

    1. Hi Morag,
      Sounds like you've got your hands full with little Apenny, but I bet you're loving every minute. Hope you're ok. I'm having to buy some stuff in the sale too – it would be rude not too! Have a good night, love and hugs Alison xx

  22. Hi Barbara
    Wow this is fabulous, must try a stencil and stamp it looks so cool. Really enjoying the cycling and the rowing, real edge of the seat stuff and shouting at the telly. Haven't blubbed at the medal ceremony yet, the family laugh at me but it's so emotional isn't it. Thank you for the tip about the tape runner, I met Sara at our local hobbycraft ( what a lovely lady) and she was telling me about the tape runners and I've used them since then, great aren't they. Have a lovely evening
    Love Diane xxx
    Whoooo go girls just won the cycling – yes more shouting at the tv, well done girls. Barbara how about contacting team gb and offering them a mindfulness retreat to celebrate their wins, especially if Jessica Ennis-hill is a local. Great for them to relax with groovi and fab pr for you! Xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, been a funny day here today, cloudy but hot then finally sun. Went out for some good shopping but had to check up on the medals as soon as we got home. Exciting isn't it. Hope everyone is ok. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hello Diane, lovely and sunny here but very windy. My runner beans are not happy!
      I'd never have thought about a Radley dust bag as a crampon sack – he wasn't worried about the colour then obviously xx

  23. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I haven't commented for a couple of days, but I've been so engrossed in the Olympics that time just runs away from me. I do apologise! Anyway, your artwork as ever, is simply stunning today and I will certainly be giving this one a try as I have all of the ingredients except the Artistry ink but I have others. Thank you for the Groovi sale too and the tip about the tape runner, good to know. Love Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Sorry not been here for a couple of days but as I said above I've just been too engrossed in the Olympics. I've been screaming advice to the cyclists – which considering my two falls earlier in the week, is quite rich coming from me!! Another brilliant day for GB and a guaranteed gold and silver tomorrow too – aren't we doing well? It amazes me tha such a small country can do so well ( 3rd in the table at present is brilliant) got everything crossed for Jess and KJT tonight. Bruises are fading now but hip still sore, but it could have been worse. Now full of cold which is making me miserable. Sick of the windy weather here, don't know what's happened to summer. Anyway, bed time for me, love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  24. Hi Barbara, sorry so late. A wonderful card will have to try this one, I have felt it was a bit daunting to try stamping on parchment but you have made this so easy.
    Thank you once again for a simple way brilliant.
    Lynn xx

  25. Hi Barbara. This is a fabulous piece of artwork. I didn't realise that my stamps and stencils can be used with parchment. It opens up a whole new world. Great that Team GB are doing so well. xx

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