Fancy a trip down Memory Lane?

Fancy a trip down Memory Lane?

Hi there!
Good of you to pop in on this rainy day.
Monday’s blog is Flowers and Trees, right?
I want to share something really special with you…

Well yesterday, we hung out with our friends Debby and Gill.

They have moved to Texas, which has been a bit of a mission.
Having moved back and forth across the continents from Europe 
to California myself, I know what a logistic challenge that is.

We were talking about all the trinkets and dust-catchers you shed to lighten the load, and how you really only hang on to the things which have sentimental value.
Suddenly, my little Mind Locomotive took me right back to Germany in the late ‘80s, just before we moved from there to California.  
And I remembered my good Italian friends in Nürnberg, 
Giovanni and Antoinetta.
They ran the big Italian restaurant by the park, 
and we saw each other almost daily, because I ran the language school next door!
Whenever I went to their home, there was a huge, ornate terrine in the centre of their dining table.
And I would always admire it, and tell Antoinetta how beautiful it was. It had been a wedding present to them.

Well the day came when we were leaving Germany and moving to America.
The packers were in our apartment
(which by the way, was on the 5th floor with no lift).
I heard Antoinetta before I saw her, 
because she really did have a voice that carried!

“BARBARA ! BARBARA ! Ich hab was für Dich!!”
(I’ve got something for you!)

She had a very strong Italian accent and spoke a beautifully broken German, laced with the regional dialect. 

When I looked down in the stairwell, 
I could see her mass of black curly hair climbing up the stairs.
And when she finally reached the top, breathless and laughing,
guess what she had for me. 

“Mußt Du mitnehmen nach Amerika!
Als Andenken an Deine Freunde!”
(You must take this to America, to remind you of your friends)

It’s huge!
A real statement, as they say!!!

And I love it.
Did then, do now.
Does it fit in the old English country cottage?
Probably not.
But the energy it gives out is priceless.
The fond memory of great friends too.
We lost contact over the years, Antoinetta and I. 
My life changed direction, as did hers; 
phone numbers changed and that’s how it goes.
But it’s okay. 
I bet she still remembers me well and kindly, as do I her.
I have really enjoyed sharing that memory with you.
I got the terrine down from its spot on top of the cupboard in the dining room to show Debby and Gill last night,
and was really proud to show them,
with its ornate flowery lid…

Antoinetta would be proud of me.
Still pristine, no chips, no cracks. 
It’s been in and out of boxes and halfway round the world,
and still has pride of place. 
In my heart too.

Got to go.
Lots to do today.
We’re off on our next adventure tomorrow…..

Love and friendship,

91 thoughts on “Fancy a trip down Memory Lane?

  1. Beautiful memories Barbara thank you for sharing you never know they might read your blog and find away back to you lots of kindness hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon my dear family of blog friends I'm first to blog , I'm getting ready for my hospital appointment to see the rheumatologist consultant this afternoon hoping I can get some help to take the pain away I had a very bad night with the pain kept Tom awake most of the night bless him sending lots of hugs to you all and all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – I am right behind you! So sorry to hear about your really bad night. Good luck at your appointment – lets hope that the consultant can come up with something to help you. I will be thinking of you – sending you positive caring thoughts and hugs – love Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila,
      So sorry to hear that you had a bad night. I really do hope that the consultant can give you something to help you. I will be thinking of you. Love and hugs Alison xx

  2. Hi Barbara – what a truly beautiful terrine and an even more beautiful story! Fantastic memories of such happy times, priceless! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of friendship with us all – and no doubt you will now be making more wonderful memories with Debby and Gill – hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that you are having a good day and managing to keep dry! Rain here all through last night and so far today – we have been promised sunshine later on this afternoon and evening! A very lazy day for both of us so far – just thinking about going out to do a bit of shopping – love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, it's my day off today so I've done lots of housework and I went to the gym this morning. The gym is by the beach in the middle of the town. I came out of the gym and all was well but when I drove to my house the road was wet – that's what you call localised weather. It's dry and mild now so I'm hoping to get out into the garden for an hour.

