Beautiful Bamboo

Beautiful Bamboo

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Pleased to report it’s been a very productive day.
Thought I’d spend a Groovi hour to round it off, too.

Since the best of the best of the best Sir! 
have joined the Groovi revolution,
(ie Tina Cox, Linda Williams, Pat Murphy and Josie Davidson),
the whole Groovi gig has gone to a whole other level!
Which is all very, very exciting, 
but I do feel I have got a little left behind skill-wise.
I really ought to make more time to learn that lovely picot cutting…
but not this week!
What I love about the Groovi system is that you can still make lovely artwork without having perfecting those skills. 
So this means I don’t get despondent, I don’t feel less than.
I just enjoy what I CAN do,
and look forward to learning more. 
Give time time, as they say….
 Easy one following…..
I want to put a couple of little butterflies in front of the banner.
like this:
Here’s what I came up with.
Slot the banner border 
in the new Border Plate Mate.
Tape the parchment into place.
designed by Tina Cox xxxx
underneath the parchment, and position them exactly where you would like to see them.
Trace them into place, using the No. 1 tool which comes with the Starter Kit. 

Slide the Bamboo plate back out, 
and then add the banner behind them.
Next add some bamboo behind the banner….
until you like what you have. 

Square Nest Plate to make a double-frame.
This plate is a very important player.
The Renaldo of the Groovi Team!
He can also make a rectangle; just slide along.
Trace out the banner on a scrap,
 and write what you want to say on the front.
When you flip it over, you have your key.

S e r e n i t y .
Start from the middle of the word and work your way outwards.
The Y got a bit obscured, but heck!
The mind will work it out!

Soft mat.
Do a little embossing on the bamboo leaves,
using the No. 4 tool, then the No. 3 tool.

As soon as I went to add some highlight to the Bamboo, 
I realised we needed a light source.
Out with the Landscape plate from the Starter Kit, 
and in with the moon…

Bit of white detail on the butterflies…

A blue/grey Distress Marker – Weathered Wood – worked really well.
Colour in from the back.
And this is where I get off the Groovi Train today.
Attached to a blue piece of parchment and white card with blue brads.
I used our punch to hold it in place. 

Now what I really would like to learn is to picot cut all around the outside of the frame and the leaves.
But right now, Grace is here. 
There’ll be plenty of time to picot cut round whatever,
but not tonight. 
I have enjoyed doing this though. It hit the spot for me xx
So if you have time,
try a little picot cutting for me!
I’m helping Gracie this evening with an audition tape she’s submitting for some big cheese in New York.
And Dave’s the cameraman when he gets home!
So keep your fingers and toes crossed that she gets the part. 
Also, she’s done a voiceover for a certain shampoo ad here in the UK, which is coming out about now – 
see if you can hear her…..
All good fun and interesting.
Love & Hugs

80 thoughts on “Beautiful Bamboo

  1. I will certainly do some cutting for you this week, Barbara. Perforating and cutting is my homework this week from the lovely Patricia White. I was on embossing last week but I have moved on to perforating and cutting crosses, slots, flowers etc, with embossing in between. While Grace is here, you are right to grab every second possible with your family. The picot edging can wait for another day. Enjoy whatever you do. xxx Maggie

    1. One day I try the snipping and thin I've got it. The next day I try and I've lost it again. I've tried snipping left to right, right to left, twisting left to right right to left and still trying!

  2. My groovi work is improving, white work is coming along I don't go through the parchment now. Snipping is definitely a work in progress, sometimes it looks goodish and sometimes it just looks like I've attacked it with a tiny mouse!! Practice, practice……holidays are coming! Xx

  3. Hi bloggy friends, hope everyone is well today. Thanks to Julia I have discovered I like using the tweezer type snips so I will need to place an order for them. In the mean time I will need to get my scissors out and start practising again. Xx

    1. Hi Donna I can see you and Julia are going to lead us astray! I had my scissors for my birthday but haven't had a play with them yet! I must give them a go. I love your description of a small mouse nibbling the parchment – what a thought!! You must be on the count down by now 😀Xxx

    2. Hi Donna,
      Just think of all that crafting you'll be able to do very shortly! I've had a pair of the snips for years but they are a bit bent, I think I'll have to get some more! Love and hugs to you and Phoebe, Alison xxx

  4. Have to admit I have not done much Groovi at all lately, sadly just not had much spare time. Hoping that going to change a bit now so maybe I can catch up too. Good luck to Grace and I will listen out for her voice. Bet you are very proud of her. xx

  5. That's lovely Barbara!
    I doubt myself all the time especially with my parchment stuff but then I remind myself that I'm 100% better than I was this time last year and the more I do the better it gets! I don't pretend to be an expert…. Far from it but I just enjoy the challenge. And now we have even more parchment experts on board it gives me even more to aim and aspire to!!!!
    So in the meantime I'll just keep practicing and doing the best I can! The groovi system really has brought a new craft to so many people.
    Love and hugs xxxx

