Back on the road again…

Back on the road again…

Thanks for dropping in!

Been a total scramble today, trying to get out the door….
But now for something completely different!

Here we are, Barbie and Dave,
two caravan virgins,
all set – for better or for worse –
for our next little adventure!

Look what we’ve got!

Only sticking point is the weather really…

Bedding? Tick.
Towels? Tick.
Loo roll? Tick.
The rest we can get en route!

While Dave manoeuvres the caravan in the drive,
and hitches it to the car,
I thought I’d pop up here to chat to you.
The girl knows when to keep out of the way!!!

Bought some wellies and a rain mac thingy this morning.
So off we jolly well go!

Have I told you where to yet?

Well, would you like to see what GOLD DUST looks like?

Yeah, me too.

But I have got 2 tickets for a very special gig 
which are as good as 

Yep, these two old hippies are going to

Sooooo excited!

The line up is insane.
From Adele to ELO.
From K. T. Tunstall to Newton Faulkner,
Muse, Foy Vance, Madness
and hundreds of others.

So wish us luck!
Do a sun dance for us xxxx 

Wave if you see us 

Campsite has WIFI.
So I can keep up with the blog.

What was that?
Have I taken my crafting stash along?
Well, you tell me.
Have a guess, YES or NO, and write it below

Must dash.
The caravan is hooked up!

love & hugs

106 thoughts on “Back on the road again…

  1. Yes I think you have some crafty stuff with you!
    How exciting for you going to Gladonbry. I am just a tiny bit jealous. I hope you have a fabulous time and looking forward to hearing all about your antics!

    1. Hi Sheila, I've been working on bits and pieces, trying to get ahead of myself but did have time to have a walk along the beach; it's getting quite compulsive. Not much doing at the harbour – the oil downturn is really hitting. Hope you got some results and solutions from your appointment yesterday. ;~}

    1. Forgot to ask Donna did you see the new groovi boarders in the new part on the web are you needling your cushions I've got mine if you want to borrow them xxx

    2. Hi Donna
      Yeah we had sun here today too, lovely isn't it . I hope Phoebe lets you have a bit more play time. I had a tortoise trying for the great escape today, I think he was taken by the sunshine and wanted to explore! Sending hugs xx

  2. Oh yes I think you would take your groovi and get down in the groove to the music too have fun sunshine and flowers in your hair Dave will be grooving along as well xxx

    1. Hello my dear family of blog friends I've had a restful day today as yesterday was a busy day at the hospital and I'm shattered got a steroid injection hopefully will get the pain controlled for a while but have to stop my new medication as it has effected my bloods see what my bloods say from yesterday might have to try it again or try something else .
      Thank you for all your thoughts and wishes they mean so much to me xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – not surprised that you were exhausted from yesterday. Pleased that you have had your steroid injection, and hope that starts to help soon. Fingers crossed that they will be able to find some new medication that will suit you better, very soon – Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hello Sheila I hope the injection starts to work soon. What a shame the new medication has caused problems, I hope they sort something sorted out soon. Sending hugs xxx

  3. I am so jealous, I would really like to go to Glastonbury but my hubby thinks I am mad. Youngest son has been a few times and oh how I envied him. Have fun, hope the sun shines on you. You might have taken some Groovi but no I don't think you will have time to spend crafting. X x

  4. Hi Barbara, oh my have a wonderful time and I hope the weather is kind to you both too! Love the Caravan! I would say yes, I am sure you will get some ideas for new stamps πŸ˜‰
    Linda xxxx

  5. I envy you going off with the caravan. I really miss just being able to buzz off to somewhere quiet to relax, but although I proved to myself I could still do it on my own, I decided it was time for me to give it up. I hope you are going to do more than just Glastonbury in the future, finding lovely peaceful places to relax and get away from the stress. I bet you have packed some kind of crafting even if it is just a copy of the colouring book. Have a wonderful time and I hope the mud is not too deep. You will have to get yourself a proper Land Rover to tow out afterwards, or even to tow in to the site. Lots of hugs, Maggie xxxx

  6. By the looks of it you will be seeing a lot of folk you have worked with!! Bits of Glasto shall we say looked a bit DAMP yesterday but I think if you are prepared with your wellies and wet wear you'll be ok. Will be watching in the dry on the sofa, will look out for you all. πŸ™‚
    Welcome back to the Westcountry!!

