And on the 7th day…..

And on the 7th day…..

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
How are you today? 
If you came to Crowborough on Friday or Saturday,
 then I hope you had as much fun as we all did, 
and I hope you got home safely.

The Clarity Arty Team before it all kicked off
+ our lovely Dee – she was running a little late xx

Judging by facebook, 
I think we can safely assume that it was a hit,
and that our guests had a blast. 

These three early birds were there at 8am on Friday!

and then the rest arrived!

Jim was in on Friday with his camera, 
so I’ll combine with my yesterday’s pics 
and compile a great photo blog once I touch base with him.

For today, I have to tell you,
I am absolutely pooped.
Added to which our dear friends Debby and Gill from Texas,
are staying with us,

so it would be rude to blog away and leave them in the kitchen to fend for themselves!
I cherish these women, and I miss them very, very much.
I just love their positive, upbeat energy 
which they have in spadefuls.

So many good people in my life.
I’m a very lucky girl.

Now Grace is Facetiming me!!
Nice to be loved 

Love & hugs

76 thoughts on “And on the 7th day…..

  1. Hi Barbara & ladies, well it looked like everyone had a great few days, and all went off well. Just knew it would have. Hi to the ladies who went is the purse empty? ?? can't take it with you they say many have tried. I hope I have not affended any one with this saying. Hope you all had a good day today. Hugs to all. Lynn xx

  2. Fabulous photographs. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Enjoy your time with your friends, I just got back after spending 2 weeks with one of my dear friends in the US?
    Linda xxx

  3. Hi Barb, yes we had to get there early because of the traffic , well that is our excuse anyway. Had a fantastic time and love everything, learnt so muuch. hugs to everyone xxx

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xx

    1. Hello June, I saw your comment on the other blog this morning, it's lovely to put a face to a name. So glad you had a good time, you deserve it after all the problems you had with your leg. I hope you get your knee sorted soon. Sending hugs xxx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous pictures and really wetting my appetite for Leyburn. Not surprised you're shattered! Great that Debby and Gill have come to see you, hope they are enjoying living in Texas. Hope you can get a bit of a rest now, love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi to my lovely blog friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day today. We decided to move a great big heather that was overtaking my flower bed. Well 31/2 hours later, we still hadn't got it all out! It was quite funny though, because as Dave was pulling out more of the branches I'd be saying " oh there's one of my pots!" We uncovered 4 planters! I knew I had some somewhere!!! We are now redesigning that bit of the garden so looking forward to that. Trying to switch off from The EU debate with David Cameron at the moment – I am just so sick of hearing about it – I'll be pleased when it's Thursday! Well, better go, love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison sounds like a good job done, we've got a large Heather in our front garden, I look at it, chop a bit off and say that will do! Haha. I bet you've got to buy more planes now for all those pots you've found! Sending hugs xxx

    3. Hi Alison – sounds like you've had an interesting day! Totally agree with being sick of the referendum. Your weather must have been better than ours,driving rain all day – hugs Gilly xxx

    4. Hi Alison, glad you found your missing pots! You do realise that after Thursday we will have endless talk about the result and what it means depending on the outcome! Better stay in the garden. XX

  5. After all the time you gave to us, you deserve to spend relaxing time with those lovely ladies. It was good to see them and get together with them again. Perhaps,you can hang on to then till the Retreats, another lovely occasion to look forward to. I am spending extra time down there again this year to meet up with anyone else who will be there. Enjoy your time with Gill and Debby. xxx Maggie
    P.S. I have put some photos on my blog too.

  6. So really pleased you had a lovely couple of days and the photos say it all. Just really disappointed that I wasn't able to make it, however, really looking forward to attending the Clarity Retreat. My next goal is to attend a Clarity Open Day…..

    I am sure you and all the people involved will have a deserved rest for a few days.

    best wishes
    Moya xx

  7. Had a great time, thanks Barb and all the Clarity team, loved meeting lots of friends, it is a very special, fun and inspiring event. Thanks again see you soon love J xx

  8. You deserve some time for yourself. Spending time with well loved friends what could be better. Open Days were fabulous. I just need time to play with new items but we have all the kids here today so a houseful. What could be better. X x

  9. Hi everyone, hope you've all had a good day, it's raining here now. Just had dinner, watched Cameron and now the football, what an exciting time…. Roll on Thurs (or Fri) when we will know what's what and can get back to normal whatever that is. Lunch tomorrow with my friends from work so looking forward to that, saying that I must get a card done for one of them … I've had all day !! Hugs to everyone that need them. I hope Phoebe is continuing well too. x x

    1. Hi Jackie – rain here too! Didn't watch Cameron tonight – and I too will be glad when it's over! Enjoy your lunch tomorrow – it was great to be able to put your face to your name! Thanks for that – sending you a friends request on FB. Hope your card goes well – hugs Gilly xx

    2. Hi Jackie, Phoebe is doing really well, a little too well in fact as she now thinks she is a three legged sprinter and she is supposed to be on complete rest! I don't think so. XX

  10. Got home ten minutes ago, a few spots of rain as we got off the plane, now it's torrents. Don't think I'll be turning my hand to any craft tonight; been awake since five as I was determined to have a hot shower this morning as opposed to yesterday's cold one.
    Thanks again to all. ;~}

    1. I am still suffering from shock at such a fast journey. I reckon 60mph round the M25 has to be some kind of record. I have never seen it so quiet. Glad you made it home safely, Shelagh. Sleep tight. xxx Maggie

    2. Hi Maggie and thank you. So pleased you had a great journey home. London was quiet too, taxi was two thirds of Thursday's price and no traffic jams. Put the world to rights with the driver – a Cockney born in Scotland! May just have to try the scissor work though, Take care. Best wishes, S Xx ;~}

    3. Hi Shelagh good to hear you got home safe and sound, I hope there were no paint stripes on the carousel!! What a shame you went home to rain, I know it often rains in Aberdeen but it's a beautiful city. Sending hugs xxx

    4. Thank you, Diane. Not a drop of spilled paint to be seen but only Aberdeen would ask you to collect your luggage from what resembles a porta-cabin whilst they enlarge the airport! ;~}

  11. Oh Barbara! It looks like it was all an amazing success and lots of fun for all concerned. I can't wait til Leyburn to experience such fun!!!
    The photo of you with Debbie and Gill is fabulous…you all look so happy!
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Love and hugs! Xxxx

  12. Oh Barbara! It looks like it was all an amazing success and lots of fun for all concerned. I can't wait til Leyburn to experience such fun!!!
    The photo of you with Debbie and Gill is fabulous…you all look so happy!
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Love and hugs! Xxxx

    1. Evening my dear family of blog friends sending hugs to you all hugs to all on the blog xxx
      Sending special hugs to Dorothy hope your ok missing you on here xxx

    2. Hello Sheila sorry to hear you've had a rough couple of days. I hope the consultant can help you with the pain when you see him tomorrow. Sending hugs and love xxx

  13. Hello Barbara
    What great photos and how lovely to see Gill and Debbie, you all look so happy. I hope Grace is feeling more settled and you've had a lovely chat with her. Now did your dad get a Father's Day card? Love your ideas for adapting cards yesterday. It sounds like the open days were a huge success, I must get there next year. Have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, hope you've had a good day and dads have been spoilt. I cut the grass (well it was more like a meadow!) while hubby watched the Grand Prix so that was his treat after dropping our daughter at the bus station at 9 am this morning!! It's pouring with rain here now so it's a good thing I made the effort. Hope you all have a lovely evening. Pam I hope you made it to the open day, I've been thinking of you and your family and Anne too. Sending hugs all round xxx

  14. Hi Barbara – so pleased for you that it was all such a huge success! Much deserved – both for you and your amazing team! Enjoy your time with Debbie and Gill – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – has anyone else had wall to wall rain all day – no wonder there are so many famous and beautiful gardens in Cornwall! Same again is forecast for tomorrow – ah well, can't be helped! I have had mainly a day of rest, and just a bit of ironing done! Love and hugs to you all – Gilly xxx

  15. Glad you had/having a good time. Give my love to Debbie and Gill – two gems. Enjoy your chat to Grace. Waiting for my face-time with my husband who is off abroad.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  16. Evening bloggy friends, hope you are all OK. Managed a bit more craft today, Phoebe has been good and has not tried to lick her leg for a few days now……….touch wood it continues. XX

    1. Hi Donna,
      Good on you for getting some more crafting down. Is Phoebe helping you? Scamp would be putting her paws in everything or sitting on whatever I was trying to do! Love and hugs Alison xx

  17. Hi Pam, hope you got to the open days and if you did I bet you had a hard time choosing what to get. Thinking of you. XX

    Hi Scotty Dotty, how are you? Haven't seen you in a few days. Thinking of you. XX

  18. Hi Barbara
    It looks fabulous and I would love to come one day. I have to rely on public transport. I think I will try to book a place to stay next year. Enjoy time with your friends.
    Hugs from Chris X

  19. Yes it was definitely a big hit. Thank you. Had a wonderful time with you all on Saturday. Lovely photos. Please feel free to save and use any of my photos of Saturday if you wish to. Have a lovely evening with Debbie & Gill. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  20. Lovely photos of everyone having a fun time Barbara and so nice to see that one of you with Debbie and Gill and hope everything is going well for them in The States and that you are having a great catch up. x

  21. Aww Barbara looks like everyone had fun
    And one of the early birds was June Smith she is the middle of the early birds
    She said she had a fantastic time
    You are right it's good to be lived xxxx

  22. Hi Barb, looks like everyone had a wonderful time and to have special friends visiting too. Love makes the world go round. Hope Grace is doing well. Bx

  23. The open days look a great success, meeting new friends and old, sharing and friendship makes the world go round. I haven't been painting much lately, Sewing Bee is back on tv and making clothes especially recycling cloth is another of my passions, that programme always makes me get the sewing machine out, I love it xx

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