Time to get out of my head….

Time to get out of my head….

Hi there.
Happy summer’s day!
After a lovely, somewhat cooler day at Crowborough,
 I shot off to the dentist.
Looks like the old girl’s got Dry Socket. 
No wonder it is so painful and not improving!
Wednesday’s blog is our mindful day though, and I have to tell you:
despite the toothache, I have made a fascinating discovery this week. 
(And I don’t mean put the paint in the fridge when it’s too hot 
– although that’s pretty groundbreaking too!)
So even 5 days after the tooth was pulled, 
the toothache was making her miserable.
Awake half the night.
Lying there, and the jaw was pulsing.
Didn’t know whether to get up, lie down,
take another Ibuprofen,
swill with salt water,
down half a pint of clove oil or just cry.
On Monday, she went to teach at the workshop, 
because over 30 guests had arrived and shit or bust, 
she had to do this thing.
And then the most amazing thing happened.
As soon as she began to focus on the group,
concentrate on them and not on her toothache –
the pain subsided.
All day, they crafted away, she hopped around from table to table,
chatting and laughing,
teaching, coaxing, helping and focussing on the job at hand. 
Took a few pain pills at lunchtime and carried on.
It was back. As unbearable as 9 hours before. 
I have done this dance for 3 days now, 
and it has worked every day. 
Spoke to lovely Vanessa about it. 
She’s a nurse who was on the course.
She called it Distraction Therapy.
So I went ahead and looked up DT for the purpose of this blog:
Get this:
Mental distractions actually inhibit the response to incoming pain signals at the earliest stage of central pain processing.
“The results demonstrate that this phenomenon is not just a psychological phenomenon, but an active neuronal mechanism reducing the amount of pain signals ascending from the spinal cord to higher-order brain regions,” said Christian Sprenger of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.
I’m not kidding.
It was like the pain didn’t exist during the day.
I hadn’t had a traumatic tooth extraction. Nothing.
The minute I was alone again, bang. It kicked in. 
Now if crafting isn’t DT mindfulness in action, 
concentrating on the now,
 and distracting the negative thoughts,
what is?
I bet I’m not alone here.
I bet a lot of you use crafting to distract you.
Whether consciously or subconsciously, it works – it really does. 
Really looking forward to another run at the painty projects tomorrow – bring on the heat !!!
Love and Peace,

115 thoughts on “Time to get out of my head….

  1. I couldn't agree more about DT and crafting. When I do give myself a kick up the backside and force myself to craft everything that is running around my head just melts away.

  2. Well I did not know this crafting had a fancy name but I can vouch for the distraction bit. If i lose myself in some craft I do not think about any pain. When my kids were young it helped to relax me before bedtime,used to do cross stitch in those days. I hope your tooth is getting better now you been back to dentist, so glad all those lovely ladies and maybe gents are helping. xx

  3. I've not heard it called that before but I think it's similar to providing another sensation to think about. If we or a child hurts themselves we "rub it better" and the sensation on the skin makes our senses focus on that rather than the minor injury. Another thing is getting the person to grip your hand or wrist hard if something like removing a splinter is going to hurt.
    Hope you feel better tomorrow xx

    1. Hello everyone I am earlier today. I hope you are all ok. Alison did you get storms? We missed them, not even enough rain to speak of but we could see big clouds north of us.
      Pam I wrote a reply to you on yesterday's blog.
      Morag I hope you are feeling better.
      Gilly I hope today has been good.
      Brenda I hope you didn't have too much thunder.
      Sheila, I hope your pain is manageable today.
      Love to you and all the other blog pals xx

    2. Hello Chris. It's lovely to catch up with you. I'm getting there thank you, it just takes a little time, patience and DT.
      It has been a little stormy but not as bad as I was expecting. It's cleared the air a little anyway. I hope things are improving at your end. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Chris no storms here I was at the dentist today all went well pain free day in bed now resting as legs feeling like jelly but that's my CFS sending you caring hugs xxx

