Winners all round!

Winners all round!

Hey everyone
Well all your captions gave everyone in the office a good giggle on this lovely sunny Friday.
But, there can only be one winner, and the winner is…………
 Sarah Wrightson
“Dave how many times have I told you not to go out looking like that, the jacket just doesn’t suit you!”
(Sarah, please drop me an email and I will get your prize out in the post on Tuesday.)

Sooooooooooooo, since it is Friday, the sun is shining and the Bank Holiday weekend is almost upon us (plus the boss is on holiday!) 

I think we should have another sale!
Best hand you over to Barbara (whilst I still have a job!)
Paul x
Hi there.
Thanks for stopping by.
So today we conclude our watery trip through the pizza boxes
and finish off with the lovely seashells.
A pastel piece from Paul.
Coloured in with alcohol pens.
A great use of the masks so that you can create a patterned background.
Paul Church
 Stamped into UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) then using gilding wax to bring out the image.
Kelly Ketteringham
A picturesque piece from Lynne.
Great for creating personalised post cards.
Lynne Hammond
Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday weekend.

Love and hugs x

101 thoughts on “Winners all round!

  1. Hi Paul, somehow I don't think you need to have any fears on the job front!!!! Thank for another very generous sale. I may just need to find my Zebedee springs, well we can never own enough flower stamps eh!!! Thanks for posting, lovely artwork again. I was wondering when Barbara will be back with us? I hope you have a good weekend off. And please don't hog the sun, it's bloomin cold, wet and miserable up here!!! love Brenda xx

    Well dome to Sarah xx

    1. Hello Brenda, what a shame you've had miserable weather, it's been quite warm here, had to take my jumper off for a while!!! Enjoy your little spend, may your cushions be plump and your springs springy!! Hugs for you and Daisy xx

    2. Hi Brenda – I'll see if I can send some sunshine and some warmth up to you! It started off chilly, but warmed up as the day wore on – hugs Gilly xx

    3. Morming hooe this finds you well got ma heating on where's oor summer eh! been a bit busy wi the bsirns so catching up wi ma porridge pity a couldnae fling a bairn our youd be great wi them.
      see you later here's yir cuddle..Dot..xx

    4. Morning Brenda our weather's like yours too. Got the heating on here too! I hope June's going to live up to it's name a bit (flaming). We can live in hope can't we!!! Hugs xxx

  2. Well done Sarah!

    Ooh Paul you are being brave ! Thank you !

    Lovely work today and nice to see the shells.

    Hip everyone has had a good day. I'm off for a take away with a couple of school friends this evening. Out for a meal last night as well – I'm going to have to watch the diet ! X

  3. Lovely selection using the shells and verses. Like the use of all those colours on the shells and the cliffs shaded to show different layers. Have never tried the thick embossing paste but it certainly looks good. Good caption.

    1. Evening dear blog friends sending lots of hugs your way hugs to all on the blog xxx
      Hope your still resting gilly xx
      How's phoebe Donna ? School holidays to spend cuddles with her xxx
      Evening Dorothy anything nice planned with your grandchildren for the holidays ?

    2. Hi Sheila, I've already had a look at the stamps and have a list. No half term up here in Scotland. I think the schools only have another 4 weeks before they finish for the summer holidays. Jennifer has been on study leave for her exams but goes back on Monday, so she'll be doing 4 weeks of her new timetable which is her Highers (equivalent of A-levels) even though she won't know if she has passed her exams until the beginning of August. How have you been feeling today?

    3. Hello Sheila I hope you are resting and being good, well being good on the resting front, sounds like the postman will be making another delivery soon!! Sending hugs xxx

    4. Hi Julia August will be a celebration then I'm having a mixed day with my CFS symptoms but keep popping in to the blog to catch up with the comments but am in bed resting soon be of to sleep night hugs xxx

  4. Well done Sarah, enjoy your prize. Oh dear, I just said to my hubby yesterday that I was going to stop buying so many crafty items, and floral are my thing. Maybe I could just look?? Maybe I shouldn't. Oh 'ell, what's a girl to do?

