Yupo Paper Landscape….

Yupo Paper Landscape….

Hi there!
Sorry I’m late!
Work got in the way…

Thanks for popping in though.
Another rainy day in the south.

Thought I’d have a play with the new YUPO paper, to unwind.
It really is THE most therapeutic unwinder!

All you need is a pack of A5 Yupo paper

some alcohol inks:

and some felts

Let’s make a landscape.
It’s a piece of cake.
Drip some Stonewashed Alcohol ink on the felt
and using an applicator, dab dab dab away.
Go round the edge with the light blue.

Get a clean felt and add some Lettuce alcohol ink.
Dab dab dab over the blue.

Next drip a little Wild Plum on a clean felt 
and add some flowers at the front.

Let’s start some hills,
Swipe the side of the green felt across the opening.

Shatter the stripe with the pink and green felts.
Just dab dab dab along the edges.

If you add a little more Stonewashed 
over the top of the pink and green,
the colours blend wonderfully

Now for a sun.
Drip some yellow alcohol ink directly onto the Yupo.
Let it spread….

Use a paper stump to tidy up the edge of the orb.

By dabbing over areas, like the sun, 
you can push objects into the background instantly. 

Time to get my favourite little boy out. 
I think I shall call him Mark.
He always works perfectly. 
Ink up Mark in Black Archival and gently stamp him into place. 

I want to try something.
Let me do this before you do, just in case…
Use a cloth to wipe Mark off,
leaving a grey shadow.
Now aren’t you glad I did this before you?!?!?

Now for a drop shadow. 
Reink Mark in the black Archival, 
and then lower him back into the same place,
only up a tiny tad.
If you wear bi-focals, it will happen automatically!
See the grey drop shadow?
More luck than judgement!
Stepping away for a moment though…

The large boulders at the front are created by twisting the inky felt on the Yupo and then letting it spread.

So now I need a hand….
Which background colour is best, do you think?



Dark Purple?

Or grey?

Hope you enjoyed that one.
I certainly did.
There’s something almost magical about shattering the layers of ink with more ink, and building landscape layers. 
I think we will try Alcohol inks on the Yupo paper at the retreats.
This is something everybody should try.

Take care.
Love and hugs,


119 thoughts on “Yupo Paper Landscape….

  1. Now you know me….I just love pink….. But in this case I am going to say Deep Purple all the way!
    Fantastic artwork!
    Getting excited now….a month today I'll be travelling down to the retreat! Yay!!!
    Love and hugs to you!xxxx

  2. Now you know me….I just love pink….. But in this case I am going to say Deep Purple all the way!
    Fantastic artwork!
    Getting excited now….a month today I'll be travelling down to the retreat! Yay!!!
    Love and hugs to you!xxxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Wow! This is brilliant. Absolutely love it. Does it have to be alcohol ink or would distress reinkers work? Not that I've got the paper yet! I think your piece of art looks best mounted on the deep purple. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Hope you're all ok and Gilly hope you've been resting. Sheila hope you're getting better. Morag hope things are getting better for you too. I've had a really nice day today. My friend took me to Wynyard Hall ( a 5* hotel near us) for afternoon tea. Her daughter had bought her and her husband vouchers for the afternoon tea for their ruby wedding but her husband wouldn't go!So rather than waste the vouchers she asked me to go with her. We had a really nice afternoon. Weather is terrible again tonight – raining. My Groovi piercing border plates came this morning, so I had a little play with them before I went out. They really are good. Brenda hope you and Daisy are ok, Donna likewise for you and Phoebe. Pam hope you're ok. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison – glad to hear what a great day you have had, it sounds a real treat! I have been resting this afternoon & evening – I went to the opticians this morning & wore my beautiful new waterproof – everyone loved it! I have chosen 2 pairs of new frames, but only have a slight change in my prescription. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Alison, yummy cream tea, that was lovely of your friend, exactly what my friend did a few weeks ago. It's been raining here too all afternoon and most if the evening. So glad we spent some time tidying up in the garden yesterday. Glad you had a lovely day. Love & hugs,Pam xx