    4. Hi Chris,
      we had some whopping crashes of thunder and lost electricity for a few minutes, quite heavy rain but as Morag said, not as bad as we thought it would be. It did clear the air but sticky again now. Love and hugs Alison x x

  4. Thinking of you, toothache is the worst… I an wholeheartedly agree about Distraction Therapy. I've got MS, Dystonia and Degenerative Disc Disease and whilst I have Meds to help the one thing I find which helps most is doing something… could be something crafty, getting into a good book or film, anything except being on my own. … really hope you feel better soon…. take care…

  5. As a chronic pain sufferer, I use crafting to help me get over some of the worse times. Evenings are always worse so very often will lose myself in my craft studio for an hour or so before going to bed. It really helps. Hope your mouth feels better soon.

  6. Distraction works wonders! Sorry to hear your tooth is still aching. I find crafting and singing while crafting works for me, I love lyrics so I have to learn the song and then I can concentrate on my craft and sing along at the same time. Reading is the other one, I get lost in the pages of a book and loose hours sometimes! XX

    1. No, last day with the children tomorrow and then a development day on Friday. We saw Central Intelligence, a comedy with Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson I enjoyed it thought it was just right for a mid week film. Xx

  7. Hello Barbara, I was very familiar with Distraction Therapy within my work. But I think it's something that we all instinctively do at times anyway. Especially us crafters!! I learnt all about it at a very early age from my Grandma!! I very quickly learnt not to tell her if I had a headache or stomach pain. Her response was always to give me a duster or whatever with which to "work it off"! Nothing as pleasant as crafting there. Haha!
    I'm so pleased that it has worked for you over the past few days.
    Dry Socket! OUCH! You have all my sympathy. I hope you soon get some relief. Hugs xxx

  8. Hi Barbara
    Hope your toothache eases for you even after your DT day.
    I do exactly the same I just loose myself in doing my parching and all my pain, worries , anxiety just go but once I stop bang their back.
    My go said they should put crafting on the NHS it would save them thousands.
    Hope the rest of the crafting retreats go well for you and the team.
    And thank you for making my day yesterday with your lovely comment.
    Take care
    Sue xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    Hope your toothache eases for you even after your DT day.
    I do exactly the same I just loose myself in doing my parching and all my pain, worries , anxiety just go but once I stop bang their back.
    My go said they should put crafting on the NHS it would save them thousands.
    Hope the rest of the crafting retreats go well for you and the team.
    And thank you for making my day yesterday with your lovely comment.
    Take care
    Sue xx

  10. Hello my lovely blog friends. I'm feeling quite a bit better today, so I'm determined to catch up with you all at last. Love and Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Morag, glad you are a little better today. I have at last placed my order with Clarity took me long enough just so much going on at the moment with appointments etc. Looking forward to the items getting here.
      To all the other ladies hope you are coping in this heat very sticky and humid.
      Hugs to you. . Lynn xx

    2. Hi Morag,
      Brilliant to see you back. Hope you are feeling more like yourself now.At least after the storm it was much fresher & I could breathe! Much muggier again now though unfortunately. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. Think that's true Barbara ,my eye been her ting like mad ,was watering as well went in my craft shed and don a card then I realised pain had gone but it's back now with a vengeance , ,don't know if I got something in it ,hope your toothache has gone soon hate having to go dentist . Comes from when a child and nasty man pulled a lot of my teeth out ….. Xx

  12. Good that you have managed to get through each day with your tooth pain but your a stayer and wouldn't let your crafters down sending lots of crafting hugs xxx
    I agree the pain I struggle with each day and the illnesses I have my crafting gets me through and has given me a goal to reach each day it might be a little goal but it's achievable.im now grooving a little each night in bed and find it so helpful to do a little and see it all appear and grow into the finish art work xxx

