My Feet are killing me!

My Feet are killing me!

Greetings from Hampton Court Palace Flower Show!
Thanks for joining us!
Did we have a mother-daughter blast?

Was it beautiful ?

Did the weather smile on us?

Yes, yes and thrice I say yes!

Did I wear the wrong footwear?

All the way there, it rained. 
So we optimistically said that it was going to be an experience whatever the weather.
Secretly I was thinking if I hadn’t spent all that money 
on pre-booking the tickets, we could have blown it out.
You know how it is.
You make some special arrangements because you want to make a memory, and then the good old English weather rains all over it.

But as soon as we parked up, the sun came out!

We tested loads of the amazing different scented roses,

and then tested some delightful sandwiches and cakes
for afternoon tea…
Everything split right down the middle – fair and square!

Very posh in the Allium Restaurant, 
just before the crowds piled in!

Met a very nice Viking today…
He had a nice little house;
bit of a fixer upper, but hey ho. 
Prime turf, Hampton Court’s not cheap, you know…
Two years ago, I went with my Mum,
which was also lovely.
That was a treat.
The Alliums were out in force then too…
and I remember the weather was kind to us then too.
The only fly in the ointment today was my boots.
I KNEW it. I blimming KNEW it.
As we climbed on the shuttle bus first thing, I thought to myself, 
I really ought to change into my sandals.
Hadn’t worn my expensive 
because I thought the Allium Restaurant might not appreciate my traipsing through their posh westawon (that’s French).
Oh mon Dieu!
So I wore these newish leather boots just in case it wained.
And all I can say is they CWIPPLED ME.
Blisters on me blisters.
Didn’t spoil the day, but certainly shortened it!!
Ah well.
Put it down to experience. 
And THANK goodness I didn’t wear those puppies to Glastonbury!!!
Got to go.
Time for tea.
Making the most of Grace’s visit, 
whilst trying to prep for the retreats.
Early rise is the clear solution.
What is it with kids and sleep ??
Gracie aka Sleeping Beauty could kip until lunchtime 
if I didn’t go and torment her until she is up!
Facetimed Mark in California as soon as we got home, 
because we had heard about the riots in Oakland.
Guess where he was.
Yep. Another sleeping cherub.
All good. All safe.
Love & Hugs,

74 thoughts on “My Feet are killing me!

  1. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Pleased to hear you have had a good day – looks like an amazing place. Hope the blisters don't spoil the memories from today

  2. Looks like you had a fabby day despite the boots. Nice to have mother/daughter time. Enjoy the rest of Grace's visit – if you can get her out of bed. Lol xxx

  3. What a lovely day with Grace, hope you have your feet up now. Suggest you get some of those gel inserts for the those troublesome boots. Very pleased Mark is ok too, what a troublesome world at the minute but on a good night I'm glad you stopped to smell the roses lol xx

  4. Evening bloggy friends, watched Andy win the championship today and then Heather Watson win mixed doubles. Also saw the British wheelchair players win their matches, and then read that Lewis Hamilton won the British grand prix. Great day for British sport, roll on Rio! Xx

    1. Watched it all too, kitchen tv on and watching Andy while I ironed and conservatory one on while Mike watched the Grand Prix. Well done to the other successful Brits too and weren't the wheelchair lads inspiring? Saw them in action for the first time yesterday during the men's doubles and was blown away. ;~}

    2. Hi Donna yes it's been a day of sport here too, we watched the Grand Prix then Andy Murray then got Julian to help me with some urgent garden jobs before the wheelchair tennis and finally the football! Have you seen the adverts for Rio? The animals are lovely. Xxx

  5. Looks like a lovely day was had by you! Apart from the blisters that is! Comfy shoes from now on!
    The flowers look fabulous and so does the afternoon tea! Very civilised!
    Love and hugs to you! Xxx

  6. Looks like a lovely day was had by you! Apart from the blisters that is! Comfy shoes from now on!
    The flowers look fabulous and so does the afternoon tea! Very civilised!
    Love and hugs to you! Xxx

  7. Hi Barbara , well what a day you have had. Glad the weather was kind to you and you had some quality time together. Feet up and a glass of wine will help. Best wishes to you both.
    Lynn xx