    1. Hi Jane I love my groovi your so right it has given me a total new way to craft it looks so professional even with the basic steps I've mannaged to make some special cards very personal xxx

  6. Love today's blog card, funningly enough I have been having a practise this afternoon of the picot edging, as like you I seem to be behind. Not really perfected it yet, but there has been a slight improvenent. Will try this card out later this evening. Being fair the groovy still looks amazing without it, but still want to learn. Good Luck Grace hope you get the part. Will listen out for the shampoo voice over advert. Did you tell us what the part was that Grace got a few months ago Barbara, and has she done it yet? Of course we won't see it if it's in America. Enjoy your time with Grace. Love and hugs, Pam xxx

  7. A lovely project, I think the snipping should wait and you enjoy your time with Grace, good luck to her with her project too ! I'll listen for the advert but I'm not very good with that so I hope you'll let us know in due course!

    I've done two lots of cutting this last week, my first attempts, scissors first time and snips the second, I found the snips easier but will still try with both.

    Hi everyone, Went to see Ab Fab this afternoon – excellent and will watch again when it comes on telly! I even spotted Judith Chalmers! Hubby cooked tea tonight – we had cooked breakfast so I've left him washing up! The weather has been so blowy today but my water butts are empty so I had to hose the pots – the wind dries them out more.

    I've got a couple of birthday cards I need to do, one for Weds and one to take to Cornwall this weekend, then I can't wait to unpack my Night before Christmas plates! xxx

    1. Hi Jackie
      Good to hear you enjoyed Ad Fab – it's great for people spotting isn't it – I'm sure I'd spot more if I watched it again!! I know what you mean about the pots, all that rain then a couple of blowy days and they are as dry as a bone! Happy crafting. Xxx

    2. Yes, I'd like to see it again to see who I missed! It was a bit of escapism and fun. I'll wait for it to come on telly now as hubby will watch it then. x

  8. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope today has been good for you. I didn't get on here last night, but put a comment on this morning. Hope you won't disown me for watching Breaking Bad, not my sort of series at all, goes against most of my principles, just how do you find yourself feeling sorry for a guy that's behaved like the main character has. Nevertheless I do. Lovely to see you back Dot, hope you are feeling better Morag. Love and hugs to you all. Pam xx

    1. Hi Pam, I must go back and read your comment 😀. It's ok you're amongst friends here, we won't judge. I'm sure we all have programs we watch but wouldn't admit to! Hope you are ok xxx

  9. Evening Barbara I like you going at a slow place with the groovi I cannot do they picot so it's refreshing to be at the beginning.have a fun time with grace been here that's what is most important sending crafting hugs to you both good luck with the part grace xxx

    1. Evening dear blog friends thinking of you all hugs to those who need them hugs to all on the blog xxxx
      I'm having another pain free day but resting today as need to conserve my energy as have two appointments this week xxx

  10. Stunning blog – got to have that plate. I am beginning to pick and mix groovis but not quite there. I do agree with you, you can do something special without all the intrixscasies – cannot spell that tonight – shocking. Got to make time to have a groovi session – not enough hours in the day
    Love to all the bloggers and some for you and the family
    Anne (Reading)

  11. Hi Barbara & ladies, today's Groovi design is beautiful and just love the colour.I like most are still practicing the cutting but must try harder! !!. Hope Grace gets on well keeping my fingers crossed for her.

    Hi ladies, hope you all have had a good weekend Derbyshire was beautiful weather missed the rain. Hope you are all well.
    Lynn xx

    1. Hi Lynne, we had rain on Sunday in the south but cleared up in the afternoon – just in time for Wimbledon. Weather today was much better though apart from a rumble of thunder or two this evening. Xx

  12. A lovely project today. I recently bought this plate but haven't used it yet. I need to get back into picot cutting but I think that is something for dark winter evenings not wet summer ones, lol! I've been planning what I will spend my voucher on and I have filled one side of an A4 piece of paper. I'd better get my skates on or I'll miss the sale. I was supposed to be on jury duty on Wednesday but received a letter today to say they don't want me anymore. I'm so pleased with that, a big thing off my mind.

  13. Hi julia glad your not on jury duty less stress more time to craft I'm writing my list for my voucher comming nearly at the £50 now lots of clarity goodies looking forward to the post man with my sale parcel too happy choosing xxx

    1. Sheila, I'm at £150 at the moment. I've got big ideas. I 'want' some of the new artistry ink pads (the big ones of course) a couple of word chains, the new safari animals and the two wee africas, some stencils, some of the sale stamps… Well, it is so difficult to choose.

