Getting into Groovi mode…………..

Getting into Groovi mode…………..

Hi everyone, Paul here.

I thought I would take over the whole blog today and then combine what Barbara had planned for today with Sunday’s Blog.

I hope you enjoy.

I have been in Groovi mode today.
Prepping for my TV shows on Hochanda next weekend.
Some brand new Groovi Plates designed in conjunction with the lovely Janyne Nestorenko.

So I thought that I would look back at what the Design Team did for Maria’s last TV show when she launched 2 new designs from Tina Cox.

Bamboo & Oriental Fan.

I don’t think I need to explain each card, just list the products used below:
Groovi Starter Kit
Oriental Fan
Nested Circles
Nested Squares
Lace Border 1
Essentials Set
Straight Grid
Diagonal Grid
Coloured Parchment
Pergamano Exclusive Scissors
Pergamano Perga Cutters
Corner Punches

I really love parchment and am blown away by the pure beauty and elegance of it all.

 Emma Burns

 Mandy Branston

Mandy Branston

Emma Burns 

Maria Simms 

 Mandy Branston

 Susan Moran

 Dee Paramour

Mandy Branston
Right, I better go crack on.

I do try and read all of the comments each day on the blog, but can easily miss things, so if anyone is having any problems, or has any questions. Please feel free to drop me an email

Much love

Paul xx

108 thoughts on “Getting into Groovi mode…………..

  1. Hi Paul,
    Love Tina's plates especially the bamboo. Really looking forward to your shows next weekend and seeing what goodies you are bringing us. The samples are fabulous as ever – very talented people I must say. Thanks Paul, love Alison x

    1. Hi To my lovely blog friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day and to those who weren't feeling 100% yesterday, I hope you're feeling better today. Donna, I hope Phoebe has had a better day today – give her a big cuddle from me. Envelope still didn't arrive today so I guess it might be Tuesday or else it's got lost somewhere. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison it's disappointing that your envelope hasn't arrived I would be disappointed too ,hope it gets sorted for you soon hugs xxx

    3. Hi Alison – sorry to hear that your envelope still hasn't arrived, I am sure that they will sort it for you next week. I hope that you have still had a nice day – hugs Gilly x

    1. Evening my dear blog friends thinking of you all I'm having a very mixed day today so will keep popping in to say hi hugs to you all and crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx
      Donna Hows are you and phoebe today sending hugs xx
      Hope your still resting gilly xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – yes, I am still resting today – even had a little snooze this afternoon! Sorry to hear that you are having a mixed day, please take care, many hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, I've had a productive day – hoovering, ironing, gardening and I've just been doing some crafting to wind down, time for bed now. Look after yourself.

    1. Hi everyone I hope you are all well and I hope Phoebe is on the mend. I had a lovely mixed media day with Maria and learned so much. Must buy some grunge paste and mica powders now!
      Morag if I venture to CC I will let you know. I have never driven round that area so will need to see if I am brave enough.
      We are off to do grandparently things next week so I will be on my elderly tablet. OK to read the blog on but not so easy to write though I shall have a go.
      Have a good evening xx

    2. Hi Chris. If you would be coming down the A1 by any chance I could meet you at Bowburn Services, and we could pop to Aycliffe in my car. It's a thought for you anyway. Maybe Alison could come too!! Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Chris – it sounds like you are looking forward to trying a new skill, with the mixed media! Hope that your elderly tablet behaves next week, so that we can hear from you – hugs Gilly x

    4. Hi Chris,
      Pleased you had a good day with Maria. I haven't got grunge paste but i use texture paste which is similar & i love pulling it through stencils. I would love to join you & Morag if you go to CC. Love and hugs Alisonxxx

    1. Hi Donna I'm so pleased that Phoebe is a more comfortable today. I hope that means you feel a little brighter too. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna – I am so pleased to hear that there is an improvement in Phoebe today! Sending you another hug and another gentle cuddle for Phoebe – love Gilly xx

  2. Hi Paul, well what wonderful samples you have on show for us today. Jus hope with a lot of work I can achieve some way like the ones you have shown us. Paul could you show us the new cutters on next week's show how they work if possible. Hope all your prep goes well , and you get some time to yourself. Hope all have a great weekend. Hugs Lynn xx

    1. Hi Lynn – I agree that the samples shown are amazing! I am nowhere near the cutting stage yet, I am still getting to grips with the very early stages. No hurray though – hugs Gilly x

    2. Hi ladies, well I am only just getting into the cutting, but as Gilly says it is just a lot of time and practice! !!!! But can always dream. Just loving Groovi it helps me relax and slow down. Hope you all have a good night. Nighty nighty . Lynn 😪

    3. Hi Alison, before Groovi I was going to buy a cutting machine. Then I saw the show on Groovi and that looked better for me. So even if I am not as good as the samples I can go at my pace and as long as I am happy with what I have produced it does not matter how long it takes to get there. Dont worry if you are not at a certain stage just enjoy. Love Lynn xx