    1. Evening all my dear family of blog friends thinking of you all sending hugs to all who needs one and a flower or two 💐 Hugs to all on the blog xxx
      I enjoyed the tennis seeing Andy win .another pain free day even mannage a very little crafting too resting now xxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Glad you had a good day ( apart from the pesky blisters) with Grace and pleased that Mark is ok too. I always get blisters whenever I go to London no matter which shoes I wear. Hampton Court is such a lovely venue for the flower show and one day I would love to go. Hope you have a restful night with your poor feet up. If you can get some dressings made from a seaweed derivative they are superb for blisters. I got some in a chemist in London and managed to walk around for a day and a half with no problem even though I had a 2 and 1/2 inch open blister on my heel! I think Boots sell some too. Your afternoon tea looked scrumptious as well. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi to my lovely blog friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day. Mine has been exactly the same as Donna's! Now watching the football, so a very lazy day ( although I did do my ironing whilst watching the Men's Final) . Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  9. What a great 'Hobbit' house. Have had too many blisters to count so now the 'sensible' shoes are worn when any walking is on the cards, however there could just be a pair of heels in a shoe bag tucked away in the foot of my handbag along with a box of Elastoplast! ;~}

  10. Lovely place Hampton Court, have not been to the flower show but would like to go. Great way to spend some time with Grace, glad Mark is ok. never stop worrying about them whatever their age. We spent the afternoon at friend's house for a barbecue, guess what happened as soon as Dave lit up, yep it rained heavily. Still had a great time though. Soak those feet and get some rest before the Monday madness. xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    It looks beautiful at Hampton court, haven't been for a few years but still have a couple of plants we had to buy! The afternoon tea looks lovely too, what a great idea, shame about the blisters though. How many roses did you buy? Don't they smell and look lovely. I had to laugh about kids and their beds, I've got one like that too – I expect our mums said the same!! Good to know mark is ok and they are both safe and sound. Enjoy your evening and the foot soak.
    Live Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends , I hope everyone is ok. Brenda are you still dancing around with Daisy after Andys win?its been a good day sport wise hasn't it. I wonder if Barbara bought the Viking hone with her as a new garden ornament?!! Sending hugs all round xxx

  12. Hello my dear blog friends. I've been out of action the last few days rolling around in pain. I have Post Cholecystectomy Syndrome, after a gallbladder op went badly wrong a couple of years ago. Sod's law that I'd already bought my train ticket to Doncaster to meet up with a friend at the Craft Fair. I had been looking forward to meeting Jane too. Maybe better luck next year.
    Dot, dear, I'm so pleased to have seen you back, but I am so sorry to hear about your Mum. Brenda, as soon as I'm up and running, I'll come up with a RAK. That is a wonderful idea. Thinking of you all. Love and Special Hugs xxx

  13. Oh you do make me laugh Barbara. The blisters will soon be forgotten, your day of special memories to cherish never will. Glad you had a good day, and the sun shone for you. And glad Mark is safe and well, at least they can't come to harm if they are tucked up in bed!

    Didn't know vikings lived in Hobbit holes 😉 And that rose looks like mine, silver jubilee is the variety of mine, a beautiful scent. Although mine isn't looking as healthy as that one because of black spot from all the wet weather, despite it getting it's sulphur spray each month! At least it won't stop it flowering, nor kill it, that's the main thing. When it's warm enough to have the front windows open I'm getting a beautiful smell coming in from my carnations. waiting on the sweet peas joining them. Hope you enjoy the rest of the time you have with Grace at least as much. love Brenda xx

  14. Look like you had a wonderful day with Grace despite the blisters. I always think of days like that as making memories, even if you do remember that day as the day you went to the flower show and got blisters.

  15. Aww thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us
    Sounds like a good time was had by all except for your poor feet
    I spent a little while with Maria at the Doncaster show what a talented lady she is and so helpful
    Enjoy your family evening xxxx

  16. Sorry to hear about your blisters – what a nuisance, still it looks a lovely day and the afternoon tea mmm!

    We watched the tennis all weekend – did you see Serena read the I Rise poem by Maya Angelou, I thought that was lovely. Excellent day for the Brits. Just finishing it by watching the football, looks like a long night, I hope someone scores in extra time as I stress at penalties and feel sorry for who misses ! Will be glad to get back to normal now so that the garden can have a bit more attention.