    4. Hi Alison
      What a lovely treat, I do like afternoon tea. Yes our weather is terrible again tonight too, I was lulled into false sense of security today by the sunshine and left hubby in charge of the washing, needless to say there is now a soggy wet ness waiting to be washed again now!!! Take care xxx

    5. Evening Alison what a wonderful thoughtful friend glad you both had a lovley afternoon.my pain has been a lot easier today had a Podiarty appointment this afternoon all went well I'm taking each day but hopefully I might be able to craft with my groovi soon hugs xxx

    6. Hi Alison, Phoebe is enjoying the cuddles. You sound like you have had a nice day out in 5* luxury. I do love afternoon tea. Enjoy playing with your new goodies. XX

    1. Hi Linda – sorry that Cornwall is not being so good to you at the moment, with our current weather. We do get an awful lot of rain here, it's why we have so many beautiful gardens. If you get chance, it's worth a visit to Heligan, as their field of poppies (planted to commemorate the Battle of the Somme 100 years ago) are now in bloom. Check Facebook for a short video of it, on BBC Radio Cornwall's page. Thurs & Fri should be better weather in that area. Best wishes Gilly

    2. Thanks gillyflower we've rented an apartment overlooking the harbour at porthleven ,even when the weather has been iffy it's been wonderful to just sit relax and take in the ever changing views,love it here .going to try to make it to St Michaels mount …

  4. Hi Barbara, rain here most of the day too. Super demo today but not likely to try it yet as I know I'd make a 2 & 8 of it. Watched Dee demoing it at the Open Day. It's a bit too expensive to waste, I'll wait until I've watched more demos. Hope you've recovered from your Glastonbury weekend. I prefer the pink background but they all look good, the purple I'd choose second. Love Pam xx

    1. Hi Pam, sorry to hear your back isn't any better. My friend has a bad back and she has just been told to try inversion therapy. Not sure I like the idea of being hung upside down strapped to a table by my ankles! XX

  5. Love it! Purple looks best in the photos although I suspect in real life the grey might look best. Looking forward to a Clarity weekend on TV, so sick of football & politics! Xx

    1. Evening my dear family of blog friends thinking of you all sending lots of hugs your way hugs to all on the blog .
      Special wee hugs Dorothy hope all ok with your mum ?xx
      Morag hope your days are getting easier? xxx
      Donna is pheobe getting use to crafting and resting with you ?
      My pain is easier today had an appointment at podiatrist all went well then came home kept bobbing of to sleep my body must be playing catch up .xxx
      Brenda hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. Hello Sheila I ope the steroids are starting to help. It must feel like you are walking on air having your feet done, how lovely. Enjoy your snoozes, it's natures way of resting so go with the flow. Sending hugs xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, so glad your pain is starting to ease off a little. Must be the steroid tablets helping. Long may it continue. Make the most of your naps Sheila you need to catch up on sleep. My back isn't really any better, think I'm learning to cope more with it in the day, it depends what I do, if I sit, stand, bend or even walk too much it makes it worse, bedtimes are definitely the worse. Physio isn't helping at all, I have an appointment for Physio in Tuesday. Seeing doctor on this Friday. Live and hugs Pam xxx

    4. Good morning Sheila! I hope that you have had a good night's sleep, and that your pain continues to ease today. I am an early bird today, as we have got an appointment at the bank this morning. No doubt I shall be resting for the rest of the day, as anything financial does take it out of me – I am sure that you are the same. Special early morning caring hugs to you, love Gilly xxx

    5. Hello gilly hope your bank appointment went well and your now home resting with a cuppa I've just popped on hochanda they have got the pictures up of the new clarity Products for Sunday's show and the 24hr deal plenty for your wish list .
      I have a lot of pain on today again so a total rest day sending hugs your so thoughtful thinking of me when your so busy today xxx

