This too shall pass….

This too shall pass….

Hi there!
Good of you to drop in.
Running late again, I’m afraid.
I’ve got what looks like an insurmountable pile of work to do before bedtime, so decided to have a break and chat to you for a bit.
Look at the state of this worktop!

Somewhere in there are the next New Design Club projects.
Have to be completed tonight, so we can move forward with the write-up and graphic layout. 
But this Groovi one is taking sooooo long! 

I got into a mild panic at around 6pm, because the artwork I had been working on for hours went wrong.
And I mean totally to shit. 
You know me well enough by now, to know that I can bring most artwork back from the edge and turn it round.
But not today. Nope.
So that was over 6 hours wasted which I can ill afford to waste today. Ain’t that always the way?!
I’ve got 7 hours of live TV on Sunday and Monday.
And tomorrow’s Thursday.

Ask me whether I have started my prep, I dare you!!

So there you have it. I can easily see why I am getting panicky.
Who wouldn’t?? But does it help the situation?
And there is that little monkey on my shoulder who keeps whispering,
“well, that’ll learn ya! This is what happens if you clear off on holiday for weeks on end, and then go romping round in the mud at Glastonbury for another week!”

I’m seriously considering booking another one!
Much more fun than this!!!

In the wise words of Melodie Beattie:
“It is never the event,
but how you respond to it which will ultimately affect you.”

Frustrating that I lost a day, bit worrying that TV is looming and I haven’t got my head round it yet,
but actually not worth getting upset about.


Nobody’s dead.
The house didn’t burn down.

Admittedly, the Prime Minister’s resigned, 
the Shadow Cabinet has collapsed,
the pound has plummeted and the country is completely rudderless.

But I can’t even make a Groovi card today, 
so there’s no point in worrying about the future of the nation as well!

There comes that moment when Acceptance kicks in.

It is what it is. 
No point in crying over spilled milk.
No point in getting my knickers in a twist.
Nothing for it but to deal with what’s in front of me.

And again I have to remind myself, 
Get over it.

Sorry if I am a bit batty today.
It comes of having to be creative when you don’t feel like it. 

Must press on.
I take comfort in the fact that you good people will be chatting away to one another here, while I complete my tasks tonight.

Love and hugs,

118 thoughts on “This too shall pass….

  1. You will get there, Barbara. While you are doing that tonight, I am busy practicing my embossing, doing the homework set for me by the lovely Pat White. Then I shall be off to bed to try to get better in time for Maria's class on Saturday. Don't stay up too late. It will all come right. xxx Maggie

  2. Tv will be fine and the more you panic the less the creative juices flow. Deep breath nice cup of tea should sort you out. Best of luck xx

  3. Totally agree about it is how you deal with it and just learn that sometimes we over and micro plan when sometimes we should just go with it or delegate to others. It is frustrating when planning does plan out how you wanted it to go. Deep breath and move on to next part of what you need to do and then come back to what you struggle with and I am sure that it will work out just fine.
    Looking forward to playing with my happy post that arrived earlier in the week. I have tingly fingers full of ideas!

  4. Hi Barbara, sometimes you just need to walk away and come back with fresh eyes, your could always indulge in an early night and get up early instead, refreshed and renewed. Definitely get that next break booked in too, you have a great team to support you and Knickers to the nae sayers. Get that lovely Paul Church round to help xx

  5. Walk away, have a nice cup of tea and come back with fresh eyes! I am sure you will do it! Love the photograph of you and glad you both had a wonderful time.
    Linda xxx

  6. It will all be fine, it always is! Your shows will be awesome and the club stuff will be done so get a drink of something containing alcohol – drink, relax and breathe! xxx

  7. You have lots of crafty friends why not ask them to see if they could help? No man or woman is an island.
    As for the shenanigans in the country well what does one say….
    Keep calm and carry on crafting. X

