Hi there.

Thanks for dropping in.
Sorry I’m so late!
Just got home.
After a second very special Open Day at Crowborough, by the time we had broken down the hall and gone for a bite to eat, it was 10 o’clock!
I am sure that Sam,

And Dee, (missing photo!) not to mention the rest of the crew,
all join me in thanking everbody who came along and who helped make it a success.
No good. Can’t keep my eyes open.
Night night xx
Love Barb xxx

82 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Hello Barbara
    Everyone looks really happy and it sounds like you have all had a fabulous day. Night night sleep tight, hope you have got a chilled out day planned for tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, hope everyone has had a good day, especially everyone who went to the open day. Pam I hope it gave you a lift to see Barbara and do a bit of shopping. Weather today has been dull but dry, we had a lovely time in the rose garden at a local national trust property. Beautiful colours, fabulous smell what more could you want. Sending hugs all round xxx

  2. Dear Barbara and Team (team work makes the dream work!) thank you for a wonderful day out and for signing my daughter's birthday card, she will be delighted! See you in July for a Workshop – I can't wait!!! Love and hugs Caroline x

  3. A big thank you to all of you for a fabulous day, head is buzzing with all the ideas from the design team samples & the demos by the team. Wish list is growing !! looking forward to playing with my goodies.

  4. Dear Barbara and Team (team work makes the dream work!) thank you for a wonderful day out and for signing my daughter's birthday card, she will be delighted! See you in July for a Workshop – I can't wait!!! Love and hugs Caroline x

  5. It is we who thank you and all the team for a wonderful experience. It was my first time at the Open Days, and I had an incredible time. I am still sitting in my hotel room with ideas buzzing round my brai, this king of all the great techniques I have seen over the last two days, and dying to get home to start playing with them and all the new goodies in those four Clarity bags. A very big thank you is due to every memberof the Clarity team from those on show demoing so brilliantly to those we never saw, working in the background. I hope you all find some time to breathe and reflect on the immense pleasure you gave us all. See you soon at the Retreats. xxx Maggie

  6. Wonderful friendly and relaxed day yesterday, I hope everyone had as good a time today as I did yesterday. Thank-you for arranging such a fabulous event. Hopefully you will get some rest tomorrow x x

  7. A very rewarding couple of days, inspirational and well worth the trip from Aberdeen. Tips, tricks and techniques all taken in, absorbed which will hopefully be employed to improve my future projects. A big thank you to you – Barb but not omitting Dave, all the Clarity team and to the Magnificent Eight all of whom contributed hugely to this wonderful craft fest. ;~}
    PS How I enjoyed speaking at length to your mum yesterday. Please pass on my best wishes. ;~}

  8. I'm not surprised that you're pooped! Many, many thanks to all the team who made the Open Days such a wonderful experience. I had a wonderful time today, learnt a lot and came away with loads of ideas.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend xx

  9. Thanks for a most enjoyable day today. The atmosphere was great; relaxed, fun and friendly. The demos were fantastic, as were the demoers. Special thanks to Jo who was so patient with all the questions and helpful with loads of tips. Congratulations, Barbara, on all the new products and techniques you devise – just when I think I really don't need to buy anymore! And it was so nice to see Dave back in place on the till after last year's anxiety. Roll on the retreats. Carol x

  10. Fabulous day as ever,and this year with three generations in attendance. Thank you Barbara and everybody for a great day of inspiration. My granddaughter has already produced something with her goodies (and that was between getting back from Crowborough and going out for a family celebration with a cousin visiting from Canada this evening) x

  11. Thank you Barbara and all your team for a great couple. of days. I will try to remember all the tricks and tips. Hope everybody enjoys a quiet Sunday before resuming normal service on Monday.

  12. Hubby and I had a great day yesterday and have been talking about it today, I can't believe how pleased he is that I had such a good time and met up with everyone. He was impressed with all the work he saw too. Thank you and your team for all you hard work to put on the two days. I imagine you are exhausted ! xx

    p.s. did you make a Father's Day card today or are you going to bring out the one with 'Congratulations' on the front and fill in on the side 'you had me' LOL !! better than the 'glad you made it' alternative I think ! xxx

  13. Hi everyone, I've had a day of coming back down to earth after getting home today. Better traffic today, not so many lorries on the M25. Still a funny old day weather wise, no rain but always threatening which is why we didn't stay to look around the Pantiles (excuse to come back next year and might even do an extra day to do just that). Hope everyone got home safe and sound. I haven't touched all my goodies yet except to get them out of the bag and stroke them xxx

    1. Hi Jackie, My goodies are safely packed in suitcase and as for the fourteen bottles of paint, well they're divided unequally between three Tupperware-type boxes which are inside ziplock bags and then in a Clarity bag. Hope they survive the baggage handlers! ;~}

    2. Hi Jackie – it sounds as though you had a truly wonderful time. I'm not surprised that hubby was so pleased that you a such a good time – no doubt, he will be thinking of how you have supported him this year. It's really good that he enjoyed it so much too! I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to go next year, as Neill always enjoys Barbara's art! Hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, how terrible for you to suffer so, day on day. I sincerely hope the consultant gets some serious help for you tomorrow. Still in charge of suitcase as can only bag-drop 3 hours in advance; handing it over in about an hour. If I see a collection of multi-coloured suitcases on the carousel in Aberdeen, I'll know the reason! LOL. ;~}

  14. Hi Barb,
    Hope you've had a good night's rest and that you're going to have a lovely day – I'm assuming that you'll be going to see your Mum and Dad. It certainly looks and sounds as though everyone had a fantastic time at the Open Day. I'm really pleased that it went so well. Can't wait for Leyburn. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Morning to my lovely blog friends,
      Hope those of you who went to the Open Day had a great time and are raring to go with those new ideas. I'm just waiting with baited breath for Leyburn. Had a day catching up with housework, shopping etc so pretty mundane really. Hoping do do something crafty today, maybe my calendar challenge. Love and hugs to all of you, Alison xxx

  15. Thanks for a great day. As an Open Day newbie, I didn't really know what to expect but it was better in every way than I hoped. Thank you all for sharing your skills and encouraging me to dust off my alcohol inks, get out that Gel Printing Plate, get messy with paint, get subtle with my distress inks, try harder with my Groovi and mix up my stencils and Groovi. And of course thanks for the packed lunch and an excuse to have a bit of cake!
    See you next year.