    Going to see Ab Fab tomorrow afternoon ! xxx

  17. Hya Barb. Oh how I love my daily read of your blog, especially when we have a peek into your life with your lovely family. I'm dead jealous of your visit to Hampton Court too. I went once and it rained heavily and the girlfriends I was with laughed at me for taking my plastic poncho but guess who had to brave the downpour to buy them some ponchos!!! All good fun though.

  18. what a lovely blog. So glad you enjoyed yourselves. I was thinking of you both today. I did not even get to my allotment. I might shrink even smaller if I was rained on. Spent the day trying to get some semblance of order upstairs with half a bedroom still waiting for parts! Not like Clarity – the orders do not have bits missing.
    Next year must go to Hampton Court – better than Chelsea as I can see more. Husband watching The Hobbit – cannot get my head round that and so I have been trying to chill and colouring in my Clarity santa and his reindeer and sleigh. Funny sort of day, neither one thing or the other. Problems here and so the brain not totally committed. Tomorrow, will be better – PMA! – got to keep going with that.
    Love to everyone out there.
    Anne (Reading)

  19. A very happy day I csn tell despite the bloomin Glad that Mark is safe and well too. We all worry about out offspring even if they live up the road but expecially so when they are a long way away. x

  20. Lovely blog, glad you enjoyed yourselves despite wearing those boots. Go Walks are the answer soooo comfy!
    I remember the time when as a late teenager my son's bedroom curtains were never opened. He seemed to go out when we went to bed and go to bed as we got up!! He's 38 now and a master of falling asleep anywhere anytime. Uses it as a way of staying up late. He also works shifts so napping tops up his sleep.

  21. Sounds like a perfect day apart from the sore feet foot spare tomorrow may be glad Mark is safe oh to sleep till midday don't think ever have unless really ill night xxx

  22. Hi Barb, sounds and looks like you and Grace had a fabulous time despite the blisters. Pleased to hear Mark is safe. Hope you had a good nights rest. take care. Bx

  23. A lovely day of memories for you and Grace. Beautiful roses and Alliums, I had an Allium like that in the garden last year but it failed to come up this year. Such a shame. Afternoon tea looks amazing. Poor you with sore feet Barbara, I know a bit about that. Hope they felt better after a soak and rest. So glad Mark is safe.xx

  24. Morning Barbara, Such a lovely, lovely blog post, fabulous piccies, I'm so glad that you both had a fantastic time, albeit the blisters, I bet your face was a picture when you took off the boots !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  25. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, didn't get on here last night as the blog the wasn't up when I looked, then got hooked on watching a DVD my daughter bought us for Christmas, Breaking Bad. We went to the garden centre for lunch just to get out really, finished off a groovy birthday card and made a few meal to put in the freezer and one to bake for tonight. Like you Morag and Chis not into tennis or any sport really. Hope you feel better today Morag, my back has been awful again, so really feel for you. Glad your pain is still bearable Sheila, but don't overdo things. Wishing you all a good day today. Extra hugs for Dot, Love and hugs to you all and everyone on the blog.

    1. Hi pam feel it for you you been in so much pain glad you have mannaged to craft it helps dosent it ? Sending hugs for today my pain is still controlled I just need to learn not to push myself as my CFS kicks in pretty fast xxx

  26. Looks like a wonderful day out with Grace, and I'm sure the positive memories outweighed the blisters. My pal has a love affair with shoes, but all her shoe boxes are labelled – 1 hour shoes, taxi and dinner only shoes etc!!! I've got to the stage that I don't buy them if I can feel any discomfort, so all my shoes are comfy shoes – not glamorous, but who cares x

  27. Glad you had such a good day at Hampton Court, despite the poorly feet. Lots more happy memories to hold on to For the future. You must be so proud of the way you brought your children up to be lovely independent and happy adults. xxx Maggie

  28. Fabulous photographs Barbara, the sun shone especially on you and Grace spending quality time together. Gorgeous cute cherub too! Hope your feet recover soon.
    Linda xxx

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