  8. You will be brilliant on Sunday and Monday Barbara. You always are, regardless of how much prep you do. Just think, when it's done, you and Dave can look forward to your next caravan adventure.
    'This Too Will Pass'!!!! You've no idea how much I needed to be reminded of that just now. You really do always have a knack of coming up wit the goods! Love and Hugs xxx

  9. Don't worry Barbara, like us you are only human, and nice to know the big stars get in a muddle just the same as us poor mortals. What ever we shall all be watching and learning, so just go for it and enjoy the time, we will

  10. Dear Barbara you deserved that break away as its better than a breakdown and nobody wants that step back with a nice cuppa and a biscuit then go back to it then your crafting mo jo will appear.says me who couldn't craft today as was in too much pain .
    I received my diamond club envelope today lots of inspiration as always .thank you for all your hard work that you put in bringing this to us each month crafting hugs to help you through xxx

    1. Evening to all my dear family of blog friends your all in my thoughts sending hugs to all who need them hugs to all on the blog xxx
      Dorothy sending lots of wee hugs my dear blog friend.
      Gilly I left you a message on answer to yours this morning hope bank went well and you rested xxx
      Julia fabulous that you won the may calendar challenge xx
      Hugs Brenda &daisy xx
      Donna hows pheobe doing today hugs and cuddles for you both xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – sorry that your pain has increased today, let's hope that after resting up today, it will be a little better tomorrow. Thanks for your reply, as soon as I have finished here, I will go and have a look. The new Groovi plate is great, but I think that you and I will have to us it in a simpler form, don't you? Sending you lots of special healing hugs, love Gilly x

    3. You said my words exactly gilly I was going to ask Barbara if we could have a simple and a difficult one on the groovi as I cannot advance with all the pain I'm in ,also the new ones to groovi might like simple too so it's a win win for us all what do you think ?

    4. Thanks Sheila, but how do you know that, I couldn't find anything on the blog challenge. I received my parcel yesterday, ah the penny has dropped, I'll have a look at the newsletter… and I was about to say I haven't had a chance to have a proper look at everything yet. Must also have a wee peak at the hochanda website. I hope you start feeling a little better soon.

    5. Good morning Sheila – I am an early bird again today, as Neill has got another hospital appointment this morning, a final check-up on his partial knee replacement, done last October. In answer to your question about having a simpler example too – I totally agree, as for those of us limited to what we can do, it would be good. Also, there must be new members to the Groovi club all the time, so that would help them too, and stop them from feeling overwhelmed too! I hope that you will be in less pain today my lovely, extra hugs and love, Gilly xxx

    6. Morning gilly hope Neil appointment goes well and you come home to rest ,I'm just going out to see the nurse for my bloods taken as they need to be done every two weeks to keep an eye on my blood levels also my iron hope I can come of my iron tablets if they have come back up ,I'm in a lot of pain again today so could have done to stay in home but needs must see what rest of day fetches as its only early yet big hugs dear blog friend xxx

    1. Forgot to say all the pictures of clarity goodies are up on hochanda I think you will need my cushions they are all ready for you to use ☺️

    2. Hi Donna,
      Glad sports day went well and that you didn't get wet. It was a good job you don't live here because it was pouring down!
      Love and hugs to you and Phoebe, Alison xxx

  11. You'll be just fine, everything will work out, just keep saying it then you might believe it. Yes get another holiday booked, that sounds good, even a weekend in your caravan, something to look forward to instead of just work. You have a whole team you can delegate to, stop worrying. Love and hugs, Pam xxx

  12. Hello all of my lovely blog friends. I've just had a skim through the last couple of evening's posts. Thank you so much for all of your good wishes. My daughter and Liam have had a terrible week, which means we have too. They lost their beloved pet dog last week totally unexpectedly, it had a massive heart attack. Liam's reaction to it was catastrophic. He sees anything that goes wrong in any way as being 'his fault'. Liam is gradually becoming more settled, but not enough yet to listen to anything. Brenda dear, any advice from you would be greatly appreciated.
    Thinking of you all, and sending love and a big hug to every one of you. Take care my dear friends. xxx

    1. Sorry to hear about your daughters dog, it's terrible when you lose them they're one of your family. Poor Liam. Hope he settles soon. Our posts crossed. Hugs to you all.

