Acrylic Paint meets Parchment….step by step.

Acrylic Paint meets Parchment….step by step.

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.

Once the workshop came to an end today, 
and we waved goodbye to our lovely guests,

I shot off to see the dentist again, to get to the root of the problem… (excuse the pun).
Nothing he could do to help except assure me that Dry Socket hurts like hell, (no shit Sherlock), 
but that it does get better after 2 to 3 weeks.
And the good news is it’s already been a week!

Thanks for caring, but worry not!

It’s not terminal. It’s just tooth ache.
And 2 things really, really help:
 Clove oil for numbing the area, 
and teaching for distraction.
Have an abundance of both.

Oh! And I’ve lost half a stone because I can’t eat properly.
Result !!!

At the workshop yesterday, Elaine, 
a traditional parcher and very clever crafter,
mentioned that you could use acrylic paint on parchment.

Mmmmm, thought I.
Velly interlesting….

So when I got back tonight,
 out came the Gel Printing plate and some blue paint.
It being 
Thursday’s blog is always BLUE.
(By the way, the project with the paints mostly worked today, because we kept the paints in the fridge overnight.)
Another valuable lesson!

Right. Ready?

Thought I’d go with Golden Open Phthalo Blue Acrylic Paint.
on the 8″ x 10″ Gel Printing Plate. 

excellent piece of kit. 
Spread with a brayer on one side,
so it’s lighter further into the middle.

Place the XL Town Stencil into the paint. 

Blot with copy paper.

Remove stencil.

Place A5 parchment down on the Gel Plate painted village

Peel your parchment print.
The result is very very cool.

Dries quickly too, which is surprising for an Open Paint,
but I didn’t use much either. 
I was after the translucency of Golden Open Paint.
I want to try the Fresco paint too, but it’s all in the fridge at the Rugby Club!!!

Pulled a second print, a ghost print on pink coloured parchment.
Very cool too.  

Very arty. 

But back to the blue.
So I thought, how would pencils work?
Answer: like a dream.

Next question. What about the embossing and whitework?
Answer: B R I L L I A N T !!!! 

Soft mat underneath and a couple of Ball tools.
Here’s the No. 6 Pergamano.
Excellent for shading larger areas.

4.5 Pergamano is good too.

Looks exactly the same, just a bit smaller!

But look how you can add highlights from behind!
I kept the painty side on the front and worked from behind.

There’s potentially hours of highlighting in them thar houses!
So I will settle for showing you the technique,
rather than complete the project.
I’m sure you understand. xx

But let’s get in a little closer.
Absolutely fabulous.

This is one I shall definitely come back to and work on again.
Reminds me of a Lowry, of Salford.

Time for bed now. 

All set for day 5 tomorrow.
Looking forward to welcoming our new guests. 

Love & Peace,


86 thoughts on “Acrylic Paint meets Parchment….step by step.

  1. So pretty and Chistmassy as well, looks a bit like snow!

    Really looking forward to coming to join you next week! Hope the next lot of guests have fun and the paint behaves x

  2. Fantastic project Barb. I'm thinking with a touch of glitter this would make a great Christmas card. Sorry to hear you are still suffering. Hope you are pain free very soon. Love xxx

  3. That is a fabulous project, Barbara. Another to add to all the fabulous projects from the Retreat, and I will be trying that one very soon. Thank you for a wonderful time at the Rugby Club this week. I would not have missed it for anything. Varied and challenging projects, a great teacher (Barbara) and assistant (Paul), and a wonderful team, lovely company. What more could you ask for? Would you notice if I snuck in at the back tomorrow, Barbara? Seriously, it was worth every penny, and every mile on the M25. Roll on next year. Clarity rocks! xxx

  4. I do hope that your tooth ache starts to ease soon Barbara. There's not much worse.
    As for this project, it's fabulous. I'm definitely giving this a go. I've been practicing my white work. I love the texture you get too. Looks amazing. Xx
    Plenty of rest now after a hectic few days. Xx
    Amanda. X

    1. Evening dear blog friends hope your all having a good day? I've done some groovi -ing. this afternoon now of to bed it's still too warm looking forward to rain that's been forecast for tomorrow sending lots of hugs to you all xxx
      A wee extra hug Dorothy thinking of you xxx

    2. A slight breeze here today so more comfortable and although we had rain this morning, the sun shone this afternoon. Awaiting some bits and pieces of craftiness to dry – many family birthdays and anniversaries next month! Hope you enjoyed your crafting today. ;~}