    1. Evening my dear family of blog friends sending caring hugs to all who needs them .hugs to all on the blog ,I've been to dentist this afternoon all went well I mannaged a little walk with my sticks which felt so good as my rhumotiod arthritis pain is controlled at presentation the steroids I came home to my legs been like jelly so CFS had kicked in I'm now I bed resting them .im going to do a little bit with my groovi later when it cools down a bit so it's been a good day for me .and been able to come here with all your support helps me so much too xxx

    2. Well done Sheila on managing to walk a little. What an achievement for you. But now it is time to rest and craft. Take care my friend. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. How could I have forgotten to say my postman brought me a lovley clarity parcel this morning Lots of clarity goodies to craft with thank you clarity towers xxx

    4. Hi Sheila – it's great to hear what you have achieved today! No wonder your legs feel like jelly now – the CFS loves to remind you that it is there doesn't it? I hope that you enjoy your Groovi later this evening – don't stay up too late, as it's been a big day for you! Love and caring hugs, Gilly xxx

    5. Hi Sheila thank you for your message yesterday, I'll bear it all in mind and talk to physio about going to pain management. The dr did say about hiring or buying a tens machine, do you know anything about them or if they're any help. Glad you had a walk with no pain, a pity that you have to put up with CFS now. Take care love and hugs Pam xx

    6. Hi Sheila,
      so glad that you felt up to going for a little walk – that's brilliant. Just make sure you dont shatter yourself though.love and hugs Alison xxx

    7. Hi Pam,
      I bought a TENS machine a few years ago before i had my knee replacement. It certainly helped with my pain, but it is a strange sensation at first and you need to build up the intensity gradually or it can hurt. I still do use it when my other knee or shoulder hurts. Hope this helps, love Alison xxx

    8. Hello Sheila, it always makes me smile when you have a good day. Enjoy your groovi time tonight, hope it's cooler up your way, it's still very warm here tonight and the moon looked lovely when I went to stand in the garden to cool down a bit. Sending you hugs xxx

      Pam I have a couple of friends who have severe pain and they both swear by their tens machines. Many years ago I hired one from Boots to use during child birth, I'm sure it helped a bit but I know I hadn't put it on early enough. Might be worth investigating though to see if you can hire to try before you spend out a large sum of money. Xxxx

    9. Morning Sheila – I have not long woken up! Seems that I needed lots of sleep last night! A wise decision not to craft last night, as we well know, you just have to give your body the time it needs to get over the previous day or 2! Take care my blog friend, sending you some patient hugs! love, Gilly xxx

  13. Hopefully you will be fully recovered soon getting a couple of nights quality sleep, nothing better. Pleased you listen to your Clarity ladies as experience gives good advice and the Clarity family are concerned for your wellbeing to cope with whatever is thrown at you! Enjoyed the retreat Monday and Tuesday, hiccups no problem, muck in a bit happy to. Take care of yourself Barbara. Xx

  14. Hi Barbara – I really hope that your problem tooth or should I say gap – becomes less painful very soon! I too have been doing DT for many years, but probably not realising that was what it was! If I am ever upset, in pain or troubled – I always need to 'Do something!' to get through it. I remember when my Dad died many years ago, that I just couldn't sit still – I had to keep doing things. My house had never been cleaner! Hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends – I hope that the weather has been better for you all today. It's been much cooler here and we had some rain and hail this morning! It cleared up just before lunch time and I got some washing dry again. I am feeling a lot better today thankfully, and I have sat down for most of the day – so I've even been good too! Neill seems to be much calmer today, and more resigned to the wait for his treatment. He is intending to do a few little jobs which will be good for him, to have that to focus on. Thanks for your supportive comments again last night, you really do help so much – love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hello Gilly dear. I'm so pleased that Neill is coming to terms with playing the waiting game. That will make it so much easier for you. Hubby says to tell him 'congratulations on PSA level" Love and Hugs to you both. xxx

    3. Hi Gilly, glad you are feeling brighter and that Neil is being positive by doing a few jobs. That'll make the time pass quicker for him. Glad too that you are still being good. Love Pam xx