    2. Hi Morag oh my goodness your poor family, I hope Liam settles enough to be able to work through this soon. We are here for you if we can help. Sending hugs xxx

    3. Oh Morag – so sorry to hear what the problem has been, it's so sad when a dog passes away, as it's just the same as losing a family member – because that is what they are. Obviously, it has been worse for Liam and consequently for you and your daughter. Lets hope that Brenda will be able to help you with this – all we can do is send you love and extra hugs and tell you that we are thinking of you, Gilly xxx

    4. Hi Morag, so sorry to hear that.

      Actual, is what I call it, I always say I need actual – something real, concrete, fact, not just what someone thinks or feels, or 'just knows'. How much is Liam able to understand? I'm thinking show him pictures of a heart, and point where it is in your body so he can have something concrete to picture in his head. How about explaining it like a lightbulb, or other household object that he knows of that stopped working. You switch a light bulb on and off every day and suddenly you switch it on one day and no light comes on. No one's fault, just broke/died. If he can understand more comparing the lightbulb going on and off to the heartbeat, does it every day until one day it just stops for no reason. Would something like that help him understand what's happened? Why does he think it's his fault, or is just general that he thinks he must have done something but doesn't know what? I can be like that about stuff I don't understand, but not nearly as bad as poor Liam.

      The other side of it is his feelings of guilt and what he did/didn't do, could have done, or done differently. I've learned this is really hard/impossible to give 'actual' to. But you still need to say things to counteract it, rather than trying to dismiss it – telling him he's got it wrong or whatever. Paint the other picture in his head instead, the one you feel to be true. If you can get the pictures and facts into his head for him the feelings should follow on their own, but there will probably be a delay in that, it can takes hours to weeks for me, depending on what it is. Definitely boosting up loads how much the dog loved Liam, how good Liam was with the dog, and anything special between them, that was only between them, that connection they had. Which I guess you're doing. When I lost my last wee cat and was feeling so guilty, my good support person spent a lot of time talking to me about how my wee cat is feeling now, in heaven watching me tear myself apart, she wouldn't want me feeling like that because she loved me so much, and knows I loved her so much, she's not got bad feelings about me, it's hurting her to see me this way. I would always reply with "how do you know for sure/how do you know that's real". So the person would think of examples, like when I got upset my wee cat always came and dug her way in, and lean against me to give me a cuddle and make me feel better, so that's how she'll be feeling now, and upset she can't come and help me like that. And compared it to people, like if it was a loved one dying, – use yourselves because that's real, tell him how you'd feel. And if it was me who died how would I feel if I saw my wee cat suffering like I was, what would I want for her now. And the 'trust' word, I don't know how Liam is with that, I struggle immensely, but she tried to help me to trust what she was saying to be true, using her if she died and left a loved one.

    5. I also needed something physical, like I'd take their wee blankets to bed with me and cuddle them, a connection. My last wee cat I cuddled a framed picture of her, took that to bed to cuddle, my support laminated one for me for in bed, as they thought that safer. I did that until it literally fell to bits, and I talked to her in the photo loads too. I still do talk to her, and I've still got a wee book of smaller photos on my bed that I kiss and tell her I love her so much every night, all falling to bits now, but I won't give it up. Have you thought of something like that to give Liam a bit of comforting and connection to his dog. Asperger change and unpredictability issues will be going on for Liam too, it might help lessen them a little. Encourage him to talk to his dog too(I don't know what your beliefs are), it's a connection Liam might be able to feel. My support wanted me to write it down and send it up on a balloon or bury it orsomething, but I don't get that, it's not going to go to my wee cat, whereas my spoken words might. I think me talking to her helps to keep the connection, and if I'm feeling her here with me at times, she mustn't have any bad feelings about me, only love, so that helps too. I didn't put any of their things away either, some not for ages, and some never. Needed those around me.