    3. Evening Sheila – my lovely! So glad to hear that you have managed to do some crafting today, I hope that you get some cooler weather soon! Take care and I hope that you have a good day tomorrow, love and special hugs, Gilly xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, glad to hear you managed some groovi, I put a lot of my plates in their folder today so that was a good start, I can now see what I've got, I was in a bit of a muddle with the baby ones! We've had a few spots of rain this evening xxxx

    5. Hello Sheila it's good that you got some crafting done. It's been a bit cooler here today so I got some deadheading and trimming done in the garden xx

    6. Hi Sheila, that's good that you managed some groovy today. Thank you for your helpful comment this morning. I bought a Tens machine this afternoon, even though I've been a little better the past few days, at least I have it to use when I do need it. Better try it seeing physio said aboutt it too. Pete can also use it when his shoulder plays him up. Still warm here too, did get a shower early this evening. Hugs and love to you.

    7. Hello Sheila, you are probably tucked up in bed by now but good to hear you've been groovi ing. It's been cooler here and we had rain bout 7 pm but it's still quite muggy. Sending hugs xxx

    8. Morning dear blog friends sending hugs for today I'm at the nurse for my bloods this afternoon it's still warm here but we are forecast rain so will see if they are right xxx☔️😊

    9. Hello dear Sheila. I hope you manage okay at the clinic, I've just got back from the hospital. so a bit shattered now. I had every intention of posting last night, but I went to bed just after 7 and didn't have the energy to get back up. What are we like!!!! Hugs xxx

  5. Hi Barbara, There's nothing worse than toothache, I really hope it gets better soon.
    This painty parchment is fabulous, did you use the pencils on the front of your parchment ?? The whitework on the back looks stunning.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. In your blog yesterday I mentioned packing the dry socket . That is what my dentist did years ago .
    He packed it and the pain went away completely. He just replace the blood clot with packing. .

  7. I don't really know what sort of problem you have with acrylic paint and having to put it in the fridge. I work since some 40 years with all sorts of acrylics and I wouldn't even get the idea to do that. But I never had a problem with the paints, whatever the wheather. Asking a painter friend in Florida if she does it and she was laughing what sort of jokes I make.
    Heat can affect oil paint, but not acrylic paint.

    1. Gosh! Here you are again! I haven't used the paints that Barbara is talking about, so I cannot comment on that. However, I have used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, in hot weather in Spain and it totally changed the success of the project. Our solution was to only use it in the coolest part of the day, i.e. early in the morning. Barbara didn't have that option, as the Retreats have to go ahead throughout the day!

    2. You do what's best at the time and obviously that worked ! Sounds a great idea and a sensible one to put them in the fridge, along with your nail polish !

    3. I'm sure Barbara wouldn't have gone to the trouble of doing it more than once if it hadn't worked for her class. Not everyone has the experience to work quickly and they need time to get it right.

    4. Acrylic paints contain oils. I can testify that the weather was exceptionally hot, and after being kept in the fridge,those paints worked as we expect them to. I spoke to my daughter about the problem, quite independently of Barbara, and she told me that heat such as we had often does affect acrylic paints. The fridge worked. Maggie

  8. Hi Barbara, what a wonderful art work on acrylic paints just shows what you can do with parchment.
    So much to learn it is like opening Pandoras box.
    But at the moment I am going slowly but very pleased with the results.
    I showed my friend my results on parchment , but she said she liked it better than stamping. Just goes to show.
    hope you are feeling a little better by the weekend.
    Lynn x

  9. Hi Barbara – I am pleased that you have managed to work out a strategy to deal with the chronic tooth pain! Lets hope that your pain ends in a much shorter time! I love the artwork – a truly wonderful result! Take care and sleep well – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – our weather has been much cooler today and we had some rain this morning. I am a VERY proud Mum this evening, my daughter Anna went for a job interview today for the position of Health Visitor and she got it!!!! She finishes her training in September – but is currently doing the job as a Trainee Health Visitor, having already passed all of the exams. She has worked so hard to get where she is and I have often wished that I was nearer to her, to give her help and loving hugs! However, I have done what I can from a distance, using phone, email and texts. Both Neill and I were willing her through her interview throughout and she told us that it helped her so much, which is all good! Feeling very tired this evening – it's funny it started to come over me just after I had received her text to tell us that she had got the job – bless her. So I shall say goodnight – love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly congratulations to your daughter that's fantastic news. Gosh you almost feel you are interview with them don't you, so no wonder you are tired. Sleep well xxx