  6. Wow Barbara – that is SO amazing! You never cease to amaze me at how you produce these masterpieces – I have definitely got 'art envy'! Regarding the choice of background – firstly I thought the purple, but then I also like the grey! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that you have all managed to keep dry again today! I enjoyed going out in the rain today – so that I could wear my present from Neill for the first time. I LOVE it! I went to the opticians, and invested in 2 pairs of new frames – and winced at the price! No crafting goodies just yet – but I shall no doubt be adding to my wish list! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, I hope that there has been at least a small reduction in your pain level. Hi to Morag and Dot – thinking of you both, and look forward to hearing from you both when you feel able. Anne, I hope that things are a little better for you now. Take care. all of you – love and hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Evening gilly glad you got to wear your Present from Neil and got some new frames .my pain has been easier today just taking each day Sending hugs xxx

    4. Hi Gilly, so your new raincoat had its christening today, bet you were the best dressed lady in Cornwall out in the rain. We were going round looking at caravans this lunchtime when the rain started, stuck it out for a while then gave up. Not fair walking the wet into the caravans, so returned to Our Mall for some lunch and some retail therapy in the dry. Glad you got your glasses sorted out, it's always hard on your pocket when you go to the opticians. Glad you're still resting. Love and hugs, Pam xx

    5. Hi Gilly oh I had to chuckle, you must gave been so excited to see it raining so you could wear your new waterproof. I decided to run from the car to the house when I came home and by the time I got indoors it looked like I had been stood in the shower for an hour! I wish I'd got your lovely coat on?, have fun playing with your new goodies xxx

    6. Hi Gilly,
      Pleased you got to wear your new waterproof. I bet you cheered a few people up wearing it. I looked at it on Seasalt website and was impressed ( you did say it was the one with flowers on ). Love and hugs Alison xx

    7. Ah! Thank you all for your lovely comments! Yes Alison, it is the bright flowery one, many colours! Pink, green, turquoise blue, red and yellow too! Sounds awful, when you list all of the colours, he he! A friend told me that I could pass it her way, when I had finished with it – I think that she might have to wait a very long time! xxx

  7. I think purple – definitely prefer the stronger, darker colours, and not a pink girl.

    Hubby just said to me, if you were to have a play with those you'd want them, wouldn't you, then I read that we'll be trying them at the retreat! Ah well, have to do lots of work over the next month to save up! This is definitely my kind of art, love the effects, pretty and dramatic.

  8. Well that was fun so enjoyed the process. Must think about getting some of those papers.

    Terrible winds here today and my dahlias have snapped off.

    Oh and has to be dark purple for me.


    1. Hi Pen – yes, it's been very windy here this afternoon, but with sunshine and the wind was quite warm. A friend said that it was due to all of the hot air coming over from Brussels – but we won't go there. It did make me laugh, I must admit. Hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Pen,
      It really upsets me when the flowers get ruined. We have a lovely white and blue poppy which has just come out and with the rain today it's been ruined. Hope you have better weather tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xx

  9. Love the purple background. I have been debating about yupo and alcohol inks, thanks Barbara for showing a design I think I can try. So guess it's time to place an order.

  10. Wow – that was so worth waiting for! Love the effect, and it's too hard to choose between the purple and grey backgrounds – no wonder you needed help to decide.

