I have no Words.

I have no Words.

Hello there.
Thanks for popping in.
Came home from a lovely day with a smashing team 
at Crowborough
to shocking news of the 84 year old French priest, 
who was murdered during this morning’s mass.
They slit his throat in front of his congregation 
and took 4 others hostage. 

What a mad mad mad world this is.

So I came away to my room, to think about that priest,
and the other poor souls involved in Rouen.

Words fail me.

I have to have a time of silence, 
to speak with the old man.
I need to tell him that 
I am so very very sorry that he suffered such a violent end.

Such a senseless, atrocious execution.

I am Priest.

Our good Brother Jacques Hamel.
May he rest in peace in heaven. 

I have put his memory respectfully by the window,
with the others who went before him.

I have no words.

Love & Peace.

74 thoughts on “I have no Words.

  1. Your window is too full. I hope there are no more additions for a long time but that feels so unlikely given the events of the last few weeks.
    We certainly live in sad times.
    There are too many troubled people, we need to spread smiles and joy to try to banish all the pain there seems to be all around us.

  2. Beautifully put for such a sad atrocity! The world has gone completely mad! I've stopped watching the news some days as it depresses me so much that I cannot function! Hugs xxxx

  3. A true tribute to a priest who Lived a long life to be ended like this .i did some colouring tonight some clarity stamped ones takes the mind of such cruelty hugs to all xxx

  4. Shocking…The Arch Bishop of Rouen, was at the time speaking to a group of young Catholics in Krakow, and after hearing this dreadful news, asked they should not give up, but become apostles for a civilisation of love…..Whatever one's faith or beliefs may be ,
    now is a time for unity, for humanity….

  5. Oh my! IVe been out for a happy day with friends and completely unaware of this horrendous news. What a sad world we live in right now – I Just don't know what to say!

  6. Indeed it is all chocking as people showing a behavior like that… Unbelievable…
    Glad to know you are safe and sound. Take care out there and believe you are safe by the Love Light of the God … Bless you 😀

  7. Yeah, me no coping, very distressed and hurting.
    All I come up with is we make even more of an effort with our RAKS/ATC 'just to brighten your day' RAKS, if you're up for it guys. Lets spread as much love, and compassion, and kindness round as we all can, and think about Father Hamel as we do. My heart and head is not in it today though, but I will be making an extra effort. It's a pity we can't make a collection of ATC RAKS from us all and send them to France.
    Take care Barbara, love Brenda xx
    love to Father Hamel too xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Barbara, I can understand what you're saying. Sorry if I got something wrong. Is it wrong to be suggesting it to everyone who would like to join in, and suggesting we make extra effort? I was just trying to do my bit as I am struggling to come up with ones that are extra to what I would normally do, being so isolated. Sorry everyone, I won't mention it again xxx

    2. Hello Dot, so good to hear from you. I think about you every day. Hope things are as ok as they can be for you. Big cuddles back xxxx

      I'm really lost here, so not understanding. Stupid Asperger's brain. I'm feeling 'locked in' (is what I call it). Can someone please help, explain to me? I thought Barbara was trying to explain to me that I did something wrong by talking about us doing more RAKS, and increasing our efforts, but Dot is saying she thinks Barbara is backing me up. That's opposites. I don't have a clue. And now I'm making everything a huge mess, and getting upset because it's all going wrong, I'm making it all go wrong, someth8ng that was supposed to be a good thing. And I don't understand, and don't know how to make it all ok again, and I don't know what's right and wrong to say/do, and I don't have anyone to ask to help me. Sorry, sorry, sorry everyone. I shouldn't have spoken today, and then I wouldn't have made this mess. xx

    3. Brenda, I really don't think that you have said anything wrong at all. I think Barbara was just clarifying RAKS because there may be people on here that are not familiar. Please don't worry, and try to calm yourself. You have no need to apologise, you haven't made a mess. You suggested we all make more effort to do RAKS, and Barbara just made it clear that we keep what we do, or plan to do, to ourselves. I hope you can settle yourself down Brenda, I hate to think of you being upset, and worrying for no reason, just a misunderstanding. Big hugs xx

    4. Thank you so much Lorraine. I understand now 🙂 Relieved I didn't do anything wrong. And I'm glad Barbara explained what RAKs are and what to do, for any new people, I'll remember to include that next time I say. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I really appreciate it xx

    5. I think also Barbara means that it is better just to do them knowing we have helped someone and not tell lots of people what we've done and how good or kind we've been. It's a lovely idea and a good way to do something to make the world a better place for someone else.