    4. Hi Gilly it's good to hear you are both feeling brighter today. Neil must be so annoyed but perhaps you could slip the thought into his head that next week should be cooler which will be more beneficial to him. Sending hugs xxx

    5. Morning everyone – thank you once again for your caring and supportive comments, it really does help! Morag, I have passed on your husband's congratulations to Neill – please thank him too! He really does know just how Neill feels! Take care everyone, love and hugs Gilly xxx

  15. Yep Barbara, I didn't know it was an actual thing, but it's what I've been doing for the past 20 odd years! I'm in constant pain, 23 years worth now, varies in strength, and is often multiple areas of my body and can be that bad that it reduces me to tears. After a few months of trying various prescription painkillers and nothing working, or not much, I decided enough was enough! Knew I was going to be ill for quite some time (didn't know it would be this long!) so decided I had to find a way to still get on as best I can, be as active as I can, take any opportunity I get, while in this amount of pain and with no medication. It was really hard going at first, still is as the pains have generally got worse. But I somehow get on with it, don't let it stop me, and most of the time no one would even know I am in pain, never mind the severity of it. And over time I also worked out ways to lessen some of the pains by working out what makes them worse and if there's an easier way to do the action, like I can't sit with knees and hips flexed for long, and I walk kind of differently which bends my knees and hips less, although that only works inside my house, not when I've got shoes on. Couldn't tell you how many years since I last had a painkiller. yes I can, 2 years ago I had one paracetamol twice the second day I was at the Commonwealth Games to take the edge of feeling so ill so I could get the most enjoyment out of the day! How do I do it? Sadly I've no idea, it's something my brain does that I've never fully worked out. It's definitely not that the pain is any less, far from it, it's about living through/with the pain. Wish I could work out what I do because it could help so many people.

    Glad you've found out what your problem is, hope you're in a lot less pain this evening.

    I don't have distress markers/aqua mrakers yet but wanted that kind of colouring in for on my parchment piece. I do have a small set of this type of pens from years ago but the type of nib was making it very difficult to stay within the narrow lines on detailed bits. I was getting really frustrated and then had a lightbulb moment – coloured fineliners, they seem to work just as well, and so easy to use even in the narrowest of spaces (and cheap!). Didn't know if this would be of use to anyone.

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Fineliners! I can't believe that you've mentioned them tonight Brenda!! I was at a card class yesterday and we were making a card using Zentangles. I hate black and white cards so I said I would be adding colour once I got home. The teacher handed me a bag of fineliners. Something I'd never used before. But I have to say they were really good to work with, especially in tiny areas. And..my card was much improved with some colour!!!
      I think you're incredible Brenda, how you overcome pain to just get on with things. Particularly considering your conditions. I really do admire your strength of spirit, you truly are an inspiration. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Brenda,
      you really are an inspiration to us all. I am so sorry that you are constantly in pain , it must be terrible for you, but pleased that you have managed to develop some brilliant coping strategies. Love and hugs to you and Daisy, Alison xx

    3. You really are a wonder Brenda, I do hope I get to manage my pain, I have been coping a lot of the time, but do get very tearful when it gets me down. Thank you for the idea of fineliners as some of my distress markers are running out.xx

    4. Hi Brenda,
      Overcoming and coping with pain is a major achievement for you on a daily basis. I am glad that you are here as many of us take inspiration from you. I am pleased that you have found a way to colour in your groovi imagages. It can be challenging to succeeded with parchment. Thanks for you hint. x

  16. Thank you for a lovely day, I'm glad you were able to carry on & that I may have helped distract you from the pain. Looking forward to tomorrow & hope for your sake the visit to the devistating had helped. Sleep well

  17. Thank you for a lovely day, I'm glad you were able to carry on & that I may have helped distract you from the pain. Looking forward to tomorrow & hope for your sake the visit to the devistating had helped. Sleep well