  11. I think I figured out how to comment … Let's try … I'm glad you are going to include this at the retreat. I would be too petrified to try it at home, unsupervised. I like the deep purple. 🙂 x

  12. Hi Barbara
    I love this. Yupo paper is now on my shopping list. I like the pink mount the best. I have just rec'd my club parcel. The stamp,stencil and baby Groovi plate are just what I need. Thank you for the project sheets too. I have a plan for the dragonfly.
    Hugs from Chris X

  13. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, wonder if you got some inspiration from Glastonbury with colours and flowers. Perfect setting for the boy with the birds. I like the look of the paper. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends. It's been a very wet day here today. I met up with some old work friends today, we had a lovely lunch and caught up with all the news. I hope everyone is ok, sending special hugs to Morag Sheila Dot and Anne and a little pat for Phoebe xxx

    2. Hi Diane, glad you had a lovely day catching up with your friends, Hope the weather improves tomorrow but don't hold a lot of hope think it'll be more like Wednesday before it does.xxx

    1. Luckily not my duty day but tomorrow is SPORTS DAY!! Raining now so the field will probably be muddy fingers crossed it stops soon and dries out overnight……..

    2. Hi Donna – good luck with Sports Day tomorrow. Will it have a touch of Glastonbury about it? I just mean the mud aspect, not the music – hugs to you and Phoebe – love Gilly xx

    3. Evening Donna have you had a peek on hochanda for clarity no pictures yet but lots of new things comming out do you need extra cushions mine are free at present your very welcome to use them I can see you falling and zebadee Springs on too hugs for you and pheobe xxx

    4. We could do wellie throwing instead of egg and spoon!

      Yes please Sheila I will certainly borrow your cushions, had a sneaky peak on the website too, intriguing can't wait for Sunday! Xx

  14. What a wonderful piece of art. I can see hollyhocks climbing up the side an English country garden. I think the white paper is best lets the colours stand out. I am not very good with alchohol inks so the retreat will be a challenge for me. I look forward to it though. xx

  15. This is beautiful using the yupo paper Barbara and my favourite is the deep purple followed closely by tbe pink. The results are so interesting. x

  16. Hi to all my lovely friends, hope you have all had a good day. Hope everything is getting better with your Mum, Dot. Hope you are feeling better too Morag, you too Brenda, sending you all an extra hug. Love and hugs to you all and everyone on the blog. Pam xxx

    1. Doesn't look like physio is working I hope your dr can help you more pain is not good anywhere in the body it just drags you down thinking of you caring hugs xxx

  17. Hi Dot hope things have become a little clearer with your Mum. XX

    Hi Morag, hope you are feeling OK. XX

    Hi Brenda, how is the 24/7 news watching going? Hope you have managed to find the mute button! XX

  18. Brilliant! I have just bought most of the supplies i need to recreate this, except for the stamp haha. Although the deep purple makes for a dramatic background, i prefer the white because it brings out all of those yummie colours without competing.

  19. For me the purple makes it pop. I bought some Yupo at the Open Day and have been playing with drops of alcohol. The effects are amazing.

  20. What a lovely piece of art. I'd definitely say purple. It seems to bring out the balance of colours better for me personally. Using Yupo looks so much better than trying to use laminating pouches or acetate with alcohol inks. Really looking forward to having a play at the retreat. Must dash as it's late and I still have a birthday card to make for a friend's birthday tomorrow. Yikes 11.05pm isn't really the time to start! love and hugs, Jeanette xxx

  21. Evening Barb. This is a fab blog. I am so looking forward to the retreat but as I bought some of this new paper, I shall have a go now I see how you do it. Thanks – the finished piece looks amazing. Xx

  22. Pink I think! What a lovely design. I bought this paper at the Open Day and have been trying to remember what I've got to do with it! Will come back tomorrow to read how everyone is I'm just so tired today! Xx

  23. Wow, love the effect, need to try that one, I like the pink.
    I spent the day with my 3 1/2 year old grandson yesterday and we spent the morning playing with shaving foam and paint creating some wonderful pieces of card we turned into boxes, he loved it 🙂 Kay x

  24. Hi Barbara

    WOW, love what you've done with this piece of art, it's fantastic and I hope mine turns out as well (half as good as yours would please me!). I especially love the grey background to frame it 🙂

    June x

  25. I like that Yupo paper. And prefer the pink background most. Wish I had a lot of those lovely inks. But mustn't grumble, just got the groovie starter kit and some plates.

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