    4. Well said Lynn I agree with you as I cannot do all the picot cutting or the pricking due to my illnesses I enjoy what I make and enjoy the slow pace of the groovi and to me that what matters I love to see what others can make xxx

  3. Hi Paul. You have chosen some wonderful samples to show us today. Can't wait for your shows next week!! You are dong a great job. xx

  4. Hello all my lovely friends. I hope you're all having a good day. I enjoyed meeting up with you at the sale Dot…are you still bouncing!! haha. Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

    1. Hi Morag – how are you today? I was following you around yesterday's blog earlier today! Sounds like you just might have been having a little spend on some stamps!? Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hope you took your cushions with you hugs I've seen one I must have but then I'm waiting for the members sale don't know if it's June or July unless Paul temps me on his hochanda show xxx

    3. Morag, I would be coming up the A1 I am near Bedale but thank you for the lovely thought. I'm sure I will pluck up courage. I can talk to a couple of Geordie neighbours who may be able to sort me out xx

  5. Wow Paul – what wonderful samples you have shown to us today! I am totally in awe of it all – being a newbie to Groovi, I cannot imagine ever reaching such heights! Still I will keep on practising and learning (by my mistakes) and as Barbara would say 'it will take as long as it takes!'. Looking forward to seeing what you have been up to, when you are on tv next weekend! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hello to all of my lovely blog friends – thank you so much for your lovely comments about Anna's achievements on yesterday's blog! I have passed them all on to her. Well it has been a very mixed bag of weather here today, it really hasn't known what to do. We have had a lot of heavy sea mist, which is usual at this time of year – when the warmer air meets the cold sea. Mind you, at times it has been quite chilly – Neill put on a jumper earlier on, which is very unusual for him as he doesn't feel the cold, like I do! Anyway, I have rested a lot and had a 'Cornish Siesta' today – so being very well-behaved! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. That lovley to hear that you passed our messages on and you have rested today I had to go back to bed this morning as didn't feel good of to bed now but will keep popping back while resting as its good to read the blog comments it makes me feel good to share our days hugs tell Neil I said hi from me & Tom xx

    3. Hi Sheila – I know just what you mean about feeling worse when you get out of bed! Totally agree about feeling better after reading the comments on here! Many a time it has helped me get through the next day! Neill says 'hi' to you and Tom! xxx

    4. I hope you're both continuing to be well behaved Gilly dear. Take care of yourselves. Yes I have had a little spend today, couldn't resist!!! Need willpower haha. Love and hugs xxx

    5. Hi Gilly, it has been a lovely sunny day up here and a little warmer than yesterday, perfect for a bit of weeding. I'm not spending much time groovi-ing, my go to is stamping – I was using the latest club stamp tonight.

    6. Hi Gilly,
      Glad to hear youve been resting today. Pleased you're enjoying your Groovi too. I love mine and certsinly have more confidence with it now. Not perfect by any means but i have been pleased with my results. We've actually seen the sun today, which makes a change.Went to pick up my hanging baskets today but was told that because the weather has been so bad, they are not releasing them for another 2 weeks! Be good, love and hugs Alison xx

    7. Thanks Chris, and Julia I am pleased to hear that you have had some better weather today – you seem to have accomplished an awful lot! Enjoy your stamping! xx

    8. Hi Gilly, I missed your post yesterday as I didn't get back to read them all after going out. I've just been to see what Anna has been up to – excellent results and well done to her ! It's been a lovely day here, just as well as my washing machine, cooker and dishwasher have all been outside and are staying there tonight (well covered up but no rain due!) while the floor settles x x

    9. Hi Alison – glad that you have seen some sun today, not surprised that the hanging baskets are going to be late, it's probably a good thing, as the nights seem to go so cold. Still being good – honest! Love and hugs Gilly xx

    10. Hi Jackie – sounds like you're having fun with your kitchen! Thanks for taking the trouble to go back and read about Anna – she has done really well! Fingers crossed that the weather stays fine tonight, for you – xx

  6. Beautiful work. I spent today at Clarity Glasgow having lots of fun with Jo creating a beautiful canvas, card and matching tag. It was a extra special as it is Jo's birthday today and we did spoil her!!!
    Looking forward to going to Groovi Glasg in two weeks with Emma

  7. Hi Paul, oh I'm telling Barbara on you, relegating her intended blog to tomorrow!!!;-) And you didn't even give us a sneaky peak!!! Can't wait to see Jayne's Groovi designs. Great parchment samples, I particularly like Mandy's first and last ones, the colouring in, and Dee's one too. How long is it until Barbara is back with us? Hope you've got some time off this weekend. Love Brenda xx

    Hi everyone
    Donna, glad to hear Phoebe is a little better. Are you going to work out which is our next bit of colouring in. I'm guessing you're in need of some Mindfulness, and most people who are joining in will have caught up now?