  7. Always wanted to go But my Dave says no
    Have a fab time Dahling
    Crafty stuff of course you're mad not to im sure you fit in a little crafting when you're not dancing and singing xxxx

  8. Enjoy the festival and yes of course you have packed some crafty stuff – you will need something to do at night!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  9. Have a fab time! I had no idea that you were going to the festival when you said you were off to Glastonbury! Durhh! What a twit, you'd think living not that far away from there I'd have realised it was on! So when I said to Dave is it just you two going he wasn't quite being truthful, when he said he hoped so. You two and only another 60,000! Ha ha ha! Wxx

  10. Oh yes, you would take your crafty things and iPad like I do. I can't live without my Crafty and my iPad with me wherever I go to.
    Enjoy the festival. Hope the weather is great. Xx

  11. Hi Barbara & ladies, well of course you will take some sort of craft to do. Have a fab time. Hi ladies weather here has been very warm today I was able to sit outside and have a coffee in the sun was good. Hope you have all had a good day. Hugs to all. Lynn 😎

  12. Enjoy yourselves and say hi to my friends Margaret and Sandy who have travelled from Inverness to glamp there too! I think you'll have a secret stash of colouring books to get all the young trendies hooked on Clarity goodies x

  13. Oh wow how wonderful – I hope you both have a whale of a time and enjoy. Let's hope the weather plays ball as well. I reckon you probably have a little secret stash of crafty bits 'just in case'. xxxxx

  14. Hi Barbara – great idea getting a caravan, you will find it so relaxing. We love going away in our motor home, as it gets you away from everything, and you are able to enjoy nature. Wet weather gear is essential – but you will no doubt have an amazing time! It will be your first outing of many! I don't think that you will have taken any of your crafty stash, as another total switch off is probably just what you need after last week! Hugs to you both and enjoy! Gilly xx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that you are all as well as can be! Another day here of rest and some more sorting out – of some of my sewing stuff this time. We managed to escape the rain today! Love and hugs – Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, weather has been good here today too, washing dried a treat. I helped a friend get some goody bags organised today for a charity craft day on Saturday. Sending hugs xxx

  15. You'll love Glastonbury! Even if it does rain. I went a few years ago and it's an amazing atmosphere. Enjoy. And please do some more stamping soon..I, for one, am getting withdrawal symptoms !!

  16. You'll love Glastonbury! Even if it does rain. I went a few years ago and it's an amazing atmosphere. Enjoy. And please do some more stamping soon..I, for one, am getting withdrawal symptoms !!

  17. I hope you have packed your waders especially looking at the photos and videos of some of the site!!! You'll have a wonderful time though!
    And in that size of caravan I'd say yes you'll have something crafty even if it's just your sketch book and pencils!
    Go with the flow and chill!

    Love and hugs xxxx

  18. I can you just see you dressed as a hippy sixties chick groovy by day and groovi by night! Sat in your little home on wheels parching away in between gigs! Have a super time looking forward to your updates! X

  19. I hope you have packed your waders especially looking at the photos and videos of some of the site!!! You'll have a wonderful time though!
    And in that size of caravan I'd say yes you'll have something crafty even if it's just your sketch book and pencils!
    Go with the flow and chill!

    Love and hugs xxxx

  20. Never been myself, I've always thought of camping as contrived poverty, but that's in a tent. This looks much more civilised. Slightly jealous, the line up looks fab. I'll dip in on the BBC. I know it's not the same, but better than nothing! Muse is one of my favourites. I saw an interesting act on tv the other night called Christine and the Queens. Fascinating, and very arty in the performance. Have a good time. Xx

    1. Barbara was telling us at the Open Day that she wasn't up for a tent (nor would I be) and it was as cheap to buy a caravan as rent a jite for a few days! Hence, the caravan! At least you have it to use again as well ! xx

  21. Have a great time in your new caravan. Pack some ketchup, salt and vinegar And yes, I think you've packed some crafty things to play with, however I bet you're too busy listening to all those exciting bands to do any. Adele – so, so jealous! Xxx

  22. Yes, I think you have taken some crafty stuff just in case it is pouring rain and you get wet through to your knickers! Have a great time, I really fancy the music, not so keen on the mud and the sticky loos.