  5. Great caption Sarah. Love the shell artwork especially the UTEE piece. You are a pest Paul, I thought I was done spending for a while but there are a few stamps I fancy, just need to check I don't already have them!

    It has been a beautiful sunny day up here but blimey there is a chilly wind. The cat managed to find a sunny sheltered spot in the garden and has been lazing there all afternoon. I think it might be time to put the stove on.

  6. Well done Sarah. Brilliant caption. Enjoy your prize.
    I love the shells, and I'll be having a spend tomorrow, thank you Paul.xx

  7. Hello and night night, my lovely friends. I'm not too good tonight, I've been to the new Crafters Companion venue today with some friends, as it's only about 15 mins away. It was okay, but the best part about it was the Clarity Stands! Can't see myself going back! My friends came back with me and one of them had a go with the there's another one hooked!!
    I'm shattered now so I'm off to my bed. I hope you 've all had a good day. Love and Hugs to you all xxx

    1. Hi Morag, glad to hear you have had a good day with friends. Sorry to hear you are not to good tonight, but a good night's sleep will hopefully put things right. Sweet dreams 😪xx Lynn xx Hope everyone has had a good day. Hugs Lynn xx

    2. Hi Morag,
      Sorry you weren't too well after your day out. I bet Crafters Companion was really busy yesterday with it being the launch – it was ok when I went, but I agree with you. I'll still get my stuff from Clarity but it's handy to know that there's somewhere to get things if your in a rush! Hope you're feeling better today. Love and hugs Alison xx

  8. Hi Paul and Barbara
    Well done Sarah that did make me laugh. Xx
    Thank you for the sale Paul, might just have a little peep but I got some lovely flower stamps not so long ago and haven't used them yet! Hope you have a lovely weekend – I hope you are having time away from work.
    Today's artwork is beautiful and it's lovely to see the different styles, the uti looks fun and I always admire your pattern building Paul, it's lovely.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, I hope you've all had a good day today. Donna are you doing your happy dance? I hope phoebe is ok and getting lots of cuddles. Enjoy the long weekend everyone. Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. I had a peek earlier went down going got got got got got got oh dear I'm so addicted to clarity there was some that I though ooooo that's nice do I need anymore just yet so at present been good but got till Tuesday night watch this space 😊🙃

  9. Hi Paul, I am sure that your job will be safe! Thanks for posting today's blog – lovely samples once again. Congratulations Sarah! Another sale! What can I say? Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends – hope that you have had a good day. Our weather started off not so good, but gradually improved during the day and warmed up – Neill even went out in his shorts! I stayed home and have been resting for most of the day. I want to share some wonderful news with you all today – my daughter (Anna) has just passed all of her exams in her second semester! She is doing a Public Health Degree and training to be a Health Visitor. She trained to be a children's nurse after she had her 2 boys, and worked in the PICU of Birmingham Childrens' Hospital for several years, before starting this course last September. I am a VERY proud Mum this evening! Hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. No wonder your proud gilly what a brilliant achievement send my very best wishes such good news after the tough time your both going through now special hugs xxx

    3. Thank you – Julia, Dot and Alison – yes, I am very proud of her. Thank you all – I will pass on your congratulations to her too. I won't be trying to do too much today, and I am really pleased that Neill has agreed to get someone to do some of the jobs that need doing here, instead of him trying to do them. So, all in all – it's a very good day today! Hope that you all have a great day too. Hugs Gilly xxx

    4. You have every right to be a VERY proud Mam Gilly. That is a wonderful achievement by your daughter. Congratulations to her, it will have meant a lot of hard work. Hugs xxx

    5. Hi Morag – I think that we are following each other round at the moment! Thanks for your congratulations to Anna! Are you feeling any better today? Take care, hugs Gilly xxx