    3. Hi Gilly,
      Sorry to hear you've still got rain – doesn't it get you down. So much for it being the longest day! We've never really been able to enjoy the light nights yet. Actually it's not too bad here , a bit blowy but the sun does keep making an appearance! I have managed to get my washing dry though. Love and hugs Alison xx

    4. Hi Gilly, I'm just on the bus back from lunch with my friends. It's poured all
      Morning but sun is out now. I got so hot that I actually bought a lighter jacket (rainproof) with hood as my other one is more winter weight with a hood. It's quite muggy! Xx

    5. Hi to you all – we have now got some sunshine too! Shopping trip went well – nothing exciting just some food and some door furniture and fixings for a new gate, that we are having done. Hugs xxx

  3. That was so kind of her to give it to you seeing as it was a wedding present. It is beautiful, and I think it goes with an old country cottage just fine. Thanks for sharing x

  4. What lovely memories and you are both a part of each other memories. I hope everyone is having a good day. We had a wee shower of rain this morning but now it is dry and mild so I'm hoping to get out in the garden for a wee while and then I might even get a chance to start the calendar challenge. I don't work on Monday and is a me day.

  5. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely post and even more so what a lovely gift! I'm amazed that it has survived! If it was mine and I'd travelled as much as you, it would be in a million pieces! It must hold some really special and fond memories for you. Love and hugs Alisonxx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Well today certainly hasn't gone as planned! I had meant to get my calendar challenge done but instead, I heard that two dear friends had died so I ended up making sympathy cards. One of my friends was only in her early 50s, certainly too young in my eyes. Still it makes you want to enjoy every day. Sorry for being a bit down, love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

    2. Oh Alison – I am so sorry that you have had such very sad news today. It is always worse when younger people die – way before their time. Sending you very special hugs and love from Gilly xxx

  6. Hi Barbara, what a lovely gift! You've done well to keep it intact. Perhaps by the power of the internet you might make contact with your friend again. Looking forward to pics of your next adventure – hope it keeps dry for that! Xx

  7. Hi blog friends, just been so wet here overnight and morning ! Sun out now. I'm on bus on way back from lunch out and I wore my boots today – I hate wet feet more than anything! Hugs to all xxx

    1. Hi Jackie – I hope that you had a very enjoyable lunch. I must admit that I too hate wet feet, but I hate the effect that rain has on my hair too – it gets frizzy, not a good look! Hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Jackie. I hope you didn't get wet feet in the end. I always loved walking in the rain when I was young, and it's something I've never grown out of. I still feel tempted to splash in the puddles….and sometimes do..just a little! hahaha!. xxx

    3. Hi Jackie I looked at my boots today and thought 'no it's June!' And wore trainers instead but did put jeans on. Nothing worse than wet feet and frizzy hair! Xxx

  8. Lovely blog. Memories are such special things. Trying to feel upbeat but a bit hard. Off to get my Clarity toys out and drift into the world of crafting. Always makes one feel better.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  9. Hi Barbara & ladies, what a wonderful story the flowers on the top I just love anything like that. A very good friend of mine bought me a plaque which says memories the best thing about memories is making them it is in my kitchen and it reminds me every day of special things so I know where you are comming from. Hope you are all having a dry day! !!!!! Not rain all morning and very heavy at times . Have a good evening all . Hugs Lynn xx

  10. Lovely blog today. Some of my most treasured things are small and some are large, some have very little monetary value but with all of them it's the memory of an event or the person that they remind me of that has the value xx

    1. Hello everyone. We had a couple of worrying days with my father. He was taken to A&E on Saturday teatime and we were very late home then we waited for 4 hours at the hospital yesterday afternoon to see if he was being discharged, which he was. At nearly 92 we wonder how long he will be able to go on experiencing emergencies and recovering from them.
      Alison, I hope you have recovered from your fight with heather.
      Donna, glad Phoebe is being good.
      Pam, thinking of you.
      Everyone else, hope all is well xx

    1. Hi Donna, it's lovely to be able to say that we've actually had sun here today!! Hope you've had a good day. Are we still dong the rose leaves, or have I managed to miss something? Love and Hugs xxx