  18. Hi Barbara, sorry to hear you are still having trouble with those pesky teeth. Hope you will feel a little better now you have been back to the dentist.
    What a week you have had. Take care and look after yourself. Lynn xx

    1. Hi Morag, hop you are feeling a little better today and have been able to do some crafting today.
      Yes now I have placed my order just can't wait for it to arrive.
      With regard to the fineliners pens for colouring in on parchment I have been using Drewant intense colouring pencils I can use them a little bit wet / nearly dry I seem to get a brighter image.
      Have a good night.
      Hugs Lynn xx

  19. Nothing like a bit of distraction or re-focusing to help with pain control – I'm pretty sure that's how the breathing control works during labour. Hope the dentist was able to sort you out today, and that your dry socket gets better quickly. I got a really interesting result when I was playing with paint on my gelliplate yesterday – it had sort of bubbles in the final print – I liked it, but it wasn't what I was after. Wonder if it was the heat? x

    1. That sounds like a very interesting result Susan. I wonder too if it was the heat, or you may just have discovered a new technique. xxx

  20. oooooh Barb dry socket is really painful! Just goes to show the power of the mind doesn't it – bloomin marvellous! Glad the retreats are going great guns. Much love Jayne

  21. I've had a dry socket and it was miserable .,the cause is washing out the blood clot in the tooth hole .,you probably swished it out with mouth wash . Just needed some packing and voila , pain gone .

  22. So glad you had a reprieve from your toothache today Barbara. I believe in this DT as when I get into something my pain goes at least eases off a little. I suppose it depends on how much it takes your mind away from the pain. Craft helps me a lot when I feel like doing it. Hope it's easier for you tomorrow now you've been back to the dentist. Love and hugs Pam xx

  23. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear you're still having problems with you tooth or shoukd i say socket, Ive never heard of dry socket before. I hope you can get it sorted quickly though. You are right about crafting though. I can lose myself in my crafting and also in a good book. I just go into my own little world and hours can pass! Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi to my lovely blog friends,
      hope today hasnt been as sticky for you.Had quite a productive day today making a screen to put into the gap when we open the patio door, so that Scamp doesnt get out but we can have some cool air into the lounge especially if the windows at the other end are open – lovely through draft! It works really well. I made one before but just used heavy duty staples to hold it together! Needless to say, it decided to give up the ghost on the hottest day weve had ( yesterday )! I badgered Dave into helping me today and have to say, we've done well! Hope you all have a good coolish night, love and hugs Alison xx

  24. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you are all ok, cooling off a bit here today, what a relief. I really can't cope with how hot it was yesterday. Actually went for a walk today lovely breeze, not too long a walk but need some exercise as really trying hard to loose some weight. My back has been a bit easier for a couple of days, so that's,a bonus. Even made a groovy card tonight too, that's why I'm late. Catch up on all the comments in the morning. Going off to bed now, night all. Love and hugs, Pam

    1. Morning pam about the tens machine I tried one a long time ago when I first went to pain management it didn't help me at all but with CFS it's a different pain but pain management lent me one to try so didn't need to buy one .glad to know your back pain has been a bit easier the past couple of days sending gentle hugs xxx

  25. I would like to say it worked for my too with my leg but I have to sit down on my massive bruises to craft! I did get engrossed in colouring at one point but was punished for it when I stood up and tried to walk !! X Hope you feel better soon Barbara. Xx

  26. Sorry to hear about your painful dry socket. A miracle that you could get through the retreat, but then distraction is so helpful. I've just had a most awful cold (will be fine by my retreat days) and diversions, including crafting, were the best way to cope, along with pills, fruit drinks and all the usual cold remedies.
    I hope the pain goes very soon. See you next week.
    Carol x

  27. Could agree when in craft zone all goes away step back and all thoughts pain etc flood back. So when we push we get through I need to start pushing had bad week with pain knee joint slipping out cannot straighten knee so fed up so have sat sorry go me self going away Friday so really need to pull finger out but cannot see through pain lots love hugs xx

  28. Hi Barbara
    Ouch that sounds incredibly painful, hope the dentist had managed to sort your jaw out, there's nothing worse than being in constant pain. Well I never we all knew crafting was good for us but now e know it's got a posh title. Hole you can get some sleep tonight and it gets sorted out soon. Sending hugs
    Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends hope everything is ok. It's been very warm here again today and no thunderstorms to cool It down. Sending hugs all round xxx

  29. Glad you have found out what was causing your pain. I think that tooth ache is the most draining pain of all. It is amazing how much craft distracts us from pain, both physical and emotional.