  10. Hi Barbara, just wanted to pass on a tip Beloved Hubby was given by a dentist for severe tooth ache- not quite what you have, I know, but similar so should work. Get something really cold on it, like a bag of frozen peas. Sounds counter intuitive, I know, but it did actually work. Love the prints, by the way. And it was watching your video on inking, gelli plates and your stencils that actually got me to use a Gelli plate, and I had some great results, so Thank You! Hugs, Shaz x

  11. You poor soul Barbara. I had thought once your dentist knew the problem they would be able to do something to help you! At least there's a big positive out of it for you!!! and you can joke about it, even though I know you won't be feeling it's funny in the least! Just keep thinking you know it's going to end hurting in the not too distant future, and you're at least a third of the way there. Glad your distraction is helping, good that it's coincided with the retreats.

    Acrylic on parchment looks great, and opens up so many possibilities. Thanks for sharing. I must have a play, when I get brave enough to crack open the gelli plate!

    My new wind up toys arrived today, money well spent it seems. I'm waiting for the dark to see how bright the lantern is. Hopefully bright enough that it will let me read or do a bit of crarl, if the power is off. Daisy isn't happy though, it's quiet to wind up, but a new noise, and any new noise or smell makes her behave like there is a predator in her home 🙁 I've got the radio charging up on the windowsill, it works good too. I picked the one that had reviewers saying it charged up in normal daylight as well as sunshine, pretty pointless me getting one that you need sunshine for eh!!!

    Hope you have a good sleep with minimal pain, and you have fun with your next set of retreaters.

    Love Brenda xx

    Thanks again to everyone who said all those amazing things to me yesterday. I do feel a bit of a fraud though as nowadays my usual pains are just like normal to me, it's new ones or if they really intensify that cause me to feel/suffer it like a normal person would. I sleep with pain, often fall asleep in pain, and always wake up, and fall back asleep in pain too! Like I said I wish I could work out what my head does to let me handle and carry on through the pain like this as so many people could also benefit from it xx

    1. Hello Brenda that's such a relief your new toys have arrived, that was quick wasn't it. I'm sure Daisy will get used to them quite quickly and her curiosity will get the better of her in the end. Sending you a big hug xxxx

    2. Thank you Sheila, Chris and Diane. Yes that was super quick. The lantern is good for light in the dark :-). Both should help me when it happens in future, don't know why I've never looked before now! Quite ironic eh, we've gone back to the start with our wind up dynamo gadgets!!!xx

    3. Good afternoon Brenda. I hope the post comes for you today!!!
      I totally agree how ironic it is to be going backwards!. I only wish we could go back to good old coal fires. Not so many concerns then when we lost power. Love and Hugs xxx

    4. Hi Morag, I've been waiting for you to come here! The happy post came yesterday 🙂 Thank you so much, it's lovely, and totally unexpected. Sure did brighten my day yesterday, more than you can know. Still smiling. What a kind thoughtful thing to do, you're a lovely lady. Thank you so much for thinking about me and giving me your time. Hope you're having a good day, love and hugs xx
      And thank you also to the kind Clarity person xx

    5. Hello Brenda, I'm so pleased that it arrived safely, and it did what I was hoping for. I couldn't think of anyone who deserved it more. I am getting so much pleasure from doing random things each week. It was such a great idea from you. Love and Hugs xxx

  12. Hi Barbara, just need to find my brayer to have a go! Used it last time for one of the challenges and haven't seen it since. So much for tidying up. The white work on this makes it come to life as well. I'm sorry to hear about your dry socket, I know how painful it is, not from experience, thankfully, but my mum and friend have experienced it. If you ever have to have a tooth out again make sure you remind the dentist that you suffered as they can give you antibiotics straight away in case it happens again. I'm glad you've had your mind taken off it by the retreats but it must be wearing you out. Hope you can get a good night's sleep. x x

  13. Wow! Fabulous technique. I have to try this. I attended Maria's Groovi class on Tuesday and have just finished my project today. I have also been practicing pricking and cutting. Getting better with practice.