  23. Hi Barbara
    Wow what a fantastic thing to do, especially in a caravan, much more civilised than camping – bet it won't be shiny and white after the mud of the campsite! I'm suprised the kids gave t joined you too! I hear leonie say she was going the other day so I'm sure you will get together with her gang. I'm so jealous, would love to see Adelle and madness, ELO and Newton Faulkner are brilliant. Have loads of fun and don't let Dave get too stressed out with the traffic, country lanes and queues!! Yes of course a sneeky bit of crafting has been stashed away in a corner somewhere.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, hope you've all had a good day. I got carried away with groovie last night making thank you cards. Quite simple but very effective. Dot I hope you are ok and just busy with the grandchildren. Xxx Brenda hope you are ok too and your computer is behaving itself xxx sending hugs all round xxx

  24. That's fantastic, Barbara! ELO are one of my all-time favourites – say hello to them for me! πŸ™‚ All the others sound great too.

    And I think you'd better NOT have taken any crafting. Be in the moment. Enjoy the music and the atmosphere and the people – and, dare I say it, a spot of mud…? Hope the sun shines on you. Have fun! xx

  25. You will have a ball have great weekend. I use to love camping in are caravan once kited out your home on wheels wish we still had one some great sites out there jealous enjoy lots love xxx

  26. So you want to see gold dust!!!!! Well as luck would have it, I had a day out with my son and guess what!!!! We went gold panning!!!! And yes we have gold dust!!!! Well little flakes of gold to be exact. Very shiny… glitter EVER…. Have a great time you two. Xxxx

  27. So you want to see gold dust!!!!! Well as luck would have it, I had a day out with my son and guess what!!!! We went gold panning!!!! And yes we have gold dust!!!! Well little flakes of gold to be exact. Very shiny… glitter EVER…. Have a great time you two. Xxxx

    1. Aye Emma, I keep trying to tell Barbara and co. we've got it all up here, and some. I'd forgotten about our gold! πŸ˜‰ Hope you have a brilliant time Barbara and Dave. Dave, what's harder, maneuvering a caravan on your drive, or herding sheep?!!! Hope you are well Emma, and have had no mishaps recently. Love Brenda xx (Dot, hope it's nothing serious keeping you away from here xx)

  28. Glastonbury – go girl. My partner works for a contractor who does the site electrics on music festivals so I have been to my fair share of them and will be trotting off again this year to keep him company on the show days but he has never done Glastonbury. I would like to see it as it is the biggest. It build for the festival – putting in the electrics and all the amenities by all the contracting companies takes a month to complete then they have to strip it all out again and return the site to nothing. My partner says it is strange to watch something evolve like that and then it all disappear again. Last year he did Great Dorset Steam Fair as well which was also interesting to see. I am an old hippie so the festivals suit me down to the ground – except Reading that one is too townie for my liking. Saw Prince at one the other year and I am glad I did now. We stay in our caravan which we lovingly call "the shell". It comes into its glory each summer and I get to see the shows for gratis which is an added pleasure and I get a pass that lets me into places the public can't go. My partner though gets an Access All Areas and gets to go into the dressing rooms of the acts which is cool!! They all need electric! I know you will have a fantastic time – hope you have taken wellies Barb – get some if not cause if it rains it really is a sea of mud up to your knees. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure. I always crochet when I am away lets see what you get up to. Much love Jayne

  29. Wow Barbara, you know how to get around. Have a great time, The mud will wash off. I'm sure you have a small stash with you just in case you have a quiet moment!!!!

  30. Have a great time. I always find that Groovi is a great, compact thing to take camping. Let's hope you bring out range of camping Groovi plates soon….Caravan, motorhome, tent, wellies, umbrellas.