  11. I'm so pleased to learn there is someone else who keeps things with special memories. As Insit in the dining room writing this, I'm looking around at all these meaningful bits and pieces. Hats on the wall from Brunei, Sarawak, Oman, China -not forgetting the one I stopped Thai International Airlines for as I'd left it in Departures and that's just a start. Then there's the porcelain, glassware, nicknacks – I could go on. I could get rid – and will do – but not yet! ;~}

  12. Thanks for sharing your memories with us – great story! I collect Christmas decorations from everywhere I go, and then get to relive my holidays every year when we decorate the tree. Some of them are a little unusual as my holidays are not always in the right season, but I love my beaded giraffe, boomerang, mosaic lizard and glass rugby playing sheep just as much as the baubles!!!

    1. That sounds fabulous Susan. We went in the Christmas shop in Florida last summer and looked at beautiful Disney decorations but it was far too hot to think of Christmas and we had to think of packing them so we didn't get them and of course regretted it once we got home. Xxx

  13. What a real treasure, and how well you have kept it all this time. I hope you are giving yourself and Dave as much care and attention. You must be exhausted after this last week, all that organisation and setting up,then being such a wonderful hostess to us all, and all the clearing up afterwards. Leave your wonderful team to get on with things and grab some peaceful time for yourselves. You know you can trust them. I prescribe lots of fresh air and rest. xxx Maggie

  14. I love that terrine what a lovely gift, such a shame you have lost touch but that happens sadly. We have lost a few friends along the way, same reason we move, forget sometimes to send new addresses. II have many treasured possessions, some are have a value but some are just trinkets. They all have a meaning though. I wonder what you are up to tomorrow. xx

  15. Aw that's lovely,some things and people you never forget even as time passes but it's the memories we make along the way that warm our hearts as we rekindle them. It's a beautiful piece and I would think worth a bob or two, as they say, not that you would ever want to part with it X

  16. What a beautiful story Barbara, and a gorgeous terrine. I would say it's absolutely perfect for an old country cottage. I've got a 'thing' for old china, each piece we have has a very special memory too. Hugs xxx

  17. Hello my friends. Today we've been to Liam's Award Ceremony at his college. He goes to an Autistic Unit, and it is so wonderful seeing the achievements of the Students there. Even more wonderful to see how even the smallest achievements are made so much of by the teachers. They are so dedicated and patient. It's always a day of very mixed emotions when we go, from tears to laughter.
    I hope you've all had a good day. Love and Hugs to you

  18. Oh Barbara! What a wonderful story you tell! I had a tear in my eye reading it as it reminded me very much of an ornament that my dear grandma used to treasure! Unlike you I am not in pocession of it but no one can take memories away….it just needs something to trigger them and for that I thank you!
    Take care of yourself! Love and hugs. Xxxxx

  19. Oh Barbara! What a wonderful story you tell! I had a tear in my eye reading it as it reminded me very much of an ornament that my dear grandma used to treasure! Unlike you I am not in pocession of it but no one can take memories away….it just needs something to trigger them and for that I thank you!
    Take care of yourself! Love and hugs. Xxxxx

  20. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely ornament and such a lovely friend, perhaps one day you will find each other again. I have a friend who lives in Nuremberg and her flat sounds just like the one you had, up lots of stairs and no lift. The China looks lovely on your dining room table, it's as if it was meant to be. Enjoy your adventure tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends hope you are ok. It's been very wet here with the sun finally coming out about 5. I've had a lovely afternoon playing with my groovi, just little things today for a few thank you cards and a friends birthday but once these are done I'm going to try pricking and snipping! Sending hugs all round xxx

  21. What a lovely story Barbara. There are people I have lost contact with and some I just send cards at Christmas and birthdays but even if you don't speak to them any more you still remember the happy times. That terrine is a beauty! x

  22. Hi Barb, thank you for sharing this heartfelt story with us. What a beautiful gift. Yes there are times when you lose touch with people, and it is sad, but if you still have that memory and the little corner of your heart and mind, there will always be a connection. Bx

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