    2. What are you two like!! I've just started my list, but one or two extras are being added as I look through, I like this bamboo plate, might have to add this to my list!! Xxx

    3. Hi Julia,
      I'm glad you haven't got to go for jury service. I'm making a list on what to spend my voucher on too – I'm up to £200 so something has got to go!! The problem is Barb keeps enticing me with more goodies! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  14. I love this Barbara – I am new to Groovi and have so much more to learn and practice. Have fun with Grace and store all of your happy memories of the time together. Wishing her all the luck in the world, in getting this new part. Hugs to you both, Gilly xx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I have missed you all so much. I had a great day with my daughter and her 2 boys on Saturday and I passed on a few family heirlooms to her – she was delighted with them all. Yesterday, Neill put his back out (which does happen from time to time) – he is in so much pain and I am finding it hard to watch him having to suffer like this. I crumpled last night, as I just felt that we had both reached our limit! Still, today I am more rational and I have now arrived at my cousin's house in Derby and her and her husband are looking after us both so very well. Please excuse me not commenting to each of you, but I don't really feel up to it and also it's rude of me to spend too much time whilst being here. Glad to hear that you have been so much better Sheila and that you have been resting too – love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Gilly, you just make the most of your time away. We will all still be here when you have time. I hope Neill's back will ease off quickly, I suffer from sciatica every now and then so I sympathise.

    3. Dear blog friend enjoy your time been spoilt come here when you can no wonder your struggling so life is never easy and when you have so much to deal with its harder to do lots of love and hugs xxx

    4. Hi Gilly, enjoy your holiday and time with your family, we will catch up when you are home again. I hope Neil's back is easier soon. You have both had such a tough year it's bound to catch up with you eventually but look after yourselves xxx

    5. Hi Gilly,
      Sorry to hear about Neil's back, hope he gets well soon . You are both going through a lot at the moment, I'm not surprised you crumpled. I spent three years in Derby at Bishop Lonsdale College and there is some fabulous scenery around there. Hope you have a lovely time with your cousin. Take care, love and hugs Alison xxx

  15. Sorry no cutting for me this evening…..hands covered in nettle stings…..ouchy….collecting weeds for my baby tortoises. Have a nice night with Grace. Wish her well. Love your card. So delicate . Hugs xxx

    1. Oh Emma that's dedication for you. We've not tried our family tortoise on nettles, he likes dandelions and buttercups but is very fussy with his lettuce, has to be Romaine hearts, and the runner beans have to be fresh! I expect your tortoises are tiny and so cute ( Fred is quite large!!). Xx

    2. Hi Emma,
      Sounds very painful – I always react badly to nettle stings so you certainly have my sympathy there! You'll definitely have to wear gloves next time. Love and hugs Alison xx

  16. This is a very beautiful piece of art. All the lovely, fancy techniques that the experts do are very impressive, but I think the simple pieces have a charm of their own. Just white and one colour, and the wonderful line art – so elegant.

    Enjoy your time with Grace, quite right that now is not the time for picot cutting! Good luck with her audition hope, it goes great!

  17. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, it looks lovely without the fussy picot cutting so you're doing a good job. Time spent with Grace is far more important and as other gave said, there will be time one day for the fancy stuff. Good luck Grace for the audition tape, I will listen out for the shampoo ad. Have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends I hope everyone is ok. It's been a lovely sunny day here today, with a few rumbles of thunder tonight. Managed to have a groovi play this afternoon but haven't been brave enough to start the pricking and cutting yet. I will give myself a talking to though and make a start on it soon! Sending hugs all round xxx

  18. All best Grace hope you get your part be listening out for the shampoo add on TV . You are looking and sounding so much more chilled big hugs to you both, Katie sends her love is on count down to alley pally and seeing you again night xxx

  19. Hi Barb,
    Really love this artwork! The plate is gorgeous and you chose the right word in serenity. I will certainly be giving this one a go hopefully today. Hope the filming went well and that Grace gets the part. Will listen out for the advert and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi to my blog friends,
      Sorry I'm so late but had terrible day yesterday. Got up and could hardly walk! For some reason the knee that I had replaced 4 years ago was really stiff and painful out of the blue. I think I must have been sleeping in a funny position or something. I ended up going back to bed for a bit. When I got up a few hours later it was a little easier but then got migraine! Ended back in bed!! Fortunately I've got up today and migraine has gone and none of the usual side effects and my knee is much better, still a bit sore but I'll see how it goes and if it's still playing up ,I'll have to go and see someone about it. Hope everyone has a good day, love and hugs Alison xxxx

  20. Morning Barbara, This is really gorgeous, I love everything you have done on this card. I now need to get the border plate mate, as I'm waiting for my border plates to arrive.
    I hope everything went well with Grace's audition tape and the filming, and am sending Good Luck thoughts.
    I love the 'Serenity' banner on your card, I could certainly do with some of that hahaha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  21. I love the banner and the bamboo and butterflies you have used here Barbara and the lettering fits beautifully … gorgeous! I hope Grace's audition tape goes well and I will look out for the voice over. x

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