  16. Thank you and all your amazing team for a lovely day on Friday. I was so inspired after watching the demonstrations I actually spent most of yesterday crafting with my new purchases. I normally buy a lot but don't do much.
    Hope everybody got home safely and will take a well deserved rest today.
    Really looking forward to the Retreat next month.

  17. Sorry, I was a tired little owl last night and fell asleep before you posted. Glad you had fun and everyone went home happy. Hope you haven't 'borrowed' the remote for the TV again this year! Xx

  18. Morning my bloggy friends, I managed a bit of craft yesterday! In between checking Phoebe who everytme I looked round the door at her sat up as if to say 'I'm being good' 😋. Xx

    1. Morning Doona,
      Glad you got some crafting done yesterday. It sounds as though Phoebe is definitely getting better bless her. Love and hugs to you both, Alison xxx

    2. Hello Donna so pleased pheobe is getting brighter each day and your managing to craft too lots of hugs and cuddles for pheobe and you xxx

    3. Hi Donna – I had an early night myself, so missed out on the Blog. Really good to hear that Phoebe is improving so much – I can just imagine her expression as she looks at you – sending a hug for you and a cuddle for Phoebe, love Gilly xxx

    4. Hello Donna, poor Phoebe! I bet she can't wait til she is fully fit again, nor you! I hope you get a bit more crafting done today. Love and hugs xxx

  19. morning
    The photos messages says it all it was an amazing couple of days with the lovely demonstrators and you Barbara at the helm .
    Wonderful 2 days maybe I can get to one in the future.
    Now time to rest. xxxxxx

  20. Hi Barbara and Clarity team, wow what a lovely time I had yesterday , so many tips and ideas from such lovely people. Met an old friend enjoyed a lovely lunch and coffee with her and her daughter. Barbara you are such a generous person have never see such great raffle prizes , sadly not for me maybe next time. Going to play with all my new goodies today . Have a lovely quiet Sunday xxx

    1. Hi Julia glad your getting the book you won't be disappointed after you read it if you couldn't have got it I would have lent you mine hugs xxx

  21. WOW Barabara as this was a first for me I did not realise how great it was. You and your team are fantastic and if the memory wakes up I will have a great time trying things out. Looking forward to July, especially now I know where to go.
    You, Dave and all the team including your Mum were fantastic, and it was so good to actually speak to the people of your team and put faces to names. THANK YOU for all your hard work and roll on next year.

    1. Hello all my dear blog family of friends I was in bed yesterday at 6pm as pain was too much today is a very bad day too with pain but on a very good note the consultants is going to see me tomorrow himself in his clinic so hopefully I can get some help to take the pain away long term thank you for always sending me good wishes each day they have helped me more than you know big hugs to you all and all on the blog xxx

    2. Hello Sheila – I am so sorry to hear how bad your pain still is, but very pleased to hear that the Consultant will see you tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers well and truly crossed that he will be able to bring down your pain, at least to a more acceptable level. Take care, my special blog friend and rest up and let Tom look after you – love and special caring hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Hello Sheila my dear. I do hope the Consultant can get you sorted tomorrow. Living in constant pain as you do, is so very difficult. Sending you very gentle hugs and love. xxx

  22. Good morning Barbara – the photos really do show what a happy day it must have been. Judging by the comments – you and Team Clarity have provided an incredible 2 days! Sadly it wasn't possible for me to attend this year, but fingers crossed that I will be able to next year – have a good relaxing day with your family – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I had an early night, so I missed the blog! Hope that you are all well and enjoying a good day! Hope that your weather is better than ours – I think that I shall get some ironing done. Those of you who managed to go to the Open Days, it looks and sounds as if it was fantastic! I shall keep my fingers crossed that I will be able to go to one of them next year! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hello Gilly. Ironing!!! Not a good way to spend a Sunday my friend…a day for resting!!! I hope you are both okay. Hubby was asking if you've heard yet when Neil is to start his Radiotherapy? Take care. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Morag – ironing now done, there wasn't a lot really – I only do what HAS to be done! Neill has started the hormone treatment, taken 21 days of tablets and had 1st injection – 2 more to follow. He starts radiotherapy on 18th July, so should be finished be mid-September – we think! Thanks to you both for asking – love and hugs Gilly xxx

  23. Hello Barbara. I hope you're having a much deserved day of rest today. It sounds like it's been two fabulous days. Although after you and your wonderful team's planning and preparing, it couldn't have been any different. Hugs xxx

  24. Hello all my lovely blog friends. I too missed the blog yesterday as I had an early night, and another one planned for tonight! Sending you all Love and Hugs. Special caring thoughts to Anne and her daughter. xxx

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Great time at your Clarity open day. I just want to say thank you for making my Sister in law feel so much part of the day. You took the trouble of giving her a special tuition on how to brayer, stamp and do hills with inks. She is now hooked on Clarity products and I am not sure my brother will ever talk to me again after his bank balance took such a hammering! Don't know how you do it making people feel special. Hugs Nadia x

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