      I don't know if any of that helps. Ask me anything, I'm happy to help if I can. And if I think of anything else I'll let you know. Take care xx

    6. Oh Morag, I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. I know how awful it is to lose a beloved pet as they are definitely part of the family. I was in bits when we had our dog put down and if anything happens to my little Scamp, I don't know what I'll do. It must be dreadful for poor Liam, but Brenda has certainly given you some very good advice which I hope will help you all get through this. Sending lots of love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    7. Thank you so much my friends. A special thank you to you Brenda. I'm taking all of your much appreciated advice and will spend today personalising your strategies to suit Liam. I can see straight away how much they are going to help. You really are such a blessing xxx

    8. Sending a big hug and cuddles to you and daisy reading your help for morag brought tears to my eyes how wonderful you are giving all the advice to help Liam such a thoughtful person you are xxx

  13. Hi to all my friends, glad you didn't get a lot of rain Donna. Oh Sheila sorry you're in a lot of pain again. My mojo has left me, why is it after you've spent a fortune on craft stuff you have a mental block? Since I've come back from Crowborough everything crafty has gone wrong. It's definitely the deadlines, 4 grandchildrens cards to get done, and a son in law's. Doesn't help when you've had three sleepless night on the trot. One bonus got my masks folder out and stuck to the back was the letter U which I couldn't find about a month ago. Sorry for ranting on, love and hugs to you all, caring hugs to Dot, Brenda and Sheila. Glad to see you back Morag hope you're feeling better. xxx

    1. Dear pam you rant all you want I understand all that lovley craft stuff and we cannot use it so frustrating I've been looking in my cards I've got made up for September birthdays as I know if I have got some I can use I won't panic that I cannot make any up at moment I know it's sounds silly as we are only nearly in July I'm glad I mannage to make my July Callander challenge then I can focus on August when I get a pain free day I don't know how Barbara does it all crafting hugs xxx

    2. Pam I know exactly what you mean, I've made some simple groovi thank you cards, all that needs doing is mounting and sticking on the cards, been sat there a week and I'm seeing my friends tomorrow! I must get up early and finish them before I go! Sending hugs xxx

    3. Hi Pam – I too know just what you mean! You are right about it being the deadlines – and I often look at my crafty goodies and feel so guilty about not using them! I think that Diane's idea of doing just simple cards is the best. That too is my aim – take care and I hope that you have a better day tomorrow. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    4. Hi Pam,
      I know exactly how you feel! I decided a while ago that when in the right mood, I would make a few cards so that when my mojo goes and I desperately need a card, I've got some to fall back on. I definitely felt the pressure when I had to do my guest presenter piece for July's challenge couldn't get my brain into gear at all. Don't know how Barb and the Design Team do it all the time!! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  14. How about getting your blog people to help you over your creative block. A bit like all those Groovi starter kit cards or challenge ones. Pick a theme, and then let the bloggers come up with some ideas. You can pick the ones to feature and demo just the techniques to create them rather than full cards. BTW got club newsletter today, yes we missed you from TV but no don't begrudge you the time away, about time you took some time off I say otherwise how would we get to miss you. Just means I've watched lots of others and that helps me to broaden my art which has to be good. Much hugs Karen xxx

  15. I'm sure your programmes will be top rate as usual. I cannot comment on the state of the country – too – too tied up with a very poorly daughter. We are wishing she had broken both legs and arms rather than the trauma she and us are going through. So sorry to be a sad sack – do you remember the programme?. Life is a bit upside down at the moment but taking time to read the blog and enjoy it and all the lovely people out there. Apologies again but I know you will understand.
    Lots of love to you all
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Anne my lovely lady, that's what we are here for. I know what you mean, broken bones can heal but the images that keep playing in your daughters head will take longer to fade. Sending you a big hug xxx