  31. Have a lovely time all of you ! Enjoy the caravan and thank goodness you get transport to and from the campsite ! I reckon you wouldn't have gone without a Groovi plate or too – just too transportable, even if you don't pick them up you know they are there. xxx

    1. Hi everyone, an overcast day today but no rain! Just pottered today after hubby had doctors for a BP check. Went for a walk with my neighbour and the dogs so had a bit of exercise. Hope everyone is ok. xxx

  32. Hi Barb,
    Glastonbury eh! Well, hope you have a fab time. The line up for the festival sounds brilliant. Speaking of brilliant – lovely caravan, Bessacar is a really good make and i know you will enjoy yourselves. We had a caravan for years ( well 4 caravans to be precise )and had many brilliant holidays in them. We loved the freedom and the fact that it was just home from home. We used to make the long treck from the North East to Pembroke every summer for 5 weeks. We stayed in a field with 4 other caravans and usually it was the same people every year so we got to know each other well. It was heaven. We could sit outside and listen to the buzzards screeching, or go down for stroll through Stackpole lily ponds down to the beach or whatever we. wanted. Very happy memories. Mind you, dont do what we did once when on a manicured site on the south coast. We needed to set off about 4am to get through all of the rush hour traffic of London so the night before we hitched the caravan up so that we could get away quietly. In the morning we had a quick breakfast and then we were off. Only problem wascwe had forgotten to wind the steadies up!! They dug trenches in this manicured field, buckled so they couldnt be wound up. What a mess! We had to send for the RAC who sent the noisiest diesel van out and the steadies had to be hacksawed off! So much for a quick and quiet getaway! Mind you we did escape before the owner saw the field! Needless to say, we never went back! Have a fabulous time and yes i do think you will have something crafty with you. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  33. Ohh how exciting. The line up sound amazing
    Enjoy Barbara and Dave
    I will do my best to do a sun dance for you but arther is playing up. Lol. Xx

  34. Hi Barbara
    Glastonbury will be amazing. I just love ELO. I hope the weather is kind to you. I think you never go far without pencil and paper and you may do a sketch or two as inspiration for new stamps or Groovi plates.
    Hugs from Chris X e

  35. Glastonbury is in my neck of the woods but haven't been but know a couple who always go. I think the caravan is perfect and hopefully you will get away in it on some nice relaxing breaks in the future too. Have a great time and I think there will definitely be a little crafty stash tucked away in a cupboard somewhere. That mud can be mighty deep so beware of getting your wellies stuck. x

  36. I'd say Yes…. have a wonderful time the line up is the best I've seen for a few years and what a great way to see it knowing you have somewhere warm and dry to sleep (with your own loo…)… have a wonderful time xxx

  37. Hello barb, Oh how fab, hope you have a great time. I would say yes, just a few little bits, but then again, precious time away with Dave enjoying good music, it would have to be maybe. Travel safely and take care. Bx

  38. Wonderful – you'll have a fab time, I'm sure! What an amazing line-up – I'd love to see ELO, Muse, Adele, Madness et al – bet they'll be BRILLIANT! And, a girl after my own heart, you're doing it in style, none of that camping malarkey! πŸ™‚
    Crafty stash going with you? I would say YES, if you're anything like me you'll take some "just in case".

    Have a wonderful time, enjoy every minute!
    Liz M xxx

  39. Have a wonderful time. Looks like it's sunglasses & wellies. Yes – I think you will have at least something arty/crafty with you. All that creativity around you is sure to inspire you there or later on. Wishing you all the best for a great time.

  40. Hi Barbara…. you young hippy chick!

    Have a great time in Glastonbury, make sure you are near to your caravan then you both can pop in there for a pee!!… lol

    I'm sure you'll have at least a sketch pad with you plus a few pencils?… Enjoy

    June x

  41. Oh dear – thought of you when I saw the news today about the awful traffic jams – I do hope you're not still stuck in a queue!
    My guess is that this is more much deserved "me-time", time to devote to Dave and to doing other things rather than work, so I say "NO" you didn't pack your crafting gear.

  42. Hi Barbara, Oh goodness !! I saw the reports on tv this morning and they were saying for people to hold off going for another day, in the hope that the quagmire dries up a bit !!!
    I would say you might take some crafting stash with you, but the look at the lineup means you will definitely NOT have time for crafting. You lucky pair, are you meeting up with Leonie, as she goes to Glastonbury every year. Anyway have a fab-u-lous time.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

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