  10. Thanks for the comments, glad I could make some of you smile. I shall enjoy spending my prize and a sale to boot – thanks Paul. Loving all the inspiring art work x

  11. I am trying to tell myself not to buy anything but I do love the poppies and grasses set, we used them at Maria's class and they are lovely. I am off to her class again tomorrow and she always has a few Clarity goodies for sale – even more tempting when you can actually stroke them. Mixed media tomorrow which is something new for me xx

    1. Hi Chris, if you do decide to have a look through to Crafter's Companion, you may like to let me know. Then I could have a ride through and meet up with you for a coffee xxx

  12. Evening bloggy friends. Have had a worrying day. Phoebe has had an adverse reaction to medication and was rushed to the vet this morning. Her op has been cancelled while she recovers. Very sleepy and spaced out at the moment (her as well as me!) 😢

    1. Oh Donna sending lots of hugs for you and phoebe hope she recovers quickly you must be so worried good that your on holidays to be there with her xxx

    2. Hi Donna,
      So sorry that poor Phoebe isn't doing so well. It must be a worry for you, but I'm sure that with all your cuddles this week she'll come through well and then she can have her op. Sending lots of love and cuddles to both of you, Love Alison xx

    3. Hi Donna – I am so very sorry to hear about Phoebe. Sending a big hug for you and a gentle cuddle for Phoebe. Will be thinking of you both, Gilly xxx

    4. I'm so sorry to hear this Donna. I hope you're both a little better this morning. Sending lots of positive thoughts and hugs xxx

  13. Hi Paul,
    Appreciate the sale but lying low until the Open Days. Love the chosen caption – but it's really put me off a neat black and cream number I did quite like – it will now be relegated to the winter wardrobe to be brought out again next spring. ;~}

  14. Morning Paul thanks for the sale loved the caption photo of Barbara enjoying herself and had a laugh at the comp entries well done Sarah thought it looked a bit like Dave with a bit to much factor 50 to. Right off to the sale for a wee look.
    If your reading this at your work GET HOME its the weekend..xx

  15. Hi Paul,
    Well another sale, thank you! I'm sure your job will be safe though! Really love all of the samples today and I could be tempted to buy the shell stamps as they are gorgeous ( although I'm saving for Leyburn!) . Love Alison xx

    1. Morning to all my blog friends,
      Hope you're all ok is so cold up here, I've got the heating on again. Went to the England v Australia match last night and at least the weather had warmed up a bit for that. Really enjoyed the atmosphere at the game even though the game itself wasn't good! When the Stadium of Light was built you could buy a brick and have your name engraved on it. My dad was a massive Sunderland fan so we bought him one as a present. Well I've never seen it, so as we got to the ground early, Dave and I went looking for it – we knew roughly where it was- and found it. It was really quite emotional as he died in 1999. My envelope still hasn't arrived! I've phoned the office twice and bern told to wait until Wednesday to see if it arrives if not they'll send another one. I must say I'm not too happy about that but still looking forward to receiving it to see what all you lucky people have had for over a week!! Hope you all have a good day, love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison – what a really nice thing to do for your Dad. I can totally understand what a lovely, but emotional moment it must have been for you. Sorry to hear that your envelope still hasn't arrived – sending you love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. It will have been lovely for you to find your Dad's memorial brick. I'm pleased you managed to find it.
      CC was no where near full yesterday. There was plenty of empty spaces in the car park.
      I hope your envelope is in the post this morning Hugs xxx

  16. What lovely shell stamps. I think I will have to have these to go with my current mermaid theme. Thanks for the sale offer Paul. You are spoiling us. Much Love Jayne

  17. Great samples – I really must get my shell stamps out, as I don't think I've ever used them and they look really effective repetitively stamped like that. Love the UTEE one too. Well done Sarah – great caption! x

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