    2. Hi Anne – we don't see it as you complaining. We see it as you coming here to share what you are going through and we just want to be here to give you some support. As Diane says, it's time that is needed, but meantime just let us listen and try to send you words of encouragement. We are all thinking of you. love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Anne, Don't you worry about being a sad sack! That's what we are all here for to offer support to each other. Your daughter is having a really tough time and I'm sending her and you lots of love and hugs, Alison xxx

  16. Evening Barbara…..breathe! Your team are behind you 100% so everything will be fine!
    The more anxious you are the less likely that the art will happen so walk away….get a cuppa…..laugh with Dave….then try again! You're a true professional so it'll be great!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  17. Evening Barbara…..breathe! Your team are behind you 100% so everything will be fine!
    The more anxious you are the less likely that the art will happen so walk away….get a cuppa…..laugh with Dave….then try again! You're a true professional so it'll be great!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  18. Barbara you will be professional, amazing, honest, funny and inspiring on the TV as you always are, whether you prep for hours or days. We all have your back!!!
    I wonder that you don't ask your amazing (and growing) design team to take on a "guest designer" role in the project clubs now that you have 3 to prepare. Many hands make light work, as the saying goes. And my friend Barbara's mum always recommends camomile tea for any problem that needs a quick fix, so get the kettle on! x

    1. Now that sounds a very good idea, Susan – asking members of the design team to work on the project clubs, and the chamomile tea. Someone else also had a good idea – a simple design and a more advanced one for each club, allowing everyone to succeed but giving inspiration for those who are more advanced. xxx Maggie

    2. Now that sounds a very good idea, Susan – asking members of the design team to work on the project clubs, and the chamomile tea. Someone else also had a good idea – a simple design and a more advanced one for each club, allowing everyone to succeed but giving inspiration for those who are more advanced. xxx Maggie

  19. Hi all must be something in the air. Everything went wrong for me today in the crafting way.

    Had to walk away watch a bit of catch up as impossible to get out in the garden cos of rain and juices flowed later. Write up blog tomorrow.

    Take care take it easy if u can


  20. Fret not, everything will be fine because in a crisis you are queen and can always "wing it". Some relaxation and sleep are a necessity.

  21. You have been making memories on your holidays. Precious. You need a break, I am sure you would not deny your team their holidays. The show will be great always is. X x

  22. You'll be fine, you don't have to be perfect none of us can be that. You always make it look so easy on TV and I'm sure there are lots of people out there who would be encouraged by knowing you get it wrong sometimes, not because they want to see you do so but because you sometimes make it look so easy that when they make a mistake they think it's them that are not good enough.
    There, lecture over. Try to get some rest and start afresh tomorrow xx

    1. Well done Lynne for spotting the specs.
      Love and best wishes to you all. Feeling a bit drained at present, things are up and down with my Dad. At nearly 92 he finds it harder to rally after a setback and this time he is lower than he has ever been.
      n a brighter note, the 4 year old grandson heard that his granddad had eye drops to put in his ear and has been going round trying to see things with his ear as a joke, though I think he half believes granddad can do so. We may be able to fool him for a while when we next see him.
      Always read the blog but can't always comment at present xx

    2. Hi Chris, it is really hard to care for an elderly parent and very draining. I know how you feel, it was the same with my Mam who was 95. All I would say is to make sure you take some time for yourself. I had a chuckle when I read about your grandson. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

    3. Morning Chris – I think that I had posted my comment to you, at the same time as you posted how you were – so sorry, as mine really is bad, after now reading what a day you have had. I hope that your Dad will keep improving, and I know that it is so hard to watch one of your parents struggling. It's so good that you have your grandson to make you laugh! Love and hugs Gilly xxx

  23. Hi Bahrbara
    You deserve your holidays as much as the next person so go ahead and book a cheeky weekend away! I hope by now you have walked away, had a chuckle with Dave and perhaps told the parchment just how naughty it's being and everything seems clearer for you. We all understand. We've all been there, don't let it get you down. Hope you get some sleep tonight. Sending you big hugs..xxxxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, I hope all is well with you. Weather has been heavy and wet here today. We are having major bedroom tidying today, so lots of black bin bags and trips to charity shops! Weather still not good. Sending hugs all round xxx.