  30. So sorry to hear that you had awful toothache Barb and glad you are getting better now. What a trooper you were carrying on. Pain is a fascinating subjecto…I treated chronic pain patients…..have a look at some of the Explain pain work by Lorimer Moseley….it's not a simple cause/effect mechanism at all. Our brain and it's interpretation of input is everything…we don't even have pain pathways or receptors. Hugs xxx

  31. Oh poor Barb, toothyache is so miserable, hope you get it sorted soon.
    I know what you mean about the distraction thing – before I retired from facepainting I used to quip that I felt no pain when I was painting, you are so absorbed (and usually busy)and then when I got home at the end of the day, I collapsed in a heap! Happy days.
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  32. Yes, I find when I immerse myself in my crafting it takes me away to a place where there is no pain, unhappiness and just creativity. I do hope that you had a better night last night and that you get your socket sorted out.
    Linda xxxx

  33. Hi Barbara,
    all the best for your tooth!!!
    I go to the dentist twice a year and – thank god – I never had problems with my teeth.
    Rolf xxx

  34. This is so true, Barb; as you know, some years back I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis & there was a 2-3 month gap between diagnosis & my first hospital appointment 🙁 So, I spent said months in increasing pain & ever-decreasing mobility – needed a stick to walk, struggled getting out of the chair, off the loo, my hands were like claws, etc., etc., – but I still had promised card orders to fill & you know for those few hours, after dragging myself down to my workshop, I lost that pain – didn't feel it, didn't think about it – it was amazing! Thankfully, the meds I'm now on are brilliant & I don't suffer much at all (touch wood!) apart from the occasional flare-up; but, I still use crafting as therapy if I'm feeling angry, p**sed off, low, stressed – whatever – it never lets me down & never fails to lift me – what would we do without our crafting, eh?
    Do hope you spent a better night & that you get your dry socket sorted a.s.a.p.
    take good care,
    Liz M xxx

    1. Dear Liz can I ask what meds you take for your rheumatoid arthritis as I've been recently been diagnosed and one of the meds they put me on caused damaged to my liver so waiting for my bloods to go back to normal before I can go on something else .my heartfelt thoughts go out to you crafting is everything to me it's what's gets me through as well as comming to this blog hugs xxx

  35. Sorry for your pain Barbara you are so right about crafting and paini have Austio arthritis constant back pain my crafting has helped me over the years sometimes overwhelms me cry a lot now I'm old but it helps to try to keep busy keep crafting ladies 😘😘😘😘😘
    Love June Horrocks xxx

  36. Hello Barb, thank you for sharing this blog post, it is very true, craft is a healer, and a therapist. I know it helps me in many ways, and reading the comments none of us are alone. Hugs to everyone. Bx

  37. Oooh! poor you, sorry to hear about your sore mouth. I had an extraction last month. I used Chloroseptic sore throat spray (not sure of spelling?) It works a treat, cleans the wound and numbs pain. at the same time. It healed quite quickly too.
    When creativity ends for the day this may help.
    Feel better soon. Hugs Alexandra x

  38. Oooh! poor you, sorry to hear about your sore mouth. I had an extraction last month. I used Chloroseptic sore throat spray (not sure of spelling?) It works a treat, cleans the wound and numbs pain. at the same time. It healed quite quickly too.
    When creativity ends for the day this may help.
    Feel better soon. Hugs Alexandra x

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