  14. Hi everyone, although I've read the last few blogs I've either been in Cornwall or too tired to respond, must be the hot weather I think, I've kind of collapsed in a heap and not been able to keep my eyes open in the evening. We had a great weekend in Cornwall and spent Saturday in Dawlish where we went on our honeymoon 33 years ago (Teignmouth actually but visited Dawlish a few times while we were there). Been out to lunch today, all I did at the weekend was go from meal to meal so I'm trying to be good this week, except today ! I had a big hot choc with marshmallows to finish! Hope everyone is ok and not too worn out by the heat. We've had a few spots of rain tonight and it's a lot cooler which is great ! xxx

  15. That looks so effective & gives me another excuse to get painty which you might have noticed I enjoy. Thank you so much for 2 fantastic days, I even managed to get to the pub & back to the spa without any detours tonight! Take care & thank you to everyone who gets all the equipment ready for us as well as you, Paul & Jane. I hope you realise how very much I enjoyed & appreciate the retreat -looking forward to next year.

  16. Amazing effect. I am first to admit paint is not my first choice to play with but will give this a try. Poor you, feel so sorry for you with toothache, not much that is worse. Glad retreats are going well. xx

  17. Wow very interesting, would never have thought of doing that, the possibilities are endless.Thanks for sharing, hope your tooth feels better sooner rather than later xx

  18. Wow very interesting, would never have thought of doing that, the possibilities are endless.Thanks for sharing, hope your tooth feels better sooner rather than later xx

  19. no idea how you can come up with something so wonderful when you are tired from workshops and feeling under the weather – but however you did it you did and it looks amazing

  20. I hope your jaw ache gets better soon pain is very wearing.
    Love the artwork. I had been thinking about buying some acrylics at Leyburn and they will go on the list now, the more uses for something the better. I am getting braver since I started going to Maria's class. I bought some Gesso and Mica along with my sale goodies and used them to rejuvenate an old coaster. I used adirondak and archival inks and stamped, inked, mica powdered and varnished and am pleased with the result. Only 11 more to do!!
    best wishes for the class tomorrow xx

  21. Wow love the look of this. Does remind you of Lowry paintings, which I am a fan of. That's an awful shame if you have to put up with toothache for a few more weeks. I too thought they would have packed it, but they are the professionals so they should know. Hope the pain goes away very soon for you, hugs.xx

  22. Dear Barbara I am so sorry to hear that you will have to put if with the pain – keep taking the clove oil! Marvellous news about the weight loss – every cloud…. Thank you for a fantastic couple if days – I have learnt such a lot! Anyone booked in this year's Retreats is in for a real treat! Take very good care. Love and hugs Caroline

  23. Dear Barbara I am so sorry to hear that you will have to put if with the pain – keep taking the clove oil! Marvellous news about the weight loss – every cloud…. Thank you for a fantastic couple if days – I have learnt such a lot! Anyone booked in this year's Retreats is in for a real treat! Take very good care. Love and hugs Caroline

  24. Hello to all my lovely blog friends, hope you've had a good day. Thank you to all of you who commented and helped me decide on whether to get a Tens machine or not, I decided to get one after all. If it doesn't help at least I've tried it. Dilemma in the shop though as they do wired or wireless. Got the wireless one as would be better if I used it at night, that's when the pain is worse. Still warm here and had some rain earlier this evening. Love and hugs, Pam xx

    1. Hi Pam, I hope the tens machine helps you as much as it helps my friends. I had to chuckle that its wireless – if it comes with a remote, take care. I can see the TVs channel not changing but you wondering why you pain relief machine is doing funny things!!! Sending hugs xxx

  25. Hi Barbara
    Sorry to hear the dentist couldn't help with the pain but good news about the weight loss!! This artwork is fantastic. Would never have thought parchment and paint. What a star. Love the way it 'pops' when you add the pencils. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello Diane. A lovely coolish breeze here this afternoon. I'm so pleased we live in such a changeable climate. It's true what they say isn't it. "If you don't like the weather…just wait a while! xxx"

  26. Great project, and glad that the workshops are going well and distracting you away from the pain. I so wish I could be there, but when I switched my handbag the other day it had one of your mum's little slate charm on it that I got at one of your workshops years ago, so I spent the day feeling lucky that I had been once x

  27. Hi Barb, sorry to hear that the tooth still aches, but pleased that the Retreats are going well. Love the idea of paint on parchment, and because of the Groovi baby plate in the latest club instalment, something I want to try. Hope day 5 goes well. Take care. Bx

  28. I love this acrylic on parchment using the Gelli Plate Barbara. I must say I thought the parchment would warp with the paint but not at all. Glad you have found the reason for the tooth pain but sorry it will be a little longer before you get rid of it. It's good that you are able to be distracted for bit whilst doing the workshops, and nice to know they have been going well. x

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