    2. Hi Diane – same here weather wise, yes I got to wear it again today! He he! Sounds like you are doing what we have been gradually doing and still not finished yet! Hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Diane,
      Great minds think alike! As it was pouring down here I also had a bit of a clear out – got the bags ready to go the charity shop today. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  24. Have you started your prep yet ! …….. always tomorrow Barb 🙂
    Never enough hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in a month, months in a year …… and the shops will soon start lining their shelves with Christmas goodies
    Looking forward to watching you on Sunday x

  25. Hi Barbara – as I said in an email to my daughter, earlier in the day. Stop! And breathe, yes and take some more deep breaths! I hope that you have managed to make some progress by now – if not, hopefully you will have had a break anyway and maybe an early night and an early start tomorrow. It will all come together – and please call on some of your great team to assist with some of the show samples preparation. As everyone has said, you always pull it out of the bag in some way or another and if there are any mistakes, it will make us feel heaps better and no doubt you will either come up with a solution or maybe a way of stopping us from doing that in the future. Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I am really late tonight, as after going out fairly early this morning for an appointment at the bank – I had a good rest and then a siesta this afternoon! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. hi Gilly , glad to hear you're still resting. What a day here today, rain, wind, chilly repeat all day! I did nothing but attempt the calendar challenge and had a bit of a Barbara day and I was following instructions LOL !! X

  26. Your blog today was like a slap in the face to me and my goodness did I need that. I have stuff going on in my head which isn't happening in my life…well not really, so what you wrote brought me back to the here and now. Then, I read on to see that Sheila knows I won the cockerel calendar challenge, I couldn't find anything on the challenge blog then I twigged that it was in the newsletter. Woohoo, I'm well chuffed.

    1. Morning Julia, it hasn't been announced on the challenge website but it was on this months newsletter. I didn't think you knew as you hadn't said anything. Congratulations, enjoy your new goodies. Xx

    2. Hi Julia,
      Well done on winning the calendar challenge. I had been looking on the website but then read it in the newsletter. It's a lovely feeling isn't it! Enjoy spending your winnings – I can't decide whether to save mine for Leyburn or splash out on Sunday! Love and hugs Alison xx

  27. Sorry you've had one of those days Barbara, onward and upward in the morning. Not forgetting keep calm and carry on, you'll be fine on the telly and even better now I've been lucky enough to watch you in the flesh and to have a conversation let alone a photo ! Xxx

  28. I hope standing back and taking a different route for awhile helped to get the creative juices flowing again. Don't get hung up on taking a holiday, we all need to let go sometimes. Good luck Barbara

  29. Hands up, if, like me, you have zoomed in on the picture of Barbara's counter trying to get a sneaky peak of next months Groovi Design Club! Have to admit, I haven't gleaned any clues! I'm like a kid at Christmas! x

  30. Working under pressure is what you do Barbara and I'm sure it will all be fine and everyone deserves a break from the grind and that includes you! x

  31. Hi Barbara
    I think you are amazing. Just keep on doing what you can. Everyone needs a break from time to time. I don't mind waiting for my club goodies. You do brilliantly for a small family run company. The products are wonderful quality and beautifully packaged. Looking forward to the weekend shows.
    A big HUG from Chris X

  32. I have to agree with Chris Kelly (comment above)… you are an amazing lady. So you've hit a wall, you're human and you're allowed to do that. If we have to wait an extra day or two so be it. We, the Barbara followers, understand

    June x

    PS…. you will come up with something amazing Barbara xx

  33. Well, I've been crafting late for the last couple of nights, and am way too late tonight, as I'm trying to get my challenge entry done by 8pm tomorrow. Not quite the same as prepping the club packages and 7 hours of TV, but I can relate to your messy workbench! Reasonably happy with it so far, but not sure how to finish it off. So thought I'd pop in to say hi before going to bed to sleep on it, rather than ruin it by rushing when I'm tired.