    6. Thanks Chris. I agree with you and Barbara. Saying what we've done then makes it about us, and it's not about us, it's about making things better/brighter for other people in the world. And if you can manage to do any when even the recipient doesn't know it's you, they're the best ones, I feel. It's like being a wee fairy 🙂 xx

    7. Brenda Dear. It's obvious that you understand it perfectly now. There will be many people happier because of your kind suggestion. "Like being a wee fairy" is a lovely way to explain it. Love and Hugs xxx

  8. Just gets worse no words to say complete shock love you peace of art very appropriate just so sad seeing it increasing ray the others are alright what a horrible thing to witness that poor church family xxx

  9. We are here yet again, sad and disbelieving. What is happening, why such awful things happening. I said only a short while ago that I hoped that your shrine wouldn't grow and yet it has.I pray for all affected and that there will be an end soon. We all walk together with you Barbara x

  10. Hi Barbara,
    last week in Germany:
    Axe attac in a train close to Würzburg – gun rampage in Munic – Bomb attac in Ansbach (all cities in Bavaria)and a machete attac in Reutlingen (Baden-Württemberg).
    Everything happened during one week!
    I have no more words as well.

  11. Hi Barb,
    Words fail me today. I don't know what is happening in our world at the moment. There is too much evil in it. It is just beyond my comprehension. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been affected by these atrocities. Your art is beautiful as is your shrine, but I earnestly hope that you do not need to add to it. Love and hugs, Alison xx

  12. Your piece art is beautiful. I feel desperate for our world, the pain and sadness which is being inflicted seems unbearable and we need peace. Thank you for art.X

  13. A beautiful tribute, I was brought up Catholic and to me killing a priest is just unthinkable, but to do it in such a way and in front of his congregation, you are right, there are no words.

  14. A beautiful tribute, I was brought up Catholic and to me killing a priest is just unthinkable, but to do it in such a way and in front of his congregation, you are right, there are no words.

  15. The terrible news of the last week makes one feel completely powerless as an individual to fix these problems. We can only hope that there will come a time when we can learn to live with one another and accept that we are all different and celebrate that not decry it. Your art is perfect as a memorial for that priest Barbara, but your window sill will soon be full up so let's hope there will be no more reasons to do it. x

  16. That is appalling news. I had not heard any news today so reading your blog was a dreadful shock. I try to look always for a positive but now I can only be thankful that most of us can still be so disbelieving that people can behave in such a way. xxx Maggie

  17. Sometimes I could just cry for the things that are happening in this world, but that's what theses people want fear and distrust, I can't put into words how sad I feel for the world, but things have to go on and not let these awful people win. xx

  18. No true religion would condone the taking of life. These people have hate and evil in their hearts. Where does this hate come from. My thoughts are with the priest and the others caught up in this madness. A life of dedication to others to end like this. Pure evil. How do we stop these atrocities happening. How do you fight evil. With good you might say but will that protect innocent people who are being killed in increasing numbers and we seem powerless to stop it. Love will triumph – we must cling to that belief. We must spread tolerance, compassion and caring for others in everything we are and do. I know that the good in the world out weighs the bad and it will triumph. Much love Jayne

  19. I am so sad and helpless.

    Liebe Barbara, da ich weiß, dass Du deutsch versteht schreibe ich es in Deutsch.
    Ich wohne in Zirndorf, das ist bei Fürth/Nürnberg.
    Wir haben hier ein Erstaufnahmelager in Zirndorf. Glaube mir, mir ist nicht wohl.
    Meine Tochter (17 Jahre alt) fährt tæglich von Zirndorf nach Nürnberg. Sie hat angst, jeden Tag.
    Bei uns in herrscht ja fast schon ein Ausnahmezustand mit diesen fürchterlichen Anschlägen in kürzester Zeit.
    Die Menschheit vernichtet sich selbst😞

  20. Hi Barbara, An horrific end for a man of God, and in front of his Parishioners too, such a senseless killing, whatever has this World come to !!!!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  21. After such a fantastic day at Crowborough, with some amazing crafters – was so shocked to hear the atrocity of the poor priest who died for his faith. Absolutely numbing really how depraved some people can be – we can only do our best to make sure we lift ourselves to a higher level by being kind and good to each other. So sending hugs and love to everyone – we are all one xxx

  22. Barbara..I watch you avidly as your work has always inspired me…However your beautiful words in the wake of such an horrendous act have taught me that you are an inspiration in a new way. Fr Hamel is in a much better place now…and would not swap with us,here, for anything.Eternal rest grant…

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