    1. Hi Brenda – I hope that you have had a warmer day today! Sounds a good plan to help Donna, doing some more colouring! Hugs to you and Daisy, love Gilly xx

    2. OK, colouring gang next bit there are 5 big flowers 2 inside the heart and 3 in the bottom border. They have 5 petals and circles on the inside. Looks like lots of people are liking the idea of patch……..will have to see if I have any! Happy colouring. Xx

    3. Julia, here you go
      the 4 roses – yellow with purple edges
      the 4 upside down umbrellas – pink
      That's as far as we've got. The idea is we decide on which bit and what colour and then we each do our own interpretation using that colour.
      I'm playing catch up too, so we won't be moving on that fast. Hope that helps xx

  8. Thanks for posting these, Paul. All beautiful designs and just what I need as I have a few 'big' birthdays coming up (the ones with a 0 at the end!) and need some inspiration. These work a treat! Look forward to seeing you on the show next week.

  9. Hi Paul, Some lovely designs here ! Great inspiration. x x

    Hi everyone, odd day today, had a new kitchen floor fitted, nearly finished, got to seal it and then grout tomorrow. I'm all black, shiny and sparkly now with worktops and floor, it's like having a new kitchen ! I went to tea this afternoon with my old boss and then walked home (a good 45 mins) so I reckon I'll be a bit stiff this morning, it was a brisk pace too ! Hope everyone's ok, I haven't had chance to read all the posts yet. x x

  10. I loved these plates and art work when I saw them on TV and I still love them, there is so much in them. I really hope that the next lot of new stuff is horrible because I need to save for my holidays, only joking! I put my order in for a few of the floral stamps, I can't believe I don't have the 'poppies in bloom' stamp.

  11. Haha! I never left you Brenda! Just let somebody else take the wheel, and took a backseat as they say. Paul is a great driver! Xxx. Will be back 6 or 7 June xx

    1. Barbara Dave Steve great that you have another week over away soak up the memories and lots of inspiration for some new products holiday hugs xxx

  12. Hello Paul, these cards are beautiful and a great inspiration to me, I am new to working with parchment and I love what can be achieved with it. My patience lets me down especially with the white work, I have yet to get close to matching the beautiful work of Emma Burns, I use the Faber Castelle polychromos for a lot of my art work and have been trying lots of different colouring mediums on the parchment but am never totally happy with the results, I am getting some better coverage using the versamagic chalk inks, I love the Japanese Tsukuneko products. I would love to know what other people have tried xx

    1. Awww, thank you very much Kathryn. I use the Polychromos pencils too, but why not try using them with a Promarker, it helps with the blending. I use Promarkers a lot on my parchment….why….because I can go back to it at anytime and rework the colouring if need be as Promarkers will reactivate when applied once dry. Gel Pens and the range of Pergamano inks are great for adding colour to the front and I also like to Dorso on the back with different inks and Dorso Crayons. But I have to say that I do like whitework the best. Hugs Emma xxx

  13. These samples are so beautiful they take your breath away! Hope the prep goes well Paul and am looking forward to seeing what you and Jane Nestorenko have in store for us next weekend. x

  14. Thanks Paul, I am in awe of the wonderful parchment work here, it is stunning. Looking forward to your shows next week, though I will have to record some as I am off to the Stamp Magic show in Doncaster, where I first signed up with Clarity NDC, I think with Dave as Barbara was poorly and couldn't be there and Maria was demonstrating. Great memories.

  15. Morning Paul (and Barb), now you know how much I love the Groovi's and what beautifully stunning creations you are showing us today, I too fell in love with the fan groovi plate, I think it really is a wonderful creation but what the design team have done with it really does blow me away, it puts my little effort to shame, but I am persevering – love them and looking forward to the new designs coming out next week. Only 3 weeks to go for the Open day, looking forward to it.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  16. Wonderful groovi plates especially the bamboo, looking forward to seeing your demos, very much a beginner but getting there slowly

  17. How lovely they are cannot wait to see your shows and it is wonderful that these are created with Jayne Nestorenko she is a wonderful and very talented lady, I haved a Christmas show recorded which I think was one of the last ones she did on C&C and I watched it last week and thoroughly enjoyed, bring on more of Jayne's designs. PatjX

  18. I'm not a groovi chick myself, but I so love seeing everyone's excellent work – just amazing. Now if Clarity sold patience as well as Groovi plates, I might just invest!!! Susan x

  19. Hi Paul, Barbara, Dave and Steve. Playing catchup today as I was kept busy yesterday with the lovely Jo Rice and her workshop in Glasgow. We had a fabby day….and a singalong to wish her happy birthday….we were not too bad, if I say so myself….must have been the acoustics in the hall!!!
    Thank you for showing my design work…nice surprise. Thank you to everyone for all the lovely compliments too, very much appreciated by all of us.
    Right on to the next blog post for more catching up. Hugs Emma xxx

  20. Hi Paul, stunning examples of what can be achieved with the Groovi system, and for those who are so well versed, where traditional pergamano is included. Love it. Bx

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