    Hope you've had a good evening of crafting as well and have managed to replace the art that went belly up.

    Night night x

  34. Hi Barbara, sorry to hear you've had such a frustrating and long day. I know how you feel exactly putting a lot of work into something only for it to go wrong, or lost. Forget about the club part for now, that can wait, we understand. For the telly demos, why don't you keep them simple. It's Christmas, so a lot of people will probably appreciate quick simple designs they can repeat over and over to make lots of cards.

    That's not a bit of guilt creeping in about your holidays is it? If so you can banish that gremlin to stand outside in the rain right off. You needed and deserved both those holidays. And you should be planning the next one now, that way you'll definitely get the breaks you need instead of putting them off for work commitments.

    I hope you have a much better and more productive day today. Love Brenda xx
    p.s. Absolutely loved your artwork on yesterday's blog. Thanks for sharing. I won't be attempting anything like that, way beyond my abilities I think, I don't even have alcohol inks. So I'll just admire with awe xx

  35. Hello Barb, sorry to hear that you were not having much of a good day. I am sure that as always you will pull it all together. And thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Always makes me think. Hope today goes better. Bx

  36. Can't believe you were up so late to make that comment Barbara, it's really not worth it. Everything will come together and none of us would be any the wiser if you hadn't blogged about it. And you are certainly entitled to have had your break so go on , book another. for me I can cope with most things with a holiday to look forward to, however distant it might be in the future. And I agree with everyone,its not all down to you and some of us would be more than happy with a few simple projects to practice our skills

  37. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear that yesterday wasn't a good day for you, hope today is better. Don't you feel guilty about taking holidays. We would far rather have you letting your hair down and chilling out to recharge your batteries than running yourself into the ground. Everyone deserves to be able to relax so don't feel guilty and just push that pesky monkey off your shoulder! Other people have already said about making things simple for the tv or getting the DT to help out with the projects so I won't repeat them. You will be brilliant on tv and yes it is sometimes nice for us mere mortals when the professionals make mistakes to prove they are human after all! I love it when I see golf professionals make a rubbish shot or hit the ball into water ( something I do regularly!!) . Anyway, I hope today goes well, love and hugs Alison xxx

  38. Hi to my lovely blog friends,
    Sorry I didn't comment last night but I had an early night. As I already mentioned, weather was awful yesterday do had a clearing out session. Today looks more promising – at least the sun is shining. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  39. Hope you managed to get some decent sleep, Barbara. Even when you wing it, you're great (I saw lots of that on C&C when you'd sold out and STILL gave us fab demos). All that wee mistake proves is you're human after all. I've often thought if you took off your top, there would be a bit S on your chest! 🙂 Good luck for Sunday and Monday! x

  40. Oh Barb,
    Just say to yourself "will any of this matter in 50 year's time"? I'm sorry to read that you've had such a tishy time but we love you anyway and if you can't fudge it, who can. Just waffle a bit more and take longer to start your projects, you'll be fine!!!! We are all behind you – can you feel us willing you on?
    love xx

  41. My mother always told me that "this too will pass" and actually I say it a lot. Any situation I don't want to be in and I hear myself saying it. It gets me through every time. Barb you have to remember that we are all with you in spirit prepared or not. Your "here we go" gets me everytime and you could just stand there brayering for me as I find it mesmerising. You always pull it out of the bag on the day. Much love Jayne

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