If Toucan, YOU can!!!!

If Toucan, YOU can!!!!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

We are having a good day at Clarity today, 
finally finalising the pages of our first colouring book.
It all takes much longer than you think – especially when you are swanning around in Hawaii !

The book features our best and loveliest bird images,
including our superb Toucans, illustrated by Mel.

We have taken the birds and placed them 
in a wonderful tropical setting, all set to colour in.

Here are a few super stamped samples, 
created by members of the Clarity DT.

Jane Telford

Mandy Branston

 Check this one out!!!
Jane cut out every single leaf!!!!

Jane Telford

Jo Rice

Linda Spencer

 In fact, there is such an abundance of fantastic artwork 
using these stamps!
Just look!!!
(That’s usually a good indication of the stamp’s versatility)

I hope you understand 
that I haven’t time to do a full blown step-by-step project today.
Well, I do, but this old colouring book of ours will NEVER get done…
Instead, let’s make all you stampers out there a great bloggy offer:
You can’t help noticing the fabulous Cheese plant leaves, 
wrapped around the toucans everywhere….
the leaves include 2 outline stamps and 2 fills.
Very clever.

This set of 5 stamps, including the Toucan mask,
 would usually retail at £19.99

So how about £14.99?
Bargain !!!!!
Add your Club Member Discount (10% or 15%)
and then it’s a real birdy bargain!!!

Offer ends next Tuesday.

I really must fly…..
Love and hugs,

86 thoughts on “If Toucan, YOU can!!!!

  1. Lovely and different art work, what a team. Pictures of Hawii look fantastic. I could do with holiday. Pressure of life and family problems too large at present. I am just so glad to have this blog and the family that follow it. What wonderful support they give.
    So pleased it is Poet's Day tomorrow.
    Love to everyone
    Anne (Reading)

  2. Beautiful art work, looking forward To seeing the clarity colouring book ,thank you for the offer will have to have a peep crafting hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon to my dear family of blog friends thinking of you all lots of hugs comming your way hugs to all on the blog xxx
      Donna hope phoebe is feeling brighter today xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, I hope you are well. I haven't had much to say for myself the last couple of days as I've been so busy. I need to slow down a bit, hopefully on Saturday, my day off, I'll get some crafting done.

  3. Hi Barbara, it's just good to have you here with us, and whatever you want to show and say to us is more than fine with me :-). Good to hear you're having a good work day today. Long may that continue. Lovely design team samples. And beautiful holiday photos. Thanks for sharing. And thanks also for a very generous bloggy offer. Love Brenda xx

    Thanks for the messages yesterday xx
    Thinking about you Pam xx

    1. Hi Brenda what you been up to today hope whatever it wis it cheered yi up. I've been trying hard all day no to have a nap so get a decent sleep but struggling noo here's yir cuddle..xx

  4. Hi Barbara – glad to hear that you are having a good productive day – thanks for the artwork samples and some more holiday photos – all beautiful! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – hope that you are all having a good day – with good weather! Ours is still good and we are enjoying it. Not done too much today, Neill and I are having a bit of a tidy-up day and throwing away all of that paper which seems to gather around you, or is that just us? Ha ha! It's looking much better now and Neill is threatening to push the vacuum around next! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly no you are not the only one with breeding paper!! It's been lovely here today again too – finally got the last of the uni/ holiday washing done! We are hoping for a dry day tomorrow, my neighbour ( fairly elderly!) is off to see Rod Stewart in concert tomorrow at the local cricket ground – she's quite excited and I don't want her getting wet! Xx

    3. Hi Gilly dear. It's been gorgeous here today. Breeding paper!!!!…that sounds like my craft room haha! I hope you are both getting plenty of rest in between your hard work. Love and hugs xxx

    4. Hi Gilly,
      Have you been in my craft room? I can't find a blinking thing because of all the paper in there. I don't know where it all comes from! Hope you are getting some rest breaks mind you. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    5. Need to get rid of papers and stuff to filling drawers and boxes don't know why I've hang on to some instructions for stuff that's long gone even got one o those shredder things no even opened it that yet good intentions and all that.
      Hugs Dot.xx

  5. Hi Barb. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule just for us today – we appreciate it. I have the Toucans but need the leaves… Perhaps I will be able to get that stamp next weekend…(fingers crossed!) x

  6. Hello bloggy friends. Hope everyone is well. Phoebe has been for a checkup and everything is going well. Has some more pain killers so she should hopefully feel more comfortable. Thank you all for asking and caring. Sending hugs from us both. Xx

  7. The toucans are so lovely and the cheeseplant leaves complement them perfectly, and thanks for this great offer Barbara. The colouring book is going to be wonderful too. x

  8. Such beautiful birds and so many different ways to colour and use them. Wonderful inspiration from the DT samples especially Jane's. I saw it on display at one of your open days a few years ago. Stunning! Looking forward to the colouring book coming out. love and hugs, Jeanette x

  9. Hi Barbara & ladies hope you are enjoying the lovely weather today very warm. Well Barbara the DT samples are wonderful. Glad your day is going OK. Looking forward to seeing the new colouring book. Hope you all have a good rest of the day. Hugs to everyone. Lynn xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    What beautiful photos again today, you have got some lovely memories. The tucan stamps are great and what beautiful samples again ( definitely a medal needed for cutting out all those leaves!). What a great offer too, thank you. Might have a little peep later, well it would be rude not to! The colouring books look beautiful what a lovely choice, birds, you have so many lovely bird stamps. Have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends. I hope you have all had a good day today, weather here has been gorgeous again, great for getting the washing dry! It was nice to get out today and have a look around the shops for a while, we've decided on lunch out tomorrow at the local garden centre so I will be able to get the rest of my plants then – wonder what my 'assistant' will pick out to go in the pots, and will my 'assistant' actually help me to plant them!!! Sending hugs all round. Xxx
      Pam thinking of you sweetheart, sending you hugs xxx

    2. My assistant actually managed to tell the difference between bean and pea plants today – or rather he knew the peas weren't beans!!

    3. Hello Diane. Have a good day tomorrow picking your plants. It's lovely isn't it, when everything's planted up. Love and hugs xxx

  11. Lovely samples but my wish list is already too long as a light box is at the top! I love the titles you give the blog each day too, I don't know how you think of them xx

    Pam you are in my thoughts xx

    1. Chris I got the light box for my birthday, it's lovely. Hubby was very impressed with how light and thin it is and daughter has her beady eye on it too!! You will love it and it's worth saving up for xxx

  12. Another lovely post Barbara. I love those stamps. they'll have to go on my wish list as I received a lovely Clarity package today. I must save up for the Open Day!!! Love and Hugs xxx

  13. Hello all my lovely blog friends. It's been a gorgeous day today. All the tubs, window boxes and hanging baskets are now in place, the garden planted up with the annuals, so we're all ready for Summer.
    I hope you've all had a good day. Pam dear, special thoughts to you. Hi Dot and Alison, I've managed to miss you both for a couple of days, so I hope you are both fine. I noticed that you've been busy with your garden too Alison.
    Love and Hugs to you all xxx

    1. Hi Morag,
      Sounds like your garden is all ready. I love it when it's all set and then just watch it burst into flower( well hopefully!) Hope you're ok my friend, Love and hugs Alison xx

  14. Once again these samples are lovely. I was a busy bee today but managed to take some time out to watch Paul on catch up. Just watched the first show which was fab and I felt so relaxed whilst watching.

  15. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely post today. The samples are gorgeous and the offer fantastic. The colouring book sounds as though it's almost ready to roll out – looking forward to that. I received my plates from Sunday's shows today and can I say that I wasn't disappointed! Thank you and all the team for getting them out so quickly – I could t believe it when they landed on my mat this morning – brilliant!
    Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day. It has been beautiful up here today as Morag said. Picked up my hanging baskets today and Dave hung them up for me – they are too heavy for me. Really pleased with them and looking forward to watching them fill out. Had to do a bit of retail therapy as well up in Newcastle ( spending my birthday money) so that was good too. Sending love and hugs to you all especially Pam( thinking of you ) , love Alison xxx

    2. Evening Alison glad your wee shopping trip cheered you up just what you needed beautiful garden weather here to my lovely neighbours cut my big hedge today they are great gardiners and caring folk I'm so lucky to have them..xx

  16. Hi Barbara glad you've had a good day at work bet there is more to just drawing and getting a colouring book printed and published so that's a wee box nearly ticked. Glad it is featuring Clarity birds love them all.
    Thanks for the great bloggy offer the DT samples are beautiful well done to Jane must have took her forever.
    Take care..Dot..XX

  17. I was going to say good evening, but it's morning now I see ! birds are not my favourite topic but I can cope ! They're all pretty it's just the sound of the flapping and the feathers I have problems with ! THey do make lovely designs though.

    Hi everyone, we've had a great day at Newbury races and all of us won something, we had a result between us in every race and Roger, our friend, won 5 out of 7 races ! I caught the sun and you can even see where my necklace was, going to have to see if I can fill that bit in tomorrow ! Not burnt though so that's good. xxx

    1. Good to hear you enjoyed your day and won too!! Sounds like the day out you all needed. Haha don't you love it when you get the unexpected white bits! Enjoy filling them in 😀Xx

  18. Hi Barb, I am so looking forward to the Clarity colouring book, especially the bird theme. I love my toucans and cheese plant leaves, just wish I had more time to play with them. Thanks for sharing